Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1939
Page 5
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OUT OUR WAY iiii i; Reds. Cardinals Split Twin Bill Cincinnati Needs But One t More Win to Clinch Pennant CINCINNATI ,/p,- [.„,,,, Mi | K . Myers lin; |,;, t advanced the lied, h) within one victory of (heir first Nahonal [,oa|.>iic pcimaiil in :!,! >,..-,,. luc-sdav, hi.s home inn will, tw,, .-,hoard defeating Ih,- St. Louis C'.ir- 1 ' n " ls :! I" 1. i" II)..- first Kiin,,. ,,f their double-header and niaki < it ,•<•- h.lively iiiiiinporliiiii that 1)1.-" chai- leiiEOrs took Iho .second, li lo ll. Rill McRcchnie wanted. When'it wa-; "' the hay, llu.nlix lo Myers' hi,- l,l,, w ••mil some .sloul-hearted pit, hiiiK h.v I lie fre.shman .slar. Gene Thump;,,,,* Hd. relaxed and tool: a flyer on the second j;anie. II P-ohal,ly was a painful ant,-climax l»r the crowd of ;|.|.1!|.| w ho expecled I'"' «<•<!.•,' I,, Clo.s,. (he ,, K ,, u .| a ,,, L!i ,, I'oimnalcd hefty Lee Griss,,,,, ,„ llildl the second name \Valk-r (;.u-s Tm-sdav t Especially aft,.,- |) u . v S(U , ,,'„, (•.,,,(._ knock Grissom IVom the hill in the first innin,;. score four , ,m.s off |,, m and Ins immediate successor. "Hcd" parrot, and rum th,- ,;,-„,„• ..j,,!,, ,)„.,.,. : But it didn'l bother Hill. He had • ived I h'-" i"v, Buck;/ Walter, for Wednesd.v ! •"Id he expecls Ducky lo admimsle,-I tho knockout. I 'f Ihe Cards had won the first lyum- ' ''"'"' ' ""' "'"•' ' ' '"' ^"ppi-'l I McKechnie had inlende.l to semi hi''-I , '" •'•''''""d l ; ..ul. Of the I',,,,, j over-worked Mar mt(, the si-eo,,d Hnt "- '"' ;illmv ' 1(l '""' '•'-•"'- '»> infield I ":- Uiinihlin K with Oissom he w.- ,lih | to s j V f Wall,',- a three-day rest he-, fore sending him out after hi-. ''Hlh vie- '' tory of the .^ca.sou. ThalV almost ,, va ' ' calion for Wallers. Then, if hy chance Walter .,),,„ |>mv to the Cardinal.-,' Hill M, C ;,, th, ','r ilay '" u> u ' : ''' ; •"'"" v '"" l(l lliivi ' Paul D(.rrini;ei, ready for the fi,>j,i with the Cards Thursday. l«n-.i;csl t'l-oud of Season Tue:;day'.s crowil wa.s the hn;|.',esl oj the sea-ion and the noisest. Hoi,,-.; he- I 'ore «.„„,.. time tliey weie fiijhtinu, : ll I'.i't m and when the available .spare ' lnl "' " ni was- exhausted they wen- admitted i., ! l""'h.d| i a ncv.-. unfinished .section of the .stand. ! "'-•' where they s;,t conicnled on the si me- lui-iil steel. Myers nave them the thrill they had come to se,.. I,, lllt . ; ,t,,. (llu | „„,,,„;.' wilh ; hnnc Lomha,,;!i ;n-,d Harry Ciafi no | J.ncky ('(inch l-'a.-.e. he caiiL-Jit one of Curt Davis' fast j line.'; on i| u , , k i.-;e and hounci'd il over I the li.fi field w.,11 ihe ninth home run ' ol Ihe year f.,r Ihe ,,,wn\ favonle j |Kl.<nl.stup. Th.it \\a- the ball e.ame ' AHer walkmj; in a C'ardinal run m ! the third. 'Ihompson settled down lo '• .;-c;iller four hil, over the last .sj>. I ('IXCIN.N'ATI - l.;,,ck Walt, ininiu;:;. (I,, had ,, n , h( , L .. |n|s h( . ;i| | ,,, |]( ; . i,.^,,,,,,,- ll .. ll|ilu . p;|(lli e\cc|it. J,,,. Medwick, who r-.ot | V .-o ! hailed hell,-, ,-... ., I •,,,',,,,',,,-,,; u Alter bi.uliciin; Davis, i),,. [j,,,],. ,., >u i,| j ':' »""y"K wi.l, his r,,,,,- successors! l/iei. (hough Lombard; had a p, T - I HOPESTAft, JTOPH, TELL VOUR MA, HOMER, THAT THEM FISH i<-, HANP CAUGHT AT WILLOW DAM,. NOW, ESTHRV VOLI WAI-JTr.o' TWO POIJ^4IJS Or- T'OCO;-!! i T' CRI1-.H-- MO—A HAIFA \ ' POUND-- UH-AH-X DON'T YOU HAVE \ THEM IN BOXES \— L-R - A - CA RTONS ? j' ; 'i'i i: ," I'-..VE VOU AMY -, ,.• COOK|PS TMAT '-{ /f- COME IN CARTONS? /' f' ' B&H/ SLirTH DUNDERHEADS' - >7,r- <iiu.Y APPLIED fASk TO 5TEAWBOAT 'WEIGHTS' FIRST OBTAIN A. LOAD OF- TIN! AMD MANUFACTURE ".'£'-.'ICE GAVE- TUE.V. BOARDING HOUSE . ... with . . . MAJOR COf-AtS L PAGE FIVE IDEA T-OP AM riYU.A.UST CYLIMOEP 'CO 3R/A AUTO,V.OBIL"E FLIM.5S TO SWFHT SCENTS WAS SUBIAITT17O TO OUR •=•" ^v ENGII-JEERS. THf7Y 'Rf: : POPT TMAT TUF } :•/( INVE.MTIOU , VJl-ULK / '•M INGENIOUS TO TWf '•'f\ POINT OF AfALiSFVAHNT, \S FANTASTIC A---1D / -A TIM .,-.'v\,'At KNOW, I'LL PASTE A. YARD OC- IT OM TUP. ^~ , ROOF OVER ,'/,\ SEE IP I CAM . VOOL A PE STANDINGS American League WE, THE WOMEN | Clubs I Cincinnati I St. Louis FJi ookl>'n Chic-.igo . New York K-l.stnn I'hiladc'lphia W. 94 9(1 7!! 80 14 67 CO C7 fill 73 81 8") 101 Pet. ,i;:n .008 .541 .5:17 .303 .•15:; .-IM .30S Tuesdays Kesull.s Cincinnati :i-0. St. Louis 1-G. Brooklyn 5-3. Now York H-2. Fhiliick-lphia 5, Boston 3. Chii-auo (it Pittsburgh, colft weather. Games Wednesday Si. Louis ;it Ciiicinnati. Chicago at Pittsburgh. Boston af Philadelphia. Only games scheduled. National League ddition lo 'Andy i ',ri|ii:-l; i. I Styled for the Streamlined Forties f LOS AXOI.KS ,),..,. H, n c ..... -,,;•,,,., (inhlcj- -.via. h,,.,- |), x .|, deaf .-••iui-e in- lancy. renamed hi;- hi-arin;; aft.-, tal:- '".''. •' haid 1,1,....,' dun))!, a iiaiii'i.i" hi, MI ' thl. week. This is Am.-nc.m army buglers no longer' Studebak er Champion f Or 1940 Now On •"" "" "'"' ly risurs - sinci! ••'•—"'••'•• ' Display at Archer Motor Company need he early risers, sinco ". _^ u .^ heen rocordeil and now is hroail- ''•'•'' K' iiican.., of louds|)cakers. ""WrBMBWii 7WT !f/ x 3^%'^>iv^/i^^7 /vjpjffitf^~yi, & h &''/ / $j/7> r f : "" : |pa«vv.>,;'r;^:v;;- . . -.:- ^m X'iS&w**'?"' -v->--v;'-'\ - -, *•- \\v»\-= >:YV\: y --^ s ^.- -.^~ ; ^ss-; -\^ :- % ,— v > A-:, ^^<i Ch , i "^ i "" 1 fl "; 1!M(I '"' C l '""- ='" »f «'"-• no-bulk efficiency Red Spy Ring in U,S,'He Testifies Former Russian Red Cross Director Talks to Congress WASHINGTON-i/IV- Dr. David M. Durbrosky, former American representative of the Russian Red Cross, le.stified before the house commii.tee on un-American activilie Wednesday that Russia operated a spy svsteni in the United States which he'said involved theft of mail and interception of telegrams and cables. Clubs New York Boston Chicago Cleveland . Dclorit Washington Philadelphia E-l. Louis .. w. 104 S7 .. 84 S2 79 63 :. 54 ..i:..-.. ,41 L. I?, fiO 65 60 70 80 95 109 Pet. .707 .592 .."64 .554 .530 .423 .362 .273 Tuesday's Results Dolroit 5-7. St. Louis 4-5. Philadelphia! 15, Washington 4. Now York at Boston, rain. Only games scheduled. Giuncs Wednesday New York at "Boston (2). Philadelphia at Washington. Cleveland at Chicago (2). Doli-oit at St. Louis. Because Europe is fit v.-ur is no Americans (o forget their manners. Yet on all sides you hear thought- lo.s.s people saying things like— "I hope thai this war will wipe the Germans off Ihe luce of (he earth." to one who.se mother ;md father were horn in Germany und who has relatives living there now. "Well, rl on -t worry. You]) look well in black"— lo a young wife whose husband will be among the first to go should this country get into the war. "I'm glad my boys are all loo young" to the mother or father of 'a boy I eld enough to go to war . "t's the old men who gel us into . win: It's too bad the old men aren't made to go first"-to a man too old to fight. ."Well, it's not our fight. Let them kill each other off over there. We .should worry what happen to them" to anyone with the slightest feeling lor humanity. Win- Comes Close to All of Us These aren't easy times for any of us that war wouldn't touch. We know that— and we're feeling scared and nervous and insecure. It doesn't help a bit to have a friend or even a stranger make a remark .so tactless it hurts. So let's watch our tongues these days. More carefully than ever, let us weigh our words before we speak There Ls so little we can do. But we can be kind. Admira Byrd feels he will be safe in carrying on with his South Pole expedition. So far no penguins have reported sighting submarines in Antar- tic waters. Suffering Women May Only Need "Build-Up" A simplo method ;is saving \vomcn much side ol the pocket battleship. :, a cowboy wants lo round up our old ranqe!" ; .J^^&.& * dealer, located at Third and Walnut ' -inuvT - ne" '""i i" '"'"'' '' f'"' '' L '" street. I ' ,,' . '"""•'"<' nits, no u.sc.le.s.s m- i.-llicieni weighl that characleri/.;.' "little' v^*A('*M»i*' f i! The Champion, youngest member of fc'tudebaker line of car.s and a newcomer to the industry last spring, i.s a gleaming, streamlined producet from the drawing board of Raymond Loewy and Ihu hands of Slink-baker craftsmen South Bend. H is a six-cylimlei car. free from excess weight, full of the liveliness that characterised it... predecessor and (he c-rommiiea! operation that made its predecessor famous. The Chr.mpion prices .siiii-l \vilh a laclory delivered price of Slifill. which is for the custom coupe. The car is l.niiliiced in three body models, coupes I wo-door sedans and four-door sedans, all of which are available in either cu.-tom or <le luxe models. 'Ihe Champion's "big brothers," Cmn mand.-r and President models, will i-i't he introduced to the public for anolhei- month, accordini; lo advice I'n.in fat-lory officials. Sludi-haki.T enyineers have paiu si-eciid allenlion to safely fealures in the new models. Visibility is excellent thi.-n- heing a |o|a) of I'.O.iS .square- inches of exposed window area. Bodies ii'rs in l)i[> fainilit...s" c.-ir.s. The less llian cars ,,f comparable price, thus jjivini; it.s owners greater liveliness and gasoline c'conomy than ihcy j can otherwise secure. ! 'I hi- Champion has made two re-i mark-able record runs: since it.s intro- j diiclion one a round trip across the! continent and the other a IS.UUU-milo ' ''" n •'" the Indianapolis Speedway. | Both urns were made hy the same I .-Iriclly stock in every respect. On the first run. the Champion averaged JH niile.s per hour and delivered 271., niiles per gallon of fuel. The Whoopee ' ll ill I I n, „„,- . i'1'l MUM-, ilon'i let liiin li,,,! . 'd lime average speed of I':?. mile.s j.er hour, thus fiuishinn Ihe l r i-IH)(i miles in u.jli minutes. It delivered l!!.:u miles per gallon at this hii;h spceil. Both runs were made un "It's a Round-Up Ma'm," ovphdncil thi- w.-l.-i-ner.' : \l:i»ir ('.h.-t is ,-orndlinir old ran;:.'.-. \\ e .li-alrr, aivollcnnu .^.ccial values (luriiiL; lld.~ -alt-.'' Ami.mobile Association. j Thi- Champion has an overall length 'f 1SS three-fourths inche.s. Its en- %#^*" .he stn;zr;; fii 'V su ' 111 ' ';•" fi ' : "" e , is ^ ^ »^^^'^; : ^ \ t h S: sl ,;/' zc l ^ '* s&' :;;;:r J;;r ^t^*^- ' ! li.w and powerful hydraulic brakes I 1 ,u c, ,rp,-"-',, - ii, V-' l' •Kjvo posnive control a, all speeds, 'l ,,,-ns .,,'• idumnn u ";, -, ^ "^ J be car ,s e.pnpped with bludehakei.s ,.,,,„,. ,, llN .„,. ,,,„„ fo ,. ( , , , - , MMU'-l-rnved mdepcndcnt p.anar sus- I ,-,,,, M ,,,f, hil , , ,!,',.,!,. \^ n ^ ! 1" .hi. (tampion. Siudehaker has ,- '^nl, T^^,.^ r M " K I'Ull Slu,Mi.il,-r i , Cl u hS..t.,,,. ///.v,„-.„,,/, S -,,, ( ,. Out in front in eye appeal, roomy comfort, solid safety and long-lived economy! ''JUS Juxuriou.s, tlisu'iiaivc new I') id T Stucl6h;ikfr (;ii;inipioii costs you ni> more money tli;in you would spend lor U.K- ol the other leading lo\vesl price- cars. And wlu-n you own this ( liampion, you i..ivi! the satisf.iciion of drivini; a car that's .1 luljy .u'i'rediu-,1 team mate of SuuK-h.ilvcr's impressive Commander and President. l\ luis tlie .same economy L-m.,iiiu as thc- Champion thai .set an A. A. A. record ol ?."• , mile.s per gallon on a f>, 1 -l-i-iiiij c . run/ul-ii-ip run from San rrancisco to \V\ V \ ( ,rk ,m.l ARCHER IV Last Third Street '.uk .n .,,».;; miles IH r h ln , It has the .same lon^-!i\ x .l, e; fvi n u o,m,nu,n,s mil,- . se .IM'( 11!U . S ,, n i!,,- liuli;,,,- 1 "p' HI.uid -olor.t i^^ealini; Champion "•i..( ilnse. •>ou,K,n t need a lot o| ready cash to hecomc a pn.u.l (.hampion owner-vot,,- ^ -^erii^M-jw^^,« _>. Hope, Arkansas (Jate cliaro'os arc IHMIU.- madr at the f-'air to cliniinale the einharrassnu'iit of us|,-ini>- you lor a cash donation to pay premiums. I'lease come out to Fair [' ar k am! sec tin Cine exhibits. It j s A ,, u , |.-. lir S(1 , u ,, p us support it. Hempstead (ooiity Fair Association Sept. 26th to 30th Inclusive IW A G

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