Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 29, 1936 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 29, 1936
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• •*'' frmh U alwsy* enttfruotti Wd ogrMi tilth Htttfj *\-«iry tttrth to the uniVttMt wtth ttl oth»w.-D«nlel Hope :SS5 , ' "fyfflfofr?' ' r '- 1 - v o "V Star n«dar nljtt w lowest t&t#i«ittitt» * to .thttrtfcjr dandy, witfe — ami wuth, «*e« frees* twit* dfty nlirnt, i t" % trf . VAT TTIWt? 0<7 XTTfM'niT't) OQ YUljUM&O» - NUMliiiiK VO (AP) -Mrnlif AHaoelfilcil fi-ens (NKA)— MMKHB Newspaper KIIU HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1936 , • '-i- -• ' i Slstr Of llojw ISM; iVcwi. Wt. Conftolldatixl Jruiua.ry' J 8, 1926. PRICE Sc C< I--: ••••• WAVE Here and There •Editorial By ALET. H. WASHBUBM- w. I ANDLOCKED PEOPLE far from the sea squabble over L petty rights ami liberties—and wake up with amazement, on their firnt voyage, to discover that at sea a captain has virtually the power of life or death over both crew and passengers. A tyranny, one thinks, brought over from ancient times lo this civilized day. But the tradition of the nea captain's power continues nevertheless, and with it a dreadful responsibility—of which we had an illustration on this yesterday* "^ w ' lcm was " n Associated Press 1 <t)disp»tch from a New York federal court. You recollect that a year ago last September the passenger steamer Morro Castle burned off the New Jersey coast with the loss of 12-1 lives. Well, yesterday the acting captain and the chief engineer of the Morro Castle were scnl lo federal prison on charges of criminal negligence. Smith Has Thrown Away Brown Derby for the High Hat —Robinson Majority Leader Answers Accusations of 1928 Party Nominee HE ONCE"TPPROVED Robinson Shows That Smith Agreed Emergency Powers Were Required NEW YORK.-(/p)-A!fred E. Smith declared Wednesday "there is only one man who should try to answer" his American Liberty League address —nn open challenge to President Hooscvelt after Senator Robinson's reply Tuesday night lo the Liberty League address. Smith .said he would make no specific reply to Robinson's address, but Fold he wns iin unhappy warrior to hear "my friend Joe read off a speech j over which ho stumbled so much I felt sure it was 'cnnnci' and did not come from the heart of the Joe Robinson I had known." • WASHINGTON.- M J ) -The New Deal portrayed Alfred E. Smith 'Aifs- d'ay night ns "warning ngainst his own people nnd ar?ainst the men and women with whom he fought shoulder to shoulder in the past." The spokesman, in reply to the Saturday speech impungintf the Americanism and integrity of Roosevelt policies, was Smith's running mate in the 1928 campaign for the presidency —Senator Joseph T. Robinson o( Arkansas. He said "The hour-long harangue They lost a costly steamship and 124 human lives. The, tradition of the sea is a stern one. It is stern for passengers and crew — they must obey the captain instantly and without argument. But it is stern for the cnp- 'ain also— his whole career may be blasted by one accident, and. in this instance, besides the loss of his livelihood he has suffered imprisonment and disgrace. There arc no alibis tit sea. And landlubbers, who take sailors lightly, might borrow a leaf out of the sea's tradition and bring greater law and order into their own chaotic affairs. For nearly every ship that sails the aca comes safely into port. It may have boon a difficult passage for seme of the sailors, who had rather be talking than listrnlng ,and some of them will air their grievances when safe ashore again in some .seaside saloon — but the point is, the ship came in. Because when it doesn't come in, civilization demands somebody's hixid for it. A stern tradition, yes— but .something that the affairs of men on land need mightily today. topical .Citizens Are Poor Soldiers A r g e n ti n a Makes Unpleasant Discovery in Physical Tests BUENOS AIRES. Medical examination of nrmy conscripts in the northern provinces of Argentina, a section which has not kept pace with before the mist-tilled Liberty LWIKUU *hn general progress of tho country, was barren and sterile, without a sin- i revealed some dtsqinctnitf facts. constructive suggestion," Says Smith Has Changed "Governor Smith," ho concluded a national broadcast, "I've read you the record. "You approved of NRA, you approved farm relief you urged federal .••pending for public works, you urged congress lo cut red tape and confer power on tho executive, you urged autocratic power for thu president, and you exposed, with merciless lotiic, the false cry of Communism and Socialism. "The New Deal WHS tho platfrom of the 'happy warrior.' "The policies of the Liberty League have become the platform of tho 'unhappy warrior.' " Smith May Reply Whether the rejoinder would impel further move. 1 ) by Smith became nn immediate topic of speculation. Capitol lenders Btill were uncertain whetb IT or how he would seek to "stop Hooscvelt." Hi 1 indicated in Ni.-w I'ork he mifclit answer Rnhin.son. As had Secretary Ickes uarlier in \ ^ie (lay. the senator reminded that Smith himself—in nndvancing t.ocial legislation in the past—had been ac- The army medical hoard announced that of 350 conscripts examined in Mis- siones territory, in the north near the Brazilian frontier, only 80 were, fit for military service. Rejections were made on many grounds, including physicial disability, bad teeth and hereditary affections. Sanitary and food conditions in the semi-tropical north are fur below those which prevail in the temperate cen- tra! provinces, which are producing a race of towering, broadshouldcred men of whom such boxers as Luis Angel Firpo and Victorio Ctimpnlo amples. Buenos Aires boasts thnt it is tho best-fed city in the world. Last Jew Expelled From Roth, Bavaria City of 5,500, Hops Center, Swept Clean in Nazi Campaign KCTH. Bavaria.(/Pi- Julius Slreich- ctisifl of "Socialism" much as he ac- er's anti-Semitic campaign lia.s chased cused the president. Officers of the Liberty League ad. (Continued on pafiu three) FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: HtQ.U b. HAT. OFF. A ni.u'lit owl shouldn't give ;. .1 ill..- it. boiny caught cn;:ii i:. jit ciawn. the last Juw out of this city of ,i.f>00. Tho chief trade of thi;. suburb of •Nurnberg is in hops, and it has been almost exclusively in (lie bunds of I Jews. i Streii-her's daily "Fraenkische Tau- j OKzeitung" observes: I "The city of Roth near Nurnberu. | once a Marxist stronghold, in which ' Jews and Jews' knaves had much lo j tuy. lias bren freer! of Jews, thanks i to the work of enliuhtcnmcnt of our leader, Julius Streicher." - ...... -—•»««»— ......... Air Safety Gains on Many Motors Some 4-Motored Planes Able to Keep Aloft on Only Two H.v IKHVAKI) W. ISLAKl'.Sl|.;i: Associated Pn-ss Sfjciu-o Kclitor NEW YOKK.---MV--A foiir-.-nuiiu •lirpiane can. be 0.500 times as safi from forced landing :\^ a cne-eii"in< shi :'-. This i:; one somewhat I'nexpevle'' result of improvements in planes am' engines reported in tin 1 Joiinu'l of (|i Aeronautical Sciences by Kendal' Perkins .of the Cuiiiss-Wright Air plane Company. '•There was a time in the not far (Continued or, page three) Sheriff Asserts He Finished Year $1,045^11 Hole" Bearden Asserts His "$43 Earnings" Was Too Conservative ATTACKS STEPHENS Sheriff Says County Judge Violated Campaign Salary Pledge Editor Thu Star: If County Judge H. M. Stephens knows anything nbout he handles the truth my business recklessly. Judge, the tiling that defeated the salary uct was the discrepancies you made between the sheriff's office and the other offices of the county. You. ._ CT ought to be a good loser. I didn't re- j chase that"w'as made. for to you in any manner in my state- j "When any person acts suspicious ment lo the uditor of Hope Star. Why | OVC r the sale of produce to us we Poultry Dealers of Hope Pledged ! to Curb Stealing Registration of Purchases Being Required by Some 'I Merchants THIEVE"S~ARE BOLD Many Complaints of Chicken Thefts Are Re-1 ported Over County ;" Chicken dealers of Hope Wednesday promised co-operation in an attempt U> curb theft of chickens which has been reported from scattered sections of Hempstead county. t A spokesman for Southern Grain 4 Produce company said that the firm was taking precaution in every pur- not print the whole; facts and not mislead the people? So lierc they are: Receipts, Sheriffs Office either turn it down or call in the en- officers for an uivcstiga- Colleclor's commission Paid R. O. Robins, jailer Court fees, circuit, J. I'.. municipal 1,205.70 Patients to stale hospital 778,00 Chancery court 165.60 Total receipts $9,506.30 Paid Out W. A. Lewis : | 1.800.00 R. O. Robins 3.077.00 C. C. Stuart 1,500.00 J. R. Bearden IJJOO.OO Gas and oil 1,600,00 Auto tires, car repairs 350.00 Commission deputies 125.00 Collector's bond 600.00 Total expense $10,552.00 Receipts 9,506.30 forcemenl tion." .. Mn ..., T. B. Board, chicken buyer, said that •irm nn I ' 10 r(x l uirc(1 <-' v cry person from whom J ' u "- i he boufiht produce to register, giving full name and address. Mr. Beard said: "My coops arc open at all times to Inspection by the public. Nothing is covered up. I give the same prices to everybody, and when any person, black or white, acts suspicious, I call the law or turn them down. "I don't caro about going lo court over buying 'hot' produce. I believe that oilier chicken buyers realize that much stealing is going on and are willing to help in this matter. "I have been buying produce for the past four years, and during that time I have lost only four chickens. They were stolen and when learning that I had bought stolen property I returned the chickens to the owner. « "I am willing to do my- best to help the poultry man and.Id curb theft pr chickens over the county," Mr, Beard declared. New Farm Bill Is Okehed to Senate Bankhead AA A Substitute Is Reported by Cim- mittee 14 to 2 Deficit $1.045.70 Now, .you. see, judge, 1 wasn't cxr actly correct when I said that I hud drawn only 543 out of criminal work since July, 1035. Now witJi my claims charges off I lack $1.045.70 of drawing anything at all. But these figures do not include incidental expenses'- such aa phone, rent and other items. Judge, you holler about a reduction i in fe-es. and criticize others for violating a signed agreement. I have a copy of Hope Star carrying your platform pledge for 1932, when you first ran for office. You pledged the people on ] your wonl and honor that you would i take only $1.800 your first term. You ' violated the tnist and confidence of; the people in that signed agreement. I You told the people when you came tip thu second tcnn that you would continue taking that 51,800 mid no more, and you violated that agreement. I told the people during Ihe salary act campaign you would not live up to that agreement, for the purpose of the salary act was to raise you. In reply to this you published in Hope Star nn your honor and tinder your signed agreement thai, you would not take but ?1,800 during your second j term. You violated that agreement, i You told thu Quorum Court in its last' session that you were going to take I your full salary this year. All of this I expected. You told the Quorum , ,-, T , . , , TT , Court that you didn't draw your last | to ISC Jilll'lCd Ut HUCK- four months salary in 1P35, and that you were going ID draw your .full $250 per month to make it up. How am I going to el raw rny back Italians Smash Through Southern Front Main forcus of General Bndogllo massed hero rains halt advance ( miiioplan.'s mass btrong forc<> hf-rc "™**.if ' *'f ' ' I to Halle Selassie'* headquarters Gcneiat Graziani's noflhcfn General .Graziani's Lowof8tol2ft North Arkani Hard Freeze 1 •Mercury Rises to 2? nesday From Winter0£ Coldest, 14 From Dolo (center, bottom of map) the Associated Press reports Wednesday n smashing victory by General Grazinni, veteran African campaigner, over the shattered hosts of Ethiopian. Noghelli has fallen, and the victorious Italians have pushed on beyond it. . At the top of the map appears the headquarters of Marshal Badogllo, who has swept the Ethiopians out of their mountain strongholds around Makiilc, occupied by'the Italians. 'U is. Budoglib's expectation to "occupy, all northern Ethiopia above a line through Amba Alagi before the rainy season this spring closes down military operations until next fall. W. E. Bruner Car Upset; He's Unhurt WASHINGTON.- (/P) -The senate agriculture committee, approved Wednesday the revised administration soil conservation farm bill by a vote of 14 to 2. The senators said very few changes had been made in the measure, which was introduced by Senator Bankhcad after a White House conference. I L J. Hubbard Dies, Funeral Thursday Former Spring Hill Man Judge, you seom to like publicity. If it is a newspaper story you waiit. I have one. If it is a political'scrap, the "pie season" is coming; on and it will be my pleasure to accomodale you. J. E. BEARDEN Sheriff and Collector. January 29, 1036 Hope, Ark. Outlook Meeting abee Cemetery i L. J. Huhbard, 70, resident of Hope land Spring Hill for many years, died ! '" " L . i , UlL ' n ° 1ck llos P' lal Tuesday " WJ1S ll;!inu!tl hel '° Wednes- for Funeral services will be held ut 2 1 u.m. Thuralay at Huckabeu cemetery, seven miles south of Hope. Tin: Rev. ,n.« Ward will be in charge of the .services, j .Surviving are six .SOILS, Marion, El- ! mrr, Jeff, Willie and Olin Hubbard, j two daughters, Mrs. Viola McKnicht ; of Carlisle, Texas, and Mrs. lx:lia Hill i of Hope; one brother. Bud Hubbard i of Vivians, Texas, three Misters. Mrs. i Lul.'i DeviiH'.v. Mrs. Angeline Drum- : 111. at Will Be Held 10 a . Monday, February ;-}, Hope City Hall Announcement of an agricultural Announcement of an Agricultural Outlook meeting for Hempslcad county. t,» be held at the city hall in Hope. Memlav, February 3, from 10 o'clock to 12 o'clock is made by W. E. Mount. Mslle, county agent. »nd Mi.ss Helen Griffin, homo demonstration agent. n. J. Burlet'on. extension agrr.no- >nisl of the University of Arkansas >.vil Ispeak 011 "The Possibility of Du- velrpini,' the Pasnin •• and Feed >ops.". Mark, ting -,| Kan,, tVulucU mil Home DeiiHi;i:,tiali.in Club Marel.-.." wil he diMMi.s;.,,il by E. D. While, •xteiisiiin agronomist of Ihe University if Arkansas. G. W. Ware, assi.-laiit rli- •euor i'f the Experiment Station, will 'iseti.-s "Home Orchards." The Outlook Meeting should be of nten.'.-t 1,i both the women and the •ifii nf the e-junty as all of the speak- rs will discuss tuples that will apply o bolh. Last Tribute Is Given Gov. Allen Louisiana!!* O n c e More Gather for Funeral in State Capitol , BATON ROUGE. La. --i,1'i- 'lliou- ! ;ands came here Wednesday to pay •their final respects to Governor O. K.- All' n ju.'-t. as Ihev did five months •iro for the slain Huoy P. Long, win lifli'il Allen int i the political spol- 1 As Ihe beds of Allen. \\-\\-\ was per- lia|-s the most devoted follower of ' (.on);, lay in state in Ihe onuile 3S- I -l-iry stale lu.iu.se on the .spot, of Lon;-','s i I'.ier. the third lit ir t:i the dielaloi'ship j became ,!>ovenior and pledged hiili- Hope. Citizen «Jia^. Accident at Gfurdon, Returning From Newport W. E. Bruner, 1015 East Third street, escaped injury Wednesday morning when his automobile overturned near Gurclon. Mr. Bruner telephoned here that he was unhurt, but said that his car was wrecked. He did not give particulars. He was returning to Hope from Newport when the accident occurred. Hope Wins Over Texarkana 26-10 Bobcats Trounce Texans on Local Floor—to Waldo Friday Night The Hope High School basketball team returned to form Tuesday night to trounce Texarkana, Texas, 26 to 10. The game was played here. Tliu victory was the fifth of the season against two defeats. The Bub- cats have lost only to Warren, a team that snapped a four-game winning streak at Warren last Saturday. Considerable improvement was noted Tuesday night in defensive work of the local team. The Bobcats played a steady game and held a comfortable lead through most of the contest. Hope plays at Waldo Friday niyht. Saturday, Rosston High School comes here. Nye "Fire Ball" of Senate Probers Is One of the Reasons Why Senators Sometimes Forget Rules lly HERBERT PLU.UMER Associated Press Correspondent WASHINGTON—Thu career of Sen- '.t ir Nye of North Dakota as a senate investigator probably has caused him more headaches than all of his other . senate duties combined. The treatment he has received at the hands of indignant Democratic colleagues for the way he has eon-1 ducted the munitions investigation has | set something of a record in Ihe wa.\ | of .'•enalurial abuse. ' .As a rule senators adhere rather closely to that old custom of "senatorial eonrU.sy" when they start out j after each other in debate. Harsh i ! things are said about each oilier ill j : roiinh and tumble debate, but mure j often than not a senator will .send for [ a transciipt e.f his remarks later and 'lone down his personal obsei valions: toward a colleague. '1 IK- re.suli is that the Cor.yre>sioii;il . ' Hev;:rd frequently ruveuLs an almost '• Iniocli-duwn-draM-out affair nn the i floor as a rather mild difference of elf to make "no change in policy" in ] he slate. He i.'i Lieutenant Governor j - T.. , .. A M.... »• TIT ! opinion. Nye hin...ell' has called attention t J James A Ni>c of Monroe. (Continued on piige three) Illinois to Probe Loeb Prison IDeath < "Thriller, M u r. d e r e r" Is Himself Victim of Convict's Knife JOLIET, 111.—(yp)—A s\veeplng investigation in the sordid secrets of prison life was begun Wednesday to uncover the whole story behind the fatal slashing Tuesday of -Richard Locb, "thrill murderer" of Bobby Franks in 1924. As county, prison and state authorities sought the details of the slaying Locb's wealthy relatives tried to give a hurried and secret burial to the young intellectual whose experiment In murder was a 1924 sensation. James Day, 28, serving a term for larceny, confessed the knife killing of Locb, State's Attorney Will McCabe of Will county said, and blamed it to Loeb's persistence in pursuing him over a long period with improper advances. Sullen at first, Day refused to discuss the case uxccpt to tell Warden Joseph Ragen it was "just a fight." Later, to Edward G. Powers, investigator for the state's attorney's office, he gave a full statement of the furious fight he said he had with Loeb. He denied he had stolen the razor with which he "cut to pieces' the partner of Nathan Leopold in Chi- capo's most revolting crime of nearly n dozen years ago. The razor, he claimed, he wrested from Loeb's hand when Loeb threatened him with it. County Cotton Crop 88% of_1934 in '35. Ginnings to January 16 i Are 12,958 Bales, i Against 14,604 With the cotton ginning report practically complete, Hempstcad county's' iiroduclion in 1935 was approximately 8 8pcr cent of 1934. J The Department of Commerce, Bu- ! veau of the Census, confirms W. H. I ^tier's report of 12,958 bales as of I January 16, compared with U.004, bales for the same date a year ago. Dixie Insurgents Rally at Maconi H e a d e d by Talmadge,: They Move Against i Roosevelt Nomination MACON. Ga. -(/Pi-- Insurgent. Southrcn Democrats, rallied b.v the cry of "Slates' Kijihts" organized at the "Grass Routs" meeting here Wednesday for a drive aguinsl the nomi- njti'jn of President Roosevelt for a secoivl torn'. Resuluiiens bilterly condemning the administration's record were presented, and Roosevelet policies were assailed in a speech by Governor Tal- i inadKC i f Georgia. Italians Drive Deep in South Ethiopia Ras Desta Demtu Routec and Army Scattered— ; Cityls Taken Wit HTHE ITALIAN SOUTHERN ARMY;; Dolo, Ethiopia—(Copyright Associated- Press)—The Italiarns have taken"Wadara,. and with it .the positions, that Ras ;Desta I>ehitu; had.pre- pared for a last-starS -in ffie event"bi the fall of Noghelli. The, Ethiopian commander's efforts to reassemble his center column, retreating along the Ganale Dorya river before General Graziani's .motorizec "Hell on Wheels," column thus far has been useless. The Italian troops moving overnight from Noghelli advanced the Italian lines 50 miles inland, taking Wa- dara at dawn Wednesday with 5( Ethiopians killed. CLOUDY AND , cdift Zero's Kingdom Onto Midwest, an the Southwest V,r New British King Meets Austrian Edward Greets Starhem- berg, Vice Chancellor, Italian Ally LONDON, Eng. —(IP)— Britain's new monarch, King Edward 8th, gave his attention to European relations Wednesday as the British cabinet met to debate the expansion of homo defenses.. The new king conferred separately with Prince Starhcmberg, anti-Nazi and pro-Italian vice chancellor of Austria; and Baron Von Neurath, foreign minister of Nazi Germany. Offician information from the conferences was lacking. A new cold wave i . _ he northern states with a mlti emperture of 8 to 12 dc cast for north Arkansas night or Thursday, and a hard,.: if uncertain degree expected •lope area. > L . The official "low" for, Efo**^,,, nesday morning was 27 degrees at i) JVuit & Truck Experiment i' rise from winter's coldest degrees, 24 hours earier. The forecast for the netirc state f ~\ Wednesday night and Thursday p Is '>/ cloudy, colder, and a hard freeze.^ ', "\\ Snow and sleet fell in Hope ;Tues- ,4 day night, remaining oa the streets*' >;j Wednesday • i" ^ Reaches Southwest «7^^' CHICAGO — (if)— More snow, f&I}<' over the northwest, moving eaStWa^l^ 'Wednesday as zero weather cj.unfe^»_3 ! its western strongbolds. '"^,1 **} While losing its bitter hold. otirUMti. Midwest, the cold wave added the Southwest to its kingdom. ' *_*7 *' 12 New TrucksAtll; Sold to SCS J||; • „«• YH"?™® 1 ^* Hope Auto^Comp^anj " 'livers t'JP^ups'.'l^l cal Headqiiartfersl^ The sale of 12 new Ford .pickup trucks to the U. S. Department of/ J Agriculture Soil Conservation^,Service' with headquarters at Hope, was*an-' nounced Wednesday by Tom. McLarty of the Hope Auto company. ' ^ ' Mr. McLarty said this eale represented the largest single order handled by the Hope Auto company thls'yer. The trucks are in transit to Hope and are expected to arrive possibly Thursday, a telegram from the Ford Motor company said. , , Reckless Drivers Barred From Race If Unsafe on Highways, They Are B\)rbidden to Drive on Tracks LONDON.— (if)— British racing motorists who have their licenses suspended for public traffic offenses are to be banned from speedway tracks, also. This is a new ruling of the Royal Automobile Club, governing authority for motor-racing in Grout Britain. Recently a number of racing drivers, unable to drive on public roads owing to the cancellation of their licenses, have taken part in events on the principal British tracks. Now they must, after suspension, surrender to the R. A. C. their international competition licenses, which every racing man or woman must possess. When this license is surrendered, the driver may appeal for re-issue. Then the R. A. C. will decide whether the offense for which the road driving license was suspended is sufficiently serious for the cancellation of the competition license. Prince Itt-turiis to l!i<> RIO DE JANEIRO.-W'i Horn Pedro de Alcantara Liii* Kilippe de Bruganzu. who in 1908 renounced hi-' claim to the defunct throne of Bra/il. arrived here recently with bis wife and four children to m:ike his home in ihe land over which hit- lather ruled until ihe republic wus prooluimcd it) 1889. The prince is tiO years old Is Tuesday, Feb. 4 Only 865 Issued in County, Against Total of 2,100-or More Cars Time to buy state automobile licenses without penalty expires next Tuesday, February 4, Ed VanSiekle of the Hope revenue office said. State Revenue Commissioner Earl R. Wiseman had confirmed him in a special message Wednesday. Up to Wednesday morning the Hope office had sold only 865 licenses, against a total expected requirement ot about 2,100 in Hempstead county. Immediate action is necessary if hundreds of Hempstead auto owners expect to escape the penalty. Mr, Van Sickle said, because the local officers can handle only a certain number of applications in the five days remaining. Use of Dirigibles Is Still Demanded Scientists Recommend U. S. Give Giant Airships Another Trial WASHINGTON—(VPi—A committee of scientists recommended over the week-end that use and construction of large airships—both military and commercial—be continued in the United States. In a report to Secretary Swanscn they held that, experience with light- l er-than-air craft "has not as yet been : sufficient to give ground for a wholly • settled opinion as to the character and > extent of their potential usefulness. 1 ' | But they unanimously urged that "thu best interests of the services in which nil-ships give promise of useful • nd effective service require a con- tinning proifram of construction and use." Tiic committee ;ds > recommended 'a positive carefully considered pro- 21-uin >.f airship construction" for the navy including ships as large as previous erift. "to the point, at least, of I ,'urnishing ground for definite eon| .hiMons rtgurdini! the capacity fov navul

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