The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on December 5, 1978 · Page 13
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 13

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1978
Page 13
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1978. THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR -PAGE 13 UNDERSTANDING JURIES NEEDED 1 Rape Victims Don't Provoke Crime By CAROL ELROD Juries in Marion County arc hard on rape victims, according to Ann Delaney, deputy prosecutor in charge of sex offense screening. The typical jury supposition is that anybody who gets raped asks for it, she says. Mrs. Delaney discussed rape and the October 1977 Indiana laws relating to the crime at Monday's meeting of Women for Better Government. "Some women may use poor judgment they may hitchhike or open their doors to strangers but that doesn't make them guilty of provoking the attack. And we have had victims as young as 2 and as old as 98. 1 wish juries here would enter the 20th Century," she said. She cited a recent hitchhike victim rape case in which the woman came back to Indianapolis from Michigan twice to attend proceedings "because she wanted to see the man put away." BECAUSE OF the circumstances surrounding the rape, "the jury convicted the man only of assault and battery and then wanted to know why the woman wasn't arrested for hitching a ride on the highway." "Rape is not a crime of passion," -Mrs Delaney declared. "It's another type of violent crime Juries don't understand that. They can't believe a handsome man would want to rape an old . woman, but some rapists do just that. "If you castrated all the rapists you might just have more murders.". The average Marion County jury, said the deputy prosecutor, is upper middle class and older than the norm. Members don't reflect the mores of society as a whole. "IT'S OFTEN enough to acquit a rapist," according to Mrs. Delaney, if the victim is living with a man to whom she's not married and is raped by someone else. "With that kind of case, I'd prefer to have younger women on the jury." Mrs Delaney said that to get a conviction she almost has to produce a victim who is "lily white and a virgin." Indiana has a rape shield law, which serves to keep information about a woman's past sexual activity from being admitted into courtroom evidence. The deputy prosecutor said that if the woman happens to blurt out anything about previous sexual relationships, however, the jury may well remember the information, admissible or not. UNDER THE new rape laws a woman can be raped by her husband, "but only if they are living apart and a dissolution of the marriage is pending." Both men and women can, theoretically, be convicted of the crime, "although I've never seen a case personally in which a woman was the rapist. Child molest cases also fall under the new rape laws. "We tend to see these cases after the molesting has been going on three to five years," she reported, because the crime is hushed up in the family. "The jury would rather believe that a girl made the story up than to believe that a father with a good job has been having sex with his own daughter and that the mother has had her eyes shut to the fact. Society is not geared to handle the problem at all." FBI STATISTICS indicate that 56,000 rapes are reported in the United States annually. Mrs. Delaney believes that probably 10 times that many are not reported. Many women who do press charges refuse to go to court (even if there's a good easel and desire that the case be settled by plea bargaining instead. Mrs. Delaney reported that studies show that the average rapist is between 18 and 35. "After that, he's apparently over the hill as far as being a rapist is concerned." ' Rape committed by a man who is a stranger to the victim is statistically most likely to happen at 3 a.m. if she knows the rapist (whether he's a former boyfriend, a date who gets out of hand, a neighbor or family member), the crime is most likely to occur at 10 p.m. THE MOST prevalent months for rape are July and August and the least likely months are January and February, perhaps because it's too cold then, perhaps because of "differences in male don't enjoy it," Mrs. Delaney declared, hormonal levels, as some studies suggest. "By 1978 you would think people would "Women don't invite rape and they realize that idea is nothing but bunk." A J ytf l?tm '-flak Coco's Clothes Go When the late Coco Chanel's personal collection of garments and jewelry was auctioned last weekend in Christie's at London this suit of beige tweed bound with braid and bright pink silk brought the highest bid 4,200 pounds, or $4,800. It was bought by a museum at Oslo, Norway. Total bids for the French couturier's belongings came to $117,000. (UPI Photos) ANN LANDERS When He's Away, She Manages Just Fine DEAR ANN LANDERS: My husband's business takes him away from home two weeks out of every month sometimes longer. Is there something wrong with me because I really don't mind? I'm happy to see him leave, but I'm also happy to see him come home. Some friends keep asking, "How do you manage uilhnnt a hnchnnH Landers so mucn of tne time?" I reply, "I manage just fine." They look at me like I'm some kind of a nut. When my husband is away, I catch up on my letter-writing, heavy cleaning and reading. I also see movies and visit friends and family which he doesn't particularly enjoy. I can sleep late, go to bed whenever I feel like it and do as I please. Am I selfish? Am I crazy? Is something wrong with me? - Oddball In Columbia Dear OB.: You sound normal to me and refreshingly honest. I suspect that the women who keep asking you these questions secretly wish their husbands would take off now and then so they could do the same. DEAR ANN LANDERS: It's a good thing you made the disclaimer about not being a lawyer, because you got your wires crossed. Battery: Any unlawful beating or other wrongful physical violence or constraint inflicted on a human being without his consent. Assault: An intentional, unlawful offer of corporal injury to another by force . . . under such circumstances as create well-founded fear of imminent peril, coupled with apparent present ability to execute attempt, if not prevented. (Black's Law Dictionary, Revised Fourth Edition.) If you see the blow coming, duck, and successfully avoid the blow, you still have been assaulted. If the blow lands, you have been battered whether you see it coming or not. If, as in the present case, the person is struck but does not see it coming, the person has been battered but not assaulted. Bill Jarrett, Woodbridge, Va. Dear Counselor: I appreciate the clarification. I shook the envelope for three minutes and no bill fell out, so I assume it was free. Gee, thanks. DEAR ANN: My daughter allows her small children to go to store and restaurant toilets alone. When I am with them, I wipe off the seat and put down paper towels. My daughter says I am nuts. I know some restrooms are very messy and six, seven and eight-year-old children would not bother to check the seats. Also, they would not wash their hands, particularly the little ones who cannot reach the faucets. I worry that these youngsters might pick up some germs or diseases. My daughter says this is impossible. She is a college graduate and I am not, so of course, she is the smart one and I am the dumbbell. Am I too strict? Crazy Gram Dear Gram: No, you aren't too strict or crazy either. Your daughter is lazy and probably a little on the sloppy side. It IS possible to pick up germs and even diseases in dirty bathrooms. It is important that children learn to wash their hands after using the toilet facilities. 1 seldom recommend that grandparents get into the act, but in this instance I'm with you and hope your college-educated daughter will see the wisdom of your efforts. (I'll take common sense over a college education any day.) What are the do's and don'ts of teaching your child about the birds and the bees? Let Ann Landers' new booklet, "How, What, and When to Tell Your Child About Sex," give you the ground rules. For your copy send 50 cents along with a long, stamped, sell-addressed envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, III. 60611. (C) FMId inltrprlm NTS FROM HELOISE Gifts Inside Grandma s Stocking Fit Her Perfectly DEAR HELOISE: Our little great-grandmother lives alone in a small apart ment and doesn t have room or need for doodads, knick-knacks, dishes or anything like that. She has scads of kitchen gadgets, doesn't go out much, isn't in need of clothing or anythinglives a quiet life. She was always so hard to buy a eift for. so I sue- Heloise gested, "Why not get a Christmas stocking and everyone put in as much money as each would like." It's better than show tickets, which ; must be used on a certain date. Better ' than a gift certificate, because it must be . spent at a certain store. But cash that can be used any-; where, anytime! Grandma goes dancing about once a week belongs to a dance "club and it paid for her dances for six : months! Don't you think that's great? No colognes of the wTong scent, no gloves that don't fit, no gadget she will never use. Grandma got a thrill everytime she " took out a few cents for one dance. money for a special treat, or a pair of ! earrings to match a pantsuit. Anyway, I our grandma loved it! Jtmmie : AND I LOVE YOU for being so thoughtful. Aren't grandmothers wonderful? Give yours a big hug for me the very next time you see her. Love, Heloise DEAR HELOISE: When traveling with my children, I give them notebooks and pencils so that they can keep journals of their trips. This not only keeps them busy, but when they return home they can read them to their friends or use them for classroom reports. Most of all, they can keep them as souvenirs and reminders of their trips. , My children have so much fun doing this. Keeps their memory fresh as to what they nave seen and where they have been. Also, a word to the wise make sure you take your hospitalization card with you when traveling in case of an emergency. - Madge Camaioni DEAR HELOISE: A couple of years ago, my husband asked me what I would like for Christmas. I told him, "A red wagon." Which is what I received a large, sturdy red one and my friends all laughed. But I had the last laugh because since then that red wagon has proved to be a strong back, a second pair of legs and a general, all-around handyman. It carries hanging baskets and potted plants from the front yard to the back and to the front again. It has performed countless chores for my husband by carrying his tools, paints and bits of lumber for repair work. For anyone who doesn't have such a wagon, I heartily recommend you put it at the top of your list. We still wonder how we lived so long without one. Gibby Majefski DEAR HELOISE: Don't throw away that fabric commode seat cover because it keeps sliding off. After deciding to fix mine, I discovered I had no elastic. So I cut the elastic off a pair of old panty hose. (Snip below the band. Don't cut the elastic in two; leave it in a circle.) I zigzagged it around the under edge of the cover and now have the neatest fitting one and it cost only a few minutes of my time. Can't beat that, now can you? Mildred Smith NOT EVEN with a stick! - Heloise DEAR HELOISE: When our Christmas catalog comes, I look through it and put arrows up to the item I would like and underline the color, size, etc. When I'm through. I give the catalog to my husband and say, "Look through here and see if there is anything you would like." Sneaky, huh? Marguerite Brodie This column is written for you, the homemaker. If you have a hint or a problem write to Heloise, P.O. Box 145, The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, Ind. 46206. Because of the tremendous volume of mail, Heloise is unable to answer individual letters. She will, however, answer your auestions in her column whenever possible. Kin Fwtgrtt IviMkaN What ToDo About Feminine Itching A doctor-tested medication brings prompt temporary relief. , branes and speed natural healing. Doctor-tested. Vagisil is easy to apply. No prescription is needed. Vagisil Creme Medication is delicately scented and greaselcsj. And it won't fiC Vagisil Now there is a soothing creme medication spccihc.illy formulated to help stop externaKauinal itching almost instantly. Called Vagiul." it leaves a cooling, protective film 10 help check bacteria, soothe irritated mem- A,wmwst WvW 3ITT1V398S for fa HCUWS! W IN HMD TO jjC"' rmosizis ftMk A A Prettier than fver in hu, texture and design; oil ftmmin and fair. And just in tin tor nS holidays. WIT iMUUUMK " SOMtTHItf EXTRA ITO I 1412 to 3212 32-54 SHCmtS CHtKt VISA MUmOMK SOMETHIN' EXTRA flOO AflOC 4771 N-P0ST R0AD 077"HU7i) POST 67 SHOPPING CENTER On Pott Rood at the Corner of Pendleton Pike t .- HI 1 Hoosier UTIQJJES exposition December 7, 8, 9, 10 EXPO HALL, INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS Country and lormal furniture ... art glass and art pottery . . cut glass . . . dolls, toys and banks . . . silver . . . jewelry . . . nautical antiques . . . political and military items . . . wOapons . . . primitives . . . prints and books . . . tools . . . clocks and watches ... lots ot Victonana. All this and more at the third winter presentation of one of the nation's leading antique shows! Thousands of unique gift Ideas with something to piease every taste every Duogeti ." 1 1 i I 1 ' '."'J v: S -f, .:;,; : ) ' :Jt I ffr$f-' I ITT (tN---'ir 4 a f. v , v f - 4 : f;,f !c. f'r,. ' . 'a -r( iC i, ' i I " 1 I 1 uf 'i T tH 4 r'f- "i 2 I SEE OU8 LINE Of . . B WINTER HATS, FURS FELT, KNIT E 1475 W. 86th Sf. 1 SUITE O-TWO B " MIUINERY 55 'm Ooen noon-10 o.m. Sunday noon-6 p.m. Admlukm $2.00 V Under 12 free Chanel's famous "little black dress" this one a short evening creation of black pleated silk chiffon with boot-lace straps and gauze jacket went for $3,000, to the Baroness de Rothschild, one of the few "famous names" who purchased much. The sale took place Saturday in a party atmosphere in Christie's sale room. 5th Graders To Give Program Garden City Parent Teacher Association will meet at 7:30 p.m. next Tuesday in the school. A program will be presented by the fifth grade, followed by Santa's workshop. Bcrnicc Jones Talks To Club The Pilot Club of Indian apolis plans a Christmas party at 6: 15 p.m. Dec. 13 in the Ramada Inn Mid-town. Bernice Jones will present a book review. SUEDE & LEATHER HAND CLEANING You NEVER DRY CLEAN s good LeorSer or Sued Coot, You HAND CLEAN IT! By HAND cleaning you don't lose color, H will not shrink or hove that dull look. Not o Chonct 01 it! "Bring if fo Harry, I'll take care of it" Top Price $20 6-Day Service 1 0 off with ad GOLDMAN'S FURS 816 Broad Ripple Ave. Phone 255-4080 Originators of the mobile cleaning plant concept . . . Bane-Clene Steam Carpet Cleaning TREATMENT AVAItABLE for toil rt'Ofdotiofl, too' nmovol, ito'K itttftcify. p ooVt ond tmoit tfomOfl It's different . . . it's better . . . dries faster . . . carpets stay clean longer . . . last longer CALl , 546-5448 !f$$Zjfc?U K?J WNITU CltANINO I "' 1 M trV&l e "V HOMT IN YOU HOMEI ' S N3 RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL fc TRAVEL TERRIFICS V 1 A. Luscious peachy-ginger y j coordinates by Collegetown in J f I suitcase-happy all Dacron polyester, machine washdry. yJ j Mulrj-pocketed blazer, 52.00. J i Menswear plaid shirt (prints 4 Not shown.jjants 26.00. I Lemone GLENDALE GREENWOOD WASHINGTON SQUARE SPEEDWAY LAFAYETTE, INDIANA Also visit our DevlnBton Fashion Wearhouse

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