Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 12, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1942
Page 2
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IZtt !ff!ft"!H' HO M StAft, Classified & > • • ; ' • •/• You con talk to only or* i man Want Ads tolk to. Thousands $!LL, RENT, BUY OR SWAP AH Wont Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phont 9n« Nm»^2c wort, minimum lOe ,Sh ti«M»—5« ward, minimum 75« ThN«tlm«—3Vje word, minimum tOc On« month—18c word, minimum S2.70 Rotes a« for continuous lnser»i<vw only "THE 4AORE-YQU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL For Sale trs'Sfi FUROT- tare from us! Chairs, Tables, Stoves, Beds, atod maay other items all in good condition with reasonable prices. .Also highest piHces Raid for used furniture. ERAffiCLtif FU&- NlTURfi CO., South lain Street. 9-lmc. 1942 FQSD RAfiier AND HEATER. In original cartons. -Bargains. See Mr Dennis, Cain's -Tourist Court. 5-3tp JOHNSON GRASS HAY. 25c PER ' bale and free delivery if bought by " 125 bale load. ft. H. Burke, Hope, -'Route 3. ' ' 6-3tp BIRD DOG. PERFECT SETRIEVER. ; Also us«d Typewriter 'Good con- 4 dJtion: $19.95. fear -Heater for"?10. uSee Wade Warren, Phone 356. 6-3tp 39- 'CHEVROLET 1 1%" TON" TRUCK, < new motor. V& -yard .water line, ; dump bed. Good Rubber. See .Warren. Lindley'at M. L. Nelson l ' 7-3tp PLp'w 7 " TOOLS ' OF ALL ' kinds. Plow ge ( ar.' See A. N. Stroud, - Washington, Arkansas. 10-lmp 1936 "CHEVROLET COUPE. NEW Tires. Motor AI. See car at Archer Motor Co.' Janies Allder. 10-ltp Real Estate For Sale ISO "ACHE FARM, 1 MILE SOUTH ''of Fulton, 120 acres timber land , .within 2 miles Patmos, 7 houses "Jen Hope. Night, Phone 337, Hope; . Day Phone 860-F-3-1, Emmet, Ark. "J. R. Williams. ' " 2-fitp Furniture For Sole IDEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS moved next door to Saenger Theater ,for -better prices on furniture see - 'fl*- - .' 21-30tc Trailers For Sale GO.OD TRAILER HOUSE, 22 FT., -.with shelgas stove. Cheap at .once. Located 1 block west, % block north of Paisley School. On old Highway }67. 10-6tp For Sole Miscl. REGISTERED POINTER PUPPIES, '(best bloodlines. Cockers, Bostons. Carding. .Stud Service. Padgitt's Kennels. 2 files' So. 6-lmo-p Notice 'WHO WANTS A PIANO? USED Ujir^ht Fairly modern. Thoroughly re-conditioned to giv.e years of $erv?>cp. J15 down, $7 monthly, or $125 cash. Drop us a card. Beasley o., Tejcarkana. '6-6tp Refrigeration REFRiGERATION SERVICE - WE repair anything Electrical, Wiring, motors. Kelly Refrigeration Service. 112 Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c Wanted WANTED MEN AND WOMEN, 18-45 VITALDY needed by aircraft factories. You must be trained and in good physical condition. See our representative, Mr. Mills at Roosevelt Hotel today, Thursday or Friday for full information.' AIRCRAFT TRAINING SCHOOLS, Dallas, ?-2tp WAITRESS WANTED—EXPERIENCE —None other need apply. Snack Shop, 3rd and Shover. 8-ltc DELIVERY BOYS FOR PAPER routes. Call at Jack's News Stand. 5-3tc THE REDUCED RATE ON READER'S Digest will continue until January 15. If interested, telephone Mrs. Theo P. Witt at 114. ' 2-3tc For Rent ONE SIX-ROOM HOUSE, WATER and Lights. Just out of city limits on road to Proving Ground. See William Stephenson. 6-3tp SMALL FURNISHED COTTAGE, IN city, west on old Fulton road. For couple only. R. E. Brown. 7-3tp TWO FURNISHED APARTMENTS. §19 each per month. 2 miles on Springhill Road. W. H. Bryant. 10-3£p STORIES IN STAMPS -SIGNS '—' SIGNS — SIGNS ' Transparent - G-bld Leaf - Painted. No job too large or top small. Work guaranteed. Phone 567-R. 12-6tp. Lost RED JERSEY COW, 8 YEARS OLD, -weight SOO. Stub right horn. Strayed 5 miles west of Prescott Homer Grahani, Prescott, Ark. 2 T 6tp UGHT TAN FEMALE FOXHOUND, name Ludje. South of Weshington. Jf found please advise Bob Levins, SPashiegtpn, Arjc. 3-3tp Farm For Rent RICH PIRT LAND FARM. 60 ACRES 4n Qultiyatioo. Party must be able to furnish themselves. Apply 116 West Aw. D Hoj»e. 6t-dh Conquered Greece Loses Treasures to Nazis A SYSTEMATIC'looting of 7 Greece by the Ge.rman army is the latest story to reach America concerning the sad plight of the valiant Greeks who" battled axis forces earlier this year. , The stamp above, bearing a picture of King George II, was issued in 1937. The king and a small party of retainers fled th,e country shortly after Nazi parar chute troops descended on Atnens. According to observers and newspapermen returning from the occupied country, the Germans have methodically taken over business, food and housing. x» Technically the Germans bought what they took, but they purchased all goods at a mere fraction of their real worth. They issued "Reichskreditkassen- marks," purported to be worth the market price of the merchandise' confiscated. j The Greeks soon discovered thati the credit paper was in 'reality! only a form of printing press in-; flation calculated to disrupt. the nation's economy and tp obtain needed materials. Hope Star Star of Hop*' 1899; Pr«tt 192/. Conioll dot«d Jonugiy 18. 1929. Published «y!.ry weelg&y c Star fubllsKlrlSnb: at th»'stdr bulldiho:; 212.31 .„ afitt noon by ' co. inc. . K 'ci r ? | {^r-iiST a „<"**. H - Wt " (Star building, 2 2-2U South Street,rfe& Ark. Enfeted oi second'class moU«r bt trie under the /KicA>,' Press" INEA)—Meons Newspaper Enterprise Ass'r) . *J**«ji»«on Roto {Always Payable Iri Advance): By c)ty carrier, per week 15c; Hempstead, tMevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette -~ "• ---- .... where $6 , , $3 ' 50 Der yeof; " l$e " A ^T?*i 8* Th f *«««'<'»•'« Pf«ss: The Associated *>.foss Is exclusively entitled to the use .for ^publication of oil news' dis- pat i!. j f r <*ltte<J to it or not .otherwise credited In .this paper and also the local news published herein. Notlonol Advertising Representative— Arkansas-OatHes. tne:; MfemphlsV" Tehn.'. SJerick Building; Chicago, 400 North &£t' 9 °A n Avnue i N<>w y York City,' 507 !«h AvenMe; fcetrarf, Mich., '2842 W. * ' °* lahoma Ci «y. 414 Terminal Charges an Tributes, Etc.: Chorge will be made for all -tributes, cards oFthoaks 3*£lrt f J8p > V qr ^"IPflol*. concerning .the deportw. .Commercial newspapers hold to £L* R? ll - cy :1n .™ e ne * s columns to protect their .readers from a deluge of spac'e- tft .memorials. The Star dlclSims P res- sibility .for th. safe-keeping or return any unsolicited manuscripts.' Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Page One. 1. Commodore Perry of the United States Navy persuaded Japan to -trade with other countries. 2. japan defeated Russia in the war lasting from 1904 to 1905, and sold war' bonds in the United States during that period. 3. United States and Japan became World War 1 allies against Germany in 1917. 4. The United States and Japan signed a naval treaty at the 1922 Washington Conference. Japan renounced it in 1935. 5. The sinking of the United States Navy gunboat Panay in the two countries in 1937. Farms Net 11 Billii Farm Cash Expected to Reach New Record High EW -YORK—W—Farm cash income, including government benefit payments, is expected to rise to a new I record high of at least $13,000,000,000 in 1942 .compared with an estimated ?11,200,000,000 for 1941, an increase of about 16.1' per cent, trade analysts estimate The 1941 farm income was roughly the .equivalent .of ,1929, and compared with S9,12%000,000 in 1940! Government crop benefits in the past had as their goal the .bettering of agricultural prices to improve .the farmer's earnings,— make his pocketbook closer to the equivalent of the city worker. In 1942 benefit payments take on a new significance. Government money —higher parity loans—now are designed to encourage production so that we will have food hot only for ourselves in the war .crisis, but also some for Great Britain, China and Russia. .Higher prices brought by vast Government purchases of eggs, butter, cheese, dried milk, canned vegetables and meats for the Army and Navy and for shipment to Britain, Agricultural Department officials say, are designed to increase the incentive of the farmer to produce more of these products. With farm cash income equaling 1929 levels and the cost of living substantially under 1920, rural retail buying raced along in 1941 at record levels in many localities. SWAP / OUR BOARDING HOUSE with .., Major Hoople BIS NOSE, WOULD^T YslE.LL,NOU <50T A \NITH epMi& SMART ALECKS psR,B CRNlK 1 tO BE . ww 1 SUS 1 CLAMPED THIS SrON/ERPEprt SO THEY'LL. I'/V\ A MIGK> BUT IT AIN'T WORTH IT TO LQPK BRASS/*«- FIRST NOD BUACKJACK A OUT OF^IO^TKEK OVER MV PAJA!V\A9, AND NOVV MN VOU TO VJlTH THACT POOR GIRL'S MQlsJEV f WASHTUBBS Monday, Jgnudry 12,1942 *> Liska, Herself" By Roy Crane IMPEIODIN6 PERIL—USED T CR.EEPy FEEUM6 HOWEVER,! NEVER. KNEW Of 5 AMVTHfMS ACTUALLY HAP,fiEN NOTHIN6 STEAL, EWJOY The Fleet's in! Thimble Theater IOELL, MERE U)E ARE VOLI OOTflAT UUAV. UJlMPV, / TO&ETHER DUE LUILL. ' OH. THE ^HIMV .STARS fl " I rVM^cr^ trev\v i 'A *«/«« «~* ^ ^SHOeOF SPINACHOVA.AU ' VA y THE MA.W ? r . AN' 6iET 5OO,OpO MEM HAVE A WlLLVUM IAMTHESPINACHOVA NAVV . LOOKED FROM A 'BOVE VERV WELL, AMD VPU APPEARS TO J> NOlO IS - , UJILL CjET 500,000" AT HAMD«5 J=" V-^ ^6S1' s» » ^')^,o < i BE THE SAME/ l.pOp.OOp DONALD DUCK Rugged Individualism By Walt Disney NO IWTER WHAT YOUR JOB/ DO IT IN AN ORieiNM.W/\YI ORIGINALITY MAKES YOU STAND OUT AND YOUR BOSS WILL NOTICE YOU! COSTUME SHOP BLONDIE Little Man Who Wasn't There! By Chic Young 1 111 ( VOUVE ALWAYS GOT VOU£ MOSE IW TWAT PAPER AT BREAKFAST-1 MK3HTAS WELL BE ASJ OLP i IUIMII» I ^ SOU'RE GOING TO PRIVE ME WANT FOR SURPEP? WHY DON'T YOU ANSWER BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES He's Sorry By Edgar Martin RED RYDER Hush Money By Fred Harmon ^uR. Gf^s. HE.R.E IN ^AVE-RtCK, COLOKS.L.; 1 i CuTTlM 1 . "--Trgv'l ^COfA^-ONi" \l5THlS i OR.- J ^—A^^J BufiTAPPEARS .' ra BE ^aF?. FbR PERCENT xav a P CDLONEL'^ULEP no GOT HORSE -FARrA 1H KENTUCKY—j.x. HUH, RBD '-^ rr ,- ^-«=»5 ei ?; T^CKon A/HEWHAY/ ^^h- Tfe,LE,GRAl"\ SENlt) ^NOT^^ER. ONE., To (AY lA \SILL FIX Y TRICK HE'S THE. "DUCHESS FOR/ =^ llH /-/z. Hi, Folks ALLEY OOP HOW YOU MAKING OUT WITH YOUR STUDY OF THE BLACK ( WI'LL ARTS? l74Vr, MO SHOP TALK . )YS... LET'S SET AT THIS NICE ROAST CHICKEM CLIFF'S READY FOR. US HAVE YOU SUCCEEDED IM HYPNOTIZING ANYONE HA! I SAW HIM MAK1MG PASSES AT CLIFF THISMORMIWG...BUT CUFF SEEMS TO HAVE E THROUGH THE ORDEAL/ BUMGLIKIG TIME-MACHINE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR HERO^ EFFlOEirvrr LABOR ASSISTANT, SEEM SPEMDIWG HlSTIrv\E IM Df3.. WOM MUG'S LIBRARY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Pop Relents By Merrill Blosser JIMMY WYNM CALLED JUDY YESTERDAY AND TOLD HER THE NAME op THE DRIP WHO MADE YOU PAY THAT CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK,' rS~\ .PLEASE DID (TQN A HiS MA WE IS DANINY -^- HE LIVES AT 2A4> THANKS, RO// |M LAPKSPUft/ , pop— BUT I HAVE- WAV OF OETTIMG OVER LARKSPUR, j SHALL j PHONE HIM ? HOT DIGGETY WE'RE BACK IN THE MECHANIZED YOU KNOW HIS NAME, SON? Jij- BUNCH ANYONE ^ DIVISION/ ON THE NOSE- BY

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