Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1939
Page 3
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1939 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS A( one lime, custom of the court or China, 100 different foods he served at each meal. Each food rested n n ffo id 01 . K jiv(.., ,i is |, made in the likncss of the too,] it i, c i,i. PAGE THREE No tfnro nt all elapses on our earth between February I nml February 3. Since n day on earth InsUi more than 48 hours, February 1 is just ondijiB ill 0110 point of the glolx 1 us February 3 is coinmencinn at another. TONITR 9:30 (Thursday) FOOTBALL HOPE vs. EL DORADO Football Game ON SCREEN THURS - FRIDAY i* H A" 1 rO° I ^ "I.-' % •'. i*~ ftf-i*" / *,. FRIDAY - SATURDAY Double Feature . Buck Jones - "CALIFORNIA FRONTIER" and TOM TYLER "Single Handed Sanders" JANE BRYAN-GEORGE BANCROFT SOCIETY tors. Sid Henry Telephone 321 I lay Milkers They lii;nf (he clouds of .Summer now And li,-iul them to the frngiirunt mow. t'i)-wiirl;cix with the Sun Hint .strides, iMii^ifirfuDy, our coimlr.v.SHk'.s. Kucli I'.ind thfit billows, soft mul high, Alonu (dr.- (;mc, imiiin.st (lie sky, And Hun the burn's great shadowy (IlKII , Joins |i;it;'.',-iiil:, tli;it Ji.ivc (Missed fot'/ore. In dri-.im:, we :.e(' the wafton.s p;iHS 'I u ilnvcr from wild meadow yniss; l''miii .scvllic In mower, will) the sway ')[ :,|tou|i|ci>. billow floods of bay! And l>en> i.s (oil and imijc.sly.' Anil hei i.s ho|iL > --tluit I'iillllOt llic With l«iad.s uf hay so ner the sky! And heir is faitli that ciiimot end Will) K" c «l i.'ailh roLin.selor and friend! Blc.'l ;nc iluwe men as those will be In clover or in timothy In .VH'IS In come . . . co-workers .still With Kin th. Sun, and the unfailinR Will! —Selected Mayor ami Mrs. Wilhini S. Atkins iiiui'iuiH i' the iiiiuriiinc of their dauuli- lei. Alma Lei/ (o Jack Anthony Atkins, Mm of Mrs. Su.san Atkins of Ifeavoner, Oldn. The marriage was Mili-nnn/ed at six o'clock. Wednesday evening, at the Kirst Methodist church with (he /(cix'rand Kc-mtefli L. Spore iiffii'iaiio;;. The Mr. and Mis. attcndaiiLs were line Luck, The bride tume. with burnt suuar ac.ccssorit.-s. I HIT <-ur-;ii:e was of Tali.sman roses. Mrs. Alluns i., a«i-ailnatc of Ihe Hope. HiKli siln.nl. of Stevens College, Columbia. MIL and attended the Uni- ver.sily of Arkansas. Mr. Atkins is i graduate of the Menu high .school, and is Chief Engineer for the Hope Fire Department. After a short wcd- ling trip, the coupl will live at 308, We.st 2nd street. visit with her sister, Mrs. Katie visit with her sister, Mrs. Ktaic La.ske in Fort Worth, Texas. Opening activlies for the Club yc.ir, the Hiiy view Heading Club held its October meeting Wednesday afternoon at (lirec o'clock at (lie home f Mrs. Arch Moore on Avenue C. wilh n splendid attendance and the new president, Mrs. J. A. Henry conducting a short business meeting, at which time, Mrs. T. R. Billtngsly was unanimously elected Secretary in the place of Mr.s. V. A. Mammons, resigned. The Moore home was beautifully adorned with cut flowers anil ferns of unusual beauty and ararngc- ment, Ihe progra^n subjects for the year's .study arc left to the choice of the leader, and Mrs. Hufih Jonc. v named as the initial leader announced that her afternoon's entertainment would be a review of the much (alked of and popular book, "Rebecca" by Daphne DuMaurier. Preceding the Review, Mrs. W. W. Jonhon paid tribtie (o the late Mrs. W. F. Saner, organizer of the Hope Bay View Reading Club. Mr.s. Johnson's eulogy was beautiful and beautiful!)* delivered, Mrs. Steve Carrigan jr. assisted the leader by giving n short biography of the author, telling of her earlier contributions followed by Mrs. Jones who gave a most clear and compre- hensive review of the story "nobeecn" During the busincsn session, the name of Mrs. Edgar Briant Was added to the wailing lisl. and ibe minutes of the previous meeting nnd the closing social meeting were read by Mrs. R, M. Brinnt. Mrs. George North- colt was an appreciated guest and assisted the ho.stc.ss in .serving a tempting sandwich course with punch and cookies. The next meeting will be held on October 18th at the home of Mrs. W. G. Allison, with Mrs. Cus Haynes us leader. The Rose Club will 'm'eet at three o'clock Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Aline Johnson on East Third street. s FORD CARS FOR 1940 22 important improvements, added to fundamental Ford features, represent the most advanced engineering in the low-price field w HAT do llic I ; onl cars for 1 ( J1U offer Hi match their brilliant new beauty? New comfort, convenience, quiet, saiety — ami the roomiest, richest interiors ever til-signed for a Ford car. They have ninny interesting new features. Finger-Tip Gearshift on the steering post. An improved transmission, unusually easy to .shift. New Controlled Ventilation. Improved shock absorbers. Softer springs, improved spring suspension and a new ridr.-stabilizer.* A combination of nt-w features makes the new cars quieter in operation. They have big, powerful hydraulic brakes. They have new Sealed-Beam Headlamps thai- arc safer, stronger and stay bright longer. The)- have the famous ford V-8 engine (35 hp in the De Luxe Ford. Choice of <3 c i or 60 hp in ihe Ford)—vhich blends 8-cylinder smoothness with crojioiuy. You've never seen cars with so much performance, style and comfort at such a low price. Get acquainted. You'll enjoy tin; experience! 22 IMPORTANT FORD IMPROVEMENTS FOR COMFORT — More room inside. New Controlled Ventilation. Now torsion bar ride-stabilizer.* Improved spring suspension.^ Srlf-scaling shock .'disorders. Two-way adjustable driver's seMt. New-type resilient front scat backs. New "Floating-Edge" Seat Cushions. FOR CONVENIENCE - New Fingcr-Tip Gearshift. Engine more accessible. Two-spoke steering wheel. FOR SILENCE— Improved soundproofing. "Ussy-shift" transmission. Curved disc wheels. Improved drums for big Ford hydraulic brakes. FOR SAFETY - Si-aled-Heam Headlamps. Dual windshield wipers .it base of windshield. Larger battery and generator, battery Condition Indicator on all models, FOR STYLE — New exterior beauty. New interior luxury. New instrument panel. ,:. g y., (;) mo</f/J ( ,,,, y MORE THAN EVER "THE QUALITY CAR IN THE LOW-PRICE FIELD" ON DISPLAY TOMORROW AT ALL FORD DEALERS "YOUR FORD DEALER^ AUTO CO. The Cemctary Association will meet nl three o'clock Friday afternoon at Ihe First Methodist church. friends of Miss Abbie Hulchins will regret to know that she is reported as being seriously ill at her home on East Division street. Ih his "Jew's-harp", and Bexalecl, with his "thiscl." The preacher concluded with the plea; "Lei. us, like Sharngfir, say: Lord, it Is only an ox- goad, but the use of it is yours. What will you have rno do'.'" Since the beginning of the evangelistic .'.erviees 21 new memljers nave been added to the church. The meeting will continue daily, except Saturday, this week anil iifxl. For Thursday night's sermon the chosen subject i.s 'The Love of Cud." All are cordially welcome. PJERY, N. Y.—(/P}—William H. Mc- C'lellan, retired public schools superintendent, has collected 2.000 specimens of stones. His favorite, he says, are tho.se that show pictures. His prize: a piece of veimont marble that shows a swimming dog. ^MELBOURNE. Australia—</l'i~L. G. Lawson says hi.s hobby.i.s a boon to farmers. He says he can determine the sex of day'.'old chicks at the rate of ),000 an hour "when I'm feeling fit." Although Mexicans maore die first! lie band-powered mill of Germantowit. kind of paper in America. Ihe first I PH.. in 1690. There were 1232 paper manufactured in the colonies was pro-1 mills in operation in the United States duccd by William Kitlenhouse. w a lit- by 1900. MEDINA, N. Y.~M>~7V,:,s Arnett, Jr., Cornell univ<>r.':ity :.Hi[J'mt. col* mori; ihan 1,000 lecls Inii different :. He ones, N Hur |«| I.aM Time TMUKSUAY tot. HI DOCBU; H;.\TURE William Powell, (,'mgrr Rogers —in— "STAR OF MIDNIGHT'' —in— "GUN LAW Friday & Saturday i:ov"itoi;r.its — in— "FKO.Vn/iK POM' KXPKKSS" No. •> KOfiltY IimiK.V— in — •TISIIICK MANS WIIAKF" Jv'». 5 'f>aml/;viK of !)«• Hod Circle" Methodist Revival Attracts Big Crowd "The Love of God" Ls Topic of Sermon for Thursday Night Larger crowds each day are hearing Rev. Kenneth L. Spore at the | revival meeting now in progress at the First Methodist church. Wed-! nesday night the Board of Stewards of the church occupied a reserved ' section of pews. I During the devotional period. Mr.s. i Spore .sang a beautiful solo preced-! ing Rev. Spore's* sermon which held , the rapt attention of the large con-' gration. It was the story of the conversion ' of "The Gadurc'iic Demoniac". His I vivid description of this man "whom sin had outlawed, unshained, isolated, made injurious to himself and to others," showed "not what sin can do, but what sin will do." It was a picture that those present will not soon ,forget. "We are not sufficiently sensible," Said Hev. Spore, "of the effect of .sin in our lives, or there would be more hungering and thirsting after righteousness." He called this "the story of the greatest miracle that can be performed, the miracle of salvation, when the power of Christ comes into an individual life and gives deliverance) from the bondage of sin." I Excellent attendance is noted, too. I a! the morning meetings. Wednesday j morning Rev. Spore drove home to his ' hearers that "The Lord needs every man, woman and child to use the talents with which the Lord has endowed them." To prove that the Lord will "find use for that talent far, far beyond the scope of our imagination" he gave the .striking illustration of Shamgar, "who did a lot with a little when the Lord called him from his plowing to use his simple "ox-goad" in the Lord's service with the resulting deliverance of his people. Other examples of outstanding achievements with consecrated talents were Moses, performing miracles and serving the Lord with his "crook"; David, CHURCH NEWS Tent Revival | Capacity crowds arc attending the I tent revival being conducted by Evan- ' gelist L. J. Cooper and Ray Walker j at the corner of South Elm and West | Fifth streets. The audience was thrill- 1 cd Wednesday night when the Evangc- | list gave an illustrated message on I the screen entitled "Stop, Look and' Listen." ' Cooper said, "Man has been created | in the image of God, but because of sin has been debased into the likeness of the devil, no man can change' j his own nature ,hc must be born of I God who alone can change his heart | and make him a new creation in Christ Jesus." An outstanding service i.s in pros, peel for Thursday at which time the j crucifixion of Christ will be dramatized. Hinlon Methodist Church Hev. C. V. Mashlmrn, I'aslor •Sunday .school meets at the usual hour ill 10 a. in. wilh Mr.s. Vera Reaves Superintendent. Come and join one of our classes. Our lesson for Sunday is "The World in Which Jesus Came," Matt. 2:13-28. The pastor will preach at 11 a. in. U.sinn as his subject. "Milking Lay Leader, Prof. G. A. Brown Supl.! Gurdon Schools, will speak 7.50 p. in. I Prof. Brown is an excellent .speaker! and brings a wonderful message.! Come and hear him. ' j New Undcr-arm o Cream Deodorant safely Stops 'Perspiration 1. Does not rot dresses — does not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can be used right alter shaving. 3. Instantly stops perspiration for 1 to J days. Removes odor from perspiration. 4> A pure while, grcasclcss, stain' less vanishing cream. S, Arrid has been iwarctcd ilie Approval Seal ol the American Instil me of Laundering, for being harmless to fabrics. 15 MILLION jars of Anid tavc been sold. Try a jar (oday! •ARRID . At *ll tlnrrft •ellt&c to i If I goo ~ "—'""•"'"^•^^^^•••••^•••••••••nMBMWMHHHHMHMaiMIHHMHMil QUALITY-SAV at REPHA Newest Fall Dresses Brand new draises . . . spraklint; with color—at a price thai makes it well worth you while to buy NG 4 ,V! Newest style jacket dresses and one-piece models . . . /eaturinf; all the latest style trends. Juniors', misses' and women's sizes. $3.93 Every new dayti'ine style is included —one and two-piece models . . . new tunics and necklace dresses. Tailored and dressy types. New Fall colors and Black. Juniors', misses' and women's sizes. Greater Value in Now you can have a beautiful coat at a remarkable saving. Tailored and dressy types in black and colors . . . and jui.il the style you want. Juniors', misses' and women's sizes. CHILDRENS $4.98 rasfffBty^lMWy/j^iypfl' Exceptional Values in Everything that is now and smart in tailored and dress coats will be found in (his piirticular group. Tweeds and solid colors; Furred and 3 piece suits. Never have we seen smarter coals at this pi-ice. Juniors', misses' and women's sizes. Childrens Silk Sizes . 6 to 14 [> HOPE Bleaching -7 (i le yd . •BBBBHHMBBKHi Best Grade 8 oz. .yd. 36 Inch Men's Dress New Patterns in Stripes and Solids. Well tailored \\illi new long Wearing Cottar. SstSSSS Boys' Dress Ladies New Fall hoes Scores of .smart styles in all the uuw colors. All si/es. CHILDRENS Shoes - Oxfords Built for style d^l and hard wear vw Ideal for Sport, School or Dress Wear pair yd. Men's Cotton pair Bassos Ladies-Childrens Long Ribbed pair •m LARGE SIZE 81x105 Seamless Bedspreads Double Cotton Blankets Single . 49c. . New Fall Woolens Beautiful Shades and Patterns 69c Value and !Cyd. Ladies Full Fashioned pair Boys' Woo} Will lake; haul wear Well made in lilue and green Boys' Fall' F G ] f p II *W ^ ^ e11 nfei 3 Newest tutors and shapes Men's Heavy Iliifllf M Ea 5 te sat! &i ISs pair Children's Men's Ne Felt II I! f &'$ it'i a -.liador and >lmi Men'.s Fall ,\cu St> ic-. ii t'.f i PAY CASH —AND PAY LES THE FRIENDLY STORE

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