Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1939
Page 3
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E 37 AK, MOPE, PACfi TTffifeR SOCIETY Cr.---.7-r: iv/r.s. Sid Henry iis Iii Djiys left that arc sv Telephone 321 Horsey Ray Fuller of Henderson Stale Teachers College. Ark.-ulelphia spent the week end with his pnrent.s. Mr. ami Mrs. Homer Fuller. Hen Carter a former Hope citi/en. now Kali's Manager n f ||, e Mover I'rni; C.'"., Little Hock, is speii'lini', n lew days in Ihe city this week lookinp; after Inranes.';. A uuest in the home of his In-other. W. L. Carter anil Mrs. County-Wide Just a .Summer came Lirinpfinj; a marvelous bright days ami dreams clays made for pleasure: Those are the last. Then 1 are really no more. Will you have one of the Cwe still Just for the Uiltini;! The small price out- pays , _ v> _ Never is missed! These are wonderful ' The Clarn Lowthropo ,-hapler C of , vahles ; (' \vill lu.ld its September meeting at Kcmnanls of summer: Bargains in j :i:.'l(l Wednesday afternoon al the home . ; !a:i ' s! , !of Miss Ho>;)lyn Hall on So. Main St. Look, you will find them surprisingly' ,\ full al tendance is urpod a.s the new ,„ lovely. 1 ,,,-n,.,,,. s wil) bl , inhaled. I hose that are dusty will be freshened —O— by showers; ' T\I, SS ,],, Mt . Anderson has returned to hach one de.-ar.ued by an artist in Little Rock after a few .lavs visit coll> '" ! with Mr. and Mrs. Rov Ancleson and SOIIH- are embrodiei e<l with exquisite other relative and friends. Will you have this one of jjoldenrocl ' Mis. W. Q. Warren has returned pattern ] trom a vi.'-it with her dauj-tlier, Mrs. All wrapped about with a sufl purple 1 Yin brou/jh a;ul Mr. Yargrough in hll/c -''' j Itichmond. V a . and Mr. and Mrs. W lln.s is the last clearance sale of the j Q. Warren. Jr. ill St. L.oius. Remnants of .summer! bargain. 1 , in I Miss Alma Atkins has returned days! Seli-cltM. j irom a visit with hei sister. Mrs. •"•»»<*— - - i Kansas City. Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Kix'd White »n,| Mr. ' and Mrs, Fred Luck wen. 1 Sunday visitors ii\ St;ite Toj-,cl»T.' l'<v|U'i;e, Conwav. -O- : 1'ershinj! Floyd left Saturday for 1 (Continued from Pago One) Little Rock, where he will enroll in- --• —- the Arkansas Medical Schu.il. ; . . . ... ! --Philosophy. Policies. Objects—Uis- rict Director, Mrs. Fred Gantt. 10:.'!()~ Kecrealion—Mrs. Dorsey Mc- j Rae. !?&%?*? MALARIA' I'^S'-Ooup <li.scnsskm-0n the Cases reported in the U.S. in 1938! '< fu '"-'".'"- : '""' < U ""-' K "\ "><' v »| "'."* PVT--T AVI J% A A ; committee members, led by the chair*-'*-* *-« ^*- * ' few. A*. &u? i'm.'in of the council committees. 11:I!U —Hound table—Results of I'ronp i discussions. Mrs. Fred Gaiitt. ' 12:0(1— Luncheon—in the cafeteria. 1 :<)0—Announcements, hoi) -"American Way of Life." T. M. Stinnett, State Deparlmeni of Education. '2:'M~ Adjournment. The fulolwiiiK are chuirmen of Council committees: PHvI-IT PlfTIIR1?C ' KS^ lUXlH lll'!8JI\IV^ ) Hospitality-Mrs. E. P. O'Neal. ; Program- Mrs. E. F. McFaddin. I Bu _',et and financi 1 —Mrs. J. M. 'Guthric. Founders Day—Mrs. . \V. Dossett. ! National Parent-Teacher Maga/ine— i Mrs. C. V. Nunn. ! Character Education—Mrs Finley ; Ward. ; Study Group—Mrs. C. C. McNeil. j Publication—Mrs. L. D. Springer. Safety—J, H. Jones. lioom Representative—Mrs. D. L (Bush. Library—Mrs. Frank Mason. Home Making—Miss Ruth Taylor. Start Today with PIM (ilili Checks .'Malaria in seven days. EXTRA - EXTRA LOUIS-PASTOR .Blow by Blow Kouml.by Round All 1 1 Rounds THURSDAY-FRIDAY Matinee Thursday 8 Days From Ringside Tuesday "When Tomorrow Comes" MARCH OF TIME WEDNESDAY Continuous from 1 with ROBERT FLORENCE YOUNG • RICE FRANK CRAVEN HENRY HULL LEE BOWMAN Screen Plsy by Haiiy Ruakin, Maiion P&Iboniiet and Ja Edward Grant Directed by TOD BROWNING i (TO HIMSELF) sues GOT / £V£flYrHMG A MAN WANTS- S PERSONALITY. A WONDERFUL ( DISPOSITION, MO PLENTY OF) \ PcP - I'LL POP THE QUESTION") Wuiiion of charm mid popularity nro u.Miully lull oi sparkliny pup raid vitality, which nia'kos lliem attrar.livi: to ullr'is. ' Olleii—and '.'.ipi'ciall;.' in the case of tho.ii! who .uv (iv. rv.-oi'ki'd, who s|>nuU loiv ; ; f liours '.lulooi's uuil tlou'L Hi'l: su/iicioni. .sunshiiiL 1 and exercise anil who have no appetite—the lack of normal vijjo; 1 , lis'.k-ssne.sM mid "that ruii-clowu fooling" may bo ilue to .simple anemia, which is causfd by a deficiency of iron in the blood. Saryoa, the famous tonic with iroii, is helpful in overcoming iron deficiency in the blood, tending to aid luuuro in buildiniv reel blood ci'lls and heino.'-'k/bin. This acc.om- pli.shed, yott feel like a new person, with new pep and vitality and ;i. betli'i' appetite. jet a bottle of Sargon today it our risk. If you are not, entirely .satisfied, after Inking nccording to directions, the full purchase price will 110 returned without question. Ward & Son Druifu'ist STARTS TUESDAY DOUBLE FEATURE Is it Murder to Kill a Brute Who Hates Defenseless Animals ! " KONGA the Wild Stallion" Fred Stone Rochelle Hudson — and — "It's a Wonderful World" James Stewart Claudette Colbert — PLUS — NEWS Matinees - - lOc SERIAL STORY WORKING WIVES BY LOUISE HOLMES COPYRIGHT. 1939, NEA SERVICE, Yi'slonl.'ij t Tnllilns; to (.'nrmii, Bl;in:in in i-n i IIIIIH Itninl .v'.t |inr(j, Thru I'rlr mill ,I»lip jirr tfrtlrrn 1 . Inillli <li:i«'lj slic Is II f I'M ill of. i»)ii(t l':mnii in:ly tin. .\H (lir.« outer lh« • •liih, a ctillliiiK fiirdxHlliiK urlf* .llnrf/ui ;m S!H. ^-|fIIIII.MC.H it *rnm;ni, rd-lii.v rlail ill fnrn nnil DIIC|I|I> K««n, \i in IK In lie I'lirtna, CHAPTER XX r VMIKY mot Fclc ;uid his wife in A the foyer. Hi; groiMed them joyfully ;ilul proudly presented his \vif<\ PL-to had changed, he was vibrantly nlivo. hirf oyes laughed. U oroascd Marian's mind that he Inirly Fwuj'ycred will) happiness, Mul her heart sank. With Caima He. had been (|uiet and unobtru- Piv;-, tlic- discoiiK'nk'd lover, the impatiently wailing lover. Carma had been ;is«uri.'d. Cocky, Dan had ealletl her. Now they had exchanged placus, Peti.' gain- in;; (lie h<.'i>;h!s Canna .sinking to depths lie had never known. Pete held Julio's confiding hand •.i''- he intrndured her t o the tjroup. Sin 1 v.-a^ a lovely thing, deliriously yuniiu, <k'tnui'ely ;-ell-eon(ideul. Marian thought: She lias the look nf a woman who is loved. Dully h.-is it. A man's love is the most Inaiitifyinji thing in the v.'orld. ,S!ie Juolic'd at Dan and louiul liim regarding Julie admiringly. Marian tossed her liead. .She'd had a man's love and what had it lidiie for her? Nothing—k'.s.s than notliiii;,'. "How about a little look-in at the b;irV" Handy ask-xl. Talking and laujihing. they wandered to the Blairs. Uo: eendinj; the stair:;. Marian :;<>;,rclx-d the bar Cor (he \voman she had seen. Purple <-n- M.mble, ]j(jinted 1'ox scarf. She n.'Ukl see no oi\i; oi that description. Relieved, she turned to Pete, who was walking beside her. Dan wa:; laughing \vith Julie. "She's very swoet. Pete." Mai-Jan '.iid. "Wasn't it—rather. Hidden'. 1 ' 1 Hi.- smiled down al her. "In n way. \i/t. \Vhi--n I finally woke up. it happened last.'' They sat down at n eopper- i' and Murkm asaiu tin ned to Pelf, hard, "SheV taking it Pi.-lc—Carinn, I sorry." Hi. 1 \va:; smiling .-ICTUS.-; the table at Julie. He did liul luuk al all sorry. "Sin'.-; bitter, Pete." "Do you iliin): she hns n right to be bitter?" "1-Yrhaps not, but—why didn't .Von let her ;;o on working'.'" She v.'as .'pi/akins in her own defense iiyain. "There is more than one Way to be happy." "I know," he said, "but don't you .-•lirec that each person has a right to his own idea?" "Of course—that's what 1 mean —C;Tina had a right—" "And I hi.cl u right. We both have what we. want, ;o wherc's the kiek?" 'DANDY wus telling an amusing "* story iibotit a /<irl who hnd entered a one-way street from the wrong end, parked hor ear in front of a fire hydrant, and gone shopping for two hours. Pelt? and Marian listened. "Did (he poor thing gel nrroEt- cd?" Dolly asked, her eyes on Randy's face, trying not to look too worshipful. j "Lord, no—when she returned to her car she found a motorcycle cop leaning against the fender. Without a moment's hesitation, she rushed up to him. just too innocent and pathetie for anything. She said. "Oh. officer, I've been looking and looking for you. This is my first trip downtown alone, i I'm in a dreadful mess. Will you! help me?" ' j "Cu-ute,"' Dolly applauded. ! "What happened then?" I "Believe it or not. the. cop stood by while she baeked out. then <?s- J eorted hei- out of (ho liviflio. Can | yon beat it'. 1 " He shook his head, j laughing. "And they say it's a man'.'; world," Pete muttered ninklsl the general laughter. Handy said, "I told the story ns a warning to you, Pete." "Mr. Means," Julio exclaimed, "don't you think you've gone far enough?" She was entirely good- natured, rosy and abashed. "You don't mean that the little devil was my wife," Pole gasped, his eyes dancing. "No one else." "But that was before I knew you. darling." Julio laughed, leaning across the table. They all sliot;ted with laughter, especially the men. Dan said, "Pretty darn .smart, jf you ask me." Marian made hor.self smile. Mea liked girls like that, flinging little vines, trading on their femininity. The woman who stood on her own feet hadn't a ehance —the men hated her for it. j * * * jnpHEY wont to the dining room, A where a flower-laden table had been vest-wed for them. Marian was quiet. She seemed incapable ol rising above the dull achu in her heart. The dinner had been previously ordered to obviate confusion. Plates were brought and taken away, 111? pleasant flow of chatter and laughter • went on. Randy paid marked attention to Dolly, solicitous of her every wish. His strong face was constantly turned toward her. They had finished a frozen salad when Marian's eyes were drawn to the door. Canna stood there, waiting to be seated. Her escort was a shod, stout man, very bald, repugnant in on oily way. Cartna was beautifully gowned, her clothes were extreme, slightly foreign, dark purple and silver. The lovely fur hung carelessly from one shoulder, her hat had a slightly rakish tilt. The oily litfl.e man snid something and she laughed shrilly. Marian louched Pete's arm. In n low lone she ynic', "Pete, there'*. Canna. She's-: had Ion much to drink-. I'm frightened." Ho glanced nt the doorvvny. "Frightened? Why?" "I don't know,'' worriedly. "I'm afniid she means trouble. I've seen her a lot lately. She's j n . ltion;i[ , aw Fire in Railroad ! British Arm Yards, Little Rock One Man Burner! to Death in Flames From Burning Tankers NORTH LITTLE HOCK-ifl'j-Fii-e swept through seven tank cars of gaso- ^ lino and three boxcars loaded with cotton in the Missouri Pacific yards hero (Continued From Page One) Tuesday, causing the death of one man and. damage estimated by (he railroad at S36.000. Tommy Greenwood, yard clerk, was fatally burned when the fire started in a car near which he was walking, .spraying flaming gasoline over him and igniting his clothing. threatened — Pete snid ensily, "You're drawing on your imagination, Marian. Ciirmti can dine wherever .she likes." Glancing again at, the figure in the doorway, he frowned. "I never knew Canna to drink. llei - boy friend must be the wrong kind of company." Marian persisted. "Bo 071 your guard. Pete. I know what I'm talking about." * + * npIIE head waiter was leading • Carma and her companion between the tables. They would pass Randy's table. Cur ma's eyes were- darting this way and that, feverish, harried, eyes. Falling on Pete, she blazed. Her nostrils quivered as she drew a sharp breath. Marian looked at Julie, who was happily unconscious oil impending trouble. She turned to Dan; it. was the first time she had addressed a remark to him. Dan always knew what to do in an emergency. She said, "Carma is here. She's Up le something." to conquer." French Ketls Dissolved PARIS. France—W—PreVnier Da- lailier's war cabinet Tuesday decreed Hit dissolution of the Communist party in France, this action being taken as a reprisal for Soviet Russia's non-aggression p"cl with Germany and her invasion of Poland. Cabinet Called to Meet President Conference on Neutrality Measures a;id Domestic ' Emergency )— Six cabinet Duties and Moi;e Duties As NtulriiJ The list of the duties of the United States as a neutral is long. Only examples can be given here. It is the duty of the United Slates -Government to sec that no belligerent raises troops in the United States; that no armed ships are built for belligerents in American shipyards; that belligerent warships do not use American ports as bases of operation against tbe enemy; and that no belligerent merchant vessel shall carry arms or supplies from American ports to a belligerent warship stationtct outside r.Ur territorial waters. Again: "No agency of the United Stales Government shall, directly or indirectly, provide supplies or effect repairs to a belligerent ship of war." Such are mere illustrations of our duties as a neutral. It is a Mod person who talks or writes glibly on the subject and ettle important cpjetions by mere hunches and opinions. The list of American rights under) German-American Editor neutrality may not be longer, but No it is more difficult to compile, greater law passed by Congress state.', and defines them. Most of them are t io be found in the thousands of dip- He fl.-ii-lcfl n glance over his ] omatic notes written by our Governments, in books on international law. and in numerous interantional asiee- men ts. These rights range from grand actions by the President of the United WASHINGTON officers were su'mvnoncd to the White House Tuesday for a conference on neutrality measures mid domestic problems born of the European war. President Roosevelt, it was reported. desired to review with- the attorney general, .acting secretary of the navy, and the secretaries of state, war. agriculture and labor, the progress made on "perparatory" work assigned their departments in the interest of keeping the United Stales at peace. • — — — ~^fr-*^^ - _ — . Leader of Bund to Be Quizzed Again Attacks Record of shoulder. "Hrn-ni." he muttered, "Plush horse — tight as a drum." They were coming nearer. Marian started to push her chair back, then slopped helplessly. There was going to be a scene, she hadn't a doubt of it. and she was powerless to do anything about it. Carma, who had always been dig- iiilied and well-bred, was about to make a tool of hcrsell. She knew it by the mad glint in Cumin's, eyes. Marian sat still, waiting. Carma reached their table. She halted, catching at the back of a chair as her body showed an inclination to proceed after her feet had become motionless. Her eyes rested on Pete and he stood up. Handy and Dan followed suit. Marian's heart pounded. She had an impulse to dash around the table and take Julie in her arms, protect her from the tiling that was sure to happen. (To Be Continued) Beginning Wed. at Saenger .Robert Younj- and Florence Rice in."Miraclesjor.Sale', Spooks, manic, mystics and murder mingle in a hi-/.arre detective puw.l<! in "Miracles for Sale," fantastic.' thriller in which murder is solved hy u maniciaii turned detective, amid a Hroiip of illu.sinoi.sis, clarvoyauu ami ilemonologist.s. Filmed by Tod Brown- inn, who directed "Dracula" and ihc Lou Chaney mysteries, the .slcry of de- Urtion and modern witchcr id Wednesday til the Saenger theater A fantastic demonologist is wurilucl- i-d behind loclu'd door.--,, iipiuvenliy l-,\ his own demons. T!u-i a prul'esa- iuiial mayiciiiii is found murdered. The police surgeons say he is iU-.nl four hours before he was seen talking to Mass Power (Continued from Page One) Bund in U. S. WASHINGTON — I/P)— Confronted with conflicting testimony concerning the policies and goals of the German-American Bund, the Dies Committee decided Monday to recall Fritz Kulm, Bund leader, for further questioning. The committee turned over to the Slate and Jusiice Departments testimony which Representative Thomas States to the side of goods '.o belligerents. Some Rights la Sell fi'iotis It is the vight of th« President lo j (Rep.. N. J.) said showed lhat the lender his good offices to belligerent ! Bund and the Communist party in the before war and during war, with a I United States have violated the regis view t arriving at a form of settling j tration and espionage acts. The formei changes right after the beginning of war in Europe. The only thing they were sure of was they didn't TUKS. \VKl). TIIIJH. U|i (u 5 in (lie Same Family for THE DUKE OF WEST POINT ••ilh LOUIS HAY WARD-TOM BROWN RICHARD CARLSON JOAN FONTAINg.ALAN CURTIS No. 2'The Jones Family' in "A Trip to Paris" Matinee;, lOc Nights 10-20c COM: Gene Auliy—in—"WESTERN JAiMUOHlCE" & "HVEKYBODY SING" 1 the same police. Hoberl Young, as a master magician, and Florence Rice set out to help the police, baffled by the trickery .surrounding the killings. Younn pits magic against magic to uncover the murderer in a tense dramatic climax amid a magic show before a crowded theater audience. Young plays his role with a debonair comedy touch and Miss Rice is a perfect foil. The principal comedy character is played by veteran Frank Craven who enacts the magician's small- town father newly come to New York. Henry Hull plays a mysterious role in which he assumes funuistic make- ups, one of which actually changes the color of bis eyes. Lee Bowman is seen as the timid reader and Frederic Worlock. lony a star of the London ami New York stages, plays the uncamiv Dr. Sabbatt. Also in the cast are Cliff Clark. Aslricl Allywn, Walter Kinjis- forcl. Gloria lloldi-n ami William Demurest. Magic illusions form a I'aniaslic backyriiund for the central murder mystery, with such tricks as "Sawing a Woman in Half." the "Headless Wonum" illusion, the glass ••Torture fell" escape and the bullet I rick in which Florence Rico catches a rifle bullet fired at her between her teeth. Tlv picture delves into the .,ij|;c:i),i- tural to demonstrate ectoplasm or the maierialiiation of \\ ghost from the medium's body. Olher strange incursions into demonology and the hu- pernulunil. eventually explained ;^ trickery, figure in the fust-moving melange of minder and mysticism. The picture is based on Clayton Rawson's best-selling mystery imvel. "Death from a Top Hat." know what was going to happen. That ignorance made them easy prey to mass hysteria. I think there is a real job ahead for all of us in getting facts to American housewives about the foods and other commodities they use in their homes." A.s a result of the recent, near-panic, the Consumers' Counsel in Washington received more inciuiries about various market conditions than ever before. But the department feels that both consumer groups and the department should work together from now on to keep a knowledge of local and national conditions constantly before the buying housewife. Women's clubs, church groups' and similar organi/ation.s working in their local territories should send on information about local conditions to the Consumers' Counsel Division of the Department of Agriculture, so that this local information can be used in appraising the national set-up. New Impetus ID Cooperation The idea of local groups all over the nation worknig together with the government in an c'ffort to keep the women of the country intelligently informed on what is happening in the food markets is something new in our national life. 'Perhaps ibis is the first real op- I portunity fir the consumer movement as we call it. to play a really nationwide and significant role in public affairs.." Mr. Montgomery says. "The job for all of us right now it to avoid p.inic and keep ourselves realistic. To make the average woman feel secure and responsible as a part of her community, she needs to feel sure thai she has relating directly to her own domestic situation and problems. That's the job to do— to let people know what's happening in their consumer market and to help them un- derstantl it." their dispute. It is not unnoutra! for him to do this. As a neutral he may so act, although bellig-.rent.; -are not bound to accept his offer. While the United Stales icmains neiitral, American citizens have some rights to sell goods to belligerents, to travel in safety on the merchant ships, and to operaatc ships in safety on the high seas. But these riel.tb'r.rc not easily listed end defined. At the present moment we do not know just what rights the Government of the United States will assert against the belligerents in this war. Nor do we know jusl how vigorously il will press any or all of the rights asserted. Those given to speaking lightly about American righi.s had better I guard their tongues, unless they mean war for the United States. A vigorous and unyielding assertion of the rights claimed in 1914-1917 may easily transform American neutrality into American belligerency. Peace has its price and we shall do well to consider care- act requires agents of foreign principals to register with the Stale Department. The decision to recall Kulm was reached after Gerhart H. Seger, formei member of the German Reichstag who fled !to this country from a Nazi concentration camp branded as "untrue" statements by Kuhn. Seger, now editor of a German language newspaper in this country, safd that the Bund was the "authorized American representation of the German Nazi dictatorship." He read from what he said were official German publications and statements from Nazi offieials to show the relationship. One passage which he said was from the 1937 yearbook of American Ger- Guernsey School Begins New Term Rev. Kenneth L. Spore Makes Opening Address on Monday The official opening of Guernsey High School was held Monday morning. Tin; program consisted of short talk.-f by the Principal. Eugene Wood'•i\\, and the secretary of the school board, Olen Hughson. The outstanding feature of the program was an address delivered by the P.ey. Ken- ntb Spore, pastor of the First Methodist church. Tho faculty for this year follows: Principal. Eugene Woodall; teachers. Miss Ruth Atkins, Miss Lillie Belle Tucker, Miss Marie Jarvis, Miss Nellie Hays. Artis Copr.land, Miss. Marjorie Hughson, and Mrs. Herbert Brislow. Blevins Mi.ss Catherine Stewart of Prescott vr.s the week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wade. Dale Bonds. Austin Hendrix, Melba iue Tribble and Reo Flaherty are at- criding.Henderson State Teachers Col-, ege in 'Arkadclphia this year. Miss Martha Brunson is in Memphis visiting Mr. and Airs. Fred Brunson. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Chamlee and sons of Emm'et, were week-end guests o£ Mr. and Mrs.'Ed Chamlee. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Bonds and daughter Yvonne spent the week-end in Hope' with Mr. "and Mrs. .Alvin Osborn. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Honea and Son. Charles, visited relatives in Hot Springs over Ihe week-end. marked that in Germany, a dual movement developed which destroyed the rights of the average German. Hitler thrived on a promise to drive Communion 1 out of the nation and Communism took roots in an effort to destroy Hitler. Dies said. man next Volksbund few years, "Within the the entire unified strength of Germandom will be necessary in order to check the shrinkage in the German population through the AVnericanization of its youth." Seger said Ihnt the Nazi party in the fully the costs of enforcing American ' nom eland regarded German organiza- rights in the style of 191fi—rights sell and travel. NEXE: iiternational law ttl | lions abroad as reserves "from which • it can draw for any kind of activity it j would like to have." Chairman Dies (Dem.. Tex.t re- Get Relief From Chills and Fever! Don't put up with terrible Malaria. Don't endure the wracking chills and fever. At first sign of the dread disease, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. A real Malaria medicine. Made especially for the purpose. Contains tasteless cjuinidme and iron. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic actually combats Malaria infection in the blood Relieves the awful chills , and fever. Helps you feel better tast. Thousands take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic for Malaria and swear by it. Pleasant to take, too. Even children fake it without a whimper. Don't suffer and suffer. At Malaria's first sign, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. At all drugstores. Buy the large size as it gives you much more for your money. Do You Believe In MAGIC Saenger Wednesday Facts That Concern You No. 12 of a teriet. I ———=^J JN TIMES OF RISING TAXtiS, UN EMPLOYMENT, FARM PROBLEMS,THE RECORD OF BEER IS DOUBLY INTERESTING GOVERNMENT COSfS: B««r contributes a Million Dollars a day in Taxes NEXT: Our National I'-.mtry Rights Claimed (Continued from Page One) 100,000 FAftflERS; Beer pays 100 Million Dollars for farm Crops Hitler an I irs despotism and nothing in nentra'i'y requires u- l' % do other-j wise. The only thing we a:'e bound (u (io under neutrality is to 'lerfMin certain rights with respect to the belli- j HOrenis. And even the njilits may be ' j renounced or held in abeyance with- ul violating neutrality. Where do we find our duties and i rights as a neutral'.' Some of them i arc to be found in laws passed by Con| eress .-rattercd through the years from 117W to 1937. i Others arc to be found in orders and diplomatic notes issued by the | Presidenl and Ihe State Department, i from Washington to the administration j of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Others are •- '-•• found in what is called inter-i I AND NOW, TO KEEP BEER'S MANY BENEFITS, FOR YOU AND FOR THEM, AMERICA'S BREWERS WANT TO HELP KEEP BEER ^RETAILING AS WHOLESOME AS BEER ITSEIF. THEIR PROGRAM WILL INTEREST LOCAL. LAW AUTHORITIES . . . AND YOU. MAY W£ SEND WU THE FACTS ? r/ri'i- boufcfvl, rxWrPss: {'." ii-'d firei.'Tre I-n<iut-; •i'i(/7-"'oi</u/<if!\i;i, lnh'tist ',1.1th St., A'cid'ocA-, A'. Y. ofmodemtic: X \V '* If i N \.««a«..^ ' to be

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