Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1939 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 27, 1939
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If You Expect to Vote in the 1940 Elections Pay Your Poll Tax Now - the Deadline on Poll Taxes Is Saturday, September 30. World-Wide News Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Press Hope Star The Weather ARKANSAS—FAIR WEDNESDAY night and Thursday. VOLUME 40— NUMBER 300 HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 27,1939 PRICE 5c COPY El Dorado Preps for Tough Battle Against Bobcats! Wildcat Coach Ponders! Over Way to (..Jet .Past I Hope's P.i.u; Line I BOTH TEAMS READY Indications Arc That Bothi Squads Will Be in i Top Shape '• KIDOKADO - - With two scalps mi-, der their bells, the Kl Dorado Wild- ; t';its hi re/'-'d through a /ippy erini- ' mago session Tuesday afternoon .'it ; Rowland field in |ii epaialion of meet- I ill/,' Hie mosl formidable foe of lll(.' , season In dal": Coach Foy Ilammons| Hope Bobcats. Kairly whole aflei pla\ inc, ;i bantf- : up u.'iinc 1 nl H;iyin'.':villc Friday ni(;lil. i Hie C'.it.s settled down ID intrusive ; pnclive with mi-.,! of tin- hoys in • KiMji 1 .ipiril.s ..ml i.-ady fur woik, they prc.ii)iil)ly will i;et ll, fur Coach Allrn ' Berry is circnly i;looin\ over hi.- ; charges chances .'^ainst the heavy. Hope Bobeat.s. The Ideal mentor probably has .',ood rea.snn.s for beint; i^l/joiny. i',>r Hope; boasts an almost impregnable tilii-i wine.. ..vera^es abou' 21111 pounds pel'; man. Rai k of this line an' some of; .South Arkansas' host ball Inters. ' How his Wildcats will 141:1 pa.st (Inline of NCI hmnafy. \t< ihe Hope lill here Friday niulil Hives the local coach ' no Miiall anidiuii of worry. In Recce and White tin; loeal coach has two of j I IK- best runni !..', haeks in the .stale, j. hut he reali/e;; dial thcv have le.ss than j Ihe provebial Chinaman'., chance- unless Iheir ,,wt: bl'<rke,s can hold i hfiek Ihe bei'fy IJobcat linemen. , . 'lone In r;,.,,,i s-i,.,,,,. Coach Koy I laniiuon.s .said Wednesday dial, he would :-en<l hi.s .squad lhroue,h a lorn; drill session during the afternoon. bul that i^.^li work would he hold lei a minimum as a precaution a(4ainsl possible injnric;. "I'he learn is in yood shape at pic.- .-ent.. po.sibly in better condition than any lime llns .• e.isou," (lie coach said. Jimmy Dana: Is, <piartei back, ha:-: been piacticinp. ri-i:ularly and appears to be ready for the ElUorado (alible. 111.. pie.-.cnce I., expected (o j considerably strength both Ihe of- ' len.M' and defense. Coach Hammons said general admission io the KliJorado Kami' would he | ,'M cents. Tickets can he purchased ' " Hie special tiain leaving Hope at •1 ocliicl; Fiid.n- afternoon. KIDorado .-chool officials telephoned that Hope fan-, could obtain reserve seal:, at ."ill cents. Library Awards to ! 18 Hope Students Keadiiii<; Cert i ficatcs fJiven by Vacation Reading Club Kifdileen slndenls in die Hope public M-hoob will hi- a\v;,r,le<l readmt; cer- tificalcs in the Vacation Keadinu club M sored by the Hope Public Library. The i-ei tificates an.- ijianled to those studenls v-ho have c'Hiipleled Ihe re- qnire.l icadini; and wei e in :,lleiidancc in the mcelini;., of tin.-, ,-)nl, durinH (lie summer vacation. ' The winners are. ' IVookv. I School limb Kllrn Slnbblcmaii. ,\ao, M , I,,,,,!, limner '. Vivian liaiden. i'atsley .School Mai ilia U'layi Chi,ilen" Wi;;i;m.-,, Maiy Ann We.-,ler-! man. Mary Anila Lasseter, Hellve Wjl- lis Northcult. Norma Jean Franks Clean Heed Marlar, Man.'.aicl Harden. OvJcshv School - Wincic livatis. ' doi-ia Wolf.s F.l!a Dean !',eck. j 'J'l^li .School - 1, ,,- in eo.s' Brunei. Thelma M, rle K\-,, n :-. Irene Heanie Poll;. ,]o.\ re Kdie. A Thought !s '" l'imc:p!( is mure noble, as Ihero | S „,,,,,. ln ,, u , | |0 | V| t)l . )n Hi.'t of ,, in,,- ob,,!,,.,,^.. -I]. Giles. Fighters Write International Law for Selves, Beard's View BE SURRENDERED na | We V& y feu. HempsteadFairls P °'K.J^Sffcrk™,Jfiot French Claim T Whatever it is he has to say In his While llmise secretary. General Edwin VVaiMin, I'rcidcnl Koiyseiclt puts |ilcnt.\' cf cmpliiisis on it wild that Ihiunh ;>iicl fori-fiiBi'i'. The rfi-oiilent is jiiclurcd after his historic speei-h '^pi'iiini; I he special session of Congress. Amity Playing at Blevins on Friday Dr. 1 L. Hardage Opens Office Here B levins Launches Difficult New Dentist .1-1 MS Office in .10-Game Football i Citizens .Bank Schedule i Building- C'W-li Geo Hunter has been putting [),-. A. I,. Ilardage. dentist, opened a nicvins squad of 2S men including an office Wednesday on the second Itllor men and a munhrr of re- tnUL;h .- i-rinimage sessions for Friday's kaine with Amity at filevins. Scveial l(kely looking prospects have been <J!..<•<,vcred the past week. with hi.- lir-,1 team avrrac,iii|i aiound Jake Ko.sier. wlm developed into ui'' uf III" best parsers and broken floor of Cili/eiiM National Hank build- inj;. Dr. Mardane is a native of Arkadelphia. He is a i'.iaduate of the Ar- kadt-lphia Hiub School, attended (;uaehila eoller.i- and later finished l.ia\dor University college of dentistry . . Hardane has installei! some of the latest .sl.ile la.-) \rar is crpeeled to earr\ Hie biiini of the Blevin oiien..e. Aunty will be seolviny to avenge a 7 to ti defeat handed to them last year by Illevin.-.. I aide is known of the Micni;ih of Aioit.v. I'".. eh iluuli-r aim. unices Ihe fol- II-MIII;; 111 |.,')in.. sclicdiik 1 . OIK.' nl the I must dil'ieidl hooked by ihe loeal j m ihi' past few years: TCU Grid Special Wrecks, 2 Killed Amity ,,)„! lilevin:, Septnllbei I 1 '.!. | Klll','il]et 1' Ulld ( Y)l H I I K'tOl' Sli'plii-n.. ,md lile\-in.s Dclober li. i » r ' ; ! I 1 M " ri •I'X.ol.,,,,.' C.ithol:.. Hi ..... I Mlevin,..! JMJIl'll ..... !\'(.))H> ()| J «J|Si so lifers [lull ' MlM.s.M'. Tcxa, ..-I''- A Texas lloiolio at I'llovm,, Noveml.ei :; ; ..ud I'acifir n nin be;.i in K Trsa , ( h-i'.|- , ,"","i'''"' ''" l ' u [ l '!' 1: " 1 " ;m " llllHI '"'i 1 '"' rn.ver,,ly foolb.M] Ian,, to I ,os Ark.iUpbu, a, ArKadelp,,,, Nov 17. Ant;1 e, ,,,, wrecked near here Tuesdav 1 r.m,.,,,,, ,, I'rme,!,!,, *,„ - a . ,. . , ' up of War Indicated.-' I diieiiir. and in.jnrin:.', tin- fireman. j None of the pa.-.seiu;ei.-. W.K- M-port• ed injured serion. Iv. ! Tin- dead; • I eonaril -I I'n rv . i-ni;,i,r,-r, For' : Worth N. Mi'Mi-i.-lv. I'.jinbi'-tor. l'iHI \Voriii. "•'•'•'•• mjiii id. 1 le '.'. .1.-. lal'.r'i In a bus- pit.•! -'I Wei.th.'i |..,d. Ti-x :. . .... lii.'ie ; Legion Makes Demand for! lll;i 1 "-"" l! "' "w ---"d n.,t .s,-M-,.i,. ! CRANIUM CRACKERS ' l'i'''--eil up the 'l',-v,i:, ("nnstian l:ni-i ( I|lr.\(;,| ,|' Tb, .\i,;,-i 1,-an i Vi-r.-ilv I'oofball Irani al Sweet water, i l.i'!-i..i! .i,.|, a,.|,-,l Wediie.-..!.,.. ih.-a die i T.'\a-:. iiiainlalii MI ,,,111;. all.I ii,,v> i'f oni ;>ais v, eie allii,.-.' , |, -,,,, , l: ...] „.,) ' ')'),,. ..I Iv.'. I a M ai ; dan-', several 1'ill li na;- A pin',ile an plane, flown al I'M' .'I-''' d for HID miles fiom J,,,., Ai ink's Io San Die;;.., an ives there in a half- hi»ii v.'ilh a .tronu wind I 1 'bind n Ill-tin inn;; immediately. U lake- tin p|,me .1(1 nminle.-, a'sun.-l Hie : amr wind. At v. hat . pi'o.l do,.- li,,- pi,,,,,travel with ami aH.uust the wind. ,'U'd whal is its normal lop speed in a e •! i -1 V S..!l.l|i..,l ..„ I';,,.,. '.I',,,, i I' h- 1 - heel) l.'lind I),;,: ||, ( . I,,,.,. |.i"H'.'' "f Ihe ii.ii.vliain^ l:ille,l air vv i". and Ihe n.ili.uial "ilal.l Io auloilioblle taxes in the United Slates! cost American motor;.,ts J],all7,,"iS2.01)11. I Tliis :'i",uro is sri7,40ll.(intl less than the' Roosevelt Phrase Is Nebulous, Says a Noted Authority Beard Points Out International Law Vanishes During War ALL NEUTR.ALS HIT U. S. Also Jumped on Them After Declaring War in 1917 * • Itv CHARLES A. UEAIC) l'':inimi.s Historian (Wrillen for IS'EA Service) NKW YORK — Among the slick phrases of the day is "international law." The other day. President Hooscvelt, in discussing repeal of the embargo on sale of munitions, declared that.' hi.s objective is "a return to the principles of international law." Now what does this mean? It is a veritable jumble of claims nssort- ions. .treaties, pledges, and hot contentions. If it were definite, governments would not have to write endless notes about its meaning. International law is not law in the sense in which we use Ihe term "law" in our domestic affairs. International law is not written down in any law books and no world court has the power to enforce il. The powcfu! nations of the earth, art not agreed as to what it provides. Many of them break their own interpretation.- of thi:, law and their pledges under it. Where do we find this so-called ' international law? In big hooks made by governments, in the judicial decisions of various courts on specific points, in the thou:;ands of notes which governments have wrilfeji to one another during a periid of two "r three hundred years, and in the records uf acts done to out another by governments in peace and war. I.illle toJSaiik mi In Inleni.-tlional Code In this jumble of theories and practices only ii few tilings an; certain. KIM- example, belligerents do not kill and cat ihi.'ir prisoners of war any longer. When a war breaks nut, a hel- liKerent does not shoot Ihe ambassador of .the enemy but provides sale conduct for him on hi.s way back home. These are among the things regarded as well ".settled" under international law. On the eve of the last world war. many rules for the conduct of iiiltr- natioiKil relations were regarded as well established and the United Slat- j rs ii|iora( u( i ( ,n (ho theory that tlu-v j would he .obeyed by ,-,11 beligeriMits | Among tho:,,. rue.s WIT1 . |he following "principles" which have vital mean ing today: I- A he-lligoivnl may lawfully blockade the ports of an enemy and stop all ships li () |, n ,.| tll (ll . f mm ,| ms( , I'orls. To be lawful a blockade had to he "effective"-- that is. enforced h v belligerent wan-hips stationed nr- u - ||V,, ports ol tl u . i.||,. inv blockaded. The .'•'ill'-, of neutral:; Ihal tried to inn the bloc)i;ifle anil were (-might rouM lie ser/ed without violating any ii,--,,- 'i. Netural ship,., ,-arryiim war fiends ii'i.iilrahaiuO to any belligerent could he si'i/ed without violating any neu- Ira] rights, .J. Neutral merchant .--hip.s can viim only i;oods of peace Imm-contraband t could be sri'cd, or attacked by any l.elligcicnt on Ihe high .seas unlo.-'> •t. N" merchant sl,i|, ; , ,,f m .,i||,.,i-. i-r hellii'eri-iit.-, eouJd bo ,,unk (,„• any H-i.-on without wainiiiK and wiihoui I'i'Widinj; for the safety of ,-n-v. : . and Law Iliiiiiin-il I'ntil AVar t'OflK'S The.-e were among |1 U ' ,;re;,i nch':- whi'.-li the go\-i'i-nincnt of 1)1,- 1'nii- ed Stall'.., I,-., dofleii asserted midei -e. lernati'-.iial law. M,,. s | ,,ii, o ,- U ,, SV |,.. IMent,. had ,,.T,.i;iiiy(,[ Ih,,,,, a> |. 1IM || 11L . I'ut aft,.-,- the list world war broke \''"!'"'-o leo.'t ,.f thrsi- loiiu. ;,,',-ei,|,-,i ] I'uli-s ol inlernatiunal law. j llu ll: " '" the .-oilman,:.. ....ei,,,,-, j ' " '''•' I'" il.iin i-onld not m,,l-.e h.-r '•l",-|<,,d, ,,|- i;,.,,,,,.,,, ,„,,-,.. -^-i,,.^,,',. j ''- v '-I'-'ii" i; w,,i ship.- m i,, ,,: I,-. u .. ' 11 '" '"'" Hreal Britain lierlared ,i pap.'i- bloekade. planted n:in,, ;,, ibr V'al''rs near ihr Clriioaii |...rl . and s'-i/i'd in-ulial ship:, hound l.. (ii-r- maii port.,. | '-'l.'Uliln:; I], ,| n.mini,,n:. ||.-,,i t -!i.,n :; J ''''• l " ''•'' I'l Hani llii'ii.-a.-,i-d tin- b- 1 ' "' v "" Uoo, I.-. U'.nitrali.,iidi ulni-li 1 li'llld I,,.. M'lM'd mi th t . uav to f,r- many, until il incliiiK-d wheat, corn, and neaily every iinpoitam arlii-li- n|j i 'Continued un Page Thrci.') 'We're So Sorry, Please, If This Bothers You' KIO DE JANERIO ~(0>)— Part of $40,000 iccently stolen from the city's ciif.tom house was found shortly after ward in a package which fisherman dragged up in Rio's harbor. Alleged thieves were seized. Said an advertisement in the newspaper A Notice: "A bundle containing part of the stolen money and flashlights With Gaillartl batteries, manufactured by Refinier & Co., of Barra Mansa, was found at the bottom of the .sea. One of the principal reasons for the success achieved by the thieves was un- doutedly their forcthough in providing themselves \vith Gaillard batteries of incontestable efficiency." Mustard Gas Is Evilest of War One Touch of It and 'a Soldier Sees War From the Sidelines n.v PRESTON GKOVEK WASHINGTON—We have come upon some data about mustard gas that may arouse memories of World war veterans, particularly since it is pretty certain that the old burner will be used again on the French, English and Germans on the western front. None of tho countries now at war, nor 1 even the humane United States has any idea of giving up mustard gas- as a war_ weapon. In fact, United States military men, together with some of tho chemical warfare experts HempsteadFairls Improvement Over Show a Year Ago Crowd Enjoys Opening of 1939 Exposition Here Tuesday Night EXHIBITS~FINISHED Livestock Program Will Bring Out Big Crowd on Thursday The crowd on opening nighf was loud in its praises of the 1939 Henip- slcad County Fair. Everyone seemed to think it was far ahead of last year and the bc.st since the palmy day.s of the old Southwest Arkansas Fair. Wednesday night the Pet Show wiU be bold at the main exhibit building'. All who have pets to enter will be admitted free and may enter them Wednesday before 7:30. Winners will be decided by popular vote. The finishing touches will be put on the exhibit building Wednesday. Tho poultry show is now complete and will be well worth a visit. There arc nearly a hundred coops o£ fine chickens, which will be judged during the day. Dairy cattle were judg- of other countries, been de- , fending the stuff as one of the more humane ways of winning battles. Casualties arc high, but only a few of the casualties are going to die '•> ° f May Direct '40 Census WASHINGTON -(/!>)- J. S. Pollard, Stuttgart, was given tentative appointment Wednesday as supervisor of the 1940 census in Ai-kansa. Bergdoll on Trial as Draft-Dodger <_/ Testifies He Returned Secretly to United States Twice NEW YORK —(0*)— Grover Cleveland Bergdoll, world war draftdodger, testified Wednesday he returned to the United States twice from lis self- impose dexilc in Germany and recovered $150,000 in gold he had hidden before his arrest. He went on trial before a general court-martial Wednesday on chages of descrtation and escape from a military prision. . ed during (he afternoon. A, Good Carnival The carnival is unusually good this year. The rides are new and all shows and concessions look spick and span in their new lops. Thursday is Livestock Day, when all livestock except dairy cattle and poultry will be judged. Seals will be provided fo rail who would like to attend the judging, which will begin at 10 and only a few more will'be porman- _ J _ t> ... e , „,„,„ wul "" ! y or ci )''ui c t - Sl " nc , T n '\ bo a> m - and contillli! until 4 P '"• •^ tX a ° Any^iMt the I ^L° C ^ *™ ^"."^ convention of the gas wariare act- | (Continued en Page Three) vocates. As a gas, mustard is just about tops. Gas- masks will keep the soldiers from inhaling—hut that is only a fractional protection from mustard. That .stuff soaks into clothes, burns little blisters at the slighcst. contact, and makes ft hospital CIIKC out of even the mildest attacks. It can't, be handled in a field dressing .station, in (he manner of a minor nick from a bullet or .shell fragment, Ciiiiipnuiul Interest When a .soldier gets a touch of mustard ga.s he is out of tho war from 30 to 90 days—iind perhaps fur the duration. The .stuff grows on you. Each little ITli.ster fills with juice just like a burn. But thi" juice is not ordinary juice. When tho blister breaks, the juice will r.-iise more blisters where over it touches. And tlvi.se blisters make more blisters endlessly. A _tiny blister may form unnoticed under a soldier's belt. It breaks under the weight, of hi.s pack, and run.-; down his thigh. A little chain of blisters forms. if c is ;i , s j t .k ,,iun. He may try to keep on fighting, just to Set. another crack at the bloody butchers, but i.t is no use. He .scratches the burn with his finger and ritb.s hi.s, fare. Then little blisters start there | and off wo go again. I Sprayed across a road the ga.s will ! Christian County Goes to the Polls HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. _(/pj_ Fred L. Weir'withdrew from the race for Democratic nomination for state treasurer to support a friend in the recent •Kentucky primary. But when Christian county (Hop- kinsvillc) votes were tabulated, Weir had nearly twice as many as the friend. He canvassed the .state ior Russell Fryman. The vote in this county was: Weir 626, Fryman 320. Fryman also lost in other parts of the state. — •» • ^—• . Safetly organizations recommend that pedestrain control, with penalties, for violation, should not be attempted until after a long-range educational program. But Part of Siegfried Line Wiped Out Germans Announce Agreement for Capitulation of Warsaw A BATT!LE~AT SEA Germans Claim Aircraft Carrier Sunk — But England Denies It BULLETIN BERLIN, Germany — (/P)— The German high command announced Wednesday night that "Warsaw has capitulated unconditionally", and added that the "handing over of the city probably will occure September 29." MOSCOW, Russia — (ff)— The Soviet government . announced Wednesday night that the Russian steamer Metallist had been torpedoed and sunh by an unidentified • ....submarine near Ectonia. PARIS, Prance French artil- Despite War, U. S. Larder Has 877 Pounds Food Per Person (Continued on Pace Three) MIND YOUR MANNERS f. M. REO u. a PAT. art. Our national pantry is well-stocked. Above a 20-mule combine harvesting (jriiin in the rained "Big Bend" wheat country of central Washington. One uf the I'irsl rcpfrriissions in this country tin lOuropcan \var was it : uddcn rise in the price of fond, partly inspired' Ijy panic IVar of a "fond shi.rtiiuc". What chance is then- (if such a shortage j n America? Mrs. (iayiii-r Miuld«ix. notcil authority (in food, asked jfovminu-iit officials in \ViishiiiK(nn about il .The article In-low is Imsed (in what ihcy told her. II is (he .second of .six written for NKA Service. Test your knowledge or correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking jigainst the authoritative answers below: 1. l.s the wedding announcement of a young widow the :ame as fur :i first marriage'. 1 '•i. II t|u- widow is iniddleaued hew i-. the a.inouncernrnt worded'! '•':, 1.- It a £01 id idea for ;i divDIT- ed '.',<•;;',,r, to .send -mi auntiiinc- n.''ni - u! her .vjenrid ,nam;.'(j(;Y 1 If .hi gie.e.ni ha:, been ilivmc- '•d '>s il MU-I-ITIJCI fin the bride's •n:. I" tend IHII i.i-c'jiincc- e 1 , Cl Sl'llt "i invited i.ul you il i , .i.-i !Ve a Wi'.nlri ; , I:IM U111.V- i:."iii ; /> i n.diy . In n.' 1 want In : run ;i Mfl. Winild ''I' 1'"''>'I Ihal > oil llHlsl. MIICI' VIM; rt'Cei \ ed ,al anillilllKVIili I it'.' 'h' \"ol f'-;l obligated. sliK-e .V' 1 ' ''"I '"'I ri-eer.x an rm-Li! ion'.' .•\n:-wcis 1. Ye.-.. With line exception -her nil,i ricil name is u.-.:d. like this: "Mi-, and Mrs. John Hames Sinilh h;ivr the hoimr to arnonnee tin- in irriaec- uf their de uLjiti-r. Kll/alii-lb Sr.iilh June:-. 2. The In-ill.- .iii.l i;i uuni .iiiu'iiinci' 1 lii-i i i ".'. 11 in.11 l lai-i.-. You L)u i'.y ;\1KS. (JAYNOUSIADnoX NKA Service Stuff Wriler WASHINGTON — The average individual in the United States consumes about 1(10 pounds of .sugar a year. But the .sugar refineries do nut process all the .sugar to be consumed durine, a year at one lime. They Into keep their plants openiting steudi- , ly through four seasons. | H thfrefurc, those wonu-n who fear! a sudden shortage of .su^ar because j of war 1'i'iidilinn.s rush out and buy i at oni' time all the MIS;H- their famil- i ies would normally use duriiu; "65 days i ihcy iinniediiiteU rause a .shortage of I stocks on hand. This runs uji pric- : lery was reported Wednesday to have wiped out portions of the German Siegfried line between Merzig and Saarbuecken, as the entire Western front blazed with heavy cannonading. Dispatches said the Germans had answered the bombardment with an intense counter-fire on the French advance positions in the Saar and Palatinate areas to protect Nazi troops working feverishly to rebuild shattered blockahouses. Warsaw Holding Out BUDAPEST, Hungary —(/Pj— Ths Warsaw radio, describing a terrific 1 aerial and artillerV assault on the besieged Polish capital, Wednesday .'fold Bitish and France: "We are still holding out." The station broadcast a special message to the Poles' ambassadors to Paris and London that although Warsaw "is razed" after almost three weeks of seige. "We expect aid will be forthcoming from our allies." Surrender Offer Claimed BERLIN, Germany —(#)— Germany's supreme command declared Wednesday that Warsaw's defenders had offered to surrender, and that the Nazi air force had "successfully attacked" several British warships in the North sea. The Warsaw garrison's surrender offer, the high command declared, came on the 20th day of the Polish capital's siege, "under the thrust of German assults which carried the first line of fortresses in the north, ana the second line of fortresses in the south." The Polish commander, the Berlin communique said, "this afternoon offered to surrender the'city and military force, and the German army commissioned General Johannes von Blaskowitz to conduct the negotiations for capitulation." The communique said an airplane- naval encounter occurred in the middle of the North Sea Tuesday and that "besides an airplane carrier, which has been destroyed, several severe hits were scored on one battleship. Our planes sustained no losses." In Berlin this was interpreted to mean that second British aircraft carried was destroyed, but the com- munique did not name the vessel. (The British aircraft carrier Courageous was torpedoed with a loss of 1 GOO sailor two weeks ago.) the- year l!Wi-l!)l(i. a.-, estimated by 1 experts uf the Department of Agri- j cultur Meals mot poultry! Butler Lard Other Fats and' Oils Wheat Kir:-]] Fruit CaniHv! Fruit and Juices C;inned Vegetables White Pol,ilui\s Dried Bcans 1'oundt Per Person ... 132 17.5 1-1 IS 317 Denied by British LONDON, Eng. -(&)- Winston We have vast .'.iipplic. 1 - "f sugar in the United States and have no rea- ' - • , f»n for fear a .shortage because of j c ' lsc k-.i'fied than the esi inv.it od eon-j the war in Kurope. Prices until Sept- f ••'umption for the period under con- ember had been so abnormally low be- ' "''' ' ; " c ' er-i-ihundance of sugar unless the price hail ! vn > asunable amount, thi 1 mii;ht h;tve boon d.m- Churchill, first lord of the admiralty, told the House of Commons Wednesday a squadron of British warships was attacked in the North sea Tuesday by 21) German planes bul that none'was hit. "No British casualties were reported, but one German flying bout" \v:>s shot down and another damamu'u." he said. "Another German aire:;-'.: came down and we sent a destroy,.-. to collar her crew of four, \vho wtiv^ brought in us prisoners." In the meantime. Sir Jolm Siinen , . , chancellor of UK' exchequer, niuio-i ir. supphc., on hand o,. „, he pro- j Cl , !m in ,, easc h , thu qilu . on , c ^ , ;J for consumption are in every ; 35 per cent until March ol next, and ..... , >° :)7 -'' I'"' cent for the next' mi! liv period under eon- ! fi - scal - vcar - ideraliMii Supplier of canned fruit--j iich creater than osliinaten I MOSCOW. Russia I'li-nly (u Cat Ihirinji .Next War Our national :-upplii.>.- of food are "l a hiyii peak. There i.- no need l"i' fear of scaicity. That condition ilid nut prevail at the h.•ginning of the Wurlil \V.n- in I'll-t, hul il dors pio- \ail loda.i at the bediming of Ih, IH'\V U'ai Ml Kllfiipc Mow inuch food will 1-,,1'h ineiubi-i : tel "I vuui f:ni;ily e.d dm my the entile idn \eai v.h.u'h begin,, today'. 1 Fiuure il i inl ul roughly. Now study the following i ni eensmrij l ion 'Ihese canned should thi'i -.'fore icinain in the comparatively lov. pru-e i.-.iige. [lu>ve\ei- the fi;.'.i'ri'.. given here, based un l)i-partincnl of Agriculture inli.iriiialioii. are only to assure \ uu that, then- will be pU-nly to eat' in this country during the next year. They are nut to give yuii the impression that prices for food will stay! al thru- prc.-i-nt level.-,. No one can .. —.V— Fu loods! Mi'iiMer Joachim von Ribbe:-.ti\ Germany arrived here U'edne^ia talks with the Soviet mjverr.ir.em cd iini'u.'ii'imied repuii.s that a Sovii-t- Ueimau military pact was under consideration. . iu-l 'Ah.il will happen, bul we -.now that women who an.' v.vll uiid about m.irket conditions will cause, a panic when the threat list ol f(«id supplies which will be , ol .scarcity does not exist. available to each of ihe i><ti'n-iti-d ' lul.2-Ki.uuu prop!- ;.'. the U S. dunncl NCXT: Kear Affects Prices. The clutcli pedal of the aver;. ye automobile .should have at least on» inch of free movf-ntm i-.t'fore it begins H) lake hold. Cotton NEW YORK— W—OotoU-r c, : ."ix-ned Wednesday at '.MO avi! eio.- at ».!!). Aliddling iput 3. IS uoi.nul.

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