The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on November 4, 1992 · Page 17
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 17

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1992
Page 17
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1992 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR A-17 7 INDIANA SENATE RACE RESULTS Indiana Senate districts Carter closes in on narrow victory in bitter campaign Here are the unofficial results of races for the Indiana Senate. Key: Winners are in bold-face type. (D) denotes Democrat. (R) denotes Republican. (I) denotes incumbent NA means vote total not available. DISTRICT 2 Lonnl M. Randolph (D) uncontested DISTRICTS (l)Earline 8. Roger (D) uncontested DISTRICTS 87 of 99 Precincts (I) William E. Alexa (D) 14,191 Michael J. Aylesworth (R) 12,688 DISTRICT 7 75 of 112 Precincts (I) Katie L Wolf (D) 19,034 Alan R. Kemper (R) 11,478 DISTRICTS 47 of 79 Precincts (I) Anita Bowser (D) 15,006 Michael Zucker(R) 9,520 DISTRICT 9 68 of 101 Precincts (I) Betty N. Lawson (D) 14,980 Kent Adams (R) 13,618 DISTRICT 10 124 of 135 Precincts (I) Douglas A. Hunt (D) 25,313 Thomas A. Hostetler (R) 14,332 DISTRICT 12 (I) Marvin D. Rlegsecker (R) uncontested DISTRICT 13 59 of 75 Precincts John C. Mason (D) 9153 (I) Robert L Meeks (R) 17,874 DISTRICT 16 100 of 102 Precincts Geotf Paddock (D) 18 483 (I) John R. Sinks (R) 21505 DISTRICT 66 of 98 Precincts Kent Klmpel (D) 12,390 (I) Thomas K. Weatherwax (R) 16,383 DISTRICT 20 96 of 107 Precincts " (I) Anthony C. Maldenberg (D) 17,258 Howard A. Kenley (R) 22,673 DISTRICT 24 (I) Richard A. Thompson (R) uncontested DISTRICT 28 98 of 106 Precincts William R. Hunter (D) 13,201 (I) Beverly J. Gard(R) 31,254 DISTRICT 30 144 of 144 Precincts Michael J. Forestal (D) 14,507 Teresa S. Lubbers (R) ..... 40,026 DISTRICT 32 126 of 126 Precincts Kenneth C. Kern (D) 13,862 (I) Patrlda L Miller (R) 28,686 DISTRICT 33 115 of 115 Precincts Glenn J. Howard (D) ............ 25,238 Paul Sanders (R) 9,085- DISTRICT 34 104 of 104 Precincts (l)BIeJ.Breaux(D) 20,232 Ellen C. Strong (R) 6,994 DISTRICT 35 113 of 113 Precincts Ronald E. King (D) 12,390 (I) Morris H. Milts (R) ..... 21,173 DISTRICT 36 117 of 117 Precincts Linda Thompson (D) 14,981 (I) Lawrence M. Borst (R) .. . 24,899 DISTRICT 37 89 of 99 Precincts Rebecca S. Buse (D) 16,609 Richard Bray (R) 18,835 Ik Detail of Indianapolis ST -k metropolitan area ; . :,v-j""Cj Lf By R. JOSEPH GELARDEN STAR STAFF WRITER With 92 percent of precincts reporting in the race for Indiana attorney general, Democrat Pam Carter was inching toward a victory late Tuesday night over Republican Timothy L. Bookwalter. With 4,983 of the state's 5.412 precincts reporting, Carter held a 52 percent to 48 percent lead over Bookwalter. The partial count had Carter with a 68,244-vote lead over Bookwalter. Her total stood at 963,435 while Bookwalter was at 895,191. Carter's strongest margin appeared to be in South Bend and St. Joseph County, where with 240 of 266 precincts reporting, she was leading by 16,464 votes. When all of Marion County's 892 precincts were counted. Carter had won by 8,700 votes, according to The Indianapolis Star's Computerized Election Bureau. The unofficial Marion county totals were 143,759 for Carter and 135,059 for Bookwalter. "The trends are super," Carter said. "Our strongest counties are still coming in and the strongest precincts that are out are still coming in. So we can be cautiously optimistic." . In Marion County, Carter finished with 15,039 votes above what Is considered the baseline vote for Democratic Party candidates. The baseline is the average of vote totals for the three county- ATTORNEY GENERAL ; wide offices of treasurer, surveyor and coroner. Her showing suggested that Gov. Evan Bayh's coattails were helping his former executive assistant in her first political forav. Carter, 43, of Indianapolis, was Bayh's executive assistant for health and human services. Book-waiter, 37, of Fillmore is a self-employed criminal defense and personal injury attorney. By most measures, the Carter-Bookwalter battle was one of the state's most bitter campaigns. Despite the totals, many voters expressed distaste at the campaign, citing mudsllnging television ads in which the candidates accused each other of personal financial problems. . . Carter also pointed out that Bookwalter's former law partner had described him as unqualified for public office and that Book-waiter reneged on a lease for a business office. In return, Bookwalter countered in his ads that Carter had no criminal trial law experience and that she had declared bankruptcy in part to wipe out the student loans that financed her law school education. Carter is only the third black candidate to run for a statewide office. Both parties, however, discounted race as a factor in the campaign. STAR STAFF GRAPHIC DISTRICT 40 . DISTRICT 44 81 of 87 Precincts 62 of 103 Precincts (I) VI Simpson (D) 24,402 Jeffrey J. Lorenzo (D) 13,103 Thomas S. Gray (R) 14,625 Becky Skillman (R) 14,236 DISTRICT 42 DISTRICT SO 84 of 108 Precincts 83 of 112 Precincts M. Ilene Bailey (D) 13,332 Terry A. White (D) 11,432 (I) Jean A. Leising (R) 22,673 (I) Gregory D. Server (R) 12,158 Republicans holding on barely GOP a winner or leading in 15 races, Democrats victorious or ahead in 10 "The Republicans in Hamilton County were Just too much for Tony," Hellmann said. Overall, Hellmann remained op ttmistic, reiuslng to concede vie tory to the Republicans in the Senate until all the numbers were in. Eleven Republican incumbents and eight Democrat incumbents were up for re-election. Seats of six lawmakers not returning three Republicans and three Dem ocrats also were up for grabs. Democrats only needed to cap ture one more seat to throw the Indiana Senate into a 25-25 split Premium Yield nouse. slight edge over Republican challenger Michael J. Aylesworth of Hebron in District 5 with 88 percent of the precincts reporting. Early this morning, Republicans had either won or were leading in 15 races. Democrats had won or were leading in 10 races. If those numbers hold true. Republicans will retain control of the Senate, with a 27-23 majority. They now hold a 26-24 edge. Sen. Robert F. Hellmann, D-Terre Haute, said he was gratified that three of the Democrat incumbents that were challenged will retain their seats. Those include Alexa, Lawson and Katie Wolf, D-Monticello, District 7. Hellmann, who has orchestrated the Senate Democratic campaigns, expressed disappointment, however, at the defeat of incumbent senator Anthony C. Maiden-berg. D-Marion. Howard "Luke" Kenley, a Republican and former Noblesville city Judge, won a lopsided victory over Maldenberg, winning handily in the newly redrawn District 20. Maidenberg's district was changed in new legislative maps drawn by Indiana Senate Republicans in 1991. Democrats claimed at the time that the new maps were drawn to heavily favor By SUSAN HANAFEE STAR STAFF WRITER Republicans were holding their own early today In their effort to ' keep control of the closely contested Indiana Senate. But their success appeared to 'hinge on several races that, remained too close too call. Republicans held a slim lead in District 50, in which Incumbent Republican Gregory D. Server of EvansviUe was being challenged by Democrat Terry A. White, also of Evansvtlle. Democrats also held out hope that Jeffrey J. Lorenzo, a Seymour Democrat, could overtake Republican Becky Skillman of Bedford in the District 44 contest. With about 60 percent of the vote counted, Skillman held a 52 percent to 48 percent lead. Republican GOP chairman Rex Early said he was buoyed by the early results. "I feel like we are going to win seven out of the eight races that we are concerned about," he said. Early said he put $85,000 "and a lot of blood sugar" into those races. Sen. Robert D. Garton, president pro tempore of the Indiana Senate, said he was feeling good about the direction the races were going. But he remained cautious They got assistance from Gov INDIANA SENATE throughout the evening Tuesday, refusing to make any projections. "I'd like to see more numbers on the boards," he said. After a close race, Sen. John R. Sinks, R-Fort Wayne, defeated Democratic challenger Geoff Paddock in District 16. Sinks, a veteran legislator and head of the Senate Education Committee, had been targeted for defeat by the Indiana State Teachers Association, the state's powerful teachers union. In District 37. Republican Richard D. Bray of Martinsville claimed victory after his race against Democrat Rebecca S. Buse seesawed all evening. Buse, of Terre Haute, conceded defeat early today. In District 50. with 74 percent of the precincts reporting. Server held a 52 percent to 48 percent lead over White. Democratic incumbent Betty Lawson appeared to be holding her lead over challenger Kent Adams, a Republican state representative from Bremen in District 9. With 67 percent of the precincts reporting, Lawson held a 52-48 lead. Another Democratic Incumbent, William Alexa of Valparaiso, had a Evan Bayh, who stumped for sev era! of the candidates during the last tew weeK ot the campaign JCPenney National Bank CDs Officials said Bayh would also contribute funds to some state and local races. But it apparently was not enough. Republicans said. The Democrats got two seats in northwestern Indiana because Lonnie M. Randolph of East Chi cago and Sen. Earllne S. Rogers of oary nad no Republican opposi tion. Unopposed Republicans includ 4.95 Effective Annual Yield 4.84 ed Sen. Marvin D. Rlegsecker of uosnen and Kichard A. Thompson ol North Salem. Annual Rate 'Luke' Kenley topples incumbent Maidenberg Republican wins senate seat in redrawn District 20 20TH DISTRICT I UimcU)a-fiTllfflmmiTnn 4.15 Effective Annual Yield 4.(07 ers' primary interest was the economy, and he was able to capitalize on that. Maidenberg spent considerable effort in Hamilton County, a Republican stronghold, but "It's tough when you're working on a retail basis, one vote at a time." Late in the campaign both candidates began airing television ads in Indianapolis to reach voters in the southern end of the district. Maidenberg virtually eliminated all mention of his party in the ads, hoping to lure Republican voters with references to his willingness to rise above partisan politics. Kenley, a former city court Judge, focused on his ties to the community. By ERIC B. SCHOCH STAR STAFF WRITER - Noblesville grocer Howard A. "Luke" Kenley built on a strong Republican base to take a victory Tuesday over Incumbent Democratic Sen. Anthony C. Maidenberg, reaping the gains from a newly configured District 20. Maidenberg helped break a legislative deadlock In 1991 when he accepted a Republican-drawn district map, allowing both the state budget and redistricting to gain approval in the Indiana General Assembly. But the change left Maidenberg in a more heavily Republican district, one that snakes from Grant County's Marion where he once was mayor south through Howard. Madison and Tipton counties to Hamilton County. With about 96 of the district's 107 precincts reporting, Kenley had 22.673 votes to 17,258 for Maidenberg, according to unofficial reports. Maidenberg led in his home Grant County and in Madison County, but Kenley was strong elsewhere. Kenley stressed that "one of my tasks is going to be to assure people that I will more than adequately represent people throughout the district." Kenley said he thought the vot Annual Rate m aJ tfrj RLE PHOTO Howard A. "Luke" Kenley was helped by redrawn district Voters say appeals court judges can keep their jobs For further information or for rates on deposits of $90,000 or more, call 1-800-JCP-BANK (1-800-527-2265) Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (EST) Interest compounded daily. FDIC insured up to $100,000 per depositor. Minimum deposit requirement $2,500. Institutional savers should call for separate rates and availability. JCPenney National Bank versity School of Law, he first entered law practice in 1951. Chezem, 46, sits on the 4th District panel, which considers appeals from throughout the state. She was appointed by Gov. Robert D. Orr in 1988. Before that, she served as Lawrence Circuit Judge. Sullivan, 60, has served on the 2nd District panel since being elected in 1968. The 2nd District encompasses 19 counties in central Indiana. Previously, he was a Marion Superior Court Judge. appellate court by Gov. Evan Bayh in 1989. He is a member of the three-Judge panel of the court's 1st District, which receives appeals from 53 southern and central Indiana counties. His 16 years of legal experience include 13 as a Judge. He was president of the Indiana Judges Association from 1987 to 1989. Hoffman, 68, was elected to the appeals court in 1968. He is the presiding Judge on the panel in the 3rd District, made up of 20 northern Indiana counties. A graduate of Valparaiso Uni By ANDREA NEAL STAR STAFF WRITER Four Indiana Court of Appeals Judges won the permission of voters Tuesday to stay on the bench for 10 more years. Hoosiers voted to retain John G. Baker of Bloomington, George B. Hoffman Jr. of Hammond, Linda L. Chezem of Bedford and Patrick D. Sullivan of Indianapolis. ' The 15 appeals court Judges must face an approval vote In the first general election that occurs at least two years after their ap- COURT OF APPEALS pointments, and every 10 years thereafter. A majority of the vote is needed to be retained. With about two-thirds of the vote counted, Baker had the approval of 60 percent of the voters, Hoffman 67 percent, Chezem 65 percent and Sullivan 65 percent. State law was changed in the late 1970s to give the governor the power to appoint appellate Judges. Previously they were elected. Baker, 46, was appointed to the Member FDIC Harrington, Delaware 'Assumes principal and interest remain on deposit at the same rate for one year. Rates subject to change. Substantial penalty required for early withdrawal. To pick up an application for JCPenney National Bank CDs, visit the credit and catalog desk at your local JCPenney store ttxiay. Castleton Square Greenwood Park Mall LaFayette Square Washington Square Star & News Classifieds. Spot it quicker in the r it,

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