Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1939
Page 5
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Thursday, October f>, 1930 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Special Soap Sale Is Being Held In Hope I.cver Hrolher .Soap company of Kansas City, Mo. in coopcintinn with Inciil i;roceis. air sla^inf,' a so;>/> .sale BACKACE LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys II l*.k.,.li. Mil I.., „,„,. „„. ,.,, i j,,., ,, „„.,,,,, „ „, i 'I IM- k..l.|,M , „!,. %„! j ..... ? I': 1 ' 1 " ,"1"' "•"•' i,:,. I. I),,.) ll.l,, „..,. thiy. H '.li't- I.'. u,]|.-,i ,,( '-;• «.,•'!•. »-H. ..... ••.. II III,' I.I,.,.J. II,, ,. II. ..^».i r .M., .„,.,„', ..-P in..! '••••-if., K-tt (!..- ,, „,„>„,. ,.,,„ ,),„, ..[ „„,. „, ,, aj Propaganda Jams Short Air Waves "Alrocity"~Stories Fill the Air Lanes From Europe II.V JACK HTINNKTT AT Pen) lire- Service Writer NFAV YORK. \— The war of guns is ii.llOl) miles nwiiy but the war of |iio|iaj;and is no further awav than the dial on your short-wave receiver. In a hiirnu;e of English, Krviieb. I'o- li.sh and German, the nations at war ,nc ,. .. .,y I,,,...:,,, III!! IH..1 I "II I. if,,', - ...... 1 ,!,„ , M,l,». (l.iii.l nr..i.n mil. ).,,ir ki.liui,, I'..., I jM.it' .Vk v,,i., ,|,,, t ,^ i in., ,,..,i f ., v ..., ; t,,ii, i.j. ,,,.ni >..,.' II.,-} ( .u. I.,,,,,,, ,,!„.( . 1 1;, mil,., ,,( l „!„,.,• i,.l.,.« Iliinl, with ail the bin nuns of claims and counter-claims, lie.s. charges of atrocity, fantastc tales of the ing out eyes and tongues and chnp- |)ing of ffinger.s of German aviators wlio parai-htite flown from crippled planes! . . . ."The Germans bombed a litlle church, seriously wuunrliiiK the tuii-.l who v.'as say mass!" . . "The Kiifjlisb themselves torpedoed the Ath- mia to gain sympathy for themselves and hatred for the Germans Polish aviators bimb a plainly-marked Ked r'ross hospital!" That's jnst a sample of what yon mit.ht have plucked from the air bail yon lirlcni.il to the powerful stations "f Kngland and Europe as the propaganda War i;ot under way. 2-1 Hours ti Day In the early days of the war National Bioadcasting Company ontlinecrs l<cpt .MX short-wave 1 receivers tuned on Warsaw lierlin, Paris, OUR BOARDING HOUSE . J£"3E PP-AGON1,\ \ / A J.AF-^N:C.SE OEISHA, \ '. / A HIWDCO--WOT'S ) 1515 AGA.1N), PROF ? J BOV/ PEOPLE WILL THIW^ L SURE BEEW . .IT \ ARDLJMD CIS OLD ('--. •: \^ WOILD.' '"I'he barharous Poles are had;- A M.-if fof seven trant,1;dors record- id the broadcasts and translated them, lint a; fact and rumor gave way I" pi '.|>aj;and.i. the hourly monitoring was abandoned and the staff placed i.n call (o tal:e care of bioadcsls .il • ]i.-ci! impoi tancc. N'I'C officials say these broadcast* . can be picked up nearly anywhere in lii-lp ill. | l"il <- l •'"•''I'- l.u.x flake, liinso. and Life; tin- United ."-.tales' by KOO dsols cap- .lisuiiuii" ' Limy .soap. See (he advertisement on ; able f,I >c ( riving short wave. Irrcgular- 1. Hn\ natleforpni-i-.K. ity ,,f Ijjoadrasl lime.-; aim change:, Special pi ices me offeied on Lux KROGER'S FALL VALUE CARNIVAL Country Club Coffee Ideal to Customer DESSERT- DISHES 2 for c Spptlight COFFEE The IliKU'csl Seller in Arkansas 1 Lb. 13!/ z c-3Lb. 39c Pin-It-Up-LAMP With Each $1 Purchase . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE V-'AIT NOW, WAIT--YOU GO FJR.ST-- 1 WAWT TO ASK A FEW GHjeSTIOKJS FIG.ST- 1 WONSDER.IF Vf HURTS rAUCH OR IF YOU CAM EVER <3ET IT OFF LOOK" LIKE VOU HAM£T TRAVELED, PROF -bAOer-fooT ooc.% TPicu *j "\ t-t t O f ; TMTOOI* ^ )** *< •\ ^ v> fcO ^ T. M nrc u. 5 PAT orr. COPH. 1939 BY M A Sf.MVICf, INC. jtt=.-««,-^t ^^Ir BORM THIRTY VEAC.S TOO SOONi /o-S 2 Pounds 1-Lb. Celcphane Country Club Spaghetti Macaroni 25 07. Country Club BAKING -fr.. B3C POWDER Sunbrite Cleanser %l for 24 oz. CLOCK BREAD A V lOc sy .Marshmallows 10c Country Cluli AI1I.K Tall C.m 6c pmr.NTos 4 Oiim-es 5c .lefterson Island SALT 2 fo, 5c Coiinti.v Cluli -i (\fi fir. (iir.iutics I UC •is iii. sj lOMI'OtM) Tin « 24 „,. 49c s\o\vi)i:in' 3 48c CIMSCO 6 95c r; D fu PURE CANE 10 lb. Cloth Bag SUGAR COUNTRY CLUB BRIGHTON VANILLA WAFFERS TINY PEAS Country Club for 48 oz. Country Club 15s 20 02. Country Club For FLEECE TISSUE PROD AIMMJJS I'oritn Kic'ii Y A M S Tokay I;KAIM:S Hell I'KI'l'KltS /''j'csii TO.MATOKS 1 16% DAIRY FEED UCE I.n, 15C a,. 5C n>. 5c Ih. i 2 G Head 1 UC §0 1 I'UKITAX SVIUJI' and I -211 07.. I'Ue. C. C. I'AXt'AKK 1--LOUH Hot,, 2 1 C Hiirliara Ann TO A] A TO SOl'l' C.1ANT SOAP I'. & ('.. CIIYSTAI, \Vi: I for G.DC WESCO FEEDS All Grain $1 Cffi I Horse & Mule $4 Br,P^jFEED 1 5c ri'K 79 "[ fieipienc>' ito prevent the encm>' J rom countering with .sliort-wavi 1 blacUoutsl offer a tunning problem. Also, the stations are likely to clnse down in the mindle of a sentence wilhool so much as an aurevoir. Tlu; :.hort-wave transmitters, siy NBC eni.ini.-t'rs, offer a jierfe'ct "beacon" for enemy airplanes. This was f.ivcn also as the reason .ships of the warrint> nations at sea no not use (her transmitters 1 except in ease.s of emergency. A 'Kcfim-mcnl' The propaganda war in the air, radio officials' say. is ju.st yalherin^ mom- i ntum. One "refinement" already has been reported. The Germans employed an Kimlishman with an Oxford accent to make broadcasts to North America. Spread of this practice, with the changed freqnencie.s and announcement of false call signals, will make it impossible for Americans to tell to what station or what country they an lislenini;. Meanwhile, they can flip their di'ils and yet something similar to the fol- Irm'ing translated excerpl.s' from Germany and Poland, where the propaganda war has been hottest: Germany: "France delayed for six hours putting into the war because that .'-'he v.'iuld be fighting for the maintenance of Brti.sh imperialism . There are so many Germans cafier to volunteer in the German army, recruit im; officers were forced to refuse all i.pl lieations for the time being. Potential volunteers are asked lo be patient. "Isn't it .significant that within six hours after Winston Churchill the notorious German-bfiiter. entered the cabinet, the Athenin was sunk?" Foh.nd: "Germans destroyed the relic of the Holy Virgin in the Catholic ; hrinc in Cxt-slochowa. . . The .sudden and unexpected victory of the French on the western front has thrown Germany into a panic . . . There has been no resistance to British air- raidcrx. demonstrating the Germans are well aware of the superiority o Allied aviation. "The Germans arc dropping Po lisb uniformed soldiers in parchute back of the Polish linos . . The Ger mans tried to murder the America ambas-sadar and his family. The Na'/.i are retreating in disorder before crack Polish troops." That's the way the propaganda war is in the ,uir is waged. FEATURES IN THIS SUNDAY'S CHICAGO SUNDAY TRIBUNE \HSIOE SIX OF TO if' The butler visited the kitchen and found the cupboard bare. The hostess, somewhat dismayed, conveyed the sad news, but added laughingly that a grocery store was just a short distance i away if the guest desired to wait. He jdid. . f n , er -, es teUing OT«---»»S£. HOME OWNED—HOME OPERATED and GRO. and Market FREE DELIVERY Sl.OD or More Phone 871 Legal Notice LAMB BEEF LEGS Whole Lb. 25c Shoulders Lb. 19c ROAST Lb. 19c Round Loin Steak 29c ARMOURS PICNICS Lb Lb BOLOGNA or FRANKS -Jftl Pound 8 Ma 2 ALT M lb. 2 K. J. Caplinger, Market Mgr. Cecil W. Dennis, Gro. Mgr. NOTICI-: or SPECIAL SCHOOL ELECTION IN NASHVILLE SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1 ()!• HOWARD A N I) HE.MPSTKAD COUNTIES, ARKANSAS Notice is hereby Riven that a special .school election will be held in Nashville Special School District No. 1 of Howard and HeViVpstead Counties, Arkansas, ai \vhich the qualified electors of said school district shall vole on the question of ;i Building Fund tax of H mills, .said Building Kund lax to he collected annually on the assessed valuation of all taxable properly in 111* 1 District. lii<t$inninK with the taxes collected in the year liMO. for I be purpose of paying Ihc- principal and interest of a proposed refunding bond isue of lj»7.tKHUK) which will run for 20 years. t-niii lax lo ctwliiiiii.' until .said Ijon and interest are paid. Said election .shall be held in said District on October 2Slh. Ii),"!), between the hours of 2:0(1 p. M. and CnlHl 1'. M. and otherwise in the manner provided by law for boldin/i annual .school elections, at the following polling pi.ices to-wit: School Unildiiu; 13ini;en. Arli. Will less my hand ibis Jth day of (ictobei. UC!!). K. 10. Ansiin County Kxaininer P.\ ACCEPT THIS AMAZING GUARANTEE orlritcr, OKn-lumumi<e,l i-.n,II, •.•. ,;( i,i i ' lor I9c 23c LIFEBUOY HEALTH SOAP PET AND CARNATION MILK (i small cans if large cans 20c PURE CANE SUGAR S" 10,,, 56c tuilty SOAP Giant Bars Liunulry I Helilroup FLOUR 85c MEAL-CREAM 24 lb. Sack 47c KKOUT& IIOSIINY No. 2 15c SALMON No. 1 Can Pink..' 15c Chum 2 ftir 25c MACARONI & SPEGIIETTI Box COHN T - GREEN BEENS TOMAIX^ES Q O No. 2 O cans C OYSTERS NIGER HEAD fa cans MATCHES 6 box Carton Crushed or Sliced I>INEAPI»LE Q * |!) 07.. can O for • BANANAS Doz. 15c WATER I MELONS from 15c U]J Delicious APPLES .largo .size doz. 25c ONIONS 3 .h Uuffalow j PISH Whole 10c See these Merchants for Special Week-end Sales on these Items: HOPE "M" System Store lohbs (Irocory & Market ]•> »t H (irocery Fowlers Supply City Meat Market JVlidilk'brnok (IroceiT -J. A. Davis (iroc'orv Jt. J.. Patterson K. L. Dudley Moore <& Hawthorn Snow While Grocery 1 {rookwood Grocery Cecil Wyalt Grocery Krog-ei' HOPE A .V- 1' 1-ood Stoiv West Side (Iroccry Cassidy's (Irocery tV: Alar John I'. Cox i')ni.i>; Co. liarton Cash Store Joe Rider (Jrocery 1 lope l'\'ed Company lje\\'is (iroeery & Mark( J. Wade Warren 1). .M. Harris Godbold (Iroeery Odell Grocery Green droeerv EMMET linniel Mercantile Company BLEV1NS Al. L. Nelson McCASKILL J. O. Harris PRESCOTT "M" System Stores Uxan Mercantile Company Steaurt Store No. ;5 PORK KOAST from I5EME from I t V LOIN - STEAK T-IJONE lb. 25c MOTHERS OATS I'late and Cup ami Saucer !i lb. box Tokay CHAPES lb. LEGIONS do7. LETTUCE )g. Head Rod 4 rt POTATOES 1 U ]bs. SAUSAGE Pure- Pork lb. B&B Spt'cial BACON Sliced lb. Fresh SPARE RIBS Ib. DKY SALT MEAT lb. 25c 5c 15c 7c •^^•r"iKMi 21c 25c •"**• ^«*« 26c 15c 10c ««'«««' n the -c-^ >. :i FRIDAY & SATURDAY SPECIALS ALWAYS REMEMBER Blue Ribbon Bread a J c, )tH Best i»v3 tiHWC/H ftet • f arc <.m BAKES V 4V— y>? *V*, >t* 1 . TJfliAJr At Your Grocer and City Bakery "} -4" '' >% ' "% *A r ^ ' • IN THIS SUNDAY'S St< <fty.

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