Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 14, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1952
Page 7
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' ^r 5 " MOM STAR, MOfI, ARKANSAS , August 14,1951 Thlif tiny, Ai.qt.<H4, HO PC STAp, HOP deftl d..* tt on a great little heel,,,borrowed front the Britfih Brlftflny Tan AAAA to B Fdlhlon-rljhc through *nd through from jtJiH*f, \ "ithf <0f| tot to the WWM hooded heel, Full colori ^ Md ttijtm *ppMr in comblnation-with a touch of' i thVfrfiifh M freih pi the leuon iticlf, Faihion, lit, thi belt in c»ju»l comforr,,,, '—* jP 1 w! k»)j «;th* practical pri« tagl^ 8.95 &j i - • J-"< AIR CONDITIONED X-RAY FITTINGS SHOE STORE Phono 74211 A-KAT N|lir< from P««* On* »r Chflmbtoxt, 2nd Alt. 0l*vfni-tw««t Home J. O, I'hllllp*, chairman, R.'in- /ord Bond*, vl«c-chairmnn, Cnrl A, Brown, mpmlwr. Ji, O, Phillip*. Delegate, ftnnforrt Doijdn, Alt Del, 11. H. Nolen, 1*1 AliJ O, II. I»MI- thttrton, 2nd Alt. MeCstkill-Beltan C,\A, Hamilton, rhnlrmnn. H. O hortttg, mumlwr, O. A. Hamilton, DokttHte, H, (J. fihfffleld, All. Bel., Jamim Ix-Kllo, Isl All,, Charley Bradley. 2nd Alt. 8ardl*-0x«n Jeff Tiillflt, rhnlrmnn, Bliinrl, vlce-chiilrmmt, m«mb«r, Slomon , _ .v, Cholorn Citiy, Alt, Dri., Blnnchi' Hlrics, Ut AH,, Fiiltnn Arnoni'lte, 2nd All, Blngtn Committeemen Mexico Jails Chinese With $25 Millions MKXICO CITY Ail hand* Monroe Chnrlc.t ford, Vlcc-cliiiinniiri, .(, F. Huync.i, member, Kr<-d Rpion, DHrK«tc, Sim Hiiriford. AH, Ui-l. ll. O. Cio- Wi-ll, lift Alt,, (icoiKc Houzt-r, 2nd Alt. Thi» county convention will be hold at 10 a.m. Monthly, Aujjuiit 10, 1032 In ttif Court IJouno, :il Hope, At thin convention tho dolt- jfntes will i>l»ci a county committee Cholrrnun, vica-chnlrmnn. n third mornbvr and two nlUunatrn Both community nnd county corn- mlUaemon will toko office Kept, 1, 1982. Jtt tho comlnK yonr, the com- rminlly cornmlUm'rncM will visit farm In thoir community to Faculty Listed. Continued from Page On* Mr*. Paul Jonef, Mcond grade; Mrs. Toddy Jime*. third grade; Mr*. Th*o P. Witt, /mirth grade; Mi*» Mum IP B, Holt, principal and fifth grade; Mr*. M. B. Hatch, 1 *lxth Rradc. down t»*lny for n long ex-> Brook wood Elementary School frmillion fight In ihw-nieofsChl. Mr». Ho/acc Fuller, flrit Rrude: ln.'HU<m ««ht In tho o,»e of n Ch - M «. Ben Wilson, fir.t Krade; Ml*» no-;.. a*n«»r»l. f.vr f. 2.', million dol- June wa , ^ « d • ^ l«r* and n blond., ^rr-lnry. | „ ,„ Moon , gecond * radc '. ^ K. It. Brown, principal and third Krade; MM. Harold Sunderman. •" / '"' ••••!' •"• *•»••* "•*-«" ...I.**.* •..».. fourth Kf^uCf M#< A, J, Cfilciwdl Cirri, I'ting r«u Mow nr thn million* fifth grade; Mrs. Mary T. And- ll fliiii'tn'fl hc scrubbed nftor huvlntfj rows, sixth grade I... „ >!iv«-n thorn to buy nrm», l Garland Elementary School Mo iv S',;I.H formerly chief of a I Mm. Verna Jlnes, first grade; f.'tiini"»" Air KOITO purcluisinR ml«-j Mrs. Jane C. Browning, first *lnn in Washington, In an earlier j grade; Mm. Earl Thomasoii, sec- mil fl!o<i Uif'i-o, tho f'hlimR Knl-jond Krade; Mrs. Thomas 'tinya. sh«'k Kriv«>rnm«'ril cl.-rlnu'd he fiilM] third grade; Mrs. James W. Ant«. iicroiint for JSiri,!!!)(/, !>B9 of Airidrcwfl, third grade; Mrs. Jons Da- ,rn> prot'iircrrK-iit funds, lnclud-| vis, fourth grade; Mrs. F. J N;iliini;iltst Chinn hlml fj for- UT Pfflrtmil of Mexico as nttor- ncy to help It got hack either I..t. Kplon. ehnlrmon. Sim ftmi-S f " rp " l"'><•'« """•"I nmrls. Includ-j vi«. fourth grade; "Mrs. F. J. c«Thulrmiii>. .1. >•'. ll.iyiii.«. '""."" """ x| "''.',''"' r '''* h '" llnncn •>', Burrougha fifth gado; Mrs, Mablc nulliniii. Mow van held in tho Department of Justice BulldlriH hrrc while the Nntlrmiillst Chlnosr- regime pro.- furrri'il dcinnnd.'! for him. At. . no hfld W;IH hl« tiill, hlondc Arnerl- Kolloy, ;i ATHLITIS FOOT GERM HOW TO KILL IT, IN ONE HOUR If not pl«*ttdi your 40o back, Thin »TRONQ funqlolde 8LOUOH6 OFF th» outer tkln to expose burled fungi. Kills U on contnct. Get Qre«*«l«M, Initant-drylng T-l-L at •ny druo «tor«. Today «t John &. Qlbion Drug Co, , Atluns, principal and sixth grade. Ogleiby Elementary School Mrs. Homer Reeves, first grade. Mrs. Orady Williams, second grade; Mrs. Royce Welsenberger third grade; Mrs. Jnmes F. Ward fourth grade; Mrs. Sidney Fricksl fifth grade; Mrs. Julia Messer can .'ii'iTC'tary, Agenes formi'i • nlKhl rlub , ... With them In jail were Oliver M.' P" nt 'l(>»l and sixth grade. Kmslch, nn Amcricim who hns fu'ton Elementary School been living hero, and Pedro Casar n Mexicnn. They were nab Mrs, W, A. Abbott, first and sec ond grades; Mrs. Tom E. Hill ford Saturday in (.'ui'rnavnca, whore! 1 ' llrtl "'"' foifrth grades; Mrs. Mow him been living Hlnco he lcft; JUlu y Bubor. principal and fifth and sixth firnclcs. help the farmer to concentrate rllc 'ocully for tho Negro Sch ACl 1 tiKslslnnco on the most urgent! 00 ' 8 for '082-93, with their assign ly needed practirfn. mcnts u^s announced by James H Chairman MartlnUnlo points out where finch opertitloiifl were curried out this year more farmers «n» pnrtiulpnling in the conservation program than over before, und more effective practices arc belni! curried out to protect, con- jifrvi', ami hulld up the soil, Thanks a Million For your splendid vote and confidence you govc me In Tuesday's election for Circuit Clerk, as it filled our hearts with joy and llm, is to express to you our appreciation. Garrett Willis^ Family Pol, Adv. Paid fov by Gnrrclt Willis^" t ft>*n *«•*, a Host ol things that endear « to anyone who loves to of itt Firoball 8 Engino- ^cr put in o Buiok, oJHfr Airpoww carburetor Jl«tomatic that literally brings i powor right out of thin air, r^>y,.. lujcviriowi «U^^-iti ' t that oast t inlllion dollars i^wia me infinite wuQothnea»,of its tha,brpu«htthc *Vv«r* definitely do not. On the open road, you have that same sure sense of command that youVe • always had, Coming out of a curve, you can loosen your grip, and the front wheels right themselves just as they do on every Buick, But you'll notice this: When you suddenly hit loose dirt or snnd-or a stretch of rough rot\d-i- Power Steering smoothly goes into action — helps take up the jerk - makes control of the wheel easier and driving safer, ' Wouldn't you like to try out this newest wonder -on a RoADMAsnm or a SUPER? \bu say the word, and we'll do the rest. trim wJ vtoJelt <tr» sutytt to <# «A'flW CQit «N *nUn|, p«rkin|, maneuver' jovo* tbftelfort o| two- i-wakeiitt >BW^ "i^piJ^ ^BwMv 10 \ D\I \s i i \ III K IN Jones, Supcrintondent of Schools is as follows: Fulton Elementary School Mrs. Pnrlhenia Bowles, 1st and 2nd grades; Mrs. Jewel Wright head teacher, 3rd and 4th grades; Mrs. Embrinc Hlndinan, 5th anc Bill grades. Hopewell School Mrs. Dora Dean Gern, 1st grade; Mrs. Lucy G. Faucetle, 2-A Mrs. Fannie Buchanan, 2- Mlss Clemenline Frierson, 3-A His. Edna S. Con way, 3-B; Miss ' ie Lee Fllnoil, 4-A; Mrs. Elcc M. Nelson, 4-11; Mrs,' Neva nilchuel, fllh grade; J. W. Wul kcr, Head Toncher, tilh grade. Shover Street Elementary Mrs. Urseim D. Coleman, Is ,rade; Mrs. Huth L. Andrews. 2nd iratle; Mrs. Gurlha Williamson Ini grade; Ms. Ethel Bizzcll, 4th firmly; Mrs. Emma S. Cooper, 5th irade; Mrs, Jewel M. Jacques (Jth grade. Yerger High School Will V. Hutherforcl, Principal; Miss Annie Bell Verger, Secre ary and Clerk; E. N. Glover nathematics; T. A. Hamilton nnth- and social science; Mrs. Na ml Verger. English; Miss Myr Yergor. English; Miss Hnze Runnings, Counselor; Miss Estel Mitchell, Home Economics; Mrs lladys N. Davis, librarian and sil lul science; Mrs. Geraldine Mil cr, commercial and social scieo :o; Mrs. Louise J. Yerger, heath und geography; Mr*. Alfrctta Wolkcr, social science; Franl Bi'lUo, science and athletics; Mu sic, band, social science, vacancy H. M. Smith, Vocational agricul turv; G. K. Colemnn, Trade an Industry; General Science an health, vacancy. cut food costs SOCIETY' Pnon* 74431 B«tw**n I A. M. and 4 P. M. ' i vice-president. Mrs. Hollls' l.utk, fccretiiry. Mrs. .Hid Marttndale. treasurer, Mr^. ;»yvi McMnth 11 Din-in;: the meeting the hostess | served iced drinks to thirteen of I j ficers present ! Commq and Going BIG VALUE! Ann Page Rich Mayonnaise Special f Calendar . to [Thursday, August 14 : The B&PW Club will have their egulnr monthly business meeting liursday night, August 14. at 7 i'clock at Hotel Barlow. This is In important meeting as the bud- let will be presented and approv- present. Information on First Graders DOROTHY DIX The Executive board of the Woman's Society of the First Meth- vill meet I Mrs. Edwin Ward. All members. I arc urged to be present. ; k ' flb Rich Coffc* RED CIRCLE Vigorous A Winey BAIT AD corm BOKAK i-ib. Pkg ANGEL SOFT FACIAL TISSUES ANN PAGE PURE Crape Jelly Special/ Reg. 19< 1 2-02. Glass MRS. TUCKER'S or CRUSTENE SHORTENING 3 ct 69c ROBIN HOOD FLOUR 10U..Q1 Sack W IC 25 Lbs. Sack 2.05 ANGLO ROAST BEEF ANN PAGE 12 Oz. Can 53c 25* SALAD DRESSING ,."£ 27 SEEDLESS GRAPES Lb. 15c CALIFORNIA LEMONS Lb. FRESH.PECOS CANTALOUPES u lOc BARTLETT PEARS 2 Lbs 25c CUBAN AVOCADOS 2 Fof 25c FRESH GREEN ONIONS Bunches 15c YELLOW BANANAS Lb. 14c COLORADO Cauliflower 2 Lbs. 25c NUTLEY OLEO Lb. 21c JANE PARKER BREAD 11 Lb. Loaf 20c WHITE HOUSE MILK Large n*7j Cans jLI ( SULTANA PORK & BEANS 1- Lb. Can lOc •SCOT TISSUE 2 Roiis Zoci CHOCOLATE FUDGE ICED WHITE LAYER Famoui Jane Parker! • REG. 554 VALUE WISCONSIN CREAM CHEESE 55c Mob-Minded Egypt Warned to Be Good CAIRO, Egypt W) — Mob-minded Egyptians had warning today to seep still or run the risk of hanging. Tho country's military commander announced last night any attempt at disturbance would be considorod high treason, an offense punishable by death. Tho announcement from Maj. Gen. Mohammed Naguib, Army chief of staff and architect of thq recent military coup d'etat, followed a labor riot outside Alex- (indrin yesterday in which five to seven persons died. Reportedly the rioters, who at- ucked a textile plant, demanded ligher pay. A military inquiry court was rushed to Alexandria to seek out and punish the Instigators. Local authorities also said 700 persons were under arrest or investigation for complicity in the •lot. It was the first public distur- lance since Naguib and the Army nstullud Premier Aly Maher and orced ex-King Furouk-to abdicate three weeks ago. Naguib in his communique said the riots were started by traitors and criminals who, by the acts of violence, created a threat to Egyptian life and property. DECKERS TALL KORN BACON lb. 5k SUPER RIGHT SMOKED PICNICS lb. 45c SUPER RIGHT FRESH FRYERS lb. 6k th,e U. S. earlier this year. Ally. Gen. Luis Felipe Canudas said Mow has been accused by the Chinese nationalists ol "improper- y~ abstract ing documents, defrauding the government and the robbery if more than five million dollars'." The others are charged as accomplices, Canudas added- Mow told reporters he was innocent of any wrong doing. His arrest, he said, was duo to a "political row." He claimed his government had brought the Washington suit because "I was beginning to sfeow up too many irregularities." "e gave no further explanation. The Chinese general also said he considered himself sate from any legal acUon at present because that suit Still is pending in U. S. courts. Mow explained, that Miss Kelley had been his secretary tor several ytars and "it was only natural that she should conie to Mexico with n\e." 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Are they just trying to let every- know that they own n 1 met, n toy whom t Hked Vory i, inch: He fowes to soe me two or three Ume< n week. Ntnv. ho i tells me N h:'s n girl friend In I another .lowh and expects to mm'- i.v her some day. Since 1 love him very much, do you think there l« to approve of him, too. l.nst nlnthtla chnncc of my Retting l>im away eon>e ov0r. and gave me a wi 1st from herf t'ATSY , watch. I know my mother wouldn't' Answer: You are foolish to care Jet me keep It. Should 1 keep it! for n boy who shows such deceit* fcecretly, or return It to him'? ., „ ,. ., ... .Mrs. Kenneth Hamilton. Mrs Aub j d chl , drpn . j Owen Nix, Mrs. Hob Jones, and, - _J j Mrs Buster Rogers are compli-i M ~ I menting M»s Lmda Fos cr. bride- tcrd;|v elect of Lawrence Albritton. with ,„ T!i : uns . vk . k Mnlno aftcr „ visit a gift tea shower Thursday after-! w - (h ^. nw ^ Mrs . Dolpn Ca ,. noon from . to a in the home of, rj sh( , accompanied This is the sixth of n series of seven articles that will be , Ml . ,.,„,. Klnm „,„, „„., „„ „ , run daily entitled "Is My iiadlo? FR\NCES "'cretly, or return It to him" \M chnrueter nnd, If you could get Child Ready for School?" U i Answer: Most people who play A M 11U ,. n - I-/; him. yotrtl l» foi)Hsh lo take hlml is our desire that they will bo I U -eir raditw too loud slmoly don't Answer: Neither you nor the l.o.vjll, has pvovtm himself flcklo tiilhc of some help to p.uents who •! 1^^ u ^,Z,,e of noise tnevnre^"" ** ** »"«J »»U «,«• of y,m, , ,jirl he InU-ni a to marry -- whnt ha«e children* that will enter Ineatmu \ radio that seems Yeas-; Clings for each other; first, lu-.il.. von oxpcc him to do to you? school in September. ! onablv miiet to the listener can be • tmis * » >f the extremely short period; Me U Incnpnblo of true JAMES H. JONES. I Absolute v blasting to an outsider.', «>' aequainlnncc. second, beeausoior loyrtlty to anyone; don'i Superintendent of chools: ivrlu.ps 'if voii brought the mnlleri"' y»w »»"«"• Molt '''""hulioull.v i >-""' >«vc or time on him! attention of the offenders, b'»» sll «« u > !«iod nnltiro by know they would fftrt extend liberal prlvll ,. why not be itnttsflctt with, Lichavo like" n sensible I return the watch. Ill , ., M.M o ^ , c », ,«••» "Is My Child Ready for School? th( , y would co-operate by d , rf vja (o] . hc ,. , ulnl( , Give Him A Chance Oix: Although t Mrs. Hamilton. ., . Monday, August 18 Circles No. 1 and 2 of the First riyan. She was accompanied home by her sister. Miss Nancy; Huth Carvisan, for a visit. i Mvst parents would like to know how they can pave the way to Mr. and Mrs. \V. B. Ruggles. ; Christian Church will have a joint i, lu -ille. Jack, and Don, Dr. and; ; business meeting, program, and M,. S Kmmett Thompson, and Mr. ; j social hour in the church parlor.: _ n( j Mrs Lvle B,. own attended; I Monday evening, August 18, at J| u , f un eral of C. B. Murray in; 3 o'clock. Mrs. Carl Smith and Arkarlelphia yesterday. Mrs. J. B. Easter will be co- hostesses. Dear Miss Dix: I am very much! in love with Keith. ThC 1 other night lie to 1 ,.I nie lie wasn't sure if he wanted lo j.;u with ni<? or not. He tuninu ; I* '°° valuable a gift to be avcopi-1 " ! id under the clreumstnm-e* »mij 1V '"' furthermore, don't ever keep a pr.Y, ilm ""'>' l ''- I1lllUlv h( T n X" ln » out ont that your mother doesn't know| wiln « il<ls " nil llo - vs . who , '"'; v V '°'' , )i than I, I mn never deprived of the I privilege of isoln ! the tlxiiiHs they out and lining Occiislonally • LATE NEWS • • "CRUISE SHIP" • "GLAMOUR IN TENHlS"- • Starts Friday • — PLUS 2nd FEATURE — ROY ROGERS and TRIGGER DALE EVANS "BELL OF SAN ANGELO" Hope Federation of Garden Clubs Elects New Officers The Hope Federation of Garden | Clubs held its initial meeting for I the new year Wednesday morninu at the home of Mrs. Hollis l.uck. Routine business was transacted with Mrs. B. L. Rcltig, cluh president, presiding. Mrs. J. C. Carhop past president of the Federation, conducted an impressive installation ceremony. Tho following officers were elected to serve for two years: President, Mrs. E. O. Wingfield. Hospital Notes Branch Admiled: Air. Fred Garrett, of Hope, Mr. J. G. Gilbert, t.ewls- ville. t)ischari;ed: Mrs. C. E. Powell, I-ewisville. \\e cannot assume that all five ami six-year old children are ready for school. Some will come eagerly and" willingly while others come hesitatingly and nbash- l> ' i,..,. ........ Dea(i Dorothy Dix: 111 March Ml-ey take n clBiiretli- and offer mo become engaged to a boy 1 had'imo. 1 usually accept. Do you think is sure he likes me, but he doesn't: known eight months, We were lo I am ilt-lng riillitV CittACtK school entrance so their child can kllow llow null .|,. should I continue; be married In April, but Ills father i „ „ . take this experience In his stride,, <1(linK with ,, lm? A . S .! () %d nnd the wedding was delayed! Answer: Nothing looks sillier help him take his place proudly In, AllsW(1 . : u Koilh wnnls ,„ K0 : until August. Now the boy thinks;" 1 '"' »» a-lo ciicent waving n clg- his group and find pleasure in wjth V(1U sim ,, ly on a friendship i we should wait until November,; •'"' tl1 ' "I'ound. ApIng the pi- standing on his own feet. i basis, why not go along with him? | when he will be oVlt of the Ariny.! nf l ' l "'' s ^W ei ' is ls tm \ "'•«' » PS ' It is not fair to decide upon • 1',.,-haps 'something more serious My friends say he Is trying to back;'^^'.'".Kv^ono s youth. Arun t readiness for school by compar-] will develop: if it doesn't .you'll! '" "" ' ' *'' '••»>•' ing a child with the neighbors' or • just have to bury your affections friends' children as a measuring, mid begin all over later with an- stick. Personal ability antl past ex! other boy. However, since you care pericnces will determine, to ft lar-1 so much for Keith, it's worth « ge degree, the rale, of nchlcvo- chance. ment the child will be able to main-] — tain. Ditferent body structures, j Dear Miss Dix: Two weeks ngo peysonalitius and homo environ-; i m ,.i ,, hoy who says he really Julia Chester Admitted: Sue Ann Smith, of Hope. Mrs. Ksthor Pearson, Hope. Miss Elsie D. Kirk. Hope. Discharged: J. C. May, Hope. Josephin e Admitted: Mrs. Karl Wilson of ment will affect the type of school room responses. These.. responses since somo loves me. 1 cannot truthfully say 1 love him, but I do like him a lot. He's 17. I'm IT). My parents seem RIALTD Friday & Safurday 2-FEATURES-2 Fast on the Draw . . . Charles Starrett Smiley Burnette ''Lightning Guns' Brad Crawford Binnie Barnes in Damon Runyon's 'TIGHT SHOES RIALTO * LAST DAY ADULTS ONLY! Extra! THESE GIRLS ARE FOOLS ; ~™ people of Arkansas." I C. F. Hyrns. editor of the I Ft.'Smith. Southwest-American and Record, interpreted t h e this way: "Uasii-ally, the people are fed up with government as 11 is. They ['want a change....The desire tor a Kelensort t1y the BftU Inc, ,' ^.i^*.rt4.-M.*-v . II i. '• . ^ H'.fan *,#**+*»* «HMmni>ilfflNgj ARTHRITI T hnvc been wondprluW In being restored to'»dl after being o.Hppltid in tteai 1 ^ t, Joint In my. body tt«d with rnu» soreness fronvheRtl lo-foot, Hhoumutold ArthHWS nntt forms* of ttheumaUn)), Ithttdlj tormetl nnd my ni>H'^ WWtf t.lmlletl spnco -prdnlbHi you tnorc herojl write mc t will repTy,Al tell you how I rWt'lvow derful rcllol. •%'• • ''-•'<' out of the wedding. Do yon think i t:.kin K nilvnittnne of mom and pop's so? M. M.! arc bound to differ children have been away from home a great deal, being used to being alone and have dcWloJ)- ed independence, while ythers have been separated from""' Mielr, „, part-nls but a few hours. Somo | ™* children grow up with several brothers and sisters or at least with another child, while others have spent most ot thoir lives, ch wlls not t . noughi however, with adults._ With all the possible I .^ {>u ^ fo) . plcking j^^. chcr . diifercnccs in physical, emotional/ ()Ut ()f f(nl| , cnnd idates oppos- Answer: You cannot reasonably; expect'n boy who hns lost a piir-j cut to 'continue with nil his plniu-,j us If nothing had happened. Thei emotlofiiil upset alone would be [ enough to'hitiku him wnnt a post-! ponemetit pf the weddlijg, and there' are probably practical complications as well. Don't add to his troubles by being unsympathetic and I ornery, try to sec his position, ton.' Waiting until November won't entail too great a hardship. Dear Miss Dix: Two months au< vineed the folk that hc is the kind of :i miin they need to make the nr.cl inU-Ki-ily in novernment and nn, -overwhelming majority of the people ul Arkansas believe he will social, and perhaps economic eivj|^,. Guv MeM;lUl . Thn t came vlronmcnts, is it any wonder lhat| tlbol|l jiecause Judge Cherry con- so many approaches to the education of individual children have to be, used? ; j. jm i ,, r ., t .i u ,nf}u they want. At the close of the first school.| "Arkansas will have a governor year each parent should not ex-j \vlio promises nothing but honesty pect every child to have complul- • ed the first grade rei|Uiremonts>. In many cases it takes two yours and in some cases three years, are required to develop social, physical, emotional and uduca-, tional habits to be ready for the second grade. It is hoped that today's parents are understanding parents and can fully appreciate the reasons that some children are required to spend more than onn year in the primary grades. No child is happy if he cannot have reasonable success in achieving the goal of his grade. It is-sounder, podagogically, to give the child n good reading start even though it takes two or three years to attain this objective, than to "drag" through several promo- lions and finally be retained in one of the upper elementary grades. A remedial program is more effective on Ihe lower grade levels than in the upper elementary grades. Reading ability is the basis for promotion in the primary grades. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE S, M»ln A Country Club rd. THUR8. • FRI.. "THE BATTLE AT APACHE PASS" Color by Technicolor ... Plus . . , "FANCY PANTS" » With Bob Hope . . Lucille Ball To You Men Folk's Wo extend to you an invitation to,, attend our stylo show , . .' 'Seven Keys to Fall Fashions" Friday, 8 P. M. August 15th Now don't let that'girl of your drea rngo without you. ; So como on, got yailr key, wo want you (here. HEIII (STAINLESSl 11 "BIGGEST LITTLE STORF IN TOWN" AMERICA'S FAVORITE CASUALS FOR FALL,... 'You'll heor lots about this classic trot-about . . . the LUCERNE moc- casual in all the pretty colors for Fall. You'll see them worn by style-alert young women everywhere this Fall and you'll wear them, too. Come in today and select several pairs. -Walgreen'CHLOROPHYLL TOOTH PASTE t Nature's "Qreeri Magic" way to ' banish breath combined with,. i finest / polishing agents . . . JOHN P. (OX DRUG (0. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS ON SALE THURSDAY, FiUO^f f FALL Costumo '<, *•»«., -..tHi ' Jewei uo DRUG STORE Colors For Fall Brown Suede with Cobra toe. Grey suede with Cobra toe. Yellow, fuchsia blue, lilac, grey suede, navy . suede, red leather and brown leather. 5.98 to $6.95 SIZES 4 to 19 WIDTHS AA to B Papers Pledge Aid to Cherry After Elected By The Associated Press Arkansas' newspapers today welcomed Judge Francis Cherry U> the state political scene with pledges of support and congratulations on his upset victory in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. The state's two largest dalios — the Arkansas Gazette and the Arkansas Democrat — both offered their support to Cherry in the interest of good government. Said the Democrat: "We think the people have decided well. We congratulate Judge Cherry on liis victory. Let us now forget the ill humors of the campaign, and clo.s<? ranks behind our next 'governor to help him give all of our people good, sound government." The Gazette had this to say: "Francis Cherry has perhaps the best opportunity of anyone in Arkansas' modern history to be a great governor. The nature of his campaign should have left him beholden to no one. Without reservation, we congratulate him and pledge him our support in any undertaking for the good of all the MINERAL OIL FDAYPADS and KREML SHAMPOO^ WITCH ZINC OXIDE FIHT SIZE BOTH FULL PIMT , tUmll» OlittMENT 1-«. Tube at»u » RUBBER QlOVfetV- Thin but J[QC tough . .'."w No-allp Mnlsh, Awtyl 39« Travel MIRROR Ontil</« Siandt, hangi. 75'SJW. ilM*' . H ,^rt lp I Mr?i»1 •- • •- ' V^li At I.« DtptnJ on Our Photo-Finishing fl AIR CONDITIONfD t FOSTER'S FAMIUY SHOI STORE MMM m i and ConKtV CwbUF«l«f i^i 74700 Vashington, Master Jimmy Dan- j els, Rosston. • ' Discharged: Robert Hacklor of Cherry Valley, 111., Mrs. James Hester and little daughter, McNub Clubs Blevins The Blevins Home Demonstration Club entertained the members of the Columbus and Sweet Home clubs with a tea in the Homo Economics building July 31 between the hour of 3 and 4 p.m. Guests were greeted at the door by Mrs. M. D. Tippett. After introductions the guests were invited over to the tea table, which was covered with a linen culwork cloth; and centered "With a bowl of sum-1 mer flowers. " •. j Mrs. W. D. Gorham presided at the punch bowl. Cookie*,, nuts, mints and sandwiches were arrang ed in a serve-yeurjey manner. 4rti|tic arnmgfAiffiQt w«rf f/Wfd *t van- O.OOI* Ike 3 New TON'S Very Gintlt Smarty Pants Patches Dress up your jeans Each Amtate Sport Style Sun Visor for work or play , Adjustable, Each with the new Pilc«l«»» Pink Lotion, VACUUM HOTTU - * i BASK , '!.&» 12-ln. ZIPPER BAG Loditf Billfold ltfht plaid brown duck, With picture Holder. Pastel Colors BiSMQL put ttomach Krfl H»«ie Of Mitel Pf id ! D»lph Bomb Uf«wh*i*l«W«( pol«ncy vilanl") loll OJ*l, C n OI.AVITE TttfftAPiUTi; VIT4MII5. 50 isttlt TOO... 8J4 Cw'» htvt 3 ftfifttri) t«k«

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