The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1940
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MAY 2, IfMO Ready For Big Moment COURIER NEWS Children's Charier Goals Sought To Most Protection L ) s I s Secure This Is Child He-nidi Weok-lhc- week set aside by the national Kovci-nineiu for ail nils lo do everything possible to improve the health of all children. In observing this week throughout, the United Klatr-s, The Children's Charier, which grew out of i'rf-sldeiH Hoover's white [!OIIM> Cojifi rf'iice on Child )),-a)ih ,|, K i Protection, has been adopted as -in aim. This charter (hu rights of the child as the- firsi, rights of ettlM-iiship nii<! pledges ItseH to these aims for lln> chll- dren of America. Tin? charter follows: l-Por every i:hild sniriliinl an(l moral lialninij ui help him u> stand firm under the pressure ol life, 2—For every chili! iii«k-rsiandin<- and the guarding of his personality as his most precious right. .?—For every child a home ana thut love and security u-hlch a home provides; and for that child who must, receive foster caie the* nearest substitute for his ' own home. 4—For every child full preparation for his-birth, his mother receiving prenatal, natnl, and postnatal cnrc; and the establishment, of such protective measures as will make chikl-l>earhi<r, safer. 5—For every child health protection from birth through adolescence, including: periodical health examinations and, where needed, care of specialists and hos- pilal treatment; regular denial examination and care of Uie lectlr protective and preventive measures against communicable diseases- the insuring of pure food, pure milk nnd pure water. 6—For every child from birth through adolescence, promotion of health, including health instruction and a health program, wholesome physical and mental recreation, with teachers and leaders 1 adequately trained. 7—For every child a <ln'<?lli» lilacs safe, sanitary, and wholesome, with reasonable provisions for privacy, free from conditions which tend lo thwart his development; niul n h ome environment harmonious and enriching. 8—For every child a school which is safe from hazards, .sanitary;- properly equipped, lighted and militated. For younger chil- dren--"nUrscry schools and klrider- giirlt'iu,- lo supplement home care. 3—For every child-a community which recognizes and plans for his needs, protects him against, physical -dangers, moral hazards, and disease; provides' -him with safe and wholesome places for play and recreation; and makes- provision^'for his cultural and social needs. 1C—For every :child an education which, through the discovery mid development of his Individual'abili- ties, prepares him for life; and through irniiiinc and vocational guidance prepares him for n livrnj; which will yield him the maximum of satisfaction. 11—For every child such (caching and training n.s will prepare him for successful parenthood, homemnking. and the rights of citizenship; and. for parents, supplementary training to fit them lo deal wisely with the problems o! parenthood. 12—For every child education for safety and protection against accidents to which modern conditions subject him—those to which he Is directly exposed and those which, through loss or maiming of his parents, niTcct him indirectly. 13—For every child who is'blind, deaf, crippled, or otherwise physically handicapped, and for the child who is menially handicapped, such measures as will early discover and diagnose his handicap, provide care and treatment, and so train him that he may become an asset to society rather than a liability. Expenses of these services should be borne publicly where they c.innot be privately met. H—For every child who Is in conflict with society the right to be dealt. K-ith intelligently as society's charge, not society's outcast; willi the home, the school, the church. She court, ami (h c instilulion when .needed, shaped to return him whenever possible to the normal stream of life. IS—For every child the right lo Brow up in a family with an adequate standard of living and the security of a stable income as the surest safeguard against so:ial . handicaps. 1(5—For every child protection against labor that stunts growth. | either physical or mental, that j limits education, lhat deprives' children of Ihc right of comradeship, of play, and of joy. 17—For every rural child as satisfactory schooling and health ser- Vices as for the city child, and an extension to rural families of social, recreational, and cultural facilities. 18—To supplement the home and the school in the training of youth, and to return to them those interests of which modern life lends to cheat children, every stimulation and encouragement should be given to the extension and development of the voluntary youth organizations. IS—To make everywhere nv.lll.-i- !>lc Ihcse minimum protections of (he health OIK! welfare of-children, An ,«en*(,r, s tiilln-covercd fan frame holds the olu-fashioned bour,nei If 'Jf' "• " aiSiCS """ '^ U '" ic " "* "*<'• *"*" «'««hi, V; 1 "' 1 ?, T " C S " ray ° f "^ " i8 " U ' is c *v«>v armngco with,,, a basket ontlme- of white wire, which hangs from a wide white nbbon ,,ipped owr Uie ,,, jsl „„,„ ^ ' fine shadow-printed Swiss organdy. Floral Stylists Show Charming New Arrangements Of Blossoms Kv MAltlAN V'OHNf, - SEA service- Stair curretiuiiuieiir • NEW YORK.-Her flowers mid the important note of interest and originality to the picture tliis year's $4.65 ALL FOR. T , I'assengcr Cars Only PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lh A Walnut Phone 810 there should lie a district, county, or community organization for health, education, and welfare with full-time officials, co-ordinating- with a stale-wide program which will be responsive to a nnlion-widc service of general information, statistics, and scientific research. Tliis should inclULie: a> Trained, full-time public health ollicinls. with public health nurses, sanilniy inspection, and lubmalory workers. b) Available hospital beds. c) Full-time public welfare- service for (lie relief, aid, and mikl- aiiee of children in special need due to poverty, misforlime or be- Uavior (lifflculties. and for the protection of children from abuse "cflect. exploitation, or moral' hazard. For every child these lights rc - jnrdless of race, or color, or sitiia- '. (ion. wherever he may live muier the prolrcllon of |i,,. American Early Bird SPECIAL Comnlcle 5,000 mitp Chassis Lubrication. Remove, clean and repack nil Wheel 7! willi Special Lubricant M-51J. Krplenisli .Stccriiij; with pro|ior warm wc;illipr luliri- c.tnt. Rtlxx .ind Lubricate Sprinirs willi SI-jr,2S I.liliri- cant. Clean niul Service Carlinrelor Air Cleaner. Refill and ,\itjns( Sliork Ab- sorlicr. 1 ;. Clran Furl T'unip Screen Service Baltcry anil adjust Ocncnitor c!iarging rate. Drain, Fliisti alu , Kcn] , , )if . rcrnilial an,! Transmission (rosl of Lubricant IN'C'I.III)- Jlofor oil rliangril lo summer weight IF DKSIKKI* .vost of Sloior Oil no! in dueled). .sweet gill graduate makes as she hows her way across the platform to receive her diploma. Instead of the traditional sheaf of long-stemmed flowers, inter- siierscd with fern aj;d rather formally tied with a giant liow. prominent ttorist-stylisls suemt thai (he graduation bouquet lie not a bouquet at nil, but a chaiininj flower arrangement. They recommend a lei of small informal blossoms and natural' (oliase to lie carried over one arm or worn around the nei-k. in -Mie—-HiiWRiinn- manner:,- -A Ion'- strand of lilue forget-mc--ot.s anil pink .sweetheart rosebuds, tied at thp-ljacSt of-lhc nsek with a .s-»inll bow. is charming. So is a choker necklace of red and white s- fan Is posed n small, oUl-fushloninl bouquet ol vlolds mul pule pink l-'mllii'iinon'. the tjrndunle may wear her [lowers inslniil of carry- hift them. Diilti'i-fly orchids, little rast'biids, i-inm-lllns nmt halt 'n ilonei) oilier kinds O f flowers iii'i' lovely in the hair. .Slu> nuiy woiU ii biuceli'l of blossoms in match those In her curly locks. j ' If .'he is very lull, she may pm u corsiiBi 1 ill her wulstllnu l.islpiul of on OIK- shoulder. Muny ii (lower expert profer.s a loosely, ciiMiiilly-ih'd cluster oi buds ut (hi 1 point ol 11 v nei-klhu 1 rnllm limn 11 ivgnhii cursnuc on the shoulder. The Bindimte miuM look, sweet In « liny (lower hat-of fresh flowers, of coursi 1 . DKCOl.l.KTl-; (10VVNS AUK DKI'lXlTI'I.V TAWW More Ulan likely, her dress will br while. And probably of a fiolhy. tiinmiiei-y material as Swiss or- giiiuly, lawn, vom- or slurc-hci! r.hif- 111 narrow ijoms Irom (« m. Is of uiiMlffcm'd doited imis- wlth imrruw wlRliiB of Val li«'i> nroiiiKl tlle square neckline. Wlllj (his. u narrow Hum «f p, 1'liuil.s mid u maU-hlnii brai-eli'l I'flCClU't'. . Farmers Take To Anvil When 'Smithy' Fades Icpardiu'tu out' liuia of their Vein's ai;o fnrnu'is own blacksmiths. The demand be. rnini- i;mii cnoiiBh to .support bliick.smllh shops us rural popu- IIITW mul uc'Torc loni! u\ f "smithy" was as much u part ot cominuiilty us tin; Ihi' Then the \ tatsf Wlls i,.,,.,! nv.sM'd by dM'i'lop;iifii| of H,,. „„. iiiiKibik' mul Irucior. The black- mlilis let tlu> tiros BI-OW cold In Ihi'ir fot-(;t'« ami cine by 0110 (ho fnmlllfir shops closed. Hut the horse did not B | V c way so «Hii|U,.tely, especially in the small farms Umt comprlw; ,,tost of I'emrsylviinla's nKi'lciilturu) dls- Irlel.i, And now tlle fiirmciN hnvc H necessary (o do their own mUlilii)! once morn mid have J''(|<Ml ihc uijrlciilltiri! di'part- mi'iifs county furm uBcnla for jirnctlcal In Ihc nearly Try One of Our PIG SANDWICHES - -• Ole Hickory Inn From Hl»b SihoflJ lleiul Courier Newi VIKIH HIM Sign the New Reguter at the Ritz This smnrl little sweet girl graduate. In a Irnnsparent Swiss or- Eimdy frock, carries an artistic gnrltmcl of sweet pens, daisies mid delplilnluins instead of (he traditional arm bouquet. The dress— in the new, shorter, ankle length, —has a billowy, tiered, flounced skirt, a softly draped bodice and a dotted.Swis.-, .oiKnndy--.bolcro-.aiKl siish. ™«TIFl)l CHRYSLER! THE QUALITY CAR THAT GIVES MORE FOR YOUR MONEYS Ni:w modern Ijciuny . . . smart new front cntl design . . . now low, sweeping lines. Bit;, deep comfortable scats . renr end. yellow daisies. Ton. H may be bouffant or slim as n reed, but it must be youthful, ^ophlsticaleii. decollete effects are lions. Or « i-ery long ropcTof mir- ° ut of °" lcr to1 ' (!''' 1 <hiitlnn • . n I.'!..:... cises, whether or not the grncluoto has been wciiring fairly udull evening 8 owi:s for u couple or years. One particularly handsome dress shaped Is of white Swiss orgnmly with rather lull skirt, shirred bodice and puff sleeves, snsh and bolero ol mulching while innlcrinl "-Uli an all-over embroidered while dol. pic anemones ard SIIK aiAY WEAK OH CAltltY II1.OSSOM.S Tn the center of wires, to resemble (he outline of n basket. is a cluster of yellow roses with' SVii'ir ribbon-wrapped stems extending in an directions. At the bottom ol a ribbon-wrapped wire . I'nthcs wilier nnrf marvels of softness... 3 inches more legroom, llig, wu| c doors like house iloors greater vision. An exquisite new plastic instrument panel , .. upholstery of custom rar qualiiy . .. smart new hardware .., imii-glnrc rear window. spuco in diu entirely new lines of ih Scieuiific weight distriluition to give die finest ride you've ever known. New, more ixnvcrful SpeetlMu/, engines with worlds of pickup, tireless touring speeds, .vast reserve |«)\ver. Chrysler's finnoiis Ilydrimlic luiikcs iiixt Al!-!ileel Ixulics. Sec anil drive the |x.. llu . tiflllOiryilcrfor lp.(0! T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Also Nrwn & Comedy KKWAY . l«f| I DM, hrm Cm. Un 'it hi' nm- Ui I M •i MlHil liltu hit.) «n» MMbt hnririm fc« -•« i. h* I •«« fcw fcfc, „ (^^ VM fHM»-tt,1,.Ul.w. also March of Time. ROXY I-AST TIMES TODAY 1'AL NIGHTS 'I Aihnltti'd f^it rrlce of 1 nffi B1GWIRADE OF TlffiWGHSEAS TORPEDO Aim. Selected Short? KKIOAV & SATUKOAV 121 Direct Dealer For Chrysler and Mi/month Ash S( - . AwMK'lnli'il Dealers ul (-'. H. ilryiint Motor (Jo. Hiiyll, U'iiclivlllo Molor Service l.eiu'hvllle. Ark. I'hiino 111 LISTEN TO IUCN 1 ».ni.~lt;«5 p.m. —1;3» p.m. DECLARED - ON THE DRUDGERY - INCONVENIENCE - HAZARDS AND DISCOMFORTS OUR WOMEN ARE SUFFERING - IN OLD FASHIONED KITCHENS BE MODERN - ... . Wl ELECTRICAtty...AND SAVE? ENJOY THE — • Cleanliness Comforts Water Heaters Missouri Power • Convenience • Safety • Healthfulness and ECONOMY ELECTRIC Arka

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