Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 14, 1951 · Page 23
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 23

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1951
Page 23
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ALU Rie »HT, DUCHESS.' TMW'Ll) BE TWELVE HUMORED PlVE^CRE5..•^^»o N MOW, JUST A NMNUTE, SCAI^LIM--HERE^S EIGHT HUMORED W^D I'LL GET THE REST OOT OF fAV OTHER PURSE/ 'S Ml HERE^aCANUf^.' \^M^T TO CDOWT \T? ilances Through the FUM of Tbe KCKlster and The News 55 YEARS AGO TODA¥ Charles Myers, about 17 years old, committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a revolver at the farm of his father, William Myers, two miles northeast of Dix. Mrs. George B, Leonard and daughter, Miss Leota, went to St. Louis this morning for , a brief visit. 40 YEARS AGO TODAY The marriage of Fred J. Klein and Miss Bessie Marguerite Baker occurred at the beautiful country home of the brides parents last evening. The suffrage party under the direction of the Illinois Equal Suffrage Association will hold a street meeting on the public square tonight. 35 YEARS AGO TODAY The Southern Illinois Electrical Association members assembled here today for,a two d^ys session Clarence Stelle is home from Evanston where he just finished a busy year in school in Northwest­ ern University. 30 YEARS AGO TODAY The Pythian convention for Southern Illinois will be held in Mt. Vernon next year, it was decided at a meeting in West Frankfort yesterday. Two Jefferson County students were given degrees at the University of Illinois this year. Eugenia Moss of Mt. Vernon and Neva Morris of Bluford received the A. B. and A. M. degree. 30 YEARS AGO TODAY Mrs. Ethel Starkey and brother, Wayne Starr of this city have returned from East St. Louis where they attended the wedding of their brother, Harry Starr , and Miss Mattie Eversull of East St. Louis which took place Saturday evening at five o'clock. 25 YEARS AGO TODAY James Payne of Woodlawn was this morning appointed county highway superintendent by the Board of Supervisors. A speeding auto which overturned three times, when the driver lost control on the hard road about a mile and a half west of the city shortly after noon today, caused the death of two people Mrs. May Brockelmeyer and Harry Long, both of this city. Fred Clark died this morning at RITB MILLETT By RUTH MILLETT NEA Staff Writtr School 'Costume Wardrobe* Would Ease Mother's Load For the mothers of school-age children right now is the "costume season." For as the school year draws to a close, Sis and Junior take to the' stage, for class plays, school plays, operettas, dance recitals, and so forth. One week Sis needs a couple of Dutch girl costomes. The next she needs a Chinese getup. Costumes demanded for boys aren't usually quite so elaborate — but they have to be made, nevertheless. It's a big drain on Mama's pocketbook and on her time and patience, making costumes for everything for PTA's across the country. Why not a costume wardrobe for your school ? It ought to be simple to collect in just a year or two. If every mother in the school were asked to turn over the costumes she has on hand and any she makes in the future, there ought to be a big enough assortment to take care of any school play or operetta. Easier on Mom A sewing class could have the project of upkeep, mending the costumes, pressing them, etc. That way the kids would get all the thrills of dressing up — and the mamas wouldn't be wasting money on costumes that are used once and put aside. To say nothing of the hours of work that go into the making of any hepd-to-toe cos- 15 YEARS AGO TODAY Mrs. Maxine Woodruff, president of the Mt. Vernon Business and Professional Women's Club, Miss Beatrice Elmhirst and Miss Bernadine Warren have returned from Godfrey, where they attended the state convention of the Illinois Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs at Monticello College, 10 YEARS AGO TOtDAY Billy Williams, 63 year old Hamilton county farmer was slugged by two men and robbed of $3 ,000 in cash at his heme 2Va miles east of Broughton yesterday afternoon. The Rev. and Mrs. Marsh H»iv pole announce the approachinC' marriage of their daughter, Zelma Deen, to Wendell Warren, of Ben-, ton. George Grissom, cle^k at the Mt., Vernon post office, has been promoted to the position of superintendent of the mails, it was an-, nounced today by Postmaster Ray- .•nond Grigg. 5 YEARS AGO TODAY The Illinois Baptist State Convention will hold its annual meeting in Mt. Vernon October 14, IS and 16, it was announced today by the Rev. W. W. Harvey. Capt. James D. Lane, 25-year>ol<l'' Scott Field Army pilot wa« Critically injured last night when hl« plane sheared off a tree top and crashed in a field six miles northwest of Mt. Vernon, The Illinois Legislature today ^ approved the soldier bonus bill. Gov. Green said that payments to veterans will average $400. SIDE GLANCES Mr GALBRAITH tume. It's amazing how mothers go on year after year, grumbling about the burden of costume making for small fry, when if they got together and created a school costume wardrobe, the news that Sis is going to be a fairy princess in the Spring Festival wouldn't come as such a blow. And the children whose mothers haven't the money to spend on elaborate costumes wouldn't be bypassed when parts are handed out in favor of tWe little darlings whose mothers can Be counted on to spare no trouble or expense to costume their children. •THE GCeA.TeST CHPvNSCe TO WlNi PlMANlCl^L IMDEPesSOEMCeJ eiKiCE tHE D/^V \MHENJ A Few DARlMG lt^\]E6T0RG BACkEO I'D LI KB To GBB ENJeR .V OVJL CL1PPIM6 COUPOfJS ONi A FENM SHARES OF ^HERATONi'^ PAPER HOTTEI^ tMANi THE ELBOW OF A eroMB- Pipe, eoT ALL I'VE 60T (6 COAT gOTTONiS AN3D LiNyr COULD I HOLD STOCK? X CANi^T HAM6 bt^ro LTHE 6WA& • ALL THE WAV HOME PAYDAY/ ••I couldn't think ©f a thing to ••y! And •fitr dav»« with him for two jftara—*n mf M> m iiviir KILLER'S PACE tVWUUSLOHG THE ITORTl 1 iMm Harahall) ••i trrias t* MtaMlBh the Inno- cea«* mt ROM BMaalt on m rnvtrttr tkutg*. R*a« was wardered after kev ae «alttal. bat my btfas waa ae- eaaca •( taaiyeriBK With the evi- deaee. la laTeativatlas the case 1 waa faveea to ahaat a aian la ael(- aefcaae aad aow I Mce arreat hr PMIee laapeef r M*r<««. • • • XXII INSPECTOR M E RIC A • S eyes •* flashed as he said: "Marshall, if you've got anything on the Fran- nic Martin case, you'd better give it to me!" "Here, here," said Star. "This isn't behind the Iron Curtain." „ "He cant withhold criminal evidence.*" Merica snapped. "Who said anything about evidence?" I asked Merica. "I may have a lead. That only means special icnowledge, If I had a chance to use it I might run down some evidence." From Merica's expression, I knew I had been right. He figured Al Nanabarro for the job and he wanted to nail Nanabarro. "How much time do you figure you'll need?" "Oh, say two weeks." "I'll say 24 hours, and if you don't turn up hot stufl by then, I'll throw you so far back into the pokey youll have to mail a letter to the turnkey." I said: "That doesnt give me much time, but it's a deal." From the wall came the sputter of an almost forgotten man: "Do— do you mean you're going to turn him loose?" Merica turned. "Do you want police protection, Mr. Prater?" Mr. Prater decided that he didn't and looked sorrr he had spoken at all. Later in Star's office, I related everything that had happened since I had last seen him. At last he said: "You were a fool to buy 24 hours of freedom for a promise you can't fulfill. All Fou'vtt mat OB th« Frannie Martin thing is a hunch. Merica has one too, but he cant do anything about it." "Maybe 1 can. What do you think of Sonya Sareeta now? Or maybe you dont think she tried to kill me!" Star shrugged. "She missed you, didn 't she?" It was too much. I got up to leave. A slinky dame could come along, double -cross him and try to kill me and then rate solid in his book. I was getting off. "Come back here!" caUed Stor. I went back. "Did I ever let you down?" "Not until now." "Don't be a fool." • • • 'pHIS time Star didnt try to stop me. I went out, retrieved my car and drove home. I felt the wear and tear, and I didnt feel like batting my brains out all night for a guy who wanted to be a sucker. I wished 1 could get my fingers around Sonya Sareeta's neck. If I did. I'd keep them there. Home to me was a two-room apartment in a four -story apartment house in a so-so part of the east side. There's a garage in back. I unlocked my door, on the weat side of the corridor, I stepped in and smelled the perfume. My hand, already started for the light switch, reversed its direction and went into my shoulder-holster. By the time I had the .380 out a bridge lamp went on. The lamp was beside my favorite chair. In the chair was Madam Sonya Sareeta. the lady magician who sometimes used real bullets! • • • CHE was wearing the same cve- ^ ning gown she bad worn into the La JoUa Club, and her jacket was hung carelessly over the chair arm. She smiled wearily. "I thought you'd never ooaoe borne. I've waited ages." There was. a handbag oa the chair beside her. I went ovm ta it, keeping the .380 aimed at IMT nose. I dumped the ccmtenta o( tha handbag. There was tha Uttla a«- tomatic she had carriad, when I had first seen bar. I <lrappad H into my pocket "AH right, wbafs the piteh? I thought you had anotiiar shofw ta do at the club." "I sent Larry Stona my memm. 1 didn't bother to excuse ayfleilt to Nanabarro. Aftar aajr abol missed you he was furious.' I toM him you bad ducked too quiddJT but he didn't believe it Be knav I had double-crossed bin. So I. left via the kitchen entrsBca.* "You admit trying to kiD mtl^ "I admit nothing of the sort MSf shot missed you because I maaot it to." She smiled calmly and smugly. "U I had really wantad to kill you. I shouldn't iHwa missed." "That's a good one.'* Sonya shrugged. *^ was ki a. trick-shooting act before I worked up the magic act. I used to ahoel: cigarets out ot ngr mouth." "But you didnt kiU me, so you're here to coo me. Nanabar* ro never gives up. Louise tailed;: now he's sent you." She sighed. "YouTI be wmf foolish if you dont believe me." "Right. You're pretty good. To» took Star; you're the first woamm who ever managed that" She laughed softly. "Yoa flea-, ter me!" "That yam ci Star's abeirt >BBt happening in to La Jtdia ClUk and getting his brainstona wat ing you is strictly for the ~ trade- She seemed amused. "All ti^t. I phoned Star and told him I hadj a gag that would (Ne tha woman. Guess why I dM tt** "I've already told you. barro." She laughed almeat as If aba pitied me for being so dumb. "There's no point in tdUng ymt. You wouldnt beUeve it' "That's one tnithful Star WUtiams has a Umes the brains 1 bava, but one baby that oavar bad a« fooled. Just hold ctiU a era Be

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