Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on May 26, 1971 · Page 20
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 20

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1971
Page 20
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Bike Vacations New Youth Thing Lelfc's get togeitfcr and protest •gainst last year's vacation! Remember July ainid August? TciaCQc into Yellowstone as far, as the eye could see. Stuffed ! parking tats ait every national park. WaaUiog your turn to unload the family alt a favotlit scenic overtook somewhere. And mustard-colored diivein® that turned out to be covered wiih real mustard the family before you left beihimd. Let's protest highways which take us exactly where they want us to go and spend our money — iat ugly/arwanlside motels, plastic drive-ins and souvenir stands. _-, You started out to "see America first," remember? And wbat you saw wais enough to make you sick. . Well, *he Bicycle Institute of America, wniitih has for years been watclhimg over the safety of young riders and the health and fitness of older cyclists, bias a sitiai'itlinig suggestion for fiaimiSi'eis who want a realy "to- itfaer" vacation this year. A vacation on which you will really see- America, and get to know your kids better, too .... from the seat of a bicycle. Sounds improbable, doesn't it? ft is, however, quite possible, and «he sigtat of a family of four or even six, pedaling away alonig the backroads of Kansas amd Nebraska is no longer unicomnrom. Today's niew bicycles 'are geared' for easy handling on hills, firmly braked for the ride downibH.1. Tandems make it possible to carry even <Jhe youngest mem- »ke aeceis'soiiies mialqe it convenient to carry enough food amid gear for a couple week's trip .along out^-toe-ordtoary routes . . . and in •style, too. food companies are packaging meals that require only •ying hearty appetites. And iit s 'a bonus adventure to stoop ior fireisih vegetables and fruit n quaint roadside stands or from faa'm&rs who want to tnnow as much about you a« you do about their produce. When .evening approaches, sample tfie .deffiighitful smaii hotels that are about >in out-otf-the- way places, or negotiate wi*h tihe farmers for bed and breakfast for your family. In addition to seeling America, you'll ber of the and the new JUST PLAN AHEAD Your Pete Coif Most people'think of the dog or oat as a member of the family, so if you're taking a famiiy camping, trip., why..;not v take Rover and Fluffy along;. too? Many camps h allaw pelts, .and nuaniy people pr"eii|2fr,-ito bti?i|f.'."' ; their pet raither f 'tflian -risk : bav r ' img him unihaippy'"in" "a fcemmiEiU A traveling pet can even be an • asset, because he'll amuse your chdidirein for hours- duiinig A long hot drive. .- V- How can you make a good < camper of your'cat-or canine? The best advfcel'is,.,io plan ' '/^ ahead, so hie will? be a happy and healthy trawler. Check your itanery to 'TOiaKe; sure the camp-ground accigipts fouir-togiged guests. "In case you meet a reluctant camp man- ' ager, carry a ten dollar bill as a secuality bond for your pet's, belhavior. '\' L Before you leave, take your pet to tihe veteaiiniairtian for a heaiMh cfeckup and obtain a heaMlh certiiiicalte -and proof oif ralbies vacctoaitiioin. These are required in some states, Canada amd Mexico. - * y'i. "Whein JPs time to pack, pets need camping gear, too. Take: Ms favorite rug or the pad; from Ms bed, .because tihe. ia- miiiar smell «f" home will en. couna<ge him' to sleep peace-^'o; Mly in strange surroundings. '• Take>^ Ms ' coat'uiir- .hlahbst ;;SI-- ; you'll hieiaddmg for-a cfailiy di- ^m'ate. A pat witl'l riteed his own coimib arad brusih, *and" maybe a . can <ql dry £Jhampoo. .You might tack" in a cou^e;' ; ;ofvBiJjs •faycM|e toys, alonig .witih food and diddles, leiasih&s; amd '':**»• ._ : : « •;. . Take alootg .», food, just itt ciaiel' ! jpH| : can't' Ms favorite brands at •tores. A ehaigefiD diet may a pet's fltompch, espe- whcn be'i rtdfcg. It best to feed him Iw big •t nght when he'* «ettled .down. A Inn tanungr fedf* better io yen vmeb^lhe *.-jeun , tet 1he:'.^wner -'iDaow Wailk" your dog far away ram otter camipea-s, trails, jiis, flowiar bads 'amd beach is..,.Also, you shouldn't leave et food lying around. It will btaiact • flies by day, an'd entice aoopons aitiid cither animals ail . c'a iuinians ou i '(l'''wanit to 'yom ; .pe* Be.siu f e be: water that is meant for you can't be pondis and waiter and a heat for satis- cording to parents who have tackled them. Opportunities for stopping to observe bird and other wildMfe, for nature ' walks, for visits to backwaters' amd forests, fiw specdfal camera shots — ail are possabla when tihe family is wheeling quietly on bicycle. .. Just recenifly, the National • Park Service, responding to dis- tretsstinig overcrowdiBg at na- tiomal park facilities, closed off large areas of Yoseimiite and to all automobile Page 5A Garden City Tolcgrant Wednesday, May 26, 1971 be to know Americans. are siaiEe. Sku^-ks, poa-capines, scoons, and other wld animals can be dangenous to a iour-legged istraniger who in- tiheir teniiitory. So cam. teiel ihumbkig" traps. It isn't a good Mea to let pets /explore he woods by 'themselves. Yomr dog or oat fihiO'UM wear collar wiMih an identificatlioo tag in case he gejjbs lost. An- oifiber good :dea -is' 'to carry several,ph-otogirapttis of him, -so rou 'can show people what he e if he . If yibu've planiti'ed your poet's caimipding trip carefiully, you'll discover llhaft he makes a w«- darful tnaveiing compaihion,/ , Aiud-it's fun to have the whble amffly?^ aQomg,, includinig your shaiggy dog or your cuddly cat. And they're pretty gieatvpeo- pie. You, m'igliit even- run inw somie of'these alienated youngsters along national.pork trails who haw "tanned off" the automobile entirely, and are-learning to appreciate this country's famtasitic beauty and Mendly people in an ecologi- caJEy-pleiasing way — by bicycle. There-are hundreds of ex- citinig vaeation excuustions in alni'Oet every staite which can be made on bfcyicle. Along watiercouii-S'es, along canals, tlhirougih \vhole forests,' among tihe Penimsiylviania .Dutch f'ai-niiS, to ' Indian iieiservaitionsf and. even *hrouigh wolderniess areas. Maips are available and experi- emced rider>s ; wtoo hia^e madia these triLpsvbefore tell .you what you may- enlfcouiniter^ along thie way. . '•'. -V, . Oomibeimpiate pedaluig leasure- ly alongjone popular cycle rouihs in Oadflfoinnfia w'Mcto leiaids to abaoDdion-ed' gold mines, ghostly •Jjrcinitier. towcis, to Roiaaiag Oaimp wlhiclh Mark Twain made infamous'. :Do jit ait your own pace. Stop for a siesta in the Sierrais.- 'No proMems fiddling a parking tot When you'i-e on a bike. Or anoitiher bike trip which temps -thousands of vaoatloners each year leads thriough 300 miil'es of scenic Wisconsin back- x-oadis. Well marked, the Bikeway was deveilioiped by the state's Depiarftmemit of Tourism, and offers vi'Sffltrars samples of Mk feisiiivals, incredible scenery, visits to cheese factories, a niide throuigh, an ominous abandoned railway tunnel and alonig railway beds. Pioneer, laind'iniarfcs wekoone cyclists at every turn in fhe- ,road ? ," 'va&' : .- Jtidwesitera hospitality is «x- tenided tenfold to visitors'iiwn Bast and'West. ....;>^ : 1 '?;• •' tremely educational, too, ac- traffic, making thenn accessible only to visitors on foot or bicycle. This trend will undoubtedly conitinue, siays the Bicycle Institute, as populaition in- creasies and park lands-decrease. The vacialtionier vfith has bicycle is already prepared. If you are advenitiiurous, willing to put a liititle more work into VB'oaftion planning and . . . anxious to bridge the gen- eiratiion. giap in a delightfully dSiferenit way, stant mow to plan your family bike vacation. To help you plan, write for the North Ameaiean Bicycle Atlas,, a 128-page director of where to go and what to taka on 'bake vacations in 47 states, 6 Canadian provinces, Mexico and tihe OaorStobean, witih m- diividual maps and texts, plus €2 onie-diay and weekend rid'as. A two-page U.S. map with cross-couctiry rautes is included for the really serious cy-- diists. It costs only $1.95 from Hammond Map Co., M<aple- wood, N.J. 07040. WYOMING WHITE i|AN^CAPE •S: . Idcdfor •'*&,,-<?" • : ;'-; : V^ •-.;•' AVAUAMC IN 100 Lt. SAGS Don't Forget Patio Blocks In Decorative Colors THE SHORT-ALL- THEY ALL WANT IT Hot Pants.. .The Hottest thing going! they're made of 100% cotton. They come in sizzling stripes and solids 2 pc. set $11 Modeled by ... " Shelley Slough From Headquarters For Teen Fashions

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