Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 28, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1939
Page 2
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HOPE S^AB, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday. September 28,1089 Hope of Hop* 1927. ConMUdMM nmmry 18, 1W Justice, Deliver Thy Herald from False Report! Published every week-day afternoon t>y Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Palmer & Alex. H. Tffashbtirn, at The Star building, Z12-Z14 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, PrtsUtenl ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and PubUshw (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Eneterorise Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week _..>: per month 65c; one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstend, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFa.v*tte counties. J3.50 per year; elsewhere J6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Fress is exclusively en••< f c the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not . . H-'op credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. itices on tributes. Etc.! Charge wul be mafle for an tributes, cards o! resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial news^ KnlH to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a if -•tvicp-tftldnE memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the '"pins or return of any unsolicited manuscripts 'This Is Just a Picture of a Boy and His Dog Out of stricken Warsaw comes a picture of a boy and his clog. The boy only one of a group of boys, standing in an open space in the once-beautiful city who happened to come before the lens of Eric Calcraft, NEA Service camera man. Somehow the boy with the dog stands out from the others in the group. A .boy is incomplete, somehow, without a dog. This one is holding his dog in sis arms in rather careless fashion, as boys will. The puppy doesn't mind. He is happy and content in the boy's arms. It is a nondescript little puppy, bui his ears are soft to the boy's hands. Boy and clog. The sa'm'e the world around in New .York, or Warsaw, or London, Paris, Madrid, Shanghai or San Francisco. But this boy is absent-minded as he fondles the puppy. His big eyes are fixed on the sky. There is something there that draws them. It is the bombing planes of The Enemy. They have been over before, those planes. Even the^boys, who had always been fascinated by planes, know now what they mean. They 'have seen half "their city laid in ruins by mind-shattering explosions. They are only , children, but they have seen men and women—and other children—die. There isn't much a fellow can do. Only watch, and absently stroke the soft ears of the puppy, and wait dumbly for what will happen. This particular boy has a large bandage over his head. Whether he was a victim of a former bombardment, we are not told. But we know that, in view of what-has happened since Calcraft made his picture, both boy and puppy may be dead. Boy and dog! Boys and dogs all over the world, loving each other. Boys in Germany, and Britain, and China, and Spain, with every right to play ball and go fishing, and live. Yet the world is such that the best a great part of it has offered them is to stand with eyes glued on the sky, waiting for screeching death. Until we can do better than this, every man, woman, and child of us must bow in humility and shame. ' MIND YOUR MANNERS f. M. . O. •. PAT. or?, Test your knowledge or correct social usage by answering the following questioHS, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Is it good manners for a hostess to apologize to one guest for another guest? 2. If a hostess can do it tactfully, should she tnke the convesn- tion away from n long-winded bore who is ruining her party? 3. Should a hostess see that each guest has a chance to do some of the talking? 41 If you are having a small party should you invite all persons who are big talkers? 5. Is it a sign of snobbery for n hostess to give a great, deal of thought to just which of Her friend she will invite to n certain party? What would yoq do if— You are an attractive young woman, a newcomer to town, and you want to make friends. When invited to a party, would you— (a) Play up to nil the husbands present? (b.. Try harder to make the women like yuo than the men. Answers 1. No Not except under very embarrasing circumstances. '2. Yes. And a good hostess knows how. 3. Yes. 4. No. You'll need .some good listeners. 5. No. Good sense. Best "What Would You Do" solution—(a) The women make out the guest lists. • "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Talk to Only One Man o Want Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One tinw— 3: word, minimum 30c Three times—3%c word, minimum SOc Six times—Be Word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum $2.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only, Services Offered SERVICES OFFEREI>-See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for new and re-built. Phone Paul Cobb fi58-J. August 2li-lm For Sale FOK SALE—10 head pure bred non- registered Hereford Cows. 3 to G years old, with calves or to calve soon. Calves by registered hull. Price $85.00 around. A, W. Biorseth, R 3, Box H.|. Hope. Ark. 22-Htp Lost HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS LOST—Pol Parrot, if seen call 556. . Liberal reward. ' 26-3tp" Notice Radio Repair i| Guaranteed Radio Repair Service) and replace'ment parts. Tubes tested.' Radio Service, Phone 80G. Ray Allen. 28tf FOR SALE—7(1 acres, two miles from Hope, on hi.uhw.iy. fiO acres in cultia- vation and pasture. 5 room house. Good White community. Bargain price. C. S. Lou-thorp. 721! S. Elm, Phone 238 j FOR SALE—19^6 Chevrolet Uldor I with tvimk, with original paint. New tirc-.x. battery and brakes. Apply'217 N. El'm' or Phono H70-J. 27-,'Itp skin will flare up with eruptions. In some people, during the pollinate, there will be crusting and irritation in the nose. New discoveries on weed irritations indicate the importance of keeping gardens and fields cleared of these jlants that are likely to react on the luman body. * THE FAMILY DOCTOR r. M. REG. U. S, PAT. Off By DR. MORRIS F1SHBEDJ . Kdltor, Jonraml of the American Medical AsaedattM. tmt W Hyiela, the Health Magazine Only Removal of Resinous Weeds Will Bring End to Skin Eruptions . Poison ivy is not the only weed that anight cause skin irritations. Nearly every type of weed contains some resinous substance capable of producing eruptions on the skin. .AJiyor.o who touches the leaves of the poison ivy vine or who co'm'es in contact with'some object contaminated by its sap is~ likely to have skin irritations. Eruptions resembling eczema may result from contact with weeds. The eruption usually appears in the 'spring or early summer and continues until the first frost. It spreads during "'the succeding years,' because the body ^becomes increasingly sensitive to the materials in the weeds. Scratching and rubbing tends also to spread the eruption and to thicken the skin wherever the eruption occurs. Eruptions appear first on the face, backs of the hands, the wrists and the ankles. They spread to the forearms, legs and other parts of the body frequently touched with the hands. Farmers, farmers' wives, and oil field workers are frequently afflicted because their occupations bring theto' in contact with weeds. If the source of trouble is removed and the skin is treated with the usual protective measures, the eruption disappears in from five to six weeks. Dr. Bedford Shelmire has made special study of weeds and the mannei in which they produce' these sensitivities. When the plants are discovered the leaves, stems and other parts are extracted with various chemicals. Then these extracts are used to test the skin of the people who are sensitive. If the person "has a sensitivity, the FOR SALE—A real bargain in 19:i5 Ford Coupe. Good Condition. Claude Stuart. 27-.'Hc FOR SALE-S12.YOO Corn Machine §50.00 Briimt's Drug Store. Electric Pop Easy •• terms. 27-Glc FOR SALE—Dogs 5c each, no bull, bird or terrier—but famous hot dogs made by Hi-Way Inn, next to Tol-E-Tex Station. "2-1 hour service," 28-3tp Salesman Wanted MAN WANTED for Rawleigh Route of 800 families. Write today. Rawleigh's, Dept. AKT-I18-SA, Memphis. Tenn. 2G-3tp Washington Gin Company Is ginning and wrapping up to 525 pound bales $3.50 All bales oVcr 525 pounds, additional Ic a pound. Also store your Seed. A. N. Stroud will haul bales into Hope Compress for 25c each. A. N. Stroud, Washington. Ark. Sept S-lm F«v Rent FOR RENT: Five room house. Also three room apartment, unfurnished in Magnolia addition. Phone 38-F-T1 Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 23-fitc. FOR-SALE OR RENT- (i room house, screened front porch. 820 South Elm, Telephone 4G4W. - 2. r >-3tp O ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Problem <m Page One This is true of any number, for if you add five and then subtract five, they cancel each other. Thus you have just the two numbers to add. giving twice the original number. j FLAPPER FANNY v By Sylvia COPR. 193« BY HfX SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEfl. U. 9. TAT. Ofr Bonne foresees Inctlnn Ambush Tho year will probnhly produce no more thorough, eminently read- alite biogriipliy than "Onniol Boone," by John Bnkcless 'Morrow: 53.50). For the first time, the cloak of legend is stripped from America No. I fronticrsmn so Hint you see him as lawgiver to the wilderness. Indian tighter ,a short nt backwoods diplomat. Baknless, however, catches the full tlninia of Boonc's life, us illustrated by the excerpt litre, in the battle at Blue Licks. Lieut.-Col. Daniel Boone was increasingly uneasy. The more "sign" he st$\v the less he like i\, jBooije.'tolew r-T';^*ff' ; T*"i:*u?W" tr ,, *-»w A ««f*.> V f«.»£uii;ter<> Iftrisr' ariy moment' nbw^Halt^the meh wfe.l'e 1o ride their horses'straight into the Indian line. The rest, on foot, were to follow close behind, attacking at close range when the cavalry churgs had broken the enemy. . . Early in the morning the Kentuckians pushed on. with screen of five .scouts ahead of them. Boone. who had known this part of the country for years, suggested that they cross the river higher up and then strike the trace again in the high ground to the north That would take them around any possible ambush. He was over ruled and the whole cavalcade blundered down the Blue Licks ford beyond which, on their heel the Indians waited in cheerful anticipation. . . There was a rattle of shots as the advance guard stumbled in to the Indians, then the fire quickened and a volley brought down all but three ot them. Within three- minutes. -Ill men wore down. Eoone. s troops wore the only ones who drove the enemy back. Boone was carrying an extra-ling fowling piece which he rarely used loaded with three or four halls and Hi or 18 buckshot. "You bo there!" he cried as he fired at an Indian and saw him full — an exclamation so .strange under the (ircumsUmCL'S that someone remembered it afterward. The Indians dodg- od backward from Irt.'o to tree for When your doctor gives you advice, try to follow his suggestions faithfully and conscien- tuously. His advice is sound, scientific and practical. He is your only reliable source of aid. SEE YOUR DOCTOR When prescriptions are-needed call CHILDREN'S WRITER The Leading Druggist "We've Got It" PHONE. G2 Motorcycle Delivery "Mary told mo all tiboiit it weeks ago, bvit I promised not to tell until it was announced formally." about a bunded yards while Boone and his men pusued. The battle it- fclf hud lasted about five minutes. ForfWwtfWins Third Game, 6 to 2 Fred Marberry Is Winning Pitcher for Texas League Team NASHVILLE, Tenn. —(/P|— The | Fort Worth pounding Panthers knock | ed Mike Mnrtynik from the box in the second inning Wednesday night and coasted in with a (1-2 win over Nashville in the third Kami. 1 of the Dixie Series. The victory, behind the pitching of veteran Fred Firpo) Marberry. guvc tho Texas League team n 2-1 edge in the suics. The liDi-d-hitling Cats clawed away al Marlynik in the first round. Rct- linK one run. They cnme back in the second to tally another*'when Ace Adams replaced Mike with no outs. The Cats counted twice before Ad'ims could retire the side. Fort Worth KiO Oil) (KT-fi H 0 Nashville .... .. 00 000 020-2 10 -I Marberry and Kcurso; Marlynik, Adams. Johnson and George. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN HORIZONTAL 1 Author of "Little Women." 13 Human upper limb. Answer to Previous Puzzle 14 Theater stalls. C v ,. .- ! 15English coin. 1C Pitfall. ' -17 Awkward fellows. 18 Afresh. 20 Capital of Norway. 21 Single thing. 22 Sanskrit dialect. 23 Serrated tools. .25 Let it stand. ; 27 Makes a beginning. 30 Plateau. 31 Rubber tree. 33 To wake from sleep. 34 In what way. ;.' 35 Dewy. „ 37 Barley •: spikelet. 38 On top of. weep. 43 House. 46 Flightless bird. 47 Snaky fish. 48 Black wood. 50 Rodent. 51 Shield. 52 She wrote in order to earn a (pi.). VERTICAL 2 Rowing tools 3 Russian mountains. 4 Inflicts. 5 Permits. 5 Lunar orbs. 7 Chill. 8 Hitherto. 9 Valuable properties. 10 To adapt to each other. 11 Measure. 12 Chinese money. 16 Indulgence. 19 Her books are' read by children. 24 Pertaining to an area. 25 To stiteh. 26 Her life was one of. poverty 28 At this time. 29 Large cask. , 30 Soft broom. 1 31 Decorative pitcher. 32 Upright shaft 34 To skip. 36 Whirlwind. 39 Rabbit. 40 Implored. 41 Hereditary class of society. 42 Kind of eel. 44 Pertaining to air. 45 Slovak. 46 Thick-billed finch. 49 Sound of contempt. LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS We are now in the market for Oak and Gum logs, White Oak, Overcup, Post Oak, Red Oak, and Ash Heading Bolts, Also Round SWEET GUM Blocks. For prices and specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, Arkansas Phone 245 tofc. WrsVZ.7. wmnMA , vo 1 f OU Tc\_V.XN>' =.f\ L C 001.0 HE.V3X. , O\_<O CV\W? SCV\O01_ = SOWE. TU- k cop£!>B, ov m \ &«&§jL$fejiIdsiJ^ By V. T. HAMLIN A Funny Noise for a Horse to Make ALLEi r>OP HO, <9ILLV BOV, THE ENEMV HAS GOME, BAG BAGGAGE! THERE' NOT A SINGLE GR WITHIN LEAGUES F TROY/ BUT TH' WHOLE GOSH, HELEN; WHAT'S; IT'S THE GREEK ARMV COULD ONLV WAV WE TEARIN' DOWN 6OTHRU THAT HOLE.' WE NEVER COULD STOP 'BM! CAN GET THIS BEAUTIFUL HORSE INTO THE CITV.' CAN'T VOU SEE IT'S TOO LARGE TO GO THRU THE 6ATES? By ROY CRANE Rescue Work to Be Done WASH TUBBS rSOME OF THESE HOLV \ 3L«E5,VES! MEN HM/E BEEN OVER- HERE, VOU TAKE COME WITH TH' FUMES. .(THE SWNK1V ONE SCAMP RU'oV HANE RUN VOR THEIR TH'DIRTY ) NEVER MIND! HERE'S BUMS/ J AN M. ~ WE ON CUT OUR HANDS FREE WITH THEY'LL PIE IF WE LE/WE 'EM HERE — \f' ING AN STILL TIEP i Again Today We present New Shur-TiteBags and Schaffer Belts to match LADIES Specialty Shop FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Rose by Another Name " By MERRILL BLOSSER Special on FLOORFURNACES EASY FHA TERMS HARRY W. SHIVER f PLUMBING PHONE 259 Dr. J. D. Johnson f, •'. ur. j. u. junnsun •: $ £ /Announces the opening of offices, £ First National Bank Building J§ Practice Limited to «* Eye, Ear Nose and Throat. v.v.v.v.v.- a v,v.v.v.%v.*.v A FOOTBALL CO.VvE OVER 'THE FENCE .' 1. JUST WHIPPED BACK AMD THE COACH SAW ME ' ME GIMME A MONKEY SUIT AM' THEN TOLD SOK/6 FELLERS TO KNOCK ME DOWN! .' i JUST LIT OUT, AM' NONE OF 'EM COULD KETCH ME .' S I Do iwY OWN COOKIN' , MRS. MSGOOSEY, BUT IT DON'T TASTE LIKE THIS HERE ' ItJLJ'LU HAVE TO COME HER.E OFTEN, NUBBIN — YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME / IT SCRIMMA.GE / BUT IN APPLE VALLEY WE CALL .. IT A FREE PER ALL > AND THE SHERIFF ARRESTS THE ONES THAI" CAIM'T GIT UP AN By FRED HARMAN RED RYDER TOO KTD .' HAS K\U-E.-D Pi 15 TRACKS .' SOME PLACE Nlovo GET To THE NEXT R/SNCH, PRONTO/ msavNrA'jEHvici:. INC T M."R!

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