The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1940
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 2, 10-10 Among Perils Of An Explorer's Life COUNTER OTIWS Aclivilies Of New Rules Committee Highii % h t s Year's Reports UTTU: flOCK, Ark., May 2 <UP)— Members of the legal profession will have a feeling of victory when they assemble in Hut Springs for Ihe annual convention of ths> Atkansns liar Association May :!--! and look back upon the positive results obtained in (He liist year or the "house denning" piograrn for which the association fought for so many years. The new Bar Rules Committee, created by the Slate Supreme 1 Court to carry out a constitutional amendment sponsored by the association, has lost no lime in go- ins about, its job of cleansing the profession of its unethical members. One attorney has been disbarred, another 1ms been found guilty ol unprofessional conduct, with sentence pi-tiding, and 20 formal complaints are under consideration by the tinr Rules Committee, which has the authority to prosecute in ttio courts whenever it, is deemed necessary. Several attorneys have been brought before the bench in federal courts for- unprofessional conduct in what may be considered tile' indirect result of activities of the new committee. "These figures tell only part of the story of the committee's work." said Secretary J. Mitchell Cockrill. "There's no way of showing' in black and while tlie number of attorneys who have set their own houses in order and stopped questionable practices because the Bar Rules Committee has made it clear > such practices will not be tolci-at- Thc movement for an Integrated bar iti Arkansas was started several years ago by a group of Ihe slate's leading barristers, who saw that if they did not take steps toward self-regulation, ail the members of ibe profession would suffer from the wrong-doing of n few. They met with all the obstacles that customarily block the paths ol reform groups. Legislators, either fearful of losing votes, or suspicious of some ulterior motive, refused to pass laws lhat would give the bar the necessary authority . to regulate its members. Hut the attorneys did not give up and finally, by .carrying the issue directly to Ihe people through n referendum, obtained what they sought. ,,,.., , E , , Back in" 1935 the Arkansas Bar Association nt its nmiitl convention named a committee to draft an integrated bar bill and at the 1931! convention Ihe association approved the draft of the proposed measure, voting to sponsor it in the 1937 legislature. The legislature turned thumbs down on (he measure. So Hie bar, at its meeting the following year, decided lo put the matter squarely up lo the voters in the 1939 general election in the form of an amendment to the slate coiislilu- tlon. Attorneys personally circulated petitions to obtain enough signatures lo place an amendment on , Ihe ballot. They went before civic groups and clubs of all kinds to explain the measure and urge people lo give li their approval. And when the election returns were in it was found that Ihe Manila's Woman Marhcr And KJII-IHT Husband Work, Play her MANILA. All;.. May '.!,. Mnmln Is (lie only [o\vn In Northeast Arto reports, boast- Sui-1-ouinl.-.l by admirers, Admiral Hk-linrd Bynl, head of the liyrO Antriietic Kxpedllion is pictured -,t Santiago, Chile, where he recently slopped oil on Ills way tack 10 the u. s The occasion w-m -, Inli given in 1,1s honor by U. H. Ambassador Claude Bower* ,m,l atlendrd by President Auirre'nnd the Chilean cabinet. amendment—No. 28—had received n mnjorily of 27,:i58 voles. The amendment, is the shortest, ever adopted in Arkansas. H merely says: "The Supreme Court shall make rules regulating the praclice of law and professional conduct, of ultorncy.s-al-luw." Had the amendment never been passed, the stale's high tribunal, if it hat! so desired, could have made these rules. Tiie .supreme court justices, however, fulled to assume this authority until they were directed Ki clci so by tlie definite mandate from the people. On April 23, 1939, the cowl adopted the cannons of ethics ol (lie American Bar Association as the standard of professional conduct of attorneys and provided for disciplining any attorneys who violated these cannons. H set up Ihe Bar fiiile.s Com- miltee and gave it authority to prosecute offenders through the courts; it assessed a fee of one dollar per year on all attorneys to pay (he committee's expenses; and it provided thai attorneys who refused lo pay the fee should be denied (lie right to practice in state courts. The 13ar Rules Committee is composed of one member from each of the slate's congressional districts. The present committee includes Ernest. Neill, Batesville. chairman;- Cockrill, secretary; Charles D. Frlersnn, Jonesboro; A. L>. Smith, Siloam Springs; John I'. Woods, Foil Smith; A. J. Johnson Star City; and O. A. Graves. Hope, omcials emphasize Hint the com-i mitlee is not a part or the bar) association but, is considered an "arm" or the Supreme Court. ConipJninls or charges against, attorneys may be liled in affidavit form with any member of the committee, which holds regular meetings in Die Supreme Court chambers. As its first, step llic committee considers these complaints .\nd decides whether they are worthy oi investigation. Secretary Cockrill said some of the complaints received were unreasonable and others Involved only minor matters not involvl:i;; the question of unprofessional conduct. These arc tiled away without further action by Ihe committee. lint when a complaint appears to be justified, a copy of the evidence is sent by registered mtiil lo the person chRrged and he Is Instructed to attend a hearing- before the committee at which the complaining witness also is present. It Hie committee at -this hearing (Hills Ihe charges againsL the attorney should be prosecuted, it lias authority lo Institute disbarment, proi-cedliigs in cither circuit or chancery courts. Every effort is made to protect attorneys from injustices in the { mailer of complaints. The com-' Hilltre proceedings arc kept nb- solutely secret mull charges nre filed In court. The liar Rules Gom- miilec secretary recalled ouc case in which n complaint, vi-ns filed against a prominent attorney ami when Ihe committee met lo lake up (he case it was found llml Ihe complainant. \ras a patient, in th e insane asylum. The regulatory committee plans to steadily broaden its activities lo rentier more service to the profession. "Of course we. will always have a few shysters with us, as Is iruc of every other profession, but the new program will go n long vvny toward protecting the people froiii legal racketeers," Cockrill declared. ft has been estimated Hint approximately one-linlf of the fishermen of the world are Japanese. ku-'.siis. In.if u minimi |,,,,IKT and mini biubei-. Mrs. c;l:idy-, A .lolllfli- not only is „ ^d burlier but sin- knows huw to lake erne ol bees, lioiv l» r; ( | M . |, OK s imifltubly. und Ihe best methods l» i:n>»- sweet pohtoe.s, pepper ami tomato plunt.s Mrs. Jollif!,. learned lhn<- !«•- compll-iliiiu-nts in Die p»M lew years, while working wlih her husband. Alvn Julliff,., uarber tor the jmsl ;i8 yi-iu-.-, in ilii- until ol Manila Mr. anil Mr,,. ,| O l|Ji[,. wi-iv mar- rle<l five yeur.s ; ,|;o ; ,,,,| Mll , |11( .. fm-ed liclpli,.,, her ruttici llian n'i.-.'--.!;i ; ,t iiomr At that ((mi- Mr, .lollllie hat) been combining barber work w ii (l ,|, ul 0 , |.,,,, |mi( , bei'.s and u i TO hogs. M,s. .lollllle mih-Uy li-Him-d how best lo ipik-t the bi'es and keep them from leuv- l:ig their hives. Hhe learned how to lixlraci tin. honey Inim the, Ijtvi'-, Willie Die Ijci-.s liiumiu-d around her constantly, she mul hi-r Im.-i- btiiul wen- stilly very lev: limes In lilts woik. KnHy t-very year they prepmed "beds" fin potato plants, pepper plants and tomato plants mu| this project, too, IMIUIM oui to be very profitable. Anil their plmus were I generally Hie firsi on the loon) rmn- THERE Ho .flii.. "bomnvcil" ,1 puij. „]• ],| S scissor), und a i-uiiib ia >j ,1 ,, . ket. Thi-y also bi-Kiin raisins and they had success In this work, too. laslug very few pigs. In the few spnre mlmiles Icfl in thu lute ullci'iiaan und early morning Mrs. Jolllfti- wenl u slep lin- tlicr in bciiit; a helpmate to her bmbei husbund. .She decided thul CALIENTE CORDS! PRESCRIPTIONS I'YosliesI Slrit-k Cuaranlectl Besl I'rices Krrby Drug Stores TWO THREAD 59 lip lo 7!lc Elsewhere Tilts flawless Iwo thread 45 gauge full fashioned hose has j been a scnsntlon. Another ,? shipment has just arrived. Remember no "seconds." All m AMAZING LOW PRICE! Save on brand new sports and dressy slyles in famous quality col- tons! Copied from royon dresses ...slyllsh enough for church! Dark sheers I tight prints! Checks, dots, slripes, cool-looking florals! All tubfost! Siies 12-20; 38-44; 46-52. SAVE! I. 8 VALUES 4 days only I IS9 Crown lesled spun rayons, dainty sheers, and sporls cottons! New sporls and dressy slyles! Tubfasll Sizes range from 12 lo 20; 38to 44. "lioul tlie Miceh, ,i| MuniUi. .She wii-iii'l alltnvcd bi'eaiise ul u |i,^ H | riillnx lo cluiiiii- in; ilil-. '.vork bin Irani inori- and mure aijoui cniiliin hull, l-i lime .-.he ' unidimted" Iron! grown men ,,m] : ,\ (( . rt m Wlls)) -| iillnwed lu chain- bill Ihe riiM inun she sinned t -iui- her n Mimll Itnlli- mill Inkl her ini.vh.-iiid; "I inn tin- HIM nm;, >1( ,j,. 1V ||,. ever -.Imvnl und, 11 you it-mi-iulii-r the HIM ,-.lii,vc | ever mil In my Jll«' you ijuvi- It | u me, llm | ,\ M W;ls more tlu.n :JD yenr.s lino." Mrs. Julllllt- now hus u Ik-ensi- from the sum- iiermliiinjj |ier lu pin.sne the dcnipitlUni nl timber mid, according to Mi. ,jn|)|]|i-, .she nm "hiiiir u in/in Jusl as uiidd us liny uiiiii in town.' 1 .Hlu- hi-eps he,mm KKils in pi-rfi-i-l coiuilllijii mut luis never hnil IKII- rtimplujnl I,, t(u- lour yi-ars ,-ilu- has bei-n bi-lilm] Ihi- chilli, i-ven lioin Die must I'xarllns wiiiiiiui iMisUimer, m-r specliiHv m>w. MLS. Jollllh- MIV\, ' h j.hnvint' I can eul nnybody.s 'hair. man. woman or child, but l hiui niiher .s'hnve." Wliai hiis bmime «[ Hie other (jraipnlloiis this rauiilc indulged In while she wns leiunlni- buiin-r work lu her spure lime? Mr. and Mrs, Jollllli! liolh now ciiniiol nf- liini to leiu-i- their elinlr. They say Hint while Ihere Is money 'to lie Hindi.. In hoijs, lines und venelnblc plniils, (lip spnrc lime work dc-1 velopixl Inlo a paying occupation. I Throe hiirliers work In Ihe While Way Iwrber .-shop and all urc named Jollfllc, .Mr. .lollldc's fl on by u former iiian-iiine works Ihcre wllh Ihem uiirl u i, ()lu , f| mo hls „„„,,. Mill, I.DW In Del roll, worked here rs .'i barlx-r loo. MIS. .lolllffc l;iiixiihii(ly rciintrks, "The Iwrbei put Die IJIMII- Ulul lice business out ur busin'-iu " And sin- seriously sllld, "My Ims- biind mul I dtv bmldle.s. Success In miirrlvd Ille IMI'! ti .wej'el. It's Just Onei-, not :;<> many monihs :ino. Ml. .lullillc Iiei'iiiiie very 111 and was iorml ui iiiKlergo two operations. Alter he wus permitted lo Icm-i- ili,- hivptlrtl iitti'iullni: pliy.slflans told lilm It \viis ne;'e.v,:iry for lilm In l<il:i> :t Id u; rest, (OIRI-I wciirlej: ol any i.mlmr. Unrlii,; his Illness !«- hud ID have llu- I'unslaiil iillentiim "I a nui'M- ami ||,e |<u 1|( period ol <•<> ii'iili-st-lna. iti-inuiiillnsj a liitlm-d IIIII.M-, would hiivi- been very expensive, lie liii-keii (hi; necessary fund. 1 , for such an expense Imt uiicii aualn his wife ciimc to his alii and laying dow:i JK-I- bnrbi'r look tor n few' '.vi'ek.s she li'iinu-d Ule rmllmi-nls ul nursing, Hlu- .vtnynd' wllh hln'i ilmliiU Hie criili-iil [ii-rlod ol his Illness nnd when Ihcidoclors askeil tlwl lie take a much needed rest she wiu llic niir.w Hint accompanied him. "Just buddies," she says. "That's nil v.c are. Just buddies." Tho female oyslcr Is said lo )io fallcr (haii the male. 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