The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1940
Page 1
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«no4 mat . SFOKSOI Buy a Bitfhn KP a Sponsor VOhUMIO XXXVIl-.NO. :ii). TUB DOMINANT NEWSI'APKR OP NOKTHKA ST ABKANHAB AM,, o~ , Bt . ,...^ ^ ' "*-^ * * ^ TJIR DOMINANT NEWSI'APKR OP NORTHKA S T AUKANSAS Ulyllicvlllc Dully News Hlyllicvlllc Courier AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Mississippi vnlley leader Ih' Herald m,VTll|.;viUJ.:. AKKANSAS, TJIUlsnAY, /?e a Sponsor Hun a Riitton SINGLE COPIES FIVE •| ^_ ^_ ^_ ^_^ , ——— .____; *JVa UKNIS MASSBAmEJLEElS IN MEDITERRANEAN British Abandon Andalsnes In Face Of German Advance STOCKHOLM, May 2 (UP) —Norwegian forces now con- HKHLIN, May 2. (Ul 1 )The hit'll i-ojni))iuj(l l<>- iliiy thai Di'itisl) troops in, central Norway wen: in I "hemtluiiu fliKhl" and lliaLJ they had abandoned valuable j _ ,. i . I Claims Govonimenl Mas Failed To Prove llc.'t Kven Congressman the entire valley lieLwccn Koeros anil Sloereti, including both towns, it was repoi-tcd today. Norwegian sources expressed be- i stoics oi' mmnlipq' lief Uinl (heir troops held Sloercn.' •• nniiZbte P Knl,» of ma>sTrha,''r i '-'"V"" <?"" "" «,ui,,ment ,m,e "aHen mto ," r^;paa s '^:;artr^ns "r,,r'e^i- ?-^^-«^ «,, fj,,t nrtmifi^i,. ,„„ „„,.,,,„ > co i, imiSl " |tnt(ll! W ^' tasKl °» '•oi'len- commnnique Uo)1 , U)(U [1)p gora . lllt|e||t !m(| failed lo approve its conspiracy charges. The prosecution re.slcd Us case immediately after disclosing that, the Income of Whclclicl and Pickens county Commissioner 11. Gradv Cf A'NE3VlLM?, Gn., May a. .UP) ~ Comw<!l f01 ' "• '•'«>'* Wliclchcl ''" Oc , onsla ™W^'»<"> <'"»>««' l!l K'' alll "S °» "• S. pusf.u serv- but admittedly the situation so confused Dial certainly wa was of Im- sai Andiihme.s) " tlic Confirmation that the Norwc- i 25 miles of Andalsnes. (Prime Mln- Chamberlain admitted their hold as tar south as Tyiisei, whence n German column' had driven over (lie Dombaas front, lifted Norwegian gloom which had been caused by clermaii reports of shattering victories. It had been the original German intention, apparently, to make the main drive on Sloeren up uie In London (oday that Ihc British had abandoned their central Norway landing" taso'ai And'als'iiesT ~ J °" eS ' 0 " !>> ' SC " Jolm!y wilh lh " c It said that, 300 Norwegian troops .'"'l 8 ', 0 ^'"! 1 "' , W ? S " mlcr Im ' cstl 8«covering the British retreat had by lll , e ll "" 1 ™ 1 rem!HC ll °- smremlercd at Bomta« and that i lmrt ' ncnt following discovery of "under Ihe Influence o( thesei" 0 ''" l1 "'" $UW) in "'"*J>1«»>«1 events, the Norwegian commander I of Bergen) offered to The defense, In arguing the mo„ , „„ — , .' L..I: u , ui^cm uncreu to 'cnullSe'' 1 , 1 , 01 '» for ? 'I 11 '™'" 1 ™'<»« liefore Gaula Valley from Roeros. Bill and ordered his t ra opV?o a'a , i "' S ' DlsU ' k>t J ""S C E. Marvin Norwegian troops had dynamited I aimless resistance" Underwood, also claimed Urn pros- bridges in their path and the entire I "The undestioved rail line be "I 1 " 011 lllul tnilcct lo » rovc <lofi valley was now reported to be clc- twcen Dombnas'and tjhbersIc'id " Ucly wllclchcl iuul e ™' scrvwl fended by small bands of Norwe- ing to Troudheimi is 'now com i Ctm 6 rcss - J '"'8c Underwood re- glans and Swedish and Finnish j pletely in German ha °dV'e' markccl that therc was ""s"*'- voluntcers. The road Is tortuous ! communique said ' ^ | able evidence concerning whelchcl's :,.., ,_.. ... : .,,. • 'three elections, his salary, his and narrow and well suited tor de- j "German troops advancing east ,;.,;.,.. „, . .. r ;wnwl from Bergen and westward Hepoits that the German com- from the area north of Oslo have Htlrini- (il T3n/i,-n<- r,., 1,_ -i i _ ., L • i t., . . v*jiu 1I(»U inauder at Roeros. as he started his <,.„„, ,. .. , - tieat southward, has commented that his communications with the rear were disrupted, were believed here In be an indication of the tremendous difficulty of supplyin nnd feeding the German troops no particular events around Narvik and Trondheim. The German air 0 ...„ ^.v...,..,, v.uujj^ force continued hombhi" variovis over many miles of snow-covered, enemy landing points also enemy i treacherous mountain roads In face i batteries near Narvik'• ! of-even guerrilla defense by Nor- .-Thb',1 communique 'said tiial in IVPOSn ti i-on nl ^ ,,r. m»^ > ,. . . . . . ' ^ •/«•«.! tJJUL tit joined forces also along the Ber- booty captured gen-Oslo rail line. "Prisoners and rapidly mounting. There were Washington activity and his ability to make postal re-appointments. As court recessed for lunch argument on the motion had not been concluded. Earlier the government delved into Congressman Whelchel's -little black box' which always contained money, sometimes considerable sums of indefinite origin. Mrs. Ruby Smith, Ihe congress- -j t - u .-, .->•»:-uuiiuii.iiiuuue sain tnat In ' mim ' s • secretary, was questioned wegian regulars and peasant volim- i continued raids on the British fleet about il on the witness stand. She (ee ™* lone 'British cruiser was 'hit on 'the ,'f aid 5hc usecl tlle box. to.carry her There was an increasing (en-'stern by a bomb and that n re and . ' s mollc >' tack a «d forth bc- , twecu. Washington and Gainesville. ' It contained the money which Officers Claim Man Admits Attempt To Burn Burdette Church JOMOS IVrmimtor, .11, ,ir Kuntdlo, ..nnlV.sso,!, m-- ' SfflE POLITICS 8ILL a/ni (lie allar lo sluri tho flanu-s. Airi'sli'd « .shun (Imo ufiei- the*-— fire broke oul, which was uxlln- guislied before serious damage was, done lo the recently IhiLshed building, I'ernicnter was Jailed nt O.sceola where he Is .still roiifincd. Charged with arson, Information in the case will probably be. filed directly in circuit conn n't Ihc next session, according to ir. Ci. Fartlow, deputy prosecuting allorney. The fire, which broke out at 2 o'clock, did about 5100 damage to the building, hymn books and altar, which wr-iv covered by insurance. In a purportedly signed confe$- sion.inade before Guy E. Williams, Arkansas state fire marshal, Uenl. L. R. Biggs of the Arkansas slate police, and oilier officers. Perinen- ter staled that he suddenly decided lo set the to (he building while walking along the load lo the home of his estranged wife (o seek a reconciliation. Confessing that he had been drinking, he said that he had previously forbade his wile from attending this clim-ch «nd felt that Ihe church and some of Us members were having a great deal ot influence over his wife In 'poison- l>.v usiiiK hymn hooks ing' her mind against htm nnd Jial when he saiv Ihe new building he was seized with the desire to destroy It. Permenter was arrested by Officers Herman Spicer and Jake Thrnllklll who K-WI- on duly pn- .rollng Ihe highway as has been lone recently by county officers, i After seeing the flames they >plc,d 1'erjiienter walking along the ilghway and picked .him. lip. Permenter said that he Imd been I Maneuvers To Force Consideration By House Arc Will Break Ground July i On New First Christian Cluircli construction of Christian church (hound will be broken for the Ihe neiv First -- by July l, according (o the announcement mnde toduy by Oeorge W. llnrlmm. chairman of Hie church hoiud. A congregational meeting. Is being called (or Tuesday night ul which time K E. Wleks, church extension architect, of Indianapolis, Ind., will exhibit drawings mid slides of various churches. The meeting will begin ul I-/M o'clock. Efforts are being made now lo dispose of Ihe present church blinding. However, the frame biilld- staying at Wnrdell. Mo., recently • i. luiivnujtru LIII; inuney winctl , .^^^....j Whelchel used to lend to friends ' "" ll " l(r Ws wifC| iu ' s - A ""« M" 10 «u_-^_i.i _ ., .._ .,.-•* i Ppririr-M 101- f i-(\m iMii.ii>, i,,. '=f;™. . of the box loo. she said. When there was an "accumulation In the box she _. _ deposited It In Ihc bank. Government prosecutor. 1 ; brought, to the witness stand n U. S. Income tax Investigator who said he found church hulldhw a $10,700 accumulation of iniex-i iV,! ril ,, tnulmng plained Hems In the congressman's- Income for three years—193ti. 1937 and 1938. Whelchel later accounted for 55,052 of the unexplained tolnl two months ago, and were staying with her gave notes and she put thcm'Vnt'o ! t ' Mil1 ', 50n — -*—» -•••••- I parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Qun Ulirdelte. He hud nation of money" i "' u " racltc - "<= "«d "hopped" u told (he iuiv she Ilde to "'J 1 ' 1 '"' 1 " 0 '"«! *>W that he 1° tank wnlketi to n>ir " cUe wh «^ "= was pondering over whether to go to until day when he saw (he and decided lo doucy to credit reports that the 1 explosion /oiloirai""^'^" one Brit Nunveilans held not only [he Gaula • ish merchant ship was" slink and vaney : between Roeros and Stoeren six others severely dnmnepri inn •••:-•>-"" ^™ tu n.- uu tu irienus. ., . ' ~ " w but the Oester Valley between Ros-itlint six British airplanes had teen she ' Sflftf - -™'«e«mc.s with Interest | Icrmt '! U ?' fl ' om wll °"' '"-' «as ros mui Tynsei, 2D mile.s lo the | shot. down. The communique did somcl ™ e *' without. " ' «„,', „•• • , » ! not specify' where these fights oc- feemi-ofticial Norwegian reporls cnrred. asserted thai the Gerinaas after re- > The official news agcncv claimed treating from Roeros southward • that nortlieasl. of Dombaas the had started a retreat toward Ihe i Germans were "driving the c'nemv Dombaas area .from Tyiisel. j before them hi nu unbroken nd-' These reports added that Ihe | vunce." German forces advancing Norwegians atid Swedish volunteers' northwest of Oslo reached the So"who look Roei-os were the same | nefjoul on the north In the region men the Gcrmai'.s had said were ; of Valdres. (he ofUclnl ngcn'cy said retreating In disorder toward Swe-land there parts of the Norwegian den. The Norwegian recapture tae-' •Ith division surrendered The Oer- tlcs were carefully planned, it was '"ails took 300 officers' and 3200 ••» o°w »> » asserted, and now troops in Ihe, ">"' prisoners, il was added, ami the agent said but u balance of Koeros district had been vcorsni-.- icnptured BO horses, three moiin- 5-1.1)48 still remainwl nne.vptnlned ined "with a view lo driving the ! lain Buns and 85 machine »ims i he added. Germans southward from Koeros." j "Enemy troops who on the eve-1 British heavy artillery was re- ' "Ing of May 1 near Kleven 3D ported to have reached the vicinity miles norllnvest of were of Dombaas on the South-Troiic!- once again putting up n n>ht were heim front nnd Norwegians held routed." aniti the agency ° "Three Increnfing hope that the cotitact Mundrecl Norweginns were made effected by German Iroojis from Prisoner." the south wilh those from Trend- T he agency snid that the Nor- helm had been merely a. matter oi »'cgiau commander hi the Moeren the meeting of minor patrols. Ger- ni 'ea who "ordered" his troops lo man sources, liov.'evcr. insisted (hat I cc "se resistance was one General '° Rosroe Crafton, president, of the I WASHINGTON May "> till')the Germans had made (he con-i Ha »8- , Nalional Collon Picking Assocln- President Roosevelt today"nomlntti- lact In force. In an early commimiqiie (ho high ! ll °". commended the sponsors of cd AsslstnuL Secretary of Com- I command had caused confusion by lho cott01 ' picking contest on their mcrcc J. Monroe Johnson of Smith I carrccting yesterdays coiimumitiue wuerpiise and efforts to bring the Carolina to be a member of ihe saying that it should have read a(tl> '"i«» «' 'he country to Ark- interstate commerce commission \ ''Fighting still proceeds near Bom- , nnsns antl cotton, il wfts learned Johnson will Till the vacancy prev I baas." i.i.: - ,. .... j Ins ut the rear ot Ihc church will be left stiindlny In order that church and Sunday school services may be conducted'in It while the new building Is under construction. I'lnns for the new building Include an auditorium which will from Main street, and Sunday school class rooms am) recreation room' for young people .arranged ln ....... .. . back of the audltorUlvn,. T,,>, building will be'more ii; tlie 'center. of-Ihe lot th'nii the present church. Members of the bulldlns committee, Mr. Wicks and the local architect will work out plans dur- WASiriNOTON. May a (UI>) Henwy «iirroiin<lln e the hmise Ju- dlclnry commlldT vole to f,hrlvc the lialeh "clean iiolltl.y bill wir denomiced todny while supporter! <>' Hi" Irijlslnllon pvrpared Iwh »ninin>uvcr.s lo force It, before (lu house. nepresenlallve John J Demi' <UCIH.. N. M.), nous, sponsur' ot 'he Ic-Klstollon (|,,u, Wlls |)Ut thrmiBh tho srnnlc bv Seimlor Cnrl A. Hatch (Dem.. N. M,), plun.s 10 start H dlscluiiij,. pollllon tomorrow. Signature by 2111 members would bring (he bill before tht house rule.s committee lo force the bill out of Judiciary commute? lieiircsenlalh'e Allen Treudwa) <Rej>..' Mass.), ranking minority member of Ihe house, snld that he has never signed n dlschnruc petition and while "this Is an exceptional case" his nnmc would not be on Drmpsey'«. "However," he added, "if Ihe bill comes before the house I shnl Bivc It my most hearty approval.' The (lurry of discussion In thu house today followed an hour nnd n halt secret meeting of (ho jn- tlLclin'y committee. Members Bald yosloiitny's vote (o lublo the Hutch bill wns dl.scilssed but no action taken to change the decision lo bottle the bill up In committee. Officially Ihc commltlco did not consider the bill nt all but spent the session on roiillne matters.' Members said privately, however, that public reaction to yeslordny'f Vote wns an Important Hem of con- •liiey Praises Cotton Picking Contest; Program. Gov. Curl E. Bailey, in a letter Tul.Cl Roosevelt Accedes To Demand For Southeastern Representation Ing the extension architect's visit here. Committee members are: n. o. Rose, 'chairman. J. W. Shouso, J. Cecil Lowe, Knssoll Harham. M. T. Moon, J. C. Ellis, Z. A. McCutslon, George W. Patterson, George Cro.iv Si-.. M. FIlzshnniQiis, W. H. Stovall and W. O. Geurln. Twenty five members of the church Including (he building committee went lo Porlajjovllle Sunday afternoon lo view two new churches In that city. Other (rips have been made to neighboring towns In order to get Idcns as lo the type of building wanted bv this congregation. New York Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jan, Mar. open 1078 1053 1014 998 092 982 1079 1053 1014 998 932 98! low close close I07J io48 10.50 '0531 Child Lost In Woods 1003 tool ion I 090 9:31 1001 | 084 934 999 i 074 974 938 i this morning. Gov. Bailey's letter said: created by the resignation of Mnr- ion M. Caskle of Virginia, who .j., *^ t .^. ow^u. iuii m. ^ii^Kie oi viiginia, wno have from time to lime noted c ' llit lo re-enter private business. . i uuvf iioui Lime 10 ume noted v|v " 1 - lu i^-cmer private oushv 'with considerable Interest mention Tllii lcrm expires Dec. 31, 1941. At Malvern Is Found '" llle Vfcss ° r lllc N(llfo "a| Cot- Johnson's nomination represents . ton Picking Contest to be held In presidential aciuiiesence 10 de- MALVERN Ark MO •> ,,r, 5 . ' yollr city on September 23 and 24. niands of southeastern stales thai . l A 20-mont)is-old child V; t in ti« Thl? cventl to be hcld in lhc lar B- ( ! lt!yr 1)c ?, ivc " ^presentation on u a cinw lost in the est cotton-producing county in the "« r - c - c - These states have al- New Orleans Cotton\ v£-V^^ *\X^X ^L^Z •n of Mr! ard M . ?"*11 ^^ ' ""« ^ h ™.»* 'H Primary pur- AJO, Ariz. (UP)—The Pltmcalr, mountains, south of here nrc :i range of extinct volcanoes, according to geologists. The mountains get their nnrnc from the I'lncale bug—nn Insect Ilinl slnnds on Its head. ~ §ioTlowJng>'tl)o session "dlinlrmnn fiatlon Siimiicrs said that the 1 committee hud decided ngalns inakliH: any formal slalcaiont. I Tlie leglslnllon would extend the present ban on pernicious jwlltl- cal acllvity by federal employes so UK fo make It apply also lo state employe.'! who are paid In whole or in purl with federnl funds. The bill also would limit campaign contributions lo $5,000 per person per Roof'Of Negro Tenant House Damaged The roof of a negro house In (lie • 'MUlou at Ihe rear of the iobliLson Ding compim; i IKI street wns sllshlly damaged by tire yesterday noon 'nii: nouse was owned by Charles Harris. Allies Await Italian Move; Balkan Area Is Stiir'Powder Keg" CONDON, fllny 2, (UP) — Primp Miuislor N'uvillo Chain- iM'rlnin fold (,'ommoii.s (orlny tlntl Mm Allies ' i 1 ciMitral jNorvvojfifin Aiuisitsnc.s, t'oiic'DiilrafiVi I lie Aiwl()-Ki'cn«.|i doel in tho ciisl(>ni and IWClfAttEST, Rumnnin, 'May 2. (IJP)~A new rush «1 war rumors plunged King Curol's capital into gloom 'Hin most pcrsistenl of llicin i/ullcalcs Hint a sliow- (lowinvasatlmiicliiitheMedf- r> • * n 1111 ^ VI1.'I" man ihni.sls which may anno p--ieei- fii>r- ti'mmoan lliitt was Ijound to tlio liiiuiaiis or oven upon Hnlinn hoi'scir. .^ I !I 1 . I !!" S !' l»"|ctuated ,h|s speech. 'I'' i^baltie lleel hml been «„,. ,.„ , llUc(l ! » H' 1 -' eastern Medlter- iiini'nn obvlomly to meet, any ... Hint should arise from any Halliin move lo go | U „•„,. ,, ( Ocl .. ninny K tilde. . nimmlumncnt oi the cen- rnl Norwglun Allied p os | U()n „„, he foreclosure of tnw pivsenl Allied hope ol ciipliirlng Trondheln from the Clcrimnw, chiimberlufv assiiird Commons that Norway wa; uol, n mere "side show" "Is words forccnst « | 0 ,, K ,„„ blllcr struggle ou t | m lmtiht;n ffoM nnd It wns noted that he iisscrted the Iroops wlthdiawi from Aiidnlsiies-wlthoiit i, loss he nswrli'd, so far as he was aware -were belnu moved to olhcr pnsl- tlon.s-, iioMlWy (o (he north of Nor- WIU'. The scnsnUonnl ,,movc of the ih-Itlsh-Fi-cnoh biillle fleets to llu. en.slcrn Mcdllemincan was nscvlli- t'l by Chainberlnln (o henvV Oer- nian sea losses In Ihe Norwenlnr campaign, Hint radically allcrw 'he basic distribution of sea power anil cmiWcd the Ilrlllsli to transfer mills from ,the North Km. Cm.niberlnln .pointed out .that 11 many holds a crnlral waV\ - "We kno«' • the enemy, Molds central position. They have Immense forces, nlwavs mounted and rendv for an nllndk." h» n'sn-l-d 'which can be launched with Ip'lu- 'liw rapidity on any one of (lekls. "It may be their savage hordes 'I'l IN; hurled mralnst Innocent icluhticrs In siinthcast Kurnpc or a lightning swoop on this country." Despite nppfircnt Initial aer- iiini successes In Norway he prc- llctcd that Ihc advanUiuf In Ihe oir< rim lies with the Allies. He attributed (he withdrawn! (ill rom Ihc position.? south of Troiul- •elm lo Iniiblllly of Allied forces o land sufficient arllllcrv nud icavy mtilertals In the fuce of Gcr- tat) nil- power. 'Hie Allies, he not(I, lacked air bast's fnr the pro- ectlon of their oiieratlons, A SB-pound near Jcanetle. enough munlty. mnshroniii found I'n.. was large to feed the entire com- Does This Cily Want Daylight Saving Tinier Docs Blylhei'Dlc mini daylight saving time? Talk of (he possibility of daylight Riivlnjf lime here has been growing steadily In recent weeks iintl the Courier News has been asked lo obtain a reflection of iwpular opinion on the matter. Arguments fnr tlnylJ B ht aivlug time arc not new. They are the same ones that have been used in Ihe past and have caused many me i. u. u. These states have al- ° 1Ucs to lldoj)l ' (in 5"'sht snvlne time every summer. Chief amoue Ihem legcd freight rate discrimination. ls Ulc (!esllc to S lv <-' H'c employe nnd employer on Ihe nvcragc daytime Bgainst their products. | Jobs an additional hour oi daylight for other nctlvltlcs—ivorklng In Hie May July Oct. Uec. Jan. Nfar. open 1088 1MO 1017 1003 nss 094 high 1088 1061 ion 1003 5195 994 i in.- tiiim, WHDur GeAll fonnor i i »"<j • — , -, «... ~. ........^..v .v/i VUIL, nmxiit,-.-,—\vutMiii; 1:1 (jic .„.„„ ' son of Mr. ar.d Mrs Louk r™,™,-' ; K . , S , aS V^nwy pur- : In annomiclng Johnson's np- '- garden, niowine the lawn, and varied sports cvents-durhia Ihe summer close cose wn ^ suffering fro £ „ ,^°P ! ™' j ]0 f t!lc mnf:l "S ° r People more poinlmenf While House Secretary or "outdoor" months cvents-durlng Ihe summer I08r? mi l ; «»re but is expectedl 0 rP r n «r CO "°" co " snolls • '"<>™ Interested Stephen T. Early said that Mr. nt lUOU 1UU J . •*.** •.. "-.S|)l.LlLU ID rPCO\ PT. in iiiKirf-n'^n-,^,,! «r „„_: 11 _ n_ i. " . • » v ,-.* *,«,.,.i.™ 11, f. rn _,..,. _ .,_ ..,. ,„ i... i ii... _ , .. . . 108'i lOSfi 1001 l ; °s«rc but is expectedI to rTmvnr " co " snolls ' morc Interested Stephen .. »„„> ,„,„ ulnl M1 , 055 058 ma Wilbur wandered nw-fv ?Jm ^' '," '"'l' rovc " lcill , or »g»«i"ture and Roosevelt was Impressed aim O f ™'«™. "icrc are argunienls agnUul "raoviiiB up- (he clocK, too. 100 010 S» : P««i»V home and .motiesvZ, J^S^^ n^ n^r^ 1 Wlle " < " >1 " >!10 ' 1 ' S <lualllncBtlOM n s n civil F« iralnncc It W ,,s pointed out by one objector h, „ poi, of public 095 096 iODfii Wort.. f «l.y afternoon. if™ event s loud 'if' nJ'iT' "T 'n fn , mlilarlty * 1Ul °" fnl °" '" Mfm l"' ls ««»»y Owl "d«y«Kht saving" worked H lunWilp „„„ „„„ ,„„.) I*. 5°"' *'««. should have me P^» »f ""roads and inland on many laborers in that it lorced them to arise earlier, often at ilic j 1)e61 ' llo " r of the torrid summer day for sleep or relaxation, nnd In the 095 990 919 iu^u • • 096 1006 j Wfrtnesday artenioo 990 1003 ] — nso 997 Cliicctf/o Wheat Stock Prices AT&T 173 3-8 Am Tobacco go Anaconda Copper 29 I -4 Beth Steel 83 1-4 Chrysler 87 Cities Service 53-4 General Electric 36 1-2 General Motors 541-8 May July \lav Delegates Report On Rotary Convention A report on the District Rotary convention at Hot Springs rcccnt- nlghl before the I whole-hearted support and backing waterways, of all the business men and other I far-sighted interests in our coun- opcn high i ow closc j lry - tOD 1-4 ICG 1-8 1013-8 1051-8' " pleas e convey lo your enlcr- 104 1-4 105 103 1-2 104 3-8 : l> rlsi "S associates my sincerest com_ jmendatlon. I hope Ihat this event ; will attract the national rccogni- i lion It so richly deserves " i ~ ~ — —J.-...Q.. .*.—... -..- vw ^...^. ..^..o .in. ./t; gum iu puuikMi UI^IUIUILS oi us readers on ** dose ! ^'te SSfS.JSi' I r,',: ^ & T ~n y SSfo" W.^S ^^ "»"**> ^ - f" "* T" tllC ball0t **« to ^ I-.A c_» u-.._ -. .. P- . ..^ U J lncm nt thc wcck ) y luncheon meeting Courlcr Nc * s « r letters .selling forth your viewpoint will be welcomed. same manner forced them lo try to sleep earlier at air had cooled noticeably from Ihe daytime heat. Still il remains evident that daylight saving time hns proved a popular measure to afford more daytime leisure, recreational or home work hours for citizens In many cities. 'Ilic Courier News will lie glad to publish opinions of Its readers on 64 fin i Kit t r.. c o '.'"'^ "I" —••"» ••-ttoi.-u oy inem- 6412 R?f« c??"1 ?- ! bcrs of lnc A »«lation more and " l ""-' » ------ - Djj-B 641-4 63 3-8: more frequently from outstanding of notary club at the Hotel N'o- I men In the cotlon Industry, it was l)!c lorta y- Pilot Hits Power Lines What do you think? central 151-ai ! NY North Am Aviation Phillips Kadlo .. •i2 7-8 3 3-8 t) 1~2 ,- A n J n«Q^«U V . It i Tllc campaign to sell 5000 "Soon- of Mfnphls, s]X)kc briefly on Hie niiit' L>oesn t IS.HOW Hisor Buttons" throughout, this sec- • sul> J cct ' " D ™ocrncy." ., '.,, ! ll °" of tlle sti>te ls continuing with Dick Hcbrrt.s. high school guest o. (,up)_,v student pi- j Increasing vigor. Don Kdwards for the month of May, attended .» nearby Portase Lake dls- : post commander of the American his lirst meeting "J ' Ulwlji(; J. Wet homes into darkdess .„„..>. when his plane new into high ten ^ e "!Si,,'!!! d 'i,'T,' 10 ,! d . ea of wea ' l 'ig other guests were Charles Mann Sponsor Button" I., taking hold ly and Ben Butler, of O.sceola, K. pictty \\eli, Mr, Edwards said " T " **' —'"' * — . . •• i wish everyone who can so would purchase n show their support of Greatest Contest'," Blytlievlllc Courier News Blythevllle, Arkansas I am In favor of Daylight Saving Time for Dlytheville... I am opposed to Daylight Saving Time for Ulythevtlle... Mark "x" opposite choice. (Signed) Tirrkcv Is Calm ISTANBUL, Turkey, Mny 2, (UP) —The country was calm iodny bul It was understood Ihat Ihe «ov- •nnncnt had rcc'lvcd nt Anknra •llplrmallc commimlcnllons of great secrecy from IJrltaln nnd France yesterday nnd Ihnl It wns kcop- 'n-; In closc touch with the linl- kdn countries, e.spcclnllv Jiigovlnvlit. Tlic campaign a"nlnst foreigners caused IB2 artists nnd "iiost- cssts" to be dismissed from nlishl -lubs hi fsliinbul nlone mid two 'if the largest clubs announced they were closing because they could find no Turkish talent (o nil (he vacancies. tliu Hiiltoins, "in Imd been wwrnetl that (lonmtii nction against her Humanlans rctiirniii K to the capl- " after tho tlvc-day (orlhodox) holiday, found rumors clr- jf that Orcnl Drltnln's ordei- to her merchant ships to slay out "f (he Mediterranean was n prelude lo closhiif (hat sea to all ships; that Turkish Irooixs were niovliiK along lhc mainland-opposite the UiiUiui-owned Dodecanese lslnii(!.i, whoso nnvnl and air bases domlnnie (he ACSMII Sen. They heard reports that King Carol had gone secretly to the Jugoslav border during the-week- cm! for nn Important conference with Prince t'nul, regent of 'Jugo- slavia, and that while the king was (tone, the government was Investigate Fires At Negro House Slate Fire Marsha! Guy E. Williams, of Little Rock, and Lieut. L. R. JilgKS, of the Arkansas stale police, Little flock, arc Invesllgat- ng the two mysterious fires which damaged the residence of Henry Davis. 54-year-old negro, March 4. The house, at 131 Coleridge slreel, caught afire twice In several hours In two dllferenl places, firemen reported. Dairy Cows Free Of T. B.', Bangs Disease All dairies supplying milk to 'owns of Blyllicvlllc, Osccota nnd Wilson have cows which are free of Tuberculosis and Dungs Diseases, It has been announced following tests made by Dr. A. Rothmim, veterinarian of the Federal Bureau •>f Anlrnnl Industry. Washington, U. C., who tested 318 dairy cows I In a scries of tests during the pasi week. No check has yet been rando on dairy cows at Lcachville and Manila but these will be checked later, ho sale!. This work was done free for all ,„„,. „„. ..,. dairy operators with George Sham-1 Memphis and vicinity—Fair to- lln, county sanitary engineer, and, night, lowest temperature about E. H. Burns mid J. J. Fickron, Ufl; Friday ialr with rising tempera- county agricultural agents, assist- turcs, Saturday partly cloudy and Ing In the project i warmer. • .-; warned of Impending Gorman nc- tlon. u was not explained whether this warning referred to Invasion or some .sort ot "fifth column" disturbance or both, but 11 was known that the government hail hurriedly scut troops to such strategic places as airdromes, communication!; headquarters, oil fields, radio stations and public buildings, and thai 8,000 pickedr gendarmes had been rushed IntoTran- lylvunln lo assist local police. ; Kimin.njn gol Trai)sylvan!a-'-froni Hungary as a rosu'H of tho yVo.rld war. ' , '•" • ; , : .•",.' '••. The direct plot against Ruim\- v nla, If one. existed, apparently -had uccn dcnlt with satisfactorily and (he Mediterranean situation temporarily, wan the center of attention. Many Humnniniis believed that the' overtures to Italy last week by France's I'remlcr' Paul Reyimud were the Allies' last peaceful gesture toward Henlto Mussolini, and since he apparently had rejected.them, nrttnhi nnd France now were determined to him to "put up or shut up." II wns believed here that iniliiin- tlal circles In until France and Brlr tain hoped Miissollnl would decide to "Din up," The "drill column" or "Trojan iiorse" Illinois gained some cre- Icnce. when police submitted to :he ministry of Interior yesterday the names of 300 persons rccoin-. iiended tor expulsion from the country. A large majority of Hum were snld lo be Gorman aguits, .some In disguise. Russia's attitude toward Ruma-' nla, especially toward Bessarabia, n section of Russia given to KU- ii'anla as a resil.t of the World war, was anolhrr [actor In nervousness here. A Jugoslav trade mission stopped hej, a few days ngo in route to Moscow nnd It was rnderslccil lhal the jxisslbillty of war In the Dalkaus was discussed, tome timr.aiiinn circles heard that Russia had agreed to renounce all claims on Bessarabia for the duration of the war U Rumania promised to aid Jugoslavia In the event of an attack by Italy. However, It was feared here that If Rumania entered such an agreement, Germany would aid Hungary In an attack on Transylvania. Doubt Italian Move BUDAPEST, Hungary, May 2. (UP)—Officials said today they doubted that Italy was planning any drastic moves In Ihe Balkans because if she were, this country, her ally, would have been Informed of It. ft was understood that Jugo- slavia had warned Hungary against letting nny of its airplanes fly over that country without advance notice, bul reporls here said the same warning had been given to other countries and that no significance was seen In it. Both Jugoslavia and Rumania have rejected Hungary's suggestion >hnl Germany and Slovakia bo permitted to help police the Danube. It was learned. The HunBRi'Ian government announced that it was startlna artillery practice on the banks of the Danube May 3. bul It was said the practice Was routine. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair (oliight and Friday, wanner Friday,

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