Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 17, 1952 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1952
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1952 VENETIAN BLIND! Ml|h CJunllly— tow Price* 0*n f-WMl for ***«» Rutlntnte, OIISON FURNITURE, Ins. lit ft, Bwwdtvny Alton jroniDfyrQ jHWI!fi_r~I-~ Porch "enclo««rT~7*( w-o-o. Winoow*, alumintirn a\ Mitiamtftlf, ncfeenn. Call 4-4H7B M.,.,_,. PliOOItATfNO __ CONTRACTtMO — "PaTntlng and paper Ul|, 'Inl-rlof and exlerlor. Union Mofrl* .P«»ktnt. --3MJJ.. _ FLbOR 8AND1NO — And~"wfTSShlnir t«d Interior pifiitlng, Reawmabla FQf fre« e«tlmatff« dial 3_J5l4j»r_ INTBRIOn — And exterior painting and d«eor«tlni»V a-3141. PAINTING—Decorating, renuJviniTwalf. paper. Pl««t*rlng, . patch P,l»*tering .._— Wallpaper removlnij painting and decorating. rre* e«tl Ol-l 3-31 M. _ . " WANTED — Pl«»ler guaranteed. Ph. il-144*. WANTED—Pnper hanging, good work at r*fl«onable price*. Phone 3-SM7 or 301ft Vneger _ itreet iVALLPAPER REMOVED—And wallps^ _pef cleaned j «">»« waihed. Call 3.11123 it l/AWuTrcTEANfRS SALES — DENNIS BROS. — SERVICE For Demonitratlon Cat) ' BOBERT WILLIS. Phone 3-7TB1 SQUARE DEAL SHOr 1 720 E. BROADWAY -3-9411 ._ MQHt MMEW TOAEtlVK_YO"_ "AdfcBRfebtt RADIO A fELfcVl*t6rr SERVICE Guaranteed Servle* {•horn _-42i3. ion at«t«, Alton, —F6R Quick M6VIN6 Phono 3-7830 2-8940 2-7484 PRES BELCHER MOVERS AOBNTS rOH VON-DER-AHE Van LINES ANYWHERE IN 48 STATES Al«o Quick moving of atoveis rtfrtgtr- •ton, pUMM, trunkd boxei or what have you? Alto Morage. ,__. HT-A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE ACROSS TUX STHEBT OH ACMOM THB CONTlNfNT LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE 1«U WASHINGTON AVE. DIAL 2-Mtt McCOY TRANSFER CO. FREIGHT fJEABtNO MOVtNO CALL 3-7701 FOR THB ANSWER TO YOUR THUCKINO PROBLEM! AFTER 6 P.M.. 3-7460—8-1848 SMITH BROS. - MOVING LOCAL — LONO DISTANCE DIAL 4-656? 19 W, Ferguson — Wood River USBD FUnNlTURB BOUGHT and SOLD RENTALS 41 gLBCPINQ ROOMS FOR RENT — Sleeping roonlB, with or without kitchen privileges, Double or twin beds. 3-8003. FRONT BOOM — In refined home. Ph, 2-0827. LARGE COMFORTABLE ROOM — For gentleman. Adjoin* bath.- Garage available. Dial a-B47p. ;_^ _ LAUNDRY—Living room and plume privileges; kitchen privileges U desired, 3-81)07. NICE H06M — V, block to bus. Kitchen privilege!. 84* Danforth, 3-P252. ONE NEWLY FURNISHED — Sleeping room. 2H Ninth St., Wood River. 4-011T. , 2 MODERN ROOMS — Newly decorated, pensioners, men or women. Privileges. 3-8764. < PRIVATE HOME •close In, 2-3630. . Garage, front room, SLEEPING ROOM -- For gentleman In refined home. 8-1048.. SLEEPING BOOM -~ Cl'ose to Western, newly decorated. Gentlemen only. Dial 4-9813. ROOM and BOARD PENSIONERS — Men or women. We glv« nursing care, meal* family ityle or tray. 3-0063. ____ ROOM Sc BOARD — In my home for mother and child; care for child while mother work*. 2-830B. ROOM & BOARD—$12.50 weekly and up. Working men, family ityte meal*; lunchej packed. Shift worker* welcome. STAHL HOTEL, 3rd and Henry street. 602 East 3rd. 4» HOUSEKEEPING ROOMJ1 FURNISHED—Light housekeeping room. Light* and water. Phone 3-HD4D. WANTED—Couple to »haro modern country home, help with housework. Carrollton 6-OF21, 6 mile* north of Jerseyvllle. _ 3 ROOM APT. — For rent, for "light housekeeping. 406 Main. 2.4301). 45 APARTMENTS—rLATS BEAUTIFUL 4-ROOM—Unfurnl.hed all modern apt., garage. Air conditioned. $110 per month. Exclusive location. By appointment only. Dial .1-5426. FOR RENT — 2 room furnished or un- furnlthed. Light*, heat, ga- and water furnished. 3-8003, MODERN—One-room efficiency and 4- room unfurnished apt; automatic heat, hardwood floor* and Venetian blinds Inquire Apt. 7, Acton Apt*., 37 East Acton. Wood River. __ MODERN 3 ROOMS — Prlviite"onlr»nc« nnd bath. 101 Tomllnson. Jobs Hill, K Alton. NEW 3 ROOM UNFURNISHED APT. Private entrance and hath. Hem and water furnished. Wired for slovc Adults only. 4105 Alhy. __ UPSTAIRS APfT— Large kitVhen, bed room, glasH porch, private bath, hent lights, water furnliihed, $45 mpnth. G JL_£.°™. t Ji!_?'_! l . lir !'5 l ' d ..' l .'!2 ROOMS — • With kiicheneVtr" I'nfm- nlshed, utilities furnl«fied. :)07 Could jnig,_E.__Allon. _ Dial 4-IIU5H. 3~nOOM APT. — ~EVther~f"urn"isheif o unfurnished, exrept with stove and re frlgerator. References. Phone 3-830 jBftcr_5 :L _ _ _ _ _ 8 UNFURNISHED ROOMS" -- For Yen Heat, lights and water furnished. Gai den spot It desired. Ph. 3-S1BS. S ROOM — Unfurnished apt. Modern main floor. 3-U-77. 027 Washington. 3 UNFURNISHED "ROOMS — Groufv floor. Phone 3-3015. ______ __ 3-ROOM UNFURNiSHED APT. — Up stairs. Gas heat. $30. Adults. 3-50 16. 3 ROOMS A BATH— Private entrance," child welcome, all utilities furnished $50. Wood River. 4-U03B after 7;uo p.iv 3 ROOMS ANDlATH First floor. Private; tile floors, gas slov and cabinets, otherwise unfurnliilKu Extra nice apt hldg. Adults only. $30 STECKEK APTS. Apt. No. 2 143 E. 3rd, Hoxana. II hlork from Community Bldg. Phone 4-1)51)1 between 6 and 7 p. m. "" $ LOANS $ ON REAL ESTATE DIRECT with th* l«nd«r muni quick ••rvlct with minimum ftxpanM and lowttt .nttrott B^tflvAA 'LONO on SHOUT MATURITIES Fred C. Weber Agency 024 BAST flROADWAV RKALfOft fffOKf) M73S FurTNIsflEn APt. - Private bnlh and «n(riine«. All tilllltle* fur 2 ROO'MB— And private hath. Light* gfl«, hent and water furnished. Adult* /'hone S-2,197, _ ! ROOM fiA8EWENf"EFFiC"}fr?C*Y* — Furnished titllltlea, 4-31)7,1, (108 S. Pence, Wood River. 2 R6"OM>UBN"lSliEb"AP'f"~~ For rent Prlvnle bath and entrance, oil heat 2^ROOM~"Ft;~rlNTfltiED" "A'PT"' "For" "gen"i tleman; living room and bedroom, twin bed*; private entrance. Shower bath. 2-8471), — Close to down town, W, R. milftfe* furnished 17!) p«ir week. Dial 3-B970, 2 FURNlSltlfo noo'SiS—HeaC'einetriir- Ity, Bus, Frlgldalre and waiher furl ?Ji n *'' 1 33(1 Jeff*r«pn.Plal 3-3003. f'on RKNT — IrTTSiwardivllla. 3-room fnrnlnherf- apt. Private bath, ample clrwet «poce, Close to hualnei* district. Call 1837 from B:30 a, m, to 6:30 p. m. WOOD RIVEn—3 room*. Heat, light*, water; private bath, private entrance, 4-OIW /irrT AT'nfACfTvE^-rtooM^AFir"" Prlvate bath nnd entrnnce*. heat, titll- Itle*. Working couple preferred. 723 Alhy. __ [•HRB"R-Ho"oiVl""FUBNI8TrED"~ pTl'vata balh and private entrance; titllllle* fur- nl*hed, close to bu* line and Upper Alton biislne** dlntrlct. Call 2-lflPI. n?UnNI8HED ROOMS—Ail modern, on first floor. 2 nice girl* or a nice men, or coirple. J722 Orandvlew, Upper Alton T~NTCEL"Y JrUltNlSHED nOOM'S—And ~n o67^1 i FrTNimTED~AP ; fr ^TTjlfiTiie* furnished. 413 Broadway, E. Alton. 4-OBflfl. .-,.., t , x . ROOM — Large,' modern apt., *Mld- dletown. Automatic heat. Ph. 3-0104. -riSoM MODBRN—kiirnlshed apt. Private bath and entrance; heat and water furnlihed. 20 West Birch, Hart. tford. FUrtNISMRD ROOMS >efore 8:00 -p.m. Ca ' ll 2-1817 ROOMS AND klTCnKJNETTB Mlcely furnlihed, private entrance and bath, (ai heat, contlnuoui hot water, excellent renldentlnl location, brick Dulldlng, B blookn from downtown Alton, Adult* only. Referencel exchanged. 175. Call 3-3712 for appointment. _ _ FURNISHED APT. — On bu«- llne, ytllltleg paid. 812 Serins. 2-87nn. SMALL ROOM — JTurnUihed apt. Prl vate entrance and bath. No peti. On* or 2 adulta. 2700 College Ave. • ROOM — Furnished apt, 63S Penning, Wood River. Dial 4-8838. ROOMS — Nicely furnished. Washing faollltle*, In Mlddletown. Ph. 2-1507. ROOM^FURNISHEO APT. — For rent. All modern, Private bath and entrance. 178 per mo, 1406 George St., Upper Alton. Ph. 2-8086. 17 BOND — 3 furnlnhed , room«. prl- yato bath, refrigerator, llffhu, water and heat furnlihed. Private, rtODBRN —• irurnl»hed 3 room apt Private entrance, shower, hot water, hent, Ight* and water furnished. Couple or Idcr couple. Small child welcome, 2-2480. NTED""^- Employed lady or elderly Indy to share a 3 room furnished apt. on bu* line, close to business district In Upper Alton. 2-7243, IIOU8BH FOR RENT 3MALL HOUSE — Modern, North Alton. 1 block trnrn tails. 2-eitnn. , IIOOM. HOUSE — And bath. Raymond SANFORD AVE. — 7 room modern, 3 large rooms down, large hall, H.W.F., 4-rooms up with bath divided into 2 apartments. Hot air furnace with stoker, wired for electric, also gas. Nice level lot 50x175 ft $11,800 R. WILLIS, Representative of Byron F. Yancey Real Estate Agency. Phone 3-5937. miles north of 112. Frank Enke, 5-ROOM HOUSE—4 Bunker hill on Rt, Bunker Hill. FIVE itOOM — Modern unfurnished house for rent. Nenr bus line and school, $75. Immediate possession. Ph. 4-0382. FURNISHED HUUMK8 ROOM MODERN — Furnished home. Located on Brown St., East Alton. »00 per mo. Dial 3-7110. GAHAORH BUILDING — 84xflS. Good locnllon, Suitable for warehouse or garage. Apply 029 E. 8th. E.9L KENT " S-ROOM HOUSE—Or more, by »dulta. CIVIL ENGINEER — And wife desire nicely furnished house or apt. Call 4-02117. . WANTED — 3 or 4 room unfurnished hou-e. plaljtjTOBa. _ I or 4-ROOM UNFURNISHED AP't7- Or hou«e In Wood Hlver area. Phone 4-3084 after 3 p. m. REAL ESTATE SALE 57 FARMS AND LAND A SHOW PLACE One of Macoupln county's finest, 224 acres slock and grain, high stage pro. ductinh, near government reserve, com plelely modern, fine road. This kind seldom found. None finer. Has won dcrful possibilities $50,000 W. M. GREER REAL ESTATE BOfl So. Broad Carllnvlll __ Phone 3IHX For Farming or Investment 28 ACHES. SOME IMPROVEMENTS Close In choice location. PEARL THORNTON Renl_Estnle Broker-_2-2»87 10 ACRES -•• With new 2 room house electricity and running water, 5 mile; from llardln. III., on bluff road. Idea for club house. Ph. 301 Hamburg 01 see Robert L. Carroll at Hamburg. _ . . _ c67fNETt~LOT -- On 5th and Washing Ion in East Alton, for quick sale, $151)0 4-11550. _ LC>f~T6Tt~SIALE -- On Esther"St." In Wood River, AUxlilO', $B.5 for quick sale. Call 2-8naa._ _ WILSH IRE WOODS—Restricted to homes of brick or stone Have a few choice lots available. FRANK YODER, Realtor 202 E, Main, East Alton Dial 4-9113 or 4-4627 3-ROOM Automatlc heat, hardwood floors. Venetian blinds. Inquire Acton Aptf. Apt. 7. 37 E. Aclon. ^Vood River. 3~ROOM UNF"UKNISHED~APT7" — For rent. 4-3247. __ " 3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS — Bath ami screened porch. Heut and water furnished. 2403 Brown. 3-JJ577. 3 ROOMS & BATH-Upstairs, unfurnished; private entrance, Venetian blinds, inlaid linoleum, -love, heat and water furnished. Employed couple preferred. 4-5443. 4 ROOM UNFUHNiSHEu" APT "-.-" For rent. 258 E Ferguson. Inquire at 257 E. Ferguson. 5 ROOM DELUXE APT. -- First Hour, Venetian blinds, tile kitchen, kitchen cablp.ets, garbage disposal, tile bath with abower over tub. HWF. large rooms, automatic ga* heal, continuous hot water furnished, beautiful recreation room furnished for tenants. Must be teen to be appreciated. Upper Alton on busline. Rent $123 per month. Worden Apts, 1107 Washington. Ph. 2-6<ii2 or 3r451Z. 8~LARGE ROOMS— 3 porches, full" basement, garage, nice yard, heat and water furnished. $65 month. 3201 Edsall. Phone 2-6385. it FUKNUatB APABTMENTt KAST ALTON — 3 room basement apt. Utilities furnished, private entrance and baUa. 4HB84. ? FURNISHED ROOMS — Everything modern, working couple only. 4-6139. 442 Tipton. Wood River. 511 IIODSKS *°OH SALK NEW FHA APPROVED "NATIONAL HOMES"—In Alton's newest and lies subdivision at Herbert street and Oik Drive in Milton district 11500 down and $U4 50 oer month For Informatlor phone Edwardsvlll* 716S RALPH H £AD_P_ builder __ J tuVOMS—"Modern, cfeorge «tree~t~"*i!!OC down. 4-room modern, $1000 down J830 RIEHL AGENCY Phone 2-7722 - iI-3029 o.nona I-1WI7 I1-5UOU 2-4992 WOOD RIVER 5-room all modern home with ful basement, hardwood floors, cabinets sturm windows and doors; nice law with shrubbery. Price $10,50 R. H. HESSENFLOW AGENCY 12 Wood River Ave.; Dial 4-3532 Evenings Jack Baierlein. 2-7659 MILTON DISTHICT— By owner, 5 room modern $9.50. Dial th* Rut Int L«t* In Nt.Vt fDRNlTURK — ftt« RUSSELL VENETIAN •LINO MFO, CO. W* Hive K*_l* flUmpi nil Milton R««it Mil 3-flfHI • R*|. *-«.«» I Uteek niln. FrM with Rftry I2A.OI) PBfotuw. CENTRAL AVE. 5 room*. Full bttiement, new ga* fur- n»r» and water hnoler, itorm doom and window*, Instituted, garage. Prlre $8780 R. H. HESSENFLOW, REALTOR 3 Wood River Ave. Dial 4-3532 JOHNS-MANVILLE RE-STYLE YOUR MODERN 4-nOOM HOMES—OH heat, automatic ga* water heater, hardwood floor*, built-in cnblnets, tnlnld tile floor* In kitchen and b»th. J. W. Olm- atead. Phone 2-8085. _ _ __ PRACTICALLY" INI TOWN 7 ROOMS — 30 ACRES • All tillable acreage • Outbuilding* Including burn ~ Pond About 'M fruit tree* • New gnrnge' Home In good condition _ Arrnnged for 2 apti. or 7-room home • Large full bath All gnod-»lze room* _ Like new furnace In full batement • Pill* enclosed porch • Iniulated Cabinet* In nice kitchen Venetian blind* Only I mile nut of Alton Seen by appointment only _ Price «l,000 CLEM NOLL RfALTY AGENCY A REALTOR 040 E. Broadway, Phone 3-0821 After 0 P. M. Call Dlckmann, 2-8454 or Strulf, 3-2148 NEW 4-ROOM HOUSES — On Hoover Drive. »I275 down, $00 per month. J. W, Olnutead. Phone 8-8003. -ROOM FR/TME HOUSE ~"«f BATH— With full ba*ement and furnace. Dial 2-0733, __ UD8ON AVE. — Attractive 2-famlly apt. 0 room* and bath, cabinet*, fireplace, icreened porch flrsf floor; S room* nnd bnth, separate entrance, up. Stoker fired hot water heat. 2 garage*, extra lot $20,000 W. B, SCHMOELLER AGENCY 707 Wnihlngton Ave. Dial 3-8713 Evening*: ED BERRY 3-S824 WALTER SCHMOELLEtt . . 2-4538 150 DOWN—New 2-room house',' »30 per month payment*. Total price $1000. See Herbert Sadler, 8th street, Forest Home, Cottage Hill*, Bethalto, or call St. Loula, HI. Mow brick ranch style home at 705 Willoway. 2 large bedroom* with sliding door closoU and built-in wardrobe chest. Den that can he 3rd bedroom. Large 1lVax22 living room with guest closet. Spacious kitchen, plenty of cabinets, double well Kink, brenkfnst bar. tile floor, plaster wall*. Marble window sill/), tile bnth and shower. On* radiant heat. Insulated, attached gnrnge, City sewer. Close to schools. Will go F H A. Price $15,500 FRANK YODER, REALTOR 202 E. Main, East Alton Dial 4-0113 - 4-82I1B - 4-4027 EAST ALTON, Washington Ave. -^- 5-room modern home with extra lot. Good condition, large rooms, stairway to floored atric, H.W.F., cabinets in kitchen, Venetian blinds, draperies and curtains, full basement, with den, stool, sink and fruit closet, double garage, storm window"; and screens throughout. Call 4-4281 for appointment. 5 to 9 p. m. 9 FURNISHED ROOMS ~ In Wood Biv- (f. GlU 4-3397. C EN tRALLYTQC AT ED Very nice 5-roojn frame home. Hardwood floors, full basement, close to schools and bus. Reduced to ... $9500 NORTH ALTON 5-room bri^k,. Hardwood floors, cabinets, large finished basement, stoker heat, garage. A-l condition. Only $8400 CORONADO DRIVE 4-room modern home. Extra large living room, cabinets, stoker, garage Fully insulated, storm windows. Only . $8850 Please Call BOB WUTHENOW, 2-6335 HARRY F. HEMPHILL NEW BRICK HOME—Modern, 4 rooms, bnth. full basement, hardwood floors plaster walls, gas heat and water healer. Instituted, city sewer. Washington avenue at E. Main, E. Alton, close to schools and bus $2_00 down FHANK YODEH, REALTOR 202 E. Main. E. Alton DlaJ_4-nlJ3 _-_4-B238 ;_4-!<|27__ 'HENRIETTA"''ST. Lovely 4 room modern home, large liv Ing room, guest clo.set. nice sUe bed room*, closets, cabinets in kitchen level lot, garage, stoker heat. . .$11050 PARK DRIVE 4 room all modern, long living room one large bedroom, one smaller, gas furnace, water heater. Venetian blinds screened porch, close to busline am business arcn $7!KIO 1I1CKEHSON ST.. Beautiful 4 room, all modern home Only five years old, large living room sun room, 2 bedrooms, lovely kitchen cabinets. Includes carpets. Venetian blinds, draperies, electric stove, stoker bent, water heater, garage. Level lot metal awnings $0500 UPPER ALTON On of the finest homes in Upper Alton. A-l condition, ready to move Into Close to bus and schools. Must he seen to be appreciated . $11,000 For information please call Mrs Archa Trubue Hurry F. Hemphill Agency Office 3-3584 Res. 2-8140. If no_ answer-_2-l 172 NORTH ALTON — 5 room modern. New furnace, stoker, electric water heater. Full basement garage. Nice lot. Shrubbery Near schools. Special . . $9000 NORRIS —'2-4295 _ _ DREW _AC;ENCY WOOD" RIVER •- New a room brick by owner. Insulated, storm windows gas heat, HWF. Venetian blinds, plas tered. 84 C'ar.tens ._. , ^ $885i " $600 DOWN 3 rooms and closed porch, lights am hot water, stool, full basement an< furnace $4451 ALTON REALTY COMPANY Phone 2-2222 Evenings: Johnson 3-8284 Moore 2-1742 " JOHN BERICAN AGENCY OAK DRIVE, EAST ALTON Excellent 5-room brick on well located landscaped lot. 2 Ity'ge bedrooms, combination living _nd dining room. i-5xll> with fireplace and picture window aluminum window casements, marble sills, automatic heat and hot water Steel beams $15,750 ALTON New brick. 3426 Thomas avenue. 4 large rooms, 5 closets, birth doors, copper water piping, steel beams, m§i- sive fireplace and picture window, extra fireplace and brick bar in large rathskeller . linoleum tile floor in kitchen, bath and r_thsk«ller Cabinets Wired for stove Reduced for quick sale $13,950 JOHN 8ERIGAN AGENCY 4-6614 200 W Mam St.. East Alton, 111. JIM APPLE. Bethalto After } P. M. CHAPPELL . . . 3-8475 BERIGAN , . . . 2-4279 EOERKEB . J-7518 • FREE ESTIMATES • CONVENIENT TERMS • 8 COLORS TO CHOOSE PROM • Company Trained Appliciton MAROAL HOME IMPROVEMENT 00, [ PhoiM 2-891S 1 NEED HELP TO MAKE BOTH ENDS MEET? IF YOUR PAYCHECK DOESN'T STRETCH SEE BUDGET SERVICE DEPT. "Personalized" Confidential Of Mldwtit Atcnunlt Service 410 EAST BROADWAY ALTON PHONE 3-556* novmn rot NORTH ALTON BY OWNKR — 4 large rooms, modern house. Venetian blinds, cabinet*, «torm windows, stoker, garage. Terms. 1m- rnrdlate possession. 2-0107. ELI M. CREER AGENCY MILTON AREA i room modern home, very large living room, HWF, cabinets and Inlaids In kitchen and bath, aluminum storm snub, full basement, stoker heat. Large Karaite on rear of lot for repair shop. Price ;. .$11,000 WOOD RIVER, CARDOT ST. 4 room modern home In A-1 condition, fully Insulated, Inlaid* In kitchen and bath, lull basement, furnnce heat, also 3-room home on rear of lot In good condition, for rental. Price $8990 SOUTH ROXANA Missouri avenue. 4-room home In good condition. Largo rooms, large lot. Small down payment. $SOO down. Price $3200 MIDDLETOWN n Atl location. 0-room modern home, suitable for large family or can be arranged for 2 families. Hardwood floors, full basement, stoker heat. Other feature* not advertised. Call for full Information. MIDDLETOWN i-room modern home, Newly decorated, In perfect condition. Large floor plan, hardwood floors, Venetian blinds, cabinets and Inlaids In kitchen and bath. Large sun porch, full basement, gag heat, fully Insulated. Two-car garage. Price ^ $10,800 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS ew 4-roorn modern with garage attached, large living room and fireplace, 2 Inrge bedrooms with large closet space, knotty pine breezeway, cabinets and In- lalda In kitchen and bath, full basement, oil heat, Inrgc lot 00x200. Price $12,000 WOOD RIVER a to North Roxana. New 4-room modern home. Large fldor plan, hardwood floors, 2 large bedrooms, large closet space, cabinets and Inlaid* In kitchen and bath. $8000 F. H. A. loan. Full orlce . $0850 MILTON AREA—Michigan Ava One of the better brick home* o« Milton area. Lovely 5-room modern. Stairway to largo attic, tile root, large floor plan, large living room with stone fireplace, built-in book cases, hardwood floors, tile bath beautiful cabinet work In kitchen. Inlaid. Venetian blinds, full basement, stoker bent. Insulated brick garage. Large level lot. Other features not advertised. Call for further information. ALTON Central Avenue — Lovely four-room modern home In A-l condition. Fireplace In living room, cabinet* and In- lalds in kitchen and bath. Tile bath, Venetian blinds, storm sash. Insulated.. Full basement, stoker heat. Garage, $12,000 MILTON AREA Berkeley avenue. Lovely 5-room modern home In perfect condition. Large floor plan, hardwood floors, Venetian blinds, cabinets and inlalds in kitchen nml bath, glassed and jicreened-ln porch, full basement, gas heat, fully Insulntod. garage. Price $11,200 MILTON AREA—May field Ave. 5-room modern home. A-l condition. Hardwood floors, cabinets and inlalds in kitchen and bath, full basement, stoker heat. Insulated, garage; other features not advertised. Price . .$0500 ELI M. GREEK AGENCY REALTOR Office Phon*: 3-7504 JOHN A. CREER . . 2-7281" TOM GIBSON . . 2-4238 KENNETH GREEK 2-9177 HENRY F. NARUP AGENCY COTTAGE HILLS—R«y St. n rooms semi-modern, water and lights, good level lot. Will sell with small down payment $2100 FARM--17 acres, fi room modern house (I miles from Alton, HWF, plastered walls, new bath futures, full basement, sinker, forced air heal, electric pump n ml well w HUT Also large pond 4()x:i(i barn and other outbuildings, ; acres of alfalfa, n acres In cultivation Balance In pasture. Some berries and fruit. Price Sl.'UIW WASHINGTON AVE.—B-room modern 4 rooms on each floor. Hardwood floors, cabinets and closets, plastered walls, full basement, hot air heat, gas water heater, glasscd-ln rear porch Very good location and good lot, $11,000 ROSEWOOD HEICJIITS—Llndenwood Dr 7-room modern brick. new; l-(loor plan. Hardwood floors, closets and cab inets, inlaid in kitchen, dining and bath. Fully Insulated. Attached garage wired for stove; basement, stoker forced air heat. Lot 75x200. Price $12.800 SANFOHD AVE. — 6-room modern. 1 floor plan; closets, cabinets. Insulated storm sash and doors, Venetian blinds glassed-in roar porch, full basement Mokor heat; also water heater. House In very good shape. Weatherboard shingle roof; good garden and garage ' . $8!>flO WOOD HIVER—Madison avenue. 4-roon semi-modern. Weatherboard. Rents fo $:1H per month. Also 3-room modern basement house. Furnace, hot air heat Kents for $'•!!! per month. 2 houses on one lot. SOxlliO Price $11925 UNION ST—10 rooms. 3 apts. 2 rooms each apt , 4-room apt for owner Weatherboard house. Good lot. .$680f MILTON AKEA - Slowell avenue rooms, water, lights, plastered walls closets and cabinets, full basement, in aulgted rug* and linoleum, rangi stove and large heater that heats house and basement: good garden spot, her rles and fruit $4800 LOGAN ST., BETHALTO—4-room mod ern. Asbestos shingles. 4 years old Plastered walls, cablneti and closet* Insulated, full basement. Hot air hea and water heater. Garage and large level lot . . . 18800 EAST ALTON—Ohio avenue. 3-room modern, complete basement for another house 32x32. Furniture included, new gas range. Lot 50x120. Down payment $.950. Price $3150 COTTAGE HILLS—Ray St. 4 rooms and utility room, modern, water and tights. iloker electric water heater, insulated and screens Will tell with small down payment $3775 WOOD HIVER t, BETHALTO BOAD—8 acres ot good ground and basement house. Wired lor stove, well water «nd electric water system; berries and fruit 18825 WOOD RIVER -1 Lincoln Additioo. 5- rootn modem. Cabinets and clcwets. full basement, hot air heat, gas water heater, Venetian blinds, auu room, 'J-car garage, chicken house; fruit & grapes. Lot 85x130 $7350 HENRY E. NARUP, REALTOR 303 E. SEVENTH 2-5735- j-3718 WOOD R1VEK — S room modern, nice lot. new garage, on contract $4200. also new 4 and S rooms in Wood River and Alton. For rent new 4 room modern $75 per month SB miles out on Route 100 160 *cres productive toil, 1.10 in cultivation fair building* $15,000. M. B. HtruQie. STENOGRAPHER Will" consider beginner or I some experience. Excellent [working conditions. State age and qualifications, Box 930. Care Telegraph ROU8KS ro» BY OWNER—6-room brick. Dial 4-8700. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS WOODLAND AVENUE — Open for inspection. New ranch style, 3-bed room, large living room 26x14 with fireplace and picture window. Hardwood floors, tile kitchen and bath. Inlaids and cabinets. Full basement finished in knotty pine and fireplace. Oil heat. Garage. Large lot. Price $13,900 ELI M. CREER AGENCY Realtor Phone 3-7504 EAST AJ.TON—REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE — OHIO AVENUE. 4 ROOMS, MODERN, LARGE LOT, GARAGE. VERY REASONABLE FINANCING. PRICE $7950 HALE REALTY CO. 4-5115 — After 6 P.M. Call Walter Hale Jr. — 4-8209 59 EAST ALTON — Very nice 4 room all modern home, located on Broadway. Glassed-in front porch, H.A. furnace. Immediate possession. $1500 down. Sale price $7250 EAST ALTON, Whitelaw Ave.— 5 room all modern, plenty ol cabinet and closet space, H.W floors, stoker. Lot 50x160 Fenced-in yard. $2000 down payment. Sale price.. .$10,900 ALTON — 4 apartment building located in Middletown. Income $257 per month. Very good re pair. Close to bus. Call Harold Austin. 3-7186 Hemohlll Agency EXTRA SPECIAL — ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS — Large 5 room brick house, all new full basement, gas heat, gas hot water heater, extra large lot garage $14,000 HALE REALTY CO. 4-5115 After 5 P.M. call Walter Hale |r '4-8209 COLLEGE CREST 4-room modern frame, large living room, bedrooms have large closets, kitchen with built-in cabinets. HWF. utility room, bree7.e\vay and garage $8500 BUNKER HILL ROAD 7-room modern frame, 3 miles south of Bunker Hill, newly decorated, ( insulated, storm windows, gas hr.ii, J-car garnge, l acre ground. $9150 JUST OFF ELM STREET 4-room modern brick. Corner lot. l blo(!k from hua line nice flnoi- plan, hardwood floors, insulated, full basement $10,900 LANGDON ST. New 4-room modern frame. \\ ith large living room and pi t-1 u re w i nd ow. cedar ! i n ed i'Insets. HWK. utility room, gas heat, combination storm windows, Immediate pus- ness ion. • $12,000 CLOVER LEAF AGENCY REALTOR Ridge Alton III After 6 P. M.—A. J. Harte, 3-3436 BETHALTO SHELLVIEW DRIVE 5 rooms modern except furnace, large i kitchen with cabinets, house 5 or 6 i years old Nice level lot 50x150. Price | only . *45»0 HALE REAL ESTATE AGENCY REALTORS 2-7121 _ __ HARTFORD-Now ;i-room home Modern, insulated, with storm windows and door*, gas heat. Two lots. Very nice $6500 FOREST HOMES — Basement home. «ize 24x28, electricity and good well. large lot *1750 FOREST HOMES — New 4 room home, large back porch, good well, wired for electric stove Terms $3700 FOREST HOMES - 3 room home with back porch enclosed, good well with water pressure system, electric hot watev heater. Terms $3150 HOME SALES COMPANY 103 East Broaiiway. Alton. lllinoU | Phone 2-3211. After 5 P. M.. 2-7338 : FOR SALE —- 4 room bouse approximately 400' from river. Out of reach ot high water. Has a beautiful view Ideal for home or club house. Located In Hamburg. Ill Near school. Boy Hat- Held, Hamburg, ill. BRING YOUR CHEVROLET HOME FOR A MARCH MOTOR TINE-HP SPECIAL! Cheek Engine Compression Clean and Adjust Spark Plugs Test littery—Clean Terminals Check and Adjust or Replace Distributer Points Check Distributor Rotor and Cap Check Manual and Vacuum Ignition Advance • Set Timing, Test Coil and Condenser • Clean Fuel Pump Bowl, Clean Air Cleaner • Cheek Manifold Heat Control, Normaliie Engine, Tighten Head and Manifold Bolfi • Adjust Carburetor Idle, Tighten Hose Connections • Adjust Fan Belt • Adjust Tappets Labor REILLEY BROS., INC. YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER 912 E. BROADWAY DIAL 3-77*7 •Wtwn InteetmeiMy ASSOCIATES LOAN COMPANY is E. Fernion Ave,, W. River Phone 4-387« • A COMPtm MONBT HAM •uooni • PtOMPT, HHMMY • IXnWMNCID MfMIT 59 HOUSES FOR BALE 4-ROOM HOUSE — Semi-modern; also lot on Brown street. Ph. 2-8166-3-9806. NEAR ST. MARY'S — 6 room modern, HWF, fireplace, beautifully decorated, cabinets, stoker heat, 3 nice bedrooms and bath up, living room, dining room, kitchen and '/, bath down. Bargain $11,000 ROLLA H. HARRISON. REALTOR Office 3-5307 Evenings 2-9680—3-5368 FOR SALE — 3 room house with screened porch and lennto garage. Has running water, electricity and city gas, concrete block barn, other good outbuildings, about Hi acres of ground, completely fenced and cross fenced. Lots' of berries, grapes and tree fruits with established market at door. Located on U. S. highway 66, 4'/2 miles east of Mitchell. 111. Inquire of owner. FOR SALE — 6 room duplex with gas heat, modern throughout. Near Western. By owner. 2-7137 after 5 p.m. 2 ROOM HOUSE — For sale. To be moved from lot. Ph. 3-6004. NORTH ALTON 6 room brick, one floor plan with 3 fine bedrooms and floored attic, with plumbing and heating outlets already installed. Automatic heat and water heater, HWF. 10 inch steel beams, 10 Inch joists, cut stone foundation, level lot and garage. A well constructed home,- 11 years old. Immediate possession. A bargain at $15.750 EDSON A. DODGE AGENCY 3-7641 M. J. WICKENHAUSER AGENCY REALTOR NORTH ALTON 4 room modern stucco home, stool and lavatory in bath room, full basement, new coal furnace, 1'i acres, ideal for garden, S2000 down, $35 per month. Price $5250 UPPER ALTON 5 room modern frame, extra large lot. cabinets, HWF. cabinets. Price $6950 HERBERT STREET 5 room modern brick. HWF, cabinets, nice closet space, inlaid in bath and kitchen, large floor plan, full basement, gas furnace. Price $14,500 EAST ALTON 4-room modern house, 3 years old. Hardwood floors, inlaid linoleum in kitchen & bath, and lots of cabinets in kitchen. Gas heat and automatic hot water; storm windows and screens, level lot. In good location $0775 • MILTON DISTRICT 4-room modern frame. Cabinets in kitchen, level lot 50x138, hardwood floors, screened front porch, storm windows and screens, automatic gas water heater., stoker, linoleum In kitchen and bath. Price $9450 UPPER ALTON 5-room modern brick ranch house. Breezeway and garage, cabinets. hardwood floors, vestibule with guest closet, oil heater, electric hot water heater, combination storrn windows, aluminum tile in bath. Lot 75x 200. Price $20,000 MIDDLETOWN Income property. 10-room modern apartment house, v with a 5-room apartment, a 3-room apartment and a --room apartment; good coal furnace with blower, furniture In the 3 and 2-room apartments is included. Hardwood floors downstairs, new cabinets In kitchen, garage. Within walking distance of downtown. Price, $13,630 ABERDEEN AVE. 4-room modern brick with attached garage. Inlaid in kitchen and bath, gas furnace, cabinets In kitchen, hardwood floors, sewer, lot 55x125, ceiling insulated, restricted subdivision. 2 years old. FHA approved. Price $14.500 MILTON DISTRICT 4'.i room modern frame, large living room and dining alcove. HWF. built-in tahi- iiels. gas heat. Price $11).250 MIDDLETOWN 4-roorn modern Hardwood flours, large rooms, cabinets, tile m bath and kitchen. basement garage, drapes and Venetian blinds. Price $12,6UO GODFREY 7-room modern frame with attached garage: one floor plan, good condition. 3 acres of ground. 2 Urge chicken houses, 'BOO capacity! brooder house. Price $15,750 NORTH ALTON 4-room modern. Cabinet*, wired for electric stove, fully insulated M. j. WICKENHAUSER AGENCY 1301$ E. Broadway Alton, Illinois Phone --1)5-2 or .-9532 After 9:00 P m- call: BEUTTEL . . . 3-8130 PAVNE ... 2-1781 WICKENHAUSER . 2-3984 MONEVT MoMIt *2Oto *5OO Yoaieaa be« nerriee at HFC—1 FEMUC* Co •re America's aide** No yo« work, yo« era get new — when yoa need good purpose* LontaB on Select a monthly r comfortably arranged to 4% 3 come. Take 6, 12, 18 or more monlfca to repay depending on the pvpoM of your loan. Get a prompt eMh loan on term* yon can afford! CaM friendly, dependable HFC toefcmyl /MONEY you MB> or C*ift Y*«O* « 1 M 100 200 300 500 MONT 18 t>*ymlt S 7.29 14.48 21.33 34.25 Hir PA I) ptymlt $ 8.40 16.69 24.66 39.81 fMCNT 1 13 **>mti $ 5.03 10.07 20.03 29.68 48.18 •LANS 6 ftymK % 9.24 18.48 36.85 54.90 90.14 momnkolfi thorn i, tlu monlUy ran of 3% am «-* Mrf et m tflfmu mat lutritmt $150. 2% am Imml farl of f tolfmtt in ftttlt of II5C \>mt nml tint MOO. mm* Jf *n , 123 W. Third Strea* 2nd Floor PHONE: 3-8871—Atta ROUSES FOB 8ALk ALTON REALTY CO.—2-2222 613 E. Broadway LOTS IN EAST ALTON New addition, level, large. $750 apiece. SANFORD NEAR MAIN ST. 5 room modern, 2 bedrooms, large kitchen, garage, lot fenced, automatic gas heat. Excellent location ....$8850 ROYAL STREET 6 rooms, suitable for two apartments. Level lot, garage, quick possession. $6850 3 ROOM BRICK, N. ALTON Completely modern, automatic heat, plenty of cabinets, utility room $4750 Evening phones: Ben Moore —2-1742 W. E. Johnson — 3-8284 SIDNEY STREET 6 room modern home, complete in every detail f 12,200 SALU 8 room modern home with 4 room modern home in rear. Rents for $50 per mo. Both for $10,200 PARK DRIVE 4 room modern home, gas furnace, Venetian blinds, tile kitchen and bath, nice location $8400 Call Wilburt H. Schneider, 2-7801 Hemphill Agency 80 RE30HT9—COTTAOM LARGE BUSSES suitable for club houses or storage. Wood River Used Auto Parts. 4-3513. 6:< WANTED, REAL ESTATE WANTED — Quick possession on several modern homes. 4 to 6 room*, Can get nice price if desirable. ROLLA HARRISON. REALTORS Office ' 3-5397 Evening 3-5368 FOR A QUICK SALE—Of vour property Call CL1 M. GREER AGENCY OFFICE—DIAL 3-7504 TOM GIBSON 2-4258 JOHN A. GREER 2-7211 WANTED TO BUY—From owner. 4 or 5-room modern home. North Alton or Godfrey location, under $11,000. Call 2--1865. AUCTIONS AUCTIONS «4C . ANGUS CATTLE SALE — Tuesday, April t on the Belleville. Illinois Fairgrounds. Selling 16 bulls and 52 females, purebred, all ages. Southwestern Illinois Angus Assn. Request catalogs from Orvil'le Helms, Mgr., Belleville. III.. FT 1. AUCTION—Tuesday' & Saturday night, 7 p. m.. Route 140. Cottage Hills. New and used merchandise. What have you to self.' Phone 4-8266. GOESSMAN AUCTION. FURNITURE AUCTION — Friday evening, 7:00 p m. Jouett Auction House. 1706 Washington Complete Una of nousehold Items; large or small consignments accepted. Dial 3-3034. .FARM - LIVESTOCK Aft DOGS—CATS—PETS DOG LOVERS SEE SEARS NEW COMPLETE LINE OF DOG HARNESSES AT Sears Big Alton Farm Store Steel Button-Studded Collars 39c to $1.89 Plain Harness 39c to $1.35 Steel Button-Studded Harness 89c to $1.49 Leather Leads 49c to $1.69 Braided Plastic Lead 79c Chrome jewel Leads $1.89 to $2.19 Five-foot Braided Leather Leads $1.35 Steel Combs 95c to $1.79 Choke Chains 95c to $1.49 4'/ 2 ft. to 15 ft. Nickel Chains 69c to $1.49 Squeak Mice & Rats. .23c & 29c Latex Rubber Toy 55c Animal Brushy . ...59c to $1.35 Rubber Pones 19c Rubber Bell Balls 29c Stop in Today Sears Big Alton Farm Store Fourth & Piasa. Alton, III. Phone 3-55U . _ DOGS—CATS—PETS COLLIE PUPPIES — Thoroughbred, 3 mos. old, sable with good white markings. Dial 2-4028. FOR SALE—English letter puppiei, 3 months old; sired by Kama Blue Demon. These are bird dogs, white, lemon and orange ticked. Jesi Edwards. Phone 2-2897. PARAKEETS — Canaries; guaranteed lingers. Hen blrdi for breeding. Dial 2-1637. 613 Lampert. FARM EQUIPMENT SPRAYER — 600-gallon tank, large pump, engine powered, on rubber, or for truck mounting. Phone 3-9343, NOW ON HAND — Used plows, tandem disc, tractor spreader. Creeling Equipment Co., Godfrey, 111. OLIVER TRACTOR—80 Row Crop cultivator, corn planter with fertilizer attachments; two 14-inch Ward plow*, David Bradley wagon on rubber. David Bradley dump rake. Phone 2-7268, Alton. TITAN CHAIN SAWS—Everett Harris, Bethalto, 111. Call 2-4008. VAC CASE TRACTOR — With mounted plows, cultivator and mower. Also John Deere 6 ft. tandem disc and 12 ft. heavy harrow. One 1949 Chevrolet 3 i- ton pick up truck, 17,000 miles. All in very good condition. Moving, must sell. H. Barnett, >, mile north of Godfrey on Godfrey-Fosterburg road. Ph. 2-4020. 67 FEEDS AND SEEDS BE WISE—Get your fertilizer now. For price* call 2-4008. Everett Harris. Agrico dealer. OHDER YOUR PF1STER — Hybrid seed corn now. Everett Harris, Fosterburg road. 2-400B. Will deliver. «* LIVESTOCK ~~~~ FOR SALE — 10 sheep and 9 lambs. Ronald Breitwlser. Shlpman. 111. FOR SALE —Your choice of 56 resis- tered Hereford bulls and 34 females. Carrolllon Sale Barn, March 21st. For catalogue write Irwin Davis, Rt. 1, Jerseyville. Illinois. Valley Hereford Association. FRESH COW — LayirTg hens and shoals Henry Feltes. '/« mile west of Foster- nurg. __ _ PORTABLE CHICKEN HOUSE -. i a | 3-7353. "_6x2- ___ POLAND-DUROC— 4 sows, 25 pigs. 4 weeks old. Phone Carrollton 5-OF21 . 6 MIXED WHITE FACE — YeTrilngi. 2 springer heifers. 2 fresh Guernsey heifers, registered saddle mare, 2 week old white face calf. Lloyd E. Dehner. Godfrey. 111. _ 8 HEAVY SPRINGER GUERNSEY~^Heifers, some registered. Fresh any day. Also cows for -ale. Arnold Stahi- hut, Junction Route 112-140. _ __-_. SUPPLIES BABY CHICKS— Poultry supplies, OccU dant feeds with multi-mycln. Wert'i Grocery. Dial 2-8009^ _ BABY CHICKS— Big husky chicks for ?. "2 and layer " witn tested Uvabil- ity. Nationally approved, Pullorum Passed and quality priced. We will de- Hatch " y ' CHICKS-Heavies and hybrid's; hatchei every Monday and Friday. Specials on heavy mix. Cockerels $3 per hundred. Started chicki available, some over 2 weeks old. Phone 1837. Wolf i "lie '[f 1 "° Van<UIIa st - Edwards- BAbY CHICKS — Special* for March. B ^ n ? r ''_. ye l^ te Rock(l W.83 per 100. *!"*• Rocks (Egg Grade) ai hatched $11.50 per 100. Any Tuesday oJ»Frlday. Place orders In advance. Our standard matings also available In L«|horn.. Hampshire* and White Rock*. Runzle Feed Store, 809 Belle St. Hofman Feed ^ HALL'S STARTED CHICKS— Wil7~boost your profits. Available twice a week. ? !L ld 4 wee , lu ° w i Also b aby chicks. Leghorn cockerel .\_Foqp_ ELM PRO'micE~~Wlne«ap nanas, now white onions, white "clover honey. 5 Ib. jars *1.25. onion «ets, sweet _corn_4Jgrjgjg.,gg3_Elm St. 1* WTD—STOCK—FEED—Ete. WANTED — Buff Cochan Bantam egg* toe getting.(Dial 4-8ggg 1 _ MaSCTFQR SALiT" U 4BT1CLE- FOB gALi — CROCHETED - Embroidery jplece*. oaby things, stamped good* and thread Art & GUt Shop. 802jienry «treet. CROCHETED RUFFLED = H"ener piece*. All colors. Noveltie*. 76? Park drive. __ GOOD HOT POINT _ ElectriiTTiE.,, and ping pong table. 3-6158. STOVS ruBiucg 4 moat all make*. Quick « ^ r

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