The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1940
Page 6
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fAGE SIX BLYTFfEVILLE (ARK.y COURIER NEWS •HUT 1 mm Hates Wilh Red Sox Mtcxzy ^ Brooklyn Finally Halted)^ Afler W inning Nine Straight Ball Games NEW YOliK, May 2 <UP) —lire j .sleeping, yiaiil rose in all his miuhl j mid smashed Brooklyn's dream of j a perfect season. I Not far from lire spot where hK \ .sprawled lasl October while Yankee j //. runners raced across the plal« In t^jV, the fatal fourlli world series j;aine, I ^ Etnie Lombard! eame oul of bis i-oma yesterday and dealt, a crushing blow to ttie Dodger juggernaut. The big Clnciminli catcher slugged out a home run with lire bi^es loaded, a stroke which popped Brooklyn's bubble* of Invincibility, I.o)iibardi'.s four master sparked an 8 run inning In which the Reds routed Htirjh Casey and ended the Dodgers' winning streak n(. nine .straight. IJucky Walters, last sen- son's "player of the year." indicted, the fust defeat on the high Hying Dodgers, holding them to six scattered hits w win liis third strals.'i'.. game. There are many ramifications to Lombardi's brand-slam homer, for a lime Jast winter it seemed thai the lumbering Cincinnati catcher might be wearing a Brooklyn uniform himself Ihls season, returning to the club he played for when he Ilrsl came up, Brooklyn was willing to trade Catcher Babe 1'helps to the ncds even up for, I-Ocnbarrii, but Ihe Dodgers would go no favlher than that. Warren C. Giles, fleds' business manager, rejected the olfer. "We cim'l. trade Lombard! on Hint basis." said Giles. J 'We have to hAve more for him. He's the kind of u ball phiyer who can come back to Cincinnati and break your heart." What Giles had In mind is exactly what happened yesterday when Big Sclmo/.7.ola hit his devastating home run wallop. Now Lombard! is back in the good TO SHIRT • THE PAYOFF League Opens Next Week Wilh Max Logan As President With 1 1 ic opcnint; dale of Ulylhevlllf Armtteiir Softball tet for next week, final plnns been complied lor the boys lenm<, and negotiations are underway lo also imve font girls teams to-pai- llflpate in gnmns .sponsored l>y (]„• (.'hir.-kiisavi' Athletic Club, Max I/)|{tm is president ,,f ,)„. newly tunned Ulylhcv Va.'ikce difficulties this spring stress Ihc importance ol Joseph I This is DlMasiUo's llfth season i with Ihe New York club, which i has won from 99 to 10B games a j year and four world champlon- i ships . . . boom; boom! boom!— ! Just like that . . . since Joe re- I ported In IMti. Just before DiMagBlo showed up, i the laic Colonel Rupperl told Joe McCarthy he vm tired of running The proud oulfit had thrice lin- islied in the place position . , . additional evidence thai DlMa;<(;lo i-i the difference, Hecau.'ic of injuries. Illness and lioLdoulilis, DiMaggio has yet to with James Terry, I.aGrnnne Whil- 1 • sti "' t ;| campidnn with the Yankees member:, l><: and Huruiai Taylor of tlw commilieo ol iho Alhli'Uc club the ai'llvily. In the boys league Ihere will lie lour tennis. Phillips Moior Coin- is tiponsuilnt; aid this isn't the first lime they bogged down v.'llhoul hijii. I recall chiming with it vctpran Nov: York pitcher while Di.Mng- sio and l.ou Ciriirig were holding out in IlKiS. puny. Arb.Mo 1'owcr Company, Co-ii ' VANKKKS KNOW WHO Cola UoulUig Company und nu],. I Tlllilll, Hit; BOY IS bard Hardware Company. j i asked if he believed the Yun- Uiilton 'j'ufi will manage the .' (:«•« could win if Oehrig stayed I'hillips lenm; Carl Ciunske. Art- Mo Power; W. H. Glover, Coca Cola, and Joe Whllloy. llubbard, i out and Di.M;n;(;io crime in. i "Sure, pop," he replied, without the mutter a thought. This poilsidcr may be the onswer to Joe Cronin'ssearch fora replacement for Lefty Grove. Mickey came to the Red Sox from Ihe Scronton Miners, Eastern League pennant winners lost yeor. He won his fiist stort os a major leogucr, allowing Ihe Washington Senators but seven hits. Today's Sport Parade By HENRY McLEMORE LOUISVILLE. Ky., May 2. I UP) graces ot Cincinnati fans, whoj— ! am no bloodhound of a reporter, thought Big Lom's career might end tragically as a result of the world series incident. When the Dodgers blew up, they did il completely and thoroughly. They had held the Reds hitless and rimless for 12 straight Innings— Tex Carleton's nine perfect rounds Tuesday and Hugh Cnsey's three scoreless inniugs yesterday—when Bill Werber touched off the dynamite. He opened Ihe fourth wlili a double. Then the Red:; filled the bases and Loniunrdi delivered his blow. Later Werber, lip for Die. second time, hit n homer. anil there are tens ol thousands with better noses for news, but even lo me it was obvious Ibnl the best source of information on Ihc Ken- lucky Derby was Colonel Mall Wtnn. £Q t we"t lo see the colonel sunk deep in mi old leather chair. In his office in n wing of Churchill Downs that commands a view of the turn into the stretch. Nol tor him n bo.v on the finish lli'.e. where Ihe race is over, but a vanlage point whcrejthe jockeys really go lo work und Ihe class ot n Ihoroujh- . Tlic opening gurnes will be piny- | "Uubo Oalilgreu would hit well c-d next Tuesday night at Haley i enough and plny.s a fine tlisi Field with the season to ! base." AU K- 2!) ' ' > I then asked if he believed the Mfldilfed rules are that four play- i team could win if DiMngglo rc- t-rs from outside the one mile iJIv- •' itiained out and Celirlg came in. Iheville limil may be used on each • "I'm not so posilive," he hcsi- team with a limit of 14 players to the team. All conlrusU must be tated, and he quickly ran out of counting olf-handed games in Die hands of Mr. Teny. head of i accounted for by Jan-fii" Joe's iu- Ihe Northeast Arkansus Dislrici league, by Mny 15. Seliedule of Ihe season will announced within a few days. be dividual brilliance. "Thai home run (ifctl licglns lo tcli. | Over a Kins; of bourbon that 1 i iiutsl have daled back lo the day I Pele Coscararl hit his tlilnl j the colonel saw Ills first derby hi ' homer in lliree games, one pf Ihc 11875—and that was the first derby • two runs made oil' Walters. ; I —he warned me never to believe. i The Boston Red Sox' power I lhat any hovsc was u sure Ihiiig in elevated them back into ;\ first, ihe derby. : place lie with Ihe Cleveland in- j "Everybody says Uimclccb is un- iliniis when Joe Cronin's club slug- i beatable now," Colonel Wlnn said, ; ged out 11 12-; victory over (he 1 "but I won't believe il till his niim- ; While Sox. Cronln drove in four'her u-ul his price go up on the runs himself. Jimmy Foxx lili \ board under Ihc official sign. As j homer No. 5. n drive of more tlmu ' long ago as 1880—or si full years— . ' 450. feet, one of the longest of his ' I learned Ihnl nothing Is sure on s career. Lefty Grove weakened in n race track. Because ft was In 1889 | the filth ami Rookie Herb Nash ; Ihnl Proctor Knoll WHS thought lo | relieved him, allowing only one lilt, i be so invincible lhal ihe me.HUm 1 Nelson 1'oller pitched the P)illa-|of any oilier horse brought jeers j delphia Athletics to a 5-1 triumph and hoots and all the other stan- I over (he Indians. Ruy Mack's Jdard forms of derision. He wris even . homer was the only rim olf him. ' more of a sliviuloul tlmn Bimelei'h They've No Flash In The Pan As May Standings Indicate My United Tress The Nashville Vols arc no "(lash iu Ihc pan." Larry Gilbert's men are Ihe leum lo beal ami make uo mistake about lhat. With the .season swinging into May Ihe Vols have rung up a •Southern Association record by losing only one game in their first 10 contests for tlie best start mty club ever luul since the league, was oigiiiit/.cci in 1901. I.i'e Rogers, Ihe southpaw who once tolled for Ihe. University of Alnbnmn, was on the mound Wed- tesday night as the Vols continued in their whining stride. Rogers let the 1939 champion clmUnnoogn Lookotit.s down wilh five scattered hits ns his mates slammed out nine solid blows to win. -1 in 2. The Vols have lost oulv one game and (led three. Included in the Nashville lotals were doubles by Dugn.-; mill Mihnlic and 11 triple by lloken. The runner-up Little Hock Travelers kepi Ihc pace by rallying far four inns hi th(> ninth to (op Birmingham 7 to 5. The Yesterday's Results Southern League Memphis 13, New Orleans C. Atlanla •!, Kiioxville ;t. Nashville 4, chatliinooga 'i. Little Ho;:k 7. Birmingham : American l.eagui 1 New York 5, St. Louis 3.. Boston 12, Chicago •!. Philadelphia 5, Cleveland I. Detroit 10, Washington 1. NittioiKil League Cincinnati a, Brooklyn 'i. New York at St. "Louis, weather. Boston at Chicago, snow. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, rain. Wally Moses and Bob Johnson hit' Is today, homers for Ihe A's, and Benny ' "You' must McCoy smacked two doubles. know what happened. Monte Pearson cl ,.iled spokane-on which to (op Barons got (he Yntiks I bet $11)0 which Ls the mosl 1 ever back on the winning track with a hare bet ou any nice-won it easy Sim, 3-3 victory over Ihc SI. Louis Buck of the barns. Spokane's Browns. 'Hie Yanks slapped Elclon trainer had brouslu him alon» No AUkcr for Unec runs in ihe first sliouilng. no great limes in work- ami were never headed. The vie- outs, no teling past perform- ,,, tory brought the Yanks back into nnces. In fact, no Advance notice a mih place lie wilh the Browns, of any son. Spokane was just aii- Detroit singed a 3 run rallly in oilier horse" Ihe eighth lo beat, Washington.' AS 10-7 and regain undisputed posses- ,,-aler before • sion of third place. Joe Knikiuiskus walked four men in a row in the eighth to start the Tiger rally. Then Birdie Tebbelts single drove in the other two runs. Four Washington pitchers gave up 15 walks Yr-slerdny's hero — Ernie Lombard!, Cincinnati catcher who lilt, a homer with Ihe bases loaded to pace the Reds to a 0-2 victory over the hitherto unbeatei 11 Himelci'h supporter of the the first water, this gave me pause. Did Colonel Wlnn, I reasoned lo myself, have a mystery horse up his sleeve, so to speak? Being a forlhright son). 1 nskttl him if he did. As a iniiucr of fact. I looked up his blue serge sleeve myself. There was nothing (here I except normal sleeve equipment. I So, when I left him. I turned to' combed the offerings of Krunse and Hants for H hits but tlie Traveler.s bunched their 10 more effectively. Art Luce, the veleuin Birmingham outfielder, hll n home nu In the other two games. Memphis slaughtered New Orleans 13 lo mid Allautn nosed oul Kiioxville again 4 to 3. The Chicks put Ihcir game c in K hurry by scoring clghl runs in Ihe first. Inning nnd four more In the second und then roiistint; to victory. ' 1 The Atlanta victory shoved the j Crackers inlo (ivsl division lor llle ' lirsl lime,. Today's Games SoultH'rn League Memphis nl Chiuiiinoogu. LIUIc Hock at Atlanta, two Kiioxville ill liirmingham. Nii.slidllr at New Orleans. off Bob Feller in the ninth . . . plumb into the left field stiind of that big Cleveland Stadium, etc.. etc." The old-timer agreed Bill niek- ey and deling were valuable, but j there was no'question in his mind ' as lo Jnsl K'lio was (lie Yankees' BIO BOY. Little wonder Ihe Yankee bench was a row of serious faces when DiMaggio gave his teammates a report on his lame right knee after stopping off in Baltimore to have it examined. OUT INI>KI.'INITEI,Y WITH TOKIY KNEE LIOAH1ENT A specialist diagnosed the injury as a lorn, Instead of a sprained, ligament. Tliere is no telling how long the cold j greatest ball player alive will be ' on tlie sidelines. The Yankees might not have been retarded lo such mi extent this spring had Jake Powell been available. But with Powell in St. Petersburg, waiting for his fractured skull to heal. Hie Colonel Jakes presented lo southpaws four left- hand batlers In a row—Red Itolfe. George Selkirk, Charley Kelli"-. Amoru'an League Detroit at Washington. Cleveland al Philadelphia. St. Louis nl New York. Chicago at Boston. National League Boston at Chicago. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. Brooklyn nt Cincinnati. New York ;i( si. Louis. Northeast Arkansas l.i-t^n Paraijould al Caruihersvllle. Newport nl Jonesboro. Head Courier News mini nib= Y "2,""lfl40 The Difference '• STORIES IN STAMPS Joe DiMaggio strokes Ihe injured knee which keeps him in the Ynnkeo dugout. The American League's most, valuable player appears to be the difference between a world championship team and jnst another ball club. Cuba Honors Garcia; Received Famed Message /~HJBA marked the centenary ol Ilio birth of Gen. Calixlo Garcia, hero of tlie island's revolution willi an issue of two stamps: One. above, shows the general in closeup: the other stamp pictures him on horseback. The name of Cnreia is nol world famous because of his exploits in the war against Spain. It was Elbcrl llubbard's hastily written "Message lo Garcia," inspired by Ihe feat of Lieut. Andrew S. Rowan, that made Garda's name | a household byword. Ciareia had b<vn identified with revolutionary movements in Cuba for :iO years before tlie Spanisli- Amcrican War. He had been captured, held a prisoner in Spain for 15 years. His fitjhl for independence was intensified shortly before war was declared. Knowledge, of Garcia's forces and equipment were needed by American army c o in in a it d c r s. Lieutenant Rowan was ordered io inform Ciareia that United Stales had declared war, and lo return willi full data on Garcia's army. He accomplished his mission, despite danger. On Washington's Birthday, 1899, Hubbnrd wrote his "preachment," an editorial thai has been translated inlo all languages. Garcia never read il. The general d n Washington in 1898, while leading' a commission sent by the provisional government to confer wilh President McKiiiley. STANDINGS Southern League W, L. I'd. Nashville .. .. UUIe Rock ...'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 'y Memphis ....'..' 8 nirmliiglinin .. ..'"'"' Allanln New Orleans ... Kiioxvlllc Cfintlanoojia l 0 G r> 1 7 9 U <J .917 .eoo .Ml .438 .400 ,:)57 ,357 American Cleveland .. Uusion .. Uetroll Washington , St. Ixinls .. New York Philadelphia Chicago .. .W. I,, pet. 84 Of? 4 .OUT .SSI) .... 8 .... 7 .... c a .MO ....ft C .455 ....5 li .455 ....5 8 .385 .....') 8 :>.T.i National Urooklyn ., Cincinnati Chicago New York .. Piltsbm-gli .. St. Louis Philadelphia Huston .. .. League W. 1,. 7 3 7 7 4 4 -I H I) 5 1 PCI.. .300 .700 .SM .SIM) .400 .400 :«r, .125 Read Courier News want ads and Dickey—and a fifth. Tommy Henrich, swinging seventh. It wouldn't bo so bad if the Yanks were bothered by left- hand pitchers only. The answer to their trouble is Selkirk, leading the club at bat with n roaring .20S. Henrich, subbing for DiMaggio in center field, is having an awful time hitting the ball out of the infield. Six men \verc lefl on in Ihc first two inuings against Ken Chase in Washington ihe oilier afternoon. The Yankees don't miss Joe Dl- Maygio . . . and his big shHIahih . . . MUCH. VORTEX PETROLEUM CO. I!I.YTHEVIU,E CITY LIMITS HIGHWAY 61 NORTH Any 20c Cigarelles for lOu With Purchase of 5 Gal. or More of AUK. GAS AT MO. paiCES UGFINERY TO YOUR CAR Michie Bros., Dealer PETE IS THE 'LUNBEI James Terry To Head Dislrici Softball Loop | who had mi.v,«l on Derby Day nl (the Downs. j H was aniiwin» to find how many great horses had (ailed In the run for the Ilorseshoiv of Derby i Roses. There were such great run-; j ners as Granville. Brevity. Head 11'lay, Blue larkspur. Osinand. Pom- Janiis Terry. lo::g interested in i 1«J". Quatrain. Enchantment, Try- amateur sports, has been namcdl ster. Damask and Elernal—all of] dislrici chairman of the Arkansas' 'hem favored in these past 20 yeais I Amateur Softball League which in- ; and all ot them be.iien badly ' eludes counties of Mississippi. Crit- Some had bad racing luck such tcnden, Cross, Poinscll. as Granville. His rider. Jimmy Greene and Clay. |Stout, fell off at the slarl and he The district tournament for boys, i ""or hail a chance lo show what to be held in late summer, will be j'>e could do. staged at Blythevtllc but place of I There was Blue l.irkspur. whose the girls tournament has nol yet, j Hying feet were shackled by a mud ' which sent Clyde Van Dusen lo the wire. Brevity was knocked to hk knees, and Head Play was looked l.i ihe strelch as he came down nose and nose. There is only one way lo win a horse race anil there arc 10,000 ways to lose one. The way lo win U Is lo be there first, Tire ways lo lose It lake your choice: Dad jockey, had stnrl, bad pockels, bad tracks, bad Judgment ol trainers or owners, aud all the other bads you can conjure up. So, be careful of wagering on GOOD Command Good Prices LOWER GRADE HOC-S COMMAND LOWER PRICES Memphis market "in line" with National Terminal Markets on ALL grades of hogs. Active Demand Now for more Finished Hogs— bring yours in been set, he announced today. It is expected that the Northeast Arkansas League will have some of the strongest teams in the stale because of past records made n this sporl. BLAZING LOSES AV'l'KNlHX CHICAGO. May a.— Tony Bla- zfne, Chicago Cardinal tackle. Is reported resting comforlably lowing an appendectomy. fol- Tlie plesiosatir, a reptile of prehistoric rbys, Swam by means of _., _._. „. ,,. BtllJ „., four great paddle-like limbs which Saturday's winner. Be careful that it used as oars In rowing iUelf you don'l wager on anything but . ' Bimelcch, He Is that much Ihe best. Westinghouse Commander fAorfcl Electric Range Small Jlowti 1';i)-i«enl llalani'c i:usy Terms BMANCE ON EASY TERMS It's easy on your budget and easier on you lo cook the modern clcctri - cM way with rt new Wextinghoiisc. Conic in ... sec this ornazing vnluc willi thr. new S-Sr*ed Corox Units. They heat 30% fnsler—use 22 1 :;, less current tbnn formrrCoroi Uuitsl $23,000.00 IN ELECTRICAL PRIZES! Enter Wcstiiigliousc "AJvisc-a-Bridc" Contests today? 5 Weekly Contests— A]>ril 18 to May 23 — Il's easy ami Jots of fun 70 PRIZES EACH WEEKI 10 \Vnlin:liou«: /(r.'.'locraf-Sii Kchiitcciitoii • lOWcslinjhomc roiiirii.i»,jor K.tngej > JO WcltinEhousc Strc.inllino A<lruil-o-matic t;oni HOR CONTEST NEWS TUNE IN "MUSICAL AMERICANS- THURSDAY NIGHTS— N.B C. BLUK NETWORK WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP no so. s,vd si. ,, hoi , 0 E^TER WISTINGHOUSE r s. shorl If you're FKKDKR I'IGS for your feed lols, lake advantage of this gnv- rnmienl-EUpcrvisrd, nearby terminal market for your rrqniremenls. No "Hot" Pigs •- No "Bootleg" Pigs Protect your feedbts with government 'inspected pigs SOUTH MEMPHIS STOCK YARDS Tri.Ug ift Kivci'-sidc, Alt'inphis, Temi. 4 Bonded Commission Firms: Uiinieltc-Carter Commission Co. Llghffool-Howsc Commission Co. Trl-Sta(c rmdufcrs Commission Co, Farmers Liveslock Commission Co. This Market Closed Saturdays Rich Mellow Fragrant Kentucky Straight Bourbon //' You're Looking For a New Suit - Be Sure to See PENNWOOD TROPICALS Heciuise it's spring anil you wiinl lo look your best for every occasion... we're f|»ile xtirc lhat you'll want to include a .smart 1'eninvood Tropical in your wardrolu'. Once you see these .suits you'll itpprecialc (heir styiinjf and qualify . . . once you try one on you'll know you've fountl your favorite suit. *22 50 «p R. D. HUGHES & CO.

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