Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 18, 1952 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1952
Page 15
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PAGE Gtt 0\X Of CMCMX), AND 00 SOMITHINKIM4 NO /MAV0E MAKI ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAf, MARCH J.8, 1952 TMB /LOCK* /wrrnotfr 4wt> socr TUB 60T TOOKE HA! Cte, i CANT MAKE ENPS MEET, OH, SOME WENT HERE WHAT YOU'RE WEUUVEe.OOP, JU9T ...MOST OF IT WENT IT NEARLY PUT TRY1N' TO 6AY/ ABOUT,' RUNNING A INTO THAT SW'CE 3HIP YOU AND O6CAR BOOM FLEW AROUND IN OH, YEH, THAT WA6 GONNA PUT U9 ON EASY STREET. YOU IM A CEMETERY.' »O YOU'RE /LABORATORV WITH THIS YOU GOT FROM BROKE? KIND OF EQUIPMENT CO8T5 MOMEV. KIMS GUZ2LE'S BEADS? OUR BOARDING HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS E-6AD, BUSTeR.' WHY MOT A TO OPERATE LIKE A ^INJDOVJ «HADe,C>M A SPRING. ROLLER £-~- IT COULD DIMPLY BE 6MAPP6O UP OURIN6 A MEAL AMP NEV6R. WOULD CATCH A NUE&S A TRICKLE PARDON we, CHUM .' i JUST REMEMBERED X'M BOOKED FOR A TAFF PULL AT THE MONTmcV OF TH6 Tf?U<!X WHESi 6ET6 THOSE FRIED ESS EYES, IT'S TO CHECK v uUES IN •DReA^A- ^ ' LAMD AGAlM = NOTICE HOW ONE FOURTH COWBOY, ONE QUARTER DUDE, ONE FOURTH PLOWBOy-- HAIN'T J <5OOC> ? VOU LEAK) TOO ,V\AMV VES, AN' A LE-ANIN' .6- A SORE BACKEP HOSS THAT'S WHY SO MANY POLITICIANS GIT THEIR. WALK.IN' PAPERS.' ME LOOK:? THAT'S WH-/-1 LEAN) TO MARROW BRIMMED HATS .• ^t^^^;. ;^ - ~^T ---*• ""-5 fT LOOKS ALMOST TOO EASY••-THERE MIGHT BE A MOUSETRAP IN DEAL.' VOU BUV A SECOJD-HAMO BCX3< FOR. A WAITIN& "MERE IS THE JACKPOT A COMF OM UP 1O AMD wr'iL &VE IT A CLOSF GANDER .' A M\P OF BURIED TftEASURE/ WOUA YA^MOW-- TPFCIUFS APE" 7'l-IE LOOTS RKbMr PLilM EMOOGH HERE CLOW lO ---A CRte*. SHADY9IPP/ y^^f!^ EA6YFOESOTT O TO BRIW6 MO VvY IT IAI6& TULLIS..ILI GET THE CAR FOR ? -y»f: FUMBLES WITH WE LOCK. AL PROPS THE TO SLIP THRU UWSEEN, BUT_ LITTLE 0VEEMIGHT ^^ If «H CASE ! ID GET BUT f IU THE The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart Tuesday KSD (WHO) 860 KO KXOK (ABU) (ISO HO 119 KO RPtO IM KO RMOX (CBS) 1120 HO , RWR (MBS) 1S80 KC ML 1480 KO WOM 100 Mf, FM s :00 N«wi, Rhythm :JS Eddl* Arnold .*M N*w« :43 Sonfl of TwJ«y Ed BonnM Bonn*r for v«u Sporti Re*dlnf Circle J«ck«oB Curt Mane; Lowell Thomti Croitay Show N«wi Rtcord* Sporti N*wi—Wilktr 73 Sportipat* Treaiurt ChMt Mtrinet 6 :00 N«w« (lpt«. :IS A. n«rkn«M :.10 N«wi of World •Aft One Min'i Family Lnu* Newi Sliver Rifl* Concert. FM onljr Whliperlnl BetiUh jick amitk Reedt P*KV L«« Newf rirtt Newt Newt > John Ctrt Newt rnzter Hunt Eventide Eeh«w four Knlfhtt Dinner Mutl* Cote Olee Club 7 on C«v«lc»rt« of Am. Newt Theater ••in :.10 Borrie Crtlf 8ptc* Cidetl 8 •on Bob HOD* MS :3o McGee * Molly :45 Newt Sporti Family Worihlp Builnett Reporter PeopU Are funn> Preiton of Yukon Chue* Norman Mr. A Mr* North Sky Kim, New* Cvcnlnf MuH* 9 Frontier Town Vour Heritage Canham Newt :00 Eddie Cantor :1.1 .30 M*n Called X Concert Newi Melody Patter Life With Lulgl Oabrlal Heattf SpofU; Newt Puriult My«t- Traveler Newf, Combo Here'» to Veil Oal Parle Muila Muilc Hall Moon Dreamt Newt 10 Eve Bleitlnfft Newt Open Bible quiz Orche«tra Rex Alien Show Frank Idwardt Mutual New* Black Muieum New«, Lombards Here'i tha Band :in Wfrld Newt :30 Vern Kln« -Alt Beautiful MtMla Music Maitert 11 Newi Abide With nn Newt-Pl. Parade '15 10 Nawt-Oroh. M« Llndtey HI nee I Believe; Sptt Health Aldt You and World rint rtve Revue Orcheitra Newt< Blue Harron Strictly InitiU Newt By Concert ravorttet Health^ Aldt Frollce Orchettra Merry Maker* Newt Newt Dawn Patrol Wednesday 6 :no Newt :1S Hymnt :30 Melodic. :45 Newt, Weather Charier Stookey Market* Nabor Newt Newt and Weather Morn. Call Concert Firm Journal Newt and Weather Newt Co. Jr.. Market Sunrise Salute Tom Datler Sport* Serenade Newt; Wliema* Mutlo Roundup I no "MS •.:m ;4S Alex Dreler Weather Time Timetable New* Newt Stookey B. Barrlncton Town At Country 8 World Newt Sporti Newt Tlmo A Tempoi Concert • Meditation World Newt Blng Croiby Hymni 'for Home News, Weather Newt U.S. Nav? Band Ozark Varletlee F.d Wllion Sacred Heart Family Womhlp News Newt: B'fatt Club Al Rlehl 'Musical Clock Newt: B'fajt Club Al Rlehl Musical Clock B. Harrington Breakfatt Club Newt Melody Mafia Newt Newt Salute Newt; Market Rep. Coniole Varieties WorUI Newt Davla Ed Wilton Clock Watcher 9 10 11 Welcome Trav. Double or Nothing Quiz True Story Bfttv Crockrr SonKJ ARflirut the Storm Newa Artltt'i Showcate Slngert Research Aflv Veterans Newf Sturtenls Drvntlon Themes of Axes Arthur Godfrey News Newt: B'fait Club Al Rlehl Musical Clock Chapel of Air Sunshine S'nadert Wiseman—New* Chapel of th* Atr Newt. Walt» HI Neighbor Paula Stone * .0(1 :I3 :3o :4» :no M.I -.30 •AS Strike It Rich H»h & Hay Dave Cfarrowa.r Lone Journey News Break the Bank Symphony Newt Muilo Master! Grain; Serenade Grand Slam Homemakcr's Chat Rosemary Ladlet Fair Queen For a Day Ma lor Lively Meet the Band ifan Malloy Navy Band Calling Vour House Harmony Housai Bargain Counter News, Weather Kate .Smith Meet the Menjotls Jack Berch Show Victor Llndlahr Kitchen Cluh Frank Parker Melody Ju«t for Women St Loult New* Open Bible Newt Concert T1m* Melody Lane W. Warren, Newt Aunt Jennv Helen Trent Our Gal Sunday Hecnlllt and Win Shopper't Guld* Meet Th* Band Newt— Wiseman Louise Personalltle* Q"" 12 :00 MS :30 :45 Newt Playhouse Party Newt In Storet Newt Hal Frederick! Concert Newt M 1 :0l) MS :30 •AS Ralph Edwardt Doctor's Wife Judy and Jane Melodies Chnrles Antell Mary McBrlde Common Good Evelyn Knight Piano, Newt Music World Newt Curt Ma««ey Repose Ma Perklnt Cap Commentary Weather Young Dr. Malon* Bandstand Revue Grain & Markets Big Sister Music Apprec, Newt; Take Ten Home Run TIIU Sports Quiz Dugout Interview Jersey Farm Woody'i Reo. Ik. 2nd Mrs. Burton Perry Mason Nora Drake Brighter Day Bandttand Revu* Cards vs. Red Sox Newt—Walker Record Shop Curtata Call 2 Life Beautiful Road of Life Young't Family Right to Happfneti Henry Fender Joyce Jordan Evelyn Winter* Sacred Heart Music Showcaie Program for You Newt Magazine Grain Report New* Music & Art! U. Hilltop House House Party Cedrlc Adnma Carl Smith Tom Dally Newt Tops In Popt Concert Marten Concert Hal] 3 •no Backstage Wife :1S Stella Dallas •30 Wldder Brown :43 Woman In House Hal Frederlcki Hal Frederick! Momenti-Matter* Newt Be of Good Cheer Quiz Haden P'amlly Radio Travelog Curt Ray Hagen Recital Guiding Light Ed Wilson; News Personollty Time Records 1 :00 Plnln Bill MS Farrell :30 Lorenzo Jonet :45 Cliff A Nancy Ed Bonner Chamber Mutlo Song Shoo Newt. O'Brien Children'! Album Curt Ray Newt Fatlma Roury The Open Bible Leo Adama Serenade New!; Ed Wilson News: Records Record* News Dancetlme Song Souvenir* Tin Pan Alley News Teen Tune* TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 5:00 P. M. 8:15 P. M- 5:30 P. M 5:45 P. M. «:00 P. M 6:15 P. M. 8:30 P. M. 0:45 P. M. t-nn p. M TUESDAY Wrangler's Club Buckeye Four Bob Ingram 1. N. S. Telenews —Kukla. Fran. OHie D. Bennett .—Dinah Shore .—News Caravan .—Milton Berle 8:00 P. M. 8:30 P. M. 9:00 P. M 9:45 P. M. 10.00 P. M. 11:00 P. M. 11:30 P. M. 12:30 P M Fireside Theater Circle Theater Amateur Hour Film Ken Murray Suspense Wrestling Newi WEDNESDAY 7:00 P. M. Dave Garrowav 9:00 A. M.—Laogford-Ameche Show 9:15 A. M.—Arthur Godfrey. fl:HO A. M.—Bride St Groom 9:45 A. M.—First IM Year* 10:00 A. M.—Garry Moore Show 10:30 A. M.—Strike It Rich 11:00 A. M.—Ruth Lyons 50 Club 11:15 A. M.—Love of Life lt:30 A. M.—Search for Tomorrow 11:45 A. M.—To the Ladtet: R. Severtn 1:00 P. M.—Garry Moor* 1:15 P. M.—Homemaklng 2:00 P. M.—Big Payoff 2:30 P. M.—Bert Parks Show 3:00 P. M.—Kate Smith 4:00 P. M.—Hawkins Falii 4:15 P. M.—Buckeye Four 4:30 P. M.—Howdy Doody I AM WRITING- A LETTER TO YOUR RATHER; HENRVI MAY VVE NVEAR WHAT WE LIKE,UNCA DONALD? WE'RE GOING UNCA YOU RE SOIMG TO ^ / OKAV DANCING CLASS... 7 V OKAX VES, JUST so VOU'RE CLEAN AND MRAT ' ,— NOW AAARCH IN CARNIVAL Hi/ Dick Tin Sports and Sportsmen Answer to Preyiou* Puzxl»} "1 dreamed about you last night, Owen! I dreamed you introduced me to that cute new boy in English 1 B!" I'luim-liuhle ulir, icli^ious, and athletic /f>sM- (.'athiin niiinoMile ,;iis canni/t lu> vals. Mudorn Olympic games dale ijinellcil. making it \i'i\ dan^eiuu» nuni ISi'G. because it is highly (misoiujus. The gus is I'm mod as a result of incom- V plete cumbustion. Karly The Kloi ida manatee is one nf ' the very few aquatic mammals of HORIZONTAL 1 Gussie Moran's sport 7 Bowling term 13 Interstice 14 Needier 15 Sliding compartment IB Bird 17 Used In wrestling 18 Gaseous element .'0Catch (coll.) 21 Shoshonean Indians 23 Sister 24 The knee 25 Cheese dish 27 Iceberg* 28 Insect egg 29 Chess piece 30 Some 31 High (music) 32 Coarse hominy 35 Used in hunting 39 Polo playen 40 Is able 41 Give forth 42 His sport was rail-splitting 43 Heads 45 Self-esteem 46 Hoisted 48 Click beetle 50 Feminine appellation 51 Bog down again 52 Become adept in 53 Holy p«rsi«n VERTICAL 1 Palmyra i Bih •> 2 Printing mistakes 3 Tidier 4 At this time 5 Holm oak 6 Calmness 7 Golf club 8 Rent 9King(Fr.) 10 Laundry machine !1 Malayan city 12 Place of utter darkness 19 Woody fruit 22 Legislative body 24 Mild 26 Containers 27 Used in many sports 29 Rambles aimlessly 32 Pro quarterback, Otto 33 Spanish painter 34 Standards 35 Sheep's cry 36 Ipecac compound 37 American educator 38 Shops 40 One who grants 43 Smooth and unaspirated 44 Irish head 47 Race horse'i * doctor 49 French friend 1 1) 15 n * 41 /i Jl if" u fc 40 sz z i w 1 1 *€ 22 iU JO 'f/. f/ 5 y'' y • * HJ b U te- ll J5' V m it 29 Jl * *' 53 n P ; 27 fa ** V gi n 11 ^>> •» 10 *) ^ 15 n IT 12. k ,. fust Olympic sanies of which . the world that does not feed on ..-.ere is reou'd occurred m 776; animal life. It is a strict vcge- B. C, They unginally were patn- ' Urian, In air. sound takes nearly five j one second. In iron or steel »oim seconds to travel a mile, but in wa-1 goes a mile in one-third of • » ec iter it goes the same distance injond.

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