Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 9, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1942
Page 2
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For Sole VB BY BXmNO USED FtTRNl* ««k fram UsI Chairs, Tables, Stoves, . ^MS, and many other items all in fig 1 * WttdlUon with reasonable n , pncea. Also highest prices paid for "' -«£§£ fun *p«- FRANKLIN FURJ 'JSITURE CO., South Elm Street. 1 L 9-lme. 'MtlLES, CORN, 75c PER BUSHEL Ai ctib. Plow tools, all kinds. Plow gear. See A. N. Stroud, Washington 13-lmp led For Rent ONE SIX'ROOM HOUSE, WATER and Lights. Just out of city limits on road to Proving Ground. See William Stephenson. 6-3tp SMALL FURNISHED COTTAGE, IN city, west on old Fulton road. For couple only. R. E. Brown. 7-3tp 1943 FORD RADIO AND HEATER fit original cartons. Bargains. See Mr Dennis, Cain's Tourist Court. 5-3tp JOHNSON GRASS HAY. 25c PER bale arid free delivery if bought by 125 bale load. W. H. Burke, Hope, Route 3. g-3tp BIRD DOG. PERFECT RETRIEVER Also us«d Typewriter Good con. drtion. $19.95. Car Heater for S10. See Wade Warren, Phone 356. 6-3tp 39 CHEVROLET 1% TON TRUCK, new motor. 2% yard water line' dump bed. Good Rubber. See Warren Lindley at M. L. Nelson Store, Blevins. 7-3tp Real Estate For Sale 160 ACRE FARM, 1 MILE SOUTH of Fulton, 120 acres timber land withan 2 miles Patmos, 7 houses in Hope. Night, Phone 337, Hope; Day Phone 860-F-3-1, Emmet, Ark. Ji R. Williams. 2-Gtp Furniture For Sale IDEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS moved next door to Saenger Theater • for better prices on furniture see w - 21-3Ctc Refrigeration REFRIGERATION SERVICE — WE repair any'^ing Electrical, Wiring, motors. Ke 1 :/ Refrigeration Service. 112 Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c Wonted WANTED MEN AND WOMEN. 18-45 VITALLY needed by aircraft factories. You must be trained and in good physical condition. See our representative, Mr. Mills at Roosevelt Hotel today, Thursday or Friday for full information. AIRCRAFT TRAINING SCHOOLS, Dallas. 7-2tp WAITRESS WANTED—EXPERIENCE —None other need apply. Snack Shop, 3rd and Shover. 8-ltc Hope Star Hop*. 1899; Pr*t* 1927. C anted Jonuorv IP 1090 HOM STAR, HOP*,. ARKANSAS Published *v»ry we«te8ay after noon by f * » s *. ar Publfjhlrta Co. Inc. *tJ'«» P ° l riL- <;ind ^I*5 H - Woshbum) ,i »h» Star building, 212-2M South Walnut stre«t, Hope, Ark. Utt. M. class mon«r at th« Undif the MCA> (A fi'~~ Me ?. ns Associated Press iNEA)—-Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n Subierlpflon Rote (Always Payable In X,T? e): j By i, cityJ c °"'«> f . Per week 15c; mpsfead, Nevada, Howard, Miller one w ° fQ vette counties, $3;50 per year; else- Member of Th» Associated Pren: Thp Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to 'he use for republicatlon of all news dis- pa «!^!5 ?'"}!*!** fo lf ° r no? otherwise credited m this paper and also the local news published herein. Notional Advert sing fccpre<«n»otlvc— Arkonso* Dalll«e. Inc.; Memphis. Tenn, Sterick Building; Chicago, *4QO North c' c »t' 9Q . n Avnue; New York City, 507 £',L ^ e J ue Ai.i°u troit ' Mieh -i 28<t2 W. 3ldo. '' oklahoma Cit y. ^* Terminal rm» ? iJt^i 1 '!*' K «" Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks resolutions, or memorials, concernina the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to his policy in the news columns to pro- e Ll_l he ' r rcader s from a deluge of space- Donl r ihirf 1en J 0r ' 0 ,'u Th< ; 3 tar disclaims res- pons^llity for th« safe-keeping or return 3f any unsolicited manuscripts. Edson in Washington Add Casualties: Mrs. McLean's Soirees Trailers For Sale GOOD TRAILER HOUSE, 22 FT with shelgas stove. Cheap at once' Located 1 block west, % block north of Paisley School. Oh old Highway 67 - 10-6tp For ScSe Miscl. REGISTERED POINTER ^PUPPIES, best bloodlines. Cockers, Bostons'. Boarding. Stud Service. Padgitt's Kennels. 2 Miles So. 6-lmo-p Notice WE VULCANIZE TIRES AND TUBES Ted's Esso Service Station. 3rd and Hazel. Phone 324. 30-6tp WHO WANTS A PIANO? USED Upright Fairly modern. Thoroughly re-conditioned to give years of service. $15 down, ?7 monthly, or ?125 cash. Drop us a card. Beasley Music Co., Texarkana. 6-6tp O. K. RUBBER WELDING. ALL work guaranteed or money refunded. South Ifazel St« Kennedy & G»r- rison - Wanted .DELIVERY BOYS FOR PAPER , routes. Call at Jack's News Stand. 5-3tc THE- REDUCED RATE ON READER'S Digest will continue until January 15, If interested, telephone Mrs. Theo P. Witt at 114. 2-3tc WASHINGTON-To a journalistic© bum—a mere shoddy thread among the gold braid and a raveling on the fringes of mighty officialdom—the saddest New Year news in Washington was not the fall of Manila, but The fall of Mrs. Walsh McLean's million-dollar estate, Freindship. To yokels and provincials who don't grasp the meaning and significance of Frinedship with a capital F, is should be explained"that this modest, 75-acre little place in the heart of the crowded District of Columbia's best residential district has been the play ground of capital society lo, these man>' years. Here foregathered on exclusive invitation only the socially conscious— and in this case that good New Deal phrase has a double meaning, for it includes not only the social reformers, the people who want to do something about the underpriviliged poor, but also the social climbers, the people who want to do something the under- priviliged rich. Mrs. McLean, best known to the world as the owner of the supposedly unlucky Hope diamond, has throughout the years been broad-minded about her guest list. Mrs. McLean even entertained the Harding gang. First requisite has been to get elected to high office or appointed to fairly high office. The brand of politics made no difference. Just Small Snacks During the defense period Mrs. McLean has been most famous for her Sunday night suppers— intimate little affairs of 90 or a couple of hundred guests. Good food and drink, an oasis Washington's othrwise dry Sab- Wanted to Buy 4 OR 5 ROOM HOUSE IN HOPE. In-good conditipn and priced right See w Call Pete Shields at B & B Grocery. 6-3tp Lost RED JERSEY COW, 8 YEARS OLD weight 800. Stub right horn. Strayed 5 miles west of Prescott Homer Graham, 'Prescott, Ark. 2-6tp LIGHT TAN FEMALE FOXHOUND, name Ludie. South of Washington! If found please advise Bob Levins Washington, Ark. 3-3t p Form For Rent RICH DIRT LAND FARM. 50 ACRES in cultivation. Party must be able to furnish themselves. Apply 116 West Ave. D Hope. 6t-dh baths. To Freindship have flocked the chosen senators and congressmen and undersectaries and administrators and co-ordinators-^the people of influence —the Honorable Joe Governments themselves and their wives, checking their hats and coats at the entrance, being asigned to chatty little tables of four or so for supper, and here the company was mixed up as only a skillful hostess can do. Sourpuss old Senator Isolation might have as his dinner partner of the wife of dynamic young Congressman Intervention, and the other couple at the table might be Mr. Big Corporation, a dollar- a- boy whose company was being persecuted by injunctions and war orders, struggling to make talky-talk with the wife of Mr. Chief Assistant Trust Buster. But talking politics and lobbying and buttonholing have been barred at Friendship. That has been house rule No. 1. All has been badinage, haute monde and uppity-do. What do the great and the near great in Washington talk about when they don't talk politics and issues? Mrs. MaeLean figured it out long ago. She didn't let 'em talk She showed 'em movies, first run, and hot from Hollywood. After every one of these Sunday soirees, the Washington newspaper society gals could be counted on to break forth in a gush. .'. . ."The cream of Washington official society was gatered last night. . . . Here were all the characters for a great play . .Ambassadors, statesmen, admirals, generals ,and the leaders in the world of business assembled. . . The hundred most charming and brilliant women of the United States. . .' And so on for columns. The conversational gems, the state secrets and the words of the great which might be picked up and jotted down on the cuff at one of these affairs would undoubtedly include such nifties as, "Wann't the supper delicious, dear!" or "Swell picture, Charlie, wasn't it!" Exclamation marks after both of those, you'll note. Statesmen never ask questions, they give out. »Set for Stenogs All this bonne vivante and high jinks is to end. Freindship, going the way of all things, has been taken over by the government and will be a site for a housing project for Uncle Sam's nieces— (the typewriter and adding machine punchers who will win the war with carbon copies and comto- meter. Now this is a worthy cause, but the ' question arises as to what on earth is the upper crust of official Weshington society going to do on Sunday i nights, after Freindship has been • turned over to the woikin' goils? ' This is a problem of first magnitude. A man on the inside of this charmed and charming Freindship set could probably not speak thus frankly on the subject,'but if they'll take a tip from a punk standing on the outside of Freindship's high and massive spiked iron fence, there is a way out, The government soical planners should make a recreational project director out of Mrs. McLean, WPA should build her a new Freindship, the USO stamp plan should provide food and the school lunch program should set aside a fund for champagne. How else can the morale of our Washington leaders be mainteainde for the hard, long fight ahead? Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Page One 1. Boston, capital of Massachusetts, is the largest capital. Carson City, Nev., is the smallest. 2. You should go to St. Paul, capital of Minnesota, to see Gov. Harold Stassen. 3. Richmond, Va., and Montgomery, Ala., were capitals of the Confederacy. Denver, capital of Colorado, is known as the Mile High city. 5. Columbus, capital of Ohio is named after Explorer Chritopher Columbus; Bismarck, capital of North Dakota, for German Statesman Bismarck; Austin, capital of Texas, for Stephen A. Austin, first president of the Republic of Texas. OUR BOARDING HOUSE <SAV, HAVE ANN ONOU BOV SCOUTS (50T A TEN ?~~ SOME HONAE-TALEKJT GAtWBO RA1MHD ACES ON (W I4AVP1LE/ ANl 1 T WANNA <3HOW 1 EM T ASK AMOS, BUT HE'S* Ti-AE- , TVPE W(40'D CHARGE TOURA NICKEL \F ms . WAS DRIFTOVER: NIAGARA with . . . Major Hoople v»V SORRV, 3AKE/Tl i M BROKE, .PM 6O FLAT zT MN" INTENTIONS r • T - r i -f^-^k • "^ <2>POO COULDN'T *&& i OVM^EO L 'SCRAPE ME Jgf ERIE X'D L OFF TUB ^^>^r VOU FLOOR WITH A KNIFE/ /DON»T TRV SOME EASV GAME LIKE MBL PEG ''A ^T 'RONG COPR. m; BY NEA BE WASH TUBBS Friday, Johuofy 9, 1942 ' NOW SEE HERE, \ VBS.,YSt.,l BUDDY, I'M OM AN • \ «O(tE UNDERSTAND IMPORTANT MISSION/ ' ' 1 DIDN'T COME HALF WAY AROUND THE WORLO TO SEE SOME PAME DO i, PANCE/ Just to Play Safe BWt LATE, AMD BOMBAY'S A THOUSAND WILES ACROSS THE ARABIAN <SULF» WE'RE STOPPIM6 IN RA6 MAHOOT 8B« CAUSE IT HAS THE ONLY OECEMT HOTEL .WITHIN 700 MILES - POPEYE i-J Bv Roy Crane rT~ T TO THOSE OM BOARD, sujEE'peA GETS HIS, LITTLE- HEAD LUED^ED IMTO A SECTIOM OF-STOVEPIPE AKJD ACCIDENTALLY FALLS OVERBOARD. Hold That torpedo! Thimble Theater DONALD DUCK HURRW. OSCAR,ROUEBS ME TO -SHORE AMD BLOUJ ME DOIUN J ' I vAM GO'NER -STOP 'EM. A SUBMARINE'. B'FORE THEW -V *^} S?~?r^-t-^r^^~r~^ •HS. C X-^—t-zsA*::---^. Bloodhounds on the Scent By Walt Disney OKAY, ONCE MOPE .' AND THIS" TI\\E, I'LL ?ET A DIME DON'T FIND ME ! ( YbH WANTA USED QSJE } SETA - — *' " COME OUT AND PAY up UNCA PONALD; C'MON OUT UNCA DONALD. THE JIG'S UP AGAIN ' BLONDIE WMV DIP VOU COME HOME FROM / SCHOOL AT NJOON-.Jr CAME TIME IN THIS /MOMETD FT" ( HELLO ( MAMA The Wolf at Her Door! BUT I PACKEP YOU A NICE LUNCH TO TAKE TO SCHOOLED YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO COME HOME (» Copi. 19<i, Kilty Pcilucin Syndicate, Inc., WorlJ ritfM r»rr»T(J By Chic Young BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin f RED RYDER No Shortage of Gall ' OH.fAY/1 MUST PREVENT f\R7 By Fred Harmon nOVO „ __ _ fiJCKY SHERIFF SENTJ-m YOU AM5VJ- T£L£GRAfA ABOUT COLONEL OULEP, 3 A Q3UPLE OF DATS, GQOD FRIEND RED r^DER. HAS IS QUITE ALL RIGH, GOOD r\\M— AND — AH.SLJH IF YOU MLL-RETUXM Tn'£ TRANSMISSION FE.E TO Ale, SUH ' RVD£R.'S TELEGRAPHIC IN QUIRT AS 1t3 THE EllSTEKCE OF ALLEY OOP That'sTelling Him ByV.T. Hamlin KILL- vou? HAH; x CUGHTA MASH YOU LIKE A NAO5QUITO... ONLV THAT'D BE A E.ETTER FATE THAN VOU DESERVE AM THINKlM' OF THEM... SO YOU'LL DO ANVTHIN&, WILL ^UH? CAM VOU ffilVE BACK THE INNOCENT LIVES VOUR. THUGS HAVE TAKEN? ... CAM VOU RESTORE THE HOMES THAT HAVE BEEM BROKEN...RESTORE THE HAPPINESS VOU'VE VOU'RE GONNA AMSWER. THEM THINSS TO TH' PEOPLE THEMSELVES/ -BO GIT GOINT... THEV'VE BEEN WAITIM' LONG ENOU&H.' OH, HAVE MERCV.' I'LL DO ANVTHIM& VOU ASK,..THINK. OF MV POOR SU&J-ECTS fCOPR. 1M2 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M..REC FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS YOUR SPEECH WAS A PRETT/ ONE , SON , BUT THE FACT REMAINS THAT YOU OWE A SUPPER CLUB YOU'D SEE THINGS YOUR WAY/ MwKBBilBHI^HBI^r ^wvrn. iy«<p A Guy Can't Win YOUR CAR is IN HOCK AND WILL BE SOLD TO SETTLE YOUR DEBT UNLESS 1 ADVANCE YOU THE MONEY / Ip I DONT ADVANCE NOU THE MONEY .YOU'LL LOSE YOUR CAR. AND , — PESTER ME-/- > "THATS TDK THE ./ THE WAY I USE OF / ADD IT UP TOO, MINE/ By Merrill Blosser • r v So 1VE DECIDED Tb LET You How FARTHE WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION /

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