Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 14, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1952
Page 16
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, Awgu»H4, WANT AD RATES Want Adt Aw Payablt l« t But Ada Will B« Accepted Th* Telephoo* And Accomo- Accounts Allowed With Th« ondmg Th« Account It Pay When Statement li Rendered, One Day .45 .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 LASSIFIED DISPLAY Time 75c per Inch mes 60c per Inch ines 50c per inch tes quoted obove are for con- ive insertions. Irregular or skip- ads will take the one-day rate, ll daily classified advertising copy be accepted until S p.m. for ira t ion the following day. publishers reserve the right to or edit all advertisement! of. for publication and to reject objectionable advertising tub- !tial« of one or more letters, or figures such as houses telephone numbers count as one Hope Star will /lot be rwpon- for errors In Wdnt Ads unless rs are callA to our attention FIRST Inlartion of od and for ONLYfethe ONE Incorrect on. Phone 7-3431 of Hop* 1899; onsolidated January n H Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor orao W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supl. ; M Oovij, Advertising Manager as of the Audit Circulations Subscription Rates (payable In advance) By carrier In Hope and neighbor- towns — 'er Week 25 Year : 13.00 By mail in Hcmpstead, Nevada, tayette, Howard, and Miller coun- Month hree Months Months Year All other mall — jOne Month gThree Months six Months Cne'Year r A * , » e ; A r K A M s x s 02AHK IKI !i|ji( | !P ! |S"( vou MEAN !i '•'-'" '' ^—HOSOtUTIOI 4 PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO STOP KISSING EACH OTHER »^ A CHANCE WITHOUT rrs NO use • MN-fiUN- RUN. ..MY MY. AND AS BUGS STAGGER WEEK 3'/z GAMES OFF PA ANKLG GROWS STRON6BHANO •v J. K. William* • "-f.il • •••"».«*. '~«5fS and Ralph Urn* 7KS HRVNLOCK 6HOVE , vou sruppy CCP»&/ LET'* COMB Y/c3c*/soM»opv WEMT J HE'S THE LieKTS/>( IN AHEAP OP US-WITH J NOT HIS CLOTHES ON/ GO IN fCK A HP ITS PftBT/ yon r:.L!Pa THIS. • rood fth Tlhflnltt rjurition •ITendtncx , tiile ilnvf U VHnt» WASH TUBBS Dl Leslie Turner ...AMP THERE WOMMV W/X&... ARE VOU KIPDIW? WHOEVER HEJSR.D' HE eEEM£ TO HATE P.UTHORITV, CATHY. AMP TH& POLICE ARE A SVMBOL Of- THAT TO HIM. <y\sB IF THE CAR DOORe LOCKED. AMD OP A "MICE" PLATFOOT !! COP5 ARE A 4 THE KEY5 IMSIDE! SO A NICE fl» PE5T WE ALL GOTTA PUT UP WITH, BUT WE POLICEMAN CAME UP AMD- AN 1 VW GAMS »AAKE IT TOUSH FOR 'EN\ k$ CATHV GET BILLV TO EVEW TALK WITH BllLV HATE I HE S READY TO GO DOWM POLIceMBM / AMD 6UV 50WE CLOTHE5. eo ? SWH.l OUT LOUD... OUR BOARDING MOUSB Win Major Heople OKAV, MAJOR .' I'LU/ WATCH HER LlkE A HIGH CH/VR/ DID YOU SO WrAENi BATTLE-AX A \MALK LAST MiGKT ? -~- THAT LCXDKED LIKE A FRET2.BL VDO FOR A WIORKOOT APT6RMOOr4 SHE FAlP-LV MUST keep HER ALU N IftHT AS Al M / BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin Heft CSUST BEFOR& SHE ro ^ "XTO SLEEP/./) n ^ uUGS BUNNY /V\A,C NOBOVr? titTe \ I'AA ONUV I IN MERE WITHOUT ) QOIN' IN T'<pBE A IF THI^ 1^. A TRICK T' C3ET IN T' THE, GAME VA •SO FAR. YA'LL BOUNCE » I'P A BEEN HERE SOONER, UMP BUT CLUCK HEUP ME UP/ By H«nhbert«r " HAIRCUTS $1.50 ALLEY OOP By V. T. hamlin WHY? I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE NO... BUT THE QUEEN OF SHEBA IS GOING ON A V16IT OF PARAMOUNT / I -> IMPORTANCE! J AMI KADOOKUT, BROTHER OF HER HIGHNESS, JAILER OF THE QUEEN OF 6HEBA, ATTEND ME! J[ EVIL YOU WILL PREPARE A GREAT CARAVAN A3 BERTS A MONARCH., POMP AND GIFT6 OF.TREASURE! VMEAN NOCJUESTIONe GOTTA, LISTEN! ulom, p«t! Why thould we qu*rr«l ov«r t W trivial at your mother?" "~* "I cant afford to h«v« it all cut at onc«~-$o cut half now and tht rest noxt w««k!" B MMwi. •' 3 r^vL /«—kto CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer By Michael O'Molley and Ralph Lane PRICKLIS AND HIS FRIENPS / C>H,MY1... THAT HOSTILE HE ACT* LIKE A AN IMPORTAHT RJlcHrEVEP we MY SEEN All^WKEN AeOUTIT'?' INTeNTION^... WHERE APE yc?U <5OJNc>? IVJTM LKI ANP ROCK.Y By Carl Anderson MAMK THAT 1 •nsuN - •"' i ffiFr RUN BAe*|t BkJAilAU I - p^??'.^V» .-- 1 <; H 0 f, I STAR, H'O HI, 1 CLASSIFIED Ad* Must B« In Office Diy Before Publication Three Sis One Days Days Month 1.50 2.00, 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 For Rent THREE room apartment. Nicely furnished. Electric box. Bills paid. 204 Bonner. Mrs. A. K. Babb. A-Hf 4 ROOM Close-in. 7-3743. furnished Reasonable New York Cleveland apartment. Bvost °" By The Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE ! W L Pet. QBi . 66 47 .581 One Rookie Is Living Up to Reputation Arkansas Little Leaguers Win NATCHEZ. Miss. ar> ~ uttio Hock, Ark., won the Section One. Region Seven championship in Littlr League bnsobnll tonight when Pitcher Donuld Dvignn clout ed a homer for n 15-1 victory over Joe rent 3 ROOM unfurnished apartment. Hardwood floors. Built-in fixtures. Large closets. 312 South Spruce. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Dial 7-3577. I3-3t FURNISHED 3 room house. UtilT- tlcs paid. Near Schooley's Store. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Phone 73577. 13-3t v . WashlnRton il, .Chicago """'Philadelphia St. Louis ... Detroit 63 ..58 59 59 ..55 ..49 37 49 49 53 55 52 GO 75 S .503 .542 .527 6'.518 7>.514 8 .420 18 .330 28lj VinlU>d tlH>n lcocl thc « B '"i' with three runs ""'"•" ion three hits nnd two errors. 001 000 4-5 5 0 0 ROOM house. Can be used as duplex. 1002 E. 2nd. Call Carl. Brunei-, 7-4343. 14-3t VACANT now. 3^ room furnished apartment. Close-in. Utilities paid. Garage. Phone 7-4486. 14-tf THURSDAY'S SCHEDULE Washington at New York Shea (9-5i vs Schmltz Ul-0) i Philadelphia at Boston (2) Byrd! (10-9t and Newsom <2-3> vs Brod-1 owski (5-4i and Nixon (3-3). i Chicago at Detroit Grissom (7- 7t vs Houtteinan (6-15) , Only games scheduled j WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS j Vnshington 12-9 New York 4-10 ! second game 13 innings) I Boston 4. Philadelphia 0 St. Louis 5-1 Cleveland 2-9 U\vi ight) Chic.'iRo 7 Detroit 1 (night) Natcho Hock By RALPH RODEN AP Sports Writer Block is one rookie who Is! Wltli the score 1-1 up tn his spring pross clipj tilv '° seventh inning, winning run, 1 *u...» .- . Back in March Blnck was •as another Don Nt-wcombe In T .... Brooklyn's Vero Bench, Fla.. trnln- ut ing camp. He WHS in pi-cut shape us IIP had spent the off-season pitching in the Cuban Winter League. He \vns tnbbeil as the best bet to take up tho slack i-atised % by Newcombe's entry into the Army. Black was the first to admit that he wasn't in the same class as Ncwcombe but the 211-yi'ar-old I In th« over-1 Dujjan scor- I.ittle Rock! Rhodes. nnd 00() 001 W-» Nosnvi; Eidt 1 4 4 nnd Dick Mam-Hie for 14 hits. Bob Kelly blanked the Ueds on six hits in the second j;:ime. * Veteran Karl Drews turned in OPE STAR Pr.M 18, 1*27 192* lished every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. i C. E. Palmtr, Prnldmt Alex H. Waihburrt, Sacy-Tm. At Tho Star Building 112.214 South Walnut StrMl, Hope, Arkaniai 7-ROOM home. Officers quarters Proving Ground. $75 per month with 37 acres or $65 per month without acreage. Contact FOSTER-ELLIS REALTY COMPANY, Phone 7-4691. 14-31 TWO ROOM furnished upstairs apartment. Electric Refrigerator. Utilities paid. Phone 7-3688. 1 14-3t Notice HAUL and spread sand $1.25 yard Gravel available. Foy Hammons Phone 7-2C50. J9-1M second clou matter at -*' L- at Hope, Arkaniai, Act of March 3, 1897. Woodland Watermelon Garden: IN THE COOL, cool, cool of the evening, let's drive out and eat a slice of real cold watermelon. 2M- miles east on 07. . Dick Erwin. 9-Gt Bureau af ....;, J.. .. .85 1.60 2.60 4.SO 1.10 3.25 , 6.50 13.00 WILL pay up to $20,000 cash for excellent stock farm or ranch Write full information to Bo> 1, in care of Hope Star. Ki-C IF YOU need a registered tieal nurse, call Mrs. C. Gaines, Phone 7-35H8. prao M. 14-3 Help Wanted ONE lady for dining room service Apply in person. Hotel Barlow. 11-3 Female Help Wanted ..Nat-'L. Advertising Representative!: Dailies, Inc.; 1602 Stcrick ldg., Memphis 2, Tenn., 505 Texas ank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. ichigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. «2nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 fenobscot Bld B ., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, kla. HOUSEWIVES — Need extra mon ey these days? We have a pai time income plan to help yo Reliable, neat appearing Mollu. ,.-.pf school age children can qual fy. Write: LaVerne Gilbert, P. ( Box 330, Hot Springs, Arkansa 13-: Wanted Member of the Associated Pres»; Associated Press Is entitled «x- 'tlusively to the use for republlcatlon of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP n«wi ' • • -'ches i iyhlhiy-ider has contributed as his fifth shutout In beating the much to the Dodger cause as blR| Craves in the first of two at Newk did in the past. | Philadelphia. Hani Jehlroe slam- It's doubtful if the Dodgers would, n \cd two homers and Kd Mathews be leading the National League^ by, one to lead the Braves to victory 10 games today If it weren't for NATIONAL LEAGUE rooklyn ew York I. Louis Philadelphia Chicago Joslon Cincinnati ittsburgh W 72 03 G4 58 SO ...47 411 32 L 34 43 48 52 RS lil G5 H2 Pet. .079 .504 .571 .527 .505 GR 9 11 U! 18'i- .435 20 .425 27' .281 44 THURSDAY'S SCHEDULE New York at Brooklyn 11-5 )vs Rutherford (4-2) Boston at Philadelphia Spahn 11-11) vs Meyer UI-12) Cincinnati at Chicago Rnfl'ens- bci'Rer 112-10') vs Backer (10-4) Pittsburgh at St. Louis (night) Dickson (01 li) vs Presko (7-7) WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS Brooklyn 5-4 _Now York.4-1) (2- duy-night) incinnati 11-0 Chicago 37 Philadelphia H3 Boston 0-9 (2-twi- night) Only games scheduled. SOUTHERN Atlanta L'luittatmoRa New Orleans Mobile Memphis Nashville Little Rock Birmingham ASSOCIATION w r. 10 G7 03 58 58 55 G3 09 72 Pet: 5.51)0 I .54'.)' .524 : .501!. .500; .472 .457 .433 Last night's results: LHUo Rock 2-0 Birmingham Nashville 5-4 New Orleans 4-0. Memphis 7 Atlanta Chattanooga G Mobile 0 Tonight's games: Memphis 7 Atlanta C. Birmingham at Little Rock New prlcans..,at,..N,ashviUe Monroe 2-14; Hot Springs 1-7 Services Offered 'OR all kinds of high quality! mimeograph work contact Clar-; ice Cannon. Phone 7-2614 or 7-3650, J-29-lm ONE more experienced waitres We have five of the finest gir in the state, but need one more. We pay the best salaries in the south and furnish meals too. Apply Mrs. Carroll, Diamond Cafe. 23-tf TWO good steady dishwashers and one cook's helper. Apply Mrs. Carroll, Diamond Cafe. 23tf Wanted to Buy PRIGHT piano in the smallest 'j size or a studio piano. Dial 7-3316 11-31 J.QTS, acreage or farm near town. Write Box X in care o£ Hope ll-3t The metal known as "tungsten 1 rthe United States is called "wol ram" in many other nations. COUPLE to live in small house. Rent free. Until April 1, 1953. Water, gas, electricity. 400 S. Elm. n-3t For Sale BEAUTIFUL quality Holstein Heifers, $75 up; Mutation Mink, $35 up. Voight Farms. Lomira, Wis —Atlanta, Texas. 9-15 COTTON STATES Meridian Natchez ^ Greenwood El Dorado Monroe Pine Bluff reenville Hot Springs Last night's results: Greenville 4 Meridian 2 El'Dorado 6 Pine Bluff 5 Greenwood 4 Natchez 1 Monroe 214 Hot Springs Tonight's games: Greenwood at Natchez Pine Bluff at El Dorado Greenville at Meridian Hot Springs at Monroe One of the purposes of early automobile clubs was to overcome antagonism of livery stable operators who frequently barred "noiseless carriages" from their premises. •nines j Black. Used entirely in relief roles, I the Dodger recruit has appeared i in :i7 games, winning nine, losing j two and saving several others. His I record is even more impressive as hi- appeared in only 6 games until the beginning of June. Since then he has worked in 31 of Brooklyn's GU games. Black look part in both ends of yesterday's day-night doubleheador i against the runnerup New York I Giants. He gained credit for the ; !>-4 day game triumph nnd was j tapped for two unearned runs ! the 8-4 night game defeat. ; Chicago and Cincinnati and Phila- i di-lphia and Boston also split doubleheaders. The Cubs dropped the opener to the Reds, 11-3. but won the second game. 7-0. Philadelphia whipped tile Braves. 3-0, but bowed, 9-3, in the night portion of the twin-bill. St. Louis and Pittsburgh were idle. The New York Yankees retained their 2'i-Bame lead over Cleveland in the American League chase, dividing a bargain bill wilh Washington while Cleveland halved a pair with the St. Louis Browns. Washington drubbed the Yanks, 12-4, in the opener but lost the second game, 10-!) in 1:1 innings. The Browns tripped Hubby Feller nnd the Indians, 5-2, but Clevoalnd bounehed back to grab the second Kame, !)-!. In other games, the Boston Red Sox turned back Philadelphia, 4-0, and the Chicago White Sox curshed Detroit. 7-1. Black took over in the eighth inning of the see-saw opener at Eb- bc-ts Field with the score tied at 4-4. He halted a Giant rally in the eighth and got out of another jam in the ninth when he induced Hank Thompson to hit into a force play with the bases loaded nnd two out, Pee Wee Reese singled home Gil Hodges in the bottom of the eighth with the deciding run. BllbBp CSurch cruised to victory in the opener at Chicago as thi Reds socked Johnny Klippstein anc in the second game. Bob Porterfield enjoyed a rare treat in the first Rome at (he Yankee Stadium. The Senators supported his pitching wilh a 17-hil attack that included » grand-slam homer by former Yank Jnckio Jensen. The, loss snapped Vic Raschi's 11-gnme wining streak. The twin bill, which lasted almost c i.uht hours, was completed under the lights. Billy Martin squeezed home Yogi Hurra to climax a same-winning throe-run rally in the Kith;. Mickey Vernon put in the Senators out in front, !)-7, witn a two-run homer off Tom Gorman in the top of the Kith. Home runs also highlighted the doublcheader at Cleveland. Hobby JYoung decided the opener in favor "of St. Louis with a three-run homer in the sixth off Bob Feller. The Indians went to town early in the second same-, scoring four runs in the first inning against. Cliff Fannin. Al Rosen sparked up rising wild a inrce-run homer, his 20th. • - Lefty Mel Parnell and Clyde Voll- mcr teamed up to lead tho Red Snx to victory over the A's. Parnell yielded only three hits while Vollmer drove in three runs on a homer and two singles, Old Joe Dnhson turned back the Tiger:;, on I'oiir hits to post 11th conquest for Chicago. Hope Easily Blasts Tbmics by 12-3 Tally Hope's Legion team rounded out regular season play hist night ' by walloping the Red Hiver Tom-! Ics 12 to ;i fn a long drawn mil \ contest. i Stevens allowed the visitors only six hits, three runs, nnd struck out eifiht. Bill Strange was the loser. Hope collected 15 hits and 13 runs with Filognnui blastinf* out n 3-nin homer in tVie second. Sti-veils, Kilojjinno nnd Hob White slapped out three hits each, Anderson and Thomas got a pair n- piece while Nl\ and lloasley accounted fov one end). Incidentally! Bcasley, the lc«(;ue's tctidinn bats; num. has hit safely in 2!i straight- games. ' Hope BOOS to TexarUnna Friday to again play the Toiuk-s SMART S SPKIA] Friday and Saturday 15th and 16fK ADMIRATION COFFEE 1 Lb Pkg. Limit 1 to a Customer KQOLAID Grimsleyto Succeed Olympic Head ,By WIUL GRIMSLEY NKW YORK (/I 1 ) Kenneth L. <TR> . Wilson, commissioner of the Hi)' Ten, Is slated to succeed Avery HrundnKO as president of the U. S. Olympic Association If Biundage decides he can't handle his two blj; jobs nl dnce. nrunddgo, millionaire Chicago btiildiiu; contractor who has been the dominant figure In American amateur athletics for n quarter of a century, officially takes over Thursday ns president of the In- lerualioiiiil Olympic Committee. At formal ceremonies nl I.ausau- in-, Switzerland, the stocky l!f>- > ear-old Midwe.iterner will receive the- official key of tlu- games' highest office from 'the outgoing president, .1. Sigfrid Kd.strom of Sweden. The question now is whether RIPE YELLOW BANANAS Lb. MEADOW GOLD DRY MILK 2*$. 3 L>ruiul:it> liis| his »ui load ichiel with his is attemijl to carry! ns U, S. Olympic new duties. 1-7 WOK f HlWICAl «1 T H;^ F JA;R JVl E ft!S F R I,JE H P) „ "" •'' '-,•"•'^cdOK'.'c'ritMiCAt''Cp; 1 s,,j !''.'•.."•-:•. :.-'". STOCK-BARN-GARDEN \fc* •M'XtlZ^ >IN$ECT KILLER 25% CONCENTRATE — EASY TO MIX ECONOMICAL QUART MAKES UP, TO 24 GALLONS OF SPRAY I USE ACCOlfoltf& v TO''5M<*fibNS FOR POULTRY IIVESTOCK, DOGS, TREES, SHRUBS. GARDENS AND FARM BUILDINGS. 1-7 GENERAL Electric 0 can milk cooler. Good condition. $165. Doyle Silvey, Dierks, Arkansas. ll-3t NOTICE • repair?, body and fender -• work and auto painting. t. ' 33 years experience 9 All work Guaranteed. j FRANK YARBROUGH ; phone 7-3557 707 Margaret St. FOR SALE ICE COLD WATERMELON The Coolest Spot In Town with the moat attractive setting under THE OAKS HI way 67 West at City Limit*, BIG Champion melons from 80 to 120 pounds. 4 miles South on Highway 29 (near dirt pit). O. D. Middlebrooks. 12-3t SPECIAL, offering my 0 room home, 2 acres land, 3 screened porches, young orchard. Terms. Call T. N. Belew, 7-2642. i2-6t Legal Notice 5PEGIALTRADE OFFER FOR SALE Tap Soil — Fill Clay — Read Gravel — Waih Gravel BULLDOZER WORK RALPH SAUNDERS Phone Day 7-4683 Night 74174 MATTRESSIS M«nr«M C«. 119 a, elm Street Phone ANNOUNCEMENT Dr. Emmett Thompson and . Harold M. Brents announce the association ot — Dr, David Uoyd Guerin in tb* contlnu»4 praetic* Vi BED. complete %vith and boxsprings. Phone LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY , GIVEN that application has bc-.-n filed wilh the City Clerk by Hicks Funeral Home for the erection "f one gasoline pump and one tank on the west half, lot 0. bio kc.-55, City o[ Hope (Fifth and Hazc-D. This pump is to be used for private use of the Hicks Funeral Home only. A hearing on said application will be had by the City Council at the City Hall at 7:15 p. m. on August mattress 19, 195?. 7-3584. 12-3t 5 ROOM house on corner lot 75x- 150 ft. 1 block from grade school Call 7-2709. I3. 3t Fish Bolt SHINERS at Skelly Service Station. East Third, Highway G7 and No. 4 Junction. Phone 7-9905. ' i2-6t Uit GOLD rim glasses. Bound leather case. James H. Jdhes at High School. 13.31 Legal Notice . NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the second payment on the blacktupping in Street Improvement District Np. 21 is due oo or before September 1, 1952 (South Laurel, South Hazel and East Sixth). Ch^s. F. Reynerson Collector Aug. 14. 21^28 Mrs. Chas. F. Roynerson, City Clerk Aug.'14. 18 Legal Notice I Wquidate Any and AU Type Busuie*»es ' Farm Sales a Soecialty •- -OUTH WTION co. l»AUt P «Uf R NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF CORA BUCHANAN, deceased Last known address of decedent: Hope, Arkansas Date of death: April 10, 1951 An instrument, dated August 17, 1946, was on the 30 day of July, 1B52, admitted to probate as the last will of the above named decedent, and the undersigned has been appointed executrix there under. A contest of the probate o the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time pro vided by law. < AU persons have claims agains the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of tb.e fir^t publication of this notice. «? they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in tiie Tfie T/rt of tht Ctnturyl U.S.ROYAL MASTER NOW EASIER TO OWN THAN EVER! For a fimlted t!m«—during this unusual •vent only—you enjoy the Bl<?CE$T saving* In ye&rs on tho one tire in the world with Royglfex Tread, Everlasting . Whitewallj, Renewable $gfet/l 0 M 'f m/si y*«r cfcw-COMf IN TOOA// La rge Giv en YCj . This notie* first published 7 day Of August, 1832. BERTHA S. JOHN&PN (Executrix) PL, HOPE AUTO CO, AMERICAN BEAUTt 1 Lb. ELBOW RONI. 12 Ox. ELBOW RONI 23c ~~ W 12 Oz. CUT SPAGHETTI 23c — 1,7$ 12 Oz. LONG SPAGHETTI 18c — lOOz. EGG NOODLES 5 Oz. EGG NOODLES 22c V" ,. 18e' Donald Duck GRAPEFRUIT 46 Oz. Can 16 Pounds — While They Lost — Palm Beach COFFEE ib. 5Qi AMERICAN SOUR PICKLES •'IQf. BAKERS 4 in 1 COCOA MIX EATWELI, SARDINES Tall Can TALL KORN BACON Lb. PURE — FRESH GROUND Lb, BEEF GOOD GRADE Lb. BOLOGNA FRESH DRESSED TENDER r R T B

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