Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 17, 1952 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, MARCH 17*1912 WE'RE ONLY ABOUT TIM MILtS PROM SANDRDCR" BUT f MATE THE LOOK OP THOSE THAT DEAD-END .STREET IS A CINCH REAR COMB TUB K*«O* AND Me.7... MAS &EBN TELLING MANY FIBS. I'LL. HAVE FOR NEXT ONE. 1 HIT MY HEAD OH 'TROUBLE, YE8...BUT THEN I'VE \*~ -^I KNOW IT'S NOT 1 DOC? / HAD LITTLE ELSE ( HEY, NOW\YOUR FAULT, BUT MILLION- U.OOKIWE.JYOUR BEING HERE YEAR-OLD MOOV1ANSK_ _^» SO CONTRARY TO 6HOWEO UPl KNOWN PHYOICA^L LAWS IT 16 UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE..- .THEREFORE I,Ur4DOUBT->-* SiB ™^BECAAJ9e I MYBOY 1 WHeN EDLY THE WORLD'5 /AW, NUT6 \THEY HA.ND OUT THE GREATEST PHY9ICI6T,/ TO'EM, DOC/ \ FEDERAL GRANTS OF AM SHUNNED A9 AN I WHYdHOULD AID TO 6CIENCE OUTCAST BY MY ^ YOU n / PROJECTS,! DON'T COLLEASUE6. CARE; GET A SMELL, 1 OUR BOARDING HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS FAP .' ; LET THE END -HERE. YOUNG RUMOR HATH IT THAT YOU CLAMP5O YOUR CHUBBY L\TTLE RST AROUtsiO THE CASK IN} THE OLD TO PAY IF THE TUNi&S THAT <M, SHE'LL. ge AS soRe AS WELL, IP RATHER HAVE FAT LEGS THAM HAVE A &UGLE--1 MEAN MOSG-- LlfcE A CAMDY SANTA CLAUS.' YES,I'LLTAK.E THE LUMPY LEGS-•• WHAT A MU<3.' UNDERWEAR AND MARTHA WOULD UP&ET /V\6 vJITH A SREAT HOE AMD CRY/ DM.' THAT UNCOUTH TRYING TO'LOOK —t - -.^-^vC, ' •=*•'"' • • ~ cf• BORN) THIRTY YEARS TOO SOON .J vwto, THF UJJFsr eov jy /S LOOKING* ferine GO WHAT? SOME OF TUB OLD SCHEMES ARE RiPE TO PAY OFP ' NOW • — THERP SHEIS.FKECK- \THAT —'HOW TO 6ff Rial QUICK*/ 600k: INVEST Qsje BUCK AMD END / LOOKS UP WITH A MIUIOM.' ^ AMCIfMT. [ VlP&S •' LOO* WHAT&OMEBOOY MID RETWCfN TWE PA6FS ' HQIV CW"&1 FOR A MINUTE I THOUGHT THAT UNP14PV WAS aONNA OPEN TH' POOR! U tEA9T SHE PIP QUIgT THAT p(?G.. &TIU HAVE fOUR MIUWTW T<? PUT TH' 6PARP BACK IN THEIR. TRUNK ANP HIDE 110 MY CAR WITH THIS POPg, NICK PBETEWPS TO TH 1 CAR FOR Y00-HOO, LANPLAPV! I HATE TO A.5K THIS, BUT IM IN THE GET SOMETHING FOR MI our OF MY we u GET AS FROM THOSE TWO T0NI6HTAS-. The Telegraph 9 * Daily Radio Chart RflD (1WO IM HO tXOR (ABC) «*• KO ftflrtl M HO RMOX (CM) tlM 10 HWI<M»i>» 1IM RO WIL ill* KO 190 Mf. -.00 N«wt Khytnm M Bmnw ti» Tom. men. tttrtv s3o Naw* M ;48 Bonfl An in fi i*. Sport* Kaitflflff N*tn: Curt T Ntwi fl. H«rknHI. Newt Newi Lori* On* Man'i family Lau* VrOnCCf * .———-—-- rM on it Jack ffliMI y«unl J"ol«'i Kf. ggjj^. Snow Oanea H««i l*»wt N«w«. flaeerdt Banditaad •pdfta^M TrtWtur_ »POMt StTtnti» in BM ! N«*t Can C, ""_ l-ouf KMfhta Cota Olaa Club tttum Dinnar Mailf Railroad troufj M«nry J, Tiylot ' Pollco H Howard ••flaw Bit M*nd riiaity Redid Artnuf OottN* Bobby Bill Mlekoll Chuck Narmu CmUf MuiM 8 00 4» ttonald Voorb*** rr«nk Bind of Am*HM ConMd tt««H ConeaH Mill Lux M«to Pattarti lot Mal'tfy Oibri*! MMtur Newl; Combo Tim* Serenade In Blu* P«rU Muito Hall 9 A) Ooodnun Ncwi Muiio Hull MOO* DfMAM 10 Cv*. Nttn Op*n BlbM Bob H«w* m«w Or»nd C«n. SU, frank. Mwarti Mutun Kawt Woman of Year Newi; Lombards Here's the Band N*WI! BpOfM World N«wi Piatur P*r*if* Muri« MatUN N«w« Hlflw \ Oil Naw»e«a Nowi Newt; Sou willif Balllnfar Newt Antall Show Initrumantai Ablda With M* You and WorM Bporw-Oteh. 11 :00 :l» -.30 :46 Pl«tt«r New*—Mud* By By Coneart ra»otlta« Headllnaa Orehaitra rrollet OrohMtra Harrrmaktn Newi; Diiwn Patrol :(M Newa Newit Ctookay New»i WMthw Morn. Call Country Jr. , Tom Dallar MS Hymnt Coneart € 8alut«, Weathatf :30 Meiodlaa f>raetleal Land Uaa farm Journal Torn :45 Newt Weathet Town It Country Nawts WeatharNewi _ flportt lunrii* Btrmad* , Nawi-WtMmaa Mmle 1:00 ' :45 Alex Drcler Weather Timetable New* N*wi: Bruc* Barrinito* Stookey Coneart MedltaUoa World Newt Blnf Croaby Newt, Braak. Club Al niehl: Newt Hytnnt Newt, Rax D»*f Newt, f Moa|1a Muilcal Cloek Mu«lc Bevellla Weather; Varfettte Ed Wilton thow Al R<ehi Stored Heart Chapel Window Newt Mutleal Clock 8 World New* Sport* Newi Time tt Tempei Bruce Birrlngton New* Bre*kf«t aub Melody M*ft* Newi Newi: Bilute Newi Varletlei Newi Rex Davit Clock Watcher Quli Ed Newt, Break. Club Al Hlehl: Newa Muilcal Clock New* Chapel of Air 9 Welcome triveter* True Btory Showcaie Double or Nothinl Whl«perlnir Street* Songi. iln«*r» Agalnit the Storm Newi Selene* Humin New* Studenti D*vt Themei of Age* Arthur Godfrey Ed Wll«en Who'i Talklnf Serenitderi W*1U Time Paula Stone Wliemen, New* HI Nelchbw 10 Strike It Mob Bob & HIT Dive Oarroway Lone Journey New* Break the Bank Symphony Muilo Matter* . drain: Serenade Women In New* Grind Slam Roiemary Ladlet Fair Opportunity Hr, Meet the Band Errand of Merer Queen for a Day Call 1 * your Bouia Harmony Houie Barfaln Counter 11 :00 Newi Weather Jack Berch Adv. In Melody Open Bible :1S Kat* Smith Victor Llndlahr Juit for Women Newi •M Kitchen Club 8t. L. Newi Concert Time :45 Meet the Menjoui Frunk Parker New* Melody Lane W. Warren Newi Aunt Jenny Helen Trent Our O*l Sunday Recalllt and Win Recallit and Win Shoppen Guide Meat The New* LOUlM Perionalitiea Quiz 12 :00 Newi Newi - Midday Concert Minute Muter* World New* Curt Masiey :19 Pliyhoui* Party Hal Frederick! . R*pu» M« Perkln* Cap Commentary •no Young Dr. Malene Banditand Revue :45 New In Store* N*w* On Farm .front Big Sliter _. Newi; Take Ten Jeriey Farm Home Run Htta Sports Quiz Dugout Intervlewi Ralph Edwirdi Matinee Muilc Common Oood Rtdert of the San Doctor'* Wife Mary McBrlde Vie Damon* Judy * Jane Piano. Newt Mutic Hr. 2nd Mr*. Burton Perry Maion Nor* Drake Brighter Day Banditand Review Cards v> Cln. Hedi Newi-Walker Recatu 8hof Curtain Call 2 Life Beautiful Road of Life Young'i Family Right to Happlne Harry Fender Sacred Heart Into all the World Hilltop HOUM Native In Ton* Grain; Muilo House Party Joyce Jordan Progrm'd for You News House Party Evelyn Wlntera New* » Recital Tim« Carl Smith. Newi Tom Dall Hey New« Topi in Pope Modern Concert :00 :30 :49 Backatage Wife Stella Dalle* Newi In My Houi* Hal Frederick* Ha) Frederick* Maitari N*w* Bread of Life World Affair* The Bookihelf Quiz Ha0en Family Curt Bay Guiding Light Wilson—Newi Ed. W11IOB Personality Recordi Tun* Newi Dancetlme Song Souvenir* Melody Accent :00 -.49 Juit Plain Bill front Page Farrell Lorenzo Jonei Plckeni Party N*w*-Bonner <" Muile New* Fa time Roaary Song Shop Children*! Album The Open Bible Serenade O'Brien Show Curt Ray Lee Adam* Newi Ed Wllion News; Record! Record Report New* Teen Tune* TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 MONDAY 8:00 P. M.—Wrangler's Club 3:15 P. M.—Space Cadeti ,1:30 P. M.—Sportsview 5:4S P. M.—I N S Tclenewi 6:00 P. M.—KuklB. Fran A Olli* B:15 P. M.— Dottye Bennett 6:30 P. M.—Those Two 6:49 P. M.—News Caravan 7:00 P. M.—Paul Wlnchell Show 7:30 P. M.—Howard Barlow 8:00 P, M.—Mam« 8:30 P. M.—Root. Montgomery Theatre 8:30 P. M.—Who Said That 10:00 P. M.—Studio One 11:00 P. M.—Herb Shrlner 11:30 P. M.—Mr. District Attorney 12:00 P. M.—Film ' , 12:19 P. M.—Newi TUESDAT 7'00 A. M.—Dave Garroway 8:00 A. M.—Langford-Ameche Show 9:30 A. M.—Bride and Groom 9:49 A. M. First 100 Yean 1:00 P. M.—Garry Moore 10:45 A. M.—City Art Museum 11:00 A. M.—The Egg And I 11:19 A. M.—Love of Life 11:30 A. M.—Search for Tomorrow 11:45 P. M.—To the Ladiei 10:00 A. M.—Garry Moore 1:15 P. M.—Homemakfng 2:00 P. M.—Big PayoH 2:30 P. M.—Bill Goodwin Show 3:00 P. M.—Kate Smith 4:00 P. M.—Hawkins Falll 4:15 P. M.—Russ David 4:30 P. M.—Howdy Doody CALM DOVVN,TOOTS5 I'LL BUVVOU a A MEW SET.' ...YOUR INVENTION: OH, DEAR.' HI, TOOTS...JU5T)m?U DEAR.' CAME OVER <f THAT'S ONE T' CLEAN VOURJtJOB-1 HATE' SILVERWARE.' CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "How come the other doctors stick to the old stand-bys like sulfa and penicillin, while you hafta use this lousy, newfangle^ castor oil?" Adjustment Period Needed PITTSBURGH, .*—A pretty ex- I'lmnge sludent from the free University of Berlin and now a doc- tora! candidate at Carnegie Tech says German youths have not had time to adjust themwlvei from war to peace and then to re-armament. Blue-eyed Irene V. Reitzenstein thinks some of the confusion in the minds of German youth could be alleviated if the university could afford more cultural programs. Radio-Video Comic Answer to Previous Puzxt* HORIZONTAL 1,4 Comedian 10 Enthusiastic ardor, 12 Interstice 13 La rial H Father 15 New Guinea port 17 Qualified 18 Females 20 Make a mistake 21 Bamboolike grass 23 Naval air station (ab.) 24 Fire (comb, form) 25 Messages 27 Fat 28 Oriental porgy 29 Drink made with malt 30 War god 31 Courtesy title 32 Go 35 Ruined 39 English queen 40 Female saint (ab) 41 Goby aircraft 42 Standard (ab.) 43 Coat with tin-lead alloy 45 Army medical department (ab.) 46 Hasten 47 Yellow bugle plant 48 He is heard on the as well as seen on television SO Horse disease 52 Arabian gulf 53 Penetrates 54 Before VERTICAL 1 Retainer 2 Click beetle 3 Burmese wood sprite 4 Bright-colored kerchief 5 Soviet mountains 6 Communists 7 Universal ' language 8 Adduce 9 Pines 11 Small horse 13 Uncommon 16 Iroquoian Indian 19 Asiatic nation 22 In one's gift 24 Parish of Louisiana 26 Nostril 27 Hodgepodge 29 Tremulous 32 Whip 33 Lure 34 Lofty •-*- 35 Wander* 36 He is a • his Aeld 37 Type of fur 38 Extinct bird 40 Cut apart 43. Prong 44 Age 49 Fruit drink SI Right (ab.) In German Agent JUecuted PRAIS, March 14. .Y—Abel Da- r . nos, agent of the German gastapo j executed today in occupied France and thf na- tion'j public enemy No. \ wai

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