Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 27, 1936 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1936
Page 4
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Vjl t Mile Musician to Ptwtfott* WSHHtJ HUE! &II IQl-lSH BQESiO&I 'HHia BHigBHHEl aas HQHH tin anas 41 To dwell. 45 HUHard rod. 44 Argues. 46 Noise. 4? Preposition. 48 Values, aect 49 Wholly. 51 Advertisement 52 Ventilated. 63 To let sink. ». 65 His country, flies. 56 He la also & VERTICAL 2 To exhilarate. 3 Uncouth. • 4 Always^ SCarmWe. «Deity. . 7 Visible vapor. $ Within. 11 Upon. 12 Muddle. 13 Nobleman. 24 Suitcase. 16 Sand. 17 Ovule. 19 Compact. 20 Uncommon. 22 To languish. 24 Genuine. 25 Form of "be." 27 Weathercock. 23 Ruby spinel. 30 Dry. 31 To abscond. 33 Scoffed. 34 Still. 36 Seller. 38 Wagon track. 39 Feasted. 40 To. furnish anew with, arms. 42 By way of. 44 To mend. 45 To spill. 48 Inlet. 60 Card game. 62 Dye. 63 To accomplish^ 64 Postscript. Sto 5fi P 44 J 39 34 n 45 _ 30 46 54 51 27. . Widens Military Honors — Fnjnch democracy was I Jltf- Knd If! Rent It! Buy It! Fn the Hope Star MARKEJ PUCE • 5i2R-« "." • • • • • •r, the more you tell, the quicker jou sclL 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c . 14 •f, consecutive insertions, minim- sunn of 3 lines in one ad 3 ticries, EC line, tnih. 50c 6 times, 5c ijrie, aiin. 90c i/^times, S'nc line, min. J2.70 .vetage 5% words to the line) •Want ads will be accepted • tlje understanding that the Is jlayable on presentation of ', before the first publi- Phone 768 extended to military funerals when Jean Fabry, minister of war, announced that henceforth all soldiers, whether officers or enlisted men, will be entitled to honors when they die. in or out of garrisons. The University of California plans to offer a course in television in its extension division. Legal Notice NOTICE ig of the stockholders of ~,'••«: K^WT* *«-M«*»» Savings and Loan ? ; , Assi(«iatt6n will be held at the office '- ''orOr^ening Insurance Agency, Wed- ? SthT^cJror the purpose of electing Jan - 13 officers ( for the ensuing year. '" f' E, S. Greening, Secretary "P. E.'Boant r President , " ' 27. Itc Why yrorry?? We put style in your {<| hats. Stacks Hat Shop. 27-6tp FOR SALE Wft bW wd sell Produce at Holly's FOR SALE-Bois d'Arc posts at eight-cents per post F. O. B. at the f?na. Hay at 25 cents per bale, and food com. See A. N. Stroud 21-6tc ' PQR SALE—1002 South Fulton St— twp> Story house with ground, $750.00 cash. block of 2 lots with -house on 13th St.—$500.00. 1 house and fat'on 3rd St.—$650. 1 house newly repafe«4 on Oak St—$1000.00. 1 house £09 S. Main (brick) just repaired— J2500.00. 1 stucco house, 5 lots, negro community—$600.00. These prices are for ?aah only. Floyd Porterfield. 23-6tc. SALE— Five thousand bales t Johnson grass and bermuda See Tom Carrel, The Mule Man, 27-3tp plants at Holly's Curb Mar- SERVICES OFFERED f, i £ 148 Hope Steam Laundry for 'op Pry Cleaning. Cash and prices, 27-3tc not discard old clothing. away dirty hats. Cleanis our • business. Stack's Hut IOST — Ladies pur&e, coutainina to finder. Mrs. J. W. Rt. 1. 24-3tp H# WANTED over 30 to , .^^ Vending machine route. Spare |itj^ work about 10 hours weekly. Not "To experience required, for write "Artec Co.", Upper Fruits at Holly's Curb Market RENT NOTICE OF SALE OP LANDS FOR BENEFIT OF STATE Notice is hereby given that, as executor of the estate of T. F. Hughes St, Estate, deceased, I will between the hours of ten o'clockjn the forenoon and three o'clock ?n the afternoon on the 8th day of February, 1936. at the Post Office in the city of Emmet, Arkansas, offer for sale at public auction to the highest bidded, upon a credit of three months the following described lands, to-wit: Fractional part of North East % of South West Vi of Section 4 Twp. 12 S. Range 23 W, 16 acres more or less in Hempstead County. Purchaser at such sale will be required to give note with security to be approved by me, and lien upon said lands will be retained for the payment of the purchase money. Dated this 13 day of Jan. 1936. F. A. Hughes (Executor) E. A. Watson 20. 27. NOTICE NO11CE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the undersigned, as executor of the estate of W. S. Duckett, deceased, will apply to the Probate Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, on the first Monday in March, 1936, for authority to sell all of the lands owned by the said W. S. Duckett at the time of his i death and now belonging to said estate, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the purpose of paying the debts of said estate, subject, however, to the homestead and dower interest of Julia A. Duckett, widow of the said W. S. Duckett, deceased, said lands being situated in Hempstead County, Arkansas, and described as follows, to-wit: The northwest 12.10 acres of the NE'/ 4 SEVi, the southeast 14.60 acres of the NWVi SE'/4, the southeast <15 acres of the SE'/i SWV'i, the SW% " FOR RENT—Four room ap^urtnient with private biith and garage. J. A. Sullivan, Phone 147. 21-6tc and the south 28 acres of the SE'/t SE'A— all in Section 20; the SEV4, the 51,2 SW'/i, the NEMi SWVi, the SE'/4 NW/4. six acres out of the E',-2 EV4 SWV4 NW>/4, and 3.50 acres out of the NE>/ 4 NWV4— all in Section 21; the NW'/i NE ] /4 and the W% of Section 28; the NE'/i, the E'/i NWVi, the northwest 30 acres of the NEVi SW'.'i, the northwest 10 acres of the NW/4 SE% and the EH SE'/j— • all in Section 29; and the N'i NE'/4 and the SWVi NE% o£ Section 32 — all of said lands being situated in Township 10 South, Range 2-1 West, and containing in the aggregate 1196.20 acres, more or le,ss, and for a more particular description of said lands reference is herein made to his title deeds to the same. All of Block Four (4); Lot Four (4); in block Six (6); Lots Three (3), Four 4>. Five (5), Six (6) and Eight (8), in Block Sixteen (16); Lots three (3), Five (5), Seven (1) and eight (8) in Block Seventeen (17); Lots Four (4), Five (5) and Six (6), in Block Eigh- tec-n (13); and all of Block Nineteen <19i— in the Town of Blcvins, Arkansas. If the homestead be set apart to .said widow and/or if her flower interest in said \unr\A be set off to her before .said date or before said order of sale is made, thtn said application will be for the sale of all of said U>nd.s or so , much thereof as may be necessary, j except thi; widow's homestead a:ul '. lands set af-art to her a.-; dower. Witness rny hand on thi;> Kith day of January. 1936. H. M. STEPHENS Executor of the Estate of W. S. Duckutt, Deceased. iJan 20. 27. Feb. 3, 10. W/ , *tj OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERK OUT OUR WAY H l By WILLIAMS OP TWTTUNf TH" GAMBUN6 ^HOOFLtTAM\V* S SrW.HW© '^r OUP, SHAKE THESE BONErQ IN A. GAMB OT=- HA,m.ErvS "POUO !-*-«. \N t KNOW TH KNEES A\^T TROM ESCUTCHEON ON OUR S\t>£f EK\ ILL GOTO WORK ON THrXT \\ t v^> ,1, «tf Mfc <^ ^ W ^ % « i&S &J « l£WD WAS -K "TOOK" ,*FOR ' 5,-zs I 019)4 BY MEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. BCO. U. S. PAT. OFF. i?; •^ /n ££*• ^±r» M *ii /-27 fc. W f\ I 'K "/«. •/% T. M. ASO. U. !i. PAT. Off. V.jjjr} f.MMt uf K;AnwvicE.ist \Vr-\V MOTHERS GET GRAV J" .Q. W i txi r\ NVJ>" t-n BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES M ; °*»ken Identity By MARTIN XOO ^U'i;o- 1VA. HN40 VC TO VOO ,M\ere.tt. X- VOOWE 'XttVGViY W\\\\TW5. t OP, <BW VOO Cft W'l* ^ m s* HL 9/VPPY 60 . ALLEY OOP lrs '&. serm SO I CA\NiT VSANiE XE . REO. U. 8. PAT. OFF. <ihl936 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. Foozy Will Try Anything AWAKEMEDIM THE WIGHT BY WEIRD, HAlR-R&ISIWCr HOWLS, EMANATING FROM THE ROYAL PALACE, ALLEY OOP AKID FOOZX, UPONi IMVESTI&ATIOM , FIND THAT KIWG GUZZLE IS A VERY SICK MAW -— AT QUEEW UMPATEEDLE'S ' SUGGESTION > OOP GOES POSTHASTE FOR ~ THE OEANJD WI7ER • By HAMLIN I HEY, FOOZY - r I.COULOWT BRIW& HE'S SICK,TOO., VWHAT'LL WE DO, WOW? UEVEC YOU MIND, LJMPA,MYDEAR.- •THIS, FEAR..' YOU TRUE EWOU&H, AS PAR 'A5 VOU GO - BUT, AS PER UJHATCW&. GO>M' >, U5UAL, YEO MlWD IS •IHl&.VAJAY POR? I \SLOW.' OU &U/12LE'S TOLDJA TW GRAMD } LIFE I THlMK I CAW . WIZER'S SICK • HE /S/we VjfTH TM 1 STUPF CAN'T HELP US f TH % \\IIZER MAS HIS CAVE . S£gi mL • NEA SEnviCe,.IN'C. T. M. REO^U. S. PAT. OFf. ^ ER WROKI6'BOUT - euT, . \THAT, AT LEAST HOVKAWOUJ \ \M PART - I YOU OOWT \ KWOW A LlL KNOW MOTHIW' \ SUMPIM ABOUT TH I ABOUT THIS JUWK HE )^, ART USES . T WASH TUBES The Winnah! By CRANE SPECIAL ELECTION BULLETIN LULU BELLE EFFORT TO CLEAN UP RIP-R0ARIWS OIL 7OVVM FAILS. I.AW AMD ORDER CAMDIDATE FOR SHERIFF COMCEDES DEFEAT, AS SAMPLERS CHOICE PILES UP HUGE MAJOR i ry. FIWAL RETURNS: LULU BELL B....S,7Q8 EASV 932 fF)/SQRAv.E TO THE STATE, •-^^ GAMBLING JOIMTS CtLeSi5ATE IW ALL- UI6HT OH ^ -a THE LID'S OFF, ecvs. W«ocP£e/y CV/PEE/ V-^ ^S £ V X5 'K °c^ Cl p-4. V^fes y *&' ,^.. O'l " ! §\T -Q / ^/? ^ /y\ANjy OLD-TIME PAMILIeg LEAVE TOWM. IT AIM'T A FlTTEW PLACE TO V, THAT'S ! WHAT A RELIEP. I' WAS AFRAID/ it? BE ELECTED. ^\. IVISHT YE &l "FRECKLES AND HIS FKIENDb 3EE WHIZ...GEE |£ WHIZ ...He's fc '^ GONE.'/ Lost, Strayed or Stolen I'VE FIXED THIS MILK F&R DYWAMITE, TAG .' •^jOU TAKE IT OUT ID HIM AMD THEM HURRY OFF TO SCHOOL / OKAY, MOM. Xv;-. 11 FRECk...FRECK. r DYWAMITE is XDOWT GONE/SOME) GET so HIM I BET.'/ CALM o.O' sfS&t^ |g K S^ji HE USUALLY WHINNIES WHEN I BRING HIM HIS V/HAT MAKES THINK *) aReAI< R* s r/ THIS HE'S \ MORW| WG HE GONE?^ DIDMTMAKE x^L, A SOUND' ^< k THERE ALWWA5 A LARGE HOLE IN THE BARM, HOOFPRINTS CLEAR OUT TO THE SIDEWALK, AW' DYNAMITE'S BLANKET ON STOREY'S FEMCE / T. M. iieo. u. i RCQ. U. S. PAT. Off. f) I9J6 BV NEA SERVICE. INC. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) OFF FED THE SOUIU Y OKAY- COfAE IN HERE- TOMOQPOW, EH ? \ I NEED A UTTLE WELL, IF LENDIN' J ADVICE ON * B <i. W/XND WIU- HURRY /SUIT-AND YOU'D Not With Those Knees YOU UP ANY, I'D SORE UKE T'UELP / LBUY ONE Avho CONSE ,|CLOTN WI ^ US -' •JE FUGUT UP I MIGHT GO, IF THAT BIG, FAT V/IFE OF Y00!?3 WASN'T TAGG\M' ALONG / SAY- YOO'R£ NO fJYtV\PW .YOURSELF, TRIPLE-CHIN ? I CLC ON *,•• {{oz* CLOTUIN ONE „ CLOTWMG ONEF y_OTHING OE FUG VI1N& FLld iLQTUlMr OiVE N« TUE BEST B&TUltf SOIT YOU GOT- tLL BE UOBNOBBIN' WITH BANKERS AND GAN&STEPS, A^). I DONT WANT TBE TAKEN FE-T N FLUNKY, ER WELLJHERE'S ONE TUINC* YOU'LL NEVEf? BE TMEN AND THWS A COWBOY .' FE.C? • i mooD A I (Q 1»M 1Y NEA aESVICE. INC. 1. M. DEO. U. 6. PAT. Off.

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