Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1939 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1939
Page 7
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE SEVEN Allies Favored in Long Run of War Only Immediate Ftrate^ic Advantage Lies With (iermanv OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS H.v A I 1 UOKCiAN M. IJKA'ITY I c 'f!ittiio Service Writer WASHINGTON - The immeiliate Mrate^ie advantage in tin 1 Kuropean wur .slroriffly favor German arms. The lonii-ranKe advantage favors the l''raneo-Uritisl\ alliiinee. Tlml's tlic IT is !• apprisal nf tin 1 AIII;.'- riean experts who are following 'lie ininiite-to-tnimite taetie;; tlnnnffh (lie eye.s ul American military allaelies stationed in Kuronean liipitals, As for (lie iinnii.'iliak 1 advantage, there lonelnsiuii .•.printjs from lliree important fac-l.s: 1. Geitnany is almost entirely surrounded Ivy neutral stales. which net I ji.s buffers aeainsl attaek. ' '1. As most strategists ajjree. \sp\\- . t-nil war in Kurope should lie HC- | eom\ anicd hy tremeiidou.s aeiiiil ho- i mhardnienl in elear the way fur ground troops and ailillery. and to demorali/.e j tin/ enemy's ediiiiminieiilHin.s anil sup- ] Hul (hi- bellij/eieiit who stalls thiil lund uf warfare would he indieled by woi Id pnblie opinion awl eonvirt- ed nf barbarism, simply beeause that kihil of warfare wotiM kill imiot:ent women and eliildien. however nee- e.vary il mi^hl ho to strati (<y. There- ; [ore. il is harct for tlie allies In start the fireworks. liolh .sides are aware of this especially tin- Gc'imaiis, who art.' feinting, and jnekryini; in ilie air, trying lu Iriek the olher fello\v into Miikinjj the fust b.'u f jae mis Mow. I). The BrilKli and French have before them the |>ro.S|iei'l of a costly attack against Germany's strniu; West \Vall. with the »;reat cost in supplies and men lhat such attacks entail. Only IWn .spots for atlael; appeal quickly li. ;,ti atet'.ists. Thi^.e are around Mel/, where almost level land, and the ahsence of a river euis.iing. favoi tin. allies; and jitst southeast of Belfort, on the Swiss border—a spot al.so iavored with a eonvenienl mountain pa^-'. aiul uncut hy a protecting; ri- vei . And lhi.se are tl)e points \vhere the r'reiieli unity is aetive. So much for the immediate advantage. The British and French have the lnn((- rani'e advantage beeause <l' They have Mipeiior wealth and manpower. <?.< their .•.•li'Miif, fleets control the teas, and <l!i lluy apparently have the sympathy of most democratic na- lions. '1 hey are, therefore, usinj4 their fleets to ...ei up a hloekade against Germany. Meanwhile, the core of the Wai' is Mill in Poland. t.ntirely apart form Hitler's announced anxiety lo win hack Dan/.if; ami (hi! 1'oiish forridor, he 1 ha.s Poland. in ;j iiiilitary sen.-e. with her l.aelf lo (lie so-far neutral Soviet Jtn^sia. And how is the German army usin 1 ; tills advantage'.' f'irM il is erentiiiB n main line, anchored against the German hor<ler ahout opposite Breslaii, and extending .smith eastward acruss Silesia. J.'ecuml, .-molher line, also anehored I DIDN'T ASK. YOU THE7--1 ASKED DO YOU ROLL "»OUR OWN) CIGARETS, WEAR OLOVES TO WORK IKJ AMP WEAR. A LOOSE HAT THAT'S A FUNMY ONE --A BOSS MORE INTERESTED \W A MAM'S HABITS THAN) IN HIS WORK.! HE SEZ IT HAIN'T TAXES AM 1 DROUGHTS THETS 'RUIKIED MOST RANCHMEW--HE SEZ. IT'S HIRIW' MEM WHO, WHEN) THEY HAIW'T ' GLOVES OFF AKJ'OKJ TO RCL.LA CIGARHT, THEY'RE CHASIM' THEIR. HAT THE WINP COUMTR.Y T. HI. lltC. U. S. PAT. Off COPR. 1939 UV NEA SLftvlCE. INC. jblained by Hie Philadelphia Phillies. Thr. (list name ealled was that of Allen Strange, fhortstop on the Seattle elub of the Pacific Const League who went to the St. Louis Browns under the draft arrangement that gave the place Ameriean League elub the In.'! call on available talent. Only I!! Players Ornflcl The priee the Giants had to pay lor Deiin was announced as S7.50l',l!— fixer) on :i sliding scale depending on the minor league class from which tin.- player comes. There were only Ui players tlraflecl. ihe i .nallost in years. In addition to Johnson the Phillie. 1 ' bt-.iined Clyde Smoll, Atlanta pitcher •The Philadelphia Athletics cho.se Jolir Babich. a Kansas City pitcher win ,.nre had a tryoul withe Dodgers, and •!MI not Klim Hogsett. veteran American League pitcher, who has seen ser sice with Cleveland, Detroit and Ihi Louis Browns. The Chicago White Sox were no represented, but claimed Tom Turner a catcher from Houston, by letter. Tilt Cub:- bid for Jake Monty. Syracuse r.itchir and a former member of OIL Cincinnati Keds. Blevins Gridders to Play Stephens Second Home Game to Bel Played at Blevins Fri- i , day Afternoon : Ross Family Reunion Third Sunday October 'there will be a Ross family reunion Kiiir Park 3rd Sundy in October, livery family related to the Hovs ,js urged to be there and bring hmch- Toledo, the Great Silk Center (Adv't) ;iil:,lj|(. this summer she !<-m out. The worms hatched '.'arm Ohio sun and fattened ,_ ' ••• j'i'Jlv. Tfieii cot r.ons produced the TOLEDO, 0.-</P)~Mrs. Ada Capri-1 th read-a , v ,-o-ounee h:irvesl~-lh:.,t Mrs. 1 i. .-/uriottj believe-: iy enough for her i we:.t-i and '.;,.i;. br. a hanky to match. A Vacuu'.n boinfi im absence of etas- tie medium for transmission, sound '.annul traverse a vacuum, since it de- jends upon having a medium. otti is knitting a silk sweater Ihrcad she "raised" at home. It comes from Toledo-bred silkworms. They came fnAn Toledo- hutched eggs. Mrs. Sapriotti received the jiik- wonn eggs from her mother in Italy a ;ear ago and placed them in refrigeration. When mulberry leaves be- ("i miminity f!i Thi-;'- will be a •.•;>.ginr;, Sunday night C tnber y :ii Hollv Grove church, eight rniU:!- north r,f Hope. The Hope Quartet h;:.-'. I;-, en jm'i[e r l and Js e>:/veoteJ 1 i he. present. The public in welcome. German bord ome 1 Fort Worth Takes Dixie Series Title Ray Starr Shuts Out Former Teammates With Two Safeties I-'ORT WORTH --<,!',-. R ;iy Starr pilelied Foil Worth to ils eighi Dixie >.eries basehall litle Tuesday nigh! iini//ling Nashville's V'ols with a iwo- l.il li-lo-ll hhutmu s\ Ihe j-evenlh uame Kay set out u, , niulale Kre.l Mar- l-erry's mie-hit :Hint of last night. Inn the .-.aiiie player who spoiled Marberiy' '.-hiinee at a Inlle.-s game hubbeil np a|jam tonight - -Shi.rt.-,tup Woody VV'il- haiiif,-. He t;ot a clean single anil Cen- lei'fifliler Charley Gilbert heal tint a i lo.' e infield hit in the ninth. V'.ls Use Three 1'ili-ln-r.s The Texas Lciigue eluuypions wol lied three Nashville pitchers for U hits, ;md poor fielding by the'Soullu-ni As- silciation champions helped. The Kurt Worth triumph climaxed the amazing drive of a fourth place dub tlmi barely hung on in Ihe first (iiund nf the Slianghnei-sy playoff, wad cil through Dallas in the lilnbr serie« and ten outplaed Nashvill 1 -. Great pitching by the "three u|c men" Marberry, !-,larr and Kd Give, and dining base running and pim-h batting h.v. Walt Ca/.en pulled For! Wnrlh througlt lo its second Dixie litle in the past three years. Little Hock iUas their victim in l'J,'i7> Dunlile. I'lii.v ICnds Onl.v riircal trouhli'. lli- thi- fir.sl two bailers in lh" P. Dean Obtained by the N.Y. Giants $!,'>(}() Is Reported Price 1'aid for Former Card llurler YOIfK th -I/I' Paul Dc.-m. year. Most of the ; ma\' ntiw wash lu'ice as uflen. e of every nine persons omploy- i the U. S. is on a government nil. The other eight are t on. half c,f one of baseball's most famous brother acts, was obtained by the New York Giants Tuesday night as the major league annual draft meeting gut underway. Dean, who was .sent to Columbus 01 the American Association (his summui by the St. Louis Cardinals alter failing lo he of much help to them in tlieii drive for a National League pennunl, was the eight na'ine called in the draft. When Manager Bill Terry of the New York dub called out his name, there W.-LS much surprise for it is believed esi- ; that Dean's arm is no longer of major league calibre. I'hillics Get Johnson Another veteran who was snapped up trying was Silas Johnson, now with Rochester of the Inlernation League. He was Robi BLKVINS •- Coach George Hunter j. IK sending hi:; Blevins High School j squad through hard workout this week i in preparation for the second homo ' wiiini- with Ihe Stephens eleven here ; Friday. j 'Ihe sqirid of 2H men m.eliide.s 10 let- ' ter men. and the starting eleven avora- ages 165 pounds in the line and ISO in the backfield. The squad's ID-game schedule is ihe most difieult booked for a Blevins team in .several years. Other games | | October 12-Texarkana Catholic High ! there, ! October 20-Stamps here. i October 27—Ashdown there. ! November 3-—Horatio here. ! November 10 — Foreman there. i : November 17—Arkandelphia there. ! I November 24—Princeton there. 1 November 2!)—Murfrcssboro there. for— ... . , , , I Onl.v once was Starr, in glihorhuod ol bcbneidemubl. ex- : \\'-jlJi[, t j lends east ward into Poland. jsixth inning, but a double play d,s,,,, . .. /, . , , .-...w.. Ihiil thrciil. Only ;il) ballet.- I hiil gives tile (lerniiins Iwi long Germans lines that they can use much as a fanner uses Ihe double gate into a row pasture. The ends of Ihe gales. hinged on and supplied from Ihe Gur- Man border, can remain stationary, and ihe two ends swinging far out into Poland can he brought toward each other to swing together, finally, on Warsaw. If Ihe Germans are successful, they v.-ill force the Poles out of western Poland. I oli.sh ladies al the start are to kie|i the gales from closing. They ;ii<-' concentriitiiig on |)| L . Imver gate iirouud Wraeow. If they cntild nut- flank the Germans marching north- Ward, Ihe whole German drive mighl have to he held up. The line would lie in danger of being bent double. Then its supplies would he cut off. As Ihe strategists here see il, how- solved laced Starr. High!-fielder Johnny .Slum-hum made Ihe most spccuicular e:il, -i of the series' in the fourth when he chased Wally Rospoiul's linei'i snagged 1 at h.s shoelops and came up with the ball after two somersall.s. BARBS Who remembers tin. 1 good old davs when Ciish and i-iiri y was jnsl a gn. er'.s policy and the blurknu! was vaudeville gag'.' A man in Texas announces thai Adolf Hitler is his InnglnM nephew 'lliis is no lime to be lalking iiboiil the black sheep in one' family. We read of Ihe political! who filer campaign expense accounl of i\vi frei •son s Hats With Famous Labels Holes can hardly hope to pre- j cents. We trust he won't be gate from closing in the long I with the taxpnyer'.s money. , i Lyndonville, Vl., will has- eno taxes i Put you* ott GHAMPIO We buy Champions because we know they're the finest shoes we can offer at this low price ... a good reason why they're your best buy. SEVERAL SMART STYLES AWAIT YOUR CHOICE KNOX HATS Wherever you go. you'll find a KNOX hat tlu 1 .u;o<>d fompanion. The fi-ol of its smooth soft Celt is so comfortable, the: wear of it ... so superbly eiulurin.u', :ii' 1 ' all thai o-( H .) S \vith authentic styling. BYRON HATS Check the fashion charts. You'll see Uie extra width <if brim, the jrrace of line, the taper of crown, Uie np-swiiijr in back, smart underwells. Myron has pul every fashion in tin's fall's line. *5 *3 oo ROTHSCHILD Only U()T11S('111U> H'lves you that extra security of "VValer-prodfiii"'" in a felt priced below ijiii.dd. I lere is value, plus slyle you can depend on lo weather the roughest wear and come tliroti.t'-li like a champion. 5O 98 "CHARGE The ideal time to open your Koliison I'aymenl Plan is Riglil Now: If you liny y»ur fall uanlnilie lliis week on Rold'son's fnyment 1'1,-in. the lust payment on your account will not he due until FJeccmlier. You pay only Ki'/J down and pay (lie balance in 10 small weekly payments. Woolen Prices Are Going Up Every day the price of woolen goods are going up, clue to the increasing difficulty of importing wool into this country. Our large stock of men's clothing was bought months ago at the very lowest prices, and we will continue to sell our present stock at our present price.. Buy your puit now while our stock is complete in selection. Our stock of CURLEE and MERIT clothes is unusually large this fall and unusually attractive. The new fall styles include three, button fronts, double breasted styles, drape models and many other new and authentic styles. All 100'; wool fabrics that" are noted for their ability to retain their shape. CURLEE *25 85 Sewell Suits SEWELL clothing offei's truly remarkable value this fall'at prices as low and lower than ever before. Hard finished worsteds that are tailored to perfection and styled to compare with the finest. Included in our selection art 1 fashions newest models. WIN1ERWEIGHT LEATHERED 10 WEAK CLAYTON llt-rc JUT fiiu> frits lor your wardrobe, luulj.vot and 1;is(c, All Ihe newest fall shades and shapes. They're values at this pricf. m ^^ ]]'c ('lire Kitt/li' iSVf/;)i;>.s' . The Lct><iiini 1>< , * 1 98 Geo. W. Robison 6-

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