The Indianapolis Star from ,  on November 4, 1992 · Page 16
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The Indianapolis Star from , · Page 16

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Wednesday, November 4, 1992
Page 16
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THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1992 ' 4 Rushville schools chief edges out Democrat Jones ' sjj"t ' y A-lb ' j i received visible support from former Gov. Robert D. Orr and current State Superintendent of Public Instruction H. Dean Evans, both of whom endorsed her at appearances in 14 cities last week. Despite Jones' union backing, Reed said she believes she had the support of many teachers and educators throughout the state. She doesn't believe she'll have problems working with Bayh, a Democrat, who locked horns over policy with outgoing Republican Superintendent H. Dean Evans. Reed also said her lack of experience In dealing with the legislature will be overcome by her sincerity, honesty and her education credentials. choice between Reed, a former teacher and principal with no political experience, and Jones, a veteran politician and Bayh appointee. ISTA. considered a powerful ally and lobbying force, contributed at least $50,000 to Jones" campaign. He raised more than $250,000 for his campaign, the vast majority of which was used for television advertising. During his campaign, Jones exploited his track record in working with legislators from both parties and the governor to forge statewide education policies. He criticized his opponent's lack of experience in that area. Reed, who is one of 10 female Indiana school superintendents, best for students, and that message came through," said Reed, who has been superintendent of the rural 3,000-student district since 1989. "The people who know me, they know how hard I work and they know how sincere I am." she added. "We were outspent at least 3-1. That's what it had to be. It's that personal contact and the fact that the voters of the state looked at the qualifications," Reed said. Jones, who spent 16 years In the House of Representatives until he was defeated in 1990, was not available for comment. Since then, he has served as an education advisor to Bayh since 1989. The race gave voters a distinct SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT with 28,758 votes (2 percent). Jones, buoyed by support from the powerful Indiana State Teachers Association, the Indiana Federation of Teachers and Gov. Evan Bayh, still failed in his bid for the post. A former legislator, Jones ran a formidable campaign with television ads in most major television markets throughout the state. But Reed said she won by waging a person-to-person campaign that appealed to voters who thought her education qualifications were the best. "I think it's the qualifications the educator versus the politician. My bottom line is what (Is) By BARB ALBERT " "... . STAR STAFF WRITER " ,' ' ' ' Longtime educator Snellen K. Reed, who lacked the support of the state teachers unions, pulled out a victory , over Stanley G. Jones for the state's top education position. , ' v ' The Associated Press declared the 47-year-old superintendent of Rushville Consolidated Schools the winner of the race for superintendent of public instruction. , With 83 percent, of f the state's precincts counted,' she had 891.462 votes; or 52 percent, compared to Jones; '780.801 (46 percent). New Alliance Party candidate Charles "Tony" Knight of Indianapolis was a distant third Demos to mcrease House majority INDIANA HOUSE RACE RESULTS 14 10 8 76 5 is r 5orrH80 H i L. A 82! 79I ; 28J q -? 35ri 33 ; GOP pulling for upset in Marion County By WILLIAM J. BOOHERA j .' STAR STAFF WRITER , i ftYf- ' Democrats early "today .felt they had solidified their control of the Indiana House of Representatives by as many as three seats from the current 52, but they're getting an unexpected 'challenge In a supposedly secure district fti Marion County. ; ' Republicans were optimistic that when all votes had been counted by early today fn a handful of tightly contested races, they may win 47 seats, one" fewer than their current 48, 'but more than "the 43 or 44 they had2 anticipated jcapturing. v .. ' 1 : INDIANA HOUSE One upbeat sign for Republicans was Nick Gulling of Greenfield, a former two-term Hancock County sheriff, beating Democratic Incumbent Sarah Margaret Wolf of Greenfield in House District 53. And Republican Dean A. Young of Hartford City-defeated Democratic incumbent M, Tracy Boat-wright of Marion in District 31.. Republican nominees Frederick W. Wenger and Bruce N. Munson 'surprised their competitors In two normally Democratic districts in Muncie. In unofficial returns, Wenger was narrowly ahead of Democrat Billy R. LinviUe in District 34. and Munson was edging out Democratic Incumbent Patricia Eddy in District 35. Both races were so .close that "recounts are expected.;, TT Also, two longtime Republican districts remained a tossup early today. The incumbent in each district did not seek re-election. -. They are District 52, in which Lester E. Alligood of Rome City was trying to fend off a challenge from Democrat W. Dale Sturtz of LaGrange and District 65. In which Republican Ralph E. Anderson of Bedford, was In a heated race with Democrat Linda Kay Henderson of Bedford. - . ' In Marion County, former City-County Councilman j Paul F. Cantwell faced a spirited challenge from real estate broker Irene Heffley, a Republican competing In what was expected to be a safe Democratic House District 97. UlWith all 54 precincts counted. The Indianapolis Star's Computerized Election' Bureau .totaled 6.818 votes for Cantwell to 6,600 for Heffley.. a race that remained unconceded Tuesday night pending the counting bf absentee' baU lots. . . , ' If Cantwell's unofficial narrow win holds up, Marion" County will send six Democrats to the House, compared to nine Republicans,; , - It would be the first time in more than a decade that Marion County would be represented by more than three Democrats., Under the 1991 districting, the five three-member districts were recrafted. intp 15 single-member districts,, nine;'' designed as heavily Republican and six as favoring Democratic "candidates. U As expected, t House ' Minority Indiana House districts J N Detail of Indianapolis metropolitan area DISTRICT 24 28 of 55 Precincts John R. Davis (D) 6,834 Ralph R. Anderson (R) 5,985 DISTRICT 25 64 of 66 Precincts (I) Claire Leuck(D) 15,008 Ralph Stroup(R) 6,923 DISTRICT 28 26 of 34 Precincts Sharon Wood (D) 5,246 (l)SueW.Scholer(R) 7,739 DISTRICT 27 35 of 43 Precincts (I) Sheila Klinker(D) 10,571 Unda Phillips (R) 7,508 DISTRICT 28 (I) James L. Davia (R) uncontested DISTRICT 29 Kathy Kreag Richardson (R) uncontested DISTRICT 30 20 of 42 Precincts (I) Earle Howard (D) 7,070 JonPadfield(L) 1,455 DISTRICT 31 42 of 45 Precincts (l)M.TracyBoatwright(D) 8,876 Dean A. Young (R) 9,917 DISTRICT 32 25 of 51 Precincts (I) Richard "Pete" Beck (D) 7,002 Thomas Jackson (R) 4,766 DISTRICT 33 50 of 54 Precincts Ronald D.Uggett(D) 11,023 Gregory R. Beumer(R) 9,986 DISTRICT 34 26 of 44 Precincts Billy R. Unvilte (D) 6,581 Frederick W. Wenger (R) 6,631 DISTRICT 35 29 of 46 Precincts (I) Patricia Eddy (D) 6,807 Bruce N. Munson (R) 7,124 DISTRICT 36 25 of 56 Precincts SkipJ.Waymire(D) 7,969 (l)LJackLutz(R) 9,515 Doug Tupllng (In) 770 ion County Robert W. Behning in District 91 and David N. Frizzell in District 93. Democrats from Marion County re-elected to House seats were William A. Crawford In District 98, Vanessa Summers Barnes in District 99 and John J. Day in District 100. They were Joined in election victories by Democratic newcomers Mae Dickinson in Dis -rW5S5 - 1 2 FILE PHOTO Suellen K. Reed was a first-time political candidate. DISTRICT 78 29 of 53 Precincts Leroy D. Mentzel (D) 3.545 (I) Vaneta G. Becker (R) 7.762 DISTRICT 79 48 of 50 Precincts Bobby Heller (D) 8,282 (I) Barbara L Engle (R) 11,490 DISTRICT 60 46 of 47 Precincts (i)BenGiaQuinta(D) 8,620 John Becker (R) 6,660 DISTRICT 81 49 of 51 Precincts WinfieldC. Moses Jr. (D) 10,428 Donald L Edgar (R) 6,339 DISTRICT 82 (I) Jeffrey K. Esplch (R) uncontested DISTRICT 83 (I) Robert K. Alderman (R) unconteatad DISTRICT 84 (I) Gloria J. Qoeglein (R) uncontested DISTRICT B5 (I) Phyllis J. Pond (R) uncontested DISTRICT 86 v 69 of 69 Precincts Heidi L Moegerie (D) 9,358 (l)JohnS.Keeler(R).... 17,516 DISTRICT 87 79 of 79 Precincts ' 1 Jeffrey Ryan (D) 7,156 (l)PaulS.Mannweiler(R) 20,399 DISTRICT 88 69 of 69 Precincts Thomas G. Bums (D) 7,643 (I) Brian C. Bosma (R) 16,715 DISTRICT 89 , 68 of 68 Precincts James Fuller (D) 8,222 (l)JackLCottey(R) 12,767 DISTRICT 90 v 63 of 63 Precincts Harold C. Wages Jr. (D) 6,943 (I) George E. Schmid (R) 15,258 DISTRICT 91 ' 43 of 52 Precincts James Johnson (D) 5,416 Robert W.Behning(R) 8,542 DISTRICT 92 65 of 65 Precincts Steven W. Jacobson (D) 7,707 (I) R. Michael Young (R) .. 11,411 DISTRICT 93 59 of 59 Precincts 'r Forest Handlon Jr. (D) 7,306 David Nason Frizzed (R) 14,274 DISTRICT 94 64 of 64 Precincts David Bromm (D) 8,924 0) Joyce Brinkman (R) .. 11,705 DISTRICT 95 52 of 52 Precincts Mae Dickinson (D) . 9,852 Jay Lynn (R) 5,064 DISTRICT 96 62 of 62 Precincts Gregory W.Porter (D) 13,409 James R.BIankenbaker(R) 5,925 DISTRICT 97 54 of 54 Precincts PaulF.Cantwel(D) 6,818 Irene M. Heffley (R) 6,600 DISTRICT 98 55 of 55 Precincts (I) William A. Crawford (D) 11,303 Britt Ursery (R) 4,061 DISTRICT 99 60 of 60 Precincts ' (I) Vanessa Summers Barnes (D) .......... 12,717 Manuel LHalbert(R) 3,857 DISTRICT 100 55 of 55 Precincts (I) John J. Day (D) 7,789 Kenneth C. Nelms(R) 5,364 ing David Hoover. While many races remained unresolved by late Tuesday, 14 Republicans and 14 Democrats were assured of seats in the House. They had no opponents. Also, the House was assured of at least 18 newcomers because that many districts had no incumbent. . s Gel"'0 expect Here are the unofficial results of races for the Indiana House of Representatives. Key: Winners are in bold-face type. (D) denotes Democrat. (R) denotes Republican. (In) denotes Independent. (I) denotes incumbent. NA means vote total not available. DISTRICT 1 62 of 62 Precincts RonTabaczynski(D) 10,585 William A. Mill (R) 6588 DISTRICT 2 (I) Earl L. Harris (D) uncontested DISTRICT 3 62 of 69 Precincts (I) Charlie Brown (D) 16,269 CarlG.Konefsky(R) 2,040 DISTRICT 4 (I) Ralph D. Ayres (R) uncontested DISTRICTS 37 of 46 Precincts (I) Craig R. Fry (D) 9,283 R.NealStanfield(R) 6,315 DISTRICTS 54 of 61 Precincts (I) B. Patrick Bauer (D) 12,556 William A. Soderberg(R) 6,333 DISTRICT 7 68 of 68 Precincts (I) Thomas S. Kromkowski (D) 13,850 Margaret A. Wickizer(R) 6,415 DISTRICT 8 47 of 59 Precincts (I) Michael A. Dvorak (D) 13,953 Rose Gordon (R) 9,139 DISTRICT 9 15 of 32 Precincts (l)ThomasJ.AIevizos(D) 4,060 Mary L Lombard (R) 3,831 DISTRICT 10 46 of 48 Precincts (I) Esther Wilson (D) 5,493 Nancy M. Kickbush (R) 4,908 DISTRICT 11 30 of 63 Precincts (l)JohnS.Matonovich(D) 1,379 EliKatich(R) 1,502 DISTRICT 12 (I) Jesse M. Villalpando (D) uncontested DISTRICT 13 50 of 58 Precincts (I) Chester F. Dobis (D) 12,128 Eric H. Allen (R) 7,516 DISTRICT 14 (I) Vernon O. Smith (D) uncontested DISTRICT 15 40 of 55 Precincts Charles Savage (D) 4,459 (I) Timothy Fesko (R) 7,188 DISTRICT 16 41 of 59 Precincts Scott N. Paul (D) 7,342 (I) Walter Roorda (R) 8,657 DISTRICT 17 36 of 45 Precincts (I) Gary L Cook (D) 9,073 Everett D. Colvin (R) 5,116 DISTRICT (I) David Wolkins (R) uncontested DISTRICT 19 37 of 47 Precincts Ralph Schroeter(D) 6,652 (l)JamesC.Conlon(R) 9,345 DISTRICT 20 28 of 47 Precincts Ira Mills (D) 7,079 (l)MaryK.Budak(R) 9,220 DISTRICT 21 (I) Richard W. Mangus (R) uncontested DISTRICT 22 William J. "BUI" Ruppel (R) uncontested DISTRICT 23 17 of 46 Precincts Howard Shropshire (D) 2,424 William C. Friend (R) 5,466 Leader Paul S. Mannweiler handily won re-election in District 87 In Marion County as did six other county GOP incumbents, John S. Keeler in District 86, Brian C. Bosma in District 88, Jack L. Cot-tey in District 89, George E. Schmid in District 90, R. Michael Young in District 92 and Joyce Brinkman in District 94. They were joined In election victories by GOP newcomers In Mar 53RD DISTRICT 11,801 in unofficial returns. Wolf said that while she controlled the Rush County portion of the legislative district, the margin was not big enough to offset Gull-ing's strength in Hancock County. She blamed her defeat on negative campaigning by Gulling. "Some of the stuff that came In the mail was just lies," she said. Gulling said voting was "heavier than I have ever seen it. Some places (were) running short of ballots, and that's unheard of." The candidates spent thou- the DISTRICT 51 46 of 47 Precincts Janet LGoen(D) 10,716 (I) Dennis K. Kruse (R) 11.275 DISTRICT 52 32 of 37 Precincts W. Dale Sturtz (D) 6,957 Lester E. "Lbs" Alligood (R) 6,645 DISTRICT 53 50 of 50 Precincts (I) Sarah M. Wolf (D) 11,801 Nick QuHng (R) .. 12,560 DISTRICT 54 52 of 55 Precincts (I) Douglas M. Kinser (D) 13,146 Nathan S. "Nate" UMar III (R) 7,757 DISTRICT 55 33 of 59 Precincts David L Nicholson (D) 3,886 (I) Stephen A. Robbins (R) 6,951 DISTRICT 56 (I) Richard W. Bodtker Sr. (D) uncontested DISTRICT 57 (I) Jeffrey M. Under (R) uncontested DISTRICT 58 (I) Woody Burton (R) uncontested DISTRICT 59 51 of 51 Precincts (I) Bob Hayes (D) 13,002 A.JackHeaton(R) 11,598 DISTRICT 60 (I) Jarry F. Balea (R) uncontested DISTRICT 61 (I) Mark Kruzan (D) uncontested DISTRICT 62 30 of 62 Precincts (l)JerryLDenbo(D) 7,014 Douglas R. Martin (R) 2,963 DISTRICT 63 (I) Donald E. Hume (D) uncontested DISTRICT 64 41 of 60 Precincts (I) Richard L McConnell (D) 9,001 Robert D.Krieg(R) 6,649 DISTRICT 65 32 of 52 Precincts Unda K. Henderson (D) 6,527 Ralph E. Anderson (R) 5,975 DISTRICT 66 46 of 47 Precincts (I) William W. Bailey (D) 11,320 Dlanne J. Cartmel (R) 8,967 DISTRICT 67 44 of 58 Precincts (I) Edward Goble(D) 8,948 Yvonne M. Gels (R) 8,475 DISTRICT 68 (I) Robert J. Blschoff (D) uncontested DISTRICT 69 39 of 50 Precincts Markt L Lytle (D) 9,463 Barbara A. Cooke (R) 8,580 DISTRICT 70 (I) Paul J. Robertson (D) unconteatad DISTRICT 71 (I) James L. Bottorff (D) uncontested DISTRICT 72 6 of 49 Precincts (I) William C. Cochran (D) 1,357 Harry C. Anson (R) 680 DISTRICT 73 (I) Dennis H. Heaka (D) unconteatad DISTRICT 74 (I) Michael K. Phillips (D) uncontested DISTRICT 75 58 of 61 Precincts (I) Dennis T. Avery (D) 7,307 Robert R. Reisz (R) 3,109 DISTRICT 76 51 of 65 Precincts (l)LarryLutz(D) 18,023 Raymond G. Andrews (R) 4,801 DISTRICT 77 55 of 64 Precincts (I) J. Jeff Hays (D) 7,344 Byron D. Warren (R) 6,145 However, former Columbia City Mayor Joseph R. Zickgraf. was defeated by Republican Incumbent Dan Stephan of Huntington in District 50. Also, Democrats were looking to pick up another longtime Republican seat, with Democrat Ronald David Liggett ahead of Republican Gregory R. Beumer in District 33, which had been held by the retir rB' 1 .ire and get tne - . f-aa STAR STAFF GRAPHIC DISTRICT 37 21 of 49 Precincts (I) Rolland Webber (D) 7,822 DaleHersberger(R) 5,870 DISTRICT 38 49 of 60 Precincts Richard L Schenck (D) 5,969 (l)BradBayliff(R) 12,943 DISTRICT 39 Katharine Willing (R) uncontested DISTRICT 40 22 of 49 Precincts Carl P. Baming Jr. (D) 2,582 (l)SamTurpin(R) 5,188 DISTRICT 41 45 of 48 Precincts Donna J. McClure(D) 9,122 (I) Dan L Pool (R) 12,148 DISTRICT 42 (I) F. Dal Qrubb (D) uncontested DISTRICT 43 52 of 56 Precincts (I) R. Jerome Keams (D) 9,610 Mark May (R) 7,668 DISTRICT 44 49 of 51 Precincts (I) Susan Crosby (D) 12,033 Sharon Koehler(R) 8,607 DISTRICT 45 (I) John R. Gregg (D) uncontested DISTRICT 46 (I) Vern Tlnchar (D) uncontested DISTRICT 47 40 of 47 Precincts Jeffrey D. Marx (D) 5,503 Ralph M. Foley (R) 12,313 DISTRICT 48 18 of 39 Precincts Doloris C. Cogan (D) 4,088 (I) Dean R. Mock (R) 6,218 DISTRICT 49 12 of 35 Precincts Joseph C. Lehman (D) 3,742 (I) Philip T. Warner (R) 1,385 DISTRICT SO 54 of 54 Precincts Joseph R.Zickgraf(D) 8,609 (I) Dan R. Stephen (R) 14,594 trict 95, Gregory W. Porter in District 96 and Cantwell in District 97, according to unofficial returns. Three of four former Democratic mayors in unofficial returns won House seats. They are John R. Davis of Lo-gansport In District 24, Markt Lytle of Madison In District 69 and Winfleld C. Moses Jr. of Fort Wayne in District 81. attorney, won the seat two years ago from Ray Richardson, who had been the district's representative for 24 years. She said she had "tried to represent everybody regardless of party" and had worked very hard to hold her constituency. During the past two years, she had conducted more than 25 town hall meetings, where she listened to citizens' problems and complaints. Gulling, 51, said Wolf received a lot of Republican votes when she won two years ago. Ex-sHenff pulls upset over ".- . t- ' i - JL incumbent Democrat By ROBERT N. BELL ft STAR STAFF WRITER I VX' ' '-' T Former Hancock.Cbunty. Sheriff Nfck Gulling iipser,' incumbent Democrat Sarah Wolf tn House District' 53 Tuesday night. With all 50 precincts reporting. Gulling, a Republican who had served two Gulling terms as sher- iff, received 12,360 votes to Wolfs sands of dollars on their campaigns, much of it In radio advertising. Gulling said his campaign will have spent more than $30,000. But, he said, his opponent probably will have outspent him by $30,000. Gulling counted on the fact that district is 64 percent Republican. He said he knocked on thousands of doors in Hancock and Rush counties since early summer. Wolf, a 40-year-old Greenfield (

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