Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 28, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1939
Page 5
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1930 U.S. Ships Spiked Robberyof Tourist Prevented Foreign Lines Gouging War-Stranded Travelers «.V I'RESTON OROVEK WASHINGTON-Yankee ship lines stuppctl foreign ships from prices for returning frnnlic . Immediately cm the outbreak of war, American ship lines, the bulk of which arciti debt to thu government or syb- sidizctl by it, told (he maritime commission that no passenger rates would he raised until American fugitives wore brough back. There was considerable growling among foreign lines. An American stranded on a war-ridden .shore is fair gnme for whatever foreigners can shake out of him. During the World war, returning Yankees had little recourse. There weren't enough American boats. Now there arc. It has been an expensive job to build up the American merchant marine but it seems now to'warran the trouble it took. Since the shipping subidization pro gram was given new life about three years ago. 108 passengers and carg< vessels have been ordered. Of (host lit have been launched. Others are far along in the building. On completion, they will add more OUT OUR WAY By j. R, WILLIAMS POOR, aOLDIE.' AFTER SAvVlW AM 1 SCHEMIN' AW 1 MA«|(sJ' US LOOK LIKE PUMMIES AN' J.QAFERS, HE'S LOST ALL HIS LIFE'S SAVIN'S INJ A BOMD ER SOMETHIM'-'SO WOW WHERE IS HE AH6AT3 OF US AFTER. ALL? WELL, \ SOME O' » THAT WAS MOMEY OF YOURS HE TOOK YOU FOR IN DEALS- UOM'T FORGET THACT7 / THAT'S WHUT f MA^AE&THlS RELAXATION I'M GETTIN' PERFECT. 1 1 AIN'T -JEALOUS, I AIN'T SORRV PER HIM, AND HE WON'T BE MY MOTHER'S PERFECT EXAMPLE •• BOY, IM JIS &OWKJA REST, RELAX AND STRUT PER, DAYS AN' "DAYS-- \ rf 9 ^»; 'SpKT^S^ \ ' T v BEG. u. s. PAT. OFT V^lcOf-H ig^g BY HCt SEfiVfCf. [«C THE. BAD EXAMPLE q-zs '' V- • :'- ' v "r''" s T;'k^ OUR BOARDING HOUSE .. . with .. , MAJOR HOOPLE HOPE STAR, ftQMS, AftfeANSAS EGAD, HOW I RESEMT THE \^^"|MCLUOP ATTITUDP OF OUR STUPID \W ME oS? BANKERS TOWARD MY 0 MAJoSL IMVENTION TO TRANSFORM, / / I SET ALL ^ A niUc A , t .SMS&JSS, t \ ilsFfttesg;fi MEis^ssgffifjr c ^ ?1 MD — IN AN ATTEMPT TO PUR^ %, BM2BH? ^ CWASE IT POR A SONS/—WHKrf SUOP OM SAY YOU WE CONTRIBUTE •* SOOA SATURDAY APIECE, OBTAIN! SOME EQUIP- {/ M SS?S? MENT, AND MAKE A FEW V NIGHTS< MODELS OF THE HOOPLE-IZER To ATTRACT /^N^New YORK OR/^vfa, LONDON /s ^^ •" ^CAPITAL? '^LAUGHING GAS WAS •' v COULDN'T BUY EWOUG-,, TO /AAKE- A HYENA SNICKER/ 1 fir SOUNDS! "BUT CAN'T WE <5TAT?T ON SMALLER . SCALE? I'LL CHIP IN SO BUCKS IP V THAT'LL JAELP £**Jt^ m fo e> •CHIX-SKRIP is good for 10^ on the purchase of chicks at any Staley A u f h o r i i e-d Hatchery in the United States. It is packed m every 100-Ib. bair of Staley's FOUR BELLS EEB Producer or Egg All Mash. COME IN for details. WARREN GROCERY & FEED COMPANY fl I .luin a million Ions to U. S. lunnugo. fhat will double our present deep-sea nnnngc. The 18 mnjor linc.s now sub- id ixcd by the government npcr:ile Mfl vessels of 1,028,000 tons. New, Large Tankers Of course that isn't all to which the U. £. would have access in tune of war. U. S. deep-sen tonnage is only n minor fraction of the vast const-wise tonnage, part of which is fully capable of diversion to deep-sea transportation. In addition to the ships already ordered, bids were opened by the maritime commission late in September on an additional ,'!4 vessels, including 1<! "national defense" (ankers. These arc tnnlcci-s capable of accompanying the fleet in action but serviceable in peace-time commerce. These tankers are of 16,000 horsepower, compared to about 4.000 horsepower for the ordinary, and their speed is 20 knots, which again is almost double that of rank-and-file oil carriers. By agreement, the cost of extra .speed facilities, gun implacemcnt, and other essential navy features are paid for by the government. Oil companies pay the balance of the cost of the ships. The government owns outright about, 40 commercial vessels now at sea and has an additional ll'J collecting barnacles in various out-of-the-way estuaries. They are forlorn babies of Hie last war. Narrow Lanes As this is written two government-' owned vessels, leased to private concerns, are in the Baltic sea. Others pass in and out from time to time with permitted cargoes. We are informed at the maritime commission that none touch German ports. They carry on under exciting circumstances. Entering the Baltic they pass in the vicinity of the British home fleet, stationed in the North Sea south of Norway. A British pilot Moors them through mine fields laid B •—* uj i_ FIMDS A CUSTOMER AT LAST = On the Gridiron FREE DELIVERY ¥1.0(1 or More HOME OWNED—HOME OPERATED GRO. and Market — ~ -M^ Phone 871 We have just installed a new Pro-Du- Seller Refrigerator Veg. Display Case ^ wyvrtE,L»—n Band LOOK Cinne in and see it. U keeps the Produce Garden Fresh IT'S NEW - IT'S OIFPBRENT - IT'S NICE - IT'S CLEAN SUGAR PURE 10 Ib. limit to customer CANE IQ Ib. paper bag CORN No. 2 can TOMATOES GREEN BEANS Krout-Howiny I PETIT POIS "' " 2 for 35G Can HALVES & SLICED r&G, CW & YELLOW 7 S 25c S. TUCKER SHORTENING CARTONS MATCHES AA I Rose Bud Carton L VU I 4 Ib. 40c 8 Ib. 79c CAKES 2 Ib. AT~ I Marshmellow topsi u BAKING 10 <>' Can 25 o*. Can 50 „,. C uiT POWDER 3 for 25c 17c 30c • I 25c FAYETTEVILLE — The University, of Arkansas Dawn-backs' practice ses- tion Wednesday afternoon was devoted almost entirely to strengthening the pass defense which will be used against Mississippi Stale at Mem- phi .Saturday. Coach Fred C. Thomson and the Kquad will leave here Thursday afternoon in special cars, and will arrive in Memphis Friday morning. The fid-piece Ra/orback band and several hundred students and fans will leave Fayetteville Friday night aboard a special train. Thomson said that the loss of Maurice Britt and Howard ("Red") Hickey, starting ends, will keep the Raxorbacks from matching the mass substituting of Missippi State. Three complete Mississippi. State learns were used in the contest with Howard last week. Lack of reserve baekfielcl men will )x; the Porkers' Rreatost weakness, Thomson said. Mississippi State Team STATE COLLEGE, Miss -(/P)— The Mississippi State College football team showed up well in blocking Wednesday in the last scrimmage before the Arkansas game Saturday. Johnson, Chambers. Wobncr and Jefferson broke loose for long runs against the fesh- men. Imbued twith a fine spirit since theii one-sided defeat of Howard, the Maroons arc expected to send a fighting eleven on the field Saturday. There arc some indications they are worrying about what they can do with Arkansas' heavy line. Frank Chambers ace ball carrier, probably will start at tailback. Coach Allyn McKeen continued stressing pass defense to combat the Arkansas aerial attack. McKeen is expected to take three teams to Memphis. Friday afternoon. Hcndrix used only 13 men against Henderson's 34 in last year's opener and won C to 0. Henderson won a second game. 7 to 0. The Hendrix squad will leave Friday •morning and have lunch at Mavern The GO piece Hcndrix band and student body will leave here at 9:30 n. m on a special train. ^ Coach Grove's squad completed it; rough 'work in preparation for the fist game Tuesday, and went though a "dummy" scrimmage against the Hendrix formations Wednesday. Robert Jewell of Jiopc, sophmore, has been assigned to start at center, and Rife Hughey of Atkins, junior, at one end. These two places have been described as problem 1 and 2 by Coach Grove. He said he could insert Ray Harris, his all-state tackle, at offensive center in an emergency. Grovo expects Lewis ("Stub") Norman of Danville, junior, to be one of the state's outstanding ball carriers Ihis year. Also he expects great things [rom Harris who made the all-state team last season as a sophmore. Hcndrix Vs. Roddies CONWAY — Coach Ivan H. Grove of Hendrix College said Wednesday he will take 33 men to Arkadelphia for the opening game against Henderson State Teachers College Reddies tc block subs. They have a strip of free passage until they reach the German mine fields in the narrow sea-passages between Denmark and Sweden. Then German pilots navigate them through secret clear channels. They have equally exciting trips through the English channel where British pilots must steer them. As they round the shores of Holland times really gel tough. The British have laid mines to keep German submarines from getting out by way of the Kiel canal. Nearer shore is the German mine field laid to protect important Nazi strongholds. The two mine fields actually overlap. STANDINGS American League Clubs Cincinnati St. Louis Chicago Brooklyn New York Pittsburgh Boston Philadelphia W. 94 91 -. 82 79 74 67 CO 45 5G 58 69 G7 73 83 85 101 Pet. .627 .611 .543 .541 .503 .447 .414 .308 Saturday, September 3O, to Be Deadline fo^Paying Poll Tax The following statement on payment of poll taxes A irHIn f°n^ iT M £™? Geneml JaCk Holt *» d A uclit )] J. Oscar Humphrey is, so far as the law is con- ffce ' H " opinion by the attorney general's of- P« OHrf W IT f , ix * S th e deadline for payment of, poll tax£.Sn ^ ?,'• Ut 8 -n °, e th . S falls On Sund »y thi « '^r the Til, nfr • '"f r 11 be Sa turfl ay "iffht, September «0. .1 he otjicial statement follows vid^t'lv! ° C thC ACtS ° [ Arkansas . 1939 - ctomfies the old law and pro- n t ,1 .v r a n^T n T y ,. n ° W Pay his po11 tax "P to midni ght of the tn.st clay of October of this year (1939) wis«s e rvotrin" J h" ind - that il fS absolulel y necessary for everyone who wisics to vote m the primary next year (1940) to have a poll tax issued pnor to midnight of the first clay of October, 1939 it s&j?ss£. Wednesday's Results 'St. Louis 4, Cincinnati 0. Chicago 9-9, Pittsburgh 8-5. Boston at Philadelphia, rain. Only games scheduled. Games Thursday Brooklyn at Boston St. Louis at Cincinnati. Chicago at Pittsburgh. New York at Philadelphia. National League • WE, THE WOMEN Clubs W. L. New York 104 43 Boston 87 CO Cleveland 84 Gfi Chicago 84.... 67 Detroit 80 70 Washington 63 86 Philadelphia 54 95 St. Louis 4V 110 Pet. .707 .592 .SCO .550 .533 .423 ,3G2 .272 Wednesday's Itcsiilfs Cleveland 5-7, Chicago 2-2. Detroit 7, St. Luis 4. Philadelphia at Washington, rain. New York at Boston, rain. Armed Aquitonia Makes Port Safely Doz. API'LES Large Si/c Jon. Now Crop Doz. GKEEN ttuce 7c BABY Loin BEEF Steak ' Lean PORK CHOPS . Pure Pork SAUSAGE ib. i ib. I ib. 1 BABY Rib A f BEEF Slew C Ib. t 25c 27c PPEKS FLOWU UASII Turnips Tops GREENS GRAPES IS. Size Doz. 20C •»•••«•»••—»•« 2 15c EGG PLANT Fit-sh Spinasli Okra - Rcdishes PRUNES ONIONS " Peas - Cabbage > Stalks 10c Carottf. BAKED 2 for 9C BABY Thick BEEF Rib Roast • Ib. i •• i 17c I'ORK SHOULDER """",, 20el BABY BEEF Club Steaks Each 5c DRY SALT MEAT B Q PORK & BEEF ,-"„•*. ™< - % > *>>•*» > s««« av ^s!»«s«W* N ^«r vv -s^ •f s s»w *i <J? vi. -^^^ai« s ? -C-\:^- - % ,s*, v v^ 1 «« *V^ Wwks^ • " ^ "^SMuSW * ~"i^*^Wf^'S™3,«*V*Vs'V V A •"•"•*"• rt ^:3^-<^^;:^^:>4^>^r^^^ esafj*! i«fc*J2 sTW^* * Rf ^rse.' T'S&WK'* ^^SSweSS^ ..> x* * * ***** Under wraps, but ready for instant use, one of two 12-pound guns aboard the British liner /.quitania gives the passenger ship a warlike appearance as she <#>mes into New York harbor. The zig-zag, submarine-evading course the Aquitania followed in its trans- Atlantic tnpf made use of guns unnecessary. Commenting on a recent column written out of p j /y fol . p arents who have spent the last 20 years of their hves bringing up a son and are now facing the fact lhiU hjs count h;ls caled him to war-or may in the Iiiluro-William L. Powers, manag- nig editor of the Youngstown, Ohio "Vindicator," writes, ' "I am in entire sympthy with your attitude toward war and yet the world has never seen a day when war either was not in progress or in the making. "And if, as a parent, I failed to recognize in my baby boy a possible soldier, then'! failed to see the world :is it is, instead of the way I feel I would be encouraging my son to be unprepared for that unwanted but nevertheless possible, day when he might be called on the serve in the armed forces of his country. "Futhcrmore, I wonder if there is not a real value to society in the mere fact of caring childen to be people rather than merely sons and daughters even though those children may not even reach maturity." There is comfort in this man's philosophy for mothers and fathers who are filled with apprehension these days for the future of their sons Solace in Knowing Lad Can I'ln.V Man's Part No parent could see a son go off to war without being torn by sorow ' But perhaps a parent could face the thought more bravely if he could make himself think if that son as a man first—a son second. As a man, the possiblity of someday fighting for his country is one of the dangers and duties that-he-must accept. Untlil the world is the better world we dream of—war is as much a thing for him to face as the danger and pain of childbirth is a thing for women to face. A parent's love can never shield a child from life. And if life means war, it is useless for parents to grow bitter because a son is called on to lace its misery and uffering. HOW DO YOU DO IT > BILL? YOU'VE MADE . MORE PROGRESS \INONEMONTHTHAN J HAVE MADE IN TEH. WHY '. CAN'T I DOIT? YOU CAN. , EVERYONE* , CAH.IDOH'T\ PERFORM AHV) > MIRACLES. < 'SUCCESS COMfS] TO MEN WITH NORMAL PEP\ AND ENERGY) Games Thursday Philadelphia at New York. Boston at Washington. Only games scheduled. You can't expect to "bat a thousand at the office every day if you Haven't your normal share of pen and energy. If you are overworked, spend long hours indoors, get insufficient sunshine and exercise, and have a poor appetite, maybe your lack of pep and energy is due to simple anemia, a condition resulting from an iron deficiency in the blood. Sargoii, the famous tonic with iron, is helpful in overcoming iron deficiency in the blood, tending to ajd nature in building red blood cells and hemoglobin. This accomplished, you feel like a new person with new pep and vitality and a better appetite. Get a bottle of Sargon today at ° U f'i « is £' L f y° u are not entirely satisfied, after taking according to directions, the full purchase price will be returned without question Ward & Son Druggist ALWAYS REMEMBER Blue Ribbon Bread At Your Grocer and City Bakery g?™« ?a-?"™~*' 1 ' ' I ' ' i ^^ An Exclusive FeOture IN THIS SUNDAY'S CHICAGO SUNDAY TRIBUNE Sensational, inside facts! Now told fully and frankly! • The mysterious death of Julius Schreck, Hitler's chauffeur and double — ® How Hitler is guarded day and night against the secret organization "Roehm's Revengers"- • How 100 Blackshlrts watch the German Chancellery — • How Hitler's plane ss guarded against sabotage — » Hitler's fear of the n murder dubs'-' -of Europe. Three years ago there were seven dictators in. Europe — only ' three remain. Two were mur- dsred. Will Hitler be next? Judge for yourself! ^*: \ ' tribune THE WORLD'S GREATEST NEWSPAPER Ask Your Newsdealer to Reserve a Copy for You

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