Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR HOf»E STAR,' ttOPE, ARKANSAS Yerger Grid Squad Opens Home Stand Timers Will Meet Clarks>ville, Texas, Team Friday Afternoon The Verger High School football team will meet the Ciarksvile. Texas. Tigers- here Friday afternoon. 'It will be the second game of the season for Hope, having Defeated Wright City. Qkla.. hist week. 15 'to 0. The Texas team is said to be tough and in good shape. The kickoff will be at 3 o'clock at Yerger High school park! The admission will be 20 and 35 cents. The probable storting lineups: P. Grart.v, right end .160. R. Green, right tackle 165. V. Williams, right guard 179. C. Wright, center ..7. 150. G. Coleman, left guard 182. A. Koiintz, left tackle 160. B. Shaw, left end 190. Pondexter. quarterback 172. tl.-Stewart, rtt?ht half 160. D. Carson, left half 160. P. Carrigan. fullback 168. Line averages. IBS; backfield, 160. For Clarksville, Texas: lylcPhearson. right end 1G5 Henderson, right tackle 154. Dukes, right guard 169. J . Henderson, center 150. Binwiddle. left guard 160. j jiVashington. left tackle 165. G. Henderson, left end 158. Haynes. quarterback 145. Embers, right half 141. Baker, left" half 154. Caton, fullback 157. Line average 1GO, backfield 148. Oysters of .the Atlantic and Gulf " coasts are individual in sex, but those • of the Pacific coast -may be both male •• and female in the same oyster. «*Two Ford V-8 Cars for 1940 Presented * Announcement We have met the requirements of the new City Ordinance by iir stalling a New Electric Dish Washer. We would be glad to have you inspect it. Checkered Cafe HEKE are the two Ford V-8 cars presented for 1940. One is a Ford V-8 and the other a deluxe Ford V-S. Top, the deluxe Ford V-S Fonlor sedan; below, the Ford V-S Tudor sedan. Both are big cars with graceful lines. Emphasis In interior styling Is on fine appointments. Among numerous Important fea- tures are a finger-tip gearshift on tho steering column, a new controlled ventilation system and Sealed-Beam headlamps for safer night ilrivlnsr. Two V-S engines are available, at; 85 horsepower in the. deluxe, the So horsepower or a CO horsepower engine, in the Ford V-S models. Cars with S5 horsepower engine have improved spring suspension and a torsion bar rlde-atiibl- llzer. Four Ford V-S niul five deluxe body types comprise thu two lines. A new business coupe as well ns a coupe, Tiuio'r sedan and Fordor sodan 4re available in both. There is also a deluxe convertible club coupe with automatic top standard equipment. R. Halliburton Is Said Legally Dead World-Famous Adbentur &r Held to Have Perished in Pacific MEMPHIS Tenn. —i-Pi— Richard Halliburton—who re-lived fabulous tales of history and legend to write about his adventures—was declared legaly dead Wednesday. A jury hearing a suit invoving his insurance, declared he died either March 23 or 24. shortly after he was last heard from at sea in a Chinese juk, Sea Dragon hoping to sail from Honkong to San Francisco. Testimony was introduced to show that when Halliburton approached the international date line a typhoon ''wall ! waves 40 feet high" struck the vicinity. A search afterward revealed no trace of the junk. The verdict legally ended the career of one of America's most widely-read and well know adventurer- writers. Halliburton was 39. Born in Memphis and educated at Princton, he set out from New Orlean in 1921 on a career of adventures interrupted only by time out for writing and lecturing. Halliburton mainly wrote of acclti: adventures and often said hi.s mo: exciting and interesting experience were the ones people would not read about, which he consqueiitly never wrote. On the Gridiron Bt.YTIIEVU.LE - The deflated Bly- levillc High School Chicks, routed, 2 to 0, by the Pine Bluff Zebras, ill attempt to recapture some of their ost prestige against the Little Rock igors in another conference game ere Friday. Nominated at the beginning of the easun as the No. 1 contender for the Vrkunsas High School Conference hampionship. the Chicks now are in- underdogs, with little hope of utting any figure in the little picture nleyn they can win over Little Rock. However, this appears a forlorn hope i> Blytheville fans, as Monk Mosley ontimies to hobble on two injured egs and Coach Joe Diltly has shut- led his line-up in an effort to find winning combination. To add to )ild.v's troubles. Hugh (Tex> Harbert, ho alternates with Mosley at the left oils, a ailment which bothered him alfback slut, has another siege of lirei- weeks ago. Principal changes forecast in the Jl.vtheville line were at the guards, vhere Pruitt and Pnulk have received rials. Piuilk's 195 pounds would add considerable weight to the forward vail. IJHtt !\Ii\y Start FAYETEV1LLE - Seriousness of the Jniversity of Arkansas football situation was indicated by a report that big Maurice Britt will play at ent against Texas Christian University iu-re Saturady with his right hand ii LI cast. He was in the univer.sit> hospital during the Mississippi State sugar. 3.000 pounds pounds of >>ni-i>n. , . i ,1 i if tin 1 i-llv deb' BoiwK liml 20,000 hvuhtlv -','.;., ii in IBIS. gnme Saturday. John FriebprRi'r and Howard ("Hod") Mickey, slarlinf,' ends will be on the sidelines with Uni.'e injuries Saturday. Coach Thomson sent hi.s squad through n U>UK practice Wednesday afternoon, climxed by n light scirm- inage. He's is devoting most of his lime, to drilling on defonsivo ynumil plays aiv.l blocking in the backfield. He snul that Glyil Lyons. 185-pouiul enior, may play at halfback. Joe Sca- et's position. This would add 10 puiind.- to the backfield. The coach has been pleased by Lyon's perforniiinct* the past few days. Jan Carter. 225-pound tackle will be moved to left end with Adams and Uritt probably at right end. Paul Zuhcr, 175-pound senior and till! Southerland, 180-pound junior, are the only two reserve ends. T. C. U. S(|uacl of .13 FORT WORTH —(.'Pi— The T. C. U. Horned Frogs. 35 strong, will leave for Fayctteville Thursday night and the first Southwest Conference game of the season with Arkansas SaVur- day. Pushing his regulars hard as game time nears. Coach Dutch Meyer sent the squad through a rough and intensive pass scrimmage. Later, the regulars looked jit Arkansas plays and formations as run by a third team. Only one player seems definitely out of the game. He is Dutch Ehlers. an end, who was on crutches from hi.s often-injured knee. He is not expected to make the trip. "We - , u,,. tmvn tin 1 «-hoii 1 « 1 " ( tl ovishnis "' ItK "U'.V • , .„„! aUl.-r.m-n .•m-.ti-.-l'.l j ,ksa...M.-'i.i".i.<-i'.';y''; ai HIV. Karly t& lurmshinK The limy \vitli 111' 1 I' 1 c;r ; h. K^l'ly • - - i ... i ,.( • '"^'''u- "|.-- 1 rlv' t ' 1 !ii'".-l"''l "" <" 1 '--'"'j \V^hmul»n" an i'lt:""" 1 " 1 '' In"'1 .,.';„ ,u,.i>h,mid p.<v ""• » i :;.'. i |^ l ;,;;, I ;,,v finally ill ' llv ^' 1 '\ 1 ;' "'.Vi'.'-'l.i.nks | 1,,,11'OW (III 1 IIH'HO <'•'!• , i , In 1S.S8 tliis iililii;.'""" Ul1 '' ' '"'' ' ' : ^\: ilidn'l li«v<- tl»' mono 1 I" One Game Don't Mean a Thing Says McKechnie After Cincinnati^ Loss Redleg Manager vSays It Takes Four Victories to Win Series—Bucky Walters and Pearson Will Likely Pitch Thursday's Game Robert Montgomery rode across from England in a ship's swimming pool because of crowed conditions. That's even a better stunt than a publicity man could think up. A temperature of 13fi degrees above zero has been recorded in the northern Sahara desert, while one of 92 degrees below zero has been noted in northern Siberia. USED CA TO FILL OUR EMPTY USED CAR LOT NEW YORK -(./Pi— "Ono gnme don't win a series. The Yanks are no super ball club. They can be beaten and HI send Bucky Walter after them Thursday. It was "De-aeon" Bill McKechnie, ypeaking as .sole spokesman in bc'- lialf of hi.s Reds. He waved newspaper nu.'n away from the Cincinnati players, reminding the writers that he would do all the talking and cautioning photographers to take no pictures. It was sweltering hot in the Reds' dressing room and the bespectacled 52- year-old leader of tho Reds stripped clown to his white shorts and under- .'hirt before he began talking. 1-reviously be had shooed the writers out of the room, pleading for a five- miniite opportunity to talk to his play- j ers in private. "Both Ruffing and Derringer pitched a hell of a ball game," McKechnie began." The breaks won it for the Yank.s. We've won a Kit of them the same way and that's what put us into the championship. One game don't mean a thing. It's winning the four of them that counts." Questioned as to the wisdom of Wally Eerger':; throw to Froy at second base, instead of throwing directly to the plate to cut off Joe Gordon's i mi in '[be fifth inning, McKechnie blurted out: "That's one of those plays you don't anticipate. It may come up only 15 or 15 a year. If Berger had thrown to Lombard! instead of to second, there would have been no score. "I give the Yanks all the credit in the world. They played heads-up ball. But we're still here. Don't overlook that." Berger to Sidelines ' McKochnie said Berger, Cincinati'.s left fielder, may not get into the game Thursday because of his injured left fool. His big toe was injured by a fuul tip with an abscess forming that bad to be opened Wednesday. Berger played svilh the tip of hi.s shoe cut out to give the damaged toe more freedom. "Brce/er" Lombard!, the Red's big catcher, was raging mad when he .stunned into the dressing room. H ripped off his chest protector and hurled it in the air. Then he slummed down his mask, picked it up and' throw it across the room after the chest protector. All the while he was cursing and rmutihling to liimslf. He kicked liis trunk a couple of time.s and then flopped hhniiclf down on top of it. None of the Reels talked to each other, leaving all explaining to Ihei manager. Yanks Happy Over in the Yanks' dressing mom tin world's champions wore hilarious hap py. Joe McCarthy moved into hi private dressing room to receive con gratulation.s from Postmaster Genera James A. Farley mid from Gov. Herbert Lehman. Behind them trooped in Jimmy Johnson, the fight mana-| ger. to extend hi.s handshake an con- j gratulations. McCarthy gave great praise to both Red Ruffing, hi.s victorious pitcher and Paul Derringer, the vanquished. "Both pitched a careful, beautiful game. It was a question who would get the runs and we managed to get them." he said. 1 McCarthy also praised Art Fletcher, the Yankee coach at third base in waving Gordon home in the fifth vhcn he scored on Bcrger's throw to econd after Babe Dahlgren bad claubl- ed. "It was smart baseball," BMcCartby lid. "It was the smart thing to do. Monty Pearson will be my pitching choice Thursday. •" Still Paying for Civil War Ransom Frederick, Md., Paying Off Ransom to the Confederates -Hope .Star photo Comes Through With Hit That Wins Opening Game of the World Series SEE The Outstanding Car of 1940 THE NEW FORD And Trade Your Old Car for $50 to $100 More Than It's Real Market Value. TRADE NOW! While We Can Give You This Extra Savings And Before Your Car Needs Winter Repairs HOPE AUTO CO. . YOURFORDDEALER FREDERICK. Md. —(/Pi— Barbara Fritchie's homo town will be paying off its §200,000 Civil War ransom until 1951. It was Barbara Fritcbiew ho waved a Union flag at Confederate troops and said: "Shoot if you must this old gray bead." But she bad been dead two years when Confederate Genera! i .Jubal A. Early presented the town | with a ransom bill. In 1864 Early's troops marched "up from the meadows rich with corn" and entered Frederick after a day of fighting. Early notified the city fathers be wanted 50(1 barrels of flour. li.OOO pounds of cofee. C,00() pounds of Bit! Dickey FOR BOYS "Our l.itlU' l-'avnrilc" Fast Color Dress Shirts BOYS PfllTS Tiif-Nut Klia'ki imil Semi- Dress Shirks. Si/os (i In IS o S1.95 Special Assortment 80 Square PRINTS Beautiful Prints 15c yd Men's and Boys' RED CAP WORK One Special Group WOOLENS .mil < Spun Rayons ml I'l,mi 69c Men's and Boys' HEAVY WEIGHT UNDERWEAR Sizes G (o -1C Good Sturdy Work SHOES DIAMOND BRAND Plain and Cap 'IVx: $1 Boys' and Girls' SCHOOL SHOES JACKETS Boys' Jackets In Conlniy, Melton I'lmils 98c S155 Young Men's Spun Rayons Crepes Chailles I'.ut \V..,,I, Satin limmtl \ Ml Si/r and Sport Jackets In coiuliinatioiis, leathers. Suedes and Knits S1.95,S3.95 Men's Leather JACKETS ISiitton and Kipper Styles 1'laiu anil Twn-loni 1 Combinations $595 to $ Complete Assortment BATES spreads l.dClllll'cl III In- llcil-liMlllll-ll lieaiitil'iil I'.,Kerns Ladies - Misses ALL WOOL SWEATERS TALBOT'S We Outfit the Famih

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