Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 7, 1942 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 7, 1942
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BUY UNIrtD STATES VINOS ONDS AltD SWIM Wot^-Wide News Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Press Hope Star The Weather a nw Wednes day afternoon and Wednesday night except snow and freezing rain in the extreme south portion; slightly colder in the north and central portions Wednesday night VOLUME 43 — NUMBER 72 Stor Of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927 Consolidated Jonuarv IB IQII HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 7, 1942 •asesMtodgeHnJiistory ur Daily Bread Correaidor. KharkovhAim W* r P;^,,*~ ^ /— /^- ._ r- f- . T... Our Daily Bread By NEA Commentator WILLIS THORNTON- Yes, Hitler, Danzig Was the World! We Hare Not Yet Begun to Buy out v had tho on as he cried r, was tf y in 9 to inti ™' e Danzig question, and the British ten the rest of the world in peace. -® Danzig? So long ago il seems, lha mghl of Augusl 31, 1939, when the peace of Iho world trembled in a balance hanging over the Polish Corridor. Hitler wanted changes in tht Polish Corridor arrangemcnls. The world, fearful of war, was inclined to agree lo them. Poland appeared willing to compromise if approached with- oul threats. But Hiller had worked himeslf inlo one of Ihoso manica! rages in which Ihore was no longer any place for ncgoliation. The Poles must yield completely—or else. Let us never forget thai one crucial point. This war is an effort to wipe from Iho world's face Ihe "or else" kind of relationship between nations. Because Hitler could not wait; because intoxicaled by Ihe might of his willing legions, he had lo altack Poland rather than wail lo sec what reason could accomplish, Ihe war came. "Die for Danzig?" the cynical French left was asking. No. not for Danzig. Danzig was only a symbol. There were many men willing to die for something bigger Ihan Danzig. They have died and are dying lo creale a world in which "or else polilics" will no longer dominate the world's peoples. "Was Danzig the world?" comes Hoitlor's petulant voice once again. Yes, Hitler, Danzig WAS the world, in a sense. Danzig, a small city in itself, stood for the pledged word, for question of whether Strength or Right shall prevail. First Iho British and French only slood on Ihe side of reason and Ihe pledged word. Then France fell, and Brilain slood alone. But the tasle of Ihe morsal Danzig gol under Ihc Hiller longue, and one by one other conquests followed it—and each time the world became more and more concerned. Allies began to range themselves on the side of ihe things of which Danzig was only a symbol. Today 26 countries stand pledged lo he ending of wlial Hiller began at Danzig. Those 26 are not the world, but they are a good reprcsentalive slice of it, and there will be others to join before Ihoy are through. Danzig did nol seem like Ihe world, in Ihe days when Hiller's military machine was rolling over Poland. Bui il is beginning to look more like hte world every day. The whole world County Leaders Meet to Plan Food Campaign Hempstead to Do Part By Increasing Production for Defense A meeting of ih c Counly Agricultural Plnaning Commitleo begin in the county courtroom here at 1"30 p m. Wednesday afternoon. The group will consider details of the Food for Victory campaign and make plans for launching the program in Hempstead county, il was announced by Miss Mary C. Fletcher and Oliver L. Adams, county extension agents, when they returned from a slate conference of Agricultural Extension workers at Little Rock recently. The purpose of this unified cam- j v paisru.ls.la-bring Pou,.griiqtQi> prt|-. duction of food and feed by every farm family in this county and in the state, in order (1) to maintain and improve the health of every farm family tial foods, (2) to relievo rural demand by the use of homeproduced cssen- f on commercial supplies of food and feed, and (3) to help supply the food needs of Allied induslrial and armed forces, the agenls explained. The campaign is in support of ihe all-out program of Secretary of Agriculture Wickard and the U. S. Department of ', A Agriculture. "While total supplies of certain foods in the United States are large, needs for domestic consumplion are greater. Furthermore, our Allies have already asked for 10 per cent of our pro- .pduclion, and it is quite possible that 1 this requested amount will be increased. Therefore, farmers of the United States arc facing the problems of producing the largest volume of food in the history of American agriculture," Ihe agenls said. f-' The campaign in Hempstead county will gel underway January 22, Enlistment Day, when all farm families will be asked to pledge their wholehearted and complete assistance to the Food for Victory Campaign. • Corregii Bafan Again Raided by Japs 45 Enemy Bombers Strike at United States Positions, Several Hit WASHINGTON-(/P)-The War Department said Wednesday that the defenders of Ihe Philippines "are withstanding continuous bombing and maclunegunning on their tight front northwest of Manila." Forlificalions of Corregidor Island at the entrance of Manila Bay and defenses on nearby Balan Peninsula were bombed again for several hours Tuesday, and Ihe war department said Lhe extent of damage and casualties has not yet been delermincd. Al leasl 45 bombers rained explosives on (he fortifications and several ills on invading planes were scored, the communique said. On the enlire front with American mcl Philippine defenders drawing heir forces together in Ihe peninsula wesl of occupied Manila there was icavy fighting and increased pressure nit the soldiers of General Douglas MacArthur were making valien resistance, the communique said. Japs Quit Changshii TOKYO-COfficial Broadcast Re- orded by AP)—A Domci dispalch rom Hankow, quoling an announce- nenl of the Japanese headquarters or central China, said Wednesday hat the Japanese froces had begun heir withdrawal from Changsha, hav- ng accomplished their objectives. British Fall Back SINGAPORE-OT-Japanese forces ightmg their way down Malayan 'eninsula inched closer to Singa- 'ore Wednesday as the British ack- owlcdged for the third successive ay thai their forces compelled lo m i j • , ilhdraw southward under the steady Wednesd ^ ._ wlth . massacrcing Kharkov Is Aim of New Russian Crimean Push Nazis Charged With Killing 95,567 Civilians in Occupied Cities By the Associated Press Seaborne Rusian troops were reported lo be sinking back inlo the Crimea Wednesday at many points and were said lo be tightening the trap around seigc armies at Sevastopol while on the central front the retreating Nazi forces left 10,000 dead on the battlefield and yeilded 572 towns irt five days, a communique reported. At Ihe same lime German acknowledged a heavy Soviet push in the Donets river valley of Iho Ukraine againsl Iho induslrial cily of Krahkov, Russia's Pillsburg. The picture of Ihc fasl changing front as sketched by latest reports and an official communique follows: From the main north anchor at Leningrad the Rusian lines extends 280 miles south to Vyzokc, 45 miles west of Kalinin; thcnsc through star- ilsa in a sweeping arc menacing the German-held Mozhaisk, 57 miles west of Moscow with Soviet troops striking from Volokolamsk, Narofominsk, Borovsk, Maloyaroslavels, Kaluga and Mozelsk. Mozelsk laps into German- held territory 14 miles southwest of Moscow. From Mozelsk the line runs soulh- east lo Belv, then 150 miles southeast to Tim, 40 miles east of Kusk; thence 250 miles south along the Donets river lo near Slalino, and southeast 80 miles lo Taganrog on the Sea of Azov. The British radio said the Russian Iroops had crossed the upper Donets. Nazis Legalize Marauding .^ successive ! t M °SC°W-(/P)-German troops were successive formally charged by Soviet Russir War Picture as Japs Gain in Far East PHILIPPINE ANILA ISLANDS Pacific Ocean Soigon South China Seo KUANTAN MALAY STATES Celebes Seo SARAWAK^. SINGAPORE Indian Ocean T IN DIES OERABAJA War Program to Send U.S. Debt tollOBillions President Asks 56 Billions for War, 9 Billions in New Taxes is realizing in- In addition to the regular members, the county agricultural planning committee meeting was attended by Senator James Pilkinton, Mayor Albert Graves, Talbot Fields Jr., Representative and Chairman County Defense Council, Roy Anderson, Presi- ; .»vlent Hope Chamber of Commerce, Vincent Foster, President, Hope Junior Chamber of Commerce, E. E. Austin, County Examiner, superintendents of schools, ministers, representative of Rotary and Kiwanis clubs, editors, ^nerchunts and oilier counly leaders • Avho believe that food will win the was as viclory for us depends on America's abilily lo produce. -World Reactions to War Plans . *' German, Italian Newspapers Withold Figures * By the Associated Press Italians authoritatively Wednesday called President Roosevelt's program for 185,000 planes and 120,000 tanks in 1942 and 1943 "sensational and spectacular of typical North American vtrand" but expressed unbelief in the realization and carefully, the figures were lefl out of the press. German comonlaries referred lo il as "fairly subslanlial speaking" but said it was merely a warmed up version of the old Roosevell speeches. Germans too were not allowed to know the American production plans. In London one headline was typical in jubilance, "The Yanks Arc Coming." These in brief typified world wide ^ ^action to Ihe President's war program laid before the 77lh congress Tuesday in a speech in which he predicted tolal victory over the Axis. creasingly every day thai Danzig-ism, "or else politics," must go. * * * Paul Jones, in his famous fight with the Serapis, startled the enemy commander by announcing from the raked deck of his half-sinking Bon Homme Richard that he had not yet begun lo fight. The defense Bond drive is in no sinking condition, but il is nevertheless time for announce that buying. In December, despite Ih stimulus of Ihe allack on Hawaii am the Philippines, sales of Defense Bond and Stamps were jusl under a half billion dollars. We are in for a 50 billion-dollar war budget. Half that at leasl ought to be put up bj citizens in the form of bond and stain] purchases. Thai means a half-billioi in a week, nol a month. Do your share. In the coming ycai lei no week, no month, pass withuu buying Defense Bonds and .Stamps. I. is the least any one can do who is ol with thc.fi fiting forces. altering of the invaders. Heavy fighting was reported on the ower Perak front. On the opposite side of the peninsula ie British continued to withdraw southward according to plan, the bulletin declared. Third Snow of Season in Hope Temperature Drops to 12 Degrees Tuesday Night Snow fell again over Ihe Hope and Hempstead counly area early Wednesday morning for Ihe third lime within the past week, and continued lo fall at 11 o'clock Wednesday u ., nevenne- Rocol 'dings at the University of Ar- Ihc American people to , ; 3 " sns Experiment station showed one they are ready lo begin I C11 ,. !1 , t , 7 ; 30 «»d estimates placed il T-I u_.. _i__.... _ f, ''I piobably another inch during the morning. Low temperature for the night was 12 degrees wilh a high of 29 degrees. -».—. — Prescott, Hope Cage Game Is Postponed Presbyterian Meeting of Elders Called Off The meeting of elders and dcacons- elct-t of the First Presbyterian church will not be held Wednesday night as originally announced according to Die pastor of Brewster. Ihe church, Dr. Thomas The boiling point is so low in the rarefied air of high altitudes that water does not get sufficiently hot lo cook polatoes. Cotton By Hie Associated Press NEW ORLEANS Close January 17.47 March 17.84 May ig.oG July 18.14 October 18.35 December 1838 NEW YORK January 17.47 March 17.82 May ]g.uo July 17.08 October 18.18 December 18.20 Middling spot l'J.21 , persons in 13 cities and countless of hundreds elsewhere in an occupation marked by unheard of devastation and violence. Foreign commissar Molotov said in a detail note tended Tuesday to all envoys accredited to Moscow that "German authorities legalized marauding in their army and encouraged violence." The text of Hie nole made public Wednesday by Tass said slaying of civilians was accomplished hanging and shooling. by ex- Steinhardt Is New Turk Ambassador WASHINGTON- (/P) -Laurence. A Steinhardt, now ambassador to Russia, was nominated by President Roosevelt Wednesday lo be ambassador lo Turkey. Steinhardt will succeed J. C. A. MacMurray; both are presently in the United Stales. The sending of Steinhardt to Ankara, fresh from his diplomatic service in Russia, was regarded in some, official quarters as significant. Votes Deadline for City Tags Council Sets February 1 7 With No Extension The Hope city council Tuesday night set midnight, February 1 at Ihe deadline for Ihe purchase' of cily automobile tags. The council indicated that there would be no extension. A representative of the Missouri Pacific Railroad company asked the council's permission to move the railway gales from the Elm street crossing to the Hazel street crossing. After mucsh disccussion the council recommended that the railroad install new gales at the Hazel street crossing and leave all other gates where they are. Two resolutions were passed, instructing that various reports be filed on street improvement districts of the city, wilh January 31 as Ihe deadline. A report of police activities for the Japanese warships; (2)- Dlltch ba!ics uTpScT MvaintoltaitaJid^ (5)-MacArthur fights on in PhUipp no" U> S> llla " es Stnick at J «P nir f °«*; nes. was Two Candidates Enter City Race T. R. Billingsley, J. Brown File for Re-Election With the deadline for filing only 16 days off two candidates have filed for re-election to city office. The election hae been set for Tuesday, February 17. T. R. Billingsely, city clerk, filed for re-election Wednesday while Jessie Brown, present alderman of Ward Two, filed for re-election late Tuesday There was no indication from presnet aldermen in wards one and three whether they would seek re-election. Calvin Cassidy, present ward four alderman, has indicated that he would not run again. Cily Altorncy E. F. month of December showed a tolal McFaddin has nol, as yet, filed for of 51,274 fines assessed. The depart- menl made 211 arrests, 172 conviclions, 3 dismissed, two appeals, 8 cases pending and 20 released after investigation. The cage game scheduled for Wednesday night belween Ihe Bobcals and the Present! Curly Wolves has been cancelled, il was announced Wednesday. The two learns will meet al a laler dale. U. of A. to Offer 3 Year College Degree FAYETTEVILLE-W>)-The University of Arkansas announced Wednesday a plan for three year college degrees. Demands of the present tolal war emergency, President A. M. Harding said, will be met at the Uni- versily. The average star has a volume 1,000, 000 limes that of the earth. Formers Urged to Support Food for Victory Campaign Warning Issued to SPG Workers Must Report Every Day Despite Weather, Major Says All workmen al the Southwestern Proving Ground were directed to be on hand for work every day in a warning issued Wednesday by Major Wer- re-eleclion. The deadline for filing is 6 o'clock, January 16, nor C. Strecker, Area Engineer. During the past few days workmen have failed to many --- —. naming January 22 as the day the food for viclory campaign is lo be launched. County of Hempstead PROCLAMATION TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME-GREET- 1NGS! WHEREAS, the production of food and feed by Ihe farmers of Hempstead County, Arkansas, and Ihe Nation is vilal to the successful prosecution of he War, and WHEREAS, Hempstead county farm umilies need to produce greater supplies of food and feed for home needs essential to strong healthy people, and WHEREAS, Hempstead county farm amilies may relieve the demand ou ommercial supplies of food and feed iy living at home and producing their wn needs, and WHEREAS, increased production of food and feed for wartime and home needs may be accomplished by belter land use and juslified expansion, with due regard to the conservation of soil, water, and timber resources, NOW, THEREFORE, I, Fred A. Luck, Counly Judge of Hemr*lead, ENLISTAIENT DAY for all Hempstead county larm families to pledge their full, wholehearted assistance in Ihe Food For Viclory Campaign being launched by Ihe Agricultural Extension' Service, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, its counly agent and home demonstration agenl, and its 154 volun- lee farm men and women community leaders in this counly; and as County Judge, I ask that all agricultural agencies, farm, business, and professional organizaUons, and other groups give support to the Agricul- lural Extension Service in tills all- out, unified program for abundant production of food and feed so necessary lo viclory. ., , IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto sel my hand and caused lo be affiixed the seal of Hempstead County in (he County Judge's Office at Hope, this Seventh day of January, (SEAL) FRED A. LUCK County Judfie FRANK J. HILL County Clerk ... — report to work, probably being under the impression that the work would nol be carried on during the bad weather, the stalemenl said. Directing that every employee report lo work every day or turn in his badge, the Major said, "Even thougl rain and snow slows down filed operations, there is still plenty of work that the men can do. We have a job lo do, and we are going lo do il regardless of the weather. If a man were not needed he would not have a badge, and deliberate failure to be on for immediate hand will be cause termination." "Fires will be maintained at points convenient to all workers, and there is no need that any employee suffer from the cold," the warning coucluded. Episcopal Meet to Be Held Jan. 28-29 The 70th annual Diocesan Convention of Ihe Episcopal church in Arkansas will be held 'm Trinity Cathedral January 28-29, 1942, beginning with a celebration of the Holy Communion at 9:30 a. m. The Bibical "Rose of Sharon" a lose, but a tulip. is not Recreational Plan Set Up Local Council to Supervise Program at Schools Under Ihe direction of these Hope Recreational Council, with the assis lance of W. P. A., a broad recreatio program has recently been set up i Hope. Under the direct supervisor of Mrs. Emily Byrd, assisted by re creation leaders, Mrs. Ollie Ward am Miss Kathleen Johnson, a program o supervised playground activities wil be conducted from 2:00 p. m. to 5:01 p. in. from Monday through Friday each week at Oglesby and Brookwood schools, and Saturdays al Oglesby school from 8:00 a. m. to 12:00 noon. Recreation cenlor al the Recrealion Hall in Ihe Methodist church at Pine and West Second streels will be open lo Ihe public Monday and Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00, and Wednesday, Thurdsay, and Friday afternoons from 2:00 to 5:00, and will be under the supervision and dircelion of Ihesc recreation leaders. There will be classes of instruction m knitting, drama games and other recreational activilies. It is open to all ages without charge. County Quota Is 15 Tires Rationing Board Sets Up Office in Courthouse At a meeting of the Hempstead County Tire Rationing board at the city hall Tuesday night, the chaar- TWh Talbot county s defense counci1 ' announced Hempstead quota for January to be Mrs. Mary R. Clark f of Prescott, Dies Mrs. Mary R. Clark 71, well-known Prescott resident, died at her home at Prescott late Tuesday night. Funeral services were to be held at the DeArm cemetery at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon with the Herndon-Cornelius funeral home in charge. * * *• Compaired to tile 1045 consumed by the average American, a Briton COH- .umes 946 cigareta u year. e 15 tires and 13 tubes for passenger cars and light trucks. For large trucks and buses 30 tires and 25 tubes will be available. A permanent office of the board has been established in the Revenue department of the Hempstead county court house. Mrs. Joe Eason will be the advisory board's secretaryy Dorsey McRae, Sr., a member of the board, explained that a person desiring to obtain tires must have the written approval of an authorized inspector before appearing before the board al the revenue office. The following were authorized as inspectors: Fonzie Moses of the Lion Oil Co., Joe Colcman of Coleman's Service blalion, Ray Luck of 700 Service Sla- lion, James Cheatham of the Young Chevrolet Co., L. J. Purlle of Bob Elmore's Aulo Supply Co., Dexler Bailey of the Easy Pay Tire Store, Ted Jones of the Western Aulo Associate Store, Leon Bundy of Bundy & Sons. W - T. Smith of the Hope Auto Co., C. W. Tarpley of Tarpley's Esso Servi- center, and E. L. Archer of Archer Molor Co. Additional inspectors will be named laler by Ihe counly board. WASHINGTON - OT _ Bespeaking the nation's determination to pay whatever price "we must to preserve „, J life -" President Roosevelt * r= Wednesday for a war budget of 56 billion dollars for the next fiscal year, 9 billion dollars of new taxes on top of all existing taxes and unprecedented borrowing that would send the federal debt above 110 billion dollars. "This is a war budget," he said in ms annual message to congress," "its magnitude and composition depend on events at the battlefronts of the "I cannot predict cost because I cannot predict the changes of fortunes of war. I can only say that we are determined to pay whatever price we must to preserve our way of life" Biggest Budget in World He added at a press conference that it was the biggest budget in the history of the world. Government estimates indicated that it nearly doubles Germany's annual war expenditures. To the U. S. armed forces and their Allies the president promised that tfte budget meant crushing superiority of equipment. To the public he said that it meant heavy new taxes because a fair distribution of the war burden necessary for national unity. It also meant, he said, that the people would have to do without' many conveniences and luxuries. The treasury budget called for a, total expenditure- of '559;027,992"3W^iri' d the fiscal year beginning next July 1 « ,L 1nnncnluded the hu « e war item plus ?1,759,000,000 for interest on the public debt and reduction allotments for work relief and other non-military costs. New General Taxes To pay for this the President estimated there would be 516,487,200,000 of taxes from existing tax laws and asked ?7 billions of new general taxes not counting increased social security taxes and proposed borrowing of 535 540,792.000 from the social security fund and other government trust funds and from the public. In the current fiscal year he figured treasury expenses totaled 530,675,796162 and calculated that taxes would yield 511,943,993,000 leaving a deficit of ?18,731,803,162 to be covered by borrowing. This meant the world war spending peak of 518,522,000,000 will be passed this fiscal year and approximately tripled next year. The president asked congress for an initial appropriation of 513,600,000 000 to get the huge new war program underway and said he would ask for an additional large amount as the nation moved toward maximum war production. In the tax program he asked for approximately two billion dollars of added social security tax plus 7 bil- From a Palace to Machine Shop LONDON -tfV- "Sally" leaves a palace every morning to go to her job in a munitions factory. She is Lady Sarah Spencer- Churchill, eldest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough and a relative of Prime Minister Churchill. It was recently announced that she was one of the hundreds of girls employed m a Morris Motor factory. The tall, 20-year-old girl, who made her debut at a ball for 600 guests hi 1939, is known at the factory as "Miss Churchill" and is called "Sally" by the girls at neighboring work benches She had worked al a government •eslaurant in Woodstock peeling potatoes and washing dishes, but she volunteered for more active war work Her home is Blenheim Palace lamed for the breat balllefield of her ancestor, the first Duke of Marlborough. She takes lunch in the actory canleen. I . ft •*»*•• j-f&UO | JJJ.* — lions of income, excess profits, estate gift, and excise taxes. He approved almost any kind of new taxes except a general sales tax—and indicated that even that type of levy might later become necessary on a temporary basis. Truck Ti re/ Wheel Stolen Tuesday Night Probably the first automobile tire theft m Hope since the sales ban was reported here by the city police Wednesday. Police said that a 750x20 tire and wheel (Goodyear) was stolen trom a Ritchie grocery company truck sometime Tuesday night. Sacred Bulls The sacred bulls of India are males of the zebu, or Indian ox, a beast of burden found since ancient times only m Africa, India and Madaga«- pai« . ° car. Some organes turn green again after ripening. C-ne blue whale may weigh as much is 35 elephants. A Thought Man looketh upon the outward appearance, but the Lord lookelh ou the heart.—I Samuel 16:7. Cranium Crackers Weather Blackout Publication of certain weatiler reports has been stopped to block useful information from Ihe enemy. That, however, is no reason you should not know Ihe ansewers to these questions about the elements. 1. Does the sun's reaching its northrnmosl poinl mark Ihe beginning of summer? 2. Explain the difference between a hurricane, tornado and tpphoon. 3. What was Mark Twain's famous remark about the weather? 4. What did the weather have to do with the English defeat of the Spanish Armada? 5. Is 32 degrees Fahrenheit the freezing point for alchol, mercury, water or gasoline? Answers on Comic Page.

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