Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1939
Page 2
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?AGE TWO HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Hope Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1M7. Coiwnlidaled Janiun-y IS, I!)!*) O Justice, Deliver Thii lli'mti' Fro/;/ /'(iter Report- Published every wtvk-day afternoon hy Star Publishing Co., Inc. O E. Palmer and Alex-. H. \V;!shbiirn, .it iht> Star bnildimr. 212-214 South Walnut street. Hope, Ark. C. K. P.U.MEK, President ALEX. H. WASHBl'RN, F.ditor and Vulilisher (AP> —Means Associated Pi-ess. (NEA^—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rule (Always Payable in Advance': By city carrier, per v.-i:tk 13c: per month fi3o: one year Sfi.">0. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada. Howard. Miller and LuFavette counties. S.'i.jt) tier year; elsewhere Stvafl. No Price Increase j On Natural Nitrate! Ample Supplies to Meet: All Needs Assured Despite War NEW YORK—Cbilean Nitrate Sales Corporation has definitely announced that there will be no increase in the pre.sent price of Natural Chilean Nitrate of Soda din-in;' the coining season which ends June :il) of next year. Sini- viUaneousl.v it is stated that arrantfe- , men's have boon made iissurin{! ample I supplies of Natural Cliilean Nitrate in >.- i fc D « "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * • You Can Talk to Only One Man ° Want Ads Talk to Thousands' SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the I'tione One t.iiij«—M.? word, minimum 30c Three times—3Vjc word, minimum SOc Six times- te word, minimum SUc One month—18o word, minimum " ~" Rates a:o [or continuous insertions only. Salesman Wanted This is not. a get rich plan bill a permanent and consistent money-maker. | You will represent a large manufac- ] Un-or who will yivo all help possible ' in sales material anil new ideas. Must have car, lx- sober and enorcclic, !!!) to fill. Write C. K. KKICKKtVN CO.,' INC., Radio Repair • RAISING A FAMILY , ._ . . . _ Don't Allow Presents to Ovule Knvy jfc A fond aunt, writes me to say tliat can't affon! IbuM- Iwti es.li.1 1 (H -iCI prcM-nls to lur two small i rit'lil al thai time. .May Affect I'lie ims Adult* molbc-is "-tumid nieces ao.i her >n\mn nephew is quite pioblcm. because when Stir has j Kbe tbinUs ibal m their children :;:•! if:tvl to 'febe; Ot- , 1 II! 'i K IIU M lll.'l I U» 1M'\ Ul 1 M >U 1,11 l ill I \ (.na.anleed badio Hepair Service „„„,, ,-,„. 111U , wil | u , llt iU . sl) hriuf.uH; ami replace'monl parts. Tubes tested, j |, nlm . ,, ,,,ft f,,,- || u - other two. and Radio Service. Hume MOD. Ray Ali.M :he 'meet evervbodv's this country U need.-:, Tbi.s assurance to fanners and to fer- tili/er ajjent.s, J. A. Woml.-.. Pie^idi-nl. '. l''Oli S.M.I-' SI:V,.W> l-'.it-rlric 1'op, Member of The Associated Press: Thi- Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for rerniblk-ai.ion of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this naj-er and al.-o ihe Wai news published herein. — — _ — of Cbilean Nitrate Sales Corpnrali'in CVrn Machine t, hartes on Tributes, tic.: Charge will I* n-ade for all tributes, cards- of j p,,,nt.s out. eliminates all uncert-nn.v I'.rumt', D.MI! Si thanics, resolutions, or memorials, ounce:-nintr the departed. Commercial . . . newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers fro-iir a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. For Sale NOTICE Washington Gin Company Is ginning ''I' and wrapping up In 53.') pound bales For Sale I'OU SAI.K expects relalives to do many bei's lerelve j;ifls without that She doesn't think it is very good ,^ Irainini! for Beat I.\ to think that she. nnisl al.so have isifts beciuise Stle Of ,lai-k ha-, a birthday. And .-he wonder-, if neglecting to clnldn n in-be linppy over un- Tliis 1 aiinl s;iv^ ttuit rvrr ul her tnend,' have the same pro- "'•"•'' ''luldr, n lo-U- happy over »n- ii(|>n| I other's foil.-1 lortniii-, without wonder- I iiu.'. '"Wb.-re do I come in?" is not man\ ca.-,-M- 11-.- opnsible for the un- it they happen to see a --'lit or dress j ii<i <-i,ic young relative and hoy it in ',.,„„ II,,,,,, ,„, ,.> j .. •.•,-.lerou.- inoinent. they don't dale I n! n in the nnil mill) lh'-.\ have 1 t-'imd snincthiiu: for each ,,!' t) di.umal Ic a nound. Also store vour: "»•! """ "I"'""" ^oll. ' ^'"' '>"'<^'< '» the fanoh . Seed. A. N. Stroud will haul bah,i"into Ai l SO acres botlo'o, land i,,cuhi,j ''l', : "" U , ^'^ ""* >'"<»""'.- |MI "; . . .. ..... . M „„ .... , , . , , I "H Ine poclu-lhnnlis ot dnliini lelal- •aen. ... , i|wml their !i\ s tryiiu: 111 Ui-ep up with-the Joneses' nd -.', bn an- ni--,-,-r •(! miserable 'U' 1 when a lin.-'id. h.: a nuvv possession nev, 1 h,.ppir.o>-. I llnnk Ihe aunt , riidlt in hot' stmi'l. Unemployment Can Be Solved. Experts Agree ports and, it „.„ . . , , i ticipation of greater demand. Mr- KOK SAI.K To Mi We are convinced that tne unem;..;e.yn-.e.-.i problem can be solved by clem- ' Woods declare-; that an-,n,»-menT ' buy f,,. j,,- -• -;-.,,e,,l C! ocratic mean;. We have come a-.vay with a new hope and confidence in ! have !>ecn made to brim- in extra MM, mid hu-u.,-.- MMM,,-,-!V America, i ,.],,. s ' (.,.., .,,,.. ,.,, f f ,, , • ' ^r. r, 1 , I , r. i\ lho.se are nnperul woixi.t. i;eai!t. ; ;'!i! v.-.,r.-i.s. -.c.i.-ds that sing like niu.sic. They' '' -• .... :ve one of the conclusions reached by the fourth "Fortune' Maga7ine" round table. These round table discussions have N-eti interesting [1-0111"the start, the procedure being to assemble a frroun of !cad.:is , in this case 17 of themi in many fields, discuss fully a problem, ami •.tie-: fi-ul the points on which substantially all are agreed. The presumption is lhat when you find points on '.vjuch all men of a varying group atrree. you've :.;•<..t something. These 'men were as diversified : ,s io include- Clarence Francis, president, "f Genera! Foods; Sidney t-lilhnati, presidont of the Anialgamated Clothinj.' \Vorkers; Senator Jcvseph C. O'M.ihoney; Edward A. O'Neal!' president of the Karm Bureau Federation; Boris ShUhkm. A. f. ,,f I. economist: Nelson A. R-n-kefeller, and others equally assoried. uiith price and supply ai is- py ai is- > - ..... " from war m luirope. Can;oes ,„• : KOK SAI.l- Ho.-.- .V eacn. no hull, bird ' -'' 'arei skins the bills on each;,-,,.,, ., ll , , lilvt . ,„ Uuv Uvi , „„„,. HKNT -Mv f.-.rm t i.li- nl ibe botiom lantl. is valuable I ® ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER l-'GU SAI.K O Clr.ino.". -lir! Si.uUi Wain'.,l b'Oit SAI.K K.'u.nii ..mi 1) II- So. Main Si. pair "f lor. ! family Mrs. .). H. )?wluvorlh. Shove. I S| rini'S. l!(l-:iip I-'OK KKNT Front, bed roi.(in, RS (JuostioiK on I';ii;e One 1. False. Lod.'. is the largest Polish city I(i05. 4IJ7 pop. l -. True. He was Itx! German , _ forces on the Eastern front. j l.-oirSAT.ir'|.'"r"uTi • Piilsu. The Ukraians are the ',,!.,,,,:,,,, <.-.., ,., .. ''• ''• i f''C)[! HKNT Tw<i unfurnished rooms. :; "-'''t!'i i'l-iv.iti' entrance, (.'all ill!). :.'~;!tp , FOR KK.NT~L:irne front, bedroom j ['rivati- enlrance, !l-!l) South Klin. Phone •i-w :;ti-:!tc Yet they agreed on hope of a solution of nur one yroat economic prob- I Russian minority in Poland. C', IPJ-- V-"- •••• \ if "'! ' • ' )" !•.-;;:— unempioymenr, under a democratic? regime and by democratic methods, j ''• false. They dropped only ] _" '''•'.' "''•'''''•• - A - - ( - *'^in<^.v. .^,'t|. Further, they agreed that the social «ains of the past few years nmst he! propaganda leaflets. ; FDR SAt.F " V.'i'iod '!T,'",T,-, rTnu-nTiT" k-.-r,!. There was no talk of "back to 1929" union.e eiiher business, labor, or '"' 1 ' 1 ' Ut> - Aluh ' 1 -' M»Smol prc- | circulating be..tcr See' 11 ,'. ( ',| Abr ,iii farm leaders. "The area of agreement" among tiiese- leaders accepted what - sen ted the bill for the line's con- ; ;i . M ; ,,- V '.. n.-auty Shoi. ' ••.'•j !r people generally have accepted—it i=- no ionL-;er pssible to yet "back to 1129" .-'truciion to parliament. : .1 _. .... ."...' ..._.- .. _ ,.,,,._. ... ^.. i.. .1 ..„, ,11,—- l; n. nvitri ^ Lik.Ltrj.jttjti "tvl lilt people generally have accepted—it i=- no ionyer pssible to get "back to 1929." and not desirable even if we could. \Ve must do hotter tharf that. spending i? the complete answer—that alt economic groups and government itself must concentrate on encouraging production and private'invest- ment. Business, labor, the farmer, and government 'niusi unite on wage and F(>jf SAI.K Sa possible the control of certain forms !. , llt( ., ot intecl.ion. Germs—like man—change 's'n-e eon.stamly. however, and even the old ,!!.'..''. policies which will increase consumption and. make work. j diseases are replaced" bv m-w ii.-eas- .r.at. as we see it. meaas tluit business, when it scents profits, should not es. raise prices.tmt concentrate on more sales at lower prices-thai is. wider dis- ' Typhoid fever, once the "reatcs.t ' ~T, '."'•""" .ribution. That manes WOI-K. Uib<v : -. too. ;.nd the fanner, should not seek!"'' plagues, among the tioups in camp : .-„!"" ' '.' pnces tor their work or produce which boost prices unnecessarily, thus re- •'"«' "" 'lie march, is now controlled "' p'"" Wanted stnctmg distribution an..l cutting jobs. And. 'he yovernment, w , , it must 1>v tllL ' sanitation methods, provision Room and Board ROOM and BOARD One extra lnri;.' room over uaraye. lar»e closet, half ||,,p,.. Ail; ba'b. I-'m-nished or unl'urni.-.bed. aide two men. Mrs. S. li. Yoimx. -I".'! 'vV. Divi.-.ion. Phone 71. ;!-ii:;ip ' 11 .linage ai I lood seasons and seepage j Iroin hill iaiiil;-. and Miffirienl quanlit\- water to "Ml,-lace irni;al(. mo-.t of bol ton," ui iirye>t season. Lost '(ho f the I-MUI p.hip ,,nd mnrriii^e of «i |,New York KiMi-an: .._ AIII: I:: The u, mil-man wns in** lined in New Yini- iheu; Were "qullo It w" pio.-pi-cli\-i- brides in the . Ko- iin coinUK--, ul I'liiite and Ana-. 1 11 a.l Butte to advised to' try 1 iln-ral lit-waid. A. .1 . Snnlh. lioss f-lai ;son pi ices. c. s. i.nwthn;p. •;•.':; s F,I,,I For Rent. M. 1 .; KK.YC Two j'.ood . i- Muidlebl.iok.-- (iroci-l V. Am;. I.') lie ,search tor 'inc. Ami. I'.l He ' Anaconda fust. Aoj:. .'n An-iviii", ,-,i Anaconda he went ilneclly to the In.me of h couple who. lie bad heard. w,-ie parOIllS ot il beauhful d,iii,"hl',-r. f Anj;. l!fi 11,.- convinced hoi' tlioy sboilld lie niai t i,-d. 'I hey niiw an livni!' happilv'ill.Now Y.ak. <tead Mattress Kliop, 712 West Fourth. for new and re-built. Phone Paul' Cobb IJM.J Sept. 1M1 1M. Male Help Wanted Good Watkin.-; route in . . . n, we t mus , prevent abuses, ought to encourage private investment. Shishkin. for in-!'-' 1 - saft ' water supplies and the u.- stance, behoves that .such planned uoUciv.-; could brine unemplo-.-meni i,,.l, jv - | "'" antillyphoi.l inoculations. Venereal ' --.-=:-. ----- -~ -- -.---—_ ---- _ _ tne :J.f)i)0.oOO nuu-k. abuut the best thi.t ear, be expc-eted. " ' | diseases, which used t ' r.^^-vr T ,^ , ---- -.;_i_-- — iis is America's great task. , d.-Vitstil!,- I troops, are now controlled by strict BOOfs ANOTHER BUDDTES •"•". '. : - - ".iiino^.-. operating rouie of ,-i ".are t le | 11, ,p,- f,,,-', h, • riijl ,1 part v • 110 car or ex - r Plant ,.s agam open lor Meat . ,nd confection machines. Kx,l,, ., iv e i pononce necessary; a chance „, make ') B an,l your patronage will be ap-M--, nl,,ry. Sm.dl ,nv e, (men.. KKCAI.i ,„,„- rea! ,,,,,,,,-y. Wiiu- TMK .1. K. D. Madi,,.n.! WATKINS CO.. 7H-!l(l \V. Iowa Ave.. :;-ii --file i :iid Sliecl. Ph,,ne -t-l. H')\VI.lN'i; c.h'KI'N K.v.-W)-John Daviv cxaiiiiinii:; ..,',•)»• lieirlaoms, round an ancient w.rt.-b. He WOUlul and .-el it. if- heel. Minimi;; ncClirnle- l.v ever Miree. The waloh belonged tf, bis I'.iandfatbor and i ;,l least 75 years" lien,,. Nev . -DiVuM-e CapiUiI" of the Wot Id. ha-: mine in.,, u.,res thai! di\ ,,) re 1 .:. Such relief as war busines yiv,.-s to the uiiomploymenl problem U at best ' '' tf Si'lations relative to the action of temporary. It is weieome. also tuu welcoir,,-. because that tends to create "a ' '" e " "" k ' -ive ' by the P''"Vi.siun <,i reliance on it. ' '' prophylactic stations, and by inodt-rn But it is not permaneni. f.oi solid. r,,,r risht. Ii will ^.IK,,^ ,..-.,„„ .,.„ --'cicntific treatment with newly dis- Goody v.-hen the covered drugs. Steady, relentless, unceasing effort must be devoted to putting the A.mer , -n" ,""" ^ , Wo '' Ui W " r P' 101 "" 61 "' 1 loan economic plant on a sound basis. Xothin-nms, i^rmh u, o lo^e -r>h of "n" y hu "' h '^ ; "' thousmul, this, our American job ^ ; ' muny " ll warring nations. The lives T. Ml REG. U. S^ PAT. OFf By DR, MORRIS FISHBEIN , loaiml ol the American Medical Association, aad Hygeia, the Health Magazine War Powers Won't Use Germ Bombs; Europe May I-'ace Influenza Epidemic Second in S -.fries of four articles on epidemics and wars. !:: predicting that influoir/.,, is a- T.-:CI.-..» certain to bcrisnread a^ain in •ni ; . new wai'. Dr. Thorn;,.-. M." Riv,-,-. t:i the RocktfeHow, Institute for Medi- i'd Research points out that We have • "' a--: yfct anv eflVctive :n ia by invailins; armies a •d ,. ounlrjc. 1 -:, The e;ji(ieinic.s •quire no disii-uhtiun by invaflin of these soldiers might have been: saved had we used at that time the- i newly discovered sulfaniluinide and j .sulfapyridine and specific anti-piic- inonia -erunis. For influen/a .sul- 1 landainide is not a specific and snl- | fapyridine apparently will not hiiiu;, about control. ' i b) llie la.'-et \var i-a.s gangrene! desl roved the life of many ;T soldier, i Today there are new dm;,' si'or preventing and controlling that condi-i tion. '• Germs will not be used by the- war- • ring nations in order to bring about • <lisease and con.sternalion among the civilian pi>[julation. Scientists of all nations l-.nnw that an epidemic started ALLE. ")QP _ N ! A BROKEN , 0 ,- <3EMERAL N -xPlECE OP THE . (OOP IS OUT) STATUE FELL ) V^. 1 .. COLD.'^POVVN AM' -/ ^-:--( CONKEP '(M >-t A Startling Discovery By EDGAR MARfTN~~ ^TOSr HE'S >«-,' i ,• ^--•\"C'-l v ) U •>•:-'>&£-+. M,-(« o/ ' ) CCPH lll'l RY Nl"^ SF^Hv'lCt.jNC. r M_.[t'',-. H S.PAT. OFF. Bi' V. t. H AMU IV 5ERVEP HIM RISHT ----xWE'D BETTER FOR ANSERlMe/AVEll HURRY HERE.VOU MEN OF J^'^ --^-'"•'••-. . TROV .'. C ARRV THE STATUES JUST ' • T ° ..- PO,YT&f?EAk LI KB HI-.-> QUARTERS- THAT WITHOUTCA IN THE _-•'. -5O I THINK A BIT PALACE/ / -—-\"~'""^-x ' ^ •'$ /'V OR PER f \ [ • : / OH,HO/^ A BULLET 1 ' ' HOLE/ ) SLURRING THE I OMEM;/ HORSE IN WOODEN ^V. .,. / BEFORE THEY . .,. '' i GET SORE ( ^-. AT i ic: i i f ._WASH TUBES ; AVJ 1 -/ V.i.V IN WHICH \ O« f. : X"!?TH '/E WAUT- T CHI I TAN N IT RAT I- c:ir,;ot s ar c moving .Steii<)ii to iiu- L'aitc<l St.iu--. By ROY CRANE VJU CAM U'i A FEW POLIUDS A PAV vou -550 A ron FOR ALL T rAAT -b LEF r. > . , FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Nubbin Gets the Idea Noy/ REPEAT AFTER f" — WHAT HAVE Yc.U be i i) DOIK^-J 7'i '-'wHA:r API K O L^Oit.y : v -? " ^ f ,|-;'•'v\;i IA i WH L YOU 'Be.' DblNO''•"• AM' J'i-L Bf: OVFP. To YC'L) AT EIGHT' CHILEAN \J> S" The Key to the Mystery By FRED HARM AN V.HA'l r in .ni-(j|jc, f '.':uunci,( j tvj'- .^^§g&*»~\ wno -^•"v.-:-.[;-"iv ji:'i.»--|6/ v ^?,^ . ( leuL ,^C.,I-','.M':-O^.' ic present i)n\'c < i i ii. rut-..- <>i '•-.<>< Sit dui in-' du; i-niirc . ic'ili be CHILEAN NltRATE SALES

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