Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR innati Beats Cards for Pennant , _ Derringer Is Hit Hard, But Wins 25th Game of Season - — (/P>— • There was jey on Vine street tonight, for the •Reds finally staggered through to a 5 - to - 3 victory over the Cardinals at Crosley Field Thursday and won for this city its first National League pennant in 20 years. , , In qualifying to tackle the Yan, faes in the Wold Series starting next y Wednesday at New York, Bill McKechnie's boys increased their mar' gin over St. Louis to 3 1-2 games. With only three games remaining to be played at Pittsburgh, starting to*, • It was a strange vitcory the champ, It was a strange vitcory the champions scored before 17,421 exultant fans. Paul Derringer, ringing up his twenty fifth triumph, was slugged for 14 hits while the Reds were collecting only eight safeties off three Cardinal pitchers. Only amazing dumb base- running prevented the Gas Housers ' from at least tying the score in the 'late innings. Derringer would have allowed but one run if he had received perfect support. Shortstop Billy Myers made three errors, and two Cards who re° ccived a life on his miscues reached home. Four Cardinals hit safely in /succession in the seventh inning, yet did 'not score. Medwick, Mizc Strike Out So when Paul wound up his after' noon of miraclous escapes by strick- _ing out Joe Medwick and Johnny , Mize to end the game and nail down the pennant, it was small wonder that his jubilant teamates fell upon him and mauled him all the way to the locker room. Happy Reland fans came upon the field while whistles in nearby factories were tied down and x left that way. For Cincinnati fans and the Reds 1 themselves, had grown nervous these past two days. Two straight shutouts had about got them down. Twenty-four straight- scorless innings had them scared — wondering if, after all these months of leadership, they were to be denied. There was a terrific relief when today's game HOPE STAtt, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, September 29, 1030 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE ARMY REGULATIONS? GOODNIGHT.' WHLTT ARE VOU READIN' A THING. LIKE THAT FEC. / -JUST IN CASE, MV > / 80V, JUST IM CASE... SO I WOMT BE MO BUCK PRIVATE ISJ CASE....YOU NEVER. HEARD OP A MAJOR ER COLONEL COMIM' BACK AM' RUNMIM' A DRILL PRESS, DID VOU? WELL,THEY'LL NEED TRAIMED MESJ AM' «<•!* ( THEY'VE > NEEDED TRAINED MEM HERE, BUT I'VE NEVER SEEM HIM LOOK. AT ANYTHING BUT A CALENDAR. SINCE HE'S SEEKS HERE HE'S RIGHT, THO--HE'S GOT A BETTER CHANCE OP BEIN)' BIO HERE IF HE GITS BIG IM A WAR, EH. GOLF, EC.-VOU HAVE TO MAKE 'EM NOTICE YOU IM SOMETHIVJ' ELSE HERE'S THAT CHECK • TOR THE- T^TY 1' •PROMISED I'D INVEST ?E YOU GOING TO ST/VRT MAKING MODELS O~ OUR INVENTION! ? ^CQfR. MI? nv*iE* 'jft.\ ICE. 'sc' | i" r v^'pfr.Ti'"s PM on V*~*"— **™ M'fvUA! DOM'T BE BUSTER, fv\Y LAD --—OUR 'RESEWS'.CH MUST B& VEP.y THOROUGH —• "BY 3~OVE,TU\SIS AW INTERESTING CHAPTER OM EXPAMS1OK1 OF GASES UMOER Pf?ESSl!3C--»'YAS. / LET NAE SEE NOW *-^,.- Mf.ATED FUMES FEOAA THE MOTOR GTQ1KE TUG AROMATIC ES'iEWCE IN THE LITTLE: E/MAU'SY TUBE A NO -•-•-••"- ECS A.D, I rAUST B«U£M UP OU NAY CHEMICAL AFFINITIES/ TUEPE AtE PROCESSES OF REDUCTION, COUCEMTR.\T\OM,COV>POUf.lDiMe J THEM Dl!-'r : US!OW,O5- COURSf >. -..." OM, YES, TMU v:iPTV/ Mf\R-K?LWAPH.'f T MUST SUE. TO 'I O«- A 'it EMGIWE -v-Ur-p ^ ^ UHAT J 5 •50 WORTi-l ,_ CLREADY, was over. Lanicr's Wildncs Costly Manager Ray Blades of the Carci- nials made his unluckiest pitching choice of the year when he entrusted the game to Max Lanier, a kid southpaw recently up from Columbus. The strain told on Max, and before Blades could get him out of there his wildness had given the Reds one run and left the bases loaded. Curt Davis, who relieved him, issued another pass to Wally Berger to force the second score across, and from there on the Reds were never headed, though the Cards twice tied the score. . Derringer had the privilage of putting across what proved to be the winning run in the sixth. Berger led with a double and reached third on Myers' infield hit. Paul fled to Enso Slaughter in right field to bring him That was enough but just to make things doubly sure Harry Craft blasted his thirteenth homer of the year off Bob Bowman, third St. Louis twirler, in the eight. Liberty Hill Singing There will bo a comunity singing at Liberty Hill, five 'miles south of Hope, Sunday night, October 1. About 700 attended the last singing and a large crowd is expected this time. Quartets, class singing and duets will feature the program. The public is invited. Brooklyn C!u!» BROOKLYN — When a restaurant proprietor in Brooklyn gave a good will dinner for the Dodgers his dog- failed to catch the spirit of the occasion and bit Cookie Lavagetto, third sackcr, on the wrist. SERIAL STORY WORKING WIVES BY LOUISE HOLMES COPYRIGHT. 1939, NEA SERVICE, INC. Carma mnkm a mrtnr. ulnim Fete'» fnce. M'hrn Randy and Dolly go to take her home, «he clndex them. Mnrinn kaim-» Carmn !» In no condition to drive. They hurry to her • ••rtment, Und It dark. Her cur • u not in the *?arai*;e» CHAPTER XXII waited, in Randy's car. After 15 minutes, Pete hailed a cruising cab and he and Julie departed lor home. you are directly responsible," he went on. "And you don't care— do you hear me?—you don't care. Nothing that does not affect you concerns you in the least." Marian's eyes were like fiery slits, her face was like stone. "I wish I had the nerve to slap you like Carma slapped Pete." "Ha—you might hurt your pretty hand." When another half hour hadj "I hate you—I despise you—" passed, Randy said, "Let's go. Per- She was shaking with rage. haps we can locate her by telephone." Did he mean call the police station and hospitals? The fluttering wings were beating in the region of Marian's stomach again. In Dolly's apartment, Randy made numerous calls. Not one word could be learned of Carma's .whereabouts. There was nothing more they could do. Randy said, "I threw a swell party, didn't I?" They, laughed shakily. Dan and Marian said good night. As the door swung to, .she saw Randy take Dolly fiercely in his arms. Pete and Julie had been drawn together by the wretched incident, Kandy's swift embrace seemed to say that love was strong, it mustn't be made to wait. Marian wanted to throw herself into Dan's arms. She was unstrung, she had seen naked emotions that night, a human being stripped of the trappings of civilization. She wanted to be comforted, she needed to be soothed. Obviously Dan had not been drawn toward Marian by the course of events. In characteristic fashion, he paced the living room floor, hands in his pockets, brooding eyes on the floor. His remoteness drove Marian to the point of frenzy, Breaking every resolution, giving way to screaming nerves, she snapped, "That's right— pace and •cowl. I'd think you would. You men are responsible for all the pain we women suffer. Look what Pete did to Carma. Look what you've done to me." » Raising his head he stared at her from under drawn brows. She h«d not known that his eyes could be so cold. This time she was not going to get away with it. This was the end. Involuntarily she braced herself. "Why did you tell Carma that Pete would be at the club tonight?" The softness of his voice held .a razor blade in its folds. "Why did you — when you knew — 1 Men In business learn to keep their mouths shut. Women in business might well do the same." Ktrian groped for a retort. *If anything happens to Carma "It's mutual, my clear." Without a backward glar.ce he left her. She heard him running down the stairs and she knew that he would 1 gone?" Another bit of light broke through. Dan hadn't asked her to go with him. He hadn't said, ''We'll have headquarters in Portland." She put a hand to her throat. "It's not a promotion," Dan was saying. "I'm going on the same terms, $35 a week and bonus. I'll send my share of the expenses." Irrelevantly, she said, "You never got a bonus, did you, Dan?" She had picked out one word and answered from habit. "No," he said. "How—how long will you be not walk clown to the lake, around a few blocks and come back. She knew that he would never come back. * * * CHE took a little while tablet. that night and slept the sleep | She laid her hnnd in his, the of utter exhaustion. She had for-j fingers worn cold and slin", "Good- gotten to set the alarm clock and'by. Dan." It didn't mean a thin? "Indefinitely." "Longer than May—early May?" Why had she snirl that? '•Probably." He held out his hand. "Goodby, Marian. Lots of luck." it was 8 o'clock when she awoke. It was after 9:30 when she arrived at the office. She did the neces- —not a thing. The gray mist was getting denser. He picked up the suitcase and sary things,'one at a time, method-] went to the door, reaching for his ically, carefully. All day she; hat. Dropping the suitcase, he seemed to be moving behind a i came bad: and took her in his gray mist. Nothing was clear, j arms. Holding her, he kissed the nothing impressed her, she felt i little hollow in ht*r throat. "Goodby, Glad," ho whispered. nothing. She called Mannings. No, Miss ; Forbes had not reported for work. ; /\_^ TEK a w '*i*c Marian found She called Carma's apartment.;" •••'• at s ' 10 w;w still sUmding in The bell whirred monotonously. | tho ' center of the living room. She There was no answer. At 5 o'clock she went home in a cab. There was nothing jwore her smart little hat, her ' gloves lay on the davenport where .she had thrown them. liaising her — t,vtu, J. t i^i v-tTCUtJ'L/LlUlJKJJll.IltJ 1 ] . , apartment for dinner. It didn't i ! ian , d ' sn ? touchcd u 'o mile hollow matter. The sight of the markets'!" h ei' throat with chilly finger- made her ill. Would Dan have! i!. ps> ,. ° an had alwavs callecl lhat packed his things? She didn't care. his little spot. Withdrawing her fingers, she looked at them with strange eye.;. D AN was waiting for her when £ t " ^S' S^cSl'S ffi she opened the door. He stood pahl crceping-crepning- m the center of the living room, The room was b ,: ick % /hcll sho overcoat thrown over his arm, a opened her cye.s. She wa^ lyimj suitcase at his feet. His hat lay| on the floor. Sho dragged hersef on the chan- bv trip rinnr. ., • '... . , . bs . _'. !>ti ' 1 on the chair by the door. "Just get home?" she asked wearily, for something to say. "Just leaving," he said. Her eyes fell on the suitcase. Her eyelids were weighted, she could not raise them. "Where—are you going?" she managed to ask. "To Oregon." It meant nothing to her. She passed a hand over her eyes. "What did you say?" "I can't take any more, Marian," he said simply. "I asked Mr. Turner for the western territory and got it. I'll have headquarters in Portland." A sliver of light pierced her daze. The west coast—they'd leave all this behind— other start. up, shivering, and found a light switch. Dazedly, she went to the kitchen and made a cup of tea. The telephone rang. Dan—he'd changed his mind. It was Springfield calling. Was Springfield on the way to Portland? "This is Carma, Marian." Who was Carma? Pier mind groped, di/zy with disappointment. "Yes, Carma." "I drove all night, Marian. I'm so ashamed." "Never mind." "My mother lives here. I'vo come home to stay. Ask Petu to forgive me, Marian. Tel! Juiiu 1'ro sorry—tell her she's lucky." Carma had hung up '.he receiver, Marian went back to her tea. It was cold. She didn't ca;-e. (To B« Continued) Preview Saturday llp,m, Sun. Mon. New Lupe Velcz that little package of interweaves her madcap adventures Mexican dynamite, makes her re- with a romantic fling at the ad-man. turn to the American screen in a movie which has the advance reputation of being one of season's gayest romantic comedies,. "The Girl From Mexico." Preview Saturady 11 p. m. Sunday and Monday. Latin Lupe has rarely had such a perfect vehicle. She depicts a hot- tempered singing lass from below the Rio Grande imported by a young advertising executive for a national network program. Lupe invades New York in a blaze of action. The big town enthralls her and she demands to see the sights. Her benefactor is busy and his shiftless uncle is induced to be her escort. Wrestling matches, baseball games and the hoi spoUs help the couple "do" the town red hot. When the times arrives for Lupe's audition for the radio program, she is voiceless and finds herself out of a job. Her importer now must send her back to Mexico, by pro-arrangement but Lupe refuses to return. She resumes her hectic tour of New York, and When she launches her campaign to woo him away from his socialite sweetheart, her temperamental outbursts soar to explosive decrees—and the screen is afforded a sparkling assemblage of fast-paced complications which merge into one of the gayest, brightest, moat aclionful comedies of the year. Fiery Lupe contributes a .splendid characterization in the stellar role of "The Girl From Mexico." Her portrayal also includes the endilion of some entertaining native tunes and tersichorcan routines. • Donald Woods as the bewildered .young hero lias one of his best roles 'to date, and Leon (Rubber-Legs) Krrol plays his part of the susceptible uncle with equal cvcelloncc. Linda Hayes, "Gateway to Hollywood" entrant; Donald MiicBriclo. Elizabeth Fiisdon, Eduarclo Raquello and Ward Bond have principal roles. Shorts consist of Walt Disncys Donald .Duck in "The Hock Champ" latest news. i F ootball Games State Teachers Are Beaten, Score 12-3 Arkansas Eleven Handed Def oat at Little Rock ! Stadium Ccillcftc Arkansas Tccli vs. Edmond (Okla.) Teachers at Edmund. Ouachita vs. Durant (Okla.) Teachers at Aj-kadelphia (night. Arkansas State vs. West Tennessee LITTLE ROCK, Ark -(/1V- Chnrli'S 'Babe" Webb, us swool a <iuarteil>nck us this territory has seen in many a season, passed and ran the New Mexico Slate Agfjies to 12 In 11 victory Thursday night over tin: Arkansas State Teachers College Bear the first detent suffered by the Bears within the stale since 1935. Trailing by three points in the third quarter, the 175-pound Wehli dilapidated (he New Mexicans down tin: field for 80 yards with passes to a touchdown and Ihen came back in the final period lo grab a Teacher punt and dash 65 yards through a broken field for the clinching marker. The first touchdown came on a •!!yard hoavc from Webb to Tony Parker who darted five yards over tin- goal. The Teachers, after muffing three scoring opportunities, broke the ice in the third stan/a on Higgins field goal from the 13 yard line. Webb's passing rally • followed within two mintitus. Arkansas went to the New Mexico 25 in the first quarter and then their mining attack hogged down. In the second a lung pass frnin Quarterback Egbert Hcalh slipped (hrough Liston llagger's hands. Ilager missed another touchdown throw over the goal in the third. Webb save a crowd of 0000 it's money worth with several long jaunl.s, one for IM yards. Hager and Heath .stood out on the offense for Arkansas. Maddo.x, New Mexico back, halted down Teacher passes lime after lime. The hard charging Steeds and Graham muffled I lie Arkansas tunning attack when the going got lough. Ilip,- gin.s and Moore were powers in the Teacher line. STANDINGS American League Clubs Cincinnati SI. Louis Chicago . . Brooklyn . Now York Pittsburgh Uoslon . . W. !>. r > 91 82 . 80 7li 67 (il Gfl 83 Hfi Pet. Kit .fill? .Mil .511 .510 .117 .115 Thursday's Kcsull.s Cincillllilli !">, Si. I.OIlis It. New York 1-8, rhiladelphia -.l-l). Boston li-0, Ui-ooklyn l-.i. Only games phiycd. (iiumvs (''ridn.v Si. Louis ill (.'liiviigo. CilUMIIIIIlti ill Pittsburgh, New York at Philadelphia. Brooklyn at Boston. National League Cluhs New York Boston Cleveland Chicago Detroit Washington Philadelphia St. Louis .. W. 105 88 81 81 80 . 01 . 55 11 L. 11 til (ili 07 70 87 '.Hi 111) Pel. .70.-, .5!) I .5t;o .!55(i .SI):! .121 .3IM .272 Nashville Wins to Even Dixie Series Vols Rally In Eighth to Drive Ray Stair From Box and Win NASHVILLE, Term. —I/I')— The ir- i-csprcssible Nashville Vols came from behind Thursday night in an crractic ball game to beat Fort Worth, 10-H and even the Dixie series at two games each. The Vos broke a six—nil deadlock in the eight with a four run uprising that sent Ray Starr, onetime teumate who had beaten them in scries opener, to the showers. In the ninth, the Cat came back and i-corcd two runs but Ace Admits canu; to the rescue and retired the side with the tying runs on the bags. It was a rollicking slugfcst with both clubs smashing the ball at opportune times. The Texas League club wiped out a one run lead in the sixth when they scored five times on a double and four Nashville errors. Fort worth 000 005 102- 811 2 Nashville 010 003 24x—10 8 5 Starr, Yocke, Corbitl and Kcarse; and George. Double Feature Teachers at Memphis. Hendrix vs. Henderson State at Arkadelphia. IliKh School f Byrcl High of Shrcvcport at Liltlc Hock. Little Rock Catholic High at DC Queen. North Little Rock at Russcllville. England at Arkansas School for the Deaf. Fordyce at Benton. Hope at El Dorado. Fine Bluff al Blytbcville. Fort Smith at O'kmulgee, Okla. Prcscott at Ca'mdcn. Hot Springs at Jonesboro. Conway at Clarksvillc. Ozark at Hartman. Clinton at Huntsvillc. Bi-inkley at Lonoke. Crossett at Dumas. Wynne at Parkin. Valliant (Okla.) at Ashdown. Tcxarkana vs. Fair Park Indians at Shreveport. Murfrecsboro at Becbc. Cabot at Carlisle. Hughes Springs vs. Texarkaiui Catholic High. Hobcr Springs at Cotton Plant. Sereuptn (La.) at Magnolia. Horatio at Nashville. McGchcc at Malvcrn. Dcrmot at Monticcllo. Paris at Waklron. Harrison at Van Burcn. Fayettcville at SiloHin Sprint's. Helena at Scarey. Batesvillc at Walnut Ridge Amity at Bicvins. Sparkman at Sheridan. Bcrryvillc at Springdalc. The capacity of air, or space, for holding mvisibilc moisture doubles with each increase of 20 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature. Legal Notice Traynor Quits As Pirate Manager Frankie Frisch Reported to Have Inside Track As Successor PITTSBURGH — Harold ("Pic" Traylor, one of baseball's greates third basemen and manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates for five years, ro signed Thursday as the .sixth-pine Buccaneer's neared the end o Iheii Thursday's Ilesults New York 8-1, Philadelphia -1-5. Buslon '1-1. Washini'.t'Mi 2-0. Only games played. Games Friday Cleveland at Detroit. Phladelphia at New York. Boston at Washington. Only gaines scheduled. poorest .season .since 11)17. The club announced a successor had not bee named, but persistent icporl.s .said Fiankii. 1 t'Yi.sh, the forclham flash and former manager of the St.. Louis Cardinal, would step into Triiynor's shoes. 1'Yi.sh's radio sponsor recently announced lie had not renewed his contract ;i.i a baseball untiountvr at Bo.s- lon because he would manage a major league* cluli next season. The j!l-ycar-old Traynor. who has been with the I'iralcs as player and manager since IDlill, will stay with the club, probably as an assistant to Joe Sehulr/. in handling the Bucs.. farm interests in the minor leagues. Traynor. whose team cracked up last year when the National League pennant was within its grasp, said he was quitting because of the club's low position and added: 'I believe that a change in managers will put the club up where- it. belongs and give the fans of Pittsburgh a better brand of baseball." cur THIS AD Fresh from "Wizard of O/." JUDY GARLAND — in — "EVERYBODY SING" with ALAN JONES, FA.NNY BRICE — For Price of — 1 KltlDAY - SATUKDAV America'. 1 ; No. 1 dnvlx/y GENE AUTRY — in — "Western Jamboree" With SMILEY BURNETTE ..No. 4 "DAREDEVILS OF THE RED CIRCLE' LAWRENCE, Kan—Kansas University will hold a corn-shucking contest in its stadium the morning of the Kansas Slate game, listed as homesrfmiing on the Jayhuwk schedule. LION FOOTBALL BROADCAST ZIZ3r a HI, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS vs. MISSISSIPPI STATE COLLEGE AT RADIO STATIONS KARK Little Rock KELD El Dorado . KFPW Fort Smith KBTM Jonesburo . 890 Kilocycles 1370 1210 1200 Sponsored By LION OIL REFINING COMPANY El Dorado, Arkansas IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT L. M. THOMAS, AND MARY H. THOMAS PLAINTIFFS VS. NO. ,5324 Southwest Quarter of Section 20; West Half of Southeast Quarter of Section 20; and Part of Ihe Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 1!), all in Township \'A South, Range 23 West, in Hempslcacl County, Arkansas, hereinafter more particularly described DEFENDANT NOTJCK NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That there has been filed in my office as Clerk of the Chancery Court of Hcnipstcad County, Arkansas, a petition by the above named plaintiffs, for the quieting of the title in them and Hie confirmation of the title of the plaintiffs to Ihe following described ands situated in Hcmpstead County, Arkansas, to-wit: Southwest Quarter (SW'/i> of Sec- ion Twenty (20), West Half (W'/i) of Southeast Quarter (SRVt't of Section IVcnty (20), and Part of the South- cast Quarter (SE J /|) of the Northeast Quarter (NE'/i) of Section Nineteen (lil), described as follows: Begin at a joint 3.10 chains South of the North- cast corner of the said 40 acres, run hence South 16.90 chains to the Southeast corner of said "10 acre tract, run tlicntc Wast 1.24 chains to the center if the Sliovcr Springs-Falcon road; run thence Northwesterly along the center of said road 18.79 chains, run' thence due East 8.7(i chains back to the i point of beginning, being all that part' of said 40 acres lying East of said road,! except 4 acres off of the North hereto-1 fore conveyed to J. M. Recce. All of j the above described lands being in i Township Thirteen (13) South, Range! Twenty-three (23) West, in Hcmp-j stead County, Arkansas, and contain- iilg in the aggregate 248',-; acres, more or less. i All persons claiming said lands or any interest therein arc hereby warned to apjjcar in said court and show > cause why said title to said hinds; should not be confirmed in the said j L. M. Thomas and Mary H. Thomas.! WITNESS: My hand as clcurk of the: Chancery Court and the seal thereof this 20th day of July, 1939. RALPH BAILEY j Clerk of the Chancery Court ot ; Hempsteacl County, Arkansas. I Sept. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and Oct. 6. SAT. 11 p. m . SUNDAY THRU MONDAY Added Jny—NICU'S "DONALD DUCK- TED FIOR1TO—in "SKA MELODY" ivitn DONALD WOODS LEON ERROL UND.1 HAYSS DONALD UacBRIDE ALL SHOWS 10-20c MON. MAT. 10-15c STUDIO COUCHES fiirlitlilc : i/.cil ln;d when opened. In alli.idivc designs <nid colorings Uial will add In yuur living room. I'rUi'd

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