Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday,.September 2fi, Conn Retains His Lightheavy Title Outpoints Bettina In Hard Battle That Goes 15 Rounds Pittsburgh—(.-P 1 —Billy Conn. Pittsburgh, retained his world light-heavyweight championship Monday ntssht by outpointing Melio Bt'ttina. the Conner title holder from Bencoii. N. Y.. Ix-foru a crowd estimated at 17.000. As in their last fight, when Conn von the title from Bettina. tho Beacon Italian did all the early haulir.t; and Billy came on from the sixth i"".nd as Melio sl.iwed down. A sni;iih'i.s finish by the cKmpion in th" llth and lath rounds, -v •!; Betti.'i very turd. decided '!>c I'uu'. Conn weighed 172 !-'?• BoUnu 174 1-4. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE There were fewer c:ivs on the highways during 193S. but those operated were, oi\ an average driven 2 percent farther than in the previou.- year. THOSE PRINCE ALBERT TESTS TELL ME HOW TO GET WHAT f WANT IN'MAKINVJMOKES.J RICH-TASTING, FULL- BODIED SMOKES THAT ARE COOL, EAJX ON THE MOUTH! r VUH see- THET j p BR.AJSID ; WELL, OL' A.WJ PURVIS WEMT 6S.OW& AM' SOLD TO TH' CROSS 5 • • TH' e-ASJk. FORECLOSED AM' TH' c SAR TOO^ IT o\ ER. , ,w THEY LOST IT OM A OAMBLIM' PE&T ^ TO TH K4- --AM' 1H' COM VVEXJT J-ML AM' THEV SOLD TOTH' BAR. 57 TO GIT HIM OUT--AM'... ax - •/ -^^mm^^^ ^ ^-.^^tei ^^^S^M^j \ ',-• .^,x^x;^./Vfc?%Mi»; >* :-^Mi^^^~%^ EGAD. MERE'S AM I.MTGR.PRISIIM& AD ) / wow ABOUT V / AMD . • AT wises' BIG 'iioRt \vo.v\tN v I SPECIALS FOR V/YOU'RC ABOUT CAM NMV THF.IF. OVVM PKt?PUrAtS" VO \\ /V\£RCU/\MTS-^~ Y\ IT, MATCH me INDIVIDUAL'S PE-PfONAU I Y" .^^. VWM AN IDC A TOR THE-. HOOPLE - { CHOCOLATC TOR S ICE CRE-ANA IZER/ BY JOVC-.Wt'LL MAKE: THL: S. / TRUCKS,COFFEE LITTLE SCt'NT CYLINDERS TO OPD1.R AMD\V f'OR GROCERV THE EXHAUST OF MILADVS MACMIMG // MACHlMtS AND WILL PUFF OUT WE 8OUQUE-T GHE UA9 / I ClMMA.VvOM V-OR CONCOCTED PeP.SOWALLY/ IWA6!N)t S , \ BAV'tCV AUTOS? THE? AKk'ESTIMG BLE-MO OF HELIOTROPE AMO O/ SUMAMATING FRO'A A KITZ.Y LUACX'SiMv;./ CAM'T YOU DO !>OAE:TWIN< ABOUT ^ I . > v iV-tw.- )- l /-.J.-'? w—V AMD - <5CEMTS = • HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Life as Usual in Paris—Until theSirens Shriek Roll-Your-Owners! Get in on this Tobacco News — P. A. Smokes \var news in their papers, ir.ev sip tr.iviv On the Gridiron LH,VT11I:,V1L[,F. In- lllvlheville i(ii;ii School C'hickx made their first viT-Hope ' Kriil.iy nii;lit. He .-i feicd a frai'luro of the IINM.- and the los.. of several teeth power, but also some! .,.,„,„,,,,„ _ si . n , h , s U ,,, ve ,,,, v . ,,f ,\i-- Fred f Ar kansas Ka.nhacks thiou^h stiff dull i Motulav m ait effni t to /rbia.s her.' I'Yulay nie.ht. Iti Ueo I - • •,varm-up .Ljames, which they won hy ; I'lirln-rs WiirU Mind lop-heavy si-ores, the Clucks displayed j !•'A YKTTKVII..LK -- Co..eh o insiderahl ...-riou.s \veakness..'s. which Coaches Joe i jddy aii'l Mitcliell Best will Iry to orrrct Ihi.-, wo.-k !V,l!s will feature \v.,rk on the \ ^ lMk ^' l J'.'' C ^n e 'hick's passim.; num.'. which has heel f.u- below par. Blyllicvilh- has eoni mly one pass in 11! tries against I ;ind i-'le\iv,ni;. Ky. Apparently the Clucks \vill I*: tore.:.! to rely on their i vtiuniu'. at'aek anil the defensive -.VM,'. u:' one of :!ir ;-;unhe.->t lines ever • .icvelopi-d in ii!ytlii;vi!le. j Adams'. !•'!'.'>-,'. iim t'viUay uitdvt.! ,| 1V] ,i t . n "ht i'.i> thcvillo showed unproved blocking : Maiiriee Hi ill i ..,---1 i.--el-:iiii:; The coach.'s also wore Thoinsen saiil thai he was , hs: ml-' tcne.-i lr. tti.< !>nlhan; pertormancc t , a h.-caus,; th,- K,,,-orbaoks !,,„) t,, ,-,•-! o! Sonny Uo-.,l. who,cored f Kv j .„,,,,„ il; ^ m ,, .„-„,,. ,,„,„. ,. u ,., nlnj , .„. i-'ii'-lulown-,. and Huj;li ' 1V.\ ' Hcrbc'i-l. , Ull . k f;illl . a ,,, ^.^a. ln , !u , c ,. lUn ,, Ok .j who cclekatcd his ,,'covcry from a lahoina Teaciu-r, name, lie said that, niection by i;-ainin« Ma >a.ds in 1,1,,. Ha.-,, r |,a,-ks w.-ien't fa-4 euough itv: thru- hJiicliiii" and !u- will devote "~ . • most of tins week !,> rento\-iri,i; that! J , P1XK ULL'FK-Piiir BlufC Hi-h Sell.in) 7.<A,v,. : , piaeticed hehind loeked The : \V;if Would Curl) U, S. freedom HIM Minn questions Hint trouble all of us ari- answered in a .snwll but .salient book, "What Will H;i|>- [PCII and What to Do-When Wnr Coini's." edited by Larry Nixon K'.reysldiie Tress: ?2.2o). Tlii.s is a .symposium by live American news- papeimeu, K/lmer C. Wal/cr, C. N'unnau Stabler, Jaek Faster. W. W. Cliaplin and Malsolm Lounn, It cnvi'i-.s everythiiiH from bombs to bankruptcy, as evidenced in the following brief cxccrj)!. Wlicn war coiiu-s, billions in capital will be wiped out imd civili/.nlioM \».'il! hi. 1 retarded for many year.s. No one will make money in another wjii 1 . The KovtTiiiiient will .see to Iliat From the very start a dictatorship will take over and you will become part of its inn war machine. Since it will be practically impossible tn \ncreiLsc your wealth the hiy problem is how to hold what you have. You will have no choice in the matter of purchasing United States Kovern- nii'iit bonds. They will be rationed on the basis of your wealth. Put them away and hope the war will nol so devastating as to wipe out the f;ovei mnent's ciedit. Don | be atraiil of the banks. They are pn'tecled and will be a.s safe jus tin-;, are today. The government - will continue tu insure deposits. Keep yon t an afford to take a complete loss. The man with a thousand or I wo dollar.- is much better off with his inoiii-y in I hi- hank Ill/in in (lie stock market when war is heinj; fought. Y"\n insuiani'e policy will be ns .safe as the eivdit of the nation. Hold it. Hol.i \\>nr endowments. The payments will lie met hy inMirauce companies Hold \our home but don't, try to :|M-eula!e in real estate mile.ss you know tho business, ^ Ovir pnvtici|X\tion in iinothur world svar would monn u death blow to individual freedom in the United States. Lite would be rigorously regimented. Industry would lose the hist vestige of private control. Lnbor would take orders from yoveiiitient buraii- cntK. An<l when the war ended those controls would not soon be lifted. The economic and political hanruptcy of the country would be complete. Kngland's smallest church parish is a( [field, near Gravesend. The parish includes only two buildings, the church and the recliiry. For over 40 years I've been relieving HEADACHES- /musf 6c <joo(// J.-i t fnrly y.-iirs h r.'li^v^ hcn.lnrlu Burh us n.'tiiuli in.' lii.:hl>- I.. .11, Are There Spooks In Your Closet • We'll Have 'Km Wednesday • SAENGER Sv«- TUl-VSOAVS AD i Saturday. "i h'ei>lai-um Howard . K.-d ^'li:.-|).>un<! eiul. injured Salu : he one of Thomsen'.s in;ijop ,, h>ekey w;i., on enitclu's seored I v\-o of tl,,- I Ladies Gaymode Crepe HOSE Ladies New Fall Hand BAGS Ladies New Kitchen FROCKS 98c witii \!a- lllylheville Chicks in Bl\ttii-- Reds, Cards Open I , .- v.e ear. no it auain. ! "The Neds." ..uoi-ted l :) ej'l ; i .'•"!. Louis ea|i;ain, "are head..-'! lor J ! .--h.K.-l; iSlSI — Ollai ! Foi! Worth iT. i Dill l.lii (nil i'- S 1'.' 2 Martin.! Kaheni, Ad.-iiiis, Baki-i, Jeffeo.i! anil i IMaeniir.--, C'rt.-oi =;.•: t,'fi-'.is. Yo ( -]^r. c.'or- I i/L-lt. DOI-elt and K.a,...\ C.'oach Alien Dunaway declined to Porkers completed It) oul of lit pa.-se.s'l in the last half of Saturday's game.'I Ladies Crepe or Satin Cynthia Slips --' than the average of the 3O other of the largest- selling tobaccos compared in laboratory "smoking bowl" tests-coolest of all! Four-Game Series Likely j To Determine Winner of Pennant STANDINGS CIXCIN.VATt- .-P'-Baseball's Xa- tiunal Loiiyue \>r\y.j n;ay be dVei'ien by sun.-.L-: Tuesday. It's the Itiitik- Reds. three-iii-.d-;i-h;df uair.c-.- to tin; i go';d. vs. thu eiiallerajinL' St. Loins ; both, .s-portin;; winning streaks of seven. , with .sf\-ei! '..) pl''.y: A "natural" the American League BARBS .-.'I'ii/iciu on tin; praetiee srssion. say- u-,y thai !».> pieforre. 1 to let th.' inatt;-;- i-ri,uun "a jry.Mi'i-y until I'Vulay muht.." MI--... play... Kan.s reealled that seere! ;.|-;.e!iees U-.M-C held In-foi-c th,. Bl>lh.--' •"••eoui.-, at tin.. Mis. is-app. State-Hove- , '•ille and l^ittl... IJock F,anu\-. last yc-ar ''"''' « ;i ""-' l.,sl \vei-k rr|,Dried lliat the;) ••uid Ihi.t in l.oth instanees, Dunav.-.'iv ^'i-'sissippi t.;ain used three full teams i| Bum Crosbv'., twin son, have h-.d I"''"'"' '"' W1 "' "'"^ U ''" l ' h "' ;H|L ' Al ' ' i','"' ' Kl ' ]lti ."" i ' 1 "W"'* i" sv.-an.piiii. ,1 . i ' , . ', , kan^as fooihall hisn.rv Itnwin-cl. <!.> to l>. then- tonsils removed. A.s if the world ,, .,, .. . . • ha.-u't enough troubles without snr- ! "' '' " f l: '" s |llil " '" lr ' 1Vl - 1 '" '' "" " ^* *— :ieons elciu-iun the throa'., of two more K 1 " "' 1 '' 1 , ln " n '" U>>'ll'"'ill<;. Three w , u/ . -inniheil Ian., ai,; ..-xpi-rtcil to make Hie What Would Y OU ' |lni " Get Vaccinated For? Ladies New Fall HATS LADIES FALL SPORT S 12 to $ .20 9 90 LADIES GLEN-ROW For Fall 12 to 46 ES 2 98 pnienlii.l crooners. Gi'rman.s now t-at a "eonsoli'lalrd sausage.' made hy eoinbu.-nt; tV-atnr.-;.-; man-. v,n lilies, \\i- nave icare-i' •>' i"" " " nn|ii ntrii r.AISSA t. II V. .Mo ••-..•J'i -A ui'\.--,p;i- e V.-OI-M. |,ut never thou-ht if '^- U ( JluUJO Attach.-,s at the War- p.'rman and a small hov with his' arm " ulf| '• <l "»' <" "i 1 -- ' " l ' r I '"'" V - M ho,p,ta! I,,..,,. Sll ,| M, m ,|a : , , han.l;n;ed met on a Kansa', C'lt y,tr,-,-t .. Cahlonua UU.-MOU iep,,it- ,!, ; -;'-ht Dial K,lw.,r<l Kou-o. ,.,„( ,,n tlu- | -What's tin- matn-r with 1)1.-' arm"" Wait Until You See! 1000 YARDS NOVELTY FALL WOOLENS • Roll-your-owners \vho knov/ the beating their mouths take from over-hot smokes will cheer i '...'"^".'i^'the for this news. Laboratory ex- K eri perts determined the COOLEST-SMOKING tobacco among 31 of the largest sellers. Printed records show that PRINCE ALBERT SMOKED 86 DEGREES COOLER, as above. That's a tip to roll-your- owners. P.A.'s choice tobaccos, "crimp cut" and i; no-bite" treated, smoke COOL, mellow - roll easier, (aster, neater, too! Oi Monday'-1. St. Louis lin.-- i:yaic'J. A double-header i.-i .HI '-,.]. TiuviU.y j of lour, and n\\ thy | •is mil.- 1 ', 'in to -cri'l theiu aioi'.u I !or%- roaii L- t-' -.v:n it -or an>- f.'.-'ji tallies ill lia. 1 si-i'l,:-.-. I Tiu; clubs. hav«j ,-nht even ,-o u.r | tfii.s .-i.-a.-'j.n. >',n:ri '.'.-j'Ji nan.- '.'if ;o; le-: th.; Re'i , h,;Vi; -.'.oil Hi of tl:i:i|- .'- u.st -'' c..i:t,'.-:.s ,.:vi the Caids IS of Jl. 'fr.e "r-re.-MI!••_•" -Ji.-f.iiiti.-l-.- L- on lin- Cardinal--. i'ii-si ^"fii'.oo,-: in jll '.-':-a:.-. L.J-.-, of four v.o'.i!.: .-,as..- lh,- Hhini-lanriei.-.' t.h|-i;i: a.iri ;., ;,-,,)f yailU; Seat! ,,!).; ••i\-<- -wal'ow, have departed two month, ; -Si e.-.d ot ,.eh..dule. They have prol,ah- ! H. «,„>... ,-out/i for ,)„, Ausliahan: l ohil:,.ation. he . A ;-f Hr>, Sehool I'.uekan .,, i aske.1 the newsp,,p, .man be returned (,, | lis home' "t been vaccinated" said U,,. U,y av, treatment 1 " What fo t "" (oiiues Tues(hi\ Ciev...iai,.l at Chie.-.uo Xev Y.;;k a; Boston. U '.o,i r,; ;,'. !.,,i;,s. I'hiM. li hi., at \Va,.inn-j.-i t e ,M>vini;st L .r. Yessir, It's Just Like the Communists Said ALL HIGHER PRICED GOODS 54 Inch Wide — New Weaves — New Colors — GOES ON SALE FRIDAY Sept. 29th— C yd. 70 fine roll-your-own cigarettes in every handy pocket tin of Prince Albert I . National League "ciu!,-." V,'. Fort Worth, 9 to 8 ITHE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE -.USS. K. J.KcJotjW,, [ut. STUDIO COUCHES AS FAR. APART AS THE POLES Don't Fail to See' 3000 LARGE SIZE BLANKET CENTERS Every One a Value! GO ON SALE THURSDAY Sept. 28th — Only - MEN'S TOWNCLAD S09TS of Quality MEN'S NEW FALL Men's Fast Color Dress Shirts 98c Men's Hand Made mm Men's Novelty Sport B ff" I T ft 5» I S \ --.^JSLriJLjr Men's Marathon Dress Men's Novelty Leather Suspenders SHOP AND COMPARE ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFFICE WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES

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