Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 9, 1942 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1942
Page 4
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MOPE STAR, .H6.M, ARKANSAS Friday, January 9 t alter Wanger's 'Sundown' Ranks As Adventure Hit of Year Screen Romance ,. Bruce Cabot and Others Star in { * Saenger's Feature Here Sunday > With a star-studded cast, boasting t such names as Gene Tierney. Bruce Cabot, George Sanders , Reginald .Gardiner and Cedric Hardwick, Wal- J >ter Wanger's first big production for the new season, "Sundown," will have ' its local premiere at the Saenger .theater on Sunday through United 1 Artists release. Based on the Satur- j day Evening Post serial by Barre Lyndon. "Sundown" pictures an en- tirely new background, the hinterlands of Britain's Kenya Colony in ' Central East Africa. it 'The picture .which was directed by T Heiufy Hathaway, revolves around a small group of white men who rule ;,. over several hundred thousand blacks „ tod are in constant danger of anni- ;, hUation by semi-savage tribes, es- * pecially when the later are provided ' fire-arms by enemy agents. Zita, * the stellar character, is played by the .lovely dark beauty, Gene Tierney. Supposedly the half-caste daughter i, of a rich Arab trader, the hauntingly . t beautiful Zia and her mysterious ac- f tions provide the story with spirited 'romance and breath-taking suspence. . Spectacular Settings t To obtain locations duplicating the /< fantastic terrian of the isolated Kenya ' borderland, the Wanger company • "spent many weeks at Acoma Rock, •" New Mexico; at Red Rock Canyon in the heart of the torrid Mojave desert; and at Crater Lake, Oregon. At Acoma, the rocky fortress on which Indians bulit pueblos early in the 16th Century, the "Sundown" com, pany erected sets from which a clear view of the high plateau could be seen for miles in any direction. Hard to Dicker With a Flying Wedge Blevins -Miss Marie Ward of Arkadelphia spent the holidays here as guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Ward. Mrs. Erwin Bierhcum and children returned to their home here Sunday night from Mashall, Mo., where they visited relatives. JMr. and Mrs. Sam V. Benson were ;~ week end visitors in Little Rock. 'Pvt. Austin W. Hendrix of Camp Shelby, Miss., is visiting his parents Mr and Mrs. T. W. Hendrix. Austin was called home to attend the funeral of his grandmother, Mrs. John Austin. SMiss Elise Reed of Delight was vis- | "iting friends here Sunday. Mrs. Ruth Cox returned to her home here Sunday from Texarkana, Where she has been the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Morris Lampkin and Mr. Lampkin. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wade and E klahoma Tire & Supply Co. Associate Store Bob Elmore, Owner — Hope ALLIED BATTERIES As low As_ 53.49 Ex. (Batteries Recharged 50c) daughter, Jane, of Little Rock left Thursday for their home there after visiting relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil McNew and children have returned to their home here from Morrilton, where they visited relatives. Mr. and rs Jess Hutson of Beau- bont, Texas, have returned to their home there, after visiting Mrs Hutson's mother, Mrs. Ollie Arrington. Miss Christene McDougald left Blevins, New Year's Day for Indianapolis, Ind., where she will work in the home office of Standard Materials Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Blythc and son, of Washington, D. C., arc guests of Mrs. Blythe's parents, Mi', and Mrs. Lige Stephens. Clubs COLUMBUS The Columbus 4-H club met January 2, at 10:45 a. m. The club opened with the 4-H club motto. Miss Harris gave the girls a demonstration on how to make a corsage from old felt hats, beads and wire and lapel dolls from yarn. Mr. Chambers gave the boys a demonstration on how and what to feed EVERY Day MORE THAN 200 Red-blooded Americans Enlist in the ... UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS This is the Marines' emblem MAKE IT YOURS YOU, TOO, may become a part of the pride of the military service Clip and mail this coupon TODAY Ho Service fe» The World Offers More Opportunities Than The U. S. Marine Corps * Officer in Charge, United States Marine Corps Recruiting Station, Rooms 9-12. City Hall, Broadway & Markham St., Little Rock, Ark. Without obligation, please send me complete in formation concerning the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS. I am between the ages of 17 and 30. Name Street and Number — City _ State (May be pasted on I cent tonal) the cows. The club adjourned at 11:30 a. m. until February 2. EVENING SHADE Evening Shade Home Demonstration club met Wednesday December 10th for the annual Christmas celebration at the home of Mrs. E. C. Hackler. Ten visitors, eleven members wer present, also one new member. A very nice dinner was served at one o'clock. Later we had our regular club meeting which was concluded with an exchange of gifts. The meeting was adjourned until next club meeting, which is to be held at the club center. Catchers Caught NEW YORK—(^—Enforcement of the anti-parking law has become so stringent that it has sent scores of offenders into traffic courts in Manhattan and the Bronx. Included were a number of detectives and policemen who found tickets on their machines after appearing against others. A popular theory about the Christmas Star is that it may have been a configuration of the three planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn; this triple arrangement happens once every 800 years. Lei the Baby Act His Age Specialist Says Parents Should Study Child's Growth By NBA Service CHICAGO — Fond Mnmn may often be embarrassed because her child is shy when brought into a roomful of strangers—persons who stare and make coy remarks about how cute the baby is. Should the mother try to cover up her child's shy behavior by excusing it on the ground that the infant is still too young to know any better? Or should the mother lake herself in hand, and teach herself to refuse to be embarrassed by any "childish mistakes" her baby may make, on the premise that what the youngster is doing is merely "acting his age" in a way that all normal children do? Dr. C. Anderson Aldrich, child specialist and chief of staff of Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, thinks the latter is much better. It is what he calls "the pcdiatric approach to mental health," This means that parents must be made to understand that children develop along certain natural, normal lines, and that maturing is a process which must pursue a gradual course that no amount of embarrassment can hurry or do away with. Parents Should Know About Child Development Dr. Aldrich feels that the developmental factors in a child's life play so important a part in his future competency as an adult that these factors must be shown to be of the greatest significance to the child's parents. Doctors who specialize in child development know that normal children will "act their age." But, according to Dr. Aldrich, the physician's tolerant attitude toward the childish mistakes of a baby will not be completely beneficial unless he can implant this same tolerance in the minds of the child's parents. "If, for instance, we merely minimize the importance of some 'childish mistake' in behavior," explained Dr. Aldrich, "wo are not living up to our possibilities in helping the child over this rough spot. In addition, it is desirable to point out that such behavior is normal for that age, rather than that it is an excusable slip. "Since I have for many years been inerested in the problem of how to make parents conscious of the progress of growth, I have worked up a technique which I think is helpful. And I think H may be good to outline it for the sake of parents TAMBAY GOLD By SAMUEL HOPKINS ADAMS Copyright, 1941. NEA Service Inc. TMJ3 STORY i Mom llaumcr $rnnglea pormtaaion from Jnne Ann Judson, last of arUtocrntic Mnurlcs of run-down Tambny Plantation, to net up "Feederln" lunch wagon there, wonders why auch a pretty girl U soured on world. Sue acquires customers in bearded Prof. Lorcn Oliver of TVcllivcr U. who i» digglnff for Indian relic* at Tamuny, football • tar AuRel Todd, interested in Juddy who cold-shoulders big invitations. Dolf, Mom's pet xkunk, makes acquaintance of Old Swoliy, a Slovene refugee "Doc" Oliver is harboring. * * * KIDNAPPERS, INC. CHAPTER V TpOUR likely looking lads came in at nine-fifteen the evening of the Rogues' dance and called for waffles. Juddy, who was oiling up the order trolley, didn't even give them a look. One of them, a brainy looking bird in spectacles, began to hum the Frosh Song. "Go tell your dear old Gramma That good, old Chi Rho Gamma Is pious like a Sunday school, so won't you join our band?" It was the signal. They all stood up and yelled "What! No beer?" and stuck a bag over Juddy's head and shoulders and carried her out to their car. I yelled "Police!" a couple of times for the record and sneaked into the front seat beside Specs. _ "Pause for station identification," he said, and they opened up with a song. Then the back seat went to it, like the college kids do. "Rags!" "Huh?" "Take a peek in the bag. See If she's alive." "Does it matter?" "I think we ought to know. Just for curiosity, lady, are you alive?" "Have no fear, little one," Rags s'aid. "Burly ruffians though we be, we mean you no harm to life and limb. With less gentlemen- ly gangsters you might be facing a fate worse than death." Juddy giggled and I felt better about her. They pulled up at an abandoned shack and bundlec Juddy out and into it, while I sat on the steps to check on developments. One of them flashed a light, and she blinked when the bag was off. She handed them a haughty one "I suppose this is some Freshman prank." "Ah!" said Specs, "What digni ty!" "What poise!" Rags said. "There's a sense of reserve power. Don't you feel it, fellows?' "Phooey," Juddy said. "Wha are you going to do with me?" "You're being invited to the Rogues' party. Do you mind?" "You might have asked me that sefore you started." "She doesn't mind," Tatters said. "The social amenities must be preserved," the big, rawboned redhead said. "Permit me," He pointed to the one with spectacles. 'Presenting Watrous Smith. He's our highbrow." "Reference, Philosophy III," he said. "May I have the fourth dance?" "This team are the famous dress-up twins, the Owen brothers. Rags and Tatters to you." * t * HPHEY saluted like wooden soldiers. "Trusting to be favored with your continued patronage, we are and-so-forth." It wasn't a bad show. I enjoyed it. But I wasn't so sure about Juddy. The introducer made his bow. "I'm Van Riper Clark. Gents, meet Miss Judson." "We're acting in the interests of Angel Todd, our brother in the indestructible bonds of Chi Rho Gamma," Rags told her. "I want to go home," Juddy said. "Here's Mom Baumer, yearning her heart out to go to the dance ,, "Mom," Juddy said. "Do you really want to go to this dance?" "Well, I do," I said. I did too. I like fun. Juddy kept still quite a long time. So did the snatch-party. Wise kids, those. Finally she said, "I still want to go home. My theory is that if I'm going to a party, I'd better get into party clothes." An hour later we made our royal entry at the Rogues' dance Angel Todd was in a corner surrounded by a bunch of drooling female twirps. She was already a success when I noticed the Big Boy cocking an uneasy eye. Pretty soon he came ovei and shook hands with Juddy and me and said to her right off the bat, "Do you think I'm a heel?" In his dinner clothes he was about the best-looking thing outside the movies. No blame to Juddy for smiling. "It was pretty juvenile," she told him. "I know. But it's the only way I could get you." "I like your gang." "What about me?" "I haven't decided yet." "Let's dance." "Your big friend is a fas worker," she said later. "Where were you?" "Parked." "What did you expect?" She smiled a queer sort of mile. "Parties are the same everywhere, I guess. You get passed rom hand to hand around a hot and stuffy floor, and if you slip away outside, things get too per- ional. Let's slide out of here till '. catch my breath," * * * "W/'E found an upper passage " where it was cool and quiet, vith a door overlooking the dance floor. A man in complete soup- and-fish was sitting there, peacs- ful and patient. He got up. "Oh!" he said, "Good evening." "Huh?" I said and took another ook. Well by thissenthat, if it wasn't the Hairy Ainu! Only he'd been de-haired. "Well, Doc!" I said. "So you're a party man." 'When I can't escape. I'm here as faculty representative." "This is my side-kick," I said. Miss Jane Ann Judson. She owns Tambay." "Oh!" he said. "I understand I'm not welcome there. Sorry, aut I'm under University orders." ; 'Have you stopped the work?" she asked. "Temporarily. I'm planning some evening digging. Mom is going to board me." She looked from one to the other of us. "So it's 'Mom'," she said. "And 'Doc'. How do you two get that way?" "Oh, we've had a couple of heart-to-hearts," I said. "You might have let me in," Juddy said. "I need a stimulant." She didn't look it. She was like rippling water with moonlight on it. The Doc kept eyeing her with a puzzled expression. He spoke like somebody trying to remember. "Judson, Judson. There was a beautiful young Mrs. Judson with her husband at the Staffords' place in New Hampshire several years ago. It's probably only a chance resemblance—" "No," she said, "That would be Mother." "You weren't with them, were you?" "I was never with them. They kept me in school." "They cpoke of you, though. There was some talk of my tutoring you in vacation." "Is there anything else you know about me?" she asked. There was a queer, defiant tone to it. He seemed to be thinking that over before he said, "I used to know Henderson Kent." Her face had turned secret, you might almost call it sulky. Then she braced and said, "My theory is I'd better get back into circulation." "May I take you down to the floor?" he asked. (To Be Continued; Africon Adventure Romance Starts Sunday at Saenger Superintendent our full support. Regular Communion Service following the Bible school hour. Prnyer meeting each Wednesday evening nt V.-.IO. Visitor welcome, all members expected to attend these services. ST. MAttK'S CHURCH Ilev. Hnrry Wiiilermcyor, pastor. First Sunday after the Epiphany. 7:30 a. in. The Holy Communion 11:00 a. m. The Holy Comunion and sermon. FIKST BAPTIST Willlnm R. Itnmllton, Pastor 9:30, Sunday school assembles by departments, 10:50, morning worship service with sermon by the pastor on "The Gospel Men Need Today." G:15, Training Union for training in church membership. 7:30, Evening worship service with sermon by the pastor on "The Transfiguration." A cordial welcome is extended to all who attend First Baptist church. Gene Tierney and Bruce Cabot nro the romantic duo in Wnltrr Wander's "Sundown." the African adventure romance, which is slntfd for its premiere at the Siienger thearter on Sunday through United Artists release. everywhere, as well as of other pediatricians." The Child Grows In Hereditary Paths Dr. Aldrich believes that an expectant mother should have it explained to her that she did not make and never will make her child, since before and after birthC he will grow according to the hereditary laws of his species, race and family. She should be told that parents, nurses and doctors provide the environment for this growth exactly as a gardener fertilizes and waters his plants. During the first year, the doctor should, at conferences, point out a- hoad of time each month the stops which the child will take before the nex conference. First, there is the newly-born status, which can be described to the mother immediately after she leaves the hospital; here the child has reflexes which are primitive and compulsive and without thougt. Next comes the smile, which is the first voluntary act and the real beginning of the desire and the ability to socialize with others. Third comes the stage of vocalizing from within, tor the baby works at it. Then, in this order come the following: head control, whereby the baby holds his head up to demonstrate his inquisitive nature; hand control, which consists of voluntary arm and hand movements that introduce a child to play and work (play is childish work); rolling over, the baby's first effort to go places; sitting up, the first ability to assume upright posture and a great help in feeding; crawling or cruising nbout in various ways. Then comes the dawn of prehension, a human attribute, making him a good mechanic, a quality the animals do not have; standing upright, his proudest achievement; walking a- rpund the pen; standing alone, and finally, walking alone, where courage often determines the time he takes his first step. Parents Should Be Told What To Expect "If each step in tills progress is pointed out in advance by the pediatrician," observes Dr. Aldrich, "parents are not likely to feel that they teach or make their children accomplish any of these desirable attributes. "The role of ordinary development puts them in a frame of mind which Church News FIRST MHTIIODIST CHURCH Second at Pine Kenneth L. Spore, Pastor. Sunday, January 11 Organ Mcditialiun (Chimes) 9:30 a. m. Church School 10:00 a. m. Morning Worship 10:50 a. m. Special Music. Sermon by the pastor "Love Is Divine." Vesper Service 5:30 p. m. Sermon by the pastor "Witnesses." Youth Fellowship Groups G:30 p. m. Monday, January 12 W. S. C. S. nt thu church at 3:00 p. m. Thursday, January 15 Chior practice at the church at 7:30 p. m. FIRST PENTECOSTAL West 4th and Ferguson W. P. Graves, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 n. m. Lacio Howe, Supt. Morning worship 11 a m. Envagelistic service 7:15 p. m. Prayer service Wednesday night 7:30. Bible study Friday night 7:30. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE (Assembly of God; N. Main and Avenue D J. E. llnmlll, Pastor FIKST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Bible School at 9:45 a. m. Let's all give our newly elected makes them able to see that later on in childhood the same sort of processes will work, gradually maturing the child through progressive, immature patterns until the adult status is reached. "This attitude should immcasura- ly assist us in such problems as will inevitably arise as to obedience, discipline, educational progress, right and left handedness, and last of all the adolescent problem." If difficulties that .seem obscure and great are looked at through the perspective of growth by intelligent parents, these difficulties suddenly become crystal clear and easy of solution. It then seems right, and not wrong that obedience is of minor importance, with self-discipline emerging as an attainable goal. Reading, writing and arithmetic will be mastered only when the child is mature enough lo handle these processes. Also that the child's preferred hand be used if we are to get the most out of liis growing abilities, and that adolescence will become a period when children gradually mature, demonstrating their ability to take over more and more their adult functions, ffinally creating new families of their own and, in turn, relegating their parents to the status of "old folks at home." Tlie Rev. Lester Sumrall, world traveled evangelist, will speak in both the morning and evening services Sunday. If at all possible to attend you cnn't afford to miss this great opportunity of hearing Mr. Sumrall. His sermons filled with Scriptural quotations, experiences and stories gained in his trip around the world, and into more than 38 countries of the world, will be of unusual interest lo all. Sunday school begins at 9:45 If you are not a regular attendant elsewhere visit the Tabernacle Sunday. Morning worship service 11 a. m. Christ's Ambassadors Union 6:30 p. m. The Rev. Sumrall will also speak to this group of senior and intermediate C. A's. Evangelistic service starts at 7:30 p m. The singing and music for all meetings is under the direction of F. L. Williamson Special singing an added feature in all services. Don't forget the special service with Mr. Sumrall Friday night. (Note to Rural Folk: If at all possible the bus will run Sunday as usual.) Scenic California How To Relieve Bronchitis Crcomulslon relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way It quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Bring us your Sick WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed. Repair service very reasonable. PERKISON'S JEWELRY STORE 218 South Walnut ORIANA AMENT BOYETT Teacher of Music-Voice, Piano. Art-Drawing, Painting. Studio 608 South Mail? Street Phone 318 W IRON WORKERS LOCAL UNION 591 of Shreveport, La., holds its official meeting at 7:30 o'clock every Thursday night in banquet room of Hotel Barlow, Hope, Ark. H. H. PHILLIPS, B.A. & F.S.T. Ab, so tired! That's the way platinum-tressed Marion Martin feels after a jaunt around her 11-acre farm near Hollywood. The California scenery in background is pretty, too. WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP 75 Cents per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas WANT A PIANO? This Model $365 cosh or terms: $36.50 Down $19.38 Monthly. Drop us a card for Catalogs and full information. Quality makes by STEINWAY, HADDORFF, CABLE, WURLITZER. Used Pianos, $75 up. 200 E. Broad Texarkaua, Ark.

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