Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 14, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1952
Page 13
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*:» MO* 1 1 IT A ft, MOM, ARKANSAS Annul H Shooting oft JS, t ^L ^ Sordor (Hlflfce 'M x w*« •A flow out- had «w»e to th« the team of *f)0t to Quiet hnd prevailed AlonR harder "Inf* l«l w«fik end, Ir'wp* »h(»l1i»d liny In <h«" boro>Mln»> Hlvcr to clpir B Bul«»rlf»n do- tachmcnl from the dlnpul^d Mo, efe Army cnmetninKjuo fit opened ttre without on ttnltet In Greek S o <Jr*«flt wHMfittf* tin' machine gun*, The « Utiitod Nnilmii If Uw cut Morn* of ff not In-filed with n t-opppr mil' PRESCOTT NEWS Markets Arwmg tboifl from out-of-town Wlif» attended the funeml ncrvlceii for Judge Brnd Bright wcru: j Mr. «nd Mrs. A, C. Jelly, Km •] mett, Mr*. CnrHUm Ormy, Mr; and Mm. (*'• K. IViwIlrig, Mr. i imtt -.may bft *« .ipollwl by Mem* i4t<J rrtl n» lo lie nnit(il»l»ln, wht»n they i'«flfih lUflCkpt. snyn tho Nntlorii al Cleosmphlc Hill, Alt'xanrti-r, nndor, Mi«, Myrtle Mnry Al<*x Hill, nil of cornbclt market* this morning. Chicago Ha* 180 to 240 pound butchers soiling from $22.25 to a _. . too of $2260. Similar weights at Morning Farm Prices ^ s , , X(Ul!) and | n< j lflnapo iu _ Ornlns wore mostly higher in' ; are sc ||| n g from »22.75 to a top of 1 parly trading today, led i)y »ctlon j .jj 2S a houffnnt tklrt. and fitted bodice jn t h c corn belt Wholesale me-Hs! Sow , ,, rc 2.1 to 50 cents higher j wern mlxc-d. Hogs nnd cattle werci „, Chicago and East St. tx>uis but, steady to higher. , ! ar ,, unevenly 25 to 50 cents lower! Cotton futures opened 15 cc'Us>at Indianapolis. Chicago has a few; t.i $1 a bale higher. j choice .lightweights up to a peak N<-w York — Noon October cot-!"f $21.50 but most sows ar«; selling tnti 38.64. ! downward from $21. It Is believed the first court jesters wore women. Court jesters of the Middle AgeS often performed at meal times. to our many friends In Hompstcad \0t Iho won.dorful vote given to GLIB BARTON t*«l. Arlv, nnlil for liuinly UellKht, Mlxx Myrtle Kant. Ourdon. Mm. JSunlr* C'hnpt*l. Otudon, Judge nnd Mrit C. Cook, Mr. nnd Mm, Dnl(< Jorifii. llopp. Mr, nnd Mr*, Orvllln O. Hcrfc, Kosittriri, Mr, and Mr*, Vli-tur llnivilr, Jkm- K; Cro»«, Jr.. Tcxiirkiiiia, Mr. nnd Mm. Jnp Kinlth, lii/««t<m. Jim Cole, llojii', Mi. niiil Mm. K .S Slilil, Cimwiiy, Mi. <inil Mia. Joe l)mi«lnn mill ami, Conwiiy, Mr, mid Mm, Wcldm Slu'l. 1'inr Hluff. Mr. nnd Mrs. Karl llnrhurtil "f ll(.|,.'. Mr. Mill,ml Urlgiu. Abllinc. TUXBM, with Irnig »lecvc* arid high pointed collur, H«r Uerwl illiulon veil fell from a while *atln Jullot cap and sh« carried a while Bible topped with an orchid nnd nhowercd with «tc|ihanolli and «atin «trcamer«. Ml** Ann Mo/ilcy of Little Rock Wit* the bride'* only attendant. She wore an aqua bluit ballerina dint* of embroidered nylon over lofirtn nnd carried a noncgay of ycllnw dflllle*. , C.'arl Undci'wotKi of Hot Spring* wim >»•»! man. Utihcra were Char- | Icn Smith of Texnrkana and Dai- I Here Is Today's Commodity Rc-i A bright red, hourglass-shaped port, Furnished Hy The U8DA: | spot under the abdomen identifies Hog* are selling steady to as the bliick widow, North Amercia's much an 75 cents higher al eastern | most vcncmous spider. THANKS.... I wish to thank each of you for the nice vote you gave me Tuesday and for your support. I appreciate it lots. FRED JOHNSON Pol. Adv. paid for by Fred Johnson At llio reception In thc fellowship linl! of the church the table wtin covered with an aqua blue not cloth, mul greenery and yellow iiowvi.t were unvd in decoration, Mix. Alfred CummlnHB, nunt of the bride, HMUteri In lurvlng, For travel thc bride wore * wine null with navy blue uccon- KoriRR und a while orchid cor- ONEIDA-ROOERS ILVERPLATED TEA! YOURS FOR JUST 25C N lulld up fl complol* let ol h or 1R 0< -<hD8« " Sherbet \^ tea. _,. .. Incore pattern. Save coupon 'panels from Mltlwoul 6h«rb»l Cartoni-Fuli delnlli on onrton, Uewlnvlile M«thod!*t Church Setting of Vow* for Pr«»cott Girl Minn Kiilhi.'i-inr Kli/iilu-lh I'nik- CT, (lnuKliIrr of Mi <t. l-'lctchcr Pur kor nri<1 llic* Inti- Mr. Parker, and VVIlliiim Tift« Klnnloll, Jr., MHI of Mr. iiiid Mrit, T, Kinnlcll of Mot SprlllgH, wi-ri' married Kiindny in the First Methodist Churrli til Stutiipn. i A while wrought Iron arch cov-1 OK'd with «i ci nn y ntxl floor bn.v | lu'ts of ydlruv t;)n(liiili nnd iliilHleH i woru iiru«l lii det'orntlon. Tall ynl- i low t(i|.)i'i's In white wrought iron i eandclnbnr w<<ri> lit by Ml.tu Knth- loon UcIlM and Minn Martini .Iiiiic Bray who wort- yellow organdy i droiinc'ti nnd wilNili'id of yellow (InUloH, i Mm. Ft It, Writiht. voi?nlisl, mul 1 Mr». John Hcarcy, orguiilst, provided mimic. Thc brlilc, (jlvt-n In murrluge by i lior illicit', -Dr. W. W. I'di'lu-r. wfwt! "-'• R biill.'H.irt uown of white i-mbrol-1 Ml • lintl Mr *- Waylon fc. Living ditri'd nyli'ii ov«r siitln, lityU'il wltlii llU> " ot U(lUl " "ouge rider n flhort wedding trip the couple will be at home In Bvntun wlttric they will teach. Mis» Carrie Tharburn, Ml«s Carol .-.coti, Mi. nrid Mrs. Max Hrynni of I'rtmcott nlno attended the wed- umii iind icceptlon. Victory H. D. Club Ha* Family Night Picnic : Member* of the Victory Hoinc ! Doiiii'tiHtnitloii Club entertained ihflr latnllidH on Friday evening ' wan n picnic supper un thc lawn oi mi' home of Mr. and Mm. Gcor- ; «(? tliucn. 'I nr Invociitlop was given by Mrs. Jiick Cooper, l-'ollowlng the supper group olitg urn led oy C'llvu Jonnson wag cn- 'l'hcr<! were forty-HCven present. IVIRYIJAY IOW PRICil YOU LIVE BITTER FOR MIDWIST DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE NKVIflnit Imokitnhr, Ion* uf i>«p untlniiiiray, hemlKi'liwi mill ilU»tHM« limy h« iluo to uliiw. ilo w ii nt kl'lnry fiitivllim. Dnotiir* uny iri"i<i klitney fiinetlim U wry ImiMUiunl In UIMM! livulth, Wlwn Mime ovcry.Uy cimilll Inn, mich H« »lrv*» Kml'ulritln, c»u««« thin Innmrunl flll\i'Uimtn«ln\Vi|own.li\»uxf«lk.«ultovnm(- ttlnil hK«kHutiii~r»l mU*ral>l«, Minor blml. our Irrltmtnnii <lu« In iMilil ur wruim illct n\«y ((ucsts ot Mr. nnd Mrs. t'. K, i.otjiin. They will leave Sep-1 leinber 1 % for school where Mr.'i Livingston IM doing work on his ivi.i.sUTS degree in Harvard and ivus. l.ivniHKton Is a senior al Cornea University, New York, : . Don I noHl^ct yuiir kl<ln<'y« l( Ihr.n nmill. lltitin luillmr you. Try h»»n'n I'llln-it mlhl clluivtU'. lined iiuct'FMfully liy mllllonii for iivnr6u ycurn. ti'miinutliiiiliuw iniiny ttniro t)iiBH'««lvf huiipy n'llcf (nun tl\M» nUoniii. tolt Bu»h out WMU, Uvl Dnnit'it I'lIU luilnyl Mr. nnd Mrs. Norman Whltftker ,ir., umt NOII, Vslut, n[ Smaekuver were tin; weckenu ' gucsi.s 0 oi Mr. <md Mrs. Norman whilnkcr and <MI.S. Kale White. Karl llaynlc of Cunulen was ihc gueHl jSuiuiny of his mother, Mrs. ,iuu,uu Huynie. Applesauce Green Avondale Brand Tomatoes >«livory Moore Bros. Serving You Since 1896 DIAL 7-4431 JREbROS. FANCY Railed by DELICIOUS PIE M PGMVivva riK c Cherries Scans URGE SIZE If BROS. CHOICE **** m UAnue *">* » Ib. 39 c Pet Milk 7 cans ILSONtS CORN KING Lb. c ||0»JN5 ^BONIS juwn i [HALT Ib. vs\* POUND CAN Dog Food 12 cans NO. 2 Slio Con Small LIMA m BEANS 7 cans f 303 SIZE CAN YELLOW m fl|l CORN 6 cans|-00 7 cans | .00 1* ROLLS CHARMIN M ft ft Tissue 12 for 1-00 Jock llnrdey gf Tyler, Texns, IIIIH uiM-ii inc. guc.sl of Im it. U. llnrdey und his .sislfr, Joseph me Uiuringlon. Mr. and Mrsi, Emerson Bradley of KUUorudo were weekend guests oi Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Urndlcy. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Davis spent Sunday in Hope as the yuesta of Mr, and Mrn, Flbyd Lcverett. Mr, nnd Mrs. Uwight Ptmkey ot Shreveport hnve been visjlinjt Mr. • and Mrs. Juck l > ankey Tl o?i IMIWHH itnil Mr. and Mrs. Curb- elt Hale. Mr. iind Mrs. 'Gene Wiml have had HIS llielr quests, Mr. nnd Mrs. Chiirlle Mnim and soil of tfl Uora- Mr. mid Mrs, Ivy Westmoreland of Little Rock visaed her nioliier. Mrs. W. L), Bullock over the weekend. , .Mr. and Mrs. Joe R.'Hamilton spent the weekend in Camden as tne Biiests ot Mrs. O. R. Haymr. Tom Bemis nnd dauKhter, Miss Ethel Bemis, were the weekend guests o? Mr. nnd Mrs. Fudjo Cravens, Jr., in Ft. Smith. Mrs. Ueiuis, who hns been visiting-In the Cravens home, aceumpanied them home. No, 2 Site Con Purple Hull or Block lye Peas GERBERS v* BABY FOOD 3& PACKAGES DRY MILK $ POUNDS OlEO NQ. t CAN J' Tomatoes 6 cans | STM-KWT QtATW 11 Oi Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank llultoni, Ji. and daughters, and Dr. J. IX Cor- nieh spent the weekend in Hot Mr. nnd Mrs. Dudley Gee and Mary Ethel o( Greenville, Miss., were the Sundty guests u( Mi. and Mrs. Inion Gee, Mr. and Mrs. Wells Kamby had as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs, Wade Bell ot Uttle Rock and Mr. and Mrs. Chose Stephens ot Curdon. AUCTION Saturday Aug. 16 Starting at 1 P. M. 114-116 West 3rd $t, Here ore a few of the rbgny items that wilt be auctioned . .. Living room IWittti Dining room suite*. Refrigerator*, Washing Machine*, Radios, tewing M«chinei< Lew* Furni- tui* aftd many other lit w*. PLAN NOW TO ATTEND MI&.SQUTH AUCTION co, C0U-PAUL D. OLLER ^MJtt 7-SWi I* item* them ir» KROGER SWIFT'S ANGEL FOOD CAKE : 49'- ICE (E KROGER TRAY - PACKED FRYING Your best buy in chicken! They're tender . . . only 10 to 12 weeks old! They're cleaned . . . no mus, no fuss, saves you work! They're cut up ... for speedy preparations! Ready to pop in thc skillet. Kroger Chickens are economical, too . Kroger everyday low price! at a SWIFT'S BACON SLAB Lean . . . smoke-sweet flavor! Thrift-prices! GROUND BEEF Top grade beef . .. ground fresh Lb. RED Save with this big stock-up value on fresh top quality potatoes! Enjoy the fine flavor ... the extra-low Kroger price! Be sure to take home plenty! lOpounds RIOOSA PEACHES > ; H€ SUCH IlIEK ^9 Ipi |W» <•» IP flP Lb. 23c U Thurtday, August M, If Si HOP! STAR, H Oft, ARKANSAS Francis, Sid Once on the Same Team By LEON HATCh LITTLE BOCK I/P) — Judge Francis Cherry defeated Gov. Sid McMath for a third term nomination yesterday — but at one time the two were running mates. That was some 16 years ago when both were successful candidates for student offices at thc University of Arkansas on the • same ticket. Cherry, his then dark hair al- 'ready flecked with gray, was chosen president of the seniqr 'class; McMath got the even higher Purchase of Newport Station Gets Okoy WASHINGTON l*l — The Federal Communications Commission yesterday granted permission for pur chase of control of Radio Station KNBY at Newport. Ark., for $25. 000. The FCC granted purchase rights yesterday to Harold L., Many Food Prices Climb Higher By The Associated Press Rhee to Take Oath o Second Time PVSAN, Korcn President Prices on fresh pork, vent and chicken and potatoes moved higher It also issued grants for two newj . (1 niany stm . cs thjs wepk T , )c on , y foods item-rally lower were a hand- was diverted to fluid channels and' ice cream manufacturers. Broiler and fryer chickens were up as much as 8 cents a pound in j some areas This was partly «*; s. vngmnn nhee will ho mnufjurntod result of production cut-backs scv-i (or ^ ^ ^^ , omomw , n , h e.al weeks ago when prices w« c ; H d capital of Seoul, li-wer. and partly the result of A , , hc Mm|l , imo South K „ higher feed prices stemming from ,„ ohsorvp , ho follrlh an ,, iv orsary the recent drought. I of th( , r0 p u t,uc nnd tho seventh Beef, lamb and venl prlc~" at about last week's level honor of president of the student body. The two were classmates at the standard stations in Arkansas in eluding: Hot Springs Broadcasting Co., Ho tSprings, Ark., 1270 kilocycles, 1 kilowatt, daytime only. National Park Broadcasting Co.. Hot Springs, Ark., 1Z70 kilocycles, 1 kilowatt, daytime only. After graduation, Cherry came to Little Rock, where he met Lcffel Gentry, who later was to be his campaign manager in the gover University of Arkansas School of i nor's race. Law and graduated at the samel He was given a desk in the of- time. According to mutual acquaintances, they weren't especially close but were always friendly — with nothing to indicate that •they would become bitter political ful of fresh fruits and vegetables. where storekeepers posted special, ,, h| , ( , w , w fomH , lur p , oc . reductions to attract customers. I lion „, thc P ,. esidont mu , ,.,-efttlor Thc widespread drought or re-, o( n lwo . nnllS(> it. R i s |nture upon av cent weeks was ,'ollowed by heavy;, nr.tagonistic A.wmhlv, reenivec Most fresh cuts of pork advanced! nnd persistent rains In many sce | s.a:>S 7(i9 votes His nearest oppo- with sonic of thc more popular j tions—too much rain for some items liko center-cut chops rising: nreas. Snap beans, blackberries The Negro Community •y Hel«h Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring Item* to Mite Turner •t Hloke Funeral Home Freeman, Mrs, Roslo L, McDonald, Mlasos Vcra Mao and Robe- rtcan Cooper attended the funeral of Lewis M, McDonald In Mngno- lia. preaching each nfjjlft at" The revival clbaes SundS August 17. the public ii" Subject, Thursa«y fjigM,i felt Clods. Friday n Prints, Sunday moffitrtj The Use, Sunday night, en Seals. A jjf^Ot revival Is In progress i at Bethel A. M. E. Church. Svh! ^_-_^» and South Laurel St. Evangelist' R. n. Hooks of Chicago, til,, na- 1 Spitsbergen hns boon .« tlonally known Gospel preacher Is'by Norway since 1935, * llt . nt _ fo . mor Comimmist Cho Bong s , (ll The final count was reported Mr. and Mrs. Uclous Jones are visiting their daughter, Mrs, Mattie L. Boozer and Willie Booxcr in Chicago, Illinois. Mrs. as much as 8 cents or more n j and cauliflower were adversely af- pound. Smoked hams and should-; fectod and potato digging was dc-, riay l)v Assembly Chairman P. H. j his father. ers and bacon rose less or held laycd in many parts of the east, j s n j n | c '^y unchanged. tightening thc supply and pushing' James D. Davis, grandson of Delia Muldrew Is visiting Cecil Davis In Little .rivals. Cherry is nearly four years older ;lhan McMath, but the present ,'Joncsboro chancellor and Demo fices of the law firm of which Gentry was a member. For a time the office served also as his sleeping quarters. Gentry says his young associate decided he was imposing by accepting the hospitality of the Gentry household. He then slept on the office floor until a charitable Top j'nide large eggs climbed 2 to 8 cents a do7.cn, reflecting a seasonal shortage ns hot weather trimmed production. Butter prices at the wholesale level edged higher ns more milk good buy class prlocwise. As for fresh fruits, pouches, can- prices higher. Spinach and lettuce Iso worked; littl higher, but beets, cabbage. ' celery, eggplant and peppers were limes, cherries and eastern apples lower in most markets. Corn, cu- all wen- a little lower, «nd grapes cumbers nnd onions were In the were down sharply. Rock. Misses Vcra Mae and Robertenn teloup.-.s. hime.vdcw'im.lons. lemons Cooper of Mlndon. La., an ing their nunt, Mrs. Vcra Jones Mrs. Vcra Jones, Mrs. Arnold a» '" REAL-KILL-69 PINT 11.19 QUADt i) or. CAN ^ cratic gubernatorial candidate had I landlady extended him credit at a | been out of college several years boarding house. Cherry didn't remain long in! before ho went back to study for a law career. .. Cherry graduated from Oklahoma A. and., M. College at Still- jtatcr in the depth of the dcprcs- >!jiqn. He hadj worked his way "jihrough by waiting tables and Cashing dishes. k''.put of college, he went to work at > whatever jobs he could find, hoping to sav(i..lip enough to go to \9fifi school. :. Tile effort could hardly be classed- as highly successful for as Cherry recalls he had $19 left to buy books after he finally took the-plunge and paid his initial tuition at Arkansas, where he had followed an older brother, Claude. For a time he says he seriously considered chucking the whole business' and use the capital to buy a return railroad ticket to Oklahoma. : Education won out, and with the aid of what money he could earn from student jobs, he finished law School, graduating in the spring of 1936. ., He not only got through but also garnered other campus honors — besides the class presidency he was president of his fraternity chapter. And it was there that he met his future wife. She was Margaret Frierson of Jonesboro, an arts and sciences senior and the campus queen when Cherry entered the graduate law school. They were married in November, 1937, and now have three children — a daughter and two sons. Little Rock. He went to Jonesboro j as a junior partner ot Marcus Fictzj As soon as he decided that he could make a living practicing law, he and Miss Frierson were married. Cherry became the youngest Arkansas chancellor in recent history afte^r he was nominated over two older opponents, one of them thc incumbent, in 1942, just 10 years before he was nominated governor. Cherry got a second 6-year term ao chancellor without opposition in 1948. Meanwhile, he had taken two years away from the bench to serve in the Navy in World War II. Before becoming chancellor, he had served for a time as U. S. Commissioner at Jonesboro and as a refree for the Workmen's Compensation Commission. Cherry was born in Ft. Worth, Tex., Sept. 5. 1908. He'll be 44 next month. His parents and their five children moved to Oklahoma when Francis, the youngest, was only a few months old. Cherry's mother is now dead, and his father, H. S. Cherry, a retired railroad conductor, lives at El Reno, Okla. A sister, Mrs. Pauline Dean, lives at Oklahoma City. Claude, the brother two preceded him at the University Law School, is now a Los Angeles attorney. Another brother, Clem, lives at El Reno, and a third brother, H. S. Cherry, Jr., lives at Dallas. To the Voters of Hope The splendid votes you gave me in Tuesday's election were sincerely appreciated. R. C. (Bob) Daniels Pol. Adv. paid for by R. C. (Bob) Daniels IT HAS TO BE GOOD If we hope to continue to merit your good will and patronage, we know that we must supply you with Quality Groceries that never disappoint. That is why we recommend and sell only well known brands. CRISP AND TENDER LETTUCE 2 Large Heads LIBBYS — SLICED OR HALVES — Smooth Golden Flavor PEACHES 3' 85c TALL BOY PORK & BEANS 3 ARMOURS SUDS Washing Powder 2 ^ 39c U. S. CHOICE GRADE BEEF RIBS or BRISKET > 3* 1000 SHEETS ROLL SCOTT TISSUE 3 •• 34c FRANCO AMERICAN SPAGHETTI Tall Can HOT MIXED PICKLES 43c Quart Phone HOBBS Gfoc«fy Ii Morfctt We Deliver REPHANS SURPLUS STOCK LIQUIDATION This is not a going out of business sale. We arc forced to liquidate our entire surplus stock. We must liquidate this stock at once and to do this we have furnished you with amazing bargains. You will find thousands of dollars worth of merchandise being disposed of at prices BELOW OUR OWN REPLACEMENT COST. You'll find tremendous bargains in every department. You'll find savings with every purchase. This is a liquidation sale, we are not going out of business. Sale begins Friday Morning August 15, 8 a. m. Be here early. "I STARTS FRIDAY 15-8 A.M. BE HERE EARLY •wl MEN'S DRESS SLACKS Solid color gabardine, checks and plaid in rayon and sharkskin. Hurry for this one. Sixes 28-42 MEN'S KNIT SHIRTS Values to $2.49. Solid color terry cloth and fancy and picture knits. Sanforized, fast color. All first quality. 1 MEN'S STRAW HATS All genuine straw, real leather sweat bands, genuine Bonko waterproof in this group; .. . Many MEN'S WASH PANTS Sanforized cotton cord, some seersucker and solid color numbers. A real chance for savings on several pair. .. Boys Long Sleeve Sport Shirts Fine washable., sanforized, fast color plaids. Buy these now for back to school wear. .....y. 1.59 CHILDREN'S SHORTS Fancy cotton washoblcs in real outer shorts, heavy clastic band in boxer style Good 39 c MEN'S JEANS These too must be sold, here's our liquidation price to you. Sanforized, fast color, first quality. MEN'S WORK OXFORDS Only 42 pair left, most sizes from 61 through 11. Be here,early for this one. .. v . t ., ,,., j.63 LADIES SHOES All now current stylos in this group. Flatties that should sell for much more. MEN'S HARVEST HATS Real bargains, only 48 left, but they must go out LADIES' HALF SLIPS Regular 70c values. Fine quality elastic band, real tricot jursey knit. MEN'S FINE PANAMA HATS All fine groin, hand woven Equadore panamas. We must move this, buy at liquidation price for next summer CHILDREN'S SANDALS Tan, red, brown and white, all going at this low, low, price. Save here for school opening wear ...,,.,,.,! 1.27 |,,,, , .. , LADIES' WASH DRESSES Entire groups of $3.00 woshablcs included. Your real ' chance for savings. Quantities limited, so be here early 1.47 CHILDREN'S WASH DRESSES Cotton prints, solids and dressy shears. All first quality,, perfectly timed for your greatest savings •*. BOYS' POLO SHIRTS Blue and yellow in nationally known brand we can't mention LADIES JERSEY GOWNS Lace at top and bottom, good wide shoulder strap*. Extra savings on this popular seller. ( I Ladies' Cotton Gowns & P. Js. Cottons, plisse, and fine sheer batiste. We must sell for le» than price of yardage. 67 77 C TOM SAWYER DRESS SHIRTS 2.49 values in same fine Tom Sawyer quality you've known before. " Men's Sanforized Work Shirts Another first quality, first in your $$ savings, We reserve right to refuse sale to retailers. - ...:: MEN'S COLORED T SHIRTS Con't mention brand name here. 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