The Sumner Gazette from Sumner, Iowa on November 17, 1966 · Page 14
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The Sumner Gazette from Sumner, Iowa · Page 14

Sumner, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1966
Page 14
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East-of-Town News Mrs. Al Woltaram EAST OF TOWN — Mr. and Mrs. Edward Higgins and Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Reinking were Sunday evening visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Dedor. Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Warnke and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Westphal, Jr., and family of Oelwein were Sunday evening visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Fedeler and family. Myra Pease and Inez Smith spent Saturday in Waterloo. Mrs. Minnie Westendorf accompanied Mrs. Fred Pull and Max, Mrs. Sophia Wolff, and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Oltrogge to Wisconsin last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Snively of West Union, Mrs. Minnie Schlatter of Hawkeye, and Mrs. Arthur Frisch visited itheir sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Stranahan at Rochester, Minn., Sunday. Mrs. Stranahan is going through the clinic at Rochester. Mrs. Clarence Waskow and Mrs. Art Borcherding were Wednesday afternoon visitors in the home of their uncle, John Beisner at Tripoli. Arthur Beyers of Dallas, Texas, has spent -the past two weeks in the Mrs. George Wescott and Stanley Wescott homes. f- Jackie Heinzeroth was a Friday overnight guest in the Orson Kauffman home, a guest of Mavis, in observance of the 13th birthday anniversary of Mavis. Mrs. Kenneth Kasemeier, Pam and Kevin were Thursday callers in the Eugene Knoploh home. Mr. and Mrs. John McCue, Williard McCue, Jeanne Diers and son Jeff of Waterloo, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gitch and family, Nancy Gitch of Davenport, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bergman and Brenda, and Lucille and Bud Dilley were Sunday dinner guests in the home of the former's son and famUy, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCue and Larry, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Knoploh, Shiela and Sheryl, and Mrs. Edwin Gaede were Sunday afternoon visitors and supper guests in the William May home in Jesup. Callers in the Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Seamans home Saturday were John Baker of Orlando, Fla., Alfred Baker, Jr., of Chicago, 111., Robert Baker of Cedar Falls, Bob Hanson of Waterloo, and Robert Brown of Fayette. Mrs. Russell Amos and children of Hawkeye were guests Sunday in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Gonnerman. Sunday afternoon visitors and supper guests in ithe home of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Oakes, Jane and Bill of Randalia were Mrs. Fred Waskow,, Evelyn and George, Mrs. Sarah Waskow of Waterloo, Mrs. and Mr. Jack Waskow, Shelly and Scott of Independence, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Waskow of Monona. Mr. and Mrs. Don Taylor, Alan and Cuntiss, and Mrs. Tillie Bock were Sunday dinner guests in the home of the latter's son- in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schumacher at Denver. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Rowe of Fredericksburg visited Saturday with his sister, Mrs. Rose Engel at the Hillcrest Home. Mrs. Charles Ferrill was a Friday caller. Sunday callers were Mrs. Lloyd Ladwig, Miss Inez Smith, and Mrs. Al Wolfgram. The latter also visited Mrs. Daisy Shales, Mrs. Ella Stevens, and Mrs. O. B. Littell. Mr. and Mrs. Lew Felker of Chilan, Wash., were visitors the past week with Mrs. Rose Engel. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Herman were guests Sunday in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Curt Flynn at Waterloo. Mrs. A. H. Wilkening of Rochford, 111., came Thursday, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Ot Schultz of Waverly and was a • • > guest in the Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hohmke home. Mrs. Wilkening was hostess Friday eve- ing at a dinner at the Waskows Cafe. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hohmke, Mr. and Mrs. James Lantow and Jon of Davenport, Mrs. John Lantow, and Mrs. Emil Lantow. Mrs. Roy Austin was a visitor Sunday afternoon in the home of her sister, Mrs. Irma Hurmence, Mike Petersen and Larry Aubrey were Saturday dinner guests in the Ernest Pries home, guests ot Lee. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schu- macher of Denver spent Tuesday in the home of her mother, Mrs. Tillie Bock. Mrs. Gordon Seamans and Mrs. Frieda Klotz spent Wednesday in Fairbank. They called in the Rene Vandeole home. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Douglass and Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Douglass and Tammy were Sunday dinner guests in the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Murl Bannister at Waterloo. Clark Harmening of Los Angeles, Calif., arrived Monday to join his family, who have spent the past two weeks In the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Harmening and Dennis. The Clark Har- meninjr family shall make Sumner their home, after living in Los Angeles the past eight years. Myra Pease was hostess at a dinner Sunday at .the Ranch Wood Iowa State Park, honoring Mr. and Mrs. Clark Tyrrell at a belated 58th wedding anniversary. She also visited in the Tyrell home at Manchester. Supper guests Saturday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Naehtman at Wcstgate were Mr. and Mrs. John Floden and family of Sumner. Louis Floden, Jr., of Mt. Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Boleyn and family of Washburn. and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Floden of Hazelwood, Mo. Dixie Potratz is ill at her home with the flu. Mrs. A. H. Wilkening of Rochford, 111.. James Lantow of Davenport, and Mr. and Mrs Richard Hehmke spent Saturday in Fredericksburg, where they visited the former's brother, Herman Lantow at the Sunrise Guest Home. Mrs. Wilkening had the misfortune to slip on a patch of ice on a Fredericksburg street and suffered a fractured hip, several lacerations and bruises, and is presently confined at the Sumner Community Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Schroeder went to Preston Saturday to spend the week end in the home of their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cayton. Mrs. Schroeder will stay indefinitely in the home of their daughter to assist in the care of the family. Mrs. Cayton underwent major surgery Friday evening at the Maquoketa Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Owen of Napersville, 111., and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pugsley and Scott of Aurora, 111., came Friday to visit in the Mrs. Thomas Reay home. They returned to their homes Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Arlan Broun and family, and Eloise and Carol De Grott of Cedar Rapids were week end guests in the home of the former's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Braun and family. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Niemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Miller and family. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Niemeyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Krause of Sumner and Mr and Mrs. Dennis Niemeyer of Tripoli were Thursday evening guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mahlstedt at Tripoli in observance of their birthday anniversaries, which were November 8 and 11. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Henriksen of Waterloo were guests in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Floden. Supper guests with the above were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lalk and family of Hawkeye, in observance of the birthday anniversaries of John Floden and David T_a!k. Dinner guests Friday in the Mr. and Mrs. Adam Potratz home were Henry Bohlen. Howard Thomas, Jim Atom. Hoyt Montgomery, and Dick Montgomery, all hunters from Burlington. Monday afternoon visitors of Mr. and" Mrs. Frank Lang at 1he Hillcrest Home were Mrs. Webb Lchmkuhl of Fairbank and her mother, Mrs. O. B. Littell and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ferrill. Flynn Br-iyton was a morning caller and took Mr. Lang out for a ride in the country. Mrs. George Heller and Eileen were callers Saturday afternoon in the Lloyd Plattc home. Potluck dinner guests Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ruechert were Mr. and Mrs. Lee Fox, Cathy and Janice, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Miller and Timmy, Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Fox and family of Waterloo, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brickman and Gary, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brickman of Janesville, Mr. and Mrs. Veryl Fox of Denver, Mr. and Mrs. Don Fox of Oelwein, Melvin Fox of San Diego, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nauholz, Roxanne and Mark of Westgate, Mrs. Neil Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Cebert Fox and three children. An afternoon visitor was Mrs. James Gaede. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Platte, James and Jonathan were Sunday afternoon visitors in the home of her father, C. T. Heller at Westgate. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lang, Diane and Daryl of Springville, and Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Klotz and family of Cedar Falls were Saturday visitors and overnight guests In ithe home of his brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Carl I^ing. Norma Lalk of Hawkeye was a Saturday overnight guest in the Carl Lang, guest of Carla. Nolan Hutchinson was a Saturday overnight guest of Joey Lang. Mr. and Mrs. James Lantow and son Jon of Davenport were week end guests in the home of his mother, Mrs. John Lantow. They left Sunday morning and were dinner guests in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tremaine at Cedar Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Frank West of Sterling, 111., were callers Saturday after»oon in the Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Miller and Mrs. Rena Smith and Inez homes. Aaron Miller accompanied them and was an overnight guest In the homo of his brother, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Miller. Larry Pries and Mrs. Louise Harms were business callers Monday af/ternoon in West Union. Dinner guests Saturday evening in the Mrs. John Lantow home were her son and family, Mr. and Mrs. James Lantow and Jon of Davenport, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hehmke, and Mrs. Emil Lantow. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Murdock and family and Lyle Ernesler of Cedar Falls were dinner guests Saturday in the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Treloar. Mrs. Sarah Creager of Casper, Wyo., who had spent the past four weeks in the Pauline Creager home, and other relatives and friends, left Wednesday to return to her home in Wyoming. Rex Lucas and Mi-, and Mrs. Elmer Lucas spent the past week in the home of Elmer Lucas' sister, Mrs. Iva Robinson, and a niece, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Used Machinery — 960 Ford tractor — 861 Ford tractor — 8N Ford tractor — 9N Ford tractor — 600 Case tractor — WD 45 Allis Chalmers tractor — 88-LP Oliver tractor — 50 ft. elevator — 40 ft. Viking elevator — 13 ft. Kewanee disc — No. 312 3-16" I.H.C. plow — No. 60 4-16" I.H.C. plow — No. 555 3-16" John Deere plow — No. 4440 4-16" Oliver plow — 5-14" Case plow — Other 2 & 3 bottom plows NOTE—If you are having plow trouble . .. stales and trash, etc. . . . deal on a new Oliver plow — we have a few left on hand. L W. Pipho Imple., Inc. Suraner, Iowa Phone 224.5412 ..WITH THE SLIM, TRIM ERICOFON Enjoy extraordinary convenience and exceptional quality with the sculptured-look Ericofpn telephone. Ingenious all-in-one modern design . . .the dial "comes to you." It's slim . . . trim . . . light. . . handy. Attractive range of bright or pastel cplors. We can install right away. UNITED TELEPHONE CO, OF IOWA subsidiary of United Utilities, Inc. Hefty of Tulsa, Okla., and in Iht home of his brother, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lucas at Walnut, Kan They also visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stanford at Leharoe, Kan., returning home Saturday. Dinner guests Sunday in the Mr and Mrs. Ernest Miller home were Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Seamans, Robert and Ricky, Phyllis Peters of Denver, Aaron Miller of Sterling, 111., and Harley Shimp of Dunkerton. Mrs Minnie Westendorf and Mrs. Ernest Oltrogge of Readlyn visited in the homes of Mrs. Sophia Wolff and Mrs. Nellie Boevers at Readlyn. Mrs. Sarah Waskow accompanied her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Waskow of Waterloo to Sumner Sunday. The former was an overnight guest in the home of her sister and family, Mrs. Fred Waskow, Evelyn and Goorge, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Waskow were overnight guests in .the home of their daughter and family. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Leyh. Callers on Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lang the past week were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Miller, Roy Tibbitts, Win. Lang, Mrs. Emil Lantow, Mrs. John Lantow, Mrs. Pauline Creager, Inez Smith, Mrs. Lloyd Ladwig, and Mrs. Al Wolfgram. John Corkery was a Sunday afternoon visitor in the Mr. and Mrs. John Blessington home at Charles City. Mrs. Blessington has returned to her home after being a surgical patient for four weeks at University Hospital in Iowa City. Mrs. Claude Aubrey was a visitor Monday in the Mrs. Fred Waskow home, and her guest, Mrs. Sarah Waskow of Waterloo. Mrs. John Floden, Mrs. Harry Settje, and Mrs. Herman Lalk o) Hawkeye spent Monday In Waterloo. They also called In the Dick Henriksen home in Waterloo. Everett Minard and sons, David and Joe of Waterloo, spent Saturday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pries and family, and .their aunt, Mrs. Louise Harms. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Wegner of Fairbank were visitors Sunday afternoon in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Westendorf and Carol. Rex Caruthers of Luck, Wise., spent several days in the home of his sister, Mrs. George Wescott, and in the home of his sister, Mrs. Lloyd Biggie at Waterloo, enroute to Brownsville, Texas, where he spends the winter months. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lang and their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Carol Lang from Dubuque, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Kauffman and family of Strawberry Point, and Max Cornish of Council Bluffs were guests Saturday in the Mr. and Mrs. Orson Kauffman and family home. Mary Gonnerman returned home Saturday after spending the past week in the Henry Mawala home at Glenn Flora, Wise. Mrs. Adam Potratz called in the Mr. and Mrs. Karl Miller home at Clermont Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kuker were Sunday afternoon visitors and supper guests in the Mr. and Mrs. August Kuker home. Tri-Stnte Breeders holding annual meeting All members of Tri-Statc Breeders Cooperative and their families arc invited to attend the annual meeting at the Interstate Power Co. in West Union, Iowa on Monday, Nov. 21, I960 at 8'00 p.m. according to Ralph Albrecht delegate for the Cooperative. Members will have an opportunity to hear a report on the sires, the progress of a new computer center and information about the past year's business. Every member attending will have a cnance to vote for a 14—Sumner Gazette '- in January. A free lunch will be served and there will be door prizes lor both men and women. AH members and friends of the Cooperative are invited to attend this meeting, says Sterling Gillingham, Director of Member Relations. Shop Sumner Stores First!! ^oemoNAi ftftufca,PROVEN AMD ; YOUNG SIRIS IN Alt BREEDS FARMER OWNED and CONTROLUED , ; CAU Veto TM4TA«,f«!CHH«l*N, ORRIN KUHN Dial 224-3329 Sumner (Collect Calls Accepted) CAPTIVATING STEREO SOUND RCA VICTOR TOTAL SOUND SOLID STATE STEREO • Six speakers: two 8" oval duo-cones, four 3Vz" tweeters • 20-watt peak power Solid State amplifier • Studiomatic 4-speed changer, Feather Action Tone Arm, diamond stylus e Solid State FM-AM and FM Stereo radio • Separate bass, treble, compensated loudness and stereo balance controls • Record storage compartment FLOWERS for a JUST ARRIVED TAPE RECORDERS Prices Start at 13 .95 FESTIVE THANKSGIVING TABLE ARRANGEMENTS POTTED MUMS CYCLAMENS • WE DELIVER SUMNER FLORAL Sumner, Iowa DIAL 224-5235 SUMNER TV & APPLIANCE 104 W. 1st St. Ph. 224-8255 Sumner, Iowa PUBLIC AUCTION Complete disbursement of household furnishings and equipment at the Brayton home on West First St., Sumner, on Saturday, Nov. 19th at 1 o'clock. FURNITURE Two davenports, one like new, upholstered chairs, Windsor chair, cedar chest, single bed with like new Ostermopr springs and mattress, coffee table, tea cart, high chair, screens, etc. KITCHEN AH utensils and equipment of a well equipped kitchen. Electric stove, refrigerator, upright deepfreeze, mixer, toaster, coffee maker, grills, Revere Ware pots and pans, cutlery, flat silver and many other kitchen items including antiques. DINING Eight piece setting of Currier & Ives dishes, odd dishes, flat silver, table linens, cloths, luncheon sets, napkins. Much of this is old linen and nice. BED ROOM Sheets, pillow cases, woolen blankets, comforters, feather pillows, etc. MISCELLANEOUS Floor lamps, braided throw rugs, bath mats, bath towels, dish towels, pieced quilts, hand tools, mowers, washing machine, rinse tub, old sewing machine, fruit jars and many other useful items. MAHV1N AHRENHOLZ, AUCTIONEER NATIONAL BANK, CLERK Help Jfill Sour Christmas Stockings! FREE GIFTS! 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BRAYTON Tel, No, 224-3366 FRIDLEY FEED MILL m ^^ ,^^/M«ss*fe*a^iiiii Phone 224-3217 Sowner, J»wa General Office: Muscitine, Iowa

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