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I 4 National Newspaper Largest Morning Circulation Of Any Kentucky Newspaper 16 Paes Today W7 CXXXVII. NEW SERIES- 19,803. i i LOUISVILLE WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 21, 1923. mil'Diri? PrMTCJ'N TKAINH AND BEVONI lrlxViLilll VI-ilN i. ZONE FIVE CENTS.

Pharaoh's 3,000 Year -Old Curse PIUTE INDIANS, BRITISH VISITOR SEES DEMOCRATIC VICTORY GERMAN REDS 0ITING WAR; CURB ON CUNO is Seen In Illness of Carnarvonsl QJ! WARPATH IN 1924 OVER TARIFF TOMB SCENES AND FIGURES IN ANCIENT CURSE nmirnrTmilll MOSES NAMES ICORMICKTO WIN 1924 RACE Senator Not Worried By Harding's Decision to Seek Another Term. Hits Tariff La Former Parliament Member Declares Low Duties Only Salvation. fastisti Meet Friday to Set! I i ft Custer's Days Loom Again As Irate Redskins Thirst for Whites' Blood. DISCERNS PANIC AHEAD DAUGHERTY CLEARED AIR HEAVY FIRING ALL DAY Current English Opinion Says U. S.

Should Join League, Scott Holds. Pian to uounieracx wna-nation Communists. PEACE SNAGS PRESENTED nationalist Right Now Strong Enough to Prevent Overtures By Government. Warning to Ambitious Seen; Too Early to Be Sure of Anything, He Says. Blanding, Utah, Folk Plead for Succor As They Snipe At Attackers' Heads.

Democrats will walk into Washing-i ton in lf'24 over the platform of a low protective tariff, the only policy that can avert the economic panic 1 into which conditions today are leading the to Utah, March 20 (Associated The struggles March Press). A report was received her late tonight to the effect that one Indian has been killed and two In country, in the opinion of Alfred Scott I of London, former member of Parlia-! merit. During the last six months Mr. Scott I has toured this country as a student 'of American affairs, lie is accompa-Jnied by his wife. Mrs.

Katie Duncan dians wounded by a posse of white settlers who hct out late yesterday from Blanding, San Juan County. f0 i 7 SafV fMTV I Is K1 II mlw3.iiiiiu.i fVV wvV to -t id 'WftSSSM frL. SsSssSiii wJr- vf Students of Occult Fear Voo- jfipy do for Disturbers of Ojt x'' King's Long Sleep. in pursuit of a band of renegade Sieciil Cable to The Courier-Journal. London.

March "20. "A lot of things can happen between now and the He publican Convention, so I'm' not worrying about President Harding's decision to run again," said Senator Moses when asked what he thought of Attorney General Daugherty's an nouncement that the President would be a candidate. i The Senator refused to say whethei he thought anyone else had a chance, but it is learned that when several friends in London asked who would be the next President he named Senator Medill McCormick of Illinois. As for the Harding cadidacy, Mr Moses admitted it was an interesting Piutes who caused trouble in that town. I fe.W I mi i ii v-wen German insert! ana com-j r'-KSts sharpening and fighting j'.

the frontier between Eavaria j-j ti.e industrial regions of Southern jjony and Thuringia. is possible. Ccmmunists in the large plants of wsy and Thuringia -ra organizing guards with the permission of local auihoritks build a pro-Sir-g wall against Bavarian Fas- ja Middle Germany also the Corn-' --sists aie strong and have been 't recently to win over large of Socialists. The Socialist Saxon Sortrament has made an agreement iti th Communists for radical eco-is-ij reforms and for construction guard organization. It Is The dead Indian is said to be a young buck known as Joe Bishop' Boy and one of the two youths who escaped from authorities at Blandinff after their conviction yesterday on misdemeanor j-harges resulting from the robbery of a sheep herder's camp.

ftcott. a uaugnter of the late Coi. Ulan-ton Duncan of Louisville. Mr. and Mrs.

Scott spent last night at the Hotel Henry "WaUersc n. aftei having paid a visit to the grave of Colonel Duncan in Cave Hill Cemetery. Mr. Scott expressed faith in the League of Nations, and said the current English opinion is that the United States cannot afford to remain outside the League. Democrats Will Walk In.

"The United States is the soundest economically of any country in the world today. Next year it may be wel ALFTtED SCOTT. subject, but from a distance of 4,000 Salt Lake City. March 20 Asso miles did not look so very important. Warning to Aspirants.

"Still Mr. Daugherty's statement ciated Press). Blandinc. a town of DENHABDTTO RUN FOR LT, GOVERNOR 875 inhabitants, is beleaguered tonight by a small band of Piute Indians. has its advantages," he added.

"It gives those who might have had am Telephone wires have been cut and tering in the chaos of economic evils which beset Europe, unless the proper bitions in the direction of the White a message received at Monticelio by courier late this afternoon urged lha House sufficient warning that there Is remedies are applied in advance." Mr. Scott warned. nothing doing, and on the other hand it clears the atmosphere for those who formation of an armed body to aid the inhabitants. The latest outbreak, occurring in may oppose the President's candidacy MANY FEAR THE OUTCOME San Juan County in the southeastern As a matter of fact, though, it is mighty hard for any man to say at be epecific during my railroad trips in your West 1 saw freight trains piled with automobiles that had been on the road two months. On inquiry I found that the trains sometimes covered only forty miles a day.

This means capital tied up. dormant and useless. Multiply the amount of it so this early date whether he is going to be a candidate or not. You "know we a first in Germany thai So jS ever agreed to formation of a gua. d.

Asa result th Socialists are getting gomcwhat confused position. Socialists are trying to get tU through the LanJstag abolishing protective armed organizations. It i limed, of course, at the National jurists Fascist! but it also reacts on the action of the Saxon So- Eavarkn Minister of the Interior sciirer supports the right of the Socialists to organize. The Socialists will meet Friday to kvie bow to counteract the Com-isiiit Ked guards in Middle Ger-any, and fnJrn 'their decision en iSii struggle may develop. GERMAN LI.MIT FEW MONTHS.

Mate of Excavator, Herself won't begin elections for committee men for another year, and so much part of Utah, was caused by the arrest and detention of two Indian youths on a charge of robbery. News of their incarceration soon reached a small band of renegade Piutes, including "Old Posey," who has figured in previous outbreaks. Preparations were made by the lt In Grave Condition, Rushing to Husband At Luxor. can happen before then." Although this rather cryptic state ment seems to indicate Mr. Moses is Bowling Green Man Quits Post In Legion to Contest for Democratic Nomination.

Henry H. Denhardt, banker and attorney, of Bowling announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant-Governor here last night, and at the same time resigned as State Vice Commander of the American Legion. He said he would open headquarters in Louisville within a week, and that he would conduct an active campaign. He left last night for Bowling Green. Mr.

Denhardt is the first soldier candidate to announce for the State campaign. His resignation an officer of the American Legion was necessitated, he said, by Legion policy. His announcement follows: Special Cable to The Courier-Journal. not al all enthusiastic over another four years of Harding, the New London. March 20.

The leadin dian band to rescue the young bucks, medical authorities of the British but the latter succeeded in escaping Hampshire Senator could not be in forces in Egypt are now at Lord Car Prisoners Attack Sheriff, duccd to say whether he preferred When Sheriff v. E. Oliver took din some one else. narvon's bedside at Luxor, combating the spread of the dangerous streptococcus Infection which has settled in ner to the two jailed Indians, they Coins to Near East. tied up on American railroad tracks today and you will reach a stupendous figure.

"The point is that your railroads are inadequate to handle ordinary business and would be helpless in a boom. Tour railroads are the very nerves of your country, and your industries the sinews, would be dead without them. Yet. Instead of your laying double tracks, building new. rolling stock and preparing for the future by vitalizing your railroads, new construction is criminally small.

Sees Monopoly In Steel. "Steel is the dominant factor in the situation. Cheap steel would mean "1 came over here to get politics refused to eat and he attempted to strike one of them on the head with the cheek of the discoverer of Tut 1 out of my system for a while," he de ankhamen's tomb. his revolver. One of the Indians clared.

"and 1 don't care who an Lady Carnarvon, flying from Enj nounces his candidacy while- I'm grabbed the Sheriff and the pther dis (a Hold Out Short Time Yet, Dritiah Envoy to Berlin Says. fecial Cable to The Courier-Journal, tasfon, March 20. Lord d'Aber- British Ambassador to Berlin, afeted to London today 011 Wiat a described ofTicially as a private it to inspect his horses, and watch tend to his bedside, became seriously armed him. They then forced th gone Im going to the Grand Na ill near but. despite her own Sheriff into the corner and after lock tioital "Steeplechase at Liverpool Fri "I have been assured by a number ing him in the jail, escaped.

day, the first one I've ever seen. Then of leading Democrats, including rep grave condition, insisted on taking a train for Lyons, where she will resume her journey by airplane to Top Inside of tomb of Tutankhamen with guards at each ide of vault at time of formal opening. Inset Lord Carnarvon, who discovered and excavated the tomb of Pharaoh, and Lady Carnarvon. Below Opening into tomb which students of the occult say brought Pharaoh's curse on disturber of King's sleep and on wife of disturber. Blanding is Isolated, the Indians I'm coming right back and leave for resentatives of the various groups and Paris Saturday.

i elements within the party of Ken "From Paris I'm going to Vienna Rome. The infecting organism, which, un then on to Athens and Constantinople. having cut telephone wires and tbe last word from the beleaguered Vil lage was taken to Monticelio 4 o'clock this morning by a courier, asking for the formation of an armed body of men to aid the inhabitants I want to get a general impression of der a microscope, looks like a string of microscopic beads the dreaded streptococcus was isolated Sunday, the whole Luropean situation and en new rails, new cars, new manufactured goods to travel over the rails. Why have you, with the greatest steel making facilities in the world, fallen down at this essential point? Simply because the United States Steel Corporation has throttled competition "since 1901 and is now dictating a hight tariff policy on its products. joy the first rest I've had in ten when Lord Carnarvon's face had years." of the town.

swollen ominously following the bite COMMONWEALTH TO HOLD BACK TRUMP IN TRIAL OFBLACKERBY JIAKDIXG TO HAVE WAV. Whites Making Stand. When the courier left last tucky, that I might be of service to my party and to my State by becoming a candidate for the office of Lieutenant Governor and I have, there fore, decided to announce my candidacy for this office subject to the action of the Democratic Primary to be held in August. Will Announce Policies. "As a subordinate officer in the Administration I consider it to be my duty, if elected Lieutenant Governor, to support the policies of the Administration which may be chosen by the none of the white defenders of the Be of an insect at As-Souan a week ago.

While scientists approach the problem of treating Lord Carnarvon's malady as a dangerous infection to be checked by all the technique of med Dauglierly Says President Will Named Without Contest. "Before the Morgan interests bought 4e Grand National Steeplechase and ixr.d to personal affairs. But it is learned he also made a fport to the Foreign Office this after-embodying the following three Hats: Germany cuii hold out several widths longer before the Kulir oc-'option causes serious distress to ii i est of the country. The Nationalist is now so Srtmg it tan prevent tliaucellor law from opening peace overtures. Tl-Gennan Government regards League of Nations as being iminated by France.

is evidence of this last point, Ger-Kny Instances the Upper Silesian de- 'a Saving much of that region to and the recent failure of Swed- Prsmicr Branting'a efforts to town had been wounded, although horse had been shot from under John out Andrew Carnegie, a committee In Miami, March 20 (Associated Bogers and a bullet went through the ical experience, students of the occult Prese). Attorney General Daugherty vestigated the steel industry in this country and reported that steel could be made in Pittsburgh cheaper than and even staid Egyptologists fear the trouser leg of the rider. $18,908,000 IS commenting today on his announce State Seen to Hide Strongest Cards Until Defense Shows Hand. in any otner place in tire world. ment Saturday that President Harding old superstition that misfortune has TllQ townspeople have placed nrri come to one disturbed the sleep at a11 advantageous points on the out-of a Pharaoh.

skirts of the village and sniping was vou have Birmingham, with the would be a candidate in 1924, declared same "combination of coal and iron that his renomination without a con Even here in modern London, among carried on all day whenever one of the together, and your steel ought to be test was assured. PISTOL SCUFFLE SHOWN cheaper now than then. "Why isn't it? Because the steel cor men who are agnostics of almost ev- Indians showed his head. ery creed, are found those who dread United States Marshal Kay Ward the outcome of his Lordship's illness is inclined to take a serious view vt "There will be no contest and those seeking to show that there will be a people, so long as those policies are in accord with the principles that may be written into my party platform by the Democracy of Kentucky. "In this brief announcement.

I ehall not attempt to present my views on all public questions, but as the campaign progresses I shall state my posi tion on the important issues that may I wish to say. however, that I poration capitalized its monopoly to great fight will be forcibly disappoint because of their unescapable belief in the situation and has arranged with the League Council take up the lir situation, lie was blocked by The Commonwealth does not intend to play any of its trump cards in its direct testimony against Clifford L. Road Awards "Contracts for 8,036 Units of New Equipment. tho extent of nearly $800,000,000 on which dividends have been paid ever a voodoo that is three thousand years Lamar "e'sori' the Governor's private ed," the Attorney General declared. "1 took the responsibility of makim the announcement that the Presiden old.

secretary, who saw service in France hiatus opposition as France's Blacker by on trial in Criminal Court since, so that the price of steel was raised $2 a ton simply to pay for the Sir Ernest Budge, keeper of the as an aviator, to fly to the tcene of 'ffcaentatjve. on a charge of wilfully murdering Dr, Egyptian Section of the British Mu (Continued on Page 3, Column 6. C. E. Ileavrin, in the latter's office, dividends on watered stock.

Lobby High Tariff Bills. seum, laughed today when asked his shall, if elected, employ every effort to reduce the heavy burden of taxation now resting upon the people of Kentucky, and will endeavor to bring opinion of the ancient curses and in "Judge E. II. Gary, head of the steel 430 West Market Street. December 18 This was made evident last night when, after a day of perfunctory tes timony, a conference was held to de corporation, admitted to Congress in cantation muttered over the tomb of a departed Pharaoh.

He professed about a more equitable distribution of 1911 that nearly $1. 000,000,000 in steel himself an agnostic, but added that the burden of taxation. cide whether the prosecution would bonds and stocks represented capitalized profits. The country has paid the "these stories of what happens if one "Living as 1 do in a community rest. where farming is the chief occupation bill.

And now the high tariff on steel touches certain things are current all over the world. Y'et, I wouldn't mind The conference came shortly before toe French Government has tent -sular instructions to its rcprescnta-- ain Sweden. 'Holland. Switzerland 1 other States which have shown -tistlves restive over the economic us of the Ituhr occupation. The declares France and Belgium themselves the sole judges 1th time, manner and character s' Mgotiations with Germany.

Secretary Carzoa recently 1 the French Ambassador here, tiaint Aulairc. whether ricr Poineare was pleased with Minister Uonar Law's cat-TfiCul statement that the British is keeping the price up so that the div of the people. I am naturally deeply interested in their velre and am fa miliar with the fact that they have idends on this watered stock may not fall off. been called upon to bear an unjust pro "Fiance and Germany have been at Equipment contracts totaling were awarded yesterday by the Louisville Nashville Pvailroad Wible L. Mapotiicr, president, announced.

Contracts included thirty freight and six passenger locomotives, 6,000 coal cars and 2.000 box cars. Deliveries of the cars will begin July 1, Mr. Mapother said, at the rate of fifty or sixty daily. The first allotment of locomotives will be delivered September 1. The orders are part of a $20,000,000 construction programme announced recently by the road.

The locomotive contract was awarded to the American Locomotive Company of Schenectady, and the coal car contract to the Pressed Steel Car Company of Pittsburgh. One thousand of the box cars will be built by the Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Corn-nanv of Mt. X'ernon, and 1.000 by swords' points for forty years over the portion of the taxation which has been imposed upon the people of Kentucky. taking some article from the tomb, but as for the mummy itself I'd leave it alone." "Once I was digging on my own account," reflected Sir Ernest, "and 1 discovered a mummy.

I-didn't take him away. I respected him; built a wall around him with cement so nobody else could get at him." ciuestion of ownership of Saar and the trouble tomorrow morning if a plane can be obtained from the Government. Band Is In I light. United States Marshal Kay late tonight received a telegram from Sheriff E. Oliver of San Juan County saying that upwards of twelve Indiana composed the band which started trouble atBIaridirjg last day.

i He fcaid one Indian had been killed and two wounded i a posse of whit" settlers and that of the raiding Indians was being continued. Ward belief that the situation was hand, a-ul deciib ed to abandon plans to go to Blanding by niipianc toinorrr-w. 200WffmeRdio Devices Sold Sy V. S. Government Retains Onlicn On Hammond's Inventions for Air Experiments.

and 1 shall be untiring in my enorts to help lift this unjust burden from Ruhr coal and Lorraine iron. Nature has. placed two such adjoining coal and iron deposits within the borders of the United States. Yet you have not sufficient cheap steel to Piggly tiggly Is Halted In Antics New York Bars Stock Trade After Violent 72-124 Fluctuation In Day. Now York, Mwrch 20 (Associated Press).

Trading in Class common stock of Piggly Wiggly Stores. was suspended by the Board of Gov ernors ot the New York Stock Exchange late today after one of the most violent price fluctuations In stoK-k exchange history. The stock closed last night at 72, opened this morning at "5, dropped to 743i and then rose perpendicularly to 124, often jumping several points be- tween sales. From the high point it dropped, also perpendicularly, to 82, where it closed at a net gain, of ten points on the day. Jesse L.

Livermore, famous stock market operator, who had been en yraged last December by Clarence Saunders of Memphis. presi- the shouITler of the fa finer. 1 jlrnajent does nut intend any form 'The good that can be dune the adjournment of court, after nine witnesses had been placed on the stand, with one exception these were all officials and professional men who came, in contact with the case as a result of their regular duties. Commonwealth's Attorney Joseph Lawton and his assistant. W.

Clarke Otte, were closeted for mote than ten minutes and then announced they would rest this morning at'te introducing one or two witnesses. This was taken to "how the Commonwealth's heavy cards would be played in rebuttal, after the defense has to some extent shown its hand. No indication has been given by the defense of what trend it will take in behalf of Bluckerby, but from stress laid on certain questions propounded farmer thfougti wise legislation ANCIENT CITY SOUGHT. illustrated by tne advantages inert- United States Scientists Would Ln- 'ervenUon. According to an '-fcte related by Lord Curzoa the "Siasador replitd: M' pomcare objects to the era- a-at iu any connection whatever, ca a negative one, of the word they have realized from the operation of the law recently adopted by the Legislature known as the "Bing meet your industrial ana ranroaa re quirements.

"I am amazed that the United States permits numerically small groups to lobby high tariff bills through Congress which benefit the lobbyists and increase the cost of living of 100.000. 000 others. So ingrained is this meek acceptance on the part of the public here that a supply of manna sent from heaven would be looked on as a direct blow at the American farmer. No matter if people's stomachs would be earth Fxmal, in Yucatan. By Leaded Wire to Tue Courier-Journal.

New York, March 20. Sidney W. Holland, passenger traffic manager ot the American Express Company, was a passenger on the Ward liiie; Siboney from Vera Cruz. Mr. Holland said he left in Yucatan Prof.

J. C. Merrian and Prof. Ivan Shipment Expected. March (Associated Press) ham Co-operative Marketing Law through which the tobacco growers 1 ave already been enabled to secure a more just and proper return for their exacting labor.

have alwavs beeu a friend or the laboring man and of organized labor the Tennessee Coal, Iron Itaiiroad Company of Birmingham. The freight locomotives will be built for heavy tonnage, and the passenger, both for speed and tonnage, pother said. The freisht and coal will be delivered at Cincinnati ior distribution over the L. N. system.

Contracts for the construction of fiftv.nno all-steel passenger coaches espects to ship out of the from to 3.yo tons ot colic I. us Money oi tne carnegie insTiiute, in cross examination yesterday is Column 7.) believed the accident theory and the who were planning a trip to Mexico Continued on Page S. Column iContinued on Page 'r i ranee, Ltlgiuiu and Italy. Ma i (Continued on Page 2, Column 2.) wwnet-was intoimed today by (Continued on Page 3. Column 2.) About "MO radio i.

of Public Works Le Troc -5T L. I uent ot tne company, vj maintain a eloped bv John IIj nas just returned from a if primarily for wy.l us market for the stock, issued a state ment tonight saying that Mr. Saun Aldermen Pass Housing Law and Concur In Home Phone Measure arouSh the occupied region. ernnieiir, said it was hoped to Married Printer Prints License And Elopes With Girl, Is Charge will be warded next week, he said. Mapother Talks On Grade Elimination litw cse shipments each week ders had abruptly terminated Mr.

Livermcre's authority act for him at 31 o'clock this morning and that operating a rial a i marin'- i and Rjaneuvi-rin personnel for pra'Ci b'-tii "sold, it 'as J.v-u tons dailv, and thus -UJh the German rejjaratior the when 'L. aoantloned as occupied. be (Livermore had immediately canceled all orders in the market and ceased operating. Late last fall a concerted attack IS'ames of Sixty Streets In City to Be Changed By Action of General ConnciL day. to she Kadio ica and the An Hhentf Divides Time Between Louisville port i it cwo Pnnri Will i Clarence Officials Order Sabotage.

l. ot im. ncctu oajo Teh graph Cunp; ft The lovet ntiifc a nvWtv what source he, declined to say. It was mauc on tne slock auci a iew Give Heed to Ideas of City. would cost about JG3.000 to duplicate companies which had leased territorial lii of the out properly and eloped to New Al itain option on Easp tu TUb nr-Jonrnal.

'zi. Representatives the Kuhr make no secret "ar i that facial sabotage one if them remarked The larger part of last night's business before the General Council was in the upper board, the Al r-jr tor t.p" bany with Miss Kose Waddell, 1517 i military use and dernieiuarnending and passing the pro own ari: -TOt "ngs in'? reels rights to Piggrly lggly patents had become involved in financial difficulties which did not, however, involve the Memphis coivern. The stock dropped then to around $40 a share after having sold as high as 538 last year. witii aircraft boii- iu-z. Mr.

Hammond ui 'ii as? be retained as consulting Kudio Corpo- 'ion. ordinance, concurring in arlQ Wp ra i. tviah posed housing inwor board to 'hero." the amendment ui the Louisville Home Telephone Company bill and passing measures chang in- the names of approximately slxt After maintaining one wife in Louisville and anothfr in New Albany for four months, according to the charges, Clarence Rheno, a printer was indicted for bigamy by the Floyd County grand Jury in New Albar.v yesterday. Kheno was first married to Miss Mary McAfee of New Albany Septem ber 1, and they established their home at 122 King Street, New Albany. A child was torn to them.

Laet November 15 Kheno, who was the Shelby Park swimming pool, he said. The Mayor announced further that he had called a meeting of negroes in terested and Counciinien to discus the question in his office at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon. is intended, according to the Mayor, to ask those present to select a committee to make un inspection and report Lack the most favorable available site for the pro posed pool. It is hoped, he added, to YYhAlHLK. "llinirtl.n 1.

an. Lombard Street, Louisville, aecordiirsg to evidence presented to the granf jury. Sonic friend of Hheno's imper sonated a Magistrate in New Albany, it is alleged, well enough at least to deceive Miss Waddell. Kheno, then, it is chraged. pro ceeded to divide his time between his New Albany and Louisville wives, and things ran along pleasantly until about three weeks ago.

He bad told his New Albany wife that he was em- Cantrill to Open Fight At Owensboro Avril 7 Wible L. Mapothc-er said last night at a meeting of the Engineers and Architects' Club at the Slarks Building that the Louisville Nashville Railroad Company is ready and willing to give heed to any practical ideas suggested by the City ot Louisville relative to tle elimination ot grade crossings. The cost, the time and other culties to be overcome before grade crossings were eliminated were outlined by W. H. Courtenay.

chief engi new for the L. N. The railroads' share of the burden, he point! out would 6T per cent, wliiie the cost IT P'Mst Forecast: streets. Mayor Huston Quin announced to ntuy and Tennessee In- committee oi tne Owensboro is the place and VHAS Programmes of The Courier-Journal and Louisville Times broadcasting station for today anil Thursday will be found on page 4. mwer board, as a 5f, "uuuines and warmer Hyans.

"mak whole, that he and Charles ndvocate. were o'clock Saturday afternoon, April 7, the time that Representative J. Camp bell Cantrill of Georgetown will open his campaign for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Kentucky. tu 'ursjay ram; cold-Jay night. Rain Wednesday and employed in Louisville by the Stand have It ready for use this summer.

The upper board, after a caucus. primea nv.p. aid JVin'hv; -----ing progress" In plans for a swimim for "egrocs. Other than e.ty will n- lo U.tcr.bUtnuu 5" mixed with snow; cold- ltt'ill thn announcement to the Tty or tne taxpayers ot Mr. I on Jgc 2, Column l.jv i ii.t-d it nil l.C.-il' ijiii 'ju 1 ui cent.

yi'SitrUu) i.

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