The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on June 7, 2006 · Page 18
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 18

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 2006
Page 18
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B8 THE HAYS DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY, JUNE?,2006 FAMILY CIRCUS DENNIS THE MENACE 6-7 O2000 IM K«m« DUt by King "Are all goats named Billy or Nanny?" * MY 6RAMfA 6AVS , F V0u vo VOUK BEST joEV, No/wATmRWHAT-niPS<^Ke...V(7t/f BEETLE BAILEY LT. FUZZ IS COMIN© WITH SOME I PEAS TO STIMULATE ACTIVITY IN CAMP I THINK THIS WILL REALLV GET HIM GOING/ GARFIELD PATE UUST NEVER UP TO ME I EVEN 8TUCK FRENCH FRIES IN MY EARS AMP HUNG A SPOON ON N\V NOSE WOMEN...THEV'RE A REAL M96TERV, HUH? WIZARD OF ID WHAT ARE YOU WING? MARKING TH-E TPAIL WlTlt 6IRPSEEP IN CASE WE GBT L-OST YOU IPIOT. WE'RE IN AN AVIARY BABY BLUES TbTHPoW A TWTPOM. WfvME FUW! i oo»i'rKNow,Eay.soMe -SECOND TIME sowe- 1 PEOPLE f\z&<aO VBUTRPUU ASKED M& IP I ! ITS HARD 13 Tell HOW OLD I ...DO i LOOK 557] z /THey f&e. I'D say you ' • -' J *\, mum iAjgee...A&eu BLONDIE \> I JUST DREAMED VOU WERE THAT DOESN'T MEAN A THINS... ACCORDING TO MV DREAM, VOU'RE NOT LEAVING UNTIL NEXT WEONESDAV I RUNNING OPF AND LEAVING ME.' BUTM5M5HDDLPK DlUiRT HUrAAN RESOURCES TEULS rAE THAT YOU REFUSED TO TAKE THE RANDOrA DRUG TEST. I DIDNT REFUSE. I LITERALLV CAN'T DO IT BECAUSE I HAVE A SHV BLADDER. IT'S A tAED- ICAL CONDITION THAT 1% OF rAEN HAVE. I HOPE YOU UJILL UNDERSTAND. IT'S A SIDE EFFECT OF THE NOSE CANDY, RIGHT? Annie's Mailbox KATHY MUCHEU/MMCY SIMM Dear Annie: My family is from the Midwest, and a cousin of mine is getting married in California this spring. My wife and I have two young children, so she is not able to make the trip for the big celebration. The wedding invitation was addressed to my wife and me. However, I really don't want to attend alone. A good friend of mine (and my wife's) lives in the same town as my cousin. I thought I'd ask her to attend the wedding with me so we can catch up and she can enjoy seeing my family, but my mother and sister think it is ridiculous and very inappropriate. What do you say? — Two Birds With One Stone Dear Two Birds: The invitation was for you and your wife, not for you and whomever you choose instead. However, there is nothing wrong with asking your cousin if you can invite someone in your wife's place. If this friend knows your entire family, your cousin may be happy to include her. Our real question is, how does your wife feel about this? If it's OK with her, and it's OK with your cousin, it's OK with us. Dear Annie: Your column is often the topic of the day Please help us start a conversation that will save a newborn's life. In 47 states, it is now legal for a parent to confidentially relinquish an unharmed newborn to a hospital employee. Most states' "safe haven" laws say this can be done within three days of birth. The goal is to prevent an unwanted newborn from being abandoned or killed. The babies are not the only beneficiaries. Parents who use this law will be able to go on with their lives knowing they've made a loving choice for their newborns. Plus, new families will be formed through adoption. Newborn Lifeline Network ( operates a national toll-free hotline at 1-866-694-BABY to answer questions about individual states' requirements. More people need to know that this safety net is available. Your readers may save a life simply by talking about your column and this topic. — Terry Spevacek Walsh, Executive Director, Safe Place for Newborns of Wisconsin Inc. Dear Terry Walsh: Thank you for giving us this information. There are too many panic- stricken new mothers who are trying to hide the birth or have no idea how to care for a baby. Too often, these infants are left in dumpsters, in public bathrooms or on a church doorstep in frigid' weather. Please, please, please, if you are about to have a baby and do not want it, for whatever reason, call the toll-free hotline to find out if your state has a "safe haven" policy. If it does, take the child to the nearest hospital. Do the right thing for your child. Dear Annie: Please tell "Clueless in California" to have her; husband checked for sleep apnea/ I am a 58-year-old male and al-. ways thought I was getting a good: night's rest. The results of testing at a sleep, disorder clinic showed that I was, actually waking up 90 times an hour to breathe. I am a new man since I use a CPAP machine. —! Awake and Alert in Texas Dear Texas: Your letter is sure to help others. Many thanks for; suggesting he be tested for sleep apnea. The problem is more common, and more dangerous, than people know. — Write to Annie's Mailbox, P.O. Box 118190, Chicago, IL ore-ma/I REAL LIFE ADVENTURES CLOSE To HOME MAM, YOUk€~ CRABBY. T ALWAYS YOU, H€ TO MARRY TO IN AN OVTBOAK IF Z MADE IT A BRIEF WORD FXOM OUR SPONSOR. I now pronounce you man and crab. With education costs on the rise, many schools are looking for alternate ways to raise funds. Daily Sudoku 8 2 9 5 6 2 7 3 1 4 1 4 3 9 8 2 1 4 5. 1 9 7 8 2 4 Level: Intermediate To solve a sudoku puzzle, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. Use the numeric clues provided in the boxes. f 9 i. e z 8 6 9 L 8 Z 9 6 I. L e g V 6 L e g 9 fr I. Z 8 Z 8 6 / g e V \. 9 e f L \. 8 9 g 6 Z 9 1. g z f 6 8 / e L e z 8 6 I 9 f g g 6 V 9 e z L 8 \ \r 9 8 V / g z e 6 Dr. Paul Donohue HEALTH DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Please define "col ic" for us. We have a 1-month-old baby who cries a storm. The baby has gamed weight and his pediatrician says he's normal and probably has colic. We are first-time parents and don't know what to do for him. — R.J. ANSWER: The dictionary defines "colic 1 as stomach pain that fluctuates with waves o: the digestive tract's muscular action, The nondictionary definition is a fussy baby thai cries a lot. A normal 6-week-old baby cries about three hours out of 24. If a baby that age cries more, it can be said to have colic. There are so many speculations about its cause that it is confusing to people to mention them all. If the baby's doctor is satisfied that all is well and since the baby is gaining weight, you can be quite certain that your baby's colicky days will be gone when he reaches 3 months. DEAR DR. DONOHUE: On my blood test it says my hemoglobin is 11. It also says this is low. I haven't a clue what hemoglobin is. Please help. — W.C. ANSWER: Hemoglobin is a large protein inside every red blood cell. It acts like a magnet for oxygen. It grabs onto oxygen as red blood cells pass through the lungs, and it releases oxygen to all parts of the body. A hemoglobin level serves as an indica tion of how many red blood cells a person has. A low number means the person is anemic. The normal hemoglobin for a woman is 12 to 16 (7 to 9.9) and for a man, 13 to 17 (8 to 10). AXYDLBAAXR isLONGFELLOW One letter stands for another. In this sample, A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. 6-7 CRYPTOQUOTE 0GB KMVYPXOU YA KBS BKICYU OGB AXPJO IYPOXYS YA OGBXP CXAB XS KMQXSF OGB YOGBP IYPOXYS KXJBPMTCB. — VBMS LB CM TPRUBPB Yesterday's Cryptoquote: IF YOU WISH ANOTHER PERSON TO KEEP YOUR SECRET, FIRST KEEP IT YOURSELF. — WISE WORDS CROSSWORD By THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 1 Drive 6 Snare 10"—kangaroo down" 11 Stock unit ^Opposition force 13 Set the radio 14Pre- Easter time 15 California's — Beach 16 Writer Levin 17 Convoy member 18Chum 19 Dropped in 22 Staying power 23 "Pygmalion" writer 26 Arcade ending 29 Cave resident 32 Informant 33 Frothy brew 34 Facing trouble 36 Scottish pirate 37 Plantation setting 38 Kate's TV buddy 39 Forgets 40 Minuscule 41 Capone's foe 42 Pigeon's perch DOWN 1 Slanted type 2 Ore 3 "Snook- ums," e.g. 4 Give off 5 Guitarist Paul 6 Ruffian 7 Accumulated 8 Concert spot 9. Bike part 11 Play site 15 Tyler of "Armageddon" Yesterday's answer 17 Prayers using beads 20 Nest find 21 Letter after pi 24 Made use (of) 25 Joining, in 35 Belongs a way 36 Painter 27 The Paul Grinch's 38 Leather dog tool 28 Overnight flight 29 Go for, at an auction 30Japanese films 31 City cars NEW CROSSWORD BOOK1 Send $4.75 (check/m.o.) to Thomas Joseph Book 1, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475

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