Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 3, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPE,. ARKANSAS Bruce Catfcon Says: j• THE PAYOFF OUR BOARDING HOUSE . r. s. Cunitul to Build South American Market! K> BKi'n: <:.vrvo\ N'K.V Washington C'«rrt"-puiulc(\t By H.VURY CiR.VYSON SKA Service Spotrs Editor NKAV YORK. — Murderers' Umv WORD, BOYS, t AAA JUST ).'•',7 A\V, VMMOT Y •/ BEGINNING TO EXPtf RIHNCU \-( PAk'T ICULAR, X ( IP THAT 6 ,TWE- ROBUST THRILL OF A GRtAT\\ MATOR-• •-- |-IOWYSUARPENS AMY OP- 1 INVENTOR/-'-^ IN A DAY OR SO )\ ABOUT SOAAU /S THE- APPETITES >eAT;LL 1.IVU.. \./ AROUND U^RE, \AJC-:'l.L WE CAM the t'i>it,-d SuSos take T:ie o;.-,v-,-;-.!-. I,.)-- VV.--H- Ge '» swatting a long ball in a >mt the \.mKces mm- have The other half of the .show is their nt'ield . . . B;U)c l")aldi;rcii, Joe (.Jor- ii'ii. Frank Crosetti and I\dbert Holfe . . . the Marmot Line of liaseball. A ve-ar or so a:;-.. 15iy F.d Walsh told >cveial; m- that, there no !om;cr \v'as an>" inficld play. "Tile liall is MI lively." said the ilrand olii Iron Man of the. While Sox 'that every play an mfielder makes DEeAOiMSTRATlOM OP OUR LITTLE- H AAIMCU PHI? Y> WAVE- TO SHOOT OUR P/WAUST TUBE, THE THTViCE IS GOING TO TRA.M5Y-OWM, TUG FOUL T-UMt'S T-ROAA AAiLUOM OF MOTORS TO PLLA5AMT ScliMTs .'.. —^ BY TIU- WAV, D, YOU MAY OtSI6M/\n:. TI4E FOR 'TEST ------ \AJUA_T i i-ii; michuv-iy. or :-ct uo nc". m.i • l-- "f the 'you do ot you don't varicly.' the New York quartet has. restore infield play to what i.s icfcrrcd to as ,.,, n]v .- j:et , hc|n uuv; . ,, u , ' — And Malaria Chills and Fever! Here's what you want for Malaria. foUisI Here's what you want for the awful chills and fever. It's Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic! A real Malaria medicine. Made especially for the purpose. Contains tasteless quinidine and iron. ! If HOA machi: ehuieiy is the Kxport-Imper'. Hank, it has i.-anable rc.-.onrees ol Sl'^'.'UHU'OO, but mc-M ...f this i.s ah-eady committed i i. u |,!._.d. fnere are time,, when the in me spcitdine.-lcndino bill which j ,,, K , nly s^p^ts ,|ial Dahlgren. Gor-| -.v...- introduced last sprim;, an added ! ,| on Civsetti and lied Holfe are sijiii.r,c,o i-do was asked for tin- bank, i tumblers and magicians, so subtle The bmiU didn't j;et it. and if it is new j i ;> tlieii- work in the inner defense. tn fu-.ar.ce -;rea:ly mcrea-ed iia.ie with i Soul;-. Amvnc.i it will have I" have-- OtxeUi Is Most Valuable :ui..ro monev I Yankee Corporation May Be Kstalilinhed . !U-|,-.e,.t, ,s perhaps the most vain| ante member of the \vorlu enanipi'ins. Grova's Tasteless Chill Tonic actually combats tile Malaria infection in the blood. It relieves tha freezing chills, tha burning fever. It helps you feel better fast. Thousands take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic for Malaria and swear by it. Pleasant to take, too. Even children take it without a whimper. Don't suffer! At first sign of Malaria, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. At all drugstores. Buy tha I * ; ' cneK; . large size as it "gives you much | expensive, and has aroused strong more for your money. eiitnelv new method oi 'luind'um.: tin 1 ! A'rosetti does thine:.', the public dues -.ra.de m..iv he iiidie-.ited. One plan | mi" always see," explain Joe Mc- a '4','Verniv.ent corporation, to bin Mir- | There have hee-n few. if any. supcr- pi-.i-i South American commodities coffee, wheat, and. so on — m iuuc.ii the -ra-mer that siirmus United States i -- v '- s l-"'l> '-"'t of his head at times. 1 commodo;.-, are mm- handled. | " rvo ^°" him K<" 1>"»* ">•<' '»^ ! ! ; ; mi- wonder where lie eame from. | defensive shortstops. Gordon makes Marse McCarthy's IT BE-----A PtRPUAAt, OR APPETIZING AROMA ? . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE : A PUBLIC IAT ALWAYS ) (WAV TO TWE TABLE/ y THAT WAKT.-^ 'UAL WILD -.BLAST ( IM rv\U ! j ' Y '/ MOW ABOUT /TIPPING OVF TI-VE ( EDITORS? V ouev-vr T ( CRAT.V TO PUT MIND YOUR MANNERS T. M. «ta. w. «. T. orf, I Dahlr.rt'n h;irdly ropi.'icc'.t Lou Go-1 I;ri:;'s his stick, huf he's a win/ • <ii CUIK! tho first ^ack, I Ivilfe is one '-.'f tli f - t;i"(_';it st;irs of i the 1 ^,, i m e . . , u i\ j' »y i n y a terrific 1 iiuih b\- Kd Barrow and Geor ami the New York club was | ecn! enonuh to r;rab DahlKren j •-.v lu:ii the lied S'ox let him go after: pa-.-in^ all that money for James' Hanory F'oxx. ! In running through pietun-.s in, XKA's moriTue the other afternoon I ran mto np.c. taken in iii!it-I''ebruar>' \ of last ye.,,-. ' J U was taken at Bovard Field of the [ >i i >• of S'<trhern California . .; .-hoy.s Cri;rdon and tin'- 5.ien IK- j ye,: -old Gerald Priddy m uniform chM'in;; -.vith Yinet;ar Bill Iv-.sicl-:. liie Yankeo'.i Pacific coast forayer. .... r , . f \ rc---ieK \ l .-as pj-eparm^ (.Toirton for - 'm.-: bow with the Yankees and Prid-j fiv for a May at Norfolk. SHOP AND COMPARE 90x114 Chenille Ladies Outing FLANNEL 54 in Novelty Dress or Coat Children's 3 - 4 Length 36 inch Fast Color Silverrnoon Children's Outing HsgKvaaaxEBazmuewnwntiRQiBMia FRIDAY Will Be Special 81 in Brown Seamless •"i ! year with a batting Mvcra^o of .ix>ti.' -i Gordon and Rolfe ijuvc uyi other, "u'vdon" %vas" C thl 'cunning mate of! Dit-f<lSC. CaUSC ()!' M_( )St Wjll' 1 Jl'lU IlS, Till' i I3obhy Gr.-jysun, Stantord's All-Aincr- • 11) X('\V C\)nflict icp, iijlUiitck. iit J<Jt"fer;-'on fli^Ii School ' M[ P,,ril f ,;Ki. Or..\. but the Y;jn!vL*s ! ,, h . st in a M . rjcs (l! - f(lllr arti . ,,,1. .^ ;h( , ,.,,„!• • ir :viiii/a! ion :-a\v to it thai, the vnuiu; ' . , t '• . • !,. ,,••-.••• m.,,, had m. truck w,tl, the yndironj '"'^ "" >'l»«lc,.,lrs ami wars. ,;„'^ ';',';„.,.''.if,^ d"<be at tile University of Orwn. i In must \vai.-. di.--e.i.-c .ii\>a\s can.--- lioife [Hissed up basket ball at Dart- es more d.-ath-. tlian !:im powd,. r 01 j •;-;,,. p,,.,.,,.], i,,.. u'l-'ii to nre.-erve the finely attuned pro.jec' (Jhiimps Got 'on ISrcak '«ni in (.if these. HI.DSl'i died of ivphoidi 6REAT DAY DRAWS NEAR/ COF-R. t>19 0V WCA SEHUCr, IMC T. M. RCC. U. S PAT. OFK. 'IVst your ktiowlcdfie or correct social usaKe by answcrinB tlxi fol- lowitiR questions, then checking ngnin.sl the authoritative nnswcrs he low: 1 At a formal evening weddini: dues the i;iooni wear a dinner jiicUet'.' | 2 What (lue-i his IM--.I man wear' 1 j I!. Dose the e.room .--nil his elolh- I <••; |n what tin- bdirc plans ti v.'ear, ; in- i ; , ii Hi.- other way around'.' | i .(. Should a wcddun; pn-scnl I i be mailed before the eeri-mony'.' t ;,. Sbonld a bride be careful ! ! and '.!l«i dcalbs l 'I'lic ijrcal majority of deaths j r.iu-.cd in the World War lesulleiii from the epidemic of iuflnen/a, which | v-a-, vnuli-iit and which stiuck with a : enoiisnes:, nevei ln-fme seen in that disease. i Nov. come.-, a definite prop,llist icat- ,,,n l.v l)r 'I'liomas M. Hivers. lead- ! im; .iii'.boi ity on infectious <li.-.eases i .'.in the Hi.ckcrd-llcr inslitut'-, that i another outbreak of mflucn/.a may ; ! well be expected in associaloii wth the ! j pii-scnt war. Kpi'temioloi;ists through ' i mil tin- world an- inclined to accept , (bis i n dicition bccau-e it is known i ib,it ureat epidcnuce-; o( mfliien/a: ' :-v.-ecp tin- v.orld every lili or litl years. | : 'I'lin. f.a lepmis from the various j ilionl--. do not indicate any i;rea! out- i bleaks of infections disease. The time •i.., I u loo short even for the in- ! ; ciibatii-n of some of the commoner in- .NT.XT: Inflimiv/a in Hie wake of \\ar. nut to look cl>vinu:.ly "made-up? 1 * What u-otild you i.lu i-f — You tin- invited to B wedding and to the leception afterwards. Would you-- (ni rVel (tint yon must send a wcddim: iJifl'.'" (hi Collider ihiil it is unnoces- r.ai y to M-nd .1 i;itt" 1. NIL Tail, mill wliiln lift. 2. The .'AU)c. 3. Tin; .J.',IIH>1|1 :-|!lltS Ills ClOWl'S ii v.'hal Ilir I,M iik- wear.'i. •(. 'Vrx' " ' 5, Y.-V. '•'• ' HrM ''\Viial Would YlIU Do"— '•<iliilii.il 'a 1 The Hope Creamery & Dairy Co. has been inspected hy ihc U. S. Government and has been found modern and complete, and has been approved as a source of Milk for the CCC Camp W. M. Ramsey T. M. «£<S. O. By I)K. MOKRIS F-'ISUBF.IN S41tor, Jonma] of Hie American Medie«I Hygcia, the Health Magajine ,,;;,,,,„.. hi ,!„ n.-n ::<-..•<• Hid ll-.lll'li appro\im.ilel.\ by I iV.i- 1 -v'.'jund,. In t.l'ie Sp.misii-Amcr- ; ~*~ ••>••: V.'.u we lo.-t :;V'.i in lialtl" and i 'ub,i In Ihc o.nnp. ,11 tin., coiinli ;. •• l !'.. .d fe\ ei-l call.-.e.l '.!0.!MI| I .e-c: ol ., ivphu.- enM..-i!:n- '.i.jeh.iiiisn-. with whieh he is making ; " u " ht l " bl ' lhl? " th " r v --'> •'-;' : "^l. 1 : ..\:i.,irian iiefen.l"i-;. Is.ir-oi n the American Lea-ue. \ Dl '- H; "-^ ^"IKM.,- of H.-rvan! L 'ni- . ,,.,,,,,. ;! , Ku.-sia f.nic.M..-.-au-..- of i v: - yphu.-. d\..en'.ery ,md inei:- dm ,.f ;,no.iii'ii PI em.!-, --..id-.c^ Observer-; point out that :lv Per- !'.'•!,, mvadod ftu.-.iuia in .Jnne ! xl -• !ltl - AH save Dabigren are products of ; s j ;ins u!1< ic r X-.-ix>--. -Aeix- defi-nled ; i-e.n wen- killed in b.ittle. :'i.,i'0ii ..•- Yaiiki.-e .-eoinnig and farm sys- j ,„ iheir invaMoii of (.;,-e. : v by an ejji-- ' p.u m-d home in nee.-mhei. and the !!..• V.'oi lil War Am.-i-i.-.,n tioop- | .i.- 1 i I!.' d. 'at!l> !'i oi! i dlsca.'.c. .la. - ic.,th.- f;' 'in lis ! lie v. oiind -.. 11.'.' lime typhoid ii.td Ijecii i*rou:Jd •! ionlio! ,-o 'ii,'!' fia-ie wcie onl\ i ,,.-!•- : '!' (;, piioid, I'.-ver -.'. nil i'ail ii.. in contract to I'll.!"!', rises of ; .oal II: the Si 1,1111: h - A livriac! I War :,' it llll !• IT. l"i: UN- :l. T.li '- I ' II |.H,| .-»<'. N.:lff h. i-.v u I- Iv Ii, :i.| cl-.-,r», n'Tv,-i n p- ,l,-i:.-:,i fi..:!-,'.m! -.or i n :',<•<• ;i ml r.Hc I- LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS We arc now in the market for Oak ;md GIMM l.. K s. White Oak, Oven-tip. Post ();,k, K'-d Oak, and A:.h Hoadini; Units. AI..D Round S\VI-:KT OI-.M Block-.. For price:, and specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, Arkansas Phone 245 It's flatting power vs» pitching skill when s,ggio and "Bucky" Walters meet face to face in the World Series. But they agree they're both Camel fans! the Department, of Coiiiini'rce. i A variant of this plan which ha.-, been j i;,^,.acrj i., 10 m.il'.e rhrect loans to| ie leadine, SouOi American cmiutrie. loci;., of tbi-ir raw materiaN a: l! ,-.c,i/uid be explained !_hat there !•• \ u"--od rJ'a! of feeling in some ;;riiup- . !i'o ijiat none of these proposals f .' \'. i.>e: Tnai. ;iv on!> sound | audio tin- problem would be ! '.ii.h A.i;ei-u:a:i n.-.'.ii.Mis mal.e .•lie;; and to let -,,\l trade] in the normal w.iy. ! •-i out that the regular buy- I .f .viuth Arm-rica probably ' • i.K.ii.h.it ii.cica i.-d ..mi - •: li-,c. ,!;. i.,f Soul!; An .t'.'i lai. , liiu., ina'ami; ; and lii, -.' •! !d cuiiimodit.-. price. ••••'• : ':" 'il.lla,' V'll-mie of ..',--•: ic.iii li ado wiil mere:, liiii-ial riiicin l'<-arc<l l!> BURNING COtSTlJER 1

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