Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 12, 1942 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1942
Page 3
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Polsy Dorothy Heard, .Edttpr Sociar Calendar Telephone 766 Monday. January 12 Invitations to a tea honoring Lenoi-a Routon, who will :b e : ' bricl ° of Lieutenant tho Mt . .... church in Washington I v ) Jom !? ry ".have been issued by her mo her Mr.. Ralph Routon. Guests will call between the hours of 3 and C o'clock. V i The Business Woman's circle of the First Baptist church will meot at the home of M. S. Bates, 7:30 P clock. . :Circle No. I of the Ladies Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian .church, home of Mrs. Paul Kaiser 3 o clock. jCircle No. 2 of the Ladies Au- xUiary of the First Presbyterian ", church, the .church, 3o'clock . .•Circle No. 3 of the Lndios Auxiliary of the First Presby.erinn church, J,omo of Mrs. C. C McNeil, 3 o'clock. Y Circle No. A of the Ladies Auxiliary of the First Pmbyterjan church, home of Mrs. A. E. Stonn- .quist, 3 o'clock. ^ Cn-cle No. 5 of the Ladies Au- chruch, the church, 7:30 o'clock.' _ Therc wi " »ot bo a Jnnuary so- SAENGER R. A. MELVILLE Glass Blower will be at the Saenger for one week Now and Tuesday MOST TH,RIUI.NG ADVENTURE FILM OF THE YEAR I ttorrmg BRUCE CABOT • GEORGE SANDERS S.IR CEDRIC HARDWICKE PLUS LATEST NEWS Good Tome to Dine e ' a1 ./meeting of the Kuzelean class of the First Baptist Sunday school because of (he inclement weather. The Woman's Society of .Christ- tian Service of the First Methodist church .will meet at : tho .churqh 3 o.clpck. An executive meeting will .proceed the regular meeting, 2 o clock. Members of the Wesleyan Guild .of the First Methodist church will meet at the home of Mrs. Dolphus Whitten, Jr., 7:30 o'clock. Mrs Jimmy Chcatham will be the .associate hostess. As matters of importance will be discussed,, all •members ore urged : to attend. Group No. 2 of the First Christ- tian church council will meet at the home of Mrs. Malcolm Porler•field, 3:30 o'colqk. Tuesday, January 13th! The January meeting of the Iris Garden club will be held Tuesday January 20 instead of the regular intjclirig date; January. 13. 'Dinner meeting of (l, c Business nnd Professional Women's club, 7 in ^ Ol u 1 , H ,? lry tiinning '•° om - 7:3P. Talbot Feild, Jr., will be the guest spcakqr. Mrs. L. F. Higgnspn will bo host- .ess to the members of the Winsome -class of the First Baptist Sunday school at the monthly business and social meeting, 7 o'clock. Tuesday Contract bridge club home of Miss Ruth Taylor, 3:30 P clock. Wednesday,' January 14th Mrs. Ralph Bailey and Mrs. James F. Ward will be hostesses U> tie members of the Gardina Garden club at the .home of '11,0 former, 2:30 o'clock. Members of the,John Cain chapter o fthe Daughters of the Ameri- NO ASPIRIN FASTER St. Joseph Aspirin is as I CUBED pure as money can buy I OOlftlf —no aspirin can do more for yo,u. Sp .why pay more? Always demand Beachcomber Turns Trick Wherein Hairy Jim Reveals Facts About His Life B.v SAM-JACKSON Al' Fenlure Service Writer HALF MOON BAY, ,Calif. - When n boot is .bushed vip somewhere along California's thousand miles of sen coast, the newspaper accounts ore likely as not lo mention a "beachcomber. ' For example: "The wKeck was reported by n beachcomber. ' This has occurred too often to -be the whim of some romantic reporter. The beachcomber plainly is no longer confined to fiction or to cor/,1 islands of the South Seas. He's on our own road map. America seems to have taken him on along with such other tropical importations as- pineapples, 'coconuts and hula hula dancers. Like many a fellow occasionally weary of work ,nnd routine, I have secretly been interested in beach- combing as a profession. This stretch of coast seemed n good place lo seek out its practitioners. Hairy Jim is a dyed-in-the-wool beachcomber of the true South Seas type. His habitat is cooler than a tropical island but it's never cold in the sense that most of the country umleratniids cold. Jim goes around in just a pair of trunks summer and winter. Few people climb down a 200-foot cliff or walk six pr eight miles up the beach to visit the beachcomber. When they do he's happy and garni- PUT OUR WAV lous, Jim the debris washed has been carefully inspecting up by the tide 9 fl ~ji^ 1^?, i TOLD you I'D PAY YOU BACK FOR PAViN' MV WAY I WTO THAT •SHOW LAST MIGHT-I BOUGHT DE REUSE STAMPS, WITH I'LL PAY YOU FLIGHT WOW l DEFENSE STAMRS ME, TOO/ YOU CAM HARDLY OBJECT TOTAklKl 1 DEFENSE PER. WHUT 1 OWE -YOU/ By J.R. Williams THAMES AWFUL MUCH PER SHOWIrvJ* MY PATRIOTISM/ MOTHER. AW'S1STEO ™^-ru- SAME. WITH A CHANGE TO BUY ONE MYSELF I'LL BE MOT ONLY A ~'~-" • -- — - ' BUT A Sumrall to End Series of Talks To Address Tabernacle Group ^ HEROES ARE MADE--MOT Stating ithat .Hitler's deadliest .enemy » the .Chijrch ; pf J.esus .Chrjst, Lester F Sumrall, globe trotting evangelist, told a large crowd at the Hope Gospel Tabernacle Sunday night, that the Jews .with .all their money, the great universities wit |, a! ] their i earning , the monarch and rulers of the con- pueror.ed countries all have .run away frpm the : scene qf action, .except the Church. "But the Church carries on its Tight against Nazism frpm concentration camps, where 10,000 ministers haye been imprisoned," he added .Monday night ,will .be the .final meeting in this.series of services Mr Sumrall will show 1GOO feet of .moving pictures, .of his travels Jn Alaska. Of particular .interest to this section is a scene of the military of Alaska on parade. The meeting -will begin pi:pmptly at ,7:30. here Saturday night, when they meg the Henderson State Teachers five 0S the .OiiBchita court. ™ n™ e » i t ig £ rs were to have P'ayed ^ 110th Medical Corps qu.intet of Catijti Robinson, here last Friday night, -btft the Corps was moved out of camp m December, to unannounced desfihalibfi. Some giant cypress trees of Mexico are estimated to be 6.000 yearsbld, •much older than the California redwoods. • • Good News for Many Suffered* The McCleary Clinic, E21S Elftw Blvd., Excelsior Springs, Mo., is put" ting put an up-to-the-minute, illustrated 122-page book on Piles, Fistula, Stomach and Colon disorders, .ai\A associated ailments as shown in -the chart below. • •' along almost evcry- for many years. Naturally I asked whether he had ever found one of those mysterious messages that castaways on a desert island set adrift m a bottle, asking for help or perhaps giving a clue to buried treasure. The question hit nearer the mark body gives him ,a dime or quarter. He once had some picture postcards of himself printed, but they didn't go as well as the shells. Jim has taken ,up his beach residence largely to work out a scientific problem. His rough lean-to against the .cliff is adorned by several little wooden and paper windmills that spin furiously in the breeze. When at his research, he produces some on a reed whistle genuine, pure St. Joseph Aspirin Jie world's largest seller at 10c wen bigger savings in the bier si?pq .00. 36 tablet*, 20c. 1CX) tablefs, 35o.' RIALTO than youd think. There had indeed! wei '-d squeaks „.. a ,-,.-,..„ wmsue been such a bottle picked up by a which lie says represents the cry of i ortugue.se who had lived for a few l tho female wombat or some such months in a nearby cove. But since 1 mnl he couldn't read, he had tossed the bottle back in the surf. This was certainly a disappointment. JM-om all the cartoons you see, it's apparent that ship-wrecked people consist mostly of beautiful girls who Harrison in Hollywood By PAU L HARR.SON, NEA Service Corrjondont ^ Still Waiting for That Top War Time scramble ashore dressed in just those few wisps of silk which we gentlemen of (he old school refer to as "unmentionables." I always wanted to get up a rescue expedition. _____ Jim spends a good deal of time =i=^==S==^=.. Painting pictures and the results are pretty horrible. He also plays solitaire with a greasy deck of cards from which the four of hearts is missing by a piece of to bring him a NOW Constance BENNETT Jeffe.ry LYNN m "law of the Tropics" PLUS • TAKE THE AIR • FIGHTING 691 Tues - Wed - Thurs "Great Lie" and "Gay Vagabond" and is represented ."hinglc. I promised new deqk. Even n beachcomber has to have a little money and I gnthercd that Hairy Jim gets it this way: He collects sea Shells and pn Sundays and holidays tramps down to where people are fishing or picnicking. Nobody wants -his shells, but Jim put on such an act and gives them such a hair-raising (and totally untrue) account of wrecks Father of Hope (Continued From Page One) can Revolution will meet al Ihe home of Mrs. F. R. Johnson, 2 o'clock. Co-hostesses will be Mrs. A. L. Black, Mrs. Lee Holt, and Miss Helen Citty. Mrs. R. L. Seurcy ofLewisville will have charge of the program on "Conservation- Human and Natural." (9, Luxury STOCKINGS only 88' Amazing value in our January stocking sale! Silk stockings with reinforced heels, toes Full range shades to blend with all your costumes. Every shade in every size hurry! - 10i. so LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP bert Pike consistory in Little Rock At the time of his death he managed his farm .near Arkadelphia and was a teacher of the men's Bible class at the Methodist church. He is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Warren H. Hull of San Antonio Texas, and Mrs. Josephine Vesey of Hope, and two sons, William Paul of San Antonio, and Chapman Hall Davidson of Hugo, Okla V Funeral services will be held at the Arkadelphia Methodist church at 2-30 p. m. Monday by the pastor, the Rev Forrest E. Dudley. The -Rev. S. -R» Twitty of Conwny will speak and the Rev. J. E. Cooper, district superintendent, will assist. HOLLYWpOD-There is a real lo-, cal notion that Irving Berlin's "We'll Remember Pearl Harbor" ought to become (he most popular song of this wartime but a couple of top tune- smiths I know wouldn't want their criticism t obe misinterpreted, say its a mistake. America won't go for songs of hale, or vengeance, because music and hatred are just naturally incompatible. When the top war song is written, it will likely be a sentimental ballad like "My Buddy" Or Maybe a catchy martial number like Uver There." The later, you'll recall was no hymn of fury; it was a for-' wardlooking promise of aid and victory. Hollywood moviemakers also are beginning to wonder about the aotion- filled pictures which they scheduled m the first few weeks of their personal indignation. Gradually they're recalling that films of blood and hot lead didn't do well in this country until after World War 1 was won Maybe sentimental stuff is better now, plus comedy, plus insuirational stories' of the behind-the-lines business of putting tfre most-4ind. best fighting tools into Ihe hands' of the men who use them. T this country, incidentally, Eng- land has sent a : film unit to record h.ghbghts .of ; the Nnited State's vast ndustrial war effort. The picture is to be shown throughout ,thhe Emuire as morale-building proof of the things to come. ' .° Good Neighbor Like many '.Hpllywpodsmen, J. Carrol Naish had, a Japanese .gardener —until the declaration of war For few days, then, the man didn'.t shp up; probably was busy getting himself straightened out with the FBI But finally, said .the .actor, Mr. Npkashima was there again, working among the flpwer beds and .smiling broadly .beneath a huge Mexican s'prnbrero Buenps.dias, esnior!" .called the .beaming gardener. Most startled employer of a Japanese.- American was, a director whose hpyseboy was something of a legend' m Beverly Hills for his comedy-dialect complete with hissing and deferential gestures. Shrewd ar»d competent, he never seemed to ,be able to -understand anything on the telephone '.unless -the caller .was somebody the boss really wanted to talk to. The director was in s when news came : of Japan's attack and several times on the drive -to Los Springs TAMBAY GOLD By SAMUEL HOPKINS ADAMS Copyright, 1041. ,NEA' Service Inc. Till-} STORY, .Mom Ilmnner wan Kit's licrmiKxioii from nn-tty JIIIK; Ann JudHun, lnnt of iirislo- !'.r.".",V, i>l »'"- i <'« ot run-dinvii Tnin. i iniiliiUuii, to net up "Vcudvr* liuieli Wilson <lu-re, \viinili-rH in" Bliss Beryl Henry Is Hasten; for Brldc-Elecl AI the linrlow . Tbe main dininfi room of the Barlow was the scene of a delightful event of Saturday when Miss Beryl Henry complimented Miss Lenora Roulon, bride-elect, at a luncheon. In carrying out the bridal motif, a traditional silvered old shoe, lined with satin and filled with dainty white linen banderchiefs, was placed on a circular reflector surrounded by a garland of white carnations and maidenshair fern in the center of the large luncheon table. From the.j Sears told her. central shoe white streamers extended to six smaller shoes filled with white carnations and candytuft. Bridal placecards bearing a clever descriptive adjectives proceeded the names of the following: Miss Lenora Routor, Mrs. Ralph Routon, Miss Willie Lawson of Little Rock, Mrs. Roy Anderson, Mrs. Steve Carrigan Mrs. O. A. Graves, Mrs. Robert Wilson, Mrs. Albert Graves, Mrs. Lamarr Cox, Miss Daisy Dorothy Heard, Mrs Lyman Armstrong, Mrs. C. D. Lester Mrs. T. S. McDavitt, Mrs. Thompson' Evans, Jr., and Miss Henry. Following the delicious fiveicoursc luncheon, the honoree was presented with a number of beautiful handkerchiefs by the guests, while tiny scrolls bearing timely rhimes concerning the bearing timely rhymes concerning the Personal Mention Pvt. Carlton King of Camp Wolters, Texas, spent the weekend in the city, the guest o his parents, Mr. and Mrs A. L. King. —O— Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Nordean o Okay were Sunday guests of Miss Life With Father " the lips. "I believe you believe m these horrible lynchings!" I knew the answer before he spoke. "Strangers don't understand these things." half true, too. It's more than ADVICE FROM MAURDE SEARS CHAPTER VII great-grandmother married into Tambay," Maurie .,™ Y f S ' r know <" Juddy said. ,,,!, makes us something, doesn't "I remember Cousin Selene, as a boy,' 1 he said. "She was right beautiful. Anyone could tell you were her daughter. She married out of the South." He couldn't quite keep out of his voice that Selene Maurie had smeared the lambay escutcheon by taking up with a Yankee. "Maybe you won't want to claim me for a relative when you know what I'm here for." Arid she let nim have it. The shock Before things could get meaner, I cut in. "Then the University can't gum up any building plans, can they?" "Not as long as you don't encroach," he said. "That's a 99- year lease. It runs out next year. It gives them the right of aboriginal research only. All subsoil rights except the Indian discoveries are reserved to Tambay " He smiled at Juddy. "So, Cousin, if Loren Oliver strikes an ore-lode, you can legally claim the gold." * * * JUDDY smiled back at him. I ** guess she figured that we'd been pretty rough with him. "Do you believe there's gold at Tam- bay?" "No, I don't. But plenty do. There are probably people panning Tambay Stream right now By the way, has Hollister Mowry been around to see you yet?" "No. Who is he?" "He's one of the believers in the of km, he'd move heaven and earth for you. After all, j Maurie blood is there, Cousin v "You needn't call me ^Cousin Juddy -will do," she said. I won- dere 7 whether she caught the look in his eyes. I did. * * * TT struck me that Juddy was , having a pretty £op,d time for herself with the WeUiyer lads, without taking on any extra swains The Feederia was sure Champ ions Are Gunning for Second State Title ARKADELPHIA-The Ouachita college basketball team, defending champions of the Arkansas Collegiate Conference, will open their state college schedule with the Hendrix College Carriers, at Conway, Tuesday night. Hendrix is not a conference member, however, and this game will have no bearing on the race for ,the 1942 title. -Following a pre-holiday tour of | Texas, during which they won a game from Sam Houston Teachers College and dropped games to East Texas Teachers, Texas AVeslyan, and Howard-Payne, the Ouachita Tigers have undergone a series qf stiff work-outs- under the direction of Coach W. W Bradshaw, and .are again in excellant- conditipn. The Texas set-backs .were attributed dargely to the rougher type of .basketball played in the Southwest Conference. Despite the loss .of .several veterans of last year's squad, poach Br.adshaw still has .his .starting team intact-a team which won fourteen victories m a .row last ^season and played its w,ay tp state championship. This quintet, -whiqh is sla.ted to take the' floor .againgt the Warriors, is composed .of Oryille Roberts, Harrison ; and Deno Nichols, Warren, forwards- Aivin (Pqp) Willia.ms, Little Rock, center, and Johnny Furqueron El Dorado ,and Sterling Williams, North Little Rock, • guards. Other members of .the curren tOu'a- chita squad .are; Leonard Clements New Sdir.burg, ,Cicil Kemp, Warren and Jerry McFarland, Bank' s.letter- ; Leo Lewis, JLewisyilJe, William t, Beebe, Don Burton, Cleburne, fex and -Tom -Wood, Arkadelphia, freshnien. You may now have a copy pf .this book by asking for it with a postcard- or letter sent to the above address. No obligation, so write today and learn the facts. _Adv.'<- T ,; ^t .-year's sqviad w,ere: John (Wild Horse) Wheeeler, Friendship, guard; Ti;avJs ; SmaUing, ElDorado center; Bjlly cm E^ Atkadelphia. forward, W d Orfendo Ellis, Fordyce guard, all of whom were lettermen! Wheeler was drafted .for army service, bmallmg dropped put ,pf .cpljege to accept a position, East is .devoting his Miss Ruth Taylor and her guest Mrs. Russell Townes o Martin, Tenn and Hamilton Hanegan motored t Little Rock Saturday evening to see "Liep With Father." Mrs. Lee West was the Saturdaj guest of Miss Mary J oe Cook in Tex arkana, having gone there for th Lumpkin-Pufford wedding. Mrs. Doyle Reaves, Mr. .and Mrs A. L. Kuig a;id Carltojj King were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Truitt Simmons, and Mr. mid Mrs. Harold Lawrence m lexarlcana Sunday. —O— Remel Young departs Monday night on a business trip to Memphis —O— Mr. and Mrs. Garland Pate annuonce the arrival of ,y little daughter. Mildred Louise PJI January 10. wiped his family smile clean off. "Tambay?" he said. "A tourist camp? Tambay!" He never looked at me. "We all thought the—the barbecue wagon was temporary. I can't see ivhy this lady should want to settle in a place like Tambay." "Keep the sob out of your throat and I'll tell you, pal," I said. "Its the old back-io-the-soil yen. Believe it or not, I'm a sucker for nature. Birds, bees and butterflies, they get me down. We",; show me a place where na- more than little, low had its own at Tambay!" Juddy gave that chuckle of hers. "Sweetbriar and the mossy mortgage," she said. tor a while young Mr. Sears gave an impersonation of the chief mourner at a Maurie funeral un.<l le ^? Wld U got hira nowhere. Another thing, while I'm here " she said. "The Hanging Tree is on Tambay properly, isn't if" I'Yes. Why?" .'^T'" going to have it cut down." No, he said, and his voice was hard. "That you can't do " "Why can't I?" "Nobody in the country would dare touch that tree." 'Then I'll send away and get someone." " He 'd be killed," he said quiet- She was getting white around the Tambay gold legend. He's Sheriff." "I know him," I said. "He ambled in the other day to size me up. He's got green-gold teeth and grease in his smile and lie dishes out a hot line of halfway questions. Come to think of it, he hinted around at having a family interest in Tambay." Sears looked embarrassed. "I reckon he's right, in a way. It's a—well, a branch of the family Mowry—Maurie; the name got changed when his line went west " "Then he's really a cousin?" He hesitated and then he said- As a matter of fact, I'm afraid he is. The fifth Maurie of Tam- bay—that's our great-great-grand- lather, yours and mine and his had a right affectionate nature and casual habi.ts. He left quite a number of descendants carelessly around the neighborhood. One of them founded the Mowry line This latest one, Hollister, picked up a bit of money, mining in Colorado, came back here and went in for politics." "I'll have to meet up with my sheriff-cousin," she said. "Do you think if I went up to him and gave him the clan grip and the Maurie password, he'd come to the aid of the party?" Mr. Maurie Sears took it seriously, "you could count on him He s a queer mixture. In a political or business deal he'd cut his best friend's throat without a quiver. But if you \vere in trouble and appealed to him o« the ground. time to his studies ,and Pther activities i and Ellis, lost ,by .graduation, is assistant coach at JBenton high school _,.„ „„„ QV4ic The Ouachita quintet will play its doing business with that institu- ' conference game of the season tipn. Angel Todd ate with us too often for a bird that was paying regular board somewhere else, and s ?^ his four pals in 'the bonds of Chi Eho Qamma. .Several times Juddy went over to "the college blowouts, but not always with the ? am f boy. Angel had the inside track, though. Several times I FLORSHEIM SHOES MOST SITUS 8 watched them together, and the queer way she'd look at him ' ' ' Sometimes I had me guessing, thought she was crazy about him. Then again, she seemed to be trying to figure out something. J knew Angel's reputation with the gals. Far be it from me to heave the first rock- women make it tough for a swell- looking athlete like Angel Todd- a certain kind of women. Juddy wasn't that kind though; if I'm any judge. Pinned Guardian of the Pure. They were both free, white and twenty-one. One quiet evening while we were washing up she said, "Mom, J «™ ve been Propositioned." So what? Nobody had a badge on me to be Angel," I said, been him, there wouldn't be any 'think' ab out it" wuluanl "".is Angel. He wants me to go with him over next week-end to visit some friends. My theory is that the friends won't be there when we arrive." "Well, you're going, aren't you?" I was trying her out. "Is that your advice?" s wondered what would hap-valued servant. He found out quickly enough at his own front door. JGood evening sir," said the houseboy without a trace of accent 'Mr. Zilchwor-th has been calling; something important about the casting of the new picture, I believe . You heard the radio news, of course And—ar—do you mind if from now on I am just an American citizen? My Christian name is Henry. . A Mrs. Melton telephoned 'about a story she said had been sent to you The cook wasn't sure when you'd get here, and she's afraid the roast may be top well done. . . Mr. Mathis wants to break that golf date " Rqoney With Temple Metro is figuring on breaking up the co-starring combination of Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland—she being married, though younger—and is wondering about teaming him with Shirley Temple. Mae West is screenbound again, witn a divorce yarn centered in Las Vegas . . . George Brent, who hasn't worked with Olivia de Havilland in three years, was requird by the script tp kiss her ardently for a scene in In This Our Life." "Whoo-ee!" grasped the actor, afterfard. "You -•ertainly have grown up!" The time is limited . not yoyi choice] .Don't , it, because such values don't come youi 1 way ev.ery day.| $ We Outfit the Family at the THEATERS • SAENGER —— Sun.-Mon-Tues.-"Sundown" Wed.-Thurs-Aloma of South Seas" Fri.-Sat.-"Pittsburgh Kid" and "Sheriff of Tombstone" RIALTO Matinee Daily Sun.-Mon.-"Law of the Tropics" Tues.-Wed.-"Great Lie" and "Gay Vagabond" Fri.-Sat.-"A Man Betrayed" and "Riding the Sunset Trail" 9 Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment! for asked "All right; I'm asking v "My theory is that any gal who goes out with that sweet lad had better keep her feet on the ground," I told her. "So?" said Juddy thoughtfully * m a wise old bird," I said "On the other hand, if you ca,n't get him out of your system any other way, and are looking for experience, that's something else "Looking?" she said, and those straight, strong, pretty bruws of hers drew down. "I'm not exactly a dewy young debutante, Mom. I wasn't quite sure what sh.e was trying to tell me. Stve didn't say any more at th.e time. (To £e JACK STAULUP and BAND Two Weeks- Opening Tonighf MONDAY, JAN. 12th Admission ,,... 50c Per Person CLUB LIDO IN TIXARKANA

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