The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1940
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MAY 2, 1940 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS Three Die, Five Hurl In Blue Cras Word Arrives Belatedly From Relatives 0 v e r World JEJiOSALEM, May 2 (UP)-Palestine 1ms becoinc (he news exchange of Jewry throughout the i world, Refugees from Germany, Russian Poland nnri olher parts of ' Europe on their arrival here Immediately begin, through various chnmiels, to lUtlcmpt to get in tOL'ch with relatives -scattered throughout the world. The scattering of families hns brought moderation In Jewish law In connection wilh the reporting i of deaths. A strict mourning period of one week Is required by close relatives when a death has been reported. News Travels Slowly Now, however, such reports are sometimes greatly delayed. In cases where the period is greater (] iim a month (he relalives now nre. required to cany out the mourning ritual far one hour only. The dally pilgrimage to the Wailing Wall, lost, relic of Hie Second Temple of Jerusalem, has become marked. The number of beggars on i the road has increased 10-fold. It, had been almost completely deserted since 1QSG. Now, however, the crannies of the wall are filled with slips of paper and parchment containing Invocations for the safely and ivtll-ebing of relatives in t-he clanger zones. To Tomb of Ilachet On the day of the new moon caudles by (he hundreds are dedicated nt the Tomb of Rachel, just outside Bethlehem. These randies no longer arc bronjjhl merely byold women in shapeless clothes. At the tomb now assemble fashionably-dressed young and middle-aged women troiii Czechoslovakia, Germany and Aus- Iria. Many men also come lo dedicate candles. And after the ritual they discuss their late. Most of them seem to be without, hope. There arc an estimated 5.000,000 Jews in the I territories of Germany and Soviet | RIISSJH. Another million arc in the i borderlands, fearing that, persccu lion win turn their way next. SEES IIMELEGH S i n c c "Biggest Cinch Dewcy Took Manila" Says Mr. Gvayson 111- IIAHHV (HMVKON NI'.A S«vU« .Sj>»il» r.illlor I.OUISVIhhE. May 2.—Unbrnilon IJhnelceh, O'.lrts-on and senllmentnl favorite tn the Kentucky Derby on Salmdny. ts the bluest cliuilt stueo DOWI-.V took Mnnlln. Arnold Hunger's Dll. rronl- •tinnlnj and easy winner ot tho Wood MeciKirial, flumes lo plncc. My rijiires have Ibo Detroit* owned Ulxlunn Stable's Sirocco In he show -.slot and Waller 1,, Hinnn's Mnrylninl-bred sou of Chidlenjjer ]). Plctor. foiirlh. Although Col. Mntl Wlnn Mtys ne lias positive assurance of a field of atxiul M, it t.s my uuess thill no more ilmii 10 will to In Iln: poM In Hie mile nnd n <|Unvler Hucc of •nine im-sons died and nvc were Injured when Ihis Kansas City bound bus ovcrlurned nrter bdn e struck by an automobile near Durum. Okla. The bus swerved to avoid a emsh nnd overl.irned when Ilic nulo «;t I'lirk it Til n "si* VillPrl u-(-ro rlKiit n in 11m,- «,,i _. 1 1 . , Those killed were riding In Ihc passenger auto; injured In Ihc bus Were 'iioVcdlisldcrci! to be In serious condllion.iNEA Tdephoto). A Barbed Reply To Nazis n COURTS Itecent muninpa; court sessions have included disposition of numerous cases. Including :ifi cases of public drunkenness. A number have been docketed on charges of violation of 'Ordinance No. 200. or failure to pay streel tax. with disposition not yet made in a number of these. Where a violator is found guilty, he is to he assessed a fine of 52 and be compelled lo purchase the S3 license for street laxes from .Ian. 1 to July I. nr work tin streets for three days i-stead of paying the $:i fee, it is said. ivfcivin Miirtin. charged with failure lo have n chauffeur's license. • '• dismissed after purchase of license. ijiu Brown, charged wilh failure to have license for trailer, was dismissed upon purchase of license and payment of costs. In the fish arjd Bame law violation department, numerous arrests have been made recently. Edward .Tones, who said he lived In Arkansas despite u Tennessee license on lib cnr, was dismissed on n charge 01 violation ol tne law upon purchase ol an Arkansas stale automobile license. Enoch Hall pleaded guilty to a fish and game violatio-.i aiid was fined S10 with $5 of this suspentled. A similar chiugc and fine de- j Old Hospital Bill Paid ' To Assuage Conscience His expression indicating lhal. he knows full well he's in a ticklish spot, a member of Britain's Royal West Kent Regiment is a picture ol concentration as he strings barbed wire somewhere along the Western Front. WATERLOO. N. Y. (UP)—Mrs Alice SI. Yuiv. Waterloo Memorial Hospital superintendent, exhibits n Cnded slip of .paper nnd a 52 bill as proof lhal. most hospital pn- lients Ijellrve honesty the best policy. The currency, she said, cam- from a man who milked into her olllcc and stated lie wished to pay an eight-year-old bill. The mil!) was injured on Memorial Day. IOT2. :it the local race irack and alter being trailed nt the hospital, left without .sctlllnj; the small bill, "I've come a long way to pay this bill." the man said, "bill 1 feel n lo! bolter now." niincledi, which his 80-yenr-old WOMEN'S PAGE FIVE owner itjid breeder, Col. Kdivnrd lilley llrndloy, considers the finest running he over aiw. has frlshlened ihc olhor.s mil. Prai'llciilly nil the Derby Irelnors twill .Silent Toni Smith', who liu.s Charles S. Howard's Orrfjan-biTil Mloliind. ccir,cedo>\ victory to llio mcdfimi-slml <(urk liny son ol Hlack Toncy. whirl) vrlll |; ( > ridden liy l-'rcil Hnilth, wlio lias hud the U'g up In nil bis HUTS. They are shoot ins fov second money, JBOOO. nnd hoping rndng luck will IF! Uii'lr s |,.od gul dmvn in tronl o( ilu> f|yln x Ulmclrcli, wlilch runs with IK.s (uhjfiie stuck on! of Mm ,; c! ))i *(,(,. ,,f |',| s u,,,,,!], unil In sli'dilts wllli his eyes closed. MOW KUMIIiST YKAII-OU* HACK Otlior colts schciluU'd (o jiiisws-r tlw bunk- me Mrs. II. a I'hlpiw' Snow Hlilfio, finirlli In making lil.i Wilson's bow In Ihe Wood Memorial: tho Milky Wi\y Minn's Onlln- liiKllan; tlic Mlnnil llcacli-owned •rower Sliible'.s floynl Aliin; Joseph E; Wldtmor's lloiutin; llio MlllsdMo Slnble's Sun Pharos; A. I,. Forgu- snti's (Hack Krnmmi'l: (lie Wool ford Farm's Iscoliul; llio Stmdy Brook Ruin's Oonnnuehl; tmd llnrry M. Warner's .Sky Uo» unit Oiillnnl Dream. U'llli Ilic added money incmisi'd from fr.n.oflO In |78.0flO, this ypin'.s Derby pnrso Is (lip richest In' lils- ' :i-j'eiir-old running event in world. Colonel Wliin predict* Hie first 100,000 crowd In the history ol the famous nine Grass Kpeclncle, basing his esltivmlc on (lie mnnb.T ot souls sold In ndmnce ns compared lo other sin-Inns, Colonel Wlnn olnlms (ho Invgcsl lirovlons crowd tit historic Churchill Bowns was 37,0(13 In 1928, when imbbllnx Over and Ungonb.igii.-nje inn one-two (or Colonel Brndlcy iind Derby Day telling reached Us peak with $6111,670 wagered on the feiilnrc will $3.0DD,<il3 during Ihe NfU'iTowi 'I'lio old gcntli'imin nt Ihc hend of (ho Downs Inslsls the Derby ivin run before 85,000 parson* tost .war. (ilthnn^h looking nt Ihc old rninslifltkli! Mauds yon womlur how tho pluca holds that many. Id iildiw (ha 07.000 Ihc mnjor doiuo assorts Imncd onl M years ngo. when Iliore woro fow*r iic- oommodiilliins, And we nllow (or the mob In the Infield In otir won- devincnl. llliADI.UV AND nlMlil.KOH RTHANOIill THAN I'lCTION 'Die dcinntul Tor seats has swnnipi'd llii} chiii-chlll Downs o5flce force us usiml, People, iniiry ol whom hnvo never before been to n Iriirlf. nrc .still wrlllntr, telegraph- hi|j nnd ciilltns mid offerlni; | 0 pny lii-cnllinn tor .scnls, Ina there nrn no iiiori; ID bn huil, '11 IP mine Is (me of pcoplr scc-k- hi« liote) rooiiiii. They lire n-llllnif Hi pay niOKl nny price for » place to lay their beads. I! Olmelceh Is to be givtn any' kind of contention In the Derby It probably will come from Dlt, z gelded son of Transmute, but the times nnd performances of the two' horses indicate tho BraJley pride is much superior. nitnelMh truly ts a story-book horse. If a fiction writer wrote a yam- aboul an BO-yeur-old owner com-: Injj up lo bid for his tirth victory In what mny be his last Kentucky 1 Derby, with, the last son of his ra- vovllc stallion, cditor.5 no doubt would low II out us being much Ino Improbable. Jiut here (bey are — Colonel Hrudlcy nnd iJlnjelccb. And no one begrudges Colonel nrtullisy, . n gambler from wny' back, ii final thrill tills lalo In his span of life. FOR SALE aii'l'ONS J)l'L.]JA PLANTING SEED $50 per ton ROSELAND GIN CO. l, Ark. nnri liis license revoked when he- entered a plcn of gniltj' lo a charge Aiiull male eugles of driving wliilc imrlcr the in- than the females, flimncc of liquor. John King pleaded guilty to a chnrgn of operating a gaming house but Die case, vva.s continued. Will J. Crnnover plended guilty lo a charge of reckless driving lor wlileh be was fined S2S. IH'bl-Fnte (Jo vtn-n incut Andrew Jackson was the only President, o( the United Suites during .whose iidmimslriiiion the. liovcrnmciU was c-nlirely free from debt. Pull the Trigger on Lazy Bowels, and Also Pepsin-ize Stomach! Vvhcn constipation brings on.-icid jiidi- Rcslion, bloating, dizzy spells, oas, coalul lunguc sijnr taste, and lia<l breath, ymir stomach is probably loaded up with ccr- movc. So you need Mb Pepsin | 0 |j c |i> break up fast tlmt ricb undigistal rood in your stomach, awl Laxative Senna loniill Ilic trigger on lliiKc lazy how-els. So hti L T^cV^Catmvd^ Synip Pepsi,, helps you rain (hat w n . gerfiilstnniarlicoinfort.wiiilcilic Laxative Sxuna moves your bowels. Tcsls prove I lie IKiwcrur Pepsin tnilissolvc these lumpsnf iimiigcsicd protein food which may IjiiKcr in your stomach, localise belching, gastric aridity and nausea. This is how pepsin. izing your stomach helps relieve it of such distress. M Hie wine lime Ibis medicine wakes up lazy nerve-sniul muscles in your »»vels lorelicvc your constipation. So ere imi- much belter yon foci hy laliim; the axaliyc that alsopuls Pepsin lov.4 r,n Iliiil stomach discomforl, loo. Kvcn finicky children love lo taste (his nlnsanl family laxalivc.Huy Dr. Catrtwcll's Ux- .-itivc—hcmra W ith Syrup Pepsin al vour ilruggist today! A. I' 1 . .'3initb. belf) in tyr county jail tor 10 days for 'contempt of court upon failure lo pay nlirmyjy, lias been released upon' mortifies*i ^kimiivL i.ii,u^t: iuin iinr. (tr- ""•' i ^ < - 1 -" .M^.I.^UU upun nTocinieri- veloped in HIP of G. IJ. Short- tlon ol the court order by chan- ncsey and N'lrk Davis. I cellor .). P. Omilnp.y. -sey John Oiler \va.-i fined S15 on ,. charge of carry!;-.; concealed weapons, uil!) apjical srnnted and bond ."ft al SHOO, and S2S on a disturbing th:- peace clvirjp with this appfal bond act al SIOO. A plea of giilliy lo « charttp of pplil lurccny cosl Lloyd Leatherwood $10. while Alciic" Ecliols was linrtl $15 when he e-tered rv similar plea lo the samp charge, and - Hooks bolt forfeited a bond of S2G.2.1. on the sainc charge. nistnrbing (he peace charges included UJO.SP of.Mis. \V. M. Holloway., who forfeited n bond; Uomie Occdwin, who forfeited n bond- Ralph Gillis n-rl Roy Shcpanl who were each fined $10 and cr.mtcd an appeal with bond set at - Never Scared or Lonely, Says Night Watchwoman HUFKM.O. K. V. „. . McDonald, night watchwoman al Ml. Ht. Joseph Academy lor clrls, liitc.i her job. Slight tot 11 jo), supposedly fraught with clanacr. Mj ; ^ McDonald is I feel 11 inches tall a-;d weighs nn pounds. .«he says siic nrvrr is frijhtcnrri or lonely, and never bus encountered a eritical situation such as lire or a burglary irhilc inakinj! Ihc ronals of" the large academy Imildine appeal \vitn !)ond set at-S75. i . "' between rounds 1 read." :-,he A pica of miilly was entered by i saicl ' "- lcr ! l? Oh. goodness, no. I Will Hodge on a charge of H!«nilt i H '"" !( '"' 1 to a very B co-l niqht and battery for «liich he «a.<, lined j wal "'iwoman il i t jid that." Sin. Virgil Ovens was fined £50 ! o.: n rhar^e of assault and balic-iv "Hicie is no foundation for the aiicl «.is sranlcd an appeal wilii ' IMif < "mi ihcre i s hoi llclunlnE bond sol (it 520!). ' ™ H •""•' "- : - • Hcthcl McCain w«s held lo cir- cuii court on a seduction charge wilh bond f.ct at J1MO. Uriving .1 car u-licn his licciv^ had previously bce-i revoked COM Del Kinncll SIC. He lost his license IK. 28 when nrirslcci on ii charr.c cnnc ! and cold Helitning. and lhal, the liulrr v;iil not start a HIT of drivinc while inidci ence of liquor. | A charge of reckless drivini; was | lodged agnlnsl Plrtl Wultnw" who' made bord of $27.7.1. I a charge of drhini; whilr under i Woortrnw Ncely w;is fined SICO on j the inlluenbc of liquor nnd his II- j ITIISC was i-cvnSjcrf. Appeal v.,i.s i yrnnlcd and bond sol at. $L'.iO. i Thomas was lined 51001 Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 Prompt Laundry Cleaning Scrvic'e "LET'S GO TO IIAPI^ HOUR!" A slop (o (he phone and your Kt'iiccry iirolitcnis arc solved. ' And solved in a manner lhal is mil only rimvcnicnl «> vowsolf bill easy on your hudjrel. Try il lot'lay. H APPY O Grocery & JT1 100 W. Main SI. PHONE 15 WE DELIVER OUR Market PENNEY MEN'S NURSES' OXFORDS SPORT OXFORDS SI.98 WHITE OXFORDS l-'or fun outdoors! White glove leather that Rives with every Long wfiiilni! soles am heels' Iht'sii iii-i'l) oxfords with the new . lieim reslstunl linings! nnd sen why (licy'rn fu- vcrltes. Young im-irs fnvorllesl All white Jciillirr In wln« lip style, lenlh- sole and heels! SPORT OXFORDS GIRLS' OXFORDS $1.88 In while or lan uppers wilh brown (rim. Crepe rubber soles nlid bee-ls for n jpringy, shock' while .saddle oxfords wILU brown luilhur SPORT OXFORDS Men's moccasin Type Pliable Rlove leather uppers for sofl comfort, NURSES' OXFORDS 98 c Grand shoes for hot. weather! Made ot llghl-as-a-readier while gabardine! *'*£"*' ^ / * * ' f *<* * .*--•*-» 6LX, v^ ~~ * |«CKED; WITH BOYS 1 SPORT OXFORDS $2.98 \vovon vnmp! Irathrr. rubber (sip CHILDREN'S l-'"r Siiinnicr 1'nirks! Girls' Santlals 51.98 Uainly. lii;IHv:elBhl, nil Jejilher shoos in iho liopnlar T-strap style! for Girls! Summer Sandais $1.49 All lonthcr. Mitch down lonstruetlon that's PN- Iva vaiue al Ihis price! SADDLE OXFORDS $1.49 Ocmiinc Air-Cork Soles! All- li-athcr uppers and lnso!c.s. Sizes 8'-; lo 11'...' 1'i <o CANVAS SHOES S C&f* ^^p ^^ Sturdy, broivii riini'a.'i ii|>j)rrs'. Efficient non-.skl(l In ado! Men's & boys'! P E N;im Y'S I. C. PJ2NNEY COMPANY, In«orp4», a ted Dutch Oirl SPORT OXFORDS Cri'iic wlcs and liccls! 2-tono brown uppers!

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