Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 29, 1936 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1936
Page 4
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,, ? ^ in Bard 5 ciara oasis pan teles. tofflKt aura luute jo' te® Mtf. je fs' tffesls. itttpnt roll _ B'*HBS 13 BH SEWING MACHINE . YWJH "V,}^K i f 4'Y, It. 'fe ^; •-lA'!? fte -^ tV' 4'" ^f/ fitl '^ff Ki!30Ei h- 36'ttH&ftkiiL 36. Half an cm. :19 Hastened. •tfTo depart. 42 Eucalyptus $tib- trefc, f*. 44 Cod(teh young. «iotid. 47To.draw trftb i^6ffef. add. h^ttst. 50 Neither, stated. Dl To rub out. 0\1B. SSCardpnme. In. f3 Hla parents 54 Me wrote "The .«— ~ ftoy.," 1 Fags out. 2 Verbal, v' 3Hadee. 4 To form cloth. 5 To possess. (treat 12 to tfrltnt*. U He lived in th* I0 —~~ cenlury. iJOj 22A8lmal fat. i 83 $6 tfctfcl. • forot, 8S Native metal. 2$ tumor. 31 Prdfibun. ,18 Hay sprwder .17 CJiVKy. 38 Portico. <0 Tp make trim. 4i to seize. 43 Qod of sky. 46 Blther. 46 K»cr. 47 Fairy. 4S Also. dessert. 46 Dove's cry. P so 1$ 6 10 54 31 34 38 -Ml DeAim &. $ F ff.* / Aiiss Dordthy Osteen, spent the week <n«f with "her aunt Mr. and Mrs! Elbert Butke'ej the Experiment Farm.' t MIsSrEdria Vickers is spending a few i ^^efar- with her sister Mrs. W. C. Tfoosley oFnear Mt Moriah. ' 's. John Lloyd spent the i her mother Mrs. Birdie SpringHlll. ; Hrvand'Mrs, A. M. Clark and Bryan I»! Rent" It! Buy It! Jn the Hope Star MARKEI PLACE Rsmetnb«r, the more you tell, the - " ,", T quicker you sell. „ 1-tteJe. lOc Une, min. 30c ' ' -, i> ^, ; ..- .'•For consecutive insertions, minim" 'laiito of 3 lines in 'one ad : 3, titties, 6c line, min. 50c , 6 tiines, 5c Une, min. 90c Z^llmcs, 3%c line, min. J2.70 tAverage 5^4 words to the line) t ads will be accepted ivnth the understanding that the oilL is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. ~ Phone 768 .WANTED WANTED: Man with experience in utomobile, loans, must be resident of Iop«, .Apply in person at City Finance Co., tOZte-.p. Main St. 29-6tp' Why Worry?? We put style in your . Id hate. Stacks Hat Shop. sn ^^ ¥fe FOR SALE We buy and Boll Produce at Holly's ^urb Market i ,i i 1 . T ; __ ' _ FOR" SALE-1002 South Fulton St.— wo etory houAe with Vt block of icround, f750^K) cash. 2 lots with Iwuse on 13th St.—$500.00. 1 house and 'ot on 3rd St—?650. 1 house newly ; epaired on Oak St—$1000.00. 1 house SOS 8. Main (brick) just repaired— 'J508.00. 1 stucco house, 5 lots, negro -JinrounHy—J600.00. These prices are ,or cash only. Floyd Porterfield. 23-6tc. npHE 'French Revolution raised ••*• the curtain for opo of the -weirdest robeliiorta In history — a rebellion of the. slaves' of Saint Do- laingne, now Haiti," against their white i French masters and those mulatto planters who set themselves above, the blacks. And tho leader in this .uprising. that set up a Negro republic, then a Negro kingdom,' frfcin 17S3 to 1830, waa Francois . ljomlnlq)ie Toussaint, nicknamed "L'Ouvcrlur.o,"'- Tho Opener, and "First of the Blacks." 'Toussaint. Became governor-general of tho island until Napoleon arose and cast eager eyes on rich Saint Domingue. In 1802, the black ruler's armies fought the first invaders, but then, by lying and flattery and vain promises, Napoleon's representatives trapped Toussaint into surrender and took him to France, whore ho died in 1803 in a. stone dungeon in, the Alps. In 1904, on the centenary oC the actual i n dependence of HalU, that country issued a set of stamps on one of which was T o u 8 s alnl's picture. It Is shown here, Service, Inc.) (Copyris)it, 1536. FOR SALE—Five thousand baled Bright Johnson grass and bermuda nay. See Tom Carrel, The Mule Man, it once. 27-3tp Garden plants at Holly's Curb Market. FOfi SALE—1330 model four door Ford sedan. Good condition. Bargain. Colerjian'e ESBQ Service Station, 303 ~outh Hervey street. 28-6tc FOJl'SAJUE OR TRAW^Curload of fo\ms mules, cattle preferred in trade. &. B, Russell, fhone 408. 29-26*c. CERVICES OFFERED" Pho«e M8 Hope Steam Laundry for ! rices or* Dry Cleaning. Cash and .anry prices. ?7-3tc do »ot du>ccu-d soiled clothing. throw away dirty hats. Clean- bats is our business. Stack's Hut Shop. 27-6tp Phone 881. day or night for Dr. H. O. Idaker, Vettsruitirian. JS^Eait Ave. fl, Hope, Ark. 28-3tc Fruits, at Holly's Curb Market. FOR RENT RENT—Five room houst-. 1503 S Main Street, lii good condition. ph»ne 26, A C Moreland. 2*-3tp RENT-Four room, furnished Dor;.cy McRae. Telt- 7.1 Clark and Mr. E. M. Boyett and Miss Anna Boyett spent last Monday ngiht at the bedside of Mrs. W. C. Woosley who is seriously ill. The friends of Mr. Ed Pomer are sorry to hear that he is in the Julia Chester hospital with pneumonia, We are sorry to report that little Mise Leta Lloyd is on the tick list, Mrs. Elbert Burke and .son Syvell spent Friday with relatives in DeAnn. Mr. Sam Boyett of Nashville spent Thursday night with his father Mr. J. W. Boyett. Olicc. Hallcr, Johnnie and Willie McCorkle and Miss Mary Jo McCorkle cailud on MJS&L-S Anna, Nina and Veiita Boyett Friday night Miss Billie*Arnold was a visitor in Hope Sunday Mr. Steve Lloycl and Mr. Hobert Shcrley were business visitors in Texas last week. Mr. David McKee and Claude, Haller and Johnnie McCorkle were call- en, at the E. M. Boyett home Monday night. Honr, roll named at DcAnu public '• school! | l«t. Grade-Elmer Clark and OneUj i Honeycutt. \ 2nd. Grade-Lois Merle Gurham and ; Bill Whately. i Tird gradeKJiiniii;, Arnold. Iiei<l' Clark, Ida Maedell Gorham. | Fourth grade- Ci,y BreediiiK, J. D. : Whatley, Vircli.: Mae Honeycutt. Fifth grade—Del ton Clark, Herbert : Boberta-. i Sixth grade—Dexter Clark. Herchi.-l Rogers, Norma Arliiu- Clark. Ghidine O'S'lf" n. Gerry Pool' OUR HOUSE By AHEftN OUT OUR WAY ILUAMS WHA"t \T «, i w/we you MMD f fA TURWNfc OUT TO A WEEK AGO,! YVOULti HAVE: SAiattOUTELV, "MUST YOU ^ -w"BUT,NOW, EVA?- U/SVNV t^ I>A ON TH" WAST*? NO --SVA£. NEYEWTOOK A\M *cr N\E. QU\CK \ o O , ^ I WJTWN OF NOUR v.. W T I'M «»<4i t kwpw OP it- WM£M 1 vVAs rwef 6 letocRS DOWW TH' itABer, AN* CAUL MS BACK, NOW, " MAD/ USED MV HSAP~J ,^>^,-i, v : '••- L^-J -»'*v. $)\n* BY NtA tCRVIO*. INC. T. THB .SlISrSTATlM. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Paging the Prince By MARTIN TA\.Vt ,^(J^ \VA<& CVXKXTV As«b A PR.OME. , TO *&d }/ ,,<? SOT I'O ,S#$\ *A> K> /v > \bK>'T THE OW\N ONE VOO K\ COKi- ~' . . . CAW • . >iOO\i AKiO ALLEY OOP Alley Says a Mouthful HMM- r WHU7'S TWIST AH - jus 1 RIGHT -TME IT IS PLAIN) -THIS OUGHTA CURE KlMG> PA.IM ^ By HAMLiNl M r HEV, POOZY- HERE'S SUMPINJ '$A HAiR FROM A MAMMOTH'S TAIL, > j> 3^9 rit.r->c; j isuivir'iivi -v ,. . n p.-_p. . _.-.,_ __ V'PORGOT TPL IT I IWDctLV POWT BE l£ AWAiDTOnviNFU^^- 1 kNOW \KJ-A HA1K t-UUN/\ \ I/U UAT T Kiccr-,, A MAMMOTH'S A \ TAIL/ M WHAT I NEED/ i^a»l f. '•! r, . i, . . •"My'•';!/.* ' •; / •' ' 1M& i- f*. &j>;& 'EH, I ADMIT IT DOKTT SMELL SO • r^GOOO, BUT ALL MEDICI WE'S k -ur \ JUS ' WATCH HIS HIGHMES5 ?AMD \W17PR 1 REACT TTUI5 MESS -MELL EVER RXEO / ARI6E FROM H| S BED, OR I MISS MY ••(f GUESS, 1 . INC. T, M. REO, U. S. PAT. H£U- ARIS6 FROM MIS'BED, ALL RIGHT- OWE SWIG OP THAT,AW HELL FORGET WES' IIP HE EVER OETS HIS PW Y'JH.' WASH TUBES A "Sissy" With a Sock ATHIS IS THESHeWPF.yJOE? IS AT <3R06AKJ'S BAR y HELLO/ HELLO. VES, PAWAMIWT N TO SHOOT UP THE TOWM. ToftJ^l » ; ', HAf SO PEOPLE THINK I'MA SI FEMALE, WE 1 /? A 30U.B, AM Z ? ST^ ^ u SiJiK^N >ii »iH=i5i -Sgasfg 6£3? VOL) PAMAMIMr ODE? ARfrmTyAa AW' I'M By CRANE; TO SHOOT C LOOU OUT; YWH6RE I'COME FROM, BUDDV * LULU BELLEjpPieSS THE LIKES-OP VOU-IM HE'S A BADjn»£TTl COAT?./: v^. . . "•^TrrS-^5^ :^ ^ V936 BY NEA BERvc FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Osaie's Luck )«, INC. T. M. R EO. Ji. 8,.6 HE MA/ HAVE BEEM'STOLEW, FOR ALL 1 KNOW, BUT IW AWY CASE, HE- MUST BE FOUND.' IT GETS COLD THESE WIGHTS, AMD'HE" MAY BE WITHOUT SHELTER.' OR FOOD ALL YOU FELLAS SPREAD OUT... GO IW DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS ...CHECK OW EVERY- THIWQ THAT LOOKS LIKE A CLEW // n__3fL THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) HE'S A WILD COLT, YOU KWCV/,AWD HE FOLLOWED A NATURAL INSTINCT TO BE FREE, THAT IS, IF HE RAW AWAY/ IF YOU HIM, APPROACH HIM QUIETLY- DOWT STARTLE HIM ! I NCW, LET'S GO, J FELLAS / /AMD THE ONE: WHO FINDS CVNAMITE. GETS A HALF INTEREST IW HIM,AS A '< REWARD .'.' BOY, THAT WOULDN'T BE BAD AT AU....A HALF IhTTEREST.. By BLOSSER;. l^^^^jQUKHttHB TEAH.AM'I kWOW WHICH HALF I'D GE7i w I THE HALF THAT YOU HAVE TO FEEDJ __ In and Out of Trouble T, M. KEG. lOI'M B> U. S. PAT Off .INC. By COWAN SAM V/INTERS AW, I GOT TUE GOT AGAINST YOU .V.'INDX?/ BEST OP U^ IN I TUOUGUT YOU AND SA^A / A. LITTLE PRIVATE WAS LIKE TUIS/ DEAL .' V^S -/I '(f~' f ffl* : '^l ^ ~\f SINCE UE COf.NE BACK TTOWN, UE SPENDS tV.OST, OP UiS TIME DOWN AT DUPFY'S GYi^ AM D i NOTICE THAT UES ALWAYS DISPLAYIN' ms KNUCKLES, \w~.n- EVEC UE MENTIONS YEP NA. f AE — ^ND UE DON'T TALK ov MOVUI ELS.E : ft ^"- '••}. $4O r BE , NOW.' •^w / fT"" rii^ mi^ (. ' :-.' J ~r-i t* r l fes \i j SOtVC I .GOTTA RAISE T B V BOCKS I OWE TUE HIN\ .' *,'.-

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