Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 28, 1936 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1936
Page 4
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Tailor's Aid AftsVrtr 10 i**fV»6uS Skirt* a i ICNAtt neat. aranra a HHSI aiai OH aHil •ataman a Buna nara a i-inci sutc. it 42 Exclamation. •I 1 Overseer. -•f *: CO Sun. 51 Italian coins, can in- 53 Singer -was of this among the first ie, —'—s Of this l&ibn. machine. 3 ! Mt$Se cat. 54 Fastener. f&telt* 66 iocK parts. ! 8<mth America. 57 Affirmative. ' jWra of "a." 5S To maagle. i Tfiftrefore, S9 Device for warn winding thread 80 Thread holders VERTICAL 1 Icy rain. i Always. 3 Strife. 4 Into. 5 .Gravel. fi To fchjft. ? Inspires reverence. S-Laughter Bound. 3 SIcfc. 10 The reaion. U To come in. 12 It Is .now an r-r*- machine. U \Veli-bred folk. 1" Musical note. 18 Street, 21 To put on. 22 Mineral spring 25 Sports. 27 Grayish white., 29 Mountain pass.' 31 Kettle. 35 tdlot. 36 Skillet. 38 iWonev. 41 Pedestal part. 43 Arabian. 45 Mystic syllabi* 46 Beam. 47 Pieces out. 48 Network. 49 Measure of area. 50 Spirit. r>2 To recede. 54 Upright shaft. 56 Note In scale. 5$ Mountain. ^ r *>~ &._ \»r~ te- 16 92 97 4* sr **st^ "ft" 3Q 53 29 34 43 39 ?l 41 50 13 1 IS 45 ^ 46 47 48 49 ^ 14 SSr 32 ^ 3O 40 10 ?3 31 50 15 ^ Shover Springs "' der8 Is some sickness in this cora- 1 nmnity at present . ? s Jr. B.,BeckwQrth has returned home from-a Hot Springs hosptial greatly \ Improved. '' *„ MK and Mrs. Hoyeit Lcseter left last ,Scfl;W End Itl Rent It! Buy It! '.* v-i - "- in the Hiipe SWr ; ' ' toREiPWCE Eemember, the more you tell, the ' *C'i ^ ' "ijulcfcer'.you selL . >" ', 1/time, If*c line, min. 30c ,'Po^ ^tousfecutive insertions,. rainim- - * **naim'«rf 3" tinea in one ad' ' , 3 times, 6c linu, min. SOc ', r >,i6..ttoes, 5c-line, aiin, 90c ', t26 tteics, 3%c lihe,.jnin. J2.70 ' (Avt-Tage 5Vi words to the line) \ ads will be accepted ^ ujTdenrtanding that the biQ. v -ls peyable on presentation ot statement, before • the first publi- Phone 768 STORIES IN ]Jy 1. S. Klein */ -.. J *" fa ''\V\' -(\ ti'? ; ilif ^ *'Wh> Worry?? We put style in your old haii- Stacks Hat Shop. 27-6tp FOR SALE We buy and sell Produce at Holly's Curb SM^-1002 ^outh Fulton St— tvo Story hoase With Vj block of i ground, $750.00 cash. 2 lots with] ^ause'on 13th St.—$500.00. 1 house and J«?t on &d St.—$650. 1 house newly rewdredrfm Oak Str-$1000.00. 1 house ! 603' &" Main (brick) just repaired— 1 $£500.00. 1 stucco house, 5" lots, negro ! ccmmunity—?600.00. These prices are 1 for cash only. Floyd Porterfield. i 23-6tc. [ FOB SALE—Five thousand bales blight Johnson grass and bermuda hay. See Tom Carrel, The Mule Man, Bt one?. 27-3tp Garden plants at Holly's Curb Market "PROM the time of William the • 'Conqueror. Windsor Castle has licen tho home and stronghold of the kings of England. But it waa not-until the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 that as much as a bathroom, or tnctlern heating system, was installed in this palace, where once, legend says. King Ar- thur.used to sit with the Knights of the.Round Table, T/he castle lies on the northeastern-edge of New Windsor, near the river Thames. It la divided Into n Lower Ward, containing chapelH, cloisters, and deanery: a Middle Ward, occupied by the Round Tower: and an Upper Ward, surrounded. by apartments of the royal household. As is customary with such ancient structures, a weird legend exists—that of the ghost of a lovelorn lady-in-waiting to Qu^en Elizabeth, who appeared at a window of the palace at midnight to meet a descendant of her lost lover. The castle came into new prominence recently when it was pictured on the Silver Jubilee stamps of Great Britain and Its colonies, as shown here. FOR SALE—-1930 model four door Ford sedan. Good condition. Bargain. Coleman's Es&o Service Station, 303 South Hervey street 28-6tc SERVICES OFFERED Phone 148 Hope Steam Laundry for prjcps on Dry Cleaning. Cash and «»rry prices. 27-3te YQU do not discard soiled clothing. Why throw away dirty hats. Clean- teg i hate is our business. Stack's Hat Shop, 27-6tp Phone 881, day or night for Dr. H. P. Linker, Veterinarian. 3?2 East Ave. P, Hope, Ark. 23-3tc WANTED ~~ 4 r MAN OB WOMAN Wanted to supply customers with famous Watkins Products in Prescott |io iovestnient. Business established. f^rj]ing<f average $35 weekly, pay starts U4gjedlately. Write J. R. Watkins Co., W- towa Ave., Memphis. Tenn. Fruits at Holly's Curb Market. FORRENT BENT— Four room furniiherl with private bath and ga- J. A. Sullivan, Phone 147. 2l-£tc Copyright. 1936, NEA Service. Inc.) i FOB RENT—Five room house, 130<f g Main Street. In good condition. Jr4u>ne 26, A C Moreliind. 28-,'ilp FOB RJENT- Four room furnish*" I apartment Dorac-y McRac-. Tele- 75. ®- 3t P Friday for Shrevuport, La., to make ' their home. j Virgil England is some bfctl-ur after i being rt'al «ick tho past few days. j J. W. McWilliams and son, Early,' and wife, tocxl dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pickarri at Rocky Moiuid Thursfluj' and called on Mrs. Henry Hillard of Hope in the afternoon. | Mrs. J. W. McWilliams railed on, Mrs. Henry Adkinson of Harmony' Wednesday evening. j Clint Martin of Harmony left Fri- ; Any to attend the bedside of his wife , who is seriously ill in Colorado ] Springs. Colo. ; Mrs. Oscar Philips and Mrs. Charles ; B. Rogers helped Mrs. Hugh Laseter quilt Wednesday afternoon. ; Mrs. J. W. McWilliams spent Thurs. : clay with Mrs. Charles Rogers. i Mrs. Charles Rogers and Mrs. J. W. McWilliams called on Mrs. Henry Hil- , lard of Hope, who ha:> been seriously ill but glad to report some better. j'olin Reece cu.'led on Virgil England Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Fuller and Mr. and Mrs. Pete Fuller of Bodcaw spent a while with J. B. Beckwqrth Friday. Little Billy Ruggle.s has\ teen sifk but is better. \ Mrs. Tha'l Vines -M-eut Sutoy af- u.-rnoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. W, McWilliams. ,J. W. Mt-Williiti'as .->tx;nt awhile with Mrs. Charles R'.-gors Sunday. IP OUR BOARDING HOUSE AHERN out OUR WAV \S TH£ SOCIAL OF THE LfeT /V\e THESE HOT UOUQE PUxNTfe SO,V\ETH\NJ6 !i Oj TO --YES~A PAN YVATfcK \N TUHR U fcpr C**- ww&Tue ~ y KIDNAPING, EVES VEFJY ?.Ll A *\ "wfotTO^f v KIOMAPIMS JTWfeRF "ON THElft . INC. T. M. REO. U. S. MT, OFF. <JfA<£<3>©^ r\ ' ' ^ J5" A $ • W T. M. REO U. » PAT Qtt O I91K 9V KCA SERVICE. if.'C. TME HOME 1-28 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES He Can't Be Bothered VOOR. By MARTIN UVt CfSNi ^t - CiO^T t(\CV\ OP^ ^=OR. /\\A VOO«XV\ , TWE. T\\\VN6<p NOO^O WOT BOX, ViVSV VOOSiT NOO TKVV. \O WE *. \\.\. Q^CE. TO TH^ BOTTOM 0 H\\A- . , AVOO ^ ^iSi'fe-^-"^ -»^.' 1 v^*firAVi^C£-(Vra>) — •- ir *V,Ai(«i - -l -^wa^f^^^jjk^. ..-^ " ^^^-^n/rH^x^-— u~m/r\N > BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S, PAT. OFF. ALLEY OOP Not Favorably Impressed By HAMLINj VWIZER'S HOWLS,I MU5' RW A PEAF EAR - IT'S BE ) KIW& GUZZLES HEALTH PRETTY SICK- / -TMAT5 BROUGHT LISSEWTHIM, HOLLER- WELL, HERE'S TH GRAND WIZER'S TM' ANSWER TO THAT, YCAM BET STUFF - WOW, < I'LL ACQUI RE HOW y'GOWMA JMEAiMWHILE, YOU KMOVU WHAT 4k, 5TIR UP TH' W5TIC FIRE/. , B'ZORKY, LEMME SEE HERE'S POWDERED VJIKIO BOME9 AW TOUGH LEAF >TEA - SOME CDCOAKJUT HULL .BUSTED UP FIWE.AM' COOTS AM' HERBS OF A VARIOUS KIMD- SAY, FOOZY - JUS' AS A FAVOR. TME - IP I EVER GET SICK, JDS' LEMME YUH? DIE VMILL ^ K^ ^>^ <^ Cfi WASH TUBES Lulu Belie Is Riled ©1936 BY NEA SERViC'CifrC; "V; M.'REO. ti. S. PAT. Off" (^MERE'S MB MEW UNIRPRM, SONWV. ^ HOW PVS UKE IT? , AW' HERE'S ME OPFfCE. BUT HOW THEY ME Tt? CATCH CRIMINALS IW A LIZ2 1 / ' 1 THIS. 1 DUWM0. ByCRANl H, WELL, I 6UESS THEV.DOM'T you to, AMVWAV. 7MEVALUSAV U'RE ausr A JOKE. T 'WHY, EYERVBCpy/THEV AJ22ATSO/ I2ZA)|J Akl' COULDM'T CLEAN UP r -/fttrJS C TUB TOWM, IP VOU ~ TRIED. H F6MAl£l F •--> S« ri \~. FRECKLES .AINU H16 That "IF" I DON'T BEUEVE &»zz&! DYNAMITE WAS BOARD WAS KICKED LOOSE ' I SAW HIM KICKING AT IT THE OTHER DAY ' IF HE'D BEEN STOLEN, IT WOULDA BEEN EASIER FOR THE GUY WHO TOOK HIM,TO JUST CUT THE CHICKEN WIRE, ON THE OTHER \^L^ SIDE ." - /c \\!^^^^ ljl %jH^ fio, HE THE GOT OUT ALL BY HIMSELF, I BET.... HE WORKED IT SO HE COULD REACH SIDEWALK WfTHOUT HAVIKJG TO JUMP FENCES/ TAG, WE'VE GOT TO FIWD HIM / I AND WE NEED HELP' DU ROUND UP ALL THE ( cj'UYS WE KNOW AND f TELL THEM TO COME OVER TO OUR HOUSEV SO WE CAN ORGAN- ( , IZE A SEARCHING (/ I K7 By BCOSSE1 MOWS THE TIME WE REALLY NEED HIM'' IF I HAD TO RIDE, I COULD P5OUND UP THE IN A HURPY,TO US LOOk FOR HIM i| 'THE NEWFANGLESTMom'n Pop) The "Yes" Man By COWANI ^/MATS- &LU TUE JGUIKl' ABOUT BTWEEN DAN AM 1 ^ "^(/. w^w -^^^ DANS WANTS T'GO 'SOOTU BY AUTO, AND LILLl£ WANTS T50 BY BOAT, AND THAT STARTED A LITTLE SEEfA? PONNf, WHEN FOLKS CAN AFFORD T&0, TWEY CAN'T AGREE / WOULDN'T BE ON) UOW T'GO / ;\ ANY APQOrAENT/ NNELLj IF VOU AND T WERE QOIN.TWEPE UOW WOULD YOU LIKE tGO ? BY BOATJ THEN .THATS THE WAY WE'D GO, SUGKR .' i ^yt

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