The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama on November 27, 2001 · Page 5
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The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama · Page 5

Anniston, Alabama
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 2001
Page 5
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(The jXnnistcm t.-ir Tugy, Nqvember 27, 2QQ 1 Pj5A. Coffee Break Editor: Bill Edwards 23S-9236 The Associated Press and its tmptsh stdektc, Paragraph Boy. contributed this mdtenal Leftovers from the news refrigerator. Dooncsbury - rs Associated Press Matt Brown, 21, grimaces as he receives a new piercing on his collarbone. Pincushion guy 'holeyer' than thou OMAHA. Neb. A 21-year-old college student. Matt Brown, set out to break the Guinness Book of World Records for getting the most body piercings in one day. His goal was 130 piercings, 28 more than needed to break the existing record. Brown broke the record Friday, and then some, finishing with 1 7 1 new , piercings, 10 along his collarbone and the rest in his red and swollen arms. Brown's girlfriend, 19-year-old Amanda Jardine, said she was proud of him, but had one reservation. Just one, huh? "I'm not going to be able to touch his arms for a while," she said. Smitty Smith, who did the body piercing for Brown, said he had been looking for someone for 10 years who could tolerate pain well enough to pull off the record.' , 'This was all his idea," Brown said of Smith, who next will be challenging his' new friend to jump off a cliff. r eoTHBY A6KPT0'WZ IF I LOST The, BURKA- R&APY SUF5. BUT WHAT togq, about eemuvr $IR ARB- YOU JUST 00 TOl&m c I , HIM IIP IN THAT M ACES' WCK li TOXXJ, r1 CHIGf. I !k I rrvrt lix-iv , -Tel- X. ff?oc oris o o r jj , ( ' If yAH H5 """ """ Si f 6&ZALPO.' """, PYEN0U6H. I AHN' S HX&K!1 (J Uould it have boon SO hard to remember 'freight train'? "Big old black mass ... I haven't ever seen anything like It before." Jerry Holiday, a resident of Altoona, describing a tornado that left damage in its wake early Saturday afternoon. "It was just one big white cloud touching the ground. The sound was horrendous. It had that horrible loud roar to it." Dewayne Walldrop, chief of the Altoona Fire and Rescue Department, on same. Hey, I (enow you What weighs 325 pounds and Is new at the National Zoo? A baby elephant. The male calf, born Sunday afternoon, took its first steps shortly after birth, zoo officials said. "We are all so excited," said National Zoo Director Dr. Lucy Spelman. "Very few elephant calves are born In zoos each year so this is a very special event." For one thing, It Is very difficult to mate females and bulls, because few zoos have males in captivity or the proper facilities for bulls. The calf was conceived artificially In the youngest of the zoo's Asian elephants, 25-year-old Shanthl. In the photo, keepers are shown Introducing the calf to Its mother for nursing. The little guy hasn't been named yet. Where sleepin' wi' da fishes isn't a dishonor DELRAY BEACH. Ha A company is offering an unusual final reding place: a concrete case on the ocean floor. For $2. X). .customers can hav e cremated remains ot loved ones encased in a ton of concrete and linked witli hundreds of others to form an artificial reet in die waters off Palm Beach County, said Moms Huggins, a general contractor and founder of SeaRest Inc. Families would be provided with longitude and latitude coordinates to find the block containing their loved ones, said Melissa Ohnemus, who has helped Huggins with the project. Visiting the site would he no different from going to a cemetery, except that you'd need scuba-div ing near, said Ms. Ohnemus. ' fl fr-.ifln A V' : Associated Press These folks are having birthdays today: Rock musician Charlie Burchill (Simple Minds) is 42. Rock musician Charlie Benante (Anthrax) is 39.. Rock musician Mike Bordin (Faith No More) is 39. Actor Jaleel White is 25. c 1 In the Classroom 03B Saks Elementary School AHA's Second Grade: Lauren Chufl'in, Haley Cobb, Kayla Foster, Aaron Kilgore, Destiny Lopez, Tonnie Lyon, Mason McCune, Michael Dean Roe, Christyona Woolverton, Christopher Gibbs, Desiree Dennison, Jackson Fields, Briltncy Pclfrey, Ashley Talmadgc, Dontavius Wright, Chris Cowans, David Fea.ell, Madison Gilreath, Zeneshua Jaiirels, Christopher Jones, Rebecca Bowen, Hunter Bums, Samantha Greenhalgh, Kaci Johnson, Kalien Tankersley, Adam Boycc, Destinee Briskey, Bethany Capps, Ebony Kilpatriek, Tierra Prince, Jazmyn Simmons, Ashley Worley, Loyanna Hunter, Rani Lamberty, Haydcn Nunnally, Brandon Rich, Katy Stephens, Nathaniel Thomas, Amanda Fairbanks, Michael Flint, Haileigh Harbin, Heidi Holloway, Nicolctte Murphy, Kimberly Pearson, Timmy Brooks, Rayshanna Butler, Kala Coger, Christopher Mellon and Tiffany Rice. , Third Grade: Valetina Cuevas, Danyelle Kirkorian, Chelsea Tschantz, Ashley Bradford, Tyler Burr, Byron By'rd, Caleb Duke, Jessica Duke, Aaron Prttt, Cory Whaley, Schuyler Simmons, Karissa Woodley, Shaquill Ackles, Sierra Coleman, Jade Cribbs, Jeffrey Kincs, Kyra Larimer, Briana Sanderson, Autumn Smith, Stephanie Tucker, Courtney Weikle, Kimberly Ljmeks, Avie Mallows, Zackary Stcelman, Kirstin Steward, Marisa Wade, Ashley Davis, Hannah Denham, Cjndy Lee, Taylor Pearl, William Pol, Bfittany Wyville, Sunni Lindsey and Ashley Moline, I Fourth Grade: Morgan Djrummond, Dakota Isbell, Kayla Jensen, Miranda Senior, Morgan Sides, Molly Arndt, Arielle Coleman, Sanlana Davis, William Gross, Nicholas Norton, Colton Nunnally, Corey Shackelford, Cliarlcs Spcer, Amber Walker, BKk Wright, Jeremy Webb, Cody Atkins, -Shelby Howell, Ahmia Huff, Byron Jackson, Hannah Shaddix, Catherine Shaw, Kenneth Body, Eduardo Butler, Kjristi Dreyer, Kyle Bradshaw, Natasha Burcham, James Castillo, Kristina Hollaway, Kayla Knepp, Tia Ray, lvjichael Smith and Knsti Browning. i ' As and B' 1 Second Grade: Brandi Fowler, C.J. Moore, Tracy Nelson, Dannette Vfigginlon, Kaila Baldwin, Anquinctle Bbyd, Kaneisha Alinon, Addesha Collins, Kelsei Shipe, Zackary Waites, Amber Williams, Taneisha Almon. Cassady Bedford, Tabitha Bence. Sha'Tcven Bowers, Courtney Holcombe, Jayden Leatherwood, Rodney Phillips, Diana Reyes, Corey Richardson, Danielle Burney, Cordarius. Cooper, Ryan Diaz, Carrie Patrick, Sommcr Pettus, Kabrina Snell, Colby Youngblood, Megan Atkins, Raican Beard, Brjanna Christopher, Justen Hanson, Dcvan Murray, Cameron Greenwood, Quinndarious Guyden, Trey Hobbs, Kiara Houston, Sha'Kecsala Jackson, Tiffany McClain, Megha Patel, Ebony Willis, Brittany Arnold, Kacye Cantrell, Garrett Dcmpsey, Stacy Dorthard, Myeshia Mason, Kyle Youngblood, Jessie Ginn, Brianna Hicks, Cody Kulp, Taylor Prince, Hunter Sides and Brooke Whitle. Third Grade: Brandon Heim, Breana Hutchins, Dahon Leatherwood, Makenna McNally, Kaitlyn Meads, Jasmine Moten, Brandon Murphree, Amber Biddle, Jessica Coleman, Christopher Patrick, Brittney Penland; Victoria Pettus, Julia Shields, Brandy . Wilson, Kara Byron, Matthew Hill, Megan Mintz, Phillip Smyre, Joshua Swope, Zana Vaughn, Mason Deline, Chelsea Elders, Dustin Lcdbelter, Steven Mulkey, Sean Brown, Haley Fowler, Dakota Millwood, Ahston Pence, Bryan Sides, Joel Abbott, Megan Cambron, Gage Champion, Shane Compton, Kyla Gocdde, Gerald Ricksoh, Richard Barnhill, Courtney Boggs, Richard Brown, Jicklyn Christopher, Victoria Crow and Britney Waddell. Fourth Grade: Cory Ferguson, Lacey Henson, Laura Hightower, Rachel Ogle, Sabrina Summers, Holden Phillips, Juan Mason, Jerald Bailey, Thomas Collins, Micah Gaines, Curia'e Leins, Breanna Massey, Shelby Nelson, Kevin Beard, Joshua Johnson-new, Desiree Lank ford, Zachary McNeal, Dakota Meads, Madison Monday, Jeremy Webb, Juliano Wilborn, Anthony Zayas, Gavin Campbell, Larry Chapman, Bethany Harris, Mary Hcarns, Ashley Jenkins, Shelby Barnhill, Josh Young, Patrick Cooper, Joshua Cortez, Bindia Patel, Dominique Angel, Patrick Boyd, Amanda Chandler, Daniel Fegans, Priscilla McCurdy, John Moon, Haley Payton, Julie Smith and Terry Waits. Ohatchee Schools First Grade: Ashley Alexandria, Kelsi Allen. Brett Bailey, Willow Blanks, Porcha Brewster, Jacob Carter, Alexis Concrly, Mason Conner, Dalton Donner, Brandon Gaddy, Casey Gaddy, Paden Hudgins. Holly Hudson, Catelin Hughes, Katie Jennings, Joey Johnson, Devyn Lanibright, Dakota LaMountain, Austin Lee, Lance Lehr, Bvie MeComb.s, Josh McMurrey, Dylan Owen, 'Jaylaan Parker, Savannah Payne. Jonalhan Poole, Dylan Simmons, Kolby Slick, Brittany Smith, Courtney Smith, Judd Small, Kayla Smith, Christina Thornton and Jona Worrell. Second Grade: Loii Allen, Jusini Areno, Aaron Baker, Rchannon Bender, Brandon Brctdenbach, Davey Bussey, James Cobb, Kayla Conner, Bccca Cosper, Taylor Cox, Allen Crabtree, Haley Crbssley, Thomas Day, Preston Estes, Nicole Galbreath, Danielle George, Katlyn Grubbs, Bra3y Kelly, Tori Kilgore, Rebekah Magouyrk, Halley McDill, Nichole Meadows, Derek Medders, Kristin Menchey, Zach Mitchell, Jessica Moore, Tyler Pearce, Coleton Pressley, Amber Ray, Jcmulcr Reaves, Whitney Roberson, Chris Roberts, Zachary Robinson, Troy Rowe, Marcus Seals, Jessica Stewart and Karson Winn. Third Grade: Jordyn Abeinathy, Alex Blanks, Pen Bryant, Leslie Cooper, Justin Copeland, Shelby Cunningham, Riley C'urvm, Morgan Dunaway, Dylan Houston, Hannah Kent, Haley Lssiter, Colton Mann, Collin Mathies, Katie McCaig, Justin Mitchell, Matthew Rhodes, Hah Rcdical Insurance $i0Copay to doctor e $10 Copay for generic drugs Pays up to $5,000,000 lifetime A-ratcd Company- Great rates on Medicare Supplements and Dental Insurance . Larry Gullage 1 & Associates 305-AE. llthSl..Aimiktun 238-1219 Happy Birthday, Tonil You're still a Spring ChickenI M, -Bill Sexton, Kimberly Stone, Hannah Thompson, Robert Thornton, Cody Warnock and Stephanie Woodard. Fourth Grade: Justin Buchanan, Allie Byers, Patrick C.olley. Jenlh Crabtree, Jordan Dodgen, Cody Dulaney, Ganett lpperson, Tyler George, Somnier Grimes, Damon Holmes, Adaiii Jinks. Alex Johnson, Chris Mathies. Madison Mink, Adam Muns,' Olivia Nelson. Kayla Nunnclly, Kevin Parnell, Cody Panon. Brandy Ray, Meghan Rutland, Lucas Slowik, Kyle Taylor, Krisiin Teague, Nathan Thrasher, Hope Tyree, Nathan Whitley, Emily Wilson, Kara Winn and Sydney Young. Fifth (irade: Ryan Andrews, Haley Chancy, Shana Clements, Mellie Copeland, Katie Daughterly, Falicia Day, Blake Gallahar, Nicole Easierwood, Brittany Hale, Caitlm Haynes, Elizabeth Haynes, Sara Haynes, Wil Haynes, teresa Henderson, Brandy Hill, Heather Hudson, Jordan Jatko, Tyler Kay, Burgess Chiropractic t Headaches? (256237-9251 LOW E1AT0S OH LEADING INS. COMPANY FEMALE 65-69 NON TOBACCO PLAN D $75.64 BANK DRAFT MALE 65 NON TOBACCO PLAN D $79.73 BANK DRAFT Also Low Rates On Plan C, D, E, F, Q For Ages Up To 99Years, Rates Slightly Higher Use Any Doctor Or Hospital In Any State FRED Discount DRUG CARD TO SEE IF YOU CAN QUALIFY, PHONE.... AL'S INSURANCE I ! i PH. (256)237-0614 AL OLIVER 0RMM :il 1 Chelsea Newton and Devin Reynolds. Sixth (irade: David Adams, Holly Borden, Tanesha Brewster, Eric Crossley, Raeleigh George, Jada Harrell, Brian LaMountain, Josh Mann, Nicole Marcuin, Keira Moore, Kimberly Pope and Scott Wood. Seventh Grade: John Ballentinc, 'Tyler. Ferguson. Julie Hurst, Allison Jinks, ShyTa Johnson, Erick McLeod, Marie Roberts and Lauren Walk. . Kighth Grade: Jordan Angle, Harry Brooks, Kyle Chaney, Heather Cole, Stephen Cook, Plymouth Copeland, Jessica-Crook, Whitney Gallahar, Kelsey Hale, Morgan Haywood. Shannon Hutchinson, Joanna Medders, Jessica Mitchell and Kody Winn. Ninth Grade: Jennifer Borden, Jesse Clark, Jell' Dodgen, Emily Epperson, Jami (iilliard. Katie Cnil'liih, Jenna Kelley, Cristin Leslie. Amanda Long, Matthew Mitchell. Susan Pruilt, Jennifer Thomas, Adam Thrasher and Jon Wood. Tenth Grade: Lucretia Howl. Sam Clark, Jennifer Curvin, Crwal Deloach, Whitney Dosler. Brandon Dunaway, Steve Dunaway, Josh Farmer, Shawn Fleck, Trent Green, Kyle Gregg, Lori Hale, Stephanie Hammond, Winston Harris, Brian Howell, Christy McCullley. Brandon McLeod, Abby Miller, Amy Nunnclly Chad Partem. Melissa Price, Mary Reynolds, Amber Riebeling, Branden Slay, Christina Tirn, Michelle Weber and Jeremy West. Eleventh Grade: Candy Armstrong, Brian Capps, Amber Dupont, Angela Ferguson. Ladonna Hmdman, Billy Howell. David Hudgrns and Sainta Mu'nkbgerel. . Twelfth Grade: Stephanie Aldous. Dustin Bick, Paul Carter, Jeff Crossley. Echo Dunaway. Mark Griffith, Jennifer Grimes. Chelsea Harrell, Lee Henderson, Jay Johnson, Logan Lockndge, Brant Medders, Jennifer Parton, Shannon Strong, Amber Teague and Lara Worsham. You Are Invited To Griffin's Jewelers Open House November 29, 30 & December 1, 2(X)1 1028 Noble St., Anniston Never before offered specials during our Open House only. Use these great offers to do your Christmas shopping. DQQR BUSTER SPECIALS 7mm Gold Ball Earrings $9.99 Christmas China 30 Off In Stock Prices Lenox Holiday China: Buy 4 Dinner or Salad Plates and get 2 Matching Plates FREE Savings on Every Item In Our Store up To 50 (Excluding Bridal) And Many More Specials Being Offered REFRESHMENTS Bring Your Ad or Invitation To Register For A Special Wm Drawing V TalWega-Syltcauoi-Ptliaty l jt jKkwwtte -Anniston-OunlarsviH 1 1 mmm hVjm Member National Bndal Svie . igj ' JEWEURS tuatit VWwcfei vniSMiA(Cii

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