Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 12, 1942 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1942
Page 1
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i) BUY VNtttO STATM VINCI OND8 World-Wide News Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Press Hope VOLUME 43 — NUMBER 76 Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929. Star The Weather Fair and not much change in temperature Monday night. !£?>;t' M . e < :ms Associated Press (HEAE-Means' Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JANUARY 12. Our Daily Bread By NEA Commentator — WILLIS THORNTON A Little Child Dies Brothers in Blood iuirrt« e nf 6 r' Mc Tf] L P u , ezon took ^e oath in a secret luarters of General MacArthur's army somewhere in the pines as President of the Philippine Commonwealth common"^ be< r omecbrof her S in blood shed for the defense of <Vn/rT f *u- r Spoke U ' S ' Commissioner Francis B bayre at this strange ceremony. •© Manuel Qucszon is President of thc Philippine Commonwealth until the end of 1945. Before the end of that time he will actually be governing in that capacity over his liberated people. To this we of the United States have given our word. It is as solemn an obligation as a people can assume. It is a cause worthy our undertaking -,_ B 'ti n°t only because we go to rescue VlvAlliM*. kl_ " f>'°m oprcssion a people conquered by inPIIInn iy««7IC ruthless force despite their depen- •*• IVI III l%£ I lULU donee on us. It is a worthy cause also because the same force which overcame them menaces us, and all tile world. There can be no peace until it is eliminated. Shoulder to shoulder, American boys and Filipino boys are dying in Luzon. They are indeed brothers in blood, and so the whole Filipno people and the whole American people become blood brothers also. That blood has blotted out one of the most vicious theories of which the Nazi and Fascist mind stands guilty, and thc Pacific war shows once again their utter folly. For what do we have there? We have Hitler, the racial maniac, clasping firmly the "yellow fist" he not so long ago professed to despise . And we have China .another "yellow race," as an anchor of resistance to oppression. Wo have the "little brown men" of the Philippines on our side, and proud we are to call them brothers, for they have shown their love for freedom in the ultimate way—by fighting for it. The racial thebries 'of "Hitler' and Mussolini are proved false and rid- iculus by their own standards when they unite as partners with a race they have always called inferior. It is not the color of a man's skin but the color of his loyalties that counts. Thc self-proclaimed "pure Aryan" Nazis have bowed down to the false gods of tyranny and oppreasion, while races and peoples which have chosen to call unenlightened and inferior stand fighting for freedom. There are vicious, mean, and evil men and groups of men in all races. And so there are in all races men and groups of men capable of standing firm for decency and freedom. It is a supreme irony that the arrogant racial theories built up by thc Nazis should be so eloquently disproved by the Nazis themselves. Thousands of men are dying every day as war sweeps around thc world, and most of them are merely atoms in thc day's casualty figures. Yot in all this carmagnole of death, a single figure stood out the other day. It was that of a little Belgian child, one- of 456 sent to Switzerland to undergo recuperative treatment for malnutrition. This boy of 14 was too far gone. Starved literally to death by the Nazi occupation of his homeland this boy died before hispitalization could begin to set him on thc road to health. It is eloquent testimony to the fate of peoples whom Hitler has conquered. This, too, lies at the door of those who elected to set the world afire to satisfy their criminal ambition. Russia's Red Fleet Begins Nazis Meanwhile, British Maintain Pressure on Axis Forces ,-i in Africa LONDON OT-The Russian Black Sea fleet operating from the great Sevastopol base which the Nazis failed to destroy or capture was shelling retreating German columns in eastern ,tCrimca Monday reports reaching here said. One object of the Nazi drive into the Crimea was to restrict the Black sea fleet. Failure of that theme was ap- ^ parent when the Red Navy took a • Marge and successful part in the Soviet landing on the Kerch Peninsula on December 26. , , On. the central front where Hie Red army continued to press the scene of battle away from thc gates of Moscow , .reports told of Gentian activity prompted by desperation as the sit uation grew worse. War Department dispatches said captured documents of the 289th infantry division revealed that thc di_ vision had been reinforced in thc past rfttwo months by men with wounds in the first stages of healing. British Keep Up Pace ' CAIRO-(/P)-With the Axis African corps reported running short of fuel g,<he British Middle East command declared Monday that it was maintaining its pressure on retreating Germans and Italians in the el Agheila area, despite bad weather. Thc British said their planes in par. ticular carried out attacks on enemy • Supply columns and motor transports. In the Halfaya-Salum are on the frontier where mi isolated Axis garrison is defying British attacks, the British said, asserting their troops captured about 100 German and Ital- ^ian prisoners Sunday. The North African army of General Erwin Rommel was falling back slowly from the Agcdabia with British mobile units lashing at the rearguard. "Adkins to Seek .Second Term Ends Rumor That He Would Enter ,v Senate Race LITTLE ROCK — (/P) — Governor Homer M. Adkins announced fpr reelection Saturday night, ending speculation that ho would run for the United States senate. A Adkins former United States internal revenue collector for Arkansas and one-time Pulaski county sheriff, is serving his first two-year term as governor—having been nominated at thc 1940 democratic primaries-over the .gjthen incumbent ,Carl E. Bailey. Lieutenant Governor Bob Bailey, cpmpleting three terns in that office, announced subsequently that he would seek nomination as fifth district congressman. Bailey's home is at Russellville. Congressman Dave D. Terry, "' ^ittle Hock, announced last week that he would .seek nomination as United States senator. ^^^_ ^^M ' - ""* — >~w» i Warships Blasted Japanese Step Up Pace of Luzon Battle Artillery Duel in Progress and Enemy Aircraft Active WASHINGTO-N-(/P)_A heavy artillery battle along the entire front in thc Philippines was reported Monday by the War Department with ground activity increasing as fresh Japanese troops moved up, accompanied by new attacks from the air on U. S. defenses. Corregidor, the island fortress guarding Manila Bay, as well as front line defense of General Douglas MacArthur's troops, was subjected to a new assault from the air as fresh enemy troops increased pressure on the defending forces. The text of thc Monday morning communique, number 55: "Philippine theater: A heavy artillery battle is in progress along thc entire front. Ground activity is increasing as fresh Japanese troops move into front line positions. Enemy air attacks were renewed on defense installations and fortifications." General Mac-Arthur reports that Japanese troops occupying'Manila arc attempting to supress the use of radio receiving sets by civilians. This apparently is designed to prevent reception of broadcasts from thc United States and England, even though the action would prevent reception of Tokyo propaganda broadcasts. "There is nothing to report from other areas" the communique said. Eire Asked for Atlantic Battle Most Important Job, Says Knox , Advises Not to i Expect Major Fleet Operations in Pacific WASHINGTON -(/P)_ Secretary of Navy Knox said Monday that while tile American fleet was not idle, no early conclusive showdown could be expected with thc Japanese fleet and that battle of the Atlantic still was thc most important struggle. The Navy's number one job, he said, m a speech prepared for the annual convention of mayors is keeping the sea lanes open between American and Britain to bring about the defeat of Hitler Germany — "our great enemy." I would not be frank with you if I led you to believe that you could expect favorable dramatic reports of an American full-scale naval engagement in the Pacific in the near future," he said. "We know who our great enemy is The enemy who before all others must be defeated first. It is not Japan and it is not Italy. It is Hitler and Hitler's Nazis and Hitler's Germany that we must destroy. First Picture of — — ___ Kong Attack Allied Bases U. S., Britain Said Putting Pressure on Neutral Island Minister de Valera declared in a speech Monday that Eire would defend herself from attack from any quarter. "We did and are doing our best to get arms. What arms we can get, it being understood they are to be used to defend our territory against aggression no matter who it might be. ,4 Cotton By tlic Associated Press NEW ORLEANS January March May ! October December NEW YORK January March 'July October December Middling spot 19 74 Close .. 17.93 .. 18.33 .. 18.52 ,. 18.64 . 18.82 . 18.85 17,98 18.26 18.44 18.55 18.63 18.68 Hope Police Recover a Stolen Automobile The police department Monday announced thc recovery of a stolen automoble near the Oglesby school late Sunday afternoon. The auto was owned by Wesley Mayo, Pittsburg, Tex. and was stolen in the downtown area earlier Sunday morning. Cranium Crackers U. S.-Jap Relations Now that Japan has attacked the United States, all citizens will want to know more about the relations of the two countries which have always been at ueace with each other until te unprovoked assult upon Hawaii. These questions of the two •counlrales which have always been at peace vvitli each other until the unprovoked assult upon Hawaii. These questions should refresh your memory. 1. What American naval officer opened Japan for trade with other nations, and when? 2. With what country did Japan fight a. successful war in 1904-05, during which time Japanese war bonds were floated in the United States? 3. When and against whom did the United Stales and Japan ally themselves in war? 4. What treaty did the United States and Japan sign agreeing to end the naval building race? When did Japan renounce the treaty? 5. What single act of Japan in 1937 greatly increased tension between the two nations? Answers on Comic Page. -(/P)— Britain and the States were reliably reported Monday to be renewing their pressure for war bases in neutral Eire. New overtures combined with a concerted British press campaign for ports and air fields, in Eire both to defend thc island and to aid thc allied war in the Atlantic, so far have been mainly informal but official if was said. Prime Minister Amon de Valera of tire has said he sympathized with thc United States in its war but that it would promote disunity for Eire to become involved. United Slates representatives in Dublin, U was said, have been exerting so much pressure on the government in personal contacts that some of the old popularity is waning. Hope to Play Texarkana Here Bobcats Start Basketball Season Tuesday Night The Hope high school Bobcats will officially open thc basketball season here Tuesday night at 7.30 when they take on the Razorbacks from Texarkana, Arkansas. On Friday night the local cagers will tangle with Hot Springs Trojans. I he Trojans have one of the best teams m the state having defeated Pine Bluff last weekend Defense Office Needs Fixtures Two Office Workers Are Assigned to Hempstead The Chairman of thc Hempstead County Defense Council, Talbot Feild, Jr., announced Monday that two office workers for the county office of Civilian Defense have been assigned to this county through certification from the W. P. A., that they are in training so as to be in a position to open the office on Wednesday and begin the registration of volunteer civilian defense workers. Mr. Feild made this further announcement; "In every county in the United States a Civilian Defense Volunteer office is being set up. Several counties in Arkansas have already opened their office and the registration of volunteers and the training has begun. "No provision has been made as yet by the State and National Governments to maintain the County Civilian Defense Volunteer office, consequently it is up to each local defense council to maintain its own office and civilian defense activities. The executive board o ftho Hempstead County Defense Council has decided to raise thc funds necessary to maintain civilian defense actvitics in our county by the sale of automobile windshield stickers bearing the national emblem of Civilian Defense. These stickers have been ordered and their distribution and sal will begin upon their receipt from th factory. "For the next week there will appea naily in the local papers thc purpose and functions of a Civilian Defens; Volunteer office. The first of th scries appears in Monday's paper. r ,." L ? tor '" (hc wook registration o Civilian defense volunteers will begin Advance notice of (he day will be an nounced. "Two tables and six chair, are needed in thc Civilian Defensi Volunteer office. Persons who havi such tables and chairs suitable for ai office and are willing to lend then tomuoriarly to the local Defense Council are asked to telephone 917." Harrison Forman, NEA Service attack on this stralebic city. and Kai Tak airdrome in Hong Kong, was made at the height of the Jap in the Far East, and is the ACTUAL SCENE OF JAPANESE ATTACK nv Hnvr launch a furious attack on Hong Kong They nUssed KH! that were bombed and wMn-wmrtteM^tto Forma... N-EA Service correspondent and photographer NEA Service Telephoto - m the distance as Jap planes in foreground, but ruins of other planes Photo taken during attack by Harrison Gos f Oil Dealers to Meet Monday Night Gasoline and oil dealers of Hope will meet at thc city hall Monday night at f:JO to discuss problems orginating iroin the rationing of automobile tires All dealers in Hope are urged to a- tend. The meet will be held in the .hambcr of Commerce office D£yD£lmgReportofS. Arkansas Carter: Hanes Uo. 2, Elev. 297, Top' Buckner 9010, Drlg. 9097. Atlantic: Bodcaw No. 9, Drlg. 7888 Bodcaw No. 10, Loc.; C-SE, 'Sec. 32 17-23. Macedonia Atlantic: Warnock-Brewcr No. 1 Loc.; C-S'/j SW, Sec. 15-18-21. MfAlester: Snider Unit No 1 Elev 268, Drlg. 8581. Brewer-Warnock No. 1, Drlg. 7994. ® Alt. Holly Atlantic: Davis B-l, Prep, to squeeze to reperf. cag. higher. Big Creek J. W. Love: Stager No. 1, Drlg. 4950. Midway Barnsdall: Bond No. 1, Testing well on various chokes and determining Prod. Index. Wildcats McAlester: Jeffus No. 1; Set surface casing. Hope Boy Joins U. S. Air Corps James Butler to Get 2nd Lieutenant's Commission Aviation Cadet James H. Butler Route One, Hope, Arkansas of Class U-C met the challenge of graduation at Bakcrsfield's Air Corps Basic Flying School Monday. Formal recognition of each cadet's victory will be accorded him with appropriate ceremonies Jaunary 13lb. To fix the victory habit more firmly, lie will leave basic school for (en more weeks of refinement at the praticcd hands of advanced school instructors. Upon completion of advanced training, he will be commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant m the U. S. Army Air Corps-more Wings for "Victory." Father of Hope Woman Dies Medical Center at Robinson Arkansas Camp One of Two Replacement Centers WASHINGTON-(/P)-The organiza- | lion of the new army replacement training center at Camp Robinson and another at Ft. McClellan, Ala., was announced Monday by the War Department. Both centers will be under the control of the chief of infantry althougl Die Arkai.-as center will be a medica training establishment and direct administration will be under the surgeoi general. Both are to be ready by January 15 but the department said no information concerning the numbei of men to be trained at either centei would be made public. Rev. Davidson, Father of Mrs. John Vesey, Succumbs The Rev. W. C. Davidson, 74, Meth- iist leader and father of Mrs. John . Vesey of Hope, died at his home in Arkadelphia Sunday. He entered the ministry in 1892 ervine actively for 43 years. He wrote and published a book, "Joanna Hall Davidson," a true story of Methodist minister's wife. The Rev. Mr. Davidson once was a member of thc Hondrix College Board of Trustees. He was a Scottish Rite Mason and a member of the Al- (ConUnued on Page Three) J. M, Smith, Farmer, Dies Funeral Services to Be Held at 2 o'Clock Monday John Monroe Smitih, Hempstead county farmer, died at his home late Saturday, 011 Hope Route four. Funeral services are to be held at the Water Creek church at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon. Burial will be in Water Creek Cemetery. He is survived by 7 sons, H. A, Marvin, Grady, Himmie, Luther and J. C. Smith, all of St. Louis and Ernest Smith of Detroit, 2 daughters, Mrs. O. J. Garrett of Hope and Mrs Henry Kyser of Little Rock. $1200 Reported by Red Cross First Reports From SPG Turned in Monday Major Werner C. Slreekcr, constructing quartermaster of the Southwestern Proving Ground, Monday turned over $225 to the emergency Red Cross fund in first reports from thc project workers. The fund reprcsnts contributions o the CQM and the Architect-Engineer: and docs not include donations fron other departments. The county chairman reported gooc response from all areas in the county and said that only 51,200 had beei donated so far. Th equota for the county is $4,000. Many chairmen in key points have yet to report. The money donated will go dircctlj for the benefit of thc U. S. armed forces. War Spreads as Japs Attack Dutch Indies Allied Planes Active as Enemy Moves Closer to Singapore By thc Associated Press Japan's all-out gamble for a quick sweeping victory before the united nations can take the offensive carried troops dangerously closer to Singapore Monday and stirred up a "hornets nest" of resistance in the Netherlands East Indies Dutch fighters by land .and air struck at invasion footholds gained by the Japanese over the week-end and clamed that with allied aid they had showered two Japanese cruisers, a destroyer and two transports with bombs. For assistance the Dutch had U S warships and American and Australian planes. 4 Planes Downed "Allied planes Sunday shot down tour Japanese planes over Minahassa while they further scored two hits on a Japanese cruiser and a near miss on a destroyer," the communique ScltQ, "Monday morning two Australian planes near Menado were shot down m flames by the Japanese. "Our bombers Monday morning scored direct hits on a Japanese cruiser lying off Tarakan, while our Glen Martin bombers also scored two direct hits on two Japanese transports lying there." Dutch Aaid Malaya Defenses The Dutch, surprisingly, found it possible also to help in the defense of Singapore. NEI fighters were said' to have jjhot down three Japanese raiders 'attacking--the British^-base* Monday morning. In Malaya the Japanese despite the succession of British withdrawals were still more than 150 miles from Singapore on the western side of Malaya and probably no closer on the eastern side, although there has been little exact work oa the location of the front. Nevertheless, the Japanese had negotiated an important barrier on the way to Singapore with the capture of Kuala Lumpur. Loss of the city, the second largest of British Malaya, was indicated meanwhile by the British when they acknowledged withdrawal to new positions before Seremban, 35 miles southeast of Kuala Lumpur. The Japanese followed imperial forces with aeavy assaults. Japs Claim Successes TOKYO-W>)-(Official Radio Recorded by AP)—Imperial headquarters claimed Monday that Menado a town near the northeastern tip of the Celebes islands had been captured and the island of Tarakan, off Borneo, had surrendered Monday to Japanese forces invading the Netherlands East Indies. These were the latest in a series of fresh successes claimed by imperial headquarters. In the widening Pacific war other successes reported were: "That the Japanese army had conquered Olongapa, U. S. naval base on Subic Bay, 60 miles northwest of Manila. "That Japanese forces, driving down the Malaya Peninsula had entered Kuala Lumpur, capital of the federated Malaya states." Stock Transfers at 23-Year Low NEW YORK -wv- Transfers of stock 'in the New York Stock Exchange in 1941 reached thc lowest level since 1918. Only about 166,000,000 shares changed hands, compared with 207,636,059 in 1940, itself the slowest year since 1921 In the last year of World War I transfers totaled 143,278,000. Bond sales in the last year, on the other hand, reached the highest total ince 1K37. About $2,200,000,000 face value of bonds were transferred, compared with 51,671,599,775 in 1940. A Thought For God hath not given us thc spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind,—II Timothy 1:7. Chinese Win Changsha Fight Inflict Stunning Defeat on Japs Who Lose 45,000 Men CHUNGKING - (IP, - Chinese news dispatches declared Monday that Japanese forces, retreating northward from Changsha after suffering a stunning defeat, had been comptotely routed while trying to escape a Chinese encirclement and left more than 8,000 dead on the field of battle. The Chinese captured approximately 1,000 prisoners and large quantities of equipment during the battle between the Laotao and Mila rivers, about 30 miles north of Changsha, Hunan Province capital, the dispatch said. The battle, which was said started last Friday and raged day and night, boosted reported Japanese casualties in the ill-fated Changsha offensive to 45,000. This would mean the greatest de:eat the Japanese have suffered since the start of the war in China. The battle along the Laotao river, he Chinese said, completel ysmashed the main body of Japanese troops fall- ng back toward the Yangtze river jase of Yochow, from which the Changsha offensive was launched . 4 &> i k\ i

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