Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 18, 1952 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1952
Page 7
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PADS EIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY,'MARCH i8, 1952 Proceedings of the City Council of the City of Alton, -Illinois, Official Report. OP titr, CITY OF THK MTV OP ALTON, II.UNOIS. OffldBl Import, COUNCflL CHAMBER, ALTON, ILLINOIS. MARCH mh, 1!).%. A regular mooting; of the City .Council ol the City of Alton, Illinois, wa« held on the above riato, »ri Uie Council Chamber of said elly. at thfl hour of 7:30 o'clock P. M., Mayor Karl Llnkogle pre- lldtng. On call of the roll the following aldermen were present: Charles Dooley, Warren, Parker, Morrison, James Dooley. 'Waldo, Mnlloy, Gross, Pcrlcn, Whet/el, Wnlskcr, Brown and Tlmrnorrnloro--l3. Absent; WcUileln—1. On motion of Mr. Perlca, seconded by Mr. Gross, tho minutes of tho last regular meeting wore approved ns recorded by thn City Clerk, by the following vole: Ayes: Charles Dooloy, Warren, Parker, Morrison, .lamns Dooley, Walde, Molloy, Gross, Perlca. Whctzel, Walxkor, Mrc/wn and Tlmmermlere—13. Nays: None. PKTITIONS City Clerk read a petition froi forty taxpayers and ro.Hldonl* i Alton, complaining about Shield sewer becoming clogged and caus Ing damages to their property. On motion of Charles Dooley seconded by Mr. Perlca, stild poll tlcm was referred lo thn Sewe ' Committee, City Knglnoer and Al dcrmen of the Fifth Ward. KKPORTS OK OITKICKIIH City Clerk read the monthly rn porls of tho Police Magistrate Comptroller and City Treasurer which reports on motion of Mr Whetzcl, seconded by Mr. Warren were approved and ordered place on file, by a unanimous vcrto 01 call of the roll. In substance the report of th City Treasurer Is as follows: Cash on hand $ 100,0 General Bank Book ... «t!5.2!i8.3 Motor Fuel Tax 23,400.3 Parking Meters 1^200." canvass the votes of Iho Judicial Klccllon held In said city on March •Jib, A. D. 1052, horoby report I hat we havn completed our canvass und find Hint the following nnrnod persons received the follt/wltiK ntimhor of voles: FOR .mix;!-; OF THK CITY COURT OF ALTON (To Fill Vacancy) I. If. STRKKPfcK HI...'171.1 Voles ROSS AHMMRt;STF,fl..lfi!)2 Voles PAUL H. RKIH WO Vol"N PAUL D. DAVKY 1.1.11 Voles f. H. STRKKPKR IH PLURALITY 21 Vot"« Again we report. Hint the total number (if votes cast Ih on eh precinct In said City n I sold election was as killc/wn: l''ir*f Wni-d j First I'roHnrl 212 i Second Precinct i:>;i| Third Precinct l'.)0| Fourth Precinct I!)I TOTAL 7-1(1 Second Wiirtl First Precinct 124 Second Precinct '2~>l\ ! Third Precinct 207 TOTAL $ 82,963.2 Receipts for month .... 45,585.0 TOTAL ..... ........ $1 28,540.2 Disbursements ......... 41,035.3 CASH BALANCE ....$ 87,513.8 Respectfully submitted ANDREW J. OSBORNK, City Treasurer, Alton, Illinois. COMMUNICATIONS City Clerk read a claim of Doro Ihy Weeks, 1859 Mulberry Slroe for Injuries claimed to have beer sustained- by her on March 51 h, du to a defective, sidewalk located or State Street almost In front o the D. of U. V. Hall. On motion of Mr. Whotzel sec onded by Mr Charles Dooley, -sale claim was referred to the Claims Committee and Corporation Counsellor. City Clerk road n letter from James B.'Woavor, chairman of Iho March of Dimes and the entire polio committee of (he Alton Junior Chamber nf Commerce, thanking the city for the cooperation given during the campaign. On motion of Mr. Walskor, seconded by Mr. Molloy, said letter was received and placed on file. City Clerk read a letter from H, E. Wngcnleldt, C18 E. 20 th street, complaining about the City bus service that the bus company was giving the city during the early morning hours. On motion of Mr. Whet/e'l, seconded by James Dooley, said matter was referred lo the Mayor. City Clerk read a letter from Lucema March, relative to I he City adding fluorine to city's water supply On motion of Mr. Timmermiero, seconded by Mr. Gross, said letter was received and placed on file. City Clerk read a letler from Alton Tax Payers League slating that In the near future the City may he exposed lo much pressure lo establish a tax supported library; the Tax Payers League Is calling this to the City's attention nurw, hoping they will deny this useless increase of the tax burden. On motion of Mr. Warren, seconded by .lames Dooley, said let- ler ww received nnd placed on file. Citjr Clerk read the following report: Allon, Illinois, February 20, 1052. To the Honorable Mayor and Members of the Gity Council. Alton, Illinois. Gentlemen: The Board of Zoning Appeals held a meeting on February 5, 1952, to consider the petition of Mrs. Hartnmn fur reclassification of properly at 1323 Central avenue from residence to business classification. After duo consideration, Board wishes to recommend tills petition be denied. Respectfully submit led, F. H. KINC, President of the Mnunl of '/.o Appeals, Alton, Illinois. Attest: S. K. SANNKR, Secretary. On motion of Mr. \VhoUel, seconded by Mr. Molloy, the report of the Hoard of Appeals was approved by a unanimous vote on call ot the roll. AITOINTMKNTS The Mayor nl this time appointed Manuel M. Wiseman, Ben C. Vine, Mrs. Agnes V. Stewart, Dr. George L Samuels and Mrs. Kli/u Williams, Commission on Human Relations. On motion of Mr. Morrison, seconded by Mr. Gross, said appointments were confirmed by a unanimous vole on call of the roll The Mayor at Ihis lime appointed Aldermen Timmermii're. \Vlu-t- zel and Morrison as u canvassing committee to canvass I tie votes of the election held March -1th, 1!)."C'. On motion of Mr. Warren, seconded by Mr. Whet/el, said appointments were confirmed by a unanimous vole on call of the mil. The Mayor llu-n declared a recess Until suid commiltoe retired to the City Clerk's office and canvassed the votes and will again report back to Ihe City Council at this meeting. After approximately fifteen minutes the committee returned to the Council Chamber and the Mayor called the meeting to order and Alderman Timmerniiere read I he following report: OFFICIAL BKI'OBT Ol ( AN- V.iSSIN'G COMMITT*:*: <>» THE CITY COUNTJl. Ol THt CiTV OF AJ.TON, ILLINOIS. TO THK HONORABLK MAYOR AND MEMBERS OF THK CITY COUNCIL OF THE CiTY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS. GENTLEMEN: We, the undersigned Canvassing Committee, appointed by the Mayor ot the City ot Alton, Illinois, and confirmed by the City Council of said City as a committee to the that TOTAL fi-17 Third Wnrd First Precinct 1% Second Preclnci Ififi Third Precinct 218 zone, duly designated by lln«» marked upon tho surface of the »li net.i within the folk/wing area* to-wll: Both sides of F.aston StrPet from (hi? North *ld* of Brand- wny northerly lo tho, wnll which Is located botwoon said Broadway and Third Street. Section 4 The «/>W parking rwtcr devices installed hereunder and nil other pnrklnx meters In the City of Al- \ ton shnll he operated and In of- | foci between the he/urn of !( a. m, nnd b p, m. on every dny, o;<cept- Ing Friday, Saturday, anil Sunday; they Khali bo operated nnd In effect between tho hours of 9 a. m. and 0 p, m. on Fridays and Saturdays; snmo will not bo operated on Sundays; all parking motors shnll bo of Iho "Two Hour Parking Motor" typo, and tho owner or operator of any motor 'vehicle parked adjacent in o motor'upon which a "violation" In registered shall bo Ridlly of violating tho law with regard lo parking. Hiwtlon .1 All ordinances-or parts of ordinances, conflicting herewith shall he and the same urs herohy re- pooled PASSKD by tho City Council of the City of Allon, Illinois, this 12th day of March, A. I) 1052. APPROVED by Ihe Mayor r/f TOTAf 580 Fourth Wnril First. Prod net 174 Second Precinct ..,.,. 14.1 Third Precinct 101 Fourth Precinct IHO TOTAL 058 Flflh Wnrd First Precinct 1,14 Second Precinct 141 Third Precinct VM Fourth Preclnci i 82 TOTAL 507 Si.xth VVttrd First Precinct, 244 Second Product 20!) Third Precinct 187 Fourth Precinct 27(i TOTAI !)!(> Sovmith Wnril First Preclnci 200 Second Precinct 2I8 Third Precinct 21.1 Fourth Preclnci 180 Fifth Precinct 292 TOTAf IIC.1 Again vvo report, Hint Ihe total number of voles cast, at said election was 5217. Wo hereby recommend that the candidate receiving the highest number of votes according lo this report be hereby declared elected and that the City Clerk Issue the proper certificates of election in accordance with the Laws of the Slate of Illinois and the City ot Allon In the successful candidate as named in this report. Rospectfully submitted, M. A. TIMMKRMIKRE, KRNEST WHICTZKL. JAMES W. MORRISON. Canvassing Commlttqc, City Council of the City of Alton, Illinois. On motion of Mr. Tlmrnormlere, iccondcd by Mr. Whcl/el, the re)ort of the canvassing committee vas adopted by the following vote: Ayes: Charles Dooley, Warren, 'arkor, Morrison, James Dooley, iVnlde, Mtilloy, Gross, Perlca, tVhetzel, Watsker, Brown nnd Timmermiero—13. Nays: None. Mr, Timmermiero made motion, econdod by Mr. Gross that, Mii . II. Strceper he granted the floor, nd on cull or the roll, said mo- Ion was carried by a unanimous ole. Mr. I. IT. Strceper III, newly lected Judge of the City Court f Alton lo fill vacancy then ad- ressed Ihe City Council and •(linked them for- the privilege of dclressing the City Council and ated that he wanted to assure Ihe ity CcAirtcil and the citi/.ens of Ulon that he will faithfully dis- hurge Ihe duties of the office, and lal everyone will receive Ihe liresl treatment that it Is po.ssi- le to receive. Kcpnrts of StiindiriK Committees Alderman Charles Dooley pre- Miled audited bills chargeablo lo 10 following accounts: Fire De- arlment, ,$3021.00; Salary, $2200- W; Police, JS3840.30; Repairing 'uvod Streets, $1438.10; Public itilldlngs, L'2.'i..10; City Court, 75.00; Plumbing Examining Baiml 'und, $7.00; Special Claims and osts, $GO.OO; Civil Service, $37.50; Inglnerrs Salary, $187.75; Garbage 'und, $!297.<!0; Municipal Band und, $14.55; Motor Fuel Tax 'und, $10.50; Parking Meter Fund, 1571.%; Inspection Fund $87.50; uilding Department Fund, $220'(); Traffic Commission, S.l.ot); peralion of Refuse Disposal, 137.50. Alderman Charles Dooley moved Vnt all audited bills as presented t.' paid; motion .seconded by Mr. Vhet/i'l, and on call of the roll, mo'lion was adopted by the following vote: Ayes: Charles Dooley. U'nrrt'ji. Parker, Morrison, James Doole>, \Vaido, Molloy, Gross. I'ericd, YVhet/.ol. Watsker, U r o w n and Timmormioiv 13. Nays: None. Alderman Molloy presented tho bond of Henry F.hblcr and made motion, sin-muled by Mr. Morrison that said bond be approved, and on call of the roll, said bond was approved by a unanimous vole. oi{i)i\.\.\ri:s Alderman Waide read for the second lime Ordinance No. 238;"i and made motion for Hie adoption i of saul ordinance, said motion sin-! onded by Mr. .lames Doolpy, and on call of (he roll, said ordinance was adopted by the following vole: Ayes: Charles Dooley, Warren, Parker, Morrison, James Dooley, Waide, Molloy, Gross, Perica, Whet/.el, Walsker and Brown I', 1 . Nays: Timmei inicrc I. Absent: Wetstein 1. Said Ordinance No. 23S.~> as adopted is as follows: OKWINAM'K \0. >S85 AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND ORDINANCE NO. 2064, KNTITLKD: "AN ORDINANCE TO PRO VI DK FOR THE RENT, LEASE, PURCHASE, ACQUISITION, INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE AND OPERATION OF PARKING METERS. IN THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS". BE IT ORDAINED BY THE MAYOR AND THK CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON' ILLINOIS: Section 1 There shall he installed timing devices commonly known us "Parking Meters" as more particularly described in Ordinance No. 2064 and all amendments thereto, in and upon the curb or al other advanlajjeous positions as Ihe City of Alton, Illinois, this 1,11 h day of March, A. D. 1052. EARL LTNKOGLE, Mayor, Attest; fSEAL) PAUL A. PRICK. City Clerk. Alderman Waldo rend for the second time Ordinance No. 2386 and made motion for the adoption of said ordinance, said motion (tntlcd by Mr, Tirrtmermfero, and on call of Iho roll, said ordinance was adopted by the following vote: Ayos: Charles Dooloy, Warren, Parker, Morrison, James Dooloy, Walde, Molloy, Gross, Pcrlcn, Whotxel, Watskor, Brown and rirnniorrniero—1,1. Nays: None. Absent: Wei stein— 1. Said Ordinance No. 2386 adopted Is as follows: Ordinance Nn. 2.1HO BE IT ORDAINED BY THE MAYOR AND BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS, THAT ORDINANCE NO. 1U63 REGULATING TRAFFIC AND VEHICLES IN THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS, BE AND HEREBY IS AMENDED BY ADDING THE FOLLOWING PROVISIONS: Section t That "two-way" traffic ho and hereby is reestablished and all- thori/cd ii()f)fi nnd nloiiK Edwards Street, between Washington Avenue nnd Jersey Street, in the City of Alton. Section 2 That no parking shall he permitted along the South sldfl of said Edwards Street between Washington Avenue and Jersey Street, and same shall bo pnrporly marked In accordance herewith. M««tlnn 8 This Ordinance shall become effective upon Us passage, approval and publication as reriuired by law. PASSED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS, on Ihis J2lh dny of March, A. D. 1952. APPROVED BY THE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLL- NO.IS,'on this Kiln dnv of March, A. D. 1052. EARL LINKOGLE, Mayor of the City of Alton, Illinois. Attest: (SEAL) PAUL A. PRICE, City Clerk of the City of Alton, Hi. The Mayor then called Alderman Charles Dooley lo the chair and the Mayor look the floor and discussed City Finances at length. He then returned lo the chair and Alderman Charles Dooley returned to his sent. Alderman Warren presented the following report: Report of Revenue Oomniitlt-o WHEREAS, at the Council rneel- ing on Febniary 27, l!)f>2, a certain resolution regarding collection of personal taxes in the City of Alton wn.s referred lo this committee of tho City Council; and WHEREAS, this committee Is in favor of Ihe passage of such resolution, and also of making it.'a permanent year to year procedure; IT IS. THEREFORE, RECOMMENDED by this committee that subject resolution be passed, amended in such a manner as to be of a permanent nature; and that such amendment shall rend as follows: "BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, this same procedure shall be followed yearly from this date on." Mr. Warren made motion for the adoption of said report, said mo- lion seconded by Mr. Brown, and on call of the roll, said report was adopted by o unanimous vote on call of the mil. Mr. Parker presented the following resolution: Be it resolved that the center of Washington Avenue be repaired from College Avenue to Snlu Street. Mr. Parker made motion for th^ adoption of said resolution, said motion .seconded by Mr. Timmcr- miere, and on call of Ihe roll, said resolution was adopted by a um.-- imous vole. Alderman Pinker presented tho following resolution: lie il r<*- sirtvcd that tin- resolution directiiu; the Public Building Committee to for bids on a typewriter desk be laid over until the now fiscal year. Mr. Parker made motion for the adoption of Aaid rcsgiution, said motion seconded by Mr. Wnnvn. and on call of the roll, said resolution was adopted by a unani- ! moils vole. i Alderman Parker presented the | following resolution'. Bo il resolved that the Retuse Disposal Committee investigate the unsightly condition that exists in front of the National Cemetery, ivtlu-ru ise bet lei known as the City Cemetery. On motion of Mr. Parker onded by Mr. James Dooloy resolution was rel erred to Refuse Disposal Committee Corporation Counsellor. Alderman Parker piesented following resolution: Be it solved that the sum of . l>e appropriated from .M. F. T. funds to coyer Ihe completion of Ihe present Belle Street paving project Section 4.1-C.S. On motion of Mr. Parker, seconded by Mr. Molloy, said resolution was laid over. Alderman Parker presented the following resolution: Be it resolved that the 1052 City Automobile license ol the City of Alton be increased from §3.75, the present fee, to $5.00. On motion of Mr. Parker, seconded by Mr. Charles Dooley, said resolution was referred to the Ordinance Committee und Corporation Counsellor. Alderman Parker presented Ihe following resolution: Be it resolved that the Repairing Streels Committee be authorized to ad- nnd on «fl City vehlelM and equipment during the 1052 fiscal year, Including tho furnishing nnd Installation at tho si root department garage of a 20W «nllon or 8500 gallon gas'<ifne t/mk, and gasoline pump, Mr, Parkor made motion for the adoption of xnid resolution, sold motlf/n seconded by Mr. Perlcn, and on cull of the roll, Wild resolution wns adopted by n unanimous vote on cnii of Iho roll. Alderman Morrison presented the following resolution: Bo It. resolved that Iho City Engineer make on Inspection of Seventh Street, between Alby Street and Honry Street nnd make repairs. On motion of Mr. Morrison, soe- ondod by Jnrnos Dooley, said resolution was referred \<i the Ciiy Engineer and Repairing Stroots Corn ml (too. Alderman Morrison presented tho following resolution: Bo It resolved that, the Northeast nnd Northwest nl Sixth nnd Lnn^don Streets bo rounded. On motion of Mr. Morrison, seconded by James Dooley, snld resolution wns referred to tho City Effglnoor nnd Repairing Streets Committee. Aldcrrnnn Jnrnos Dooley presented tho following recommendation: It Is Iho rerornmondnliim of Iho , . vertise for the furnishing of gaso- directly opposite each parking line, oil and greases tj be used iu Traffic Commission to pnss the necessary resolutions, ordinances, or amendments to present: ordinances, to establish Iho following: On« wny traffic Southbound on Alby Street, from Broadway lo Front. Street. One wuy i raffle Southbound on Alton Street from Third lo Front Street. Ono way traffic Southbound on George Street from Third Street to Front Street. Ono wny Irnfflc Northbound on Lnngdon Street from Front Street to Broadway. Alderman James Dooloy then presented the following resolution: Bo it resolved that a proper ordinance he prepared, amending the present Traffic Ordinance, so- us to establish tho following: 1. One way Irnfflc Southbound on Alby Street from Broadway to Front Street. 2. One way traffic Southbound cm Alton Slreet from Third Slroet to Front Street. 3. One wny traffic Soulhbound on George Street from Third Street to Front Street, One way traffic Northbound on Lnngdon Street from Front. Street, to Broadway. Mr-. Jnme.s Dooley made motion for the adoption of snid resolution, said motion seconded by Mr. Morrison, and on call of the roll, snid resolution was adopted by a unanimous vole. Alderman James Dooley presented Ihe following resolution: Be It, resolved thnt the Real Es- tnte, Revenue Committee nnd Mr. Kohle, Health nnd Finance Commissioner, and Mr. Durr, Corporation Counsellor have n meeting in regards to what disposition Is to be made about low rent houses that the City recently acquired and make some arrangements for tho collodion of rents thereof. Mr. James Dooley made molion for tho adoption o-f said resolution, said motion seconded by Mr. Gross, and on call of tho roll, snid resolution wns adopted by a unanimous vote. Alderman Waide presented the following: Council Meeting, February 13th, 1952. Be It. resolved thnt the Water Committee and Ihe Finance Committee of the City Council, and he Health Officer of the City of Alton, contact the Alton Water- Company with regard to providing fluorine fen- the water system of the City of Alton. Unanimously adapted. Finance and' Water Committee -ecommend Ihis project he laid )\'or for two to three years. Mr. Waide made motion that snid recommendation he accepted, said motion seconded by Mr-. Tim- nermiere, and on call of the roll, snid recommendation was accepted by a unanimous vote. Alderman Waide presented the following resolution: lie j| resolved that a left turn only Innt-s )0 marked off on Henry Street at Broadway. North side of Broadway, also at Ridge Street nl Broadway, north side of Broadway. On molion o-f Mr. Waido, seconded by Mr. Perica, snid matter was referred to the Traffic Commission. Alderman Molloy presented the following resolution: Be It. resolved that, the chair-man if tho Finance Commit lee cnll n Special Finance meeting and instruct the City Clerk to notify the ildermeri and City Department leads of said mooting to bo held March 10, in the Council Room at :30 P. M. for tho purpose of dis- •ussiriK additional income for wage increases for City employees. Furthermore, that an invitation be extended lo the Greater Alton Association o-f Commerce and the East End Improvement Association lo have their respective representatives al said ini-oting: also the North Side. Mast End, West Knd ,uid Upper Allon groups. Mr. Molloy made motion for Ihe adoption of said rosi/lulion. .said motion seconded by Mr. James Dooley. Mr. W hoi/el made motion thai I said resolution be laid over, but | said motion was lost for the want' I of a second. ' 1 On call of tho roll on the motion I I'oi Ihe adoption of said resolution, said resolution was adopted by the i following vole: ' i Ayes. Charles Doolo.v. Warron, Parker, Morrison, James Dooley] j Waide, Molloy. G r o s s , Porieii, : Wulsker, Brown and Timmerniiere i 12. i i Nays: Wliel/.el- -1. ; i Ahiorimin Molloy presented the ; : following resolution: j Be it resolved (hat the Mayor: ; write the Wood River Levee; j Ruiird and obtain n meeting to i discuss covering the Cent nil Ave- j | nue Dump as was agreed by the | the | Leveo Board. ! re-I Also, tlio I.eveo Committee of : Ihe City Council and ropresenla- : lives of Ihe East End Improve- ' meiU Association be present at said meeting. ; Mr Molloy made motion for the) adoption of said resolution, said motion .seconded by Mr. Parker and on call of the roll, said resolution was adopted by a unanimous vote. Alderman Perica presented the following resolution: Be it resolved that Club Licenses for clubs in the City of Alton be increased to the regular Dram- shop license fee and that the City Counsellor and Ordinance Committee present a suitable amending ordinance. Mr. Perica made motion for the adoption erf said resolution, said motion seconded by Mr. Parker. On motion of Mr. Parker, sec- M'C- snid the and nance Committee. Aldorman Who.tzel presented the following resolution: Be It resolved that letter of Dolores P. Hnrnby and James K. ffnmby, ranrl at Itat council meet- Ing asking to purchase from the City of Alton twenty feet of land know as Narrow Street, no denied on advice of City Counsellor. Mr, Whelzol made motion for the adoption of said resolution, snld motion seconded hy Mr. Gross, nnd on call of tho roll said resolution wns adopted by the following vote: Ayes: Charles Dooley, Parker, Morrison, James Dooley, Wnide, Molloy, Gross, Perlcn, Whet/.el, Wntsker, Brown and Tirnniormlere 12. Nnys: Wnrren~-1. Alderman Whof/el prosonlod a plal r/f Samson's Subdivision a subdivision of part of Blk. 30 Hunter's North Liberty Add. Alton, !!-' linois, itnd made motion thnt. said plat, be approved, said mttlon seconded by Mr. Wntsker, and on call of the roll, snld plat was approved hy a unanimous vote. Alderman Whetxel presented a plat t/f Grand View Annex Add. In S. E. U of the N. W. '4 of Sec, 17 T 5 N. R. 9 W of tho 3rd P, M. On motion of Mr. Whotzel, seconded by Mr. Parker, said pint was referred to Ihe Planning Commission. Alderman Brown preserved tho following resolution: Be It. resolved hy the Cily Council of Iho City r/f Alton thnt Mrs. Nellie Dwyer ho allowed the sum of $75.00 ns payment in full for her clnirn ns filed with Ihe City Clerk on December 15, 1951. Mr. Brown made molion for the ndoption of snld resolution, snid motion seconded by Mr. Wnrron nnd on cnll at the roll, snld resolution wns ndopted by a unnnlmous vpto. On motion of Mr. Tlmrnormlere, seconded by Mr. Perlca, the meeting adjourned on cnll of the roil by n unanimous vote. Signed , PAUL A. PRICE City Clerk, Alton, Illinois. (Senl of the City of Alton, Illinois.) Leap year days are omitted in Ihe even century years divisible by '100, such as the years 1600, 2000, 2400, etc. Three Directors Elected at Annual Calhoun Farm Meeting HARDIN, March IS.-Thrce dl- rectors wero elected at the annual meeting of tho Farm Bureau Saturday. Joe Ingle was named director for Rlchwoods precinct, replacing '.Villiam Simon, long-time member of the board who had asked to be retired. Merle Clendenny was re-elected as director from Belleview and Everett Byrd wns re-elected to serve Gilead precinct. Hnrdin had Thrifty Idea! r the largest Saturday crowd of the year as the farmers came from all parts of the county. Tho annual report was read and the organization was shown to bo in sound financial condition. The Cnlhoun Supply Co. and the Mutual Fire Insurance Co., subsidiaries of the Farm Bureau also made reports to the membership. The principal speaker was Cul- Ion B. Sweet of the 1AA, who talked on road improvement and instructed the crowd as to how I ho cifi/cns of Calhoun county I could build up a good road sys- ' tern in time, if they would work according to plan. He emphasized the importance of planning. Entertainment was furnished by three boys and three girls from Hannibal-La Grange College. Hanlin Noton HARDIN. — Mrs. Joe Kinman made a trip to Alton Monday. Pete Peiera of California, and Mrs. Opal Aiken of Jerseyville visited Sunday evening at the 'Paul Durr home. Work was resumed on the bandstand Monday. A jar containing a copy of both county papers, a long list of signatures, and a few individual notes by local citizens, was sealed into the southwest corner of the structure Monday afternoon. The signees jokingly said they were doing this for the benefit of posterity. Mrs. Cuba Tureman, Mrs. Frank Fuller, Mrs. Ben Eagleton, and Miss Mildred Mortland attended a meeting of the Chi chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma at White Hall Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Richards, Mrs. Gerald Richards, and Orland Stcrnes, all of Belleview, were Hardin business callers Monday morning. William Proskauer of Alton spent SNIPS AND SCRAPS nre what this puppy-dog pinny is marie of! And, Mothers, it's easy sewing, easy applique and embroidery too! Thrifty! 'Pinafore, sundress or a gay skirt! Pattern 755; embroidery transfer; cut liny guides in si/i-s L 1 , «1, 6 included. Send '.25 rents in coins for this puUrrit to Alton Ti-Ii'Krupli, (iti, Nc'otllfcrurt Di-pt., 1>. O. Box 161, Old C'hclscii Station, New York 11, N. Y. I'rint plainly PAT- TKKX Xl'MBEK, your NAME, 11 nd A DDK ICSS. Such colorful handiwork ideas! Send twenty cents in coins fot- our Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Catalog. Choose your patterns irom our gaily illustrated toys, dulls, household and personal accessories. A pattern for a hand- hag is printed right in the book. Monday In Hardin. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sweet- mao, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Sweet- man, wn.-> « .T..^..— - — man, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Antler- her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Mcriorfl MEDORA - Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ewln went to Ewlng, Mo., Sunday and spent the day with his sister, Mrs. Clyde Felter, who is 111. Miss Sharon Christopher, Ship- was a weekend visitor with man, son, and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hanks, were among the Hardin folks who attended the bazaar and supper at the Batchtflwn Methodist Church Saturday evening. Thursday afternoon, March 27, has been set as the date for a meeting of the deputy assessors, the county board, county treasurer, and a representative of the state tax division. The meeting is in preparation for the annual property tax assessment, which will begin April 1. Telegraph Want *Ads-"CLICK" Joseph Strunk Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Dougherty and Mrs. Corrine Harlan visited with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eurin, Alton, Sunday./ Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Kahl were In Taylorville Saturday and visited at the home of his brother, Gene Kahl. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bohannon and daughters, Wood River, were guests Saturday evening of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Klotz. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Moffitt, Loami, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Freab Wise. A/ ^f ~^^*f ^B ^^" ^ ^* ^ ^^^r ^ ^ "^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ CREELING EQUIPMENT CO. Watt h for it GODFREY, ILL. ROWE for GOVERNOR "A Candidate with a political heritage deep in the grass roots of Illinois and America - - -" , "His great-uncle was Richard Yates, strong- lipped Civil War governor of Illinois. Richard Yates was among the early backers of Abraham Lincoln, and a BITTER FOE of DISLOYALTY. "Yates' son, Richard Jr., the uncle of Rowe, also was governor of Illinois. (1901-1905). "He was a famous Republican stump-speaker and also a congressman." (From the Chicago Daily News, March 10, 1952.) Unlike his Uncle Dick Rowe is nof a political orator. He became interested in politics after becoming a successful insurance and real estate man in his home-town of Jacksonville, Illinois. But the courage and loyalty and Americanism of Governor Dick Yates, who was Abraham Lincoln's friend, are the certain heritage of Richard Yates Rowe. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois. He served his country in World War I in the U. S. Navy. The REPUBLICAN PARTY can be proud in November to offer as its candidate for GOVERNOR of Illinois RICHARD YATES ROWE (This ad IN written and paid for hy > group of Madison County business and professional men who believe that t» win In Novrlnhcr Ihe Republican Parly must nominatu an outstanding candidate, and thai Kit-hard Yatei Row« li the man.) onded by Mr. James Dooley said i resolution was referred to the t'i- SEE AMERICA'S MOST BEAUTIFUL NEW CARS styled by world's foremost custom cor designer * 1952 NASH NOW On DiiRlay At . ... LES' MOTORS 1300 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 2-963] AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE

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