Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS WecmoRciin.y, Soptorn'uor Hope Star Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, IRS 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald Prom False Report! BARBS Published every week-day afternoon Dy Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. S. Palmer & Alex. H, Washburn, at The Star building, 212-214 South rfalnut street, Hope. Ark. C. E. PALMER. ALEX. H. WASHBDRN, Editor and Publisher <AP) —Means Asstx:iated Press. )— Means Newspaper Eneterorlse Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week : s-er month 5Sc: one year $6.50. By mail, in Hemnstead. Nevada, Howard, l'"r i^id UiFavotte counties. 53.50 per year; elsewhere J6.50. of The Associated Pres^r The AssoclaTetl T*ress is exclusively en- ihe nse for republication of all news dispatches credited to It or not >' credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. In the darkness of tho blackouts, there's ono comforting thought. European capitals can save enough on their light bills to build tombs for the unknown soldiers of the new war. After observin" tactics of the new war, we decide Sherman was wron.y. Not oven hell could bo that bad. This propaganda stuff is nothing new. Brooklyn fan to indicate that tin use it every year Dodgers are finally goin?r to win the pennant. It will be about as easy to deter-" it : the a.s New mine the winner i-f I would be to stay u ho England hurricane. Theatrs in London close~™iit~\l)"~p. m. It must be distressing to have the show stop in ilie middle of the second feature. • "Ths More You Tell the Quiver You Sell" • *• You Can Talk to Only One Man 0 Want Ads Talk to Thoiisand* SELI^RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One tima—2j word, minimum 30c Three time*—SVfec word, minimum 50c Six times—tic word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum $2.70 Rates a.-e forcontintious insertions only. • ro- ••:• frihiitfv Etc.- Charge win be made tor aD tributes, cards of -,,,, , "evolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed Commercial news..-.(•• ••- hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a !eli-2(> >-f ,-pnce-takin? memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility Or tbe •aft>-keeping or return of any unsslicited manuscripts. While We're Talking in Big Figures— TVe have been talking in astronomic figures for some years. S45.tXlO.000.000 ! nal'onal debts. S4.COOO.OOO.OOO budgets, and the like. Now with the war on in ; Etin-pe. millions pour out on the unproductive earth every day, and no one , is n l ;"-ined or shocked. Hut while we're talk'na in big figures, let's talk for a moment of the biggest fi-;ure of all—5200,000.000.000. Two hundred billion dollars! That is the loss to the national income dur- ; ins fho denression, according to a report just submitted to President Roosevelt by the National Resources Com'mittee. That is the cost to the American people ; of the id'ene; of men and machines resulting from our inability to use to the full our vast resources during the past 10 years. I:i other words, had we been able to contrive ways of employing all our id'e workers, ways of keeping all our machines spinning at full speed, this 'bre?*h-faking sum would havebeen added to the national income, Befida that figure, the national debt looks small, and the cost of the World war could have been quickly absorbed. Of course any such estimate of lost national income is a pretty theoretical thing. Neither machines nor men ever run without waste under any conceivable syste'm of government. All this figure does is to point out to us ; rather convincingly our central problem. We must, whatever else happens, find ways of increasing that production, and decreasing that unemployment. We Cannot forever continue to run a fine eight-cylinder engine on five cylinders and not expect strains and backfides. Several of the countries of Europe have solved the problem by putting everything under military dictatorship, thus increasing the national production, | all right, but dumping it right back into destructive war preparations, and now '•• war itself. i That works for a time, but there is no future in it. Wars end. And when .they end. back comes the problem, stronger than ever, of attempting to continue in peaceful, productive activity the pace set by the delirium of war time. The problem must be faced, not bv the cocaine-stimulation of -war or : even of a war boom, but in its basic aspects. The National Resources Committee admits quite frankly that it. doesn't know how to get this machinery going and these men to work. But neither does anybody else. i The Basic thing to remember is that we must never lose sight of this .•fundamental lock barring the door to our future, and never for a moment cease .trying to find the key. 1 Washington Willmsr SEATTLE — In "idcr tu match California's autumn workouts, Al; Ulbricksun for the fir.-.t time in Wash- | ingloii crew hi.-liny «-ill insist on > ; k'Ueniieii comhu; out for hill drill. Nearly S.OOO.OiH) r.euple living in near-! j !y communities in [lie United States | have no railroad service and depend ; entirely on the a,ut<>mc.bil» for trans-i portation. Services Offered SERVICES OFFERED—See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for new umi re-built. Phone Paul Cobb G.iS-,T. August 2G-lm i SERVICES OKKE11KD - Furniture rciinishe-.f. repaired and re-upholstered. Don't throw away your old fur, niture—-wo make old furniture new. ' Phone :Ut;-J. IB-dtp If interested in taking a course in Shorthand, locally Phone lli-l or ;vi:i. L'll-iit-p. Legal Notice SPECIAL SCHOOL KLKCTION SATURDAY SKl'TEMBI-JK IJO. liU!) Notice is hereby uivcn that there will be a special school election by | the electors of Bradley School District, ; number 82. of Hemiwtcud County Arkansas at Bradlev School on Saturday. 1 September 30. 193!). This Election will be held from 2 p. m. to ti:3l) p. m. I The purpose is to determine the will of the electors of the .said Bradley School District Number 82 as to con- itructing new school building and authorizing the Board of Directors to spend for the construction of this building three hundred dollars of the balance tc. (h<? credit of the said district in the General School Fund. E. E. Austin County Examiner Sept 13, 20. 27 All \voiiv ,,i. t -.i .iiui.ci.1. tubes touted. Repl.ieenii.iit pait.s. Radio Service. Phone .SUii. Hay Allen. A 28-tf One more week in which to have a beautiful XxlU oil tinted portrait made for SI.311. The Shipley Studio. 25-3tc I Wanted ; WANTED-Milk Pi-oduivi- who can furnish 25 to 40 gallons milk. Hope Creamery & Dairy Co, 22-lltc P'»v Rent THE FAMILY DOCTOR) T. M. RES. O. S. PAT. Off By DB. MORRIS FISHBEIN *««tot, Journal of the American Medical Assocl«Mo«, i*4 «| ; Hygeia, the Health IVlagaziiic it __ _ Too Much Sugar, Rubbing of Face, Gland Changes Cause Skin Eruptions FOR KKNT—Room ;,ml board. T. E. UiToy, 315 U'cst Division St. 22-3tc FOR HF.NT: Five rouni house. Also throL 1 loom anartinent. unfurnished in Mat,'imlia addition. Fhont 1 Si-F-ll Mrs. J. t,'. Schixiley. iili-litc. FOK SALE OR RENT-li room house, Kcreet'ed front iioreh. S2() South Elm. Telephone 404W 25-3tp Lost LOST—Pol Pan-fit, if'seen call "oli. Liberal Wwnrd, " 2li-,'itp Wantefd to Rent V/ANTF.D TO HENT-r. roo'm Tiotise or 4 room apartment. Close in. Call Mis. Newt Dundy. 48-1 or H2G. 2j-3tp Nctice Washington Gin Company is ginning and wrapping up to 525 pound bales S8.no All bales over 525 pounds, additional Ic a pound. Also store your Seed. A. N. Slroud will haul bales into Hope Compress for 25c each. A. N. Stroud, Washington. Ark. Sept 5-lm Sale FOR SALE-40 head pure bred mm- ; registered Hereford Cows-. H to (i I years old, with enlvcs or to cnlve soon. Calves by registered bull. Price S8S.OO around. A. W. Riorsoth, ', R li. Box M-l, IJope. Ark. ^2-Htp j SOLDIERS' PHILANTHROPIST, t'uzzic jTTNjGl Bii.iElB FOR SALE—7li acres, two miles from Hope, on highway. ;">() acres in cultia- Viilitm and pasture. S room house. Goed White community. Bargain price. C. S. Lowthorp, 723 S. Elm. Phone 2M KOI! H A I,K-lira, Chevrolet tudor with trunk, with original paint. New tires, battery and brakes. Apply 217 N. j Ei'.n or Phone 870-J. 27-lUp ' FOR SALE—A real harnaiu in Ifl.'ifi Ford Coupe. Good Condition. Claude Stuart. ;>7-:itc FOR. ibALE-S12;UH) Corn Machine SJn.OO Briant's Dm-.! Store. Electric I'op Kiisv lorms. •J7-titc For Rent KGR HENT-Onu :t room furnisiied apiirlincnt, utilities paid. No chil- dri-n or petx. Mrs. fJ. M. ,?tincs, 100 East Avenue B. 2">-:Up ' FOR RENT-One :! room furnished and ono ','. unfurnished apartmcnt.s. Apply 007 South Fine Si. 2f>-:itp FOR RENT—12li-iifi-e tarm. good huu.se. well water, cotton allotment 22 acres, good meadow. Sec or write C. V. Williamson, box 112. Washington Ark., Route Two. i r i-3lp Salesman Wanted MAiV WANTED for Hawluigh Ruuto of SUO familic.s. Write today. Raw- leiyh's. De|H. AKI-HH-SA, Memphis. Temi. 2t!-:itp 0 ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Problem co Pa.tfe One As it travel:, 10(1 miles in a half- hour with tin.- wind, the plane is maihinc 200 inik'.s per hour. But it uoe.s only 1211 inilo.s per hour jn lakint; ,")ti ininulcs to return ai;ainst the wind. Coiisidermjr ;( c;ilni Ihe a\'i.'ra^ f <? bi'twei-ii ilk' forci; of the wind with and ayaiiisl the plane. wc> add' 200 m. p. h. In 120 m. p. h. Id net 320 in. p. h. ;ind divide liy 2 for an average -.perd of IIH) miles per hour foi calm flyim-. V'ou're I'Mrcd' IJOPKINSVILLE, Ky. •-<•];- Ucn,-y T. Hurt ran ai'ain.st hi.-; l>o'ss in the recent Kentucky primary and won ~but lost his; jiO>. Shortly after the. final tabulation .'••liiiwed Hurt, deputy circuit court clerk, hail defeated the incumbent. I J. T. Walker, for the Democratic nomination. Hail received notice hi;; services ih> i<>iu;or iveix- desired. HORIZONTAL 1,0 M;m who conceived the idea of lire Heel Cross. 1?, PcrluininK (o birds. 13 At no time. 14 In. 15 To brush '.vith ;\ broom. 10 Kxport llyor. 17 :U-U(i. 18 Quick smart blow. 20Cou;-l. 21 Myself. 22 Onujw. 2-J Hohtild. 25 Shining brilliantly. I 31 Death notice. I 32 KiiKlt-'s nest. 33 Ft etu-h mi'ii.'iun.-, '•I Triuiuiiil. : 3ii Obtained. '17 Unit of work. j 38 Noith j America. Answer to rrcv«ons t'uzzic I?. ULE Mir m •M Essuy. 46 AfTcc-ling lite. '19 No. 50 Scarlet. 52 Local news. 53 Short caslt. 54 Hawaiian bird' 5 Genus of fan 55 Jewel. ) )alnis 57 Close. 59 Musical not 61 Ho was ii by birth. VERTICAL 1 Laughler sound. 2 To oust. 3 Basc/jal! loam. '! Aniinnl pe;;t. 8 Born. 9 To allh-m. — 10 Himalayan barley. 40 Ship's record. 01! He the 11 Transposed. •I;! Driver's first unit to l. r i.Shovel. command. help wounded 1U He wrote an 13 Street. s&ldicrs. • of the wounded soldiers' neglect. If) lie died fn 21 Iron. ?.:\ To eiilani'.le. ;'.li Parent. 27 Limb. :iy Amatory. l!!l Insect's eRR, HO Tow boat. l!7 Snnkelilu- lisl 1 ,'(!1 Indian weapon. •II Festival. •12 Helmet- shaped plant part. •13 Fur. •). r i You. •17 G;,mc on •1H Slioni' tastC. •JO Ohao:,. r.l Dower property. f.U Three. 5-1 Hone ;>()' l'i>st:--eript. lil! F<II m of "a." 00 Advertiseinen' (let Together CA/KNOVIA, N. Y. -- C. Perley I Nura.n. 7.0, uuikou his own i-i(!;irotU's. Fir Iniy.--. iitluuvy li-avL 1 . 1 ', dric.s ilu-m l,y li.nul, crumbles and .-if is llir m'iiiiis.. Then he I'uKIs his ek;ai-c(tc paper, fill... it. pack.", il <l<i\vn--:incl Thirteen causes for skin eruptions Jike pimples and blackheads were 'found in a recent study made by specialists ai the University of Pennsyl- f In about one?fourth of the 1921 caus- les investigated there was found a 'family tendency towards supurvative conditions of tjie skin. In others, facial ; eruptions were traced to changes in i human beings like the period of ab-, I'olescence and the time later in life 'when sex glands begin to lose their '._ "functions. The change in glandular i action 13 thought responsible for the •• skin troubles. The condition of the skin commonly ! called acme begins with blackheads. ; The :e /e.ay be limited to the sides ' of he :'2ce and cheeks or may in- vc.;'-i ?11 of the face. Obsci-ver.s be- liii'. .': that b.ead scratching and chin ftrriling spead acme. Thee- •- a tie between the skin eruptions and the amount of sugar or va'-r taken into the body. All over- r:'.:t:"iiy ft the glands that seo-ete oil to the skin or danruff may cause . ECU--'. Persons whose diets are deficient in vnricub vitamins or who are con- stir 7 ted have ; ; tendency to lowered resiitr.r.ce of the skin toward in- fection. i Since there are so many different factors involved, the control of acne is difficult. Chief purpose of X-ray in the treatment of this condition is to prevent overactivity of the glands in the skin. Much can be gained by corn-tiling the intake of sugar and studying the water metabolism of the body. Also there is the neces- j sity of making sure that the diet is well sure that the diet is well bnlanc- , eel and that the bowels are acting , satisfactorily. ! It is advisable to keen the skin thoroughly cleaned and to use antiseptic substances that will keep germs under control. At certain periods of life thorough study of the glands will determine whether or not yet are functioning satisfactorily or whether the function of some of them I is so greutly lessened that the ef- I feels on the body as a whole are bad. ! It has been customary to regard | pimples and blackheads as of littl'j j importance. From this .study it can be seen that the skin is a mirror j of the condition of the body as a i whole. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES When your doctor gives you advice, try to follow his suggestions faithfully and conscien- tuously. His advice is sound, scientific and practical. He is your only reliable source of aid. SEE YOUR DOCTOR When prescriptions are needed call . . . . The Leading I>rugR1st '•We've Got It" PHONE, 62 Motorcycle Delivery Forgotten By EDGAR MARTIN ALLE It's Ancient History to Bronson BUT TO RETURN TO MODERN TIMES, VOU SIMPLY MUST^ I'VE ALREADY REMEMBER THE EXACT SPOT WE EMTERED THIS/ -THINK HARD. 1 r, THUNK MYSELF INTO A HE APACHE! I'D SWEAfc'-lHlS IS ABOUT TH' 1 PLACE!, LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS We are now in the market for Oak and Gum logs, V/hite Oak, Overcup, Post Oak. fied Oak, and Ash Htadii!!- Bolts, Also Round SWEET GUM Blocks. For prices and specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co, Hripf, Arkansas Phone 245 NOT A TRACE OF woNNAUfe' ^MARKER! FOR \<SiOVO \ AH V. T. HAMLIN ANV\VAV, I VVANTA LOOK AT THAT WOODEN HORSE TH' GREEKS LEFT US WHEN THEY TAILED IT FOR HOME! GEE! THESE TROJANS \ SEEM TO HAVrT TAKEN ,•' BIG SHINE JP_THAT ) . ^ CUI'U. ij.M BYNrA «-,6EVICf.lMC T. M nr,-. WASH TUBES SRVO.ML- Double-Crossers to the End By ROY CRANE BUT HOW'LL \ I &OTTA KNIFE. WE GET OUR ) QUICK, VAN, REACH MY POCKET. WOW RUM -FQIfl TO HECK WITH THOSE GUVS FROM RA& VOLCANO Again Today We present New Shur-liteBas Schaffer Belts to rnatcli LADIES Specially Shop FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Old Ballyhoo By MEKKiLL BLOSSER FLOORFURNACES IJASV I IlA TEKAIS HARRY W. SHIVER MHINO I'llONK 2ii9 •\ ( S:~ - - J b J ^ NOMtSMADlr •'"" '•'"- TRAILER , PROMISE':, TO BE A Siit-J5AT- IOK1AU FORWARC-) PASSeia. • He l-i A pAKM BOY DEVELOPED PITCH IMQ ARM LOADING y£>l:/.isSfea RED RYDER OJ MIS FAT'MER Jv.:. |-( fti WAY H SCHOOL BY ACTING; rf.- AM ASSISTANT t-IK-jHT HE i OUT THE? B "'/yS!— pj-i DON'T RF" ^ 'ir He SWEE THROUGH Tl- fxJMFERENC YOUR. REPORTER. SAW HIM PUT OLiT A MAICH BY HITTING IT WITH A POOTBALU AF 3O YARDS . AND IP THE BALL WAD EseeN COVERED WITH ' — SANDPAPER IT WOULDN'T 8t SURPRISING '10 SRE HIM LIGHT A MATCH AT SAME D/&TAAJCG. KEEP YOUR NUBBIW DISPLAYS HIS ti- MADE HAIR CUT ON H/M CHA'v^PlO^sls^-^lp BOUTS - HELO I COHH lyjy'bi'" 1 NEA bt hv'.tt. INC. I M. Kt(. U 'j I'Al Ot A BaffJing Mystery Dr. J. D. Johnson •' J 1 Announces the opening of officcsj '. r'irst National liank Building / j I'lactice Limited to Eye, Ear Nose and Throat. .V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V-V £AT> IS 1W PLACE VJH&RE WAS KNIF-£O 6Y TH' BEt Vsie FlNt> HOf^Ar4 TRACKS.' f^\E HOPE SO' NO LM<.E-Ut^ GHOST VJOUF/ ' SWE U>TTuE B&AVE.R. GOOSE By FRED HARMAN YES--- AND MOST LOGICAL ATTACK. BE THE F4ANCHE.R LET'S GO//

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