Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Sea Power Still ! Is England's Acei _ ' Three Times It has Pulled! Empire Out of Des- | perate Hole j Wednesday, ^oplomhcr 27, 1 •):'!' War Makes Shambles of Home, Sweet Home WASHINGTON - The present evi- j deuce that Russia may be toying with the idea of playing powor politics: could bring on another of those j grandly dramatic situations wherein little old England takes on the whole continent of Europe and with the use ol her diplomacy and sea power licks it back into shape A alance at a single day's head- I lines discloses that England and France j are extremely hard pressed. Russia' j plunge into Poland indicates that Sta- i Jin is looking for e;isy gains and might j find them in other direction.-, notably ; southward of the Caspian where the i rich Persian cil fields are situated. He > might like to move in with Germany ; into the Baltic. Rumania probably; would go first. She has considerable oil, which Germany and Russia would j need desperately in event of a pro- ! longed war with England and France. ! It is possible their combined in-1 fluence might swing all of the Balkan ! territory over to Their .side in spite' of British efforts to save some sup- ' port there. It might bring inTurkey. Already Turkish papers in inspired articles have emphasized that Russia is Turkey's ve.-y dear friend. That statement comes in spiie ofp Turkey's ; agreements to side with Britain and France. luch a situation would leave England and France desperately straitened. To defense against German attack would be added the nece&sily of protecting Persian oil from Russian = hordes, and perhaps even by the need of protecting India from a communist invasion. Remember Hie Armada? waul. But with all this, and perhaps even ' llu ' D'fitM'em'e Italy against them, it would not net- *-n S land s pn-sont desperate s.tua- essarily mean the end of France and """ '" '-'''Heroin from hc>r previous England. The tremendous force of Bri-: Crisis ^ m two wa>s. Never be loutish sea power has three times pulled > " sf ^ h; ' d u l "" 1 ' I: - llm -" c w »f" England out o£ similar straits. Germany w s „., overwhelming,!:. During Queen Elizabeth's reisn. I-'^' 1 " 1 >» Napeleou's time there was Philip of Spain was the dominant "° uel ' ma ">' '" '''-^sequence. And European power. He controlled the "™»- t'^' '•- 'I'"- 1 unknown i..et,.r of low countries. Belgium and Holland. an i'"-'" 1 ' 1 '- , and set out with his fleet to take !l1 a::i'.e ' uf ihe twpt-'doj.-ii: .,f thv over England. Everybody knows wh;U British plar.e-carriev Couraueous. mill- happened to the Spanish Armada in' ta '- v people iieie believe the -uh- 158S. What pan of it the wily British marine has bv.e;-. licked. Many Bn- sea fighters did not sink the accom- l ' srl '"M* : ''' Vt -' '"-'en .-unk. it is n ue. panying storms did. hut ll!1 "'" lhem h: ' ve bl - vn i--"l.,te-l Louis XIV. a hundred vears later • Mllps ' V ' 1U " )U! "'nvoy. Since the eon- was dominant in Europe, but England , ™ y ^• vst> - 1 " 1 ^established do/en, of with her fleet and strung allied pow- , '''., l^' f, Det -' n Conducted irom ers in turn bsat him back to size. ' ^'? "^ '". l "-.- k ' n:i wmvmt U,-s 0 | Little more than a hundred years " '""''• p "''- !n '''-y v.oir..-. later Napoleon was master of Euroue. ^ u! ;i:r power is another :h:ri:. England fished around diplomatically : ^''''' '"- ["'event the choking of Europe for a dozen years dosparately seeking which £'ii°;;uid lia--, bee;i abk- in i:u- allies to help down him. Only very > >u ^ in 'imc-s: pas;'.' If the. British tentative aid came aion:; ur.til A-'liniral ' "cet survives air attack. Germ-my is Lord Nelson, at the sea battle of ' : ''-'" : "-'' •' '•"'• of htmijor — n.,t fo; 101,d. v.li:-.-h, eastern Europe might Polish ;ind Gn'i.-h .'"tool's who rtn.-.-'.i'-ci on ;!;;ruin.- ol ..>.-orki:i.j c!,i-> .-/v/cllina ir, U',i •.,!-•. ;. tl-ii.^ic. 'Ju> is nno(!:t'i *)it>! by K: ic C';.;r!.,; - N !•. Cf.'vciTunent tin his L-xi'ellem sriot ::!i'> i.v.'ti to New Yoi-U identified it as ..,,„ .,n ,.,1 V I'leturcsquc. but '.>i,r was (.lei'otated by Polish • !.• i»i ino e.islcrn Irotit. Trijfa, ,,r, (Jes!."oyL'(i Napt.lecn'.s fleet Waterloo followed not too loim aftr-r- Saturday; September 3O, to Be Deadline For Paying Poll Tax Vols, Fort Worth To Resume Series Third CJame Will Be Played Wednesday Night ' at Nayhvi'llo ( NASHVU,LK. TCIHI.--I/T-I-A no.s.v i welci'me awaits Ihe" arrival Wednes| day of a special train from Fort Worth. Texas, carryint,' the Nashville and fort Worth haseUall teams and a host of : Texas fans, I The two eluhs. winners of the Soiilli- | rm Axsoeialion and Texa.s LeaHtio | the third name of the Dixie Series. ! play-offs, meet Wednesday niyhl in! I Kaeh club has won a i;ame in the , classic tliat opened Sunday in l''orl i Worth. i Larry Gilbert probably will send (icoixe Jel'feoal ,.r Alike Mat tynik , j after a victory, while Kred (Kirpoi MarlieriN is Ihe likelv choice for Fort Worlh. j^Jefleoal, ;, n.i;ht-hander. will face a ! 'IVxa.-; (cam thai has only two regulars i who hit from (he left side of the plate. ! Observers Ivlieve Nashville pitchers ;will have an advantage over Panther hiirlors i,, that they are accustomed to Ihe small park. j Blows that were easy outs in the firs) j two Kames i,, p'ort Worth's park could j Jia.sily have been homers in the small 1 : V.,1 park. Fort Worth, regarded a.s a' ! »-eak hiding ,-lnb in (he Texas Lea-! 1 KUe, rattled M has,- hits off Vol'mounds ^ I men in tile first two scries c.ames, : Hay .Starr, peddled by the Vol.s e;iriv. i in the season and now an ace ol (he t'at mound slaf. is e.xpected to face j '<lay m«ht. He beat Naslivill.; Sunday I \Vln horse- are stil found in part- ' '! ill:.- I'mted States, mending Arizona, ' Colorado. Idaho. Nevada. N<-w Miyxico i mil Oregon. ! - ror me nrsl time i-n iis d x-ns of foulball history Till.' I'nllin.vilio- ; -i;;l rinrill Dl! paymril! c|' pull ta.X'i'S : ''' M ' lill ;' | " 1 will be oulfittrd with ivnilc rt'l«'a.-H'(l .jiiiniiy liy Atlnnu'V (icncnil Jack [loll anil Auditor -J. i >s(.\i;• 1 Juni,:)))'! 1 ) is, so !'ar as tlu' la\\' i.s con- i.'oriU'il, an i.'i't'icial opinion by tlu> attonioy .u'cncral's ot'- i ice. 'I' 1 '!!. 1 HI-W law fixi's liv,' ilt-ailliiii 1 i'or payiiH'iil of poll taxes Oel"lh-t' 1. but since this falls on Sunday this year the acliia! tleaiiline v.'ill in- Saturday ni^ht, Sepleinbei- .">(i. The fn'Ticial slaU'ineni follows. Act ti2 j!' tr.e Acts of Arkansas, I9:i9. ch.ii^es the old law and provides that a person in.-iy !:mv |.>ay hi.s pull t;j.\ njj !u jiiidni^hl of l!ie l':rst dav of October of this year i!9M). Plei'se be;ir in miiul that it is absolutely neee.i.-ary for everyone '-'.'ho wi.-ics to vole in the primary next year '1011)1 to have a poll tax issued prior to midnight of the first day of October, lao'J. All [i-.-r.-ons who failed to assess last year and who wish to pay their poll tax between no'.v and midnight October 1. 'may assess delintiuent with the assessor and pay their poll tax without a penalty, under the in-oVLsion.c, of Section 4 of the Acts of Arkansas. l'j;j'J. which reads a.s follows; "That the colkc!,>r- ot the various counties of the state are hereby authnn.'.od and direcied not to collect the penalties provided hy law for delinquent poll (ax assessments I'or the year {'.MA, upon whicii asses.-iiv.ent taxes are to be i>aid in lilli'J." Do not foi'Sei yoii. must liavo a poll tax issued ;,nd daled prior to n-iidniH'nl Octo'oer 1. HKi'J, in order to vote in the primary of HMO. On acx-ount of tin- importance of this change m the law. which miuht bar thousands of v.ood citi/.en.s from volinn in the primary next year bi/'Miise they havi 1 not been icado aware of Ihe uhanyf, will you, who read I hi;, article, please inform as many people a.s possible in your county of tile change in tile lav/. • HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS lx>fs Talk of Operations ' Are you liorcd to death hy people wh talk nnceasinnly of operations'. 1 | Then lalu- a lip: ,e;id Harvey Graham's fasemalint! "Sstory of .Sur- K'-ry" lOnuhle-day Doran: $M.7;i> and you'll have hi.sloi ic.-dly an- Ihenlie aneedotes uf phenomenal npi.niti.ous that will make a friend last visit 10 the ho.spit.il .s t .,. m a.s unimportant ; ,s ; , broken finger nail. No medieal Ire.itise, il \ s j an adventure ...tory ,,f clai ini; i ph.vMcimi.s I'or il.s la-rocs. ;,inl Dis- I case a.s its areh villain. Glimp.se : «'itli (,'iaham into the surely of i tomorrow: j i '1'h, Mirxery of the future, jn. s | ;,,, u-!is the sunny ,,f (i,,, past will b,- direeted ;., the :,ivim; ,,f | 1Vl .:s and Irmtis mid (lie promotion ,,f human happme.s.s . . . Todya'.s enviornmeiit,,! changes determine wh.il the morrow will demand from surgery i ll seem.s that theie will' always be ! ;i surijcry ,,f war. This will rontnbutc! as mneh to progress a.s war its,.If. • Tlu-re will always he the .-.urj.',,-r\ of accidents; reflei'linu in ,-very pa'rti- eular man's mode of lif o an.I means of transport. Ahcad> a pathology ,,l 1110101-11,0 h-is .sprung up and Inmipid li'.aliues and dashboard dislm-atiou:- havi- beroine orthopedic enliti.v.. •In.sl as eoneemed ;1S (h,. ,.„ tlu.pcdi-.t in lhr arrideiit.s of Ihe i'i'esi-nt and the fuUire is the plastic Mir:;con, I',,. ni'cakaWi; wiiid-scn-ms have altered the type and not Ihe quantity of 1,,., Hornell Hart seriously .suiwst.s th,,i ! Ihe avi;ram> duration of human life i ehildren may be applying their .-.rap- els tn problems Ihe very nature ,,f which is unknown to us. Their co: ~ metir. pla.slie and ,,, (hnpcdic M ,,-. bus nia.\- he made fc«.|pro f. but ne\'er man. A nc'wly developed An- Cor;,-- plan, i.s reporled to be eapable ,,f cl.nibinu .",(«<; fed m l.ti minutes. The ship ,... known a.s ihe CW-LI1 and cruise:, at a speed of more than M) nulo.s an h-.nr al 17.:")I)D feel. JOHNS. GIBSON DRUG COMPANY South Klin Street Shaving Cream cniii-r, better. Lovely Adrienne FacePowder •§> Clings for lu.uts /»/% f '' — S X<^ for ni;Uclic,l L*. 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He's thi- y,< '.'• Voj ): Vaoki.-!-',- ljj.:d-I linger IT- / ceiv,-, H, ll, P.'ll I)n-!<,-% and Warren i i'o-ai' 'ho hard-hitiinu rookie sub. mine b i:-k: top. v. onld have to be i di-abl-- b,.f,,,e Mar.-, J'.<- MeCarlh.v ! :V.-'Vi-d .ioi 'jfdi.-, behind tin- plate. .'i.-ruen.- ran:" up to the Vaul:> more lhan in '.i-ar; as:o alon" wilh Ijick'".. ', Hi-'- played .-i-rond or third fiddle behind Pull i-vi-r smi-i.-. Arndt hasn't ..vc/a^i.d l.'j .^aii.e.. a -'.-a-.oh duium his : dec.nl.. m NI-.V Yoik. Hi '.'. 01... -i/luiler, into hi paid.-• q 1 n i M:.I i L; -MI dn- b(.-nch m ih<- 1!K1^- : :;li-.'!7-::S . ,-, i,.- and ,-olleclfd a full . hai '• of li:'- v.-,nn,.| . plundi'i Hi- dion i v! mto ..n.^li- I'.ainc. Hill Mo ' (.'ar'ir.- ibuil:-. lie's i-:-,r--lii-ni iii-.m-ance ali'l a i!o,.d man lo -.'.arm up ii-bi-f iiUi in . -a ,v. 11 in itu- i n i li p»-n Al i,lll lla- 'I'll;,. pM.M.V W.01 b'. hllll- . ill .,bol,l S'^l.nilll !'ia v,-:,i nun;; up '•'>' fi ., n, four .^i.-ii,-.. Ajid i:is ,se;,- on i!,o;,. ...in|.- ,,,,. ,,., !.,,„. „.. ,|,,. :'-' d; • i'i '.'- i <'i: p'--! [:>'. i:., : , [.; i ib.ri,!;. r: .' '"/'.-- 'i'i o!ii,-| ll.a.loi l"i,X<l'- I'-aH:.-,. Srbieda- I , I lie Yank.,' batting pi i,c- : ii'i' pm iici '1 ill.- :.-. ill - load -.i-ason •• Hb in,-i,i Hi- v.a.- \-oli-d a full ,-,oau.- of li '- I 1 *:;; ..mi ;'.i:;:-; ;-^., i,.. .,-... .^ -'-.ii 1^.n.." i"-fo,,- ii,,- ,-,,..;,..i ..ally : '-''i .\i,,,,i- i" ,,,i-i, , on.pn; a loonil j >'•• b .-'II.:; !,.::< \l, • ,!,') P.,,,1 |,JI,-h, .', '•• i '.'-o-l- i da.. K.a, I, Iniii-i bunt. ' 1 •.••" .."-: :.:! , ij.ri.,- i; .i:- f,-,;,- Soi.r.-- ; ••.,'• .. b.-.r--.- -.-.d; :- , ,, ,,,,,i, j,,- ,d J,,ii. : r.|, I I,,-.. ., oil. f'-'i: -,-,,, 1 :o_; ..I' 'i.. |,.,]| ( Not » » 1X / //,,,/! /"/ )/,//< |0,, ,;,///,,' it: llr.t , •« 1 .r,.;;,vr(W V ,,„,/ ,/„. /,- ,; -,,/'.,/, ;, .,./.;i:,K,,! n !;„,.{• - ,;;.-.. •:,'.! JMu J»|l» «»« K **'** ' '° r ' ';) «;'< the ,:\tr,t -v,(/,., f -iuinr/i (,tncr.it M :I I,,,, „„•«,, ,„,,/ /;„,-,< .,,,,'-.,..„„.,/,-,/. ,,„, /,,-.;.-./,- gf-^' Q rfTk f^ ^ 4ptJ*^ \\ \t^.^. i'i (Jo \vli;i( \%-c Mf\%cil our v:i-, N o. >"ij c-(iillun I (lo \v)i;i( \%-c Mf\%cil our \ \vunlcil lo ilo. ;nul tlo il i-lii;;ip. ;ill ii\cr :i;;ui ^ ou (.Miiildn'l set out to lop (In; Ik-Ill. IIHMISIIllJ nil llo\\ IIIIU'll VOII COljIll pill hi rathur ilnui lukc mil -and with •aiTuslomrd cipiipiount keep cosls down. ( iiUKfcTii pl;itl( \| pill I'lijhl inillii u) new dollars on the line; the I'oick line f,,r OKI. T b:il did ue jjcl for ilr |{;ilber olrassis. keeletl like ;i lv.it lleship \% iib ^. vvb.it do V/H liel r Listen. lls Iorijiie-1 ohe Iv.tekbone. i oo ^el for \iiiireoiiiinand tlr.it Mini. ^ oueouldn't niicro-balaiu-een.iines. 1"" ^-1 a I'.i^ I.eaul, i ul hrauin car jni . su . | ,. if ,^ mi ]| r . u . c p(mcr „, ,,„_. l.cu%y. llp fnones and nnu.inU «eur. M> h-'d f- kiMH'k > our e> e oo, llic 1I1:||dlk . ss n> , |;l(i;|s|l cn4mt , M((W strc'Hiidicn hi /dies, c-ncit-li upliolstci-j- liislnoii pallcrn lor llicni all neM t .j .1 •' ,. M . i . |. i i i and lilliniis. iinprovu pcrforinanee. > <-"•"'• inst look aroun d and see. In micro '/• -1 ••(••' ' iieller the value per ineh. per pound and per dollar and do it willi las! V "" l ' cl '' <-'•"' (ll: " l>"sili\'cl> > ear's methods. m its !>rillianec nl aetmn. modern as Von yel 72 nc\v fealmx-s, and more. on i^et pride. jo\ , satisfai-lion and n.-k.-\isioii in die vM.ndroos way il ihrill f,,r here >ou i« t -t Hoick at ils So •.se laced n. re-looled and re-- does thiniis. nnlieatahle best. .MAX (.(IX. ThLdst Hempstead Motor Co. H o P c

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