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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 140
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 140

Indianapolis, Indiana
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THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR SUNDAY, AUGUST 20, 1978 'Moment By Moment' Is Fun For John And Lily "We really have a lot of fun. I don't know if that unusual or not That's not to say that there weren't some bad moments, but other days you soar. "I've worked with Lily before. This way I got spoiled and look at all this. (She surveyed all the filters, electrical lines and other film equipment crowding the store.) It's so elephantine! Making a movie is so mechanical.

It bothers me that aesthetics are the last thing you have time to think of. It's an overwhelming task to just to get it done. "WRITING IS so subjective. It's just you and your typewriter. But directing Is so aggressive.

It's so hard to keep your writer's sensability from surfacing. The very thing that makes a writer valuable as director is the very thing that's in danger of being crushed. There's no time for introspection." All the same Miss Wagner feels grateful for the chance to direct: "It might make a better story for you if I could say that everybody's given me problems," she said. "The truth is that everybody's been very supportive the crew, Stigwood, executive producer Kevin McCormick, Universal. (Since this is Miss Wagner's first film she has had Ralf Bode, "Saturday Night Fever's" cinematographer, serving as her creative consultant) "SINCE I began writing I always moved toward directing without ever articulating it.

Actually, I started out as an artist and a designer. Not all writers think filmically, but I think I do. Yet I'm not all that much of a careerist It all sort of fell into place. "Directing Lily and John has been a very delicate process. They're not technical actors.

They work very much alike. They both have a sense of truth that I respect. We do a lot of takes to get underneath. You expect people from TV to be facile, plastic, but they're not. They're not conventional in the way they work, and I'm unconventional, too.

"If John and Lily aren't secure with something, then I feel I must make them feel psychologically comfortable. If I seem cool on the set, I don't think I really am at all. Directing, in a way, is playing a role: You have to take command and be in control even when you don't feel it, even when you know it's impossible." 1-arMwap wmrm mmKmm mvtmiWm HELD OVER 5th BIG WEEK! tSSr tHBZ7 ll ia, MA MA i m. ut, Uh-m tm GENERAL CINEMA THEATRES, 'I" ML SCATS $1.50 TU P.M. OA CAPACITY I "I'm sure I don't" replies Tomlin evenly, gathering up her packages for a fast exit.

Undaunted, Travolta says, "You remember I did valet parking for that big party you threw at the beach a few months back." By now Tomlin is out the door, with Travolta in pursuit. Travolta had said Wagner is "great for details," and it wasn't until the 22d take that she was satisfied with the scene. Everything concerned her, from nuance and intonation of her stars to the cars passing by outside. "Moment by Moment" would be showing us Travolta's seedy Pacoima mighbrrhood; right then she wanted every detiil to express the luxury of Tomlin's wo MISS WAGNER WAS calm, very quietly in control on the set. But later she admitted, "I don't know why I'm so relaxed.

I have no reason to be. After this is over I'll probably have a breakdown. jv pop singers, will appear in concert Expo Center downtown, SEATS $1.50 TIU 1:30 OR CAPACITY TOUT $7WT 30, MS. r4S "jiws II" l-OO, 5 10 7 43, 10-00 Of IX 7 3)0 OF UUR MARS" m) 1:00, 4:00, 4:00, WW, 10)00 "ETES OF LUU MARS" mi 1:00. AiOO, AiOO.

tiOO. IOjOO taking chances. Before this I was more or less taking care of myself. But I trusted in their instincts. "To be really honest, I've never really done this before.

I've always been very protective of my instincts. I've always said, 'No, I've got to do but now I try to say, 'OK, I'll try it that As so often happens in film-making, exigencies dictated that the beginning of "Moment by Moment" was almost one of the last sequences to be filmed. It opens in Schwab's Pharmacy with Travolta noticing Tomlin and realizing that he's met her before. Intrigued, he ends up following her into the Cook Store on the Strip. THE SCENE WAS deceptively simple.

Lily enters the store to pick up a package that the clerk has ready for her and exchanges pleasantries. Travolta approaches hesitantly, saying, "Hello, you know it just dawned on me that we've met before. Remember me? I'm sure you do." i -zm 'X hv i THE CAPTAIN AND TENNILLE, Saturday, Sept. 9, at 8 p.m. in the "New and shining-speaks to anyone who has a feeling for the amazement of music." All IUMT 100 4 PETER FRAMPTON THE BEE GEES "SGT.

PEPPER'S i JP "8REASE" liflO. kit. -VfVINOI 1 NATKMAt ANHKM 1:11 0 An Incredible tak of terror and above and below the tea. Ski YLt WW WbatAWtkWl. "LOW HUMOR OF A KStiH ORDER! DCrFaiKMWniEDEFTOFKJM IS NOVICE; rTO0ERAT10N PURSUTT CFLAbllHS IS NO VIRTUE." Mi uuim "IT IS WILD AND CRAZY.

ONE 2:00, 4:00, 6:00,8:00, 10:00 FEELING LIKE AN ANXIOUS FRESHMAN PLEDGE INI liJO, 7i4V IOiOS LAAVOOtrt HOUW (I) 5 7:30, 41 By KEVIN THOMAS Ul towm Tlnwi Hollywood DESPITE THE presence of a half-dozen policemen directing traffic the other day on the Sunset Strip, brakes screeched when drivers spotted Lily Tomlin and John Travolta in front of a gourmet kitchenware store. -Tomlin and Travolta were rehearsing an opening scene of "Moment by Moment," a Robert Stigwood Organization production for Universal. marks the feature directorial debut ni Tomlin's longtime associate, Jane Wagner, who also wrote the script. Tomlin plays a wealthy matron who becomes involved with a footloose younger man Travolta. MOST PEOPLE were struck speechless at happening upon a pair of stars But one taxi driver shouted, "Hey, Johnny, you're lookin' good! Hey, Lily, you look great!" The stars were delighted.

Travolta was in a clowning mood as be. waited for Wagner and her crew, headed by cinematographer Philip Lat-hrop, to set up the next shot inside the Store. But he turned serious when he started talking about his character in a film that will be quite unlike his blockbusters, "Saturday Night Fever" and 'Grease." character is more out into the real world," Travolta said. "He's not from such a good background. He lives on the streets and still has these sensitivities.

He's still open and naive." WHILE TRAVOLTA was making i'Fver" in New York, he saw Tomlin in rtef celebrated one-woman show "Appearing Nitely," which had been directed and mostly written by Wagner. got so caught up in what Lily was doing up there on the stage that I went to TnJ manager and said, 1 hope I can grow into this kind of an This made me go to Stigwood (producer Robert Stigwood) and say, 'Let's go to Lily and ask her if she might be Luckily Lily was impresed by some footage of me in 'Saturday Night Fever' and Jane wrote this incredible script for us." From the beginning of its 12-week shooting schedule just completed, "Moment by Moment" maintained a closed set There was talk that Travolta was concerned that he would feel shut out by Tomlin and Wagner. BUT TRAVOLTA said of them, "They're something else. They're so creative and such artists, I really felt great. I went into this situation hoping to expand my artistry and I've found myself Pact OKd In 19S0, the Niagara River Pact was signed by Canada and the United States, approving an increase in power output from the Niagara River.

OWN iTUTl' .4 NOW TWU mutl. AUG. 14th TVrBFtGFES "STAR WARS" 3 7. JO UTBN SET. PfPPfB MOW counn PUTHOUSE Ntnrwfle, Mono pnmnti WALTZ OF THE TOREADORS Aut 16-20, 23-27, 30, Sept.

3 ALBUMS III I tun, 117-1103 NhMII, e-717i The 1143 Tafcofl fc In 975-9064 LOVE STRUCK Smmi urne Mjsc4 Town WJWWY FUNNY FUNKY MtoL Ma CO. am 00 tt wa 00 "STAR WARS" mt "PEOPLE THAT 1 TIME FORGOT" 1 Towns oa 10.30 ainiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuini I I i I .1 I PG HELD OVER Ul MTI $1.00 HI TUUS 1 00 A iJB nr to a rii WHIAH IUMNH NO MUnNfl UT A ItM 90 1 1 ALL i SEATS HOUSE CALLS (PG) 4:55,7:00, 9:00 A Different Story (R) 1:15, 3:15. 5:15.7:30.9 40 HOUSE CALLS (PG) 1:10. 3:00.4:50. 7:00.

9:00 No FM(PG) 1:20, 3:10,5:00, 7:00, 9:00 TURNING POINT (PG) 12:50, 3 00. 5:10,7 30. 9 50 i MN Will I 461 1 tflDWTlllMONT IXIT TMM Tin IW. FYiJ CztC Burt Reynolds (f 2 I LONELY 1:00.3 All SEATS 12 oj See Of 'EYES tr i'fcf ')--r one wTTKTSCBmttznym HEARTS CLUB BAND" JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE TO GO BACK TO THE MOVIES peter, mm 1:30,3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 A week ago they were strangers. An hour ago they were lovers.

Now they are targets. pi TVnltn 1 DOCXXBYSriBtO CONTINUOUS MATINEES DAILY "HEAVEN liJO, "ETES OF 1:00. 4:00. -nviNM fei eANmur Fot i XI 1 10 I 0 Dm Sau4 Tit iooot mui rnT mi 1KW, 4:30. 7:11, CM Win" (M) M.

JlJO. filO UUU M1RS" m) AiOO. 00. 10.00 "Foul pur 1:00, till, 10 A4 Oniw "HEIVI CAN WAIT" (H) 1:10. 310.

1:10. M. nm ir i 'tO. 7.i. IP-00 Sat, Fatt "HOOPER" (W l.

1:10. 1:10. 7:10. ilO "HOOPER" (HI I'M. 7:10.

i30 05.5:10.7 20.9 30 00 1st SHOW OR CAPACITY 1,00, most enjoyable picture this summer. I 10. I T1MLS MAGAZINE BURT REYNOLDS 1:10, WT LEAD 1:00, Mrs cou nir HI 4:10, 7,00. :30 HOT LEAD Ale COU FEET Ml 1:00, 4:10. 7:00, WUtTOFTrl MT 1:11, 4:45, 7:15, "NATfOHAi UAUOtxrt ANIMAL HOUU" (R) 1:15.

1:10, JO, WNisnsoFATuimriFi MO. 4i00. A.OO. 1:00, 10. OO "MTf LEAD ADO COU FEET It) 1:00, 4:.

7K, HlO Stop The BHin I 1 i i 'i. i u. nun JiOO. "PIRANHA" IK) 4:00. 4K.

ItOO. IOiOS HtRB jAFff GABr'Ft rew" lHIC (XTf -TUf blill mu. MiLMAH MCJU Arinr amO it STOP Tut RAIN rMtaWHOttV AVm LAUfNLt Nty NlftAt Uvm jUU'iM ASiOl OMt STOM 0le4 MU Stiy Lfax MWcV'ta-ia.) 4.yH ai'fei "HOOKrTwi MO, I'M. 30, 7:10. J0 A new comedy thriller from the i' I I Directories For Showtimes 2:15, 4:45 7:15, 9:45 WHO AT FIRST FEELS A LITTLE LEFT OUT OF THINGS, BUT WHO, IN THE END, niii'T occict imuiup iu i i rue cum bnn i ncoioi juimnu in mui.

iniiun jrfi(Mai Mfttarel "A RIOT OF A THING. ONE OF THE GREAT GROSS-OUTS OF ALL TIME. RAW, A bald, FRAjmc. UPROARIOUS! TWU LAUGH TU TOU CRT" It wat tlx Delta agaimt the rule, trie rules kt! RATtHAl AtiltJAL UGWU TH( AAArry iwwfXS van fttniww pnoournoN NAnOi LAMPOON ANIAryki Oftf JOHN MlUSMI TWAMTmCSON fNfWON rWAO.CjM iMfjMAiMWCI cr3 LJhiO VJTMCWAND -fror)u(d 0 fcATY SiMArKnS ond rvAfi ftii'MAN AAjvt (LMrt 0( fWifllN ANWAi rjijst rrxnr1 enrt P') Or 0SmO SlJS R'HtSTHICTEIK CONTINUOUS MATINEES DAILY 1 30 3 30 5 30 7 35. 9 35 ALL SEATS $1 50' SHOW or CAPACITY 115.3 30.5 30.7 30.9 45 ALL SEATS SI 501112 30 creators of "Silver SbeokT Sens wciiii luun niouino mw wmiiz ruA MO Mi iii utnniiin Mnnini ro rnv Main Title Song Sung by Barnr Mamiow APUAMOUIIPCM larpi.

MaHiMM Daily ill ttah $1 JO Til IJO tr CapteHy 4M BlX-'s ijzJf. Hsn willl um wit shying, crying, cheering and stomping EYES your feet. 3t THE BUDDY ia LAURA MARS HOLLY STORY FAYE DUN AWAY TOMMY LEE JONES OF LAURA MARS' 1 jt. A j'VlN tltf nK-'Hr1'' i 'XT3 Mryi' 9ijrf HAj'MA SIWJD PARAMOUNT PICTURES PRESENTS A MILLER M1LKIS COLIN HIGGINS PICTURE HAWN CHEVY CHASE FOUL PLAY SJ3 BURGESS MEREDITH DUDLEY MOORE Ha ckAp4 ilw totW ol tMnk ntlt'Ttfiy WT "XMi Bov; So tawy," "TpastD Bi TW Uay," Utrt On'. "Mvb Baby" and mmy (11 ii- MM'IV)H U1UI THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY GARYBUSEY DON STROUD CHARUS MARTIN SMITH EXCLUSIVE 2:00, 4:30, 7:15, 9:45 MANAGf MINT DOIiNOI RICOMMiNO OIILMSIO YOUNCH CHIlDtlN admitted once the Itim begins All bn $1 .40 Ira Ihnr Only Item Taef i 1 1 1 ItIO, 1 11 9 It.

M) JO Read rhe wmDirTHOMAS L. MILLER EDWARD K. MILKIS Joe HBJ Papeitack Souiuliiacii jibutn 2vaiUble on Ajisu Recvds and Ties larpm MafintM Daily UiH $1 JO Til IJO tr Capacity 1, 1:15, S-JO, IsAS, IftOO ItrtiM Mitinatt All Suit $1 JO til Show 1, 1:10, SO, 1)45, I All 0ily Capacity Only IJ6 too. roo, troo. 10-00.

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