Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 3, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1939
Page 2
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°ACE TWO HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Hope m Star Star of Hope. ISiW: Press. 1927. Coi'.solidated January IS. 1329 0,/.'(,'//(V v 'Dflit-n- Thi/ ui : nn<rP'~n»i> rul.-r AY/w/.' Flib'.'s.hed every \vwk-day aftertieon by Star Publishing Co.. Inc. C K. Pahr.er and Alex. II. VVashburn. a! tho Star Iniildms. 212-214 South tnut sueet. Hope, Ark. C. K. PALMKK. rresicleiit ALEX. H. WASUIHKN, Editor and I'ublisher I Star Dust Hy I.CON.Aftn Kl.I.IS —Means Associated Pi-e^. 1 —Moans Nevvspaper Kntr-rpriso A?.-'n. Subscription liatc (Always Payable in AiUvinooi; By oily tvirrifT. \>c:' v.-crk I5o; per month G.x-: ono yenr SO.SO. By m.iil. in Hemp.-Uend. NevuJa. Howard, Millet and linFnyettc countic.-;, ,ii "rt r-i-r your; eUo'.vhpre ^tVjO. It will bo pigskin professor against pupil--and Rnbcat against Bobcat \vhrn the Hope and Walnut Uide.e Uh'.h School football teams sojiiare off here Friday nie,ht a' S o'clock. Coach of the Walnut Kid.ue train is ! Van Ellis who played three yeais ttn- idcr Km Mainnions a! Ouaehi'a <'>'!; ioL-.e. The assistant eo.u'h is Sonny (Gordon who played two years ti'.uier H.unrnons at Monticello A. rind M. I lore's assistant coach. Bill IVashei | I w;is a team matt- of Van Kill.-; at Ouach- (it;, ! will hi' somethin:: like a n'".in'.;u 'h» More row Tf.ll the Quicker Yon Sf.ll" * Yon Can Talk io Only One Man 0 Want Ads Talk to SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want A'Jtt fn.s/i in advance Not taken over the. Plume One tinvs— '.'o wml, minimum 3flc Three times— 3Vtc word, minimum S6c Six times- (<? r.inl, minimum 90c Ono month— ISc word, mlninnim J2.70 Hates nre for continuous insertions only. Salesman Wanted This is not a fiol rich plini but a permanent and consistent money-maker. You will represent a hin;e mmiufai" tnrer who will tiive all hplp possible in sale.? material and new ideas. Must Male Help Wanted Itone for the rii;ht party; no ear or es- l>erionee nei'esi^iry: a ehanre to make WATK1NS CO,. 70-!>0 W. Iowa AVI .OST brown lea'.hi'i- billfold, bnclly -.un. ron t, lined •.noi-.t-y. dllvCIS lifcftllSO .ml iVc, M ,! 1,'euai.l Tlnnl: lost on m Hope. Return to '!>-3tP Opportunities Offered r,». Wiite C. K. V'.KK'KSiON CO.. INC.. 1 rVsMoini's. lov.-a. :>.|t Radio Repair Cuarant 1 liadio Uenair Service i '"I'liiiifs onoi-alini; rnulc- of dinette i .• . i .... i. ... i >.. .1..;.... liadio Serviee. Phone Soil, liny Allen | PRODUCTS CO. Dept. D. Madison. | Wisconsin. -t-.llp Hie -aimmil <•' Mount Ala-l;a. i. !'0:',0iiit teel above SOU Ifvol, OUT OUR WAY Member nf The A<wnei:itt'<l 1'tt'ss: The A-.suc::,tc-d Press. ,<; exc'usivciy entitled to tho u so for veimblic.-i.tion of all aow-: dispatch' 1 * credited to : .t or | v .-he>i they all nice' al'.iin not otherwise credited in this paper and a!-v tin- local tu-'.v: published herein, j *-*-*.** Charges on Tributes, Ktc.: Charge w.l! bo ;:iade for all 'nbui.es. card-: of ' ' "' ' 10 "'"" (hanks; resolutions, ov menuirials. cenconiins; 'he departed. Commercial newspajTcrs hold to (his policy in the new* colianns to protect their renders in.un :i deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility Or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. For Sale NOTICE By J. R. WILLIAMS l!. to S-MK! his Forth U'orth mate-; j ir>to the seventh, and deciding gnnv.- j vf the Dixie series Tnesdnv nis-ht. : season for the \V\dnut Kidi'.c Bobcats, lankitu; non-cont'ei-cnce po\v- el . Then" record to date show-: Vv'alnui FviJi'e I!'. Parar/ouM i} : Walnut Kidi;, :.M. Batesyille ::0. Advance notices point to Marberry Is Hero In Fort Worth Win : s --"' « =f C ' 311 i \31 IT! l_*i 111 7 i lit . ,.. . i is a candidate tor ; i l su.te ,.r.e :>O.M ' enny ' u-e has fists in a misy even- | , ; sil ' ' Washington Gin Company Is Binning and wrapping tip to 525 pound bales Sii.fiO All bales over 52") pounds, ad- i ditioiud le a pound. Also store your i Seed. A. N. Slrond will haul bales into ! flopi Compress for ZM~ ench. A. N. i Stum. 1. Wasliinglnn. Arlc. S<>lit a-lm i F«v Rent i ; in!'.. H.irdly had the game ended with Veteran Hold Vols to Oue : '''< liv - ;i -' e " i; '>" wllon u-"*"- I ! II Y V rT . ... rtr- • r-i • i down, in-! can a!id cnarucd the Nnsh- Hit In Wmnirur Sixth ; ,. m ,, ^...ou, m search «.f catci&r : Charlie Geors;e. his opponent in an ," early innini; word haul Onlv four ir.en reached base on i Game of Series (ion. heports say thai Millie.m imvers -.i\ tecl five inche-;. v.-cMijhs ;i:;."i pouml and i uns the l(l(>.yai-d. dash in 11 s,. i-'"n<l.-:. ! ..,..,,, ,,,..] In the. st.ite track meet last yvar. Co,,:-,,-.. -\'i\ S i Milliiian hn.ke the late Carroll Kchoo. ' ' _ Si. ' K(i|; ItF.NT -Front be. I r-...'m. HIS | V/e.-: Avenue H. Thnne 1','JI or 747. i 2a-:ite — ! l r.,*-.TTT' (I; f~\ O 1*1 T 'f-.v I 'I'- (1) i \.'UiV ll.'Hl lli'-ll lfll*.!U.M l,li.-?v_ ''11 I . . . u;\i \.u«ltt. lex. --'.-I — vjiii . - . i lev s shot-nut record -ind •> - r-..,.-, -%i..u. M . v ,. „,,.-) .... ;., |i,,, .Kill i Mamei-rv. two netun-: walks, one on • "' ' vu ' . :;;,: ; M±uv',^hi ,::!,;,;„" wi,hi,; =*™*™ ^ ™**™-* — n " w luuh soh "" 1 *™ f * nwk - on-, hi^-a "n:p.'h i:miii" sin«le-of i Tho fourih-the killinj-UP.,—\v;,s short- i, .,'-,.„ ',,;- *,,..,,^,< >-- i,ii .-0 '-nil l -' to r V.'illinrns clean single with one, in- , , ' ';:„:. .* a «,-;<!, ,; f a. "£«* 1,^0-\^ ™ ^ ™' h - °^ f - tol » He ls reril>rtotl U1 "" v.xM'o ].)iincliOil out d*' the infield ;r; \vcaklv nt Marherry's ' :';-'> ^ohoolbov ever wen: abo,;: hisj"^ Vols swun K weakly at Mai-berry's !.:-!- liko M.uwr: v. the 40-year-old ' collection of -low curves, floaters and ^ THE TOBACCO THAT SMOKED SO COOL IN TESTS SHOWED METRE VV\AKIN'S' CIGARETTES. SURE IS THE SMOKE' -X * -tt * * On tho offense. Milli«an plays riuju in ade|)' •>IVMil) I-'. K. j |,- u i; |(i-;\']'--Twii unfurnished room •di'i" :;il-:;to j rvivate ent'.-iinct.' Call »l!l. 2-;it|. - ! ' ! !'re: ,,;! l.im,-i "RIlfliT^NT- l.ar ( ;e from~hedro7im. : •:;,- :;:--:'i\V o,- .sec ; l' ri v;-.!(> ..n'.rance. '.& South Kim. Phone --:i'p : H;-I-\V ::o-:itc pass receiver and also is use-d on end- Room UUtl Board down ritjht tackle position and 01-- caskmallv plavs in the opponent'^ back field. \Vl\at a man Millit;an! -K * * * -K Halfback-Coffee is reported to be the outstanding Walnut Rid.Ko backfield man. He runs, passes and kicks. Cof- I semi-fast bails. ! Nashville flOO 000 WO— I) 1 1 ; Forth Worth . 300 Oil filxll 10 1 i Joffco.'U. Baker. Johnson. Collier ' and George. Mnrberry arul Linton. Camden Panthers Defeat • Prescott Jt^irHuVr;;;^.: I -„-,.„ bad to Kfi slipped up on. ; -(-,e r> • /^J-U- t. T> 1 Coach Hainrnons said Tuesdav dial - .',','.''.. ' IrOlS UII IO JiiKl I he Would take no chances on \V;il- : s ".',. ,','. n>1 , ~ i '-'•it offense into hi;;!! t-e:ir ai tin- be- ! ; - l tO i j Kinnint; of the aaino. ! j -»(' *t •»( -»( * i CAMDEN. Ark.--Aflcr a jittery | H,-,pe's y.ctory over KlD,,,-,-,,!o and start, the Camden High School Pan- j Blythevilk's def'-at by Pine Bluff has j ihor.s cnrw to life and defentod tho) inovf<i t}ie Bolica! team into .--eeoiui | Pre:.eott Cuiley Wolves. 27 to T. at Ab- j bott Field here before 1.000 fans Mon- j day night. I Frescott presented a hard fighting , team nnd held Camden to a 14-to-7 i score during the first half. Fumbles iM and BOAHD Oneexlia closet, half o'-i .-•:• e--.il biiri-iiiif. ! :-•-• I'.,-,'! Ahr;nu j l-i.ilh Km ni'.hed 01 uiitin nisbed, aVail- — '"'•' --::u- I ;,!-,;,. i....-,, men. Mrs. H. K. Youni:. •!»:! * ! \V. V> ; 'Vi.-;ioii. V'hmii. 1!. '.!-9:',lp i'. e !i:"!)T-y on your j _ ^ ' Complete "lock lieu- :•. b-d-. ...lo'.v. tablvs. !•'":! I.ItlilO C'..'. Kill! I :'-::te Offered Wanted SERVICES OFKEREt>-5ee Hemp- stend Mattress Sliop, 712 V.'est Fourth, for new ruid re-built Phone Pnul C.'.bb (oH-.J Sept. 2C, 1M. I',, Start But Whip Wolves .'•I'-.: .- l,'i\-- : tiiir pl:-nt is ar,ain o|"ien foi- Meat , I..,".'-- >iioes and ! Cm inn and your patronage will be ap- ! .-h S:, ,-e F.ast 2nd ! j,nvi;.f.--d. Home Ice Company. Envlj --i;ic ' ilrcl Slrer-t. Thoiie .|.|. 02-lnn, i UfU \-v' \?%i HE'S ALMOST SIS. FEET. LI&MT 6'ROWK) HAIC., BLUE EYE5, AMD IS OMLV 17, WO MATTER WHAT HE TELLS YOU--I'LL LEAVE VOU A, PHOTO OP HIM, AMP IF HE TRIES TO EMLIS-T VOL.* CHASE HIV\ HOME--AK1P COULD YOLJ TELL ME WHERE I'LL FIMD THE ARMY AMD NAW RE' CRUlTlMO OFFICES, Ifpiix a L«» ~v f ; *- ,,-:l C ^ v.\'HV MOTHERS <3£T BOOTS AND" HER BUDDIES^ iimong confeience i!owers--ii: the opinion of Allen Tilden. Arkans-i.- Denicciat siiorts writer. He lanks them as Fine Bluff. Hope and Little Reek as the "team:- K beat." "MAKIH'S" FANS! A "pointer" for you in these facts about Jn recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests, Prince Albert burned than the average of the 30 other of the largest- selling brands tested... coolest of all! mairtil play throughout the first half j Tilden also says that Blytheville is and Cnmden lost several scoring j the mosl over-rated team in Arkansas chances by niiscues. Domasnki sec-red j h 'S' h school football. follo-.vir.-. ; ihe the fiiv;t touchdown in the first pt iod ; "C'' 0 ^ by Pine Blun. 12 to ,> after a seven-yard dash on nn end- ! *•***•,* around play, and Smith kicked K oal . Ue :irc 1IU ' hn " 1 '- t" '-vithold jnd;i,.- On the first play of the , ,cond qua- tor " 1< ' IU l " lt ' 1 ^'^ tiu ' Elyth,v,l!,.-F.,i. I, - Calliuy patted to Brown, who raced '.M . :• aids (o rcore standing lip. The gain v.as 59 yards. S'niith again kicked ; goal. ' ' !,--,.,>,.-,. Halsell. _who starred for Prescott. j ^ ^l'™., '^ ^^ ^ h^j'';,' ^[ ,-,' galoped .n-yards on a punt, return I B!v , ,„„,;,,„ Cm| ,. ir ,,. x ,..',. .„',.,.. .,; ; and was drained down on the five- i ,,,- ' " y:n-d line. He carried it over on the j -K * ^ -n * third try and Leo Smith kicked goal. Boi'i Mann '.vent over for a touchdown in nuclei ....,.., t '.he third quarter after Stodder inter- | Dildy had replaced Vh.ose s'i'v're "id •',,•-' cepted a pass and carried it to the 2K- j -and wa-- coimliiiK on s.-nu-thu; yard line. Smith and ?,Iann carried it j a Vireani team"--a!t!ii'Ta-li it •• " "' .—=t j in'-o a ••ri'Uhtinare" against Fine j There is ,, po/sibili!y. howeve- those -i>; n-plaeeme:it> may p,. ( ;. soriie hidden or und'-volnj KM I j-iov. : er. Not Measured ' lh: ' •~' l ' :v: '" 1 ' ' ; " n In Terms of MONEY Thr- tins' yrai jylace in ir; in filling pf-r.~cri,j'ion.-: lias no dollar and cents y.-:!uo. If i--: somf-ihinfj pric'-'ifss. vvhich. we endi'ayor to f-; ; ;Ti :.t ;,:! timt-:. Thi.-; i-; an ap- Just Wondering ^1.1.,,,:-!., -•'\;, r ; v ^ ;1 !i^) "TTlSoAR iviARtm" O\<bV\OKru'bX V/jOVMA-AO ,/->';> l ,s'.t\.\_ ,/:' •* ¥ i -^''^ t • \ w-^:.. t // fex. '. I ,^ x , 1OP "T" F.T 'he".c fnrts ho a Tip to you! -*—' Save your tongue fro:n excess '•biting" heat with Prince Albert... ' the tobacco that \von th,-- verdict "cooler <,rnokinf;" in impartial : ':~.t::okinH bov/1'' test", (a-; above). <-••:•'' >i\\ tri>r joy of rich, ripe taste c.v.i'i :'.:!i, fragrant Sod} of rhoio?, ri;.'.- ; '•)!):. .:co- — and get it /r,:W/y.< Pr'mi.-,:.- Albert i:, ••ly.-bi-f-" treared. "Crirrip cut"—r-pins up frr-l, so nf::i! (Tasty, yet coo! in p/pf-9, fo.) flilft foil-yotir-ovvii 'a'g- ttrfcttai in uv^ry timlri-y tin of Pri.'ico A'.iior t SEE VOUR DOCTOR \Vlien iirescriptions are needed caU .... "We've (Jot It" 1'HO.VK «2 Motorcycle Delivery Second-Hand Bull's Eye \ ntwi.^. Hy V. T. HAMLIN y M GOOD ' GOSH, DOC 1 . ' WHAT WAS ••-. Tr',AT= - :, ? '? TO COMF-? Ki&H'I OUT ,'' OF THAT / OOP. T. : D S>A'GiM< THf;T \',,\6 TiiE Kt£P\?(vT Of- A H. S AW - C A L1 6 E R "• REVOLVER.-.BUT OF 1 COOKIE THAT l-i V IMPOi'- V/<: WASI-I TUBES Surprise' By ROY CRANE OP HlPPA,- WUPI L.OOK FOR TROUBLE, Wrestling Card for Prescott Gvm : k- Alike Na/.arin AI('(-is FVnnK: \V'i»U'( j In Two-Hour i-r^i ?>»<&.. ^ ^SiWIi Kl = iiUA.CPCP BE^i.l"; V •^eORETi Of- IT LVxiM.LV TO Hf;,'D WON v'.V .'I L1PE jfism "'••• A -.M. ,,i.f <•<: f) FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Ain't Got No i.earnin' i&W&d m Ky MERRILL BLOSSER THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE ^j-.t. :«,v, i.. J . ..«.-i-.'.li 1*1. (A.. iviu» 5 s..|.a). N. C Keep if our Home Warm with the Right Size Heaters Sec (;Ui- l)i pla.v of: fi.illl up Hop e Hardware Company 'r-";.i.-, HOW ! V\ ^fs'fl T -I 1 , 1 . ^---N.i^A ^ * f I 1 ^ -•- K--. RED RYDMR . •_ _' ] ._ Not Ended Yet *% By FRED UARMAl ^ ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER §$%«; ->' TlPsf^ A>"'- *•-.-'-%( >'f t -

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