The Sumner Gazette from Sumner, Iowa on November 24, 1966 · Page 8
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The Sumner Gazette from Sumner, Iowa · Page 8

Sumner, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 24, 1966
Page 8
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E Mn anc Sui nor dot H ke We Del visi Mr< I spe cor. MS am Wl T W« la* Ar ter M.: ML is Ro Mi ne ho ne Te w< CO da Kt vi.« bt an en W an an Ni an Bi Di gu er M Sr w; nc in Je G. Wi Fl ca Ft an re ' Si re n< sv W ai F G V, a: E ii ii ATHLETES Foot-Notes HERB Elkader and Postville served notice on the conference that they are planning to make a strong run of it for the conference title and Sumner's Aces were almost as impressive in making their presence known as •the three teams opened the conference season with big marginal victories Friday night Elkader and Postville each poured 93 points through the hoop, but the defending champion Warriors, allowed only 38 points to the West Central Blue Devils, while the Pirates were giving up 66 to the Valley High Tigers. And while these awesome offensive exhibitions were being staged, Sumner's Aces were going about the business of methodically tearing ths Fayette Cardinals apart with an offensive and defensive "Spectacular" of their own, 81-33. —AFN— From this opening show, of offensive strength it appears that Elkader. Postville and Sumner surely must all be endowed with accurate "gunners" and that Valley High's Tigers may also boast some good shooters as they poured 66 points through a hoop in a losing effort. In looking over the individual scoring, we find that Denny Hjelmeng. now in his fourth year as an Elkader regular, apparently retains his uncanny shooting ability. He led the Warriors with 26 points. John Costigan with 16 and Gary Patrick with 12 rounded out double figure scorers. Postville had five in double figure? including, Bill Radloff with 26. Marv Peck with 12. Brad Schultz with 16, Smith with 26 and the 6-6. Sid Harberts hit 14. Valley had a junior, De Sart and a sophomore, Fauser, son of Don, with 18 and 12 respectively. —AFN— North High and Waukon have- n*t opened their conference slates as yet, but the Indians won a non-conference opener over Cresco and were set to go against Valley High Tuesday night (11-22). North opens in a non- conference game against Decorah Tuesday night (11-22). —AFN— It won't take long to find out how the Aces rate with what appears to be the best in the conference. They tangle with Valley High next Tuesday night at the Tiger gymn (11-29) and then on Friday night, Dec. 2, will host Elkader's Warriors, the defending conference champion. They'll also have a crack at Postville in (the not too distant future (12-16). —AFN— Friday night's games with the Fayette teams could hardly be considered desireable competition for gaining game experience for the Ace teams. This was true of the frosh.-soph. game as well as for the varsity game. With due respect to the Fayette youngsters, the Ace teams would have had much keener and more beneficial competition by dividing their respective squads. Which makes you wonder just what the future holds for the Fayette sports program. Prospects are not good at present and I cannot see how they can improve to any great extent, even though the Cardinals are using a number of young players (freshmen and sophomores) on their varsity basketball team, as they did on their football team earlier this fall. The Cardinal school, the last time I checked, had an enrollment of 92.43 in the upper three grades in high school and there appears to be no chance that this will get better. Next smallest in the conference is Valley High with 165. Elkader, North High, Waukon, and Sumner all carry enrollment figures in the upper three grades of well over 235. —AFN— Its like Sumner trying to compete, week after week, with East Waterloo. The Aces might be able to come with a team that would down the Trojans, once in a decade, but that's about as good as could be expected. And that's about the way the picture looks in Cardinal land. Their football record over the past couple of seasons bears this out and with graduation of Tom Butter sand company from a fair season a year ago, the future of basketball, like football also is a long, dark tunnel. —AFN— Speaking of Butters, I believe everyone in this area was probably as excited as I was over the performance of Tom with the Iowa State U. freshman in their win over the State University of Iowa frosh Saturday. Tom, who graduated from Fayette High last spring, after making bis mark as a quad-sport man (football, basketball, baseball and track) tossed a pair of long distance touchdowns to Bob Brouillette, 60 nd 65 yards and another of shorter length in directing (the Cyclone first year men to a 29-7 wto. S.U.I.'s varsity coaching staff had been Booking forward to «ejct year's fresh'--- up for some Aces open Conference season with 81-33 win Thursday, November 24, 1966 In what was almost a carbon copy of the preliminary game, Sumner's Aces posted an 81-33 win over the Fayc-tte Cardinals to open their Upper Iowa Conference schedule on a successful note at Sumner Junior High gymnasium Friday night. The Aces, led by the sharp- shooting of Don DeHaven, who posted six first quarter points, Jim Hoppcnworth, who slipped seven through the net. Vic Heyer with five and Bill Anderson, who hit four, pulled away to a 24-5 lead in the first eight minutes and then split duties the rest of the way with the reserves as they coasted to victory. Once again, as in their opener with Tripoli, the Aces featured good outshooting and also picked up a number of "easy" buckets on pass interceptions. The Cardinals, with good size, but a lot of in-experience, couldn't cope with Sumner's doggd full court zone press and time and time again were forced into wild passing. Don DeHaven topped Sumner scoring with 19 points, performing steadily during the time he was in. He had three goals in the first period, three in the second and three goals, plus a free shot in the third. Bill Anderson was second high with 18 points, getting a pair of goals in each period and scoring on two free throws in the second. Jim Hoppenworth was the third player in double figures, hitting two goals and ithree free throws in the first period, a pair of goals in the second, a field goal in the third and a free throw in the fourth. Lloyd Hoth hit nine points, on one goal in each quarter and a free throw in the second. The fifth starter, Vic Heyer, scored seven points getting five points in the first period and a goal in the third. Sumner held a 46-17 margin at halftime and led by 41 points, 65-24 at the end of the third quarter. BOX SCORES— Fayette (33) FG FT PF TP Weyant 3117 King 0111 Wright 1143 Pickett 0 0 1* 0 Finch 0151 Manson 0111 Bumgartner 1002 Orr 0020 Butters 3046 Himmel 4 4 2 12 Totals 12 9 20 33 *—Technical Sumner (81) FG FT PF TP Anderson Hoth Heyer DeHaven Hoppenworth — Creager Faulkner Jenkins Rieck . ._Walker Rogahn Tremaine Johnson Sexton 8 4 3 9 5 1 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 1 1 1 4 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 4 1 0 4 1 2 1 0 1 0 0 0 18 9 7 19 14 2 6 0 1 2 1 1 0 1 One of two big 10-point bucks shot by Sumner hunters Sunday was this one pictured with Don Mohlls, who shot it near Downing park Sunday morning. Mohlis said he dropped the deer from a distance of approximately 200 feet. Bob Duhrkopf was the other Sumner resident to bag a 10-point buck on Sunday. This brought to seven, the number of deer shot by local hunters upon which reports were received by the Gazette during the four-day season. Qff<®& another dismal 0ea*0n under new bead , B*y NageL But it was the Owt sparkled, not only h- fcrt'Sw *!•*•*. And in the middle of the offensive show was Butters. —AFN— Noted in Monday's Register .that Western Conference Commissioner, Paul Brechler is concerned with the damage the televising of such games as the Notre Dame-Michigan State tussle may have on small college football attendance. Perhaps there is reason to be concerned, but I dont believe the situation is as serious as Brechler has indicated. Upper Iowa U, would probably come in the class of schools that play before from 1,000 to 3,000 fans, but I am of the opinion, from experience of the past several seasons that the fans who attend these games will continue to do so, regardless of what college games may be showing on television. There may be exceptions, but the only one I could think of at present would be televising the SUI should they become an undefeated team (an unlikely happenstance in the forseeable future) or ISU being directed by Tom Butters (a likely happenstance in the forseeable fture). For example, I can't see any -televised game (ercept one in which Butters would appear) keeping area fans away from a meeting between Upper Iowa and Luther. Of course, H is possible, I suppose, that televised games might have a detering affect on .the gate for those small college teams that are in the throes of losing seasons. But in this case, most anything, including a batman comic book, would likely be regarded as $ plausible excuse for not supporting the team at the gate. —AFN— The "long" deer season, Nov. 19 through Nov. 22, has taken its toll in this area, but according to reports from hunters deer are so plentiful now that this year's kill will barely make a mark on the overall herd total. There were six that I took pictures of and perhaps Others that I diduH bear about, ft* 0* *• lot was the ten-pointer sjbot Sunday by Don Moblis war Downing park, which is new Sumner forward, Vic Heyer (40) has just released the ball at the peak of this classic southpaw jump shot In the first period of the Sumner Ace, Fayette Cardinal game at junior Milnes 0000 Totals 34 13 15 81 Rieck 0111 Free throws missed: Fayette 12; Sumner 18. Scoring by quarters: Fayette 5 12 7 9—33 Sumner 24 22 19 16—81 Sumner 81, Fayette 14 1 (Frosh.-Sophs.) Sumner's freshman-sophomore 'team posted their second consecutive victory, pummeling an undermanned Fayette .team 8114 .after pulling away ito a 22-1 margin in the first quarter. Ron Borcherding led Sumner scorers, with 18 points, getting 14 of them in the first quarter. All but one of his six first quarter field goals came off the fast break. Steve Harms was second high with 15 points, scoring 11 in the second half. Reserves split action with the regulars, but this appeared to have little affect on the scoring. Sumner held a 38-4 margin at halftime and then had their best scoring period of the game, hitting 24 points in the third period. It was also Fayette's best quarter for scoring, as they hit seven points. J. Frey's five points topped Fayette scorers. BOX SCORES— Fayette (14) FG FT PF TP Stanhard 2014 Martin 1022 Williams 0 Scheidel 0 Bouiton 0 Prey 2 Briggs 1 Miller — 0 Totals 6 Sumner (81) Andres B. Harms 7 Taylor 4 T. Harms 4 Borcherding 8 Volker Ribbeck — Wilson — Lampe — Jobe Schoephoerster — 0 Ganske 2 Meyer 0 Heth 1 Totals — high gymn, Sumner, Friday night. No. 20 is BUI Anderson and partially hidden at center by a pair of Fayette players is Don DeHaven. No. 25 for the Cardinals Is Clyde Pick- ett and No. 35 Gen* Weyant, the only Fayette returning letterman. Sumner thrumped Fayette 81-33 hi this then- first Upper Iowa Conference game of the season. 0 0 2 1 1 0 2 FG FT 3 0 1 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 5 0 0 9 2 1 1 9 3 F 1 1 4 1 1 0 1 1 1 2 0 0 0 1 13 0 0 2 5 3 0 14 TP 6 15 8 9 18 2 4 2 2 8 0 4 0 3 81 BrotMTs, Don Pagel, left and Angle Fagel, were among at least seven Sumner hunters who eame home with deer during • the long shotgun sea- son, Nov. 19-22. These two deer are both does. The Fagels were hunting in the Downing park area near \Vestgate when they killed the deer Saturday. BOWLING TUESDAY NITE MIXED LEAGUE LMP's 24 12 Alley Cats 22 14 Four of a Kind 20% 15% Bear Cats 18 18 Four Scores 12 24 Goofballs — 11% 24% Results of Nov. 16: LMP's 3, Four Scores 1 Four of a Kind 3, Goofballs 1 Alley Cats 3, Bear Cats 1 High team game: Alley Cats 742. High team series: Four of a Kind 2134. High ind. series: R. Siegfried 570, D. Lehmkuhl 547, D. Speed 539, R. Moser 527, O. Mitchell 490, A. Speed 481. High ind. games: R. Siegfried 223, E. Petersen 209, B. Pickering 206, D. Speed 203, D. Lehmkuhl 200, R. Moser 195, A. Speed 193, C. Snyder 182, E. Reimler 182. CLASSIC LEAGUE Kirchmann P&H 31 17 Westgate Elevator 30 18 Meyer Clothier 29 19 Jaycees 27 21 Meyer Petroleum 14 34 Sumner TV & Appliance 13 35 Results of Nov. 16: Westgate Elevator 1, Kirchmann's 3. Meyer Clothier 4, Jaycees 0 Meyer Petroleum 3, Sumner TV & Appliance 4 High team game: Meyer Clothier 890. High team series: Meyer Clothier 2488. High ind. series: Bob Meyer 548, Forrest Cannell 539, Phil Kuepker 527. High and. games: Phil Kuepker 222, Bob Meyer 214, Forrest Cannell 200. NITE OWL LEAGUE Kroblins 37 11 Meyer Hdwe. 28 20 O'Brien's Drug 27% 20% Christensen Ins. 23 25 Niemann Const. 22 26 Westgate Bank 6% 41% Results of Nov. 17: Westgate Bank %, Kroblins 3% O'Brien Drug 2, Meyer Hdwe. 2 Niemann 3, Christensen 1 High team, game: Niemann Const. 884. High team series: Niemann Const. 2446. High ind. series: Mary Lou Blaschke 536, Verena Braun 513, Olive Mitchell 506. High ind. games: Mary Lou Blaschke 203, 191, Agnes Speed 197, Verena Braun 195. Remarks: Tena Pickering 5-10, Anne Lampe 4-5, Judy Kirchhoff 3-10, Verena Braun 5-8-10, Juanita Jenkins 5-10, Cora McKinney 5-10. HONORED Two lowans recently were honored by their respective Masonic Lodges for attaining 50 years of membership. Eugene Criss,. Sac City, and Dr. Winfred Moulton, Aurelia, were presented certificates. 8—Sumner Gazette High game scorer, Don DeHaven (42) was concentrating on defense as be reached around to get this ball away from a Fayette player. At left, No. 20, is BUI Anderson, Fayette's No. 51 is BUI Finch and No. 25, Clyde Fickett. DeHaven tossed in 19 points and Anderson 18. rr tt To Handle All Your Insurance Problems Bump and Pease Insurance Agency Stunner Phone 224-32S1 Free throws missed: Fayette 13, Sumner 3. Scoring by quarters: Fayette 1 3 7 3—14 Sumner — 22 16 24 19—81 CEDAR-WAP8IE CONFERENCE — BOYS — W L Denver 1 ° Dunkerton 1 0 Fredericksburg 1 0 Wapsie Valley — 1 0 Turkey Valley 0 1 Tripoli — 0 1 PlainfieW 0 1 ._,_ 0 1 ffjffYHf Fredertcksbiug Mil, Piainjield 4 Dunkerton 65, Tripoli 40 Wapsie Valley 63, JanetvUle 41 piiwr W, Turkey VtUear W Steve Harms (40) attempts a short rebound shot in this second quarter action of the Sumner-Fayette frosh.-soph. game Frdiay night. At center is Tuesday, Nov. 29 Orange at Tripoli Turkey Valley at South Winn- eshlek Wednesday, Nov. 30 Wapsie Valley at Valley High — GIRLS — W Turkey Valley Tripoli '_ Fredericksburg Wapsie Valley Denver Dunkerton ... " n Plainfield T '"" Janesville 47 Friday's Result* Tripoli 43, Dunkerton 35 Wapsie Valley 73, JanesviU* Frederickiburg 76, PlainfleM Turkey YaJtey 46, Denver 43 Joe Andres (32). Fayette players are D. Stanhard (15) and D, Martin, 13. Sumner smashed the Fayette team 81-1*. UPPER IOWA CONFERENCE W L Sumner ---------------- 1 0 Eikader ________________ 1 0 Postville --------------- 1 0 North High ------- ....... 0 0 Waukon ---------------- 0 ° Fayette ................. 0 1 Valley High ------------ 0 1 West Central ...... ----- 0 J Friday's Results Sumner 81, Fayette 33 Elkader 93, West Central 38 Postville 93, Valley High 66 TuM*Mr, Nor. 29 Sumner at Valley High North High at Elkader Frid»y, Ejkader et »* * W«t* C«fttral ft t North High From Anti-Freeze to Batteries. , . IB at Walker Motors I.ET us... — Service radiator — Install antl-freeie — Change to winter oil — Check beater - defroster — Check brakes — Check battery — Check tin* — Tuneup engine Call 224-5211 COME IN TODAY AND START EASY THIS WINTER — Sumner 8QQ £. First Street WALKER MOTOR CO. YOU* FRIENDI* FORD DEALER -.

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