Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 30, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1896
Page 3
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It robs them of their terrors — by taking away that clothes-destroying, backbreaking rub, rub, rub. What does the work of washing THE RAJLROADS Panhandle's New Ohio River Bridge Almost Completed. A LONG SPAN USED General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Remarkable Strides I'D Sdecc The Deaf BuJnjj Made lo Hunr; Ring In;,', Cracking, Buzzing Noises iu tlir; Ears Stopped iu One Treatment by Dr. Walter's Xew Method of Treating Drai:- ^.lleSS aild Catarrh. amount to, when all you have to do is to put the things in to soak and boil—and then just rinse them out? That's the Pearline way of washing— easy for women and easy for clothes. In all kinds of cleaning, too, you get rid of that tiresome rubbing. Any one can see what it saves. And remember, no matter how you use Pearline, it's absolutely and entirely harmless. m miuco pics, fruit cake pudding possible nil the 'round. Always fresh, al- , 1:1 season. Always good, s the rsr.son. Accept no • substitutc. Sold everywhere. • iuu..|iii.| J.IKM l»r l.ookl,.i. "Mr.. >•„,,. tik.Blfliii:." Urn liniril liunoroiuvrttar. HKKKK'LL-SOlri.K CO., .N. V. S.-n.ln lIu.'Tk ; All Brf-x, r: c kc! Plated and Burns cyc tent t A beautiful, rici-cmshly marto «nd fly finishes L..:yoti Lamp, jolt and clone j.roif. ' nil:- pn :•; of the eon n'rr iprprfM propaM} i - ' \ .•!,..,.<.. .-.,i. ...,..•.„., VL , , ,, 1U , ^ u c;.! ,.,,,:..: (.,,•„ |i[i;.. ^ • mU Lin,.)' . S PL;>-- >, Tr.,;;;y r.:?o. co., C4' 1 C. nlro Si., i.sa fork. The coolness is refreshing; the roots and herbs invigorating ; the two together animating. Yozi get the right combination in HIRES Rootbeer. Sftvte only h/ The Churls E. Hire* Co.. A ?oc. ^ackai;c maltva It ifiitoai. Sol\l ov STATE NATIONAL BANK UEPOBLICAX COUXTY CONVEX TIOKS. Tho Republicans of Cass county are requested to meet In their respective townships aud wards MOXDAV, JUKE 1, ISflC. 'J'he towusliips will meet at 7 o'clock p. in. and Hie city wards ;it S o'clcol: p in. Iu the following places. Aduiiis towusliip—Twelve Mile school house. Eetlilehem township—Me!en. Booue township—Royal Center. . Clay township—Shady Nook school house, • Clinton township—Clyiiiers Station. Deer Crack township—Center school house, Harrison township—Lucerne. Jefferson township—Galloway school house. Jackson township—Lincoln. Miami township—Miller's school house. NoWe township—Center school house. Tlpton township—Walton. Washing-ton township—Center school bouse. First Ward—Westside engine house. Second Ward—New court room. Third Ward--Council Chamber. Fourth Ward—North street engine house. Fifth (Yard—Fifteenth street engine house. For the purpose of selecting delegates to the county convention and the joint representative convention of Cass and Miami counties: The basis of representation to the county convention will bo one delegate for every ten votes cast tor W. D. Owen in 1S94 and the basis of representation In the joint representative convention .is one delegate for every 100 votes cast for W. D. Owen in 1SO-I which will give the following number of delegates to the various townships aud wards. No. Del to No. Del to Tho now bridge which the Pennsylvania has for some months been Imilii- Uig across tin 1 Ohio river which N to connect the Panhandle 1 with the Louisville it Nashville,^yill be open for business .Time 1. .Ralph Peiter.i, general jigt-nt for -th-e reimsylvanJa company. n:i.d sii,p.eHut(.'i.Hli'iit of -the Panhandle's C'im-jumtl division Ji;i$. for stun 1 weeks givi»u much of his,.foci«to puxhiu;,' this enterprise. A double'riittrtjad is laid on tin 1 bridge, .a'u.cl t-heri-'l'is V doubli; l.'ack fur wagon;-; iiii^.a'f.^v\v^ i v,..;TJiL i entire cost Df liie woifelifls'fy^dEd ;?7ri,",000. and of this amo'iijjjt^^jLv'hal-f a i;;il- ilou lias been siien'wSfclfiii} masonry :-.p- tlio stone been built aiul the s-'ame nrm:ber tiVken down to make a- span of nillic.ii-iir length (,vi-r the Uhi-o river to niei'.l the requiivmtuts of tbe Chamber of Cominwve. \\'liicli sp:m will be 0111 feet. The total -length of •rl.-e !.!:-.iil,re and approaches will be :>.71u I'I'LT, the bridge proper covering l.('i."u feet of that distance. The amount of limivtcni-- masfuiry is 2,-luO cubic ils. Since 11:0 ccn.-t'.'ncticn began, May 20, .ISO.', eleven'hoisting iii-chhes. two iiilf drivers, twenty nat boats, two and the steamer Belh:vue have lecn aim-wit constantly engaged. L'p- vard of 2,"0 men have been emyl'iyei't. nil but few accidents i'.ave o-fcnrrod, here having been Suit at:e ;.':;:arty. -s ii.li;! ;;ddi!hn!lo Two in>\v pi^i-slinve A few years a^o Lywan 1\ Walter, M !>., tuo noted oculist and anrist of Chi CiijfO, discovered a new ineihod of treat ment for Catarrli and deafness ami after treating :i few puliwjts by this, now troatmeut was himself surprised a. the wonderful results derived iu such a short time. Immediutulj- the Chicago papers wore loud in their praises of this eminent scientist aud his office was continually crowded from morning until evening besides reclviny letters from all over the country asking about his new method of treatment for Catarrh and Deafness and about a year ago he visited a few cities, among them being Anderson, Ind. anil Frankfort, Ind., where lie made ):ome wonderful cures as his testimonials In his "Ad" eke where in this paper will testify. Ills cumins visit to Lo.itanspoi't where he will remain at the Mtmlock Hotel one week from June 1<t nmil June 7, will be slad 'lidimrs to those suffering from eye or ear trouble as his name and fame have already preceded him aud is quite familiar to a larjrc number of persons in this city ami vicinity. All are invited 1o call and consult with the Doctor and if lie can't euro you he will frankly tell yon and in no case is there any charge for consultation or examination. Commencing- 5aturdayMay i6th. Aua continuing for Uvo weeks, we some rare bargains, iu our Clothing will place oc sale. Department. We have marked medium weight, and summer suiting COST to close out certain. linos. Wo are offering most excellent values that were never before offered at tbe price, and to all who are looking for SNAPS Come aud seo as, we will convince you that no place iu 11 city will be allowed to undersell us. Xo mntteer what tbey say. We are Overstocked Aud must move our goods, aud have made a.' price that will do it. Our patrons arc .seised to take ad vantage of tills sale, before it.is too late. Sample Hafs % HAir.P.OAD .VOTES. SCHOOLBOOK CONTRACT. Boston Firm Gets the One of Grammar Text-Books. olisorvr LOOAXSI'OKT, CflPITflL • «2OO.OOO J. V. Johnson, President, S. W. Ullory, Vice President, H. J. Heltbrlnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. J. F. Johnson. S. W. UJlory. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and sell Government bonds. Loan money on personal security and collaterals. Issue special certificates of deposits bearing r .per cent. Interest when left one year; 2 per cont, per annum when deposited six months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this bank for the deposit of deeds, Insurance policies, mortgages and other valluabler,, 'rented at from $5 to J15 per year. D. B. DELZELL, : : ^DENTIST : :. : 416 MARKET STREET. over Bruggetnan's Millinery Store. L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Fire and Accident Insurance ofllco at 410 Broadway, up stairs, and solicits a share of tlio public patronage. None but First Class Companies Kepre- 8«nted. County Con. Adams township 13 Bethlehem 20 Boone 7 Clay 13 Clinton 15 I Deer Creek 15 Harrison 13 .Taekson 21 Jefferson 13 Miami 13 Noble 15 Xlpton 21 Washington 19 First Ward 30 Second Ward 30 Third Ward 23 Fourth Ward 34 Fifth T&ird C3 Joint Hop. Con, 1 o 1 1 DR. S. H. WARD. HOnCEOPATHlST Office 309 Fourth Street. Over Taylors JeweUy store. Kesielenco.013 North Street. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY, MAI" 30, ISOU. Subscribe for The Journal. Mandolin for sale. Inquire 30C North street. , George Harrison/bp-udles Landreth'a needs only. / Hammocks at 3»ur own price at Geo, Harrison's/*- / C. H. Sterile gallery at 414 Market street is now open. Competent workmen. Work guaranteed. Land re tb Seed Company of Pblladel- , phla, have been seed growers for one hundred and fifteen years. Harrison Ui their agent in Casa connty. EVERY WOMAN Shltild read our advertlsemnt on second page.—D. B. Singer & Co. Total ,.3ST. 80 • The delegates to the county convention will meet at the rink Saturday June Gth, 1SOC at 12:30 p. m.-for the purpose of nominating candidates for county offices tb be voted for Nov. 3, 1SOC as follOYrs: One Prosecuting attorney for the 20th Judicial district. One Representative. One Clerk. One Treasurer. One Sheriff, One Coroner. One. Surveyor. • : One Assessor. / • T\vo comnih5sioners, one. each from the first and third districts. And such other ofllccrs as are required l>y law to be elected at the November election, 1SOC. The delegates to the Joint Representative convention of Cass and Miami counties will meet a| the new court room Ln Logansport, Thursday, Junq 11, 1S9C at 1 o'clock p, m. for the purpose of nominating a candidate for Joint E-epreseatatlve for the aforesaid counties. J. Z. POWELL, Chairman. CHARLES RINGLEBEN, Sec'y. WHEN NATURE Needs assistance It may be best to render it promptly, but one should reniem- >et to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best and uost simple and genUe remedy Is tbe Syrup -of Figs, manufactured by the California Fj£ Syrup Company. Spring chickens at Klnueys. The Yandnlia will only run | trains to-ilay. The railroad shops will all Decora Lion day. The Louisville train was lai day over an hour. Travel over all roads was heller yes- tcrday than foa- some Him. 1 p.-i.st. E. V. Debs, president of I lie American Railway Union, is unite ill at J!loclo:i. Ala., due, it if stated, to overwork. The Panhandle ;tl: iMs point has been asked for I'liinbvr to assist in build- •hc> wrecked iHilldinps at St. Louis. George Silr.T, n YandaJia brake-man, was hurt'by falJing I'rojn the stop of an engine cab Wednesday ;)t Tcrre Ifaiitr. General Manager Ha.vs, of Die Grand Trunk', lias proposed to the officers and employes (hat Che'relief and insurance department of the company be reorganized on a more busi.noss-like basis. Protests against running Siuuliiy e.s cursions have been coming iu on Pros. ilojit Hughltt, of the Chicago & Nortl lycsf, ,'ind be lias given instructions -t abandon running ih;:m to certain points • Tho Panh:iiMlle expects to caiTy s ninny people to the -St. Loins convex t:on next month tliat i't 1 lias arrangci to borrow several fast passenger e;> gines for service on tliat occasion fron tiie Pittshurg. Ft. Wayne it Chicago. Chairman Mldgley oC the Woslerr Passenger Association, has decided that the W'ie-consiu Central must chiirge foi carrying bicycles or withilra.w from tin j association, which it will likely do, as it has been trying to* get up some excuse to get out of the organization. ' Arrangements have been completed by which the Peimslvauia line, in connection with tbe Wabash, will put on through cars between Louisville and ctroit. Wagner and Pullman cars-alternating in the service. It is said thN line will be fifty miles shorter tihaii any other line from Louisville to DeU'oil. TheVandalhi pVopIo on Tuesday jnoni- in.g put a force of some two hundred men at 'work laying a track across two of the streets at Terre Haute, and so shrewdly was it managed !h;U the wtirk was completed before the opponents t;> laying the track had got: waked np to the situation. Under HJC iutoi'-state commerce la.w. all railroads must luive their cars equipped with air brakes by T.-ip J, 1SOS. Tho Pcniisylraula and a mi in bor of '(he lai'ffer fystejn hai-(.yilrcad.i begun rhq work and most of tlie cars built tlie last two years have been so equipped. It costs about SSO to equip rho.standard box cars with.air brakes.; W, C. .Arp, supcriut'eJUlmt of motive po-i\-cr, lias just contracted for some very fine now and modern machinery for the Vandalia shops at Terre Haute. Mr. Arp proposes. to make these the 'model shops -of the West, and Is.havlng good backing'toward such a result. ,T. ,T. Turner,, vice president and general manager, and Harry Miller, superintendent of the main line, are making enviable records on the Vandalin. ' : • 'Western roads have'been notified that the liups in the Central Passenger Committee will not accept tickets for the convention of the Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor at Washington on .any dates'except ,Tuly 4, 5 tf G, and 7, and they wore advise to govern themselves accordingly. The Western wads have refused to make any rates for the Utah school teachers who are anxious to come East to spend their an-- nn.il vacations. The .State Hoard of Scln.-ol Cji:i::::s sioiiers yesterday awarded the e;>::tr;x-;.< for furnishing seiiool books during MIL next five years. D. C. HeatJi it Co., of Buxto.n. was'awai-iled tlie coin met Cor text-hooks on grammar. Afioi' inucii eons;ileraii.on the bcrai'didecJdi'll ihar ila- Meal h bid was t!i^ lowi.-si and bcsi for ll:o Sl;i:e. .The contract; provides fur Hyde's rractlce Lt-sso-ns in tiin i:si; of English at 25 cents each. :uid Hyile'.s I'r'.-ictk'al Knglisli C.'i'.-iniiii.-Ji-, f.la- i.'Oin- blned work (o !«> furni.shviJ for -10 cent.-'. Tho company al.so agrees lu excliangi 1 for tlie primniy book at tin- price of IT cent:*, ami for the complete book al 2S ci-isls. The Indiana School I'.cok Company was awarded flic conti'act for tin- text books in spelling and physiology. Ginn A Co., are to furnish the histories, which are lo bo revised. J. f» Do not forget that our Hat SaJe of sample hats, «t 50 cents on the dollar still couti nr.es. Splendid bargains are yet to bo picked up iu this li ne. Don't miss the oppor. tuniiy. „ JOHiN D. FERGUSON & CO. '322 MARKET STREET. A. P- JEN KB IOTTORS AND BUSINESS MEN.. Perspective ami 3Xotli::iiical Drawings prepared for-.;he Patent 0/lice and for iinir.ercial purpose?. ELECTRICITY AND HYDRANTICS. Drawings and Specilicalions of Electrical and Hydraulic devices prepared, i-.:c:t:ding Alarm Bat;unos, Brakes. Conductors, Cutouts. Klectric Lights. Mag-' .:e:-. Coils. Keys, Lightning Itoils. Meters.-r,egj.sters. Kecorders. S^tchboards, 'i'l-li'graphs. Tele])uoiiic A;iplianees.'Ele,tlrieal Clocks. Hydraulfe Mec-hanical, . Mcrciiri!-.! and Itolary Air rumps. Accumulator*. Compressed ,\ir and AVator Klevatoi-s, Double Acting Drainage and Force Pumps. Lift aud Oil Cups, etc. BYRON B GORDON. Draughtsman and Patent Attorney Spry Block, Logansport. the BEWA.E1S OF OINTMENTS FOE CATARRH THAT CONTAIN MEECUI.IY. as mercury will surely <1p«troy the sense of smell and completely derange whole system when entering it the uuicons surfaces. Such articles should never ho used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians as the damage they will do is ten fold to the good' you can possibly derive Crom them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F, .T. Cheney & Co.; Toledo, 0., contains no mercury, and is taken Internally, acting directly upou the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure lie sure you get the genuine. .It Is taken Internally, and made in Toledo, Ohio by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. Sold by druggists, price 75o. per bottle. HEADQUARTERS FOR PAINFS. .U«,/tit one man in ten doesn't buy bis Paints of me. : I AM AFTER THAT MAN About out- man'in ten doesn't know that tb- other nine of his fellow IBM nils have come to the conclusion that it is always safest to buy their Painti of BARGAIN SATL'KDAY, ; Fifty $3 Dresden parasols only $1.50. Fifty .si.";" white silk parasols only One Inuulred silk gloria umbrellas, 1.75 quality only ifl.lS. ffl-.'iO silk shirt waists only !?C.">0. ^ $1.25 Jusriue waists only T,"e. S2.00 white collar aud cuffs waists nly !?1,00. 5Sc waists only H3c'. I AH AFTER THAT HAN Alinut one man Ju ten doesn't know iiiat his nei^hbors'nre saving money •* every deal because they buy their Fajnts of me. I AM AFTER THAT MAN About one man In ten doesn't know that I beep the largest'acd best (took of.Taints aud Paint Supplies in Indiana. I AH AFTER THAT HAN About one UMJI in ten doesn't know that I make a speciality of Paints «n4 thereby soil them for loss mouty than It is possible for my competitors to dft I AM AFTER THAT HAN About one man in ten doesn't know aat 1 ouy my Pa'inus In carload lot> thereby getting roclv bottom prices and give my customers the benefits thei* of. I AM AFTERJTHAT HAN About nine men of every ten do knoxv I am Headquarters for everything in the PaJut line and by purchasing my supplies in large quantities plac« me la position to undersell my competitors. 1 K'IVC you the best goods. I give you the lowest prices. I give you sqnftM dealing aud If you are the tenth man you are the fellow I am after.. I wail >-nnr trade. Come and see. me. 1 will save you-money. B. F. KEESLING. S05 Fourth Street, Logansport, Iftf PROF. HIRSCHBEUG, the well-known Eye Specialist of New York, wishes to inform his many Wends and patrons of. Logausport and vicinity that he, or one of his staff, will be at the store of his agent, D. A. Hauk, nnd adjust Ills celebrated spectacles and eye glasses to all In need of them May 23 to 30 inclusive. Consultation fiw ; OPEEA HOUSE C^UB ROOM. We have opened up a first-el.vs club room wltere all devotees of pool c;i spend a pleasant time. Tobacco, cigar d confections. Soft drinks of al kinds. Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the First of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street:. Sp3cia)--*Low rates on heaters during the months qf May, June, July, August and September. COniNQ THE DELPHI BATHS. The Delphian Baths of Delphi. Indi lua in cases .of Rheumatism. LaGrippe md Nervous, Blood ami Stomach Disorder, never fail. Boys', men's and children's suits, so onjr ns It's a suit, aud.costs to exceed <3.00. entitles you'to a really; so vatcli at Otto's; and, if'your purchase uclntius a pair of shoes, a. \vntcli.,chalii KOOS with the watch. Children Oryio» Etcher's Castorla. Proffessor HirsoUber^, the world--renovrned eyo specialist of New York, or one of his staff, will be in Logansport from May 25tli to May 30th inclusive, at the Store of his Agent. D. A HAUK. Consult-i'Uon and Examination of the eye3 free of charge. ' VAN CAMP'S BOSTON BJ A Bite at Night wlicn there's no kitchen fire and the cook's none. Tbca's when Van Cnmp's Boston Raked Pork nnd Jicatis come in handy. Open the can and tlicy'tc ready to eat. Sweet iiork, mealy beam, and a rfe- JICIODS sanci;, made of B/tf. . ripe tomatoes. Put the can in hot Water to Iteat them. Al all grocers, lOc, 15c, and 20c. Send Gc for posiat«o anfl wo will seed you a sample can. • .VAN CAMP PACKING GO,, ' Indianapolis, Ind. I t

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